Amazing Frog?

4.2 (5.5K)
888.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Amazing Frog?

4.19 out of 5
5.5K Ratings
3 years ago, PbnJilly
Antz I’m not joking the log me out of the game
I have nothing really against us I really like the game to be a couple you hard parts here and there but one thing that frustrates me is when you go into the ant room oh my God when you’re trying to get one of the frogs the ants will accidentally kill the frogs it will kick me out of the game can you please try to fix this because every single time I try to get the ant head there and will kill the frog then he’ll kick me out of the game for it because there’s not there’s a limit amount of frogs in the aunt room so please try to fix this for it to just the ants just kill me and not those never in those frogs so please try this if you meant to put this on purpose well I don’t know how you did it because like he just knew it was gonna kick you out of the game so please try to fix it but other than that this game is just beautiful I really love it😍😍😍
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5 years ago, dank memeer
Add more things and an update
Personal i am really amazed of how they did this but there’s only 1 island and there’s less things to do like I have most of the stuff already and I’m beginning to think that there’s not much left to do like there’s less skins that yo could earn than pc and what happened to Swindon on sea?when I go there all I see is some umbrellas a floating boat and some jet skis.I really want the boba fet skin and I can do that but it’s way too hard.I just want to give FAYJU a thanks for doing this all so all I really want is a update and more things added to the game May 11th 2019 It’s been more than eight FREAKING months and there has STILL hasn’t been an update or anything else. FAYJU why are you going this I rated this four stars and now I’m rating it THREE. Sucka it’s been more then eight freakin months. Is this because the PC Version is better? I want answers. Or at least make a freakin update. ITS NOW FREAKIN SEASON NINE IN FORTNITE. SEASON NINE. I got in season seven of fortnite. So 75+75=150 FREAKIN DAYS. I don’t know why I’m even talking about fortnite. Either way AGAIN please add an update or add something please. I haven’t played in a long time. If you respond too this I’m sorry if this makes you think I’m rude. I’m just trying to make this part two of a review more funny and enjoying.
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4 years ago, spooterman162535373
Ok this game is still cool but a few bugs
I know it may have a few bugs because there are only 2 people who made this game I mean that’s what I heard but I have a bug to when ever I go out in Swindon the game is really slow like I keep checking my wife to see if that’s the problem but it still dose that but it still play able and move able but it’s slow and when some times I walk it glitches and makes me walk back wards when I walk forward and when I walk back wards it makes me go forwards other than that when I’m in the hideout the game is good there’s like no glitches it’s not slow but when I go to Swindon it’s slow but it dose the same with the zombie thing it’s not slow and there’s no glitches but when ever I drive the cars it kicks me out of the game but other than that this game is still really cool those are the only glitches but i still play and thank you for creators this game I see a lot of YouTubers play this game and I fell in love with it thank and goodbye I’ll say something if I find a bad bug or glitch anyway bye
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3 years ago, black lives matter😃✊
Needs bigger map on mobile fan of pungence
First shout out to pungence who has a new book the mystery of the magic toilet lol second why can the map on controller be the same as the one on mobile plz fix 😢 it’s still fun though another thing is thanks for letting the frog say no bad words my frog almost did but he said ssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq so also I escaped from Swindon thanks for physics and ragdolling when you sprint fart I really wish the ai frogs could drive 🙁 still fun I love the magic toilet but I really want frogoriene (aka wolverine frog) but that makes this game a challenge but I really want a bigger map ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzalso nice try on joke frog pungence it’s a second player sorry 🤐👌✋ I did that to tell you ok I’m not about to expose him ever I still love it just need a bigger map
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3 years ago, mostafalion
Add more stuff
I really love this game but I wish you could add more weapons anyway me and my friend love this game every day me and my friend play this game with split screen it was fun but the first person mode is a little laggy but can you update the first person mode and can you make the cops shoot but with pistols because it will be fun and add an bank so if a thief robs it we could stop the robber or we can rob the bank and put settings and put a setting that remove farts because when my dad hears than he'll say stop playing this game but fayju made an fantastic job on this game 👏👏👏 but the weapons that I'll love fayju to add is an sword and a some cards and the cards are magic cards each card will have throwing ability with one hit it will kill a frog but the only problem is the lag it lags so much like come on fayju make this lag stop but can you put wedding place so if female frogs fell love with the player the player will marry the female frog and put more cops not just five I need more cops
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3 years ago, hayden garner
To the makers of amazing Frog.
Hello i would like to make a suggestion to the really fun game. Online. how it would work it that on the home page under the other things It would say online. when you click the online option It would say nickname, then you type in your gamer tag. (You only do this the first time you click it. But you should do it so only one person can have a name. Sort of like the Xbox. When your done it would say join room or make room. If you make a room it would have all of Swindon. How you would ask your friends to join is on a app on your phone. It would have a invite thing with all of your friends in a list. But how you would get friends is to enter there name in a player list in the app. But if you do this please make it at least 8 players for a room. It would be on your own screen, no split. Thank you FayJu game’s. And for the people who want to get the game, It’s really fun. You can do multiplayer with split screens 👍🏻
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4 years ago, azzerall
I play this game on my iPad and it work but not iPhone
Ok I played this game on my iPad before and It was working and I could play it with no problem now then my iPad broke so I got a iPhone and I put my iCloud on my iPhone and downloaded this game again it didn’t save my progress but I don’t really care it was not much anyways but now I can’t play it every time I walk out the door or the garage door it will load it then I will press go frog it will just lag and kick me out and I got confused so I try it again didn’t work did the same thing over and over and over I tried deleting it then reinstalled it and try again didn’t work i never had this problem on my iPad I even try clearing up space just in case it was space didn’t work I tried everything it’s just didn’t work developer plz contact me on this review and tell me why is it doing this because I really like this game and it says 12.4 for it to run and I check my version of my phone it’s 12.4.7 its should be available to work but it don’t work at all so plz tell me why it won’t work or tell me how to fix it I really want to play this game
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1 year ago, kookadoba
Issues with the new update
I bought this game about a year ago, and I was happy with it. Recently, the game had been updated to include the full map, and other features the older versions lacked. Which was great, but they also took away features to further update them, which I think makes sense. The issue is, some features are unoptimized, but I can’t expect too much as it’s a mobile port of a game originally for PC. Features such as airplanes don’t work. I think this can be remedied by allowing the player to download the older versions, even after the game is fully reworked. I wouldn’t make it mandatory, but just as a feature to bring back the older features until they are finished being developed. Tl;dr. Make the older versions downloadable so players can play a more bug-free game. Sorry if the review came off as rude, I tried to give constructive criticism.
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2 years ago, Rosesintheairflying
Wardrobe issues
Since the game has been remastered I wanted to check my wardrobe to make sure everything is there and since I play on mobile with no controllers that might be the issue but I go into the wardrobe and it’s switching between everything without me even touching the buttons in the wardrobe. I tried to click the buttons to switch between the categories myself and that did not help as well as clicking I can still equip items and outfits but I have no control over what I equip. This issue has made an impression on the remastered version in a bad way although I am going to continue playing the game and will add to the review if there’s any other situations and developers I don’t need you to fix these automatically I just hope you can get to this review and fix the wardrobe issue thank you !
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3 years ago, _joshnava
A few game suggestions from excited kids
My sons (E & K) are loving this game and they have a few suggestions they would like to give to the developers. Bear with me here... They would like to see: A giant dog that you can ride with a big animal battle arena, a TMNT box that would take you into their lair, a portal to the human world (where you turn into a human), the ability to get hired as a builder, a costume search in the toilet, touch mode multiplayer, a scanner that moves your character with your Face ID and whole body, a Star Wars box that lets you do what you can do in Star Wars, A Minecraft themed box (pixelated?), some dinosaurs, A space box that lets you go to other planets, guinea pigs, poisonous water, frog milk coffee cups, and maybe another town that you can build. Interpret these however you would like. They also want to go to Swindon, even though I’m pretty sure it’s just a regular town.
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11 months ago, Kodihill
Game Randomly Lags And Crashes
So I Had This Game For A Long Time. I never really had issues… until now… so during the current update. I Was Playing. Suddenly I Went To sewers because well. the rocket and stuff was reset. so i had to re-do it. I my accessory’s and outfits weren’t gone but my other progress was gone. and so I got a friends roller to kill some zombies and then as soon as I used it the game instantly crashed. so then I was like “what the heck” then I did it again the game crashed again. so i stoped using that. i got the key card. took it to the vault. almost died to a large zombie 3 times. and then as soon as I got 5 of the samples. game crashed. again… then, when I got back on and went for the last sample… the ants were gone. along with the frogs. the game keeps randomly crashing. and crashing if i do certain things. or just instantly. please fix this I don’t want a bot to reply. I want the actual developers to see this. just please fix this. this is all i want. sorry for the 1 star review 😅
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12 months ago, I b MCC
Needs wanted levels
Hi developer if you’re reading this. Good cause I have something to tell amazing frog needs wanted levels um what I’m trying to say is that if you kill a civilian in amazing frog you get a 1star wanted level. Kind of like gta. And if you kill a police officer in amazing frog you get a 2 star wanted level. 4 star wanted level police helicopters and police are following you. 5 star wanted level the police and police helicopters are after you AND SO IS THE MILITARY AND YOU HAVE TO GET YOUR CHARACTER OUT OF SWINDON and if you get caught by the police it will say busted on the screen so this update is a military, wanted level and busted update. Anyways love the game bye. Also, everyone keeps on saying this, we need touch screen multiplayer. Imagine how fun it would be, anyways, I hope you add this, love the game btw, bye!
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2 years ago, KateBrianna86
Fay just pls add a button that lets you choose swindon 1.0 or 2.0 I wanna see 1.0 on mobile, and let you customize unlocked skins like make them look like zombies. Sorry I’m back, it’s been like a year so hi Fayju, I was wondering if you could add quests. Like, lead a horde of zombie-frogs out of swindon and get them killed with the megaladon. And also add a construction quest that is, “Help Con-frogstion build a better swindon” which when completed, unlocks swindon older version(shoutout to Pungence for introducing me to this). And add a zombie megalodon and when you kill it you get a zombie megalodon head. And add a way you can be either a zombie, a shark, a cat, or a frog, or add a feature to the TV head, add a way you can show anything and I mean ANYTHING on the screen. Also add a way to choose regular version of the game or V3
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2 months ago, JUL1ANPLAYZ
Pls fix the game
hope this message finds you well. I’m reaching out to express my disappointment with the current state of Amazing Frog. As a long-time player, I’ve enjoyed many hours of fun with the game. However, recent experiences have left me incredibly frustrated and disappointed. The main issue I’ve encountered is the game crashing consistently at 51% loading progress. This recurring problem has become a significant barrier to my enjoyment of the game, as it prevents me from progressing further and experiencing key features such as exploring space. I understand that technical issues can arise, but this particular issue seems to have persisted for some time without resolution. As someone who has previously enjoyed playing Amazing Frog, it’s disheartening to see the game become increasingly unplayable due to this issue. I’m writing to you with the hope that this feedback will be taken seriously and that steps will be taken to address the stability issues plaguing the game. I believe that resolving these issues promptly will not only improve the experience for existing players like myself but also ensure that new players can fully enjoy all that Amazing Frog has to offer. Thank you for taking the time to read my message. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing improvements in future updates.
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5 years ago, Dumbkid97
Fantastic, few bugs and suggestions
Overall, very well translated to mobile devices. it is a little glitchy in some areas which is to be expected. However there is a very annoying glitch that stops you from clicking a app more than once on the fphone. One other thing is that I got 50 points on knockdown but could not get the hat even though I was tapping on it, so fixing or making it easier to get the knockdown items would be very much appreciated. I would like to see the drivable blimp be added and a larger island. Also aiming is abysmal even with the scope on, which makes using the grapple hook very tough to use. Also, Could you please add Kermit from the pc version?
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12 months ago, m.r skeleton
Oh, really you think you can just delete my rating no not until you fix this
Oh, for the love of God change the new update I know it is just a demo but I have lost all my freaking progress. It took me four years to get where I was and all of that progress was removed. If I could give this game a zero I would but I can’t in the next update please get our progress back. I don’t know if this is just me who’s dealing with this, but I hate the new update. If anyone else is dealing with this, then I can make the conclusion that until you fix this, it’s by far the worst game. It’s been a while since I wrote this note, and you still have not fixed it MY GOD FIX IT ALREADY😭😭😭😭😭😭 It’s been a long long time since I wrote this note and you still for some reason I don’t know how to fix things I’ve told all my friends about how bad your game is and for how bad it is I’m being nice with what I’m saying fix your darn game already😭😭😭😭🤬
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5 months ago, sussy baka from among us
Kinda good, here’s why.
Amazing Frog? A game where you go wild, but your a frog! Although it’s a really cool game, no doubt. It’s getting old, there should be more updates, and the game is almost silent, even if the volume is all the way up. I get there can only be so much things on an iPhone, but there could be updates to the character, map, npcs, and other. Really Good and I recommend it, but there is one problem that I dislike most! The price, it is more expensive than it should be, it would be more worth it if it were 4 bucks, but that’s all I have to say! Goodbye, and just know that it may be better on other devices, but the IPhone variant is probably the last version you want to get. I’m not saying it’s a bad game! But let’s be honest, it could have been better.
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8 months ago, what username can i pick???
It’s fun and there’s a lot of stuff to do but the game gives you VERY LITTLE clues to what to do, I know I can look them up but I rather find them my self but I can’t (I will eventually begin to look them up) and when i you throw a mail into the box randomly the game shuts off, also when u use teleporters in sewers, turn a flashlight on in sewers (doesn’t always shut off), and when u try to change game mode in party mode, but those bugs mainly happen when playing with 2 people, other then those issues the games very interesting and I’m grateful it’s on mobile, just keep adding stuff and the game will get better
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4 years ago, c4 M
This game is the best game I have ever played! It’s super fun and you can literally do anything you want!😍😍I figured out how to escape and it’s super easy. Also it’s worth the money.🤑🤑once you buy the game it doesn’t charge you for stuff in the game because nothing cost money. I would recommend this game to anyone who plays.👍🏻🙂Although there is a problem when you shoot out of the golden cannon you glitch through building but this did help me when I was trying to get into the mouth of the frog Statue of Liberty I glitched through the head and into the mouth and it was really cool. I wouldn’t change anything about this game.
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3 years ago, Liam James trest
A good game
I love to play this game but I can’t get enough points to buy a lot more than my game and it’s so much fun to play with my friends and family and for all of the time it is a good game to play thanks again for all your hard work to get it back and give me the best work and great job on this game it’s great for all of us and to play it again thanks for all your hard work this year I will be happy with this game if I have to play this game again and again and again again and again to get it done I love it so much and it’s a great app to keep you busy with your family friends and again i love it
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5 years ago, Noodle_Boi
I love this game, just some constructive feedback
Ok, I love this game. I played it all the time on steam with my brother, but the computer broke, and we moved on. Now that it’s finally on mobile, I got back into playing this game a lot. Although, I would like to unlock all the costumes, so a suggestion would be just to add all the costumes hidden around the current map, you don’t have to add the entire non-pocket map, as it would be very laggy. One bug I noticed was that sometimes you cannot select one of the phone apps twice. Also, as far as I’ve seen you can’t kill the megaladon. Regardless, I still have tons of fun playing this game, and I look forward to the next update.
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3 years ago, it really needs to be fixed
Over all great game, but a few 2player problems
The 2player glitched it out. And now the app immediately closes whenever I try to open it. Solution for players: If any of you have run into this problem reboot your device, it will do the trick. Developer solution: patch most of the bugs with multiplayer, like the phone bug. Where player one controls both phones unwillingly. This happens with wardrobes, phones, and every menu navigated with the d-pad. If a controller disconnects and reconnects, the game freezes. And needs to be restarted. This also causes the problem I had sometimes.
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3 years ago, PizzaKing5
Love This Game
I love this game but it really needs an update. I would love for you to add more vehicles such as Lamborghini’s, Toyota’s, and many others. I would also love more customization for cars and a place to buy cars, guns, weapons, and clothing that isn’t an unlockable suit (kind of like the GTA series). I would like for you to change the fall system it is very annoying. I hope the devs will see this, if you aren’t the devs you should really purchase this game it is extraordinarily fun. I also love the concept and the animations and one last thing is I would love for you to add different maps. :)
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3 years ago, FridayNightFunkin'Fan
Wonderful game but just one problem
Amazing Frog is a very random but also very fun game. I would recommend this game to anyone above the age of 7. The only reason I would recommend this game to this age range is because there are guns that you can kill citizen frogs and other creatures with. However, there is absolutely no blood or gore. Ok now let’s get into the only problem I have. The only problem I have is that there are some things that you cannot do on mobile that you can do on pc. Such things are unlocking certain costumes for your frog that you play as and going to other islands. But overall, this game is fantastic!
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5 years ago, Unicat595
Omg I don’t know where to start but...
Omg this is amazing I have watched fgteev play this game and in a instant I fell in love but a few problems 1. Whenever I try to kill the zombies I die because I run out of ammo whenever I shoot them they DON’T die and I have tried two scenarios to get over that dumb wall and it is hard to find cats and a way to get over the wall kill zombies get to that thing in the sky and a unicorn bouncy house and to get to the megalodon jack pot you should have infinite ammo first shot at zombie it dies and if you whant action and fun and if you whant to earn that fifth star you got to get all of those things on the list and getting a easier way over the wall.. Thanks For Listening
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4 years ago, Dood fun game
Really good, but...
This game is really fun, but the only reason i am not giving this game 5 stars is cause i wish there was multiplayer. Multiplayer would make the game so much funner and i bet it would sell a lot more. Also please make there more to do, like the computer version, i’ve never played the computer version but I know that there’s more to do, I’ve already beat the game I think, and I want more to do. So in your next update please add multiplayer, then after add more to do, this would really improve your game. Thanks for your time and i hope you consider my thoughts edit: you added more to do, thanks, now just add multiplayer please
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8 months ago, Some Rand0m kid
Just a couple of things.
I absolutely love this game, but there are just a couple things I want to get better next update, say the mobile version is all gloomy and dark, but the pc version is all light, and if you still update this game, just try to add in more things from the pc version, I’ve been wanting this game as a child and only got to watch videos playing this well made game, but when I actually got it, it’s just a WIP game, but I know updates take a while, so take your time fixing these unfinished graphics and missing stuff.
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1 year ago, The amazing frog man
Some trouble but otherwise great experience
I have been playing Amazing frog or about 4 years now. I have grown up with this gam and I have received a large amount of enjoyment from playing it. However, while the newest updates involving the expansion of the map have been pleasing, it is unfortunate that it has been crashing for unknown reasons. My guess is it has something to do with the skate park due to the fact that the crashes seem to happen around there. However it is a great game and I hope these issues clear up. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Coolgamer366
Fayju really cool update BUT A HUGE PROBLEM
So I update the game and I’m preying that I don’t lose my data at first glance I was like cool update but when I see if my skins are there they are so I’m like phew my data saved BUT WHEN I GO OUTSIDE I LITERALLY DISCOVER I CANT GO OUT OF SWINDON so I’m like I’ll just go to the hole so I remove the boards and nothing but a notice saying you can’t enter try using key to city so I’m like good thing I have it SO I GO TO OPEN GATE AND KEY TO THE CITY DISAPPEARS I WORKED SO FREAKING HARD TO GET THAT GRINDING ALL DAY FOR THREE MONTHS so please get my data back and everyone’s key to the city cause I’ve been playing for three years I really liked the game and it would have been five stars if I hadn’t lost that’s important data
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1 week ago, sonic43243
Best game I ever played but there’s something that bugging me.
This isn’t gonna be a long review, but there’s this glitch that always happens for me, I play on mobile. Everytime I try to go to the moon, the game just entirely kicks me out and boots me to my home screen. I really wanna unlock the jet pack, I already have the balloon pack. I’ve deleted the game an reinstalled it, I’ve restarted my phone. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to try and fix this, if so please let me know I really want to go to the moon in this game. Just in general I wanna go to the moon.
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1 year ago, some_random_reviewwriter
Great Game But Crashes.
So I have been having a issue, whenever I go into the spaceship or when I make a explosion it crashes. I am pretty mad since I payed for this game and it crashes whenever I start getting to the fun parts of the game. I have deleted apps photos and everything that takes the most space for storage and I also have 2TB or storage for ICloud! ( Except IPadOS. ) so developers, please fix your game and please tell me if this is just a me issue. Also, this game is very great! I fell in love with this game while watching Pungence. I love your game!
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6 months ago, jsmdgdndnd
Feels very empty
This game feels very empty there’s not much outside of town apart from signs saying “your a loser and don’t have RAM” before the graphics were updated the game was so full of life now even the grass is just dull it doesn’t help that the devs seem to be adding the new features they are adding to pc instead of fixing the old features On an unrelated note for some reason the hats you get from outfits aren’t available separate this is kind of annoying Also the sharks aren’t spawning even when I have them turned on don’t know if those two things are just problems on my end but it’s still really annoying
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2 years ago, gvhghfgfy
I Love this game so so so so so much😍😍😍. I just wish u could make it a little easier to get new skins I have about 24 skins. They are all so unique👍👍👍. I wish u could add some more to explore I have found almost ever secret there is including space🌠🌠🌠. This would be better if the fake frogs could drive there cars 🚗🐸🐸. Also add more guns I have used every single one 🔫🔫. And more buildings 🏦🏭🏥🏬🏗🏪. And one more ok sorry 😢. I want more secrets 🤫🤫. Thank u for reading I love ur game 🕹. Well can u PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ consider these ideas 💡💡💡. Bye have a great day or afternoon 🤗🤗🤩.
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5 years ago, XxChickenDudexX123
The game is great but..
For some reason it keeps restarting the entire game once in a while and I have to do everything over again so that pisses me off. And this doesn’t make me mad but outside of Swindon is nothing you can’t go to Swindon on C to get skins and defeat the Megaladon. So.. I don’t know if it’s something wrong with my iPad (I play on iPad because it’s a bigger screen and the controls are easer than it is on phone) or I don’t know.. but, can you add more outside of Swindon like Drivable Blimps or Swindon on C or Zorb balls? But aside from all of that, this is the best games I’ve ever played in my life. #ThanksFayju
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8 months ago, the dinoes
Great game, the new update caused issues for me though
So I already had some issues with crashing but with the new update if I try to leave the area where you spawn to go into the swindon city, it just crashes, my screen goes black and the app crashes. I can’t leave the garage you spawn in. Can you fix this issue because for me even when I have my graphics on low it still crashes, IDK why it does this but it needs to be fixed. If it isn’t the game for me is basically unplayable…
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4 years ago, t.d yy
I hope you will
I hope you add more of frog skins and more new weapons and new Worlds also I hope you will add new jet pack like things. These are my suggestion New frog skins. 1. Baldi from baldi’s basics 2. The neighbor from hello neighbor the + shadow man 3. Granny from granny 4. Thanos and the glove should let you shoot out a laser beem. Then the last one 5. Bendy from Bendy and the ink machine. I forgot to tell you guys something which was would you please add some of the frog skins form the pc Virgin like. dead pond. Minecraft frog. Skyrim frog. Spider frog if he is already in the game. And some of the other ones that are on the PC version and the customizing the basic frog skin Like customizing the head and the clothes he has. And yeah that is all I have to say so if you are reading this I hope you will do that stuff please do you like only company and all of the Youtubers like me that play this game most of the day😁😎😀😃
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1 year ago, it's a OK update
New update
I like the new quality but the game got harder and more disappointing first of all trying to get the key card was a nightmare then once I finally got the key card and put it in I got attacked by a huge zombie and got killed then once I killed a zombie I had to get the microscope and that was impossible and finally once I push the button and got the field for the rocket I went inside the rocket only to find a disappointing Message that said all about how I couldn’t get into Space all I wanted to do was just get the balloon pack.
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4 years ago, swashbot87
First person is stuck on
This is an amazing game. It is fun and creative. There is just one problem. The problem is just the title of this review. I was looking through the settings and found first person. I thought it was cool so I clicked it. It was cool for about three minutes but I wanted to change back to third person. I clicked it but it didn’t work. I reloaded the app and clicked it, but it was still stuck on first person. I kept clicking but nothing changed. Plz fix this.
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5 years ago, Hankysam78
It’s AWESOME and GREAT but,
There is a couple of things in this version that do not appear even though they appeared in the PC version. Here’s a list of things that appear in the PC version of the game but not in this version 1. The outside map of Swindon is not the same as the PC version, please fix that because, now you can’t get the others costumes. 2. On the knockout app, when you have enough points you can get one of the three things shown you can get in the app but, it wouldn’t let me get the cap, cone hat, or joke frog costume in the app, can you fix this as well. Can you guys please fix these things?
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3 years ago, SHREDDER-TMNT-1987
This Game is Amazing
It’s like Goat Simulator But 10 Times Better. Can you update the Game for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, St. Patrick’s And The 4th of July Please. Give them a Holiday Vibe for the holidays I Mentioned. If you could do that it would make me happy. Thanks so Much For Making This Amazing Game. Glad I spent Money On This Game During the Summer Of 2020 When I was in Quarantine in the old Assisted living Apt Program where they Mentally Abused me and others in the program. This game helped me to take my mind off the Bull S*it in the other program.
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2 years ago, Megs1984
Fix all the lag and put a blimp in the amazing frog?
I love your game so much thank you for making this game I loved it so much I had the balloon pack and I got the Jetpack from the moon warm it was actually so fun thank you for making this game I like it so much just so so much and I can’t stop playing this game it’s just so good thank you just please fix the lag and please put a blimp fix all the lag please you’re a very good and her like your name the amazing frog? It’s just so good I like it good job for making this game thank you
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4 years ago, DepressedKermit
Yes, Quite an Amazing Frog
I’m shocked how much I am entertained by this game to be honest. It is simple yet can give you some quality time question physics especially questioning almost anything in this game. Though some things are partly boring or not very new or fun, it’s fine because you can explore and fall, a lot. I think the price should go down for what it is but I understand that they probably put some work into this. I’d say if you’re bored and looking for something to help that, you should check this game out. Thanks for reading!
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1 year ago, Call me Kev
Good game but too laggy
I really like this game it’s a really fun game. I would recommend it to anybody that would like a really funny game but then it’s way too laggy every time I try and use the flamethrower the game just crashes and then every time I try and put one of the microscopes in after dying, it won’t go in anymore and I have to delete the game and re-download it so I would play it if it wasn’t as laggy and didn’t crash as much so to the creator it’s a good game but you should downgrade it or something to like a older version
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3 years ago, Luke Pettyjohn
I am so sorry
You already read the title I am so sorry. You remember my last reply saying there is a glitch where it just kicks you out. Yeah, it seems that it was just my internet. I am so sorry for the interruption so though don’t have to fix it but I will see if I can find any other glitches. And keep adding new stuff! (Of what I mean by that is you can make it more like the pc version because on pc there is a lot more stuff on pc than on mobile like dead pond.).
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5 years ago, greendail
The amazing frog
Whoever made this game is the best and I can’t wait Internet update I didn’t know the draw updates coming up next thanks for making this game I wish said you can make it on the tablet but I don’t think they care I don’t know how to play games and computers sometimes so I’ll wait a week and I don’t know when my update comes out but I’ll being super super excited for the update because there’s other updates out there and they have a crocodiles and then you can make the crocodiles go after the sharks
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5 years ago, Awesome gamer 17
Awesome! But I have one request
This is one of my favorite games ever! But I was very disappointed to find out that there was no Spider-Frog porta-potty. :( Please put him in pocket edition. But it is overall an amazing game! Also two more small requests can you maybe add in an Indiana Frog porta-potty? I would be very great-full if you did! And my little brother plays it and absolutely loves Iron man. He would love it if you added in an Iron Frog porta-potty. If you added in Spider-Frog and Indiana Frog my rating would be five stars! Also could you put those characters in an easy spot to find. Thanks for reading! Sincerely, Spider-Frog
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4 years ago, Brit3310
New online
I think you guys should add a online 4 player and make split screen 4 player. Also get rid of the split screen glitch were you have to have the device horizontal. The reason I think there should be online mode is because people can’t visit people because of social distancing, but if there were online people could join each other. There could be public games and private games to play with friends. And if you do add online add a chat with it. Thanks for reading this
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4 years ago, senser365
To be honest this is the best game ever in my opinion but I just have some suggestions on the next update something I have been waiting for since I’ve downloaded this game that I would literally rate 10 ⭐️to make it easier instead of making a whole online system to make it online on mobile with WiFi another thing much easier it that the citizens can drive cars and that’s all Thanks I really hope these things come along 😁
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9 months ago, doopydoolalol
I liked it better before
The new update has been a pain in my side it reset my progress with space and the sewer so then I had to get the launch codes again and there was a zombie guarding them broken cars don’t despawn so it crashes the game and when I try to go to space the game crashes I deleted other games to try and make it work but it didn’t still so very clearly the problem is the game I just shut off and turned back on my device it still didn’t let me go to space if this doesn’t get fixed I am going to get very mad and do a threat to the game with a 0 star rating and I will give a terrible review
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4 years ago, Zadyn li
Hey fayju read this plz
Can you amazing frog on ps4 plz and also add a bigger map in the game and have a app a the Fphone where it shows you the map that you have been and more stuff like the stuff and toy guns and more guns and vehicles for the game plz and this game is amazing !!!!!!! So yeah can you make more updates and when it is a holiday it should have a event like Santa’s grotto or a the holiday theme and the the frog people wear the holiday clothes and yeah that it pretty much and thank you for making this game and also one more thing add the pig and thanks for making this game.
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