American Eagle FCU Mobile

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American Eagle FCU Mobile Banking
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for American Eagle FCU Mobile

4.78 out of 5
10.3K Ratings
5 months ago, RicardoBoog
New update on your website
I’ve been a customer with the bag for over 40 years. I’ve used the online service at the very beginning when it came out and right now the change that you have made on the website is good except for the bill pay area it’s it doesn’t flow. well it’s the wording may need to be changed. It’s not very clear when you wanna pay a bill versus looking at you pay you might wanna look at that other than that it works great
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7 months ago, kindred souls
Good if it works..key word, “if”
AEFCU did some updates over the last couple months, supposedly to improve the app. There are times app requires to sign in; I start to go to find my password and then it’ll sign me in a few seconds later on its own without my face being on it. My second time depositing checks that the system freezes; instead of showing right after the deposit was made, I didn’t see it for days, that’s a first. Today the deposit froze again, the buttons to cancel or deposit frozen then a handful of seconds later, it beings processing . Other days rejecting my face id. What is it with this app? Seriously I just wanted to pay on my credit card or deposit a check. Way too many unnecessary glitches. And good luck with the SecurLok they recommend, it’s locked me out a number of times and their SL service reps can’t help other than tell you to make a new account, I now have at least three in outer space.
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2 years ago, Kot1961
It simply does not work with iOS 15
UPD0: Developers please note after May 2020 ALL reviews are bad. Do you pay any attention to this? One of the worst bank apps. Huh. The app was not updated for 5 months. No wonder it does not work. Also, look at the canned answers from developers. It’s funny and unprofessional. UPD: Called the number, was instructed to reboot the phone and reinstall the app. Of course it did not help. They said someone from technical support will call me back. Of course, no one called. UPD2: tech support called back. Asked me to remove all keyboards but the standard US. Now the app works. Developers need to fix this bug ASAP. It’s ridiculous of not being able to use keyboards other than US. UPD3: As the developers don’t give a sh…. on users complaints, I decided to move away and stay away from AEFCU. UPD4: … and no one cares at AEFCU… more of a reason to depart from this institution UPD5: Still no update to fix the keyboard bug? Really? 10 months of hard work and no update?
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1 year ago, Aidaann16
Official check issues
Would not deposit Webster Bank official check despite claiming to support the depositing of official checks. The app check deposited is also sensitive with normal checks sometimes. Edit: called and they explained issue that the system picked up other things and to make sure you frame the check right because certain checks are more sensitive. great resolution!
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6 months ago, #####%#%%
I really enjoy the online banking and have been using it for years. However I was disappointed in the new bill paying app that was recently launched. Find the new app more difficult to use and all my automated bill paying links were broken and I have not had success restoring them yet. This had made bill paying a bit more of a chore than it used to be. Was not happy how that new interface was rolled out. At least it was not well communicated to me on what was involved with the new interface. Thanks.
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8 months ago, Kit reviews
Bill payment
The new bill payment is not user friendly, very confusing and features that were available in prior version are gone. Haven’t been able to figure how to do a print out of summary of upcoming bills, and navigating is a nightmare. First time I’ve thought of switching banks in years. Up to this point was happy with AEFCU, no longer the case. Got a response from the developer of this nightmare new & supposed improved bill payment system. More or less said take it or leave it attitude and to look at tutorials they offered, which I did but still doesn’t give me the features I’m looking for. Guess I’m going bank hunting to switch my accounts.
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1 year ago, allhailalena
Good for on the go if it LOADS
Great app, especially for on the go, but out of 7/10 times it will take forever to load your accounts and will crash when trying to make a transfer. I’ll have to sign in and out multiple times for it to show my accounts and to do a successful transfer.
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2 years ago, screwed iver too many times!
No thank you!
If you want a bank that allows another person to call up and pretend they are you just to get your online banking user names, change your password and transfer every hard earned cent out of your account, this is the place! If you want a bank who doesn’t refund that stolen money, this is the place! If you want a bank who reimburses fraudulent charges and fees but then a week later reverses it, this is the bank! If you work hard for your money and need to throw it away, this is definitely the bank. This is by far the absolute worst bank I’ve ever used. A bank you honestly can not trust….
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3 years ago, =)Alice+a(=
Was great, broken now
App was great up until 6months ago. Now I can’t even log in. It just loads forever or throws an error message about “connectivity issues”. Tried installing and reinstalling. Turned my phone on and off. Tried turning Wi-Fi/Celia on and off. I even tried removing all my other keyboards like one of the other reviews suggested. Of course none of it worked. Called IT, but they didn’t have any new solutions for me. App developers really need to get moving on a fix, 6+ months is a ridiculous turnaround time :/
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2 months ago, Jesus a very present help
I love American Eagle Financial Credit Union. I have been doing business with this company for over 5 years. The mobile app is convenient and saves me gas money from driving to the credit union. Easy convenient and if you have questions or concerns call customer service they will help. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for treating me like valued customer.
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2 years ago, Granners313
Check deposits
Being able to deposit checks from home saves so much time and essential when away from home. I would like to add that going into the South Windsor branch is always a good experience. The staff there is friendly and helpful and I am so happy to be a customer there. Great bank and perfect service.
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4 years ago, SueC2020
Mobile Banking request
Webster Bank is our other bank and they have an easy to follow and read (your dont is way too small!! And their log of checks that were deposited are all recorded and easy to read in order what checks I deposited and to what account. If you had these two things I would of rated you a 5 Star.
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4 years ago, Cathie1246
App is fussy and doesn’t like to verify my identity
When the app works it isn’t bad. That being said. Reverifying it is me over and over is annoying. It will say it doesn’t recognize my device and go through that process over again sometimes days in a row. My device is not changing. Now today I am in in the morning and by evening it says it can’t verify my credentials. Nothing changed about me in 5 hours except my frustration that I have to jump through hoops again. So over it. Glad there are banks close by I can look into.
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1 year ago, Lelani837
Great overall but one noticeable glitch
I have no problems with the app other than when transferring funds from savings to checking the page glitches and goes blank. Makes it impossible to do mobile transactions. This glitch has been present for quite some while, thought it would be fixed by now.
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4 years ago, Thefrostfour
Massively annoying login
Newest update has the first login answer questions and send a security passcode. That is absolutely fine on THE FIRST TIME logging in. It is a deal breaker when it’s demanding a txt message 2 days later. I have it linked into ‘biometric’ and only my husband is listed on the phone numbers so i am left in the dark. I do have the last laugh because I might not be able to login as the wife but I do have the decision to look into a new bank tomorrow. You take away my power to access my account I take my account away from you. I know I will not be the only one leaving.
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11 months ago, Annamarie Klein
New customer
I have only been with this bank for 2 1/2 months now and I am absolutely satisfied with the CD. I opened up in the savings account. Depositing money is the easiest. I especially thank Dee at the Manchester American Eagle, who educated me about the The policies at your bank. She was very professional and knowledgeable to myself and my daughter.
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4 years ago, 40 yr member.
Very poor performance by latest app.
I have recently installed the “latest and greatest” app to my Apple i-6. It now performs slower than a flathead 6. Constant buffering. Long wait after user I D and password to receive authentication request, long wait to display “banking experience” message. Long wait to see balances, long wait to see transfer screen, long wait to see confirmation screen before log-off, etc. Does the narrative sound tedious? Try this nonsense in a busy supermarket check-out. The previous app revision was far superior to this mess. Please get it sorted. Thank you.
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1 year ago, The original Bowl Lady
Welcome to modern life
Banking by phone does make life a lot easier. Thank you for setting this up! Marie Menut I used to use my finger print. Today it was not available to me. Why wasn’t my finger print available as a User Name? I admit I needed help setting up my bank deposit. My on-line banking friend was quite helpful! Thank you so much. Big hug!
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3 years ago, Mbbroadnax
Poor since system update
In May credit Union made system changes. App has not worked well since. Keeps telling me I don’t have access. To look at account activities. Does not support biometrics for login. When will these bug issues get fixed?
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12 months ago, Ground67
Very Happy with the app
Very Happy with the AE Banking app. Like all of the American Eagle offerings, the app is best in class and the Credit Union continues to make it better all the time. Their system updates frequently always for the better. Compared to my other credit unit account and offerings, this is far superior
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2 years ago, EAT Manchester
Would be 5
I’d rate them a five except they don’t keep history of canceled checks and deposits are longer than six months online and they make you keep a membership account with five dollars seems meaningless, and the time is confusing. Thanks
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4 years ago, *Jk*
Usage Nuances
It continues to inquire for face recognition!! It can’t be turn off. It’s better than before but there still some nuances that need to be improved. Make it easier for users and not annoying to use. H The letters are blank as i am typing I am assuming this font color is set to white lol SMH get it right pls ya behind the ball all the time.
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3 years ago, Billbo74
Love you!!!
I’ve been with you guys for so long now I can’t even remember for how long that I’ve been with you guys but I love American Eagle Federal credit Union thank you for all you’ve done for me now and in the past I appreciate it that’s why I stay
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5 months ago, Wiseone045
Need’s Improvement
It’s great for cashing checks and viewing checking and savings accounts. The major problem I have is my mortgage account. I can’t do anything with that other than view the account balance. I can’t make payments, I can’t view the escrow account, nothing. This shouldn’t be something difficult to fix, please.
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3 years ago, EZ1776
Almost completely worthless
I’ve been attempting to deposit a check for the last fifteen minutes. The app has crashed several times. Now, when I try to take a picture of the check, it just shows a black screen, which it turns out it is nearly impossible to successfully guess where your check is relative to the camera. Then, the app crashes again. Thanks AEFCU for forcing me to go to a branch to deposit my check during COVID because your app is so buggy and useless.
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4 years ago, infludetour
absolutely horrible, obsolete
this app is sooo 2012, I have even brought this up in person at a couple locations and they claimed the app is going to be updated soon. still nothing.. every other bank app is up to date and works great, not this one. edit: they FINALLY updated, thank you!!!
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10 months ago, Bo-thaDeez
This new update takes a quick second to adjust to how it looks but its practically the same app just better in my opinion.
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5 months ago, Come on really!!
Very antiquated
The bill pay platform isn’t user friendly at all, very difficult to use. I used to be able to transfer to external accounts, without any communication that feature is no longer available in the app. Transfers in between accounts were easy to do, now they are buried in the menu. I don’t need to check my credit score everyday, I do need to be able to transfer fund quickly.
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6 months ago, dave1042
I find it a little difficult to navigate the new look. Some times I have to keep searching for the Transfer screen and then I eventually find it in the Accts screen where I know I’ve already looked prior. It must be me but I get very frustrated looking and looking.
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2 years ago, Wolf_Queen🐺✨
app bugging out!!
every time i open this app, the screen just shows the loading symbol and never completes the load, it is very frustrating because i have to use the website instead of the app. sometimes i am able to enter my user and password and when i hit log in it does the same thing. loads forever then says error. this is frustrating as i cannot deposit checks or money into my account on the website, and cannot get into the app. this issue started months ago, i even got a new phone yet the app is still broken and it didn’t used to be like that. :(
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3 years ago, Harriet H G
Deposits from camera
This is the best thing that could’ve happened. I don’t have to leave home to go to the bank.
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1 year ago, Slmflows
Check image doesn’t load
Overall decent. I’ve had this app forever and whenever I click on check image to view, it never loads. All I get is a question mark image to show it failed to load. Very annoying. Please fix this bug!!
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10 months ago, g4reed
Took 20$ out because of ‘inactivity’ on savings account
Isn’t the point of savings accounts to save money? And not use it? I checked my accounts recently after a while and learned that I only have .05 left in my account due to inactivity fees- 5$ a month! I definitely don’t feel like switching my main banking to AEFCU after this.
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6 months ago, Gembo2
Bill pay
Online banking is fine. The new bill pay is terrible. What used to take two minutes to pay bills takes me so much longer now.
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5 months ago, diamond jane
Transfer button not as accessible.
Transfers used to be on the first page when we logged in. Now it’s buried two steps away. New layout is not nearly as convenient.
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3 years ago, Aggrevated 360 FCU Customer
Latest upgrade actually a downgrade
Ever since AEFCU changed their electronic banking system in May 2021, this app has become useless. All I can do is check the account balances. I cannot see any transactions, let alone access bill pay or fund transfer functions. I have to access their webpage if I want to do any actual online banking. So much for an improved customer experience.
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10 months ago, Erindean99
On line
It’s so much faster to do than going down and I can do transfers and payments when I can finally sit down after hours
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2 years ago, petera1
Special Deposite Request
The customer support team made an exception for me to make a deposit out of state, electronically. The pleased me and keeps me as a customer. Thank you very much.
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8 months ago, Naughty pal
Very cool help me to do my deposit from home
I m happy to be able to deposit my check from home good improvement
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1 year ago, Robert in CT
Easier than the branch
The branches are fine, but you can’t beat the convenience of depositing a Check from home. Plus, I can do transfers and even make mortgage payments. 👏 Facial recognition software is much better than dual authentication.
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2 years ago, Spamula73
Good way to make baking easier
Solid performance. Love the check deposit feature. Great credit union!
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2 years ago, Lb**
It’s a nice bank I just wish I could download my information into QuickBooks. They only have quicken which is not compatible in my case. Quickbooks is so universally used by so many people. Why is this option not available?
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6 months ago, Xoskel10
Bill pay is way more difficult than prior versions
The bill pay part of the app has really lost its ease of use. The automated connections to providers is inconsistent and the on demand pay process takes more steps than it should.
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4 years ago, Luk@s M@rtin
New update
I joined AEFCU recently and the first app was a downgrade from my previous bank. But now this update to the app is fantastic and better than my last bank. 👍🏻
Show more
9 months ago, APP@*
Great new check photo deposit with ease as is the whole app
10 stars out of 10 stars
Show more
4 years ago, odatdi
Banking with them for over 40 years
Love, love the personalized service I’ve always gotten here over the years!! Can’t recommend them more🥰
Show more
1 year ago, Positive10012
Love this App!
Never had a single issue with American Eagle. The app or the credit union itself. And I’ve been a member for 8 years. Couldn’t be happier!
Show more
3 years ago, Naana-Kojo
Excellent online service. Will highly recommend it
Show more
2 years ago, Indian6786
Horrible App
I stopped using this finicky app over a year ago after it consistently failed to load. Uninstalling and re-installing does nothing. I loved the mobile check deposit feature when it worked but that’s the only positive thing I can say about it. Go to a branch and save yourself the headache.
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4 years ago, Agbeyg
It is user friendly. Thanks for making it so easy to access my accounts.
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