American Family Insurance App

4.8 (72.3K)
130.1 MB
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American Family Insurance
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for American Family Insurance App

4.77 out of 5
72.3K Ratings
5 years ago, mav6899
AmFam Bender agency Harvey ND
Brian Bender is a class act and represents his business and Clients top notch every time. American Family does what no other insurance company has personal sales rep that reminds me when premiums are do and helps me in every way to jeep me insured. Had a Claim while I was in Michigan deer accident. Michigan is not a state Am fam does not carry insurance for. Because if my seasonal jobs I was able to continue with ND insurance and the settlement was quick without hassle to cover the accident. The reimbursement was fair and speedy with no inconvenience to me. I appreciate Brian Bender of Bender agency in Harvey ND he always has gone above and beyond to get me the best rates and inform me of the added coverages i could get to guarantee I get the best bang for my buck. I hope to be able to stay with them and continue employment in ND while working out of my home state and while visiting my home on layoffs in Michigan. Best service I've ever had from an auto insurance company.
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6 years ago, LitlOne
Making changes has never been easier!
I love that I can look over my auto coverages by line & cost in the documents! (Please add that to the coverages section of the app) That allowed me to see how little I was paying for my Comp deductible every 6 months. Having that at my fingertips is so great for a busy person like me. I simply requested a change and the next morning my agent’s office emailed me with a confirmation that it had been processed! Such amazing service. Today I was notified that my insurance card had been updated via my phones notifications so I could update it in my offline wallet. All around a great tool & resource. Thanks AmFam
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3 years ago, SayaMenuki
after update i can’t get past the intro notifications screen
UPDATE: Deleted restored logged in received pop up american family would like to send you notifications which i selected yes. continue. nothing. remains on the same screen. down to 3Stars. at 3 simply because it used to work. -/——— for some reason i still can’t get past the two intro screens when i try to use the app. very irritating. after selecting continue on the first screen it mentions something about getting notifications but when i select continue, nothing happens. it just sits there waiting waiting. i know this isn’t the most technical detailed comment, but i’m sure amfam knows what i mean. so after a few weeks, i’m just deleting and reinstalling the app. just thought i’d give you an fyi
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1 year ago, PhlipperMaster
Easy to manage your insurance coverage.
Anything you need to do as far as your insurance goes, can be handled here. I was able to print my insurance card and also add my card to appple wallet so I could show my phone if I need proof of insurance. Great company, I have been with them for over 10 years now. They have seen me through multiple riadsude assistances, and a couple of collisions. When my car was hit and run in the parking lot, they paid in full what it cost to fix my car, highly recommend this company!!!
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6 years ago, kimmyandpappa
Streamlined & Efficient!
I love the new mobile device App. It makes fast & easy to pay a bill, print a Proof of Insurance card, check coverage with ease! The new design also makes it quick & easy to access the details of a policy or claim as well! No need to pull out the laptop or having to use the "full site" option & trying to scroll around the page to find what you were looking for! Overall I'm very pleased with this new mobile device site! Thank you AmFam!
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3 weeks ago, kahola1969
App won’t load on my phone
I have been an American family customer for over 20 years. Home, cars, umbrella, everything I switched to paperless billing to save the 5 dollars a month. Now they say I can’t see info on the app unless I have the 17.0 update on my iPhone which I cannot load, my phone is an iPhone 8. So now, no access to cards or Payments without paying the extra 60 dollars per year. They never fail to direct deduct my payment and they never will I’m sure but they are only to happy to make sure I have a new 1000 dollar phone if I want to see what I already paid for. Terrible experience with app seems like discrimination either pay for a new phone or get subpar service.
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6 years ago, BW3 for my bday
Great Agent/ Agency
We moved our auto coverage to W Matt Watson Agency about 4 years ago. The professionalism and caring nature of Matt and his staff led us to move all of our policies to American Family. Matt keeps in contact and lets us know when coverages may change or opportunity arises. Such as suggesting an umbrella policy to cover our family as we work in healthcare and law enforcement on an environment riddled with litigious risk. Fortunately we have not had to file a claim. We have been more than happy with all of our interactions.
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2 years ago, RyRyGyGuy007
Great Insurance; Great App; Great Agent
Aside from the premium, top shelf service to be expected with American Family, the application allows users to facilitate the necessities with ease. I know that insurance is some thing. None of us want to pay for and wish we never half to need it, but American family definitely accounts for the user experience with their application and all of their agents.
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2 years ago, Polos Opuestos
Issues with the app
After downloading the app, I had to log out as a way to refresh. If you don’t do, it the app does not load all the setting options like the one for autopay. It was a little difficult trying to set up both car and home insurance auto payments at once, it has to be done one, log off, exit the application, and then the other one. I think could be useful doing everything at the same time.
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2 years ago, Therealtimator
Save card to Apple does not work
The first time I saved the proof of insurance card to wallet it worked fine. It expired of course so tried to save the new one. I got an uninformative message that saving failed, so I still had the old one. I deleted the old one from wallet and the new one still wouldn’t save. I have the latest iOS. The latest everything. I sent a message to AmFam weeks ago and have received no response. Great customer service. I hope that if I get pulled over I have a good connection, because I’ll have to bring up the app to prove insurance.
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2 years ago, KelFar*
Superior Customer Service
I have complete trust with my home, auto and life insurance needs with agent, Denise Wuennenberg. Denise and her office professionals are knowledgeable, courteous, and always friendly. Most importantly Denise and her staff are available when I have a question or need. I feel the agency has my best interest in mind and looks at all options to provide the best coverage at competitive rates.
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2 years ago, Ali7097
Freezes up constantly!
I wish I could give this app a better review but it is so glitchy! The idea is great and when it works it gives you a wealth of info at your fingertips. HOWEVER, it seldom works!! It freezes on start up 9 out of 10 times. Repeatedly have to open and close it. Sometimes it’ll face activate, other times it won’t. Once it opens it usually freezes on the opening page summary…so frustrating! I have an Apple 13 max and prior to this I had an Apple Xs…this app has performed the same on both phones.
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5 years ago, Cable Ray
Questionable security features
There are several bad security practices around the account setup: limiting password length (15 characters - this effectively stops me from using a random word “xkcd”/diceware style password) and using security questions (which effectively are just two other much less secure passwords). Real two-factor would be better than security questions. Security consciousness is a requirement these days, and it saddens me to see apps that force me to use bad practices. Also, there may be additional issues with account creation, but those are the two that stood out the most.
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5 years ago, j.melys
Paying bills.
Usually apps make it easy for paying bills. But this app has done nothing but cause me trouble. I paid my bill a few days before it was due. It sent me an email saying it was successful BUT DIDNT TAKE THE MONEY OUT OF MY BANK ACCOUNT. So I go in and pay it at my local insurance office on the day the bill was due. Then I get a statement from my insurance company saying money was returned to the bank & presented me with a cancellation notice. The money was in my bank account the whole time. The app didn’t trigger at all with my payments. Does this every time, so much for being “convenient”. Even the employees that work at my local insurance company says this app is trash.
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2 years ago, Sad sad sad customer
Updated Review on this APP
I previously posted a one star review on this APP because it was draining my new iPhone battery. I then deleted the APP, complained to my Agent, & reloaded the APP weeks later to try it again. GREAT NEWS! Developers must have made a bug fix because this APP is working great now! My iPhone battery isn’t draining anymore. Thank you developers for fixing this issue. 👍👍👍
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5 years ago, Carolyn @
Home value
I have enjoyed this app, but when I looked at the home coverage, it still shows the $250,000 coverage that was supposed to be changed to $150,000 that is the appraised value. This needs to be changed because I don’t want to pay higher premiums when the value of our home is not that much. I would very much appreciate hearing why this adjustment has not been made.
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5 years ago, Shawpaws
Updating constantly
The application is easy to use. However, it updates all the time. All the time!! It sounds snide to complain about this but can there REALLY BE THAT MANY BUGS TO WORK OUT? I e been using the app for 2 years now. Surely there can’t be that much updating? How many updates have to be done? Every month when I go to pay I have to update the application before I can make a payment. I live in a rural area and do t always have service to do it right then. Then I forget to make a payment........ so annoying. If the app had worked when I got in it the first time........
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5 years ago, OLee 2
Totally iPad Unfriendly
The app itself is not too bad, however, a lot of people use iPads in dealing with their financial planning, etc. An iPad works best when set up in landscape on a stand. This app will not work in landscape mode at all and doesn’t even fill the screen in portrait mode. When working at a desk, would you like it if you had to pick up your computer and turn the screen sideways every time you needed to look at your AmFam account information? In this age of technology, the current AmFam is unacceptable!
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5 years ago, Erdevine
Exemplary Customer Service Skills!
Thanks so much Jasmine for all your help! I now understand that paperless means I need to go on the American family app to print out my cards! Thank you for doing such a great job and helping me understand how everything works! Your customer service skills are outstanding and American family is lucky to have you on their team! Keep up the great work!!!
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2 months ago, SJFsierra
Unusable app
Latest revision does not work on my phone, even though it says compatible. Try to log in, says old version not supported, takes you to Apple Store but won’t let you download any other versions. I have 95 other apps on my phone that work fine, but not this one. iPhone 8 with latest iOS update. Reading reviews- looks like others are having same problems. Contacted customer support, said to access my account through browser. For the amount of money I pay for house and 3 vehicles, you need to have an app that works.
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5 years ago, sunny scenes
My Agent is a SuperStar
My agent - Curtis Gilbert- went over and above to get me the right coverage that I needed for my home and auto. He was so knowledgeable about the American Family Insurance coverage and set my homeowners and auto insurance up within a short amount of time. He made it so simple I called him my Insurance Agent SuperStar!! It was easy to shop and set up everything I could ask for In insurance.
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4 years ago, gummy candy sj
App works well
App works well. They get 3 stars because it asked how much I enjoy it. I am paying insurance and checking insurance cards. By definition not fun. But I didn’t have to mail it or do a pay by phone so it gets points for that. I would however give it another star if they would add the ability to pay life insurance policy with the app. All seriousness it works well. I travel a lot and this is a convenient way to stay informed of my bills, insurance docs. and pay my premium.
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3 years ago, hmoham
Thanks for the new features
Loving this app, looks like the look and feel has changed and some new features has been added. Easy to setup autopay, POI cards, add/replace vehicle, quote, know your drive, pay bill, claims and many more features, lot of improvements. I can manage my policies by myself without agents help.
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2 months ago, alwzn4ever
Upset with update
I logged in today to change a payment and it asks if I want to update the app now or later. I select later but it won’t let me log in and brings up the same now or later message. Then I try to update and it says I can’t since I don’t have the newest iOS. Why the F do I need to update my iOS to use your app? That’s silly! I hate when companies force me to download the newer iOS just to use their app. Seriously please fix this! There is ZERO reason for AmFam and any other corp to force an iOS update just to use their basic app.
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1 year ago, oldsnwbrdr
ID cards and Apple Wallet
Our policy has two cars and two drivers, I manage our MyAmFam account. When I exported our ID cards to Apple Wallet, I used to be able to share my wife’s ID with her. Tried to do the same just now, the cards are no longer shareable. Apple says that the company who owns the ID card determines whether to make it shareable or not so this would appear to be an American family decision. How am I supposed to get my wife’s ID card to her now?
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4 months ago, donnab500
Vicky Houg, Excellent Agent!
We had hail damage to our home at an odd time of year which others in AFI conglomerate did not understand until Vicky over, almost a year, finally made it clear to them happened to us. And, we received full reimbursement. She was voted ‘Best Insurance Agent’ in our very large county in 2023–no surprise to us!
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5 years ago, Wellramos
Works well, but
When you select to pay multiple accounts, after choosing the amount on the second account, the amount chosen for the first disappears which causes confusion about whether both accounts will be paid or just the second one. However, when you submit the payment, both accounts are paid. So it does work as intended.
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5 months ago, L. Hortonnn
A compliment
Just wanted to share my experience on my agent Nannette McCullough, she’s an amazing agent reason of that being is she always tell you what you need to know and how it’s beneficial to you and your family and her knowledge has always been unmeasurable and on point. Lastly she always speak to me and not at ME. Thank you
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4 weeks ago, arkansas smith
Documentation at American family is terrible
I’m sure it is somewhat intentional, but the ability to find information about your policy, what you paid in the past, what your normal bill amount is, etc., is lacking. When I was able to receive a paper bill, it was easy to see and track this information. But in order to save five dollars, which is also ridiculous, it’s now way harder to find that information and sometimes it doesn’t even exist in the app or online.
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3 years ago, Lady TSurrell
Great Customer Service
I love my insurance! I’ve had zero issues filing a claim, replacing my windshield which you can do all on the app, great customer service for follow up with a claim adding a car and great rates even with a new driver (ie..senior boy). They are the best rates going I’ve seen and I’ve checked around! I recommend American Family Insurance!
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6 years ago, Jenna hurley
Not like that it messes up my way of payment
Every time I pay with the app or online it gets messed up some how. I like be that I have access to my account at my fingertips but I do not like payment. I like when you can just take a picture of my card not when you have to put my checking number in
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3 months ago, momkb019
When the App asks a question, the available answers are not shown
It has been a number of years that this has been happening, but only with my American Family Insurance App. I currently have an iPhone 8 Plus. Whenever I enter into my AmFam app, and a question is prompted, I see the question and the sectioned-off areas where the possible answers would be, but instead those areas are just blank. I have to guess which blank area to tap to move forward within the app. Please fix this. Thank you.
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6 years ago, GoCida
Phone App
Your phone app is not user friendly. I needed to update the expiration info for my card and had to do it on my laptop or iPad. Also, I’ve been trying to add my business insurance policy to my app for payment & the app won’t let me do that either. What’s the purpose of having a MOBILE app if you can’t do anything??? 2 stars & I was generous
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2 months ago, Nickname-here12344232
Update available! You can’t use the app until you update!
Except… If you actually need the app and you can’t update because it doesn’t show that anything is available… Because they changed the OS requirements and now you have to update your entire phone! What good is this? Can’t get access to the card, can’t get access to the account, can’t get access to the login… I need service and thank God I’m not pulled over with a cop demanding to see insurance information that I am not allowed to see!!!!!!
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6 years ago, Byrd1958
I have been a AmFam customer for 17 yrs now. They have been AWESOME every time I’ve ever had to deal with them! My agent and his staff are AWESOME! I can’t say enough good things. The App makes it so easy and convenient. I don’t have to bother anyone to get a POI! I honestly have no idea how AmFam stacks up rate wise. I’ve been so happy with everything that I’ve never shopped our insurance needs.
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1 year ago, KisaB
Always good to us
Al Iverson has been our agent for 25 years. Every claim has always been handled well and paid. We have been told before that our rates are higher than average. Then our home needed siding that other agencies wouldn’t cover - our policy did cover us.
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6 years ago, Dolce Pom
Problems with site
Wanted to pay bill online days ago. Site would not highlight log in button. The log in button remained shaded gray no matter how many times I pressed it and started over from logging out and back in. Very frustrating.
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5 years ago, Nursemate65
Great Customer service
I am always treated with respect and a friendly voice. when I call for anything I need it is done promptly. For example today I called and replaced a car on my policy with 2019 and updated on my phone App within 5 mins. I appreciate Katie’s American Family.
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8 months ago, BBooDoc
Overall, great app, w interface bug
Overall, is a great app. It will show your diff vehicles and allow you to add and subtract vehicles. Show home and claims, too. My one problem is that in the Claim section, when I try to send an email to the claim manager, it opens an email, addressed to her with the claim #, and I type the email. So far - excellent, muy bueno. ** BUT THEN ** - there is no way to send the email! No button etc. Muy mal! So whomever did the programming and troubleshooting skipped a pretty important step, OR the newest iOS updates broke it, or both. Either way should be an easy fix once AmFam sees this.
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1 year ago, Bella Leza
The best
I absolutely love American Family and I love this company. They’re easy to communicate with my coverage are amazing. I have done my research and they were the most affordable. I combined all my insurance my home my car my umbrella policy, with American Family, Jennifer as my agent she’s amazing.
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2 years ago, LD_CB
Very satisfied
It is a great peace of mind knowing I am covered and have nothing to worry about. I have coverage for vehicles, rental, and business. Thank you for all you great service and always taking great care to keep everything current and what’s best for me!!
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3 years ago, J Schultze
Always helpful
Thankful that copies of my cards are available even when I don’t have the paper copy available. Bill paying & making changes are simple through the app.
Show more
5 years ago, DebraOusley
Roadside service
I had a blowout this morning at 5:10 AM on the side of a highway within one hour after contacting State Farm on my app my vehicle is fixed and on the road. I was even ask if she wanted to stay on the line if I was afraid called back to check very very very very impressed! DebraOusley
Show more
6 years ago, Gilliam 7
Affordable Coverage
My American Family Agents, Harry and Corina have been more than amazing in helping me get my family covered.. Insurance was so high with teen and multiple drivers everywhere we checked.. Harry and Corina worked patiently and diligently to get us the coverage we needed at a price that we could afford!
Show more
6 years ago, Sweet lovin 1986-27
Commercial insurance
Need to be able to access my commercial insurances on all my properties- it’s says I can’t access those yet - hmmm maybe soon bcz those are my major investments right at my fingertips esp insurance ~ could be a better rating if I had that but overall the price is right with American family thanks guys!! Stephanie Williams Diamond Key Management, LLC Owner~
Show more
5 years ago, HappilyRetiredGal
Pleased with service representatives
Everyone communicates well with us! We are provided time to ask questions and consider options for coverages for our autos and properties. My agent is very responsive, and we are always encouraged to call for advise as our life circumstances change.
Show more
6 years ago, Happy Mom of 6
Super Easy!
Over the years I’ve been frustrated in trying to pay my American Family payment online. This new app is super easy to use especially with fingerprint recognition. Now I don’t even have to remember the account number! Thanks!
Show more
6 years ago, longneck99
Please change
I like the app very useful for paying my insurance. 1 thing I’d like to see changed is for selecting your bill payment date. Instead of the scrolling wheel with date show a calendar with dates then you don’t have to switch back and fourth between your calendar app and the insurance app
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6 years ago, frustratedandwontsubmit
Phone support
I was having problems getting my online card. The phone support could not have been better—nice and attentive and prompt. It won’t let me submit without a nick name and every name is taken—that part is frustrating.
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5 years ago, NotARoadWarrior
New car coverage
Just bought a new car, so I went to the app and contacted AMFAM to report the change. Customer Service was courteous and swift and in less than 10 minutes, my policy was updated, the lienholder and DMV was sent the information and the new insurance card appeared in my app. Couldn’t be happier!
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