Amazon Music for Artists

4.5 (427)
53.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.2 or later
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User Reviews for Amazon Music for Artists

4.53 out of 5
427 Ratings
1 year ago, tommie lee gray 3rd
I don’t think my plays register
I had a group of people play me a lot and it only says I have 2 plays. It’s not accurate but some days I see the numbers go up a lot. I just want to make sure all my plays are recorded
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10 months ago, KillaFost
Can’t get passed the artist conformation/ customer service
I’ve been waiting months for an email but I can’t get a hold of anyone. They seem oblivious to what the app is when I call customer service. I don’t think this app is gonna work out, I can report about music and remove it but cant get a confirm. It was so hard to get my account which was took over by someone else.. And customer service had no idea this app even exist..
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12 months ago, Amostdakid
Good analytics
Analytics are reported every hour which is very informative never any problems with app plus you can pitch your song with in the app plus other details
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4 years ago, gplayer50
Not helpful at all!
They mistakenly put music from other artists into the your data. When you go through the required process of notifying them to get it fixed, they apologize, tell you to do what you’ve already done, state they will fix the problem, and nothing ever gets corrected. This has happened several times with my account. No where near as good as similar apps for other music services.
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3 years ago, Aaron Cemetery
Exactly what I was hoping for
Easy to use and efficient. Everything you’d need!
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2 years ago, roger sprecco
they won’t fix my release
My music was released on another artists profile with a similar name, so I cannot claim my own artist profile. This app allows you to file for this to be fixed. I’ve filed about 3 times, and did all the steps and and waited all the time they told me to, but after 4 months they still have not fixed this issue. They said it would take within 28 days.
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8 months ago, monopoly ace
Literally the worst app for musician
I have had a problem claiming my artist for over a year already and they still don’t let me do it. I don’t understand how when I call for help the customer service people don’t even understand my question and sound like it’s a third world country service center I’m furious cuz they got me looking like an unprofessional artist with their wack representation of me and my brand
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2 years ago, Skrillatament Vision
Better then most the other platforms
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4 years ago, bmcginn1
Works great!
I really appreciate the detailed information the app provides! It’s great to see the information about fans and the regions/countries your listeners life in. It’s also very interesting to see the numbers of voice requests, ie, those who are asking Alexa directly.
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2 years ago, Real_raff
Give us more playlists to pitch to please
Please make a category for trap beats, experimental beats, or boom bap beats. I won’t be directing any of my traffic to your platform until you add these categories to pitch music to Great start though
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3 years ago, benjamm1
Can’t update artists pic or backdrop, analytics are limited, no way to submit feedback or bugs as those are also unable to send. You can tell they just stopped working on this and left it as-is…
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1 year ago, The Melech David
Update to Analytics
How many people have saved each song per day? How many likes?
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3 years ago, ugfuydyeayer
Didn't want this app as it doesnt do what I wantedit to do. then come to find out I'm being charged $31 for an app I'm not going to be able to use and I'm unable to find app support to cancel
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3 years ago, The Czar Of Detroit
No movement
Unable to even submit my verification it doesn’t work.
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4 years ago, ChandlerAlan
Dosent load
I have downloaded this on my iPad and iPhone, they both approved me but they just never load my stats
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4 years ago, heppers89
Great app!
Very clear and easy-to-use app, the design is pretty cool too. Super helpful if you’re interested in the data and analytics behind the music, and for other tips and tricks with Alexa. Worth downloading!
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1 year ago, King AndyOne
Amazon Music For Artists
Very Very Excellent 🥂
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4 years ago, hunterlopez
It’s okay
Seems to show all the generic stats that all other for artist apps have, but it would be awesome for artist to be able to update artist pictures and bios etc.. and not having to go through our labels/distributors to get it updated.
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4 years ago, kongd
Login page incorrectly formatted
Can’t get past the “You’re Almost In” page. The page isn’t formatted for smaller screens (I’m on an iPhone SE) so I’m unable to check the box that says I agree to the Terms of Use. I’m sure the app has some benefits, but for now it’s completely useless to me. I’ll submit a new review once I can get into the app.
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4 years ago, Ya Yev
Cannot Register and Get Approved
Weeks of waiting to register and get approved, just to be told that I didn’t provide enough information showing that I am the artist. I provided my real name, social media links and other things. Do you want social security, home address, and blood type?
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4 years ago, Trevor1687
Has a ways to go
Nice to see top level stats but still needs more granular breakdowns. Can’t update bio or profile picture. Difficult for label management with dozens of artists. Can’t submit songs for editorial playlists.
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4 years ago, baakaakwe
App has glitch can’t download to iPhone 7
I downloaded the app on iPhone 7. I was unable to click the box to accept the terms due to some glitch which causes large letters that say “You are almost there” which prevents the action. Could go no further in the download.
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4 years ago, Kevinhatesthiscrummyapp
Not formatted right. Can’t log in
Just like one of your other reviewers mentioned, the “You’re Almost In” graphic is covering the terms and other questions, not allowing me to check the boxes and continue. I can get past that screen. I’m on an iPhone 6.
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4 years ago, Ci Ci L
Just want music
I just want to listen to music. The app requires you to put in personal information about yourself (social media accounts) and jump through all these hoops before you can even get to the artist’s music. Do not like.
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4 years ago, Jeffrey Friend
Can't login!
Unable to login on iPhone SE because the headline on the login page prevents the user from checking the terms and conditions box. I sure would like to use this, but for now, currently unable.
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4 years ago, Blueskymedicine
Doesn’t work
Terrible. Can not even check the box that allows you to get past the screen that says user agreement. No place to choose a distributor. Cd baby. Poorly designed and serviced.
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4 years ago, Housermania
Worst app ever maybe?
Can not claim my artist after I do all 4 steps of verification. It gives and error saying before I claim an artist I must already have one claimed. Makes no since. Does not work at all
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4 years ago, BLKBETE
Thanks for nothing...
You’re not able enter the proper info to get registered and “claim your artist.” Emailed Customer Service and they gave me specific instructions - which did not work.
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4 years ago, Spaulding67
No rotation?
Updating the app to accommodate for landscape or portrait would be great, not to mention auto-sizing for a tablet or smartphone. Not everyone is using this app on a smartphone.
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4 years ago, Frank Colon
stuck in the middle of the way
I wish I could write a review for this app but I can’t get past the “You’re Almost There!” screen.....
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4 years ago, Shortimer
Fail !
Can’t get past the “almost in screen “ as per another reviewer who had an iPhone SE. I have a 6s and still doesn’t work. Pathetic 🚫
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4 years ago, BJ Pons
The App does not work
I can’t finish the sign up process on either my iPad or my iPhone. Very disappointed.
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4 years ago, evil earwig
doesnt work
you connect your account but “submit” grayed out. Nonfunctional app
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4 years ago, officialcisko
Horrible app
Unable to verify artist (myself). Been waiting over a month
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4 years ago, trying to migrate to Mail
Can’t get past the “you’re almost on screen”
As others are struggling, so am I!
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4 years ago, BurgerJoebo
Please test on different devices
It doesn’t let me complete the questions to claim my artist! 😢
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4 years ago, davidjude
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4 years ago, rlwcycle
I can’t claim my artist. This app is useless.
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2 years ago, Alsksjsk
cobro indebido
no devuelven dinero
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4 months ago, Fonzdrew
Not worth your time
Nearly impossible to get your account verified, horrible artist support, and screw ups that hurt musicians financially and musically. Just stick with the usual that actually work, like Spotify for Artist and Apple for artist.
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1 year ago, mygodthisisbad
The artist support on this app routes to regular Amazon support. I’ve tried to contact Amazon and they can do nothing. I need to be helped with an important issue that only Amazon music for artists can do. This needs to be looked at. Please reach out to me 🙏
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2 years ago, Jack-Moses
Amazon Music for Artists Review
I 1,000% recommended this app to any musician!.
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4 years ago, Mario and the Clones
Great Technical Team
I worked with the Amazon Music for Artists Technical Support Team to obtain control of My Artist Profile and to update My Artist Images. Both issues were given immediate, prompt attention and were resolved in a timely manner. Thank you Tech Support Team Especially Mark and Sophia!!! Mario and the Clones 😎
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3 years ago, melanymusic
Read before you agree! You are literally giving all your rights away via royalty free licensing to amazon and their affiliates via sub-licensing FOREVER IRREVOCABLE! Take the time to read the agreement! It’s a very bad deal.
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4 years ago, LoudMath
You can’t do anything about incorrectly categorized music
I tried to report incorrect music on my artist profile following their exact instructions. What followed was two straight days of arguing with customer service (being directed back to the app, treated like I was stupid and wasn’t following the instructions despite providing the ASINs and everything else they requested) and then eventually just being directed to a trademark filing form and then I just never heard back. Abysmal artist support. I don’t link people to Amazon music anymore because there’s all this random crap from a German artist on there and until I hire a lawyer I can’t get rid of it. This should be as easy as creating a separate artist profile. But every step of the way, I was told nobody could do anything. Useless app and useless company.
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4 years ago, RealDD801
Hip Hop artist very happy!
I am a very happy Hip Hop artist (Dangerous Devil) from the Midwest, happy to have this tool in my arsenal! The more tools we have as artists to grow our music and audience the better! And especially when dealing with such giant companies as Amazon! Be sure to check out my single (City Lights)! New music is on the way and I am thrilled to have this to help with my journey!
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4 years ago, Hmanstar5!
I can’t claim my artist profile, it’s been months and I still haven’t seen it. AMAZON you guys are a massive company this shouldn’t happen.
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4 years ago, Mansfield Music
Won’t recognize my name
I attempted to register my artist name (which is my own name) using my CD Baby account (in my own name) and Amazon writes back (to my email address, which is also my name) to say that they cannot verify my claim to my name. Huh? And they said that “actual real people” verified these claims(?) So they said to Try to Re-submit my verification, but actually the app won’t even open, so I cannot Re-submit.
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4 years ago, Bert de Lux
What a piece of junk
I couldn’t get pass the “You’re almost in” page either! C’mon Amazon! Please get your act together.
Show more
4 years ago, SteveWal33
Needs to be updated.
Can’t get past the “you're almost in” screen. Hope amazon will update the app soon.
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