Amarillo National Bank

4.8 (2.6K)
40.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Amarillo National Bank
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Amarillo National Bank

4.82 out of 5
2.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Dehle Jons
This new update is one of the best! It’s super easy to navigate and has new features to help every customer. I’ve been with ANB a long time and although the launch was a little tricky it was welllll worth it in the end. I’m extremely excited to continue using it and exploring all the amazing features it has to offer!
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6 months ago, hfkdlsndbndkdkslalc
No Zelle within app?
I am enrolled in Bill Pay and can use the Zelle options through the mobile website...but I can't find anything Zelle related at all within the app itself. On the website under FAQ's or a support page it said you can access it by clicking billpay and it should be right there. Even when opening the Zelle app it redirects me back to the ANB app saying i can use zelle through my bank's app but I'm not seeing that option anywhere??
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5 years ago, Spyder-byte
Can’t Get into app
When we try to open the app it says “ attention you do not have network connectivity. Please check your connection and try again.” And we do. We click ok and it just keeps popping up over and over. But we can get on, on our computer.
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6 years ago, Rasputin_rocks
This app hates me.
This app is infuriating. It randomly logs me out and says my access id is wrong when it isn’t. I’ll try logging in several times knowing I have the right login and it still won’t work. Then I have to wait until the next day to call the bank so they can “reset” it for me and confirm that I am indeed typing in the correct info. Idk what is going on, but it seams like it only messes up after bank hours where I can’t actually call someone and like right now, on a weekend.
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6 years ago, Quintencobb
Gets worse and worse with every update
Before the app used to log me out and would time out unreasonably soon. Now the app forgets my access ID, won’t let me open it at all sometimes, crashes unexpectedly, and now it says that I don’t have cellular connection. I’ve checked my cellular settings and deleted and downloaded it again, it just doesn’t believe I have network connection. These bugs need to be fixed very soon. I’m sure the Chase app works better and I don’t mind switching banks to be better accommodated.
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5 years ago, {
Seriously having issues with an error has occurred. Ugh!!! Can’t log into my iPhone 6 app but can on Safari. Have deleted and re-downloaded too many times to count. Even I had tech-support look at it at the bank. Still continuing to have the same ongoing issues. I have downloaded it to an iPhone 5 and it works just fine, just curious to why my iPhone 6 it will not work, any suggestions or re-updated app anything at this point please help. Frustrated beyond believe!!! Please fix it!!!
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5 years ago, Hadleigh O
Update Update Update
once you get past the initial difficulties of getting into the app, the app itself is easy to use and has tons of new features that the app didn’t have before. it definitely raised our old basic app up several levels!
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7 years ago, tx boy 79109
Trust me. The ANB app is extremely more advanced than ANY of my other banking apps. The ability to scan in deposits saves me so much time and money. Easily transfer funds. I have a credit union that takes 2-3 business days for a transaction to hit my account. Way to go ANB!!
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5 years ago, Court low
The new app is absolutely fabulous. It has so many new features that makes banking with ANB better than ever!!!!! ANB is the best bank to bank with, they deserve the “bank of the world” title. Also shout out to all the awesome employees that helped with the new update, they were AMAZING!!! I LOVE MY BANK.
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2 years ago, Confusions
Face recognition no longer quick!
ANB, please fix this! Every time you use FaceID or passcode to log in, it requires you to have a secure text sent to you and to “register device” or not. Even after clicking “register device” it doesn’t register the device.
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2 years ago, steviejeankreisle
Doesn’t keep up
The app can’t keep up with transactions. When I transfer my money from one account to another, it should happen automatically, I should not have to wait for it to process. And, it’s frustrating to be charged an NSF charge, Bc of the processing time. US Bank transfers money from one personal account to another automatically. Why can’t ANB do the same?
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1 year ago, Kdjtifk67
Not that reliable for fraud dispute when you go over overdraft fee
Someone took 500$ of my account and put me in a way past overdraft and I told the bank I didn’t do it took them like months and week to despite it and know they final came back telling it was me who did. But there tell me they don’t know where the money went and turn around and are telling me to pay all that money someone took back to them.
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6 years ago, NAV111111111111111110
Deposit check function needs improvement
It makes a lot of things easier, but the deposit check function could be a little better. I always try to deposit my checks but it usually tells me that the amount entered is different than what is detected.
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5 years ago, stevie womder
Amarillo National Bank
This app is so user friendly and has so many new options that the old app didn’t have! So glad ANB takes the time to add what the customers ask for! This app is the best!
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6 years ago, Hardrock02011
The app works well but need some improvement
Ok I’ve had good experience with this app but if you hit the home button once the fingerprint lock shows up and it doesn’t unlock the app it will continually try to go back to the app and unlock your info and it has crashed my phone 4 times
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5 years ago, caleigh warner
Amarillo before banking
Wow amarillo national really stepped it up and make everything a lot easier for times that i can’t get up to the bank! Easy access, 24 hr access! Thanks ANB
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6 years ago, Momma's old tunes
Helpful to be able to quickly transfer money to kids
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5 years ago, kellnlake
Very impressed with the new app and all the new features. Super user friendly and very functional. Thank you ANB for always keeping the customer first in all you do!
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6 years ago, lunagurl
This app now has more issues than the cover of Vogue. It worked fine previously but now Face ID does not work. It scans my face then will not allow me to to do anything after, not even manually log in or use the instant balance button. Really frustrating bc the app use to more convenient than logging through safari.
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2 years ago, cdf62372
Ok when it works…
I live out of town during the week and online banking is critical for me. This app tells me my accounts are unavailable often. I can’t bank this way! May have to look for another bank. It’s a shame because I like the bank but I have to be able to depend on the app for banking!
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1 year ago, nahbro02
Love the app. Makes it super simple to use my banking app and get to where I need to go and do what I need to do in a timely manner. Just. I can’t use Zelle like it says I can. Reeeally need that fixed
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5 years ago, Xxjuliaanne
There is no better place to bank. ANB is our banking family(:
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5 years ago, dusability
Best bank in town
I love the fact that I can transfer money with the app and the atms are absolutely everywhere!!
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6 years ago, Switch It
New look is great!!!
I really like the new look. The colors are fantastic. This app is great. It’s easy to navigate and is very user-friendly. Good job Amarillo National Bank!
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5 years ago, Miss Peppermint Pattie
United market street bank
Great, great people at your bank there. They know me by name and are always friendly.
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5 years ago, htdhuftyt&hffj
New App
WOW! Such a great new app! Very user friendly and makes digital banking so so easy. Thanks, ANB, for always taking care of your customers!
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5 years ago, barlaklanco
Great upgrade
I’m really happy with the new app features and look. Very clean and easy to navigate. Thank you ANB!
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5 years ago, Mimi4218
I have no problems with this app or the bank.
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5 years ago, Stephen22
New App
Loving the new app, so easy to use and very functional for today’s banking needs!
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5 years ago, Mr. Luky
ANB Rocks
Been a customer for 40 years. Very pleased with every service they offer.
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5 months ago, Cspring1211
App is trash. Makes me reenroll to use the passcode every time. ANB use to be a great bank and have gone downhill the past few years. Maybe stop focusing on the expanding your empire and focus on the small things like making sure you App works.
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6 years ago, Goldcat 202
Face ID issues
The FaceID feature always causes the app to crash now, making it frustrating and annoying to get into the app. Didn’t do this until about a week ago
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6 years ago, pnl50
I have always been treated with great respect & kindness throughout the years, anb is like family; thank you!
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5 years ago, Dakota Talamante
The new ANB app is AMAZING
The new look is super fresh and easy to read. It even has tools that help me budget! ❤️❤️ love it!
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6 years ago, Pwillyard
iPhone issues
App will not let you log in with your fingerprint even if you check the box to do it
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3 years ago, Freekd01
Not showing any of my transactions I have made, been showing the same amount of money in the last 2 days, when I have made several transactions!!
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5 years ago, Summer246.
Terrible app
Every time I try to log in I get a message that says I’m not connected to the internet. Please try again. I don’t know what changed because I never had this problem Until recently. It is very frustrating. Please fix it.
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5 years ago, opelgt57
I don’t have a driving license, so this deposit method is great for me
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5 years ago, Berk0385
Extremely buggy lately
Over the past 2 weeks the app is very inconsistent. Most of the time when I try to log on I get error messages saying the app is having “intermittent connectivity issues”. Needs fixing fast!
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5 years ago, LabsR1st
Great update...NOT
The update from last week has rendered the app totally useless. It won’t open and blames my internet connection. Funny my Bank of America app works perfectly. To have an updated app that won’t even open is ridiculous. I am NOT happy!! 😡😡
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6 years ago, AMASUX
Pretty worthless.
Only really works when it wants to, which means some intern forgot to switch the automation button to “on” before leaving each Friday night. So frustrating!
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2 years ago, shitstein
Latest update is trash
If you like having to register your device every time you sign in just to look at your account, you’ll love the new update. It’s trash. Fix it
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6 years ago, Picdev
Brent Lane
Love the new app. It gives you a warning before logging you out! 5*
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5 years ago, A_archer
The new app is great, I love how I can pay a person through the app!
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2 years ago, Lebagr
iOS 16
Ever since iOS 16 came out, app constantly makes me verify device. It will not remember device. Running on iPhone 13 ProMax. Please fix!
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5 years ago, Aubrey Kinder
Love the new app, and how it lets me create my own personal budget to keep me on track! 🤑
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6 years ago, eselira13
User friendly
Great app and it’s easy to use!
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5 years ago, zzssrrtt
App doesn’t work most of the time
This has been horrible lately. I get not connected to the internet which I am. It only works 3 out of 10 times. It’s always when I need it that it doesn’t work😡😡😡😡
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2 years ago, djcjfnrjek
I can't login
I can't get into my account. I already have an account. but it says invalid information in this app
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5 years ago, extracrabbyoldman
Why bother?
App has been down for a week or more. Called ANB told me to delete and reload. No help. Absolutely infuriating you grow to depend on these things (my own fault) then poof they don’t work and the developers won’t fix them.
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