America First Credit Union

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America First Credit Union
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User Reviews for America First Credit Union

4.84 out of 5
54.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Crystal Walk
America First is great! Even with their strict standards.
This credit union has been the best bank I’ve ever been with. Comparing it to Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, US Bank, Jordan Credit Union, and other I just don’t even need to mention. America First far out does it by far. The customer service is spectacular. The easy to use drive up banking and even their ATM’s are great. The level at which I can just have a trustworthy place to hold onto my money making it easy to use my money or save my money os worth more than trying to deal with one of those fake banks trying to be real. That’s all there is to it. A great credit union who knows what there doing and making life easier for the average soccer mom. With bills to pay, kids to feed, and a husband who works hard to provide everything he can. You guys are a blessing. Not having to talk about why that bill didn’t get paid or excessive overdraft fees that placed us in the negative over dinner is worth every penny America First Credit Union does take/ (steal) from our account. Thank You for being what America need right now. Those other guys don’t know what they are doing when it comes to banking even if they are warehouse bank. America needs America First Credit Union.
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3 months ago, mmmmxxxxyyyyyvvvvvv
100% Satisfaction
I was with TwinStarcredit union for many years, only for them to take my money from my account several times and lie about it! I get paid very little from social security and the took my hole check leaving no record of it ever being their and no way of contacting them till they opened!! I called and I was told they had it but I wouldn’t get it till late that day, they had to manually enter in transactions like that??? What I never received notice of that why they never answered so I immediately went to America’s First and opened a new account every one was so helpful and very pleasant they made me feel very comfortable and less stressed! I was surprised I have now a 2nd savings were I actually make extra on my money!! I’ve never been more pleased with a bank!! They showed me much respect as well and I like that!!!im hoping my husband will transfer his account also!! Thank you so very much!! Kelly Sanford
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2 years ago, old lady agnes
Balances & Pending Charges
According to customer service, if you use a checking routing number to pay a bill it does not show up as a pending charge in your account. Therefore leaving you to think you have more money in your account than you actually do. The convenience of paying online allows you to not have to keep track or a detailed report of what you’ve paid. Why does the platform not reflect a transaction as pending regardless if it clears or not and at least you’ll know that there is something that’s waiting to be withdrawn from you account. Setting up an alert to let you know when you have a little balance is great, but it doesn’t help when you have a larger payment clearing and you don’t have the money in your account to cover it. Plus why does the app not show your balance before and after transactions like the online banking platform does? This would be very helpful in the app. I close an account of 25 years with another bank to come to America first credit union and I’m so disappointed. After speaking to customer service about this incident they suggested I use a loan to cover my checking account in this type of situation. I am just trying to balance my account down to its last penny. Not take out money as I currently have money in the account or even in my savings account. Please look at other banking platforms and see how they do it. Please update your app.
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11 months ago, Labarri172
I used to love this app
This app has amazing features and it’s my favorite bank I’ve ever had. I love the app setup. Within the last few months however, it’s been a huge pain. It doesn’t show some deposits on the app so I freak out, but when I call they said it was deposited. I see it on the website, but why would I use the website when I have the app? I love the budget features, Zelle, and Billpay. No issues there. Another thing though, I used to love that I could add all my other banking, credit card, and investment accounts and view the balances. My Credit One accounts will not sync from the first balances that it showed when I first added them. My Discover Accounts won’t either- I tried deleting them from the synced list but even while deleted there, they still show up on my list. So my account dashboard is now cluttered with accounts that don’t show correct balances and I can’t get rid of them. Again- your app designers are amazing and deserve a raise for coming up with brilliant ideas! The functions for my account specifically just aren’t working it seems. I appreciate you, but any help would be great! I’ve already deleted the app and redownloaded multiple times. Also I would love a widget for my balances for iPhone!
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6 years ago, Scooter, The Valiant Reviewer
An Honest Opinion
You know, if this app just updated your account settings as listed from its online (web browser) banking source, it would actually be a very useful and near perfect app. My suggestion, America First, is fix this problem before updating the GUI (that’s how the app looks and feels for all you technical novices). I’ve had this app for a while, so I know that it doesn’t update your account as soon as it should, so I haven’t run into overdraft fees in a while. Oh, also, notify your employees that this is a problem, I argued with one of your tellers about how the app doesn’t always update immediately and he kept trying to tell me it was instantaneous, no matter the situation. I think a good majority of these reviews somewhat argue otherwise. I do admit that most purchases show almost instantly, but I’ve found that some stores have a delay on the actual amount, such as most gas stations. Anyway, I know this is a long review, but it’s meant mostly for the software staff, so pay me no mind, other customers. (This information might be helpful to know if you’re going to get the app so you know what to look out for, though.)
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3 years ago, BJMeee
Good app with one shortcoming
I’ve been using this app for years, and it works great—editing at doing nearly everything I need. I wish it gave me a chance to save and remember people’s accounts for transfers, though. I have certain AFCU members who are family, and I have to transfer money to them from time to time. Having the app remember their information would save a lot of trouble Thanks! with the bank-like approach America First took to their new premium checking accounts. For an organization that claims to have its members’ trust as a top priority, this kind of sneaky, “rope-everyone-in” strategy is beneath them. I’ve been loyal to this credit union for a long time and have done lots of business with them. In my mind, they have lost trust with this move. I hope they won’t try anything like this again. I gave them 3 stars because I still have some lingering loyalty to the CU and also because the app works well except that it doesn’t let you store the information of people you make transfers to, so you can reuse those details and not have to re-enter them every time.
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1 month ago, bobo1234566690
I was denied access to my money
I recently just put $8000 on Saturday in the ATM, I was selling to somebody out of state and wanted to make sure the bills were real before selling my product, I put it in the south Jordan location right by Walmart and it told me the machine had a malfunction I put under 300 bills like the machine said but I still had to go inside to sort everything. I did, they told me there nothing they can do but wait until they service the ATM on Wednesday and it will automatically put the money that I had deposited into my account so I didn’t get to clarify my money and the guy has to drive back home I was pretty mad but trying to get the situation understood but things escalated into going into circles he had asked me 4 times if I was certain that 8000 was put into the ATM as I’m replying yes and trying to ask a question like do you understand our situation and maybe they got a kick out of screwing with people in need but I finally lost it and left it’s currently 6:07pm on Wednesday and I have not received any money or updates on where my money is. I’ve been with you guys for probably around 10 years now. Can’t believe this was done locally at your branch and still no reply. Be more professional! Also still waiting for a reply
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5 years ago, Chantal p / Bobby1960$
Admiration for excellence in all areas
I have been with America First from long before it was AFCU and would never think of changing My children and grandchildren are also AFCU member. AFCU’s determination for accuracy, expediency and many Rotherham words I could use to define them. In all my years with AFCU I have never had any kind of banking error, have always received dedicated representatives that are knowledgeable as to the customers unique need. When I hear that someone uses a bank I cringe (why would anyone to that). In using a company for as long as I’ve used AFCU which is over 50 years without any incident is unheard of. So I am very proud to shout I am am AFCU member and wouldn’t have it any other way!! Thanks to all of you at AFCU for all you have done to make me feel I am your most important customer. I am also proud to say that I recommend you to all people I know that are looking for a financial institution. Kudos to you AFCU, you have earned it and more. Warm regards, Chantal Beason
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3 years ago, oregondreams19
AFCU Mobile App
First, I really have enjoyed being a member of America First, they have always taken care of me and my family and have helped make our bill paying easy and banking very simple and convenient. I enjoy doing the majority of my banking with the mobile app. It is very easy to use and I am able to track our expenses, pay bills, make mobile deposits and transfer money each week with a few clicks. The only item I don’t like about this app. is that sometimes the mobile app doesn’t keep up with the website. It may take a few hours to a day to have the running total/transaction history catch up to what’s showing on the website. I’m not sure why, when the data is so up to date on the web. That’s why I didn’t say all transactions completed through the mobile app. There are a few I have to take care of online because of the “data catch-up.” Other than that I love the mobile app. I will be a lifetime customer of AFCU!
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12 months ago, riah mea
This app makes my life so much easier!
So happy with the app and all recent updates! Makes taxes easier (tracking transactions that are tax deductible), budgeting, communicating with my husband, and avoiding fees and late payments. There have been a lot of improvements since I first started using the app. Budgeting is so nice! Anything past this point is not really an issue just my preferences… If I could make it my dream app I would change two things. When you change your allotted amounts in the budgeting feature it changes past months’ budget too. I can’t see if I’ve been reaching my goals consistently over the months since month to month my budget changes. I also wish I could budget for a year in some sections. Wouldn’t it be so cool if you could have two budgets going, one for the month and one for the year?!
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2 years ago, Jane's Mother
Amazing app, user friendly
I’m able to get all my banking done in one place. I can check my balances in my checking account, savings account, line of credit and any other loans or services that I need. It’s very easy to pay on bill pay and they are very efficient and getting things taken care of. It breaks down my spending into categories which I love. You can label all your expenditures and it keeps track of where your money is going. It’s a very good way to manage your future, plan your savings and get a way to cut back on your spending offer it is needed. One of my recommendations would be that you can subtract any bill pay accounts. This would be my only complaint because it has to be done on the computer. It is easy to add a Bill to Bill post on the app but not subtract a bill that no longer is needed. Otherwise this is an amazing and easy to navigate banking app and I use it everyday. I love it!
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2 years ago, displeased long time customer
The app update does not work and there is no practical help whatsoever with AFCU staff.
Many incompetent people at this institution unfortunately have cost me many many hours of frustration. With this update as I am in Ukraine it just made it not work and I’ve spent hours on the phone with different places at AFCU and no one can do anything to help. I’ve got checks to deposit and no way to do so I’ve got fees coming in that may bounce because the app doesn’t work and no one there has any competence to do anything about it. They’ve blamed the strength of my Wi-Fi which isn’t true because the app works just great before the update. And my other banksApps still work just fine. It’s very frustrating and as I’ve said about some of these unprofessional so-called bankers, they should be cooking french fries somewhere not doing banking. Also I suggest that they hire a few people to answer the phone because when I have to sit on the phone on an international call for 40 minutes and listen to them tell me how their dream is my dream and how much they care about me I think they had to care enough to hire a couple more people
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2 years ago, Elgordo103
I've never been very good with banks and my prior experiences left a sour taste when it came to Mobil banking... but for some reason American First credit union seems to work well with me.... it completely accommodates the needs of someone like my self who knows very little when it comes to iPhones, computers and technology... and even better the few times I've screwed up, calling the friendly people in the customer service department is anything less then marvelous... always friendly, patient, I can feel their smiles jump thru the phone when speaking with me... makes me want to mess up just to call them..... I will always rave the positivity and easy to maneuver on line Mobil application...... along with the card guard services that give me the piece of mind I need to watch over my funds....... Thank you AMERICA FIRST CREDIT UNION
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7 years ago, Xoxoshay
Frustrating to say the least
First, I’m not bashing AFCU, I love the credit union itself, but this app is freaking TERRIBLE. What really aggravates me, is the fact that I won’t have pending charges shown whatsoever for days. I sometimes will forget about some of the charges I’ve made, because I’m human and don’t remember every single shopping trip/bill, etc. and I figure the app will keep track of my transactions so I don’t have to write them down manually. The point I’m getting at is next thing you know, my account is negative because those pending transactions never showed and I spent money elsewhere. Also, something the old app had and not this one, is when you spent money, it would say where and how much and off to the side it would state what your balance was after that transaction. It would do that for every transaction so you could visually see where the money went, and how much was available after you made that purchase. I hope that makes sense? & I HOPE it gets fixed. I often miscalculate because of the flaw, and end up looking like a don’t know how to manage money.
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2 years ago, Galvatorax
Easily the most efficient and useful app for managing finances
This company and their app has done tremendous benefits for my ability to control spending and boost savings. They show you VERY detailed reports of all your finances in a simple chart to read. They have so many nice features that help you get to the bottom of your spending problems. Not only are they great for the spending finances and stuff. But they even have great calculations that help you track your history. One of the main things it’s helped me figure out is spending on an average. Especially over periods of time. One final thing I really enjoy is the functionality and ease of use. It always works every time and loads super quick. It doesn’t have any bugs that I can think of. It’s honestly an app EVERYBODY should have.
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6 years ago, sandlove225
Love it!
This app does two major things for me. One removes my stress of having my card stolen or run without my knowledge: I turn off my cards until I’m ready to use them. You can also set limitations like max amount run in a transaction or you can set it to decline certain types of transactions like online or out of your state. If someone tries to run your card with them turned off it gets declined and you get a notification! I have had someone steal my card information and clear my account in a day, so this is a big one for me. And Second: it tracks my spending so I can easily go in the app and see where my money has gone category wise. This has actually helped my budget more than I though it would. Like everything the app is not perfect but I would highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, JoeDierte
Needs Improvement
There is no reason to ask our security questions for every login. The question at the initial login on a new device is sufficient. When I log into my account I use facial recognition and/or a finger print, or account number and password. After submitting login credentials my device and your server is exchanging IP addresses and hardware addresses. Asking the security question at every login is amateurish. This begs the question, if you treat your virtual front door this way what other processes will I discover that will hurt my trust into your company? Anyways, the industry standard is to ask security questions after the first login on a new device, multiple failed login attempts and to unlock/retrieve an account. Regarding speech access... It's too easy to get stuck into a loop. If this were an emergency what is the fastest way to reach someone at AFCU? Both issues here comes across that AFCU uses a axe instead of a scalpel when it comes to online security and customer service.
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3 years ago, dgpac
Great “Bank”
I have been a customer of America First Credit Union (America First), since 1997 and have had exceptional service since I first opened my account on the recommendation from a work colleague. Since then they have provided me a home mortgage, car loans, RV financing, as well as a line of credit that is easily accessible from the mobile app on my phone. They were there when some unscrupulous characters decided to pass fraudulent checks drawn on my account, helping me through the nightmare and ending in the arrests and convictions of the perpetrators. I would gladly recommend America First Credit Union without reservation. Check them out, you’ll be glad you did!
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6 years ago, Whitwer_girl
AFCU app is credible
I like the features of this app. It lets you make transfers easily to other people or into savings. It also shows how much of your money is spent on certain items. I waste too much of my money on food, but it’s part of life and it helps me budget that. The charges on a past review are pending because that’s how long it takes some services to go through.. so that really just sounds like a personal problem. It’s nice that it has those pending charges because you can track how much money will be lost soon. You can also deposit checks electronically when needed. It also seems secure and you have to enter your password pin every time you check your finances. It has been a helpful app and it’s much easier to track money than without it and having a mystery card, or just making frequent trips for bank receipts..
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1 year ago, Neurophonix
Current version has an unavoidable in your face bug
I check the box to allow Face ID, each time I sign in and each time it asks me to sign in and doesn’t use Face ID. I figured this would get resolved relatively quickly but it hasn’t. I tend to try and be patient with minor bugs, but this one is irritating and I must contend with it each time I sign in. Overall I like the app, it seems like it improves over time, hopefully one day it does all the things that can be done from a web browser on a desktop, combining card guard into this one was a solid upgrade. I liked being able to use facial recognition to get in though, and being reminded over and over that it doesn’t work and then having to enter in those details is a bummer. Hope to see that get updated pretty soon.
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9 months ago, Kj D Lee
I’ve had this app for years. There’s a lot that I like about it but nearly every feature works inconsistently if you’re doing more than just checking your balance. I’ve called AFCU multiple times over the years to get certain things fixed and inevitably the same problems always come back in a few months or less. I’ve given up. Some of the issues I’ve had are borderline UDAAP violations and I’ve been a bit surprised at how AFCU hasn’t cared much to fix it. I’ve liked them as a bank, but the mobile banking? The longer you have it and the more features you utilize, the worse it works. And I was literally told that by a customer service representative once… as though that’s just “how it goes”… yikes. I’d recommend going with a bank that actually can provide the services they offer with their mobile banking.
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1 year ago, Chor98
Face ID isn’t working…
Ever since the Card Guard was included on this app, my Face ID doesn’t stay loaded. If I login within a short period of time after loading it AGAIN, then it will pull up and recognize me. But that scenario doesn’t happen often. And reading some of the reviews I notice I am not the only person having problems with this. I would hope an update can be done soon that will correct this problem. Another problem I noticed was previously reported as well, is a chronological sort, when looking into the bill pay feature when trying to check on previous payments. Why would this not be an automatic feature? I have been a credit union member for 30+ years and clearly have been happy with my service and would easily give a higher star rating if these issues can be resolved.
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1 year ago, Coveyite
Not very good
I'm working on leaving this institution to put my money elsewhere. For starters - and USER BEWARE - automatic transfers DO NOT happen over the weekend. You not only cannot select a weekend day, but if you want the money in an account by early Monday morning, you are out of luck. It doesn't seem to happen until closer to noon. BAD, real bad. So, as a workaround, you have to manually make the transfer. Oddly enough, you can manually transfer on a weekend day. There are so many other issues, which would take too long to describe here. You are better off going with one of the newer Internet-based banks. These traditional banks are too rigid and set in their ways. They don't get our modern needs. They'd have to get rid of all their old management - who do not listen nor understand technology - and get in younger people. Won't happen, so switch.
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4 years ago, RadicalNinja
Easy Banking
I have been a member for 14 years now. Their mobile app works, is never down, and love how when you make a credit card payment it instantly applies to the CC balance. Other bank I have, it doesn’t do that. I like knowing my exact balance and knowing that my payment applied. Calling into America First has always been good if you are wondering. Have had three car loans with them if you are looking for a good place for that (two of them were while I lived out of state). I have been out of state for six years now, but still use their account because I like how they run things. All around good place for banking. Even if you don’t live in-state.
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6 years ago, Cassi Gail
Worst Banking App
This app is ridiculously bad. It’s constantly out of sync with my actual bank account, even if I’ve just manually told it to sync. When I click checking to see which purchases have gone through it will only show purchases for that month. So if it’s March 1 in the morning it will be empty or have one pending thing. If a purchase or bill went through on April 30, you can’t see it without going through a few more steps in a completely different area that lumps all transactions for every account you have in one area. Old and paid off accounts from years ago show up with their full balances when I first got the app putting me into a panic. The only good feature is the card guard but that doesn’t work properly because I can’t distinguish between mine or my husbands debit cards. If I lose mine we have to shut them both off?! Other banks have figured this out I don’t know why AFCU can’t.
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6 years ago, DeluxeBoiiRust
Basura ; garbage
For some god forsaken reason this app doesn’t recognize my account # and password .. SO when the information is entered I get a “ system error occurred please call this number “ alright fine whatever let me talk to a representative . I call the number and tell them my situation and not only do they do a poor job of helping me but it seems like they don’t know what to do ( that’s customer anywhere)... it’s very annoying that I can go to the America First Website and enter all my info correctly and it works ! but when it comes to this sorry excuse of an app it just does not comply.. I really don’t have the time to turn on my PC and check my funds ... it’s the reason why I have the app but even the app doesn’t want to work ... TL;DR ~ I’m upset that not only is customer service not helpful when it needs to be but the app doesn’t recognize my #’s so now I have to wait another day and see if this will finally work
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7 years ago, Gedgal.
Really Love AFCU!
This app could use a couple of things (like expenditure details, etc) but it is simple, easy to use, and within a very short period of time, it is up to date. (Apx 2-3 mins to show transfers and deposits, and once a charge gets processed, those are updated quickly as well. I like the added feature on this update that lets you know your payoff balance on a CC or LOC right on the transfer amount screen. Before this update, I had to try and remember my balance and the amount to transfer, which I often messed up. This makes paying these off each month simple! I love this credit union and their app makes banking on the go, a breeze! I hope they continue to update and make even more positive changes over time!
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10 months ago, ElectricMango
BUG + VPN blocks logging in
BUG, in the latest update there is a pop up saying all the new features in the app. It is still here weeks later. App always logs out and need password to use Face ID, even this often fails and needs 4 attempts. App constantly says “syncing” so a 10 second quick account check periodically can take up to 5 minutes total, and often times I just have to go about my day because I can’t deal with it for 5 min, to see numbers in my account… // The pop up happens every time the app opens. So I have seen the onboarding pop up screen 5+ times now.. So bad. VPNs are currently blocked since a recent update. Every time logging in, it needs to be switched off, which is a hassle, especially since it puts you in a vulnerable situation with your bank info, especially if using public wifi. Please fix asap
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6 years ago, Millard W
This app is a game changer!!
Just started using the app and love it. It’s so nice to be able to see all my accounts in one place, and to be able to easily gauge my overall financial health. Another thing I really love is how it takes all my transactions from all my credit card accounts and displays them in one place. Not only that, but the transaction data is incredibly clean and easy to understand. No longer do I have to try and figure out where the transaction was from. There is also some other great tools in here as well, but clean transactional data and seeing all my accounts in one app are my favorites! Great job AFCU on staying ahead of the curve.
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3 years ago, S D Huff
Good for simple things
It is not the place for anything complex or super important. It is convenient, not comprehensive. Need to check balances? Great! Want to make a payment on a loan from another of your sub-accounts? Perfect! Track spending and net value of the account? It’s all there! But if anything seems wrong about your account, mobile banking is not the place to look. As I said before, it is convenient, not comprehensive. Go into a branch or to full online banking on a web browser. (Preferably on a computer and not a phone) Given this understanding of the app’s limits, I think it does it’s job perfectly.
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3 years ago, Aaaaa1-3
Great app, needs minor fixes
The GUI is very smooth and works great! The option to budget and filter spending by date is very useful. Fixes: You shouldn’t be able transfer more than what you owe/pending owed from checking/savings into your credit card account. If your credit card is completely paid off and your balance is zero, transferring money to that account makes no sense. If you do it by accident, to get your money back you have to call customer service, or get hit with a cash advance fee through the app. Withdrawing money that you own is not a cash advance.
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6 years ago, becca_chan
Some good some annoying
There are a lot of features I like about this app, easily being able to view transactions, easily being able to move money to my accounts or other accounts, the privacy guard when you suspend the app...I also like how pending transactions are factored into my balance when I go into my checking account, and can see positive and negative charges to each account easily. There also some things I wish I could change about it. The main thing that I want to change is I wish I could customize my budgets within the app. It creates budgets for you, but a lot of my charges automatically are categorized in miscellaneous, and doesn’t keep me accountable.
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6 years ago, RushReaper312
Great app all around
Shows pending charges right away, let’s you make transfers to whatever account you need, shows credits and debits to accounts to help track spending. All around amazing app and paired with card guard I love the combo. Can turn on and off cards when not using or after shopping/anything you’re really doing involving spending. I do enjoy that it will show me available credit as well before the transaction has even processed so I know when my card is getting high and I can pay it down. Maybe the app was bad in the past but with whatever they’ve done with it I think it’s fantastic.
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2 years ago, Obaoghill
I cannot make my payment to my financed vehicle using this very difficult app. I have to use the web interface instead, which was also difficult to configure. There is nothing intuitive about using this app. And what other banking app uses internal/external transfer naming conventions. The app will not sync with “external transfer” to my bank. I configured it on the web version and works fine there, which is curious because the app doesn’t see it connected. Trying to add it just states syncing, but never does. My advice is to leave the app in the web store and collect dust and die. I totally don’t understand why part of my payment actually includes supporting and development of this app. I would be embarrassed to say this app serves any purpose at all. If you enjoy stress, anxiety and headache, then this app is for you. Good luck.
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1 year ago, Fnvfhhhh
America first app.
I love the The credit union. But the app is so lame. It always is updating. Which gives me no access to it. And my fingerprint keeps expiring which is so stupid. Which forces me to put in my password. And. The app is sometimes delayed. And the app will never give me access when I need it sometimes. Not happy at all. The bank is great. The app is not. The app needs major fixing. And. When I Call on the phone to get my balances. It doesn't even give me the option to hit balance. It brings up business hours and routing number. But that's no help. That's just so stupid. If I want my balances on the phone, just freaking give it to me. I thought all these other lame stuff they put on there.
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1 year ago, Loni1113
Love AFCU. Hate this app.
This credit union and its staff are great. Have banked many places and hands down AFCU is the best. As for this app, so frustrating. The basic features all work well but the little things will drive you crazy. 1. Won’t store login in formation anymore. Can’t use FaceID to login. And doesn’t remember password. So every time you open the app, you must use your account number and password. 2. Transfers to other banks is a joke. It takes a week to transfer sometimes. Even to people you transfer money to regularly. 3. Doesn’t store familiar accounts for ease of quickly moving money to friends or family. Much easier to use Venmo or other apps for this. 4. A lot of website features are missing on the app. Website has a lot of details that are very nice and they just simply do not exist in the app. All of these things are easily fixed but simply haven’t been fixed for years. The login issue didn’t develop until the last few months. But that has been plenty of time to correct it if it was a bug. It makes you wonder if it was done for security reasons, but all others banking apps I use don’t seem to have issues, so why would AFCU have them?
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2 years ago, ctx700
Control spending
What I like about this app is the ability to control spending. I can set limits on my card which will help me manage my money. Example going food shopping my budget is $50, once I know what my budget is, I must stick to that budget or the card will decline. This feature also allows me to help my family, I give them the card to use with limitations of expenses such as location that the card is authorized any amount that they’re allowed to spend. I take full advantage of all these features in order to help family members.
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6 years ago, Dylan174991664927
My experience
Since the new update they have released I can instantly see all of my accounts (checking, savings, student) their available balances, and after pending charges balances. It makes those hasty double checks at the store much quicker. It also shows me where all my money has been spent and tracks my purchases based on their type into a percentage circle chart showing me the percentage of money I’ve spent on educational, recreational, entertainment, food, etc... and it even shows me past spending habits, and income increases or decreases. Overall, a very convenient, effective, and great app.
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11 months ago, TheLocale
Your Token Has Expired, Please Log In
Hi, hey, how ya doing? I can open up every single financial app at any time of the day, wether it be my banks, credit unions, brokerages, credit cards, Apple Pay and whatever else I can think of. It does facial recognition or a pin or something that I setup and boom, I’m in, hassle free I’ve had AFCU for what, 2 months? I’ve had to login 4x now because “Your Token Has Expired” and it demands my password? All in the name of safety that I absolutely, 100%, don’t care for. Why don’t you guys setup 2FA for me, or 3FA and send me a text and make me verify an email that’s sent in a delayed cue. Please, make my experience experienced. Make my safety safetied. Or just stop with this expired token nonsense? Yeah. DO THAT ONE.
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7 years ago, TrueBlueMember
Best online banking experience ever!
I have been banking with AFCU for many decades and online banking for many years. I have always appreciated the professionalism and efficiency of the representatives and it extends to the online experience. When I first started using online banking I was living in another state where there was no AFCU office. I had to mail my checks in to be deposited, very inconvenient. It took me a while to "trust" the online system but the convenience totally won me over. I totally endorse online banking with AFCU as well as the "old fashioned way" of walking into one of their many branches now that I am "back in the state".
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3 years ago, linewolf245
This Credit union is wonderful. When I first came to this credit union I had had a really bad experience with Wells Fargo, and I’ve been with this credit union for 7 years now, I have never had any problem. when I go into the credit union all the tellers are really nice and very willing to help with anything and through the pandemic they refinance my vehicle and made it a very easy process and quick. I’m really glad I switched to this credit union and with mobile banking it makes my life so much easier. Thanks America First Credit Union best bank ever.
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2 years ago, NefiAlejandro
Glitchy and Too Much Security
The app is great when it works… It has login issues a lot. Every once in a while it won’t let me log in, simply stating that “an error has occurred.” Customer service hasn’t been able to help me fix the issue, but it usually resolves itself within a few days if I just wait and do nothing. And if you do mess up your password a few times, it straight up locks your account instead of going through a verification process or requiring you to log in on a different device. I just did that, and their offices are closed, so I can’t access my account and have no way to fix the problem on my own.
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5 years ago, mkretzschmar
Mobile app
I have been a member for 35+ years I am a sole believer in credit unions, not banks the personnel have been very knowledgeable, professional and understanding to my personal needs I live in Oklahoma now and I will not give up my America First Credit Union for anything I signed up my granddaughters for a savings account, I have had several loans through you. So as you can see the mobile app has help me to deposit checks that I get here instead of mailing them to my son and having him run over and deposit them for me. I can’t wait for you to get a branch down here in Thackerville Oklahoma thank you
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5 years ago, happy4Shutterfly
Best credit union anywhere
AFFCU has the best member services, no to very few fees (and small dollar amounts if so) for everyday account usage, awesome products for personal use, incredible business accounts, and overall is just miles above all other credit unions. One -of the several- AMAZING feature is that mortgages through AFFCU will always keep servicing those no matter where the mortgage gets sold-taking away a worry of changing payment details again and again! I wish AFFCU was in more states like Texas! Other credit unions need to take lessons from America First Federal Credit Union!
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2 years ago, jonicarlsen
Needs a search option, & more current status on acts
They really need to add a “search” option to the accounts to make it easier to search for charges. Also, a lot of the time when I get a refund for something, they only eliminate the charge completely instead of adding a refund on to the account so I can ensure the refund was issued. My biggest issue is that unless you’re married & have a joint account, the person added on to the acct (not the main acct holder) basically can’t do anything, even if the account and cards are locked. That person can literally take every penny out of the savings and checking, draining all of the money out of the account, but they can’t address security issues that unlock the account. Make this make sense???
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3 years ago, KuBear🐻
Very Convenient Bank App!!!
I cannot stress how convenient this app is! I utilize it on the daily to check my transactions and available balance as I shop. It is very helpful how they track my spending for me to display exactly where my money goes. They update it as quickly as you’re spending, which comes in handy for a shopaholic like myself. Also, having multiple accounts included on this app is a God-send. It is very easy to make payments to my personal loan from my checking account, at the swipe of a screen. Love this!!!
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1 year ago, Dead and company
Mobile app.
I really enjoy this app. Easy to use and keep an eye on all accounts. The following has absolutely nothing to do with the survey on the mobile app, but I feel needs to be expressed. The only problem I encounter is going into the Hurricane branch, the staff is young and I find it’s hard for them to relate or engage older members. Show little to no personality when waiting on members. This is not just my opinion, I have friends who are members and experience the problems. The staff are an expression of the managers interaction as well.
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1 year ago, Susan36481
Most useless banking app ever
Worst banking experience of my life. Opened a savings account, but kept getting pressured to open a checking account as well. Can’t change your PIN for 30 days according to customer non-service. They also said I can go into a branch to change my PIN but the people at the branch said I have to do it on line. Everything I need to do I have to log into the web site. Can’t transfer money to or from an outside bank from the app. When you call customer service, you hear all about the app that does everything. Complete and total lie. It’s almost like this app was invented about 15 years ago and no one has kept up with what people want or need. Anywhere else is better than America First, especially their app.
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5 years ago, Liss Harmon
I mean, it’s a banking app...
This app has improved a lot since I started using it, and added a lot of useful features. Everything is pretty clear cut and functional, and it used to crash all the time but hardly at all now. It’s not like checking my bank account is fun, but this app makes it easy and gives me a super simple way to move around funds/transfer with my family/pay bills. I also appreciate being able to look back at earlier months, and add external accounts so everything is in one place. So I love the app for what it is!
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1 year ago, Innovate12
Sign in issues with Private Relay enabled
For all of the other 1 star reviews, the login issue appears to be related to the private relay option that is available on iphone. This basically causes the app to see the phone as a new device every day or so. This can be verified by looking at your login history and you will likely see multiple “devices” even though you are using the same phone. I’m sure this is a security advantage at times, but I wish they could make it work with private relay because I value the privacy gained by using it. The old app did not have the issue with private relay on iPhone. I’ll leave the one star review in place because this was a major frustration that only happened with the early 2023 update.
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