Altura Credit Union Mobile App

4.8 (12.4K)
81.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Altura Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Altura Credit Union Mobile App

4.75 out of 5
12.4K Ratings
6 years ago, m8kithappn
To better improve the app. It should give more detail about each item that has gone through the account including when it posted and when it was submitted. It needs to show a clear picture of the deductions, that part is sometimes confusing. I should be able to text in a date that I would like to look at for the transactions that went through on that date instead of having to keep on scrolling down and down
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3 years ago, Kc1694
Lots of features don’t work
The app has all the basic banking features- account overviews, spending, check deposit, bill pay, etc. however they are either initially blocked and you have to get special permission from tech support to use them, or they don’t work. The mobile deposit feature, for example, will automatically take a photo of the check- before the phone has a chance to focus the camera… then the app will reject the photo. Even if you end up taking it manually the app will tell you the check isn’t visible… professional photography is one of my forms of revenue. I might not be the world’s greatest photographer, but I can take a photo of a piece of paper on a dark surface. Tech support is unhelpful and most responses are canned and don’t actually answer the question. This app gets one star for trying to automate everything but doing it badly enough to where you need to go into the bank for anything other than just checking a balance or setting up auto withdrawals.
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6 years ago, Me.Pacheco
Great App
The altura app never fails on me and always gives me the right info on time even when I barely deposit money in the ATM or in the bank. It explains it self as much as possible with the transactions enough to understand what had happened. You can check as many times as you want to or need to and you can transfer money as easy as a click but of course there's a limit which is 5 times a month or there's a fee. I love this app as it is.
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4 years ago, Chris191987
Easy to use
I love the altura credit union App easy to navigate and find what you want. Although ,I would like to see notifications for deposits into my account like pay days or other deposits as well as things being taken from my account Etc.
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5 years ago, EggHacher
Great, Amazing. But
So I joined Altura because my parents recommended them, my experience with them has been amazing and even better when I found out about the deposit feature in their app... the only problem I have is recently when I’m in the process of putting the information to deposit a check is it logs me out entirely. I hope this is fixed soon. Other than this small irritating occurrence I have to say Altura has done phenomenal work on their app and their people.
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3 years ago, JohnJohn240sx
Not working
I had Altura for a while now but now it doesn’t let me get into the app without it saying “Something went wrong while attempting to send the last request, please try again” i don’t know if there’s an error or maintenance for the app or Altura itself but Id like to see my account balance and transfers thank you and hope this will get fixed soon
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6 years ago, Sarahkdx
Mostly happy
It’s a great app and easy to use! Until earlier today it wouldn’t let me log in so I uninstalled and reinstalled and now I can login. I suspect it had something to do with the update. I also had trouble with that. It kept telling me I already had the app and it took 3 tries to get it to update. 🤷‍♀️ Otherwise I’ve had no problems and it’s easier than the mobile site. Worst installing twice 😂👍
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7 years ago, BB10851
Good but no sound for alerts
The new app works well on iPhone but it needs sound for account activity Alerts. The old site would provide visual and sound for account activity alerts I set up following fraud. The new app is only visual, no sound. That’s no good because I want to know about activity immediately. And yes all sound is on in app and phone and I have all updates and restarts complete.
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7 months ago, Trashygore
All Black Transactions
It was perfectly fine before the update, I was able to see red color for money going out of the account and green color for money going in. Now doesn’t matter if it’s a withdrawal or deposit it’s all black. It’s a minor detail but it made things easier to look at a glance where my money is going. Please fix this, I’ll rate 5 stars, thank you.
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5 years ago, katiesumi
Mobile Deposit Doesn’t Work
This app is actually designed quite well, the interface is user friendly and everything is easy to find. However, one of the main tools I use the app for is the mobile check deposit and it rarely works. Either the app will crash completely or it just will not submit the deposit. Super frustrating when you’re really needing to get money in your account to pay bills.
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7 years ago, ArturoChingon
Functional. Old technology
Everything works fine. If you have an issue a short phone call to Altura will resolve it. Works on Apple Pay. Mobile deposits work. Bill pay works. However, IT NEEDS AN UPDATE TO ENABLE FINGERPRINT LOG IN. Virtually every other banking app has it already. Please join the Real World.
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8 years ago, Erickk__
Basic App
App helps for basic transactions or inquiries on my accounts. Transfers tend to crash the app after it successfully transfers the money which can be annoying but the money still transfers although the app crashes. Definitely missing the TouchID functionality which would be the main reason I can't give a higher rating. All my other finance apps have this except for Altura.
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5 years ago, quodono
Review comment on Altura mobile app
Easy to view account activity and transfer money to and from accounts. Still have questions regarding bill pay app on whether automatic payments can be set up without a fee.
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3 years ago, sonday1
I cant stand this app but i have to use it
I like that its password protected and the option for face recognition but idk why the heck they even give you the option for face recognition if it makes me log into it with my password EVERY OTHER TIME i log into my account. Get it together Altura with this app having to use my password so much makes me hate this app. I have a memory loss problem so i have to write the password all over and that just makes it less secure.
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7 years ago, RoxxRocks
20 yr customer
Watched this banking institution grow over the years and have utilized the new offers over the years. I have financed loans and opened many accounts for myself and children. They are amazing with customer service every time. Great security and protection of my accounts. For all mentioned above loyal I’ll remain.
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5 years ago, Never thieves
Too many issues
I got the app cause the new company I started to work for offered the account to me. The credit union itself is amazing! The app on the other hand constantly tells me the data counselor be obtained. I always have to go into my browser and look up my account. At this point the app is useless cause it never works. The few times it does it does not display everything.
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6 years ago, Cassanova2012
Tranferring $ with ease!
I love that the app saves any account you previously transfer money into...makes it so easy not have to constantly be entering the account numbers and information time and time again. Really enjoy the quickness of it!
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7 years ago, PatSharp
Great app with latest update!
I have been using the Altura Credit Union mobile app since it first came out and I am grateful that it has been steadily improving over the years. And now it is very useful. I love that they finally added login with finger print!
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6 years ago, Smurfvonnie
Latest version rocks
This new version of the Altura app works real well since they up dated it. It is very easy to scroll through transactions and search. Haven’t found any issues with it.
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8 years ago, Windallyn
Love altura, and love this app. Basic and easy to navigate. I love using the transfer money to other accounts! My entire family uses altura and so we can send money instantly electronically:) I also would like to have the thumbprint log in added. Also if they could let you add a note when transferring money. If these are fixed...than 5 stars
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4 weeks ago, ReinaKori
The app is fine to use, I have very little to complain about. One thing I would like to see improved is a better distinction between deposits and withdrawals/payments. Perhaps using color to distinguish between the two (green for deposits and red for withdraws/payments).
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9 months ago, Inop security feature
Alerts Don’t Work
At least not for direct deposit alerts on iPhones. I use AT&T. I have never received a direct deposit alert… not when I had an iPhone 8, and not now on my iPhone 13. The alert goes off the instant I log onto the app after the deposit has been in place fir who knows how long already. Its been doing this for years and Ive sent feedback on this matter before.
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6 years ago, jeannine330
Super Glitchy Mobile Deposits
Please fix this app. The mobile deposit feature has been glitching out for months. It takes several tries to deposit one check, and I usually end up giving up. You image the check and the “Unexpected Error” message appears, then the app closes. So frustrating. Other features work well enough.
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7 years ago, Nu0cMam
There's got to be a way to access your account safely with a swipe or what not without having to type your password. Other banks have it so they too can have it.
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2 years ago, Wordie23
User friendly
We love the online services, but feel that the site could be more user friendly.
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7 years ago, Srborntrager
New Update
The update has made this app more functional and offers more. You now have an option of chatting with an agent through the app! It has a new modern look to it. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Voeltz
Does what it’s supposed to do
Never had an issue with it. I travel a lot and this app has helped a lot with making sure my money is in the right place at the right time. Good job Altura.
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2 years ago, MDH2284
What happened?!
This app has gotten worse by the update. My snapshot balance is never correct, I always have to close the app and reopen it to see my correct balance. And the Zelle feature is the worst!!!!! I enrolled my mobile number and 2 different emails and no one can ever find me on Zelle. We should be able to access through the Zelle app and not the Altura app. Very inconvenient.
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5 years ago, The Hellafunman
Incredibly Bad
This app would be great except for the fact that it has so many bugs and glitches. It crashes or logs out in the middle of transactions constantly. But the real transgression is the fact that it has been this way for months and has never been fixed. This app doesn’t even deserve one star. To avoid confusion, this review pertains to the app and NOT ACU. I’ve been a member for years. Hate the app, love the institution
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6 years ago, JohnR3000
Altura coming through again!
The app does everything one needs for banking. I’ve never really had an issue using the app. A must-have for people who do their banking with Altura.
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6 years ago, Mrspalalaly
Best customer service
Also helping and taking care of our issues quickly.
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2 years ago, Adamja9511
Most recent update ain’t it.
The app has been great up to the most recent update/overhaul of the app. Snapshot was great and would update without having to close the app. Now everytime I want to see and updated amount I have to close the app. And it’s just seems more sluggish now not as smooth. Go back to how it was.
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4 years ago, Luvmeachevy
Once I can finally access the app’s features, I really enjoy what it has to offer. Accessing in the first place is my issue. The app takes forever to load and freezes often, requiring me to delete and re-download it. This is a weekly occurrence for me. It’s annoying!
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3 years ago, Lalalaomg98
What happened to it?
The app was perfect until I was unable to make a payment on my credit card, apparently the amount can’t exceed past $29?! I was able to make a quick payment before the app changed when it comes to making payments. PLEASE fix it.
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8 years ago, tac2012
I've been trying to long in for the past week but haven't been able to. I'm not sure if the app just needs updating but please fix it!
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1 year ago, Boxbarb
Easy to navigate. Has everything I need and always there and ready for me to use
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4 years ago, Maverick@gg
App error login
Every few months I get an error on the app about failed login and it stays stuck on that page. Cannot move into normal login page or interact with the app after that. People at the branch nearby don’t know what to do. The app fixes itself when there is an update to the app only. It is a very inconvenient unknown error and its been happening for over a year.
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4 years ago, stacknuts
App is slow
The app never wants to load even when I’m on WiFi. Takes forever then kicks you out cuz time request.
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8 years ago, Trying to log in my account
Doesn't let me log in
App hasn't been letting me log in. It went from a one day to letting me in my account to the next not letting me anymore so annoying
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5 years ago, Agent bubble splash
The only purpose of the app vs just using a web browser is the ability to mobile deposit. The mobile deposit function does not work. Not only does it not work, but it also causes the entire app to crash. Don’t waste the memory space on your phone and just access your account through a browser
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4 years ago, JaemilynL
Fast and easy to use
The Altura App is incredibly convenient in accessing my account information. I love the fact that I can use it on the go!
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7 years ago, Ietapout
I’m not getting any of my push notifications of deposits or payments ever since the update
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6 years ago, jpkkol
So convenient
I like the remote deposit it is so convenient for me I don’t have to go anywhere to put checks in my account.
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6 years ago, Tankie12
Updated altura app
The new update to the app has been great! New options and I like the new layout/interface. It looks a lot cleaner. Much improved presentation.
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7 years ago, Powerful sphincter
Update is 5yrs too late but the app finally works now
The only issue that I have with this app is that it took WAY TOO LONG for altura CU to finally update it to the industry standard.
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5 years ago, FutureEMT
Update isn’t working
New update is not allowing me to see any of my screens except for the account balance. I cannot transfer or doing anything on the app because it just gives me a blank interface. I have already closed and reopened the app several times as well as removed and downloaded again. Please fix.
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7 years ago, Eugenius24
Excellent upgrade. Totally intuitive. Love how I can easily navigate through my account at the touch of a button. Love it.
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4 years ago, adrinehsafarian
Doesn’t work
It happens so often that the app just doesn’t open at all . In every given moment I have to delete the app and upload it again at least 3 times because it just doesn’t open. I’m going to change my bank because of this
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7 years ago, Taylo11
Has the potential to be a great app, I used to use it a lot for balance checks and transfers but suddenly unable to sign in because it keeps saying "Enter valid credentials". This happened before and it fixed itself but not this time. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, didn't work. Very irritating to use.
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3 years ago, SMILYBONES
Buggy app
I love the bank but the app needs a lot of help. To many bugs , When you want to chat , takes up to 20-30 minutes before I can type anything. Sometimes none at all . Sometimes it won’t even let me reach out for help via customer help .
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