Amegy Mobile Banking

4.8 (9.8K)
93.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
ZB, N.A.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Amegy Mobile Banking

4.78 out of 5
9.8K Ratings
6 years ago, jpsulak
Finally a smooth version of the app
I have had many complaints in the passed with the Amegy Bank App, but the app developers have addressed all my concerns and I am finally having a smooth experience with the app! I am using an iPhone Xs, and one thing I do notice is that there is no option for “FaceID” in the settings, which made me nervous at first but it still works perfectly to sign in when you enable the “Touch ID” switch. That’s just a slight detail the devs missed in wording, but no problems with functionality. Great app!
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3 years ago, SPSMama
More complicated than simple
While I like the look of the new app, I struggle with the fact that: 1) I no longer have a 1 shot view of the vendor/name in my list of transactions without having to click the detail. I only see numbers & letters affiliated with the transaction and have to click the detail to see what the amount is for. 2) When I come out of the detail of a transaction, the app then takes me back to the top of the list transactions & I have to search again for where I was in the list & basically start over. This stinks when you’re looking up transactions that may be a few weeks old. The previous app returned you to where you were. 3) There’s a delay in balance updates when I transfer funds. Previously, it would update the balance immediately. Now, I have to wait or exit then re-enter the app to be sure the balance updated. 3) Transfers take more clicks/time to process and require repetitive confirmation. I transfer funds quite a bit to another account and half the time I thought they went through when they haven’t because I didn’t hit the final submit, ok, done buttons. Take me back to the old app!!
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1 year ago, 4i4opei4o
App from the past
The high rating is deceiving! People tend to rate only the Debit card portion of the app! I have no complains about that, even though there’s room for improvement there, too. The reason for my low rating is the CREDIT Card portion of this app! For many years NOTHING has been improved, even worse: it was GOOD, but then, after a major update become BAD! You cannot see any transactions! If you separate both Debit and Credit parts as independent apps, then you’ll see the real ratings for Credit card. It is so user unfriendly and you have to spend time and dig deep to find your latest transaction! If you want to see more from the recent transaction history, you have to export different files on formats you might never used in your life!
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3 years ago, mmeeks
Bill pay
Love the app for a quick check of balances and depositing checks. However, the bill pay feature might as well not be included in the app. You can see you you have as a payee but not when it’s due (even if your statements go to your bank), how much is due, what you paid last, when I was paid last, etc. I have a few bills that go straight to my Amegy account. I never see a paper statement. If I don’t log in through an internet browser, I don’t see that I have these bills “due”. This is terribly frustrating. I’ve been late before but thought everything was fine simply because I only logged in from the app for a while and not a browser. Not cool Amegy.
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5 years ago, JnsMan Chaos
Love the bank but not the app
Let’s see, where to does not retain user ID, nor did it work with fingerprint ID or Face ID for iPhone (it did the former a while back and then fix for it over the updates). Frequently it has not recognized my password (when CERTAINLY correct) resulting in my being locked out and then having to change the password. Seriously that has happened at least five times. Now it “misreads” a check amount when attempting to make a mobile deposit and won’t allow the deposit. I have been with Amegy for more than ten years but the app is pretty awful. In this day and age, I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t have an app that matches the times. It’s deeply frustrating.
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6 years ago, Ol' Texas Rocker
Check Deposit Fail
WARNING: Use at your own risk for depositing a check through the app! Overall the app works well for all I need EXCEPT for depositing a check online via the app. Made a check deposit on two different occasions. Both times I was informed through the app that the deposit was successful. After waiting a few days for the deposit to show in my account it never did. After much time on the phone the first time the deposit was found and moved to my account. Second time I went to the bank. They found nothing of the deposit. Fortunately, I did not destroy the check and they deposited it to my account.
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5 months ago, Brown-eyed Bunny
Great employees
LaTechia is absolutely the sweetest, most caring of all the managers! I’d like to see an Amegy branch in Mont Belvieu near my home! I’d like La Techia as the manager there! The ladies at the branch location on Ivie Lee in Baytown are the cream of the crop!!! Amegy Bank is blessed to have all of them!! My dad lived to be 101 before he passed two yrs ago! He appreciated these ladies also! They KNOW you when you walk in the door!! So glad to a part of Amegy Bank! My 60 yrs with them is a joy!!!8
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6 years ago, McDuglebone
Good app when it’s up and running
This app is like the Little Girl with the Curl - when it’s good it’s really good, but when it’s bad it’s horrid! In general, it’s really helpful and makes my life a lot easier, as I don’t have to visit the bank to deposit a check or transfer funds. However, there have been a few times when the system has been down, and that is always really inconvenient - when you need your money, you need your money!! They’ve got a find a way to stabilize their system, so that it’s not down so often. Otherwise it’s a great app!
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3 years ago, Nik6690
New App is Terrible
Amegy recently performed and “upgrade” to the app. This ruined the app. Even in “full view” mode, you have to touch each transaction and open it up in order to see the full transaction such as payee. It’s complete nonsense and wastes a lot of time. I manage several different accounts for several different people and we are in the process of moving everyone to Wells Fargo because what was previously a perfectly user-friendly app has been turned into something difficult to read and cumbersome to use. This is definitely one of those situations where some tech guru put it together but never bothered to use it.
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3 years ago, ShariDo
I hate the new app
I have a checking & debit/credit card w Amegy & I can only see 3 transactions on each acct!!! (Very Inconvenient!!! & on my credit card I made a transfer payment from checking 4 days ago & it shows up on checking but not credit balance yet!!! When I get in my credit acct I can’t figure out how to get back to accts so I have to log out & start over. App is dramatically WORSE!!! Hate it!! Not user friendly at all!! I’ve been with Amegy before it WAS Amegy. : (
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3 years ago, Beqkiee
Changed the App
They completely changed the app. Now, instead of seeing where something was purchased all I see is a long string of numbers. I have to click on the purchase to see what it is. It also only shows the “posted” date rather than the “purchase” date which makes balancing my budget a lot harder. I have a purchase from before my last pay check that was only posted yesterday so it’s messing up my calculations. The new design is also bulky and over whelming. The old design was simple and easy on the eyes. This one gives me a headache. I really liked the old app. Idk why they changed it.
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2 years ago, Nancy the plant lady
Amegy Mobile App
I love all the features on Amegy Bank’s online banking app. It is easy to navigate and makes reviewing my accounts, finding past transactions, managing alerts, and making transfers easy. I recommend Amegy Bank, as well as their online and mobile features, to anyone who needs a reliable bank and friendly service.
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1 year ago, dgjyfcb
Everything about the site is great, and in-bank personnel are always helpful. Our problem concerns mobile deposits. Rarely to never does the camera portion work without multiple retake pictures of the checks to be deposited. We have business banking accounts at two other banks to include mobile deposit and virtually never have to retake pictures of checks for deposits. It is not an exaggeration to say sometimes 6-7 attempts per check are required before the “success” message is achieved. Thank you.
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3 years ago, GrapplerCam
Terrible App
Constantly says your password doesn’t work or blocks you out. Thumb print ID works for a few weeks before it doesn’t prompt for it anymore and forces you to sign in with your password, which no matter how many times you change it and write it down, will continue to not work. This forces you to send a temporary password request you yourself about 100 times a year and then change it to a brand new password because you can’t use the previous password, which will drive you crazy as it didn’t recognize the “previous password” the last hundred times you input it on the sign in page.
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2 years ago, Annoyed In Texas - Again
This app constantly logs you out, glitches and won’t open. I was locked out this afternoon (again), customer service is closed and I am not able to access my account for 2 days because of the holiday weekend. Here’s an update- Locked out of my account during the 4th of July weekend (Saturday-Tuesday). I received an apology and online request to call customer service. I have an account at Bank of American and was lazy and not willing to walk to HR- until now. Thanks for a horrible weekend Amegy- I’m taking my account (and my husbands) to a bank that can manage their online banking.
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5 years ago, Wanda Y
Long time customer
I’ve been with the bank for over 30 years before Bank of the SW and Pinemont Bank but recently I’ve had so many issues. Which is depositing immediately from Uber and the app shows the available balance but this isn’t the case and through me into NSF. After multiple calls to CS it was resolved. Please fix this issue. Thank you!
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2 years ago, jonggirl
Love my Amegy Bill Pay
I’ve loved Amegy bill pay for years. It makes life so much easier to have access 24/7 to my accounts and capability of making payments. Updates have transitioned so well that it’s never caused a glitch in this convenience. Thanks to Amegy for a top-notch user friendly app. Love my Amegy!
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2 years ago, pacecorp
Who ruined the app?
When there were two different apps for Business and Personal banking, everything worked very well. Since combining the two, the experience is about the most frustrating thing I endure each month. IF I owned Amegy Bank, I would find the genius that designed the new app and design and new job for them….and it would probably involve the daily use of a weed eater. I’ve noticed the tweaks that attempt to rectify this and they aren’t working. Give it up and change it back and quit letting the kids play with your technology!
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3 months ago, somersette
The app used to work well before this major update
The credit card section is never accurate and slow to update. You can never accurately tell when something has been purchased. When I make a payment towards my credit debt, it takes days for an update which makes me feel like I haven’t paid the card, makes me weary of using it. The app was much better and simpler to use before this horrible new update. The app is no longer useful but a tool of frustration. I would like to revert.
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2 years ago, Joelbuuy
Horrible check reading and slow
This app is very bad at reading checks for deposit. It takes many tries to get a check deposit to go through. What’s more frustrating is it is horribly slow which makes the process even longer. I used the business app for a while and that was much faster and smoother. The check recognition wasn’t the best either but it was much better than this current version. I hope they fix this and change it. The old app is so much better.
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6 years ago, Ex BoA
Check deposit
Great feature but other banks have auto snap pictures when check is within borders and don’t require an extra step of taking and accepting check image. Also not sure why a special endorsement is required when check is makes payable to account holder. Better than nothing but there is room for improvement and ease of using
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5 years ago, kiet1974
Can’t update phone number
I went into settings to update phone number for zelle. Went to setting and it’s blank no where you can update anything . Been trying to call customer services and it’s always a long hold time . Still on hold and it’s been 30 minutes .
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6 years ago, Linda Horse Woman
Log In
Every single time I go to log in, I am blocked! I have called and called and called till I’m blue in the face!! I have even spoken to tech Support and it’s still not fixed!! This has been going on for over a year! I check my balance every month so I am very active with my account. I just spoke to an Amegy Bank personnel and he said that their computer shows that I haven’t logged in since Oct!! So not true!! Other than that, this app is simple to use. Wish it had the ability to edit descriptions of deposits and checks written so I can keep track of them easier.
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6 years ago, BangarangBiss
App is easy to use and navigate, but one drawback is that the Touch ID feature has not worked on my phone in at least a year, despite keeping the most updated app and iOS versions installed. It always requires the password be typed in. Might be a small thing but it makes a difference when needing quick access to accounts.
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3 years ago, Rick and Linda Swanson
We love our Amegy bank!
We have several other accounts at Chase and Bank of America yet the family friend experience and service at Amegy is outstanding! The other banks are uncaring as they are too big for true, personalized customer service whereas Amegy treats us like family. Rick and Linda Swanson
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2 years ago, skepticalpickle544
Cannot log in with correct credentials
Recaptcha is required to log into my account yet there is no recaptcha in the app. Update: talked with support and you need to log into the browser and check remember this device to get past this issue.
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2 years ago, Ghfhvv
Business app was sadly better
Can’t believe I’m saying this but the the old business app was way better. The only good thing about the new app is that I can actually login between 3am & 4am. While I certainly understand combining the personal and business apps into one, I don’t like the big fonts and the fact that pending deposits or bills don’t seem to reflect on the balance. Overall, this is a terrible app. The original business app was bad but far better than this garbage.
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5 years ago, SJilani
Running Balance total
Nice App. Easy to use. Only wish it showed a Running Balance Total under each transaction like the other banking and Credit card Apps do, so it is easier to see what your balance was after each deposit or withdrawal.
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2 years ago, TS77024
Amegy Apps
I use both the Amegy personal and business apps. I also use their bill pay app. I wish the functionality of the 2 apps would be the same. Also, their bill pay app has some glitches - like the timing of the money withdrawal. It occurs without the check clearing. Strange.
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5 years ago, ukcolin
Of all the functions to exclude
We all know Amegy is not at the cutting edge of anything, seems like it’s less than a year or so since they added security to their web site. Downloaded the app week or so ago, yesterday tried to transfer funds from savings to checking to cover a check I had handed my new landlord. Called customer service because I could not find a transfer button, was advised Amegy app does not have that function. Wow of all the functions I need that is near the top. Disappointed not surprised
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7 years ago, BK Jess
Touch ID
So, I have used the app for a while now. The app still has great navigation and everything, so I am not upset about the general usage..just upset Touch ID is no longer a thing. I loved using and navigating with Touch ID. Can you please bring this back? Edit: Touch ID works, had to uninstall then reinstall.
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6 years ago, Millsapsd
Settings and sign in
Settings screen blank and sign in screen won’t save ID or let me use Touch ID. I have iPhone 8plus. Didn’t have this issue with my iPhone 6plus. And y’all say update was supposed to fix it well it didn’t. Update- uninstalled app and installed it again and it fixed it.
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7 years ago, JLCG02
Horrible since update
This app is useless. Have to enter my password (correctly mind you) up to 20 times before it recognizes it and gives me access. Still does not remember user name even when you choose for it to do so. No longer allows thumbprint ID sign in. I truly can't stand this app! Please fix these annoying glitches!!! Update- still having same issue after removing app and reinstalling. It doesn't recognize my correct password and I have no access to viewing my account. SO frustrated!!
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3 years ago, Vahid193
Not Amazing
Nothing is very user-friendly in this app. You can do pretty much all the things you need to do but for example to view my credit card Details in The app I have to be redirected to a safari page. Doesn’t make any sense.I suggest that the app designers and developers check out other leading banking apps and the experiences that users get with those. This could almost be a good app but it’s not.
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5 years ago, Reese Garza
Face ID and Passcode options
The app has face id and passcode options but they dont work as when tried they error out stating they need authentication. Take out the secret questions and use face id or passcode option. Save steps. My other bank has the face id option and it works well.
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8 months ago, MJWMD
App error 1003
All of a sudden I am getting an app error. I’ve deleted and downloaded several times. The app just won’t open anymore. Did a recent iPhone update mess it up? Everything is up to date
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3 years ago, Lulu!:)👍😂
New...but not as improved
I will have to say trying to navigate and use it is by no means difficult it’s just more complicated to access records or statements. That alone is enough to make this app not only annoying to use but make it seem like there wasn’t much IMPROVEMENT that took place. But other than that it’s a normal banking app.
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6 years ago, Hyster5
I find the AMEGY app very easy to use & convenient when traveling. 98% of the time it’s easy to access and complete my banking needs. I often recommend AMEGY to friends & family. Since I have no other banking apps to compare with I’d have to say “I’m very satisfied with my bank.”😊
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3 years ago, EJTX2002
App has not worked for several days
Has not worked for several days on my iPhone 12 Pro nor my daughter’s iPhone 11 Pro. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Still doesn’t work. We both keep getting an “application failed to load” error message. Worked great up until a few days ago.
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6 years ago, Znukmot
Great Banking App
I have been extremely satisfied with the Aneth Banking App. It works every time for me. I only wish the deposit limits were higher, but other than that everything is great. I am especially pleased that I can see photos of past checks.
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7 months ago, Home synth
Needs memo field
For years now I have asked for a text field to be added to a deposit so we as a user can label the deposit for easier reference later since they do not show the image of the check on the bank statements, but still after several upgrades it’s not implemented.
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3 years ago, theresamaevelez
Outdated system, BAD CUSTOMER CARE
I've had so many problems transferring money through Zelle in the Amegy App where money gets taken out of my account but not transferred. Everytime I call online customer care they NEVER HAVE A SOLUTION for me. They always tell me they'll get back to me in 10 business days. The people are incompetent. The bank app itself is outdated. They dont have advanced features. Sometimes it's not that easy to use like Bank of America is.
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1 year ago, mcombs51
Service is Excellent
I love how I can do everything on my phone or the website. The few times I have been inside the bank I am always served by professional and friendly bankers and tellers.
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6 years ago, Blk02
Useful App but Login needs work
The fingerprint login keeps getting broken. I am not sure if it is the iPhone updates or on the Amegy app side. Even when I have the fingerprint option turned on it still asks for my password when trying to login to the Amegy app. I am using an iPhone 6s with the latest updates.
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6 years ago, maggsmoo
Love it!
I have been with Amegy for around 15 years. I absolutely love the App. So incredibly user friendly and so many things I can do in the app that keep me from actually having to drive to the bank. Keep it up Amegy and you will have a customer for life!
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3 years ago, jmwarr01
New update
I hate the new update. I want to be able to see my purchases without having to click on it. The update only shows me useless info. I want to quickly scroll through instead of clicking each individual transaction. Then when I go “back”, I have to start all over at the top and it does nothing load quickly.
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5 years ago, Lil_Kneecole
Zelle plug-in
So I downloaded the Zelle app to pay my landlord since that’s what he wanted to use and it said Amegy has zelle through their app so to use it that way. (Thus not being able to transfer through zelle) Okay fine that’s great I got to use it and it doesn’t load! All I get is a blank screen of nothing. Please don’t put in a plug-in for something If it’s not going to work! Please fix!
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2 years ago, IphoneXS user
Card freeze
Wish y’all had an Option to freeze my card temporarily instead of calling and waiting 30 min to do it
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6 months ago, Clydermann
New update problems
The app no longer keeps an accurate balance since the new update. It’s frustrating. I think that it should be easy for this computer to tell me exactly what I have in my account the second I make a purchase. Very Frustrating.
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3 years ago, my gdhenebeveb
Poorly designed
The new app does t show recognizable transaction names on the account summary, forcing you to click on each to read details. Then, when you go back to the account summary it scrolls all the way to the top, making it difficult to manage your account easily. Furthermore, I can’t even see the text I’m typing on this review!
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