American Football Champs

4.6 (65.7K)
158.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Refined Games Inc
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for American Football Champs

4.63 out of 5
65.7K Ratings
3 years ago, Imabossbrobro
A breath of fresh air
This game is flat out fun pick up and just play while not being overly complicated and without being super realistic. Is has that older feel to it where the game is fun to play and doesn’t feel like a simulation like how madden has gotten. Also their are no stupid card system which is amazing I’m so sick of having player card packs shoved down my throat. This game isn’t a cash grab either which I also enjoy and your actually able to play it on the phone. Thank you for making a game and I wish the dev team the best in the future this game has the fun feel to it which games are missing in my opinion in today’s gaming industry. Keep up the good work and don’t sell out to the casino type slot machines most other games have. My one suggestion and yeah I know everyone has a million ideas they think are brilliant but in the future if you make another version of this game or update this one you should put in a career mode for your created team of some sort and heck even a created player. It’s hard to be like invested when your playing bowl games into your team. Like I personally enjoy upgrading my team and playing an actual season mode and progressing as long as you don’t combine that with the cash grab you guys have an amazing game your formula is on point. Thank you for this game I needed something like this.
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5 years ago, Biggie2398
Amazing game but could use some work
A lot of people are mad at this game for passing and running challenges and stuff but I think this game is great! (TBH they probably just aren’t that good at the game).Anyway although I don’t have difficulty with passing the teams without training or making a pass I do have a few problems I hope you can solve. The first most annoying problem is if the ball goes out on kickoff,All of the players crowd the ball against your will and the only way out Even if YOU are the one receiving is a force out whistle which gives the other team the ball. Another annoying thing is that you can’t change certain things like your helmet or socks individually or add a logo to the helmet. This next one is not a complaint but a suggestion. I think it would be cool to have a multiplayer mode where you could play with friends or play a random player online.(this would be a good chance to try to put in a collaboration with social media to add friends).My last and final complaint is that you show the bowls we can’t play and when you finish all levels you basically have no choice but to redo everything, This might be where My multiplayer suggestion would come in to make things more interesting. These are all suggestion’s but this game is already amazing and an easy 5 stars Thank you for listening! 🤩🏈
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2 years ago, Dababyreal
Amazing. Get this instead of madden mobile, please.
This is what everyone wants madden mobile to be. This game is like axis football but more polished in gameplay. The developments are very smart. While many games have good graphics and are buggy and bad, this game is the opposite. The graphics are ok, and it is very fun. Easy to use. And you can even create a team (not choose players just a logo and colors and jerseys and stuff). This is what I wish axis football was like, and I believe axis football and this developer should make a game together because then it would be incredible. Good gameplay + good graphics = masterpiece. For now this is the best we got, and it is great. Definitely buy this, and understand that the graphics may be a bit strange. Just don’t judge it on that. Very fun. A must buy for football fans and mobile gamers. EDIT : One note for devs, it is really easy to run by. I would try to make the AI smarter so that they can lead you and not just chase you. And you should be able to throw away ( AI and player ). Right now it is still great, just a bit easy to score on punts and even kickoffs.
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5 years ago, Da awsomist
Great game but can use some extra features to make it awesome!
This game is probably the most fun I’ve had playing a sports game on my phone. It could use a little bit more detail when customizing your team (I.e. being able to add a logo to your helmet or in general, being able to add stripes, sock colors, etc). Also, there seems to be no difference in size/speed of positions, lineman seem just as fast as DB’s or WR’s. Also adding more plays to defense as well as offense, as well as maybe creating packages of plays (defense: nickel, dime, 3-4, 4-3, goal line, 4-4, etc. Offense: singleback, splitbacks, shotgun, I formation, etc.) could really make the user feel a lot more in control of play calling then just picking between 8 or so plays. I have no complaints whatsoever, it’s a great game and I’d recommend it to anyone who likes football, just wanted to write a review in hopes that the dev will listen and make this game even better than it already is! 😁🏈
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5 years ago, TheDubl_E
Pretty cool
This is a pretty nice lil football game! The graphics/animations are fun game controls are simple. Gameplay is the reason i gave four stars instead of five. The game really cheats when the opponents have higher attributes,Not that you cant beat them its just the forces are so obvious and when you loose you have to play the same game over until you beat them. That makes no sense to me especially cause all the series of games are called “bowls” whats the point if I'm forced to beat a team in order to play the next one? That part kind of ruins it because id rather just take the loss and go on to the next team but you cant really do that because they made sure to give your team no skills whatsoever, so you have to train for a bowl ONCE per, they give you a few attribute points and you get to play a little bit better. That would be cool but they have a practice mode that you can play and get money toward paying 500game dollars to get those attribute points but gives you no attribute points, again whats the point i could just keep losing games and still getting paid and get enough money.. anyway its a cool game and my gripes are pretty minor though annoying.
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9 months ago, 😡🤬🤬😡😡🧋
First of all the “skills” why do I have to go through some long practice just for one single play at least give me three to four. Second of all, the plays can you please put them in another playbook like madden when they’re all in one playbook and you can just scroll down. Third of all the prices, why are practices and customizations of players like four bucks. At least make them one to two not four and cost of training with the money you get in game is not worth all that grind please lower it. Fourth of all the buffalo bills why in the heck are they so overpowered, they can catch up to me like dk metcalf catching up to Buddha baker but when I play other teams they like Tom Brady chasing me after throwing a pick. They are able to just hit dot after dot, and their running back in game looks like he’s every quick running back together. Thank you. The good stuff is I like how you can customize to make your own football team, I like to make Ohio state buckeyes and sometimes the cudas! Also I like how you have to grind to win bowls and have to grind to get new teams to play against i wish there were more kinds of palying modes but yeah. Also why is Indianapolis so over powered they’re running back scoring every drive like come on.
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4 years ago, Matt&Caleb
Tupperware and Chicken Nuggets EDIT
The game is really fun! The new hi-res characters are super cool and fun to edit. I’ve been playing this game for a few months now. I really like it. Each bowl has a different idea to it. Rain bowl will had rain, sunny bowl will be bright, ETC. But the passing is a bit off. When my QB throws the receivers will run to the QB not the ball. Or just slap it away. Passes are near impossible to complete and when you do the receiver will basically walk into the end zone. The running is the only option in this game. QB running is a bit off but works fine. But the plays are atrocious! They don’t exactly work. Many of the plays just look bad or are not really all that good. But still it’s a fun game. Will still play it EDIT: So they have fixed passing. It’s a lot easier to thrown now but the players often don’t go to where the yellow square is. The high res have brought a lot to the game and I like them a lot. They’ve added more games and such making it more replayable. Hopefully this helps
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4 years ago, Epic oriental
The players movements are agrivating
I used to think this game was fine and I would play it when i didn’t have WiFi (which is convenient) but I recently have gotten to hate this game. First, I’m stuck on rainy bowl plainly the fact that I can’t catch 3/4 of the balls. 2nd the CPU’s don’t even really ever change their skill. Even if you waste a bunch of your time training them. 3rd, it’s annoying that some purchases cost money that should be free, like training. 4th, The game is kind of boring even when you first start. The players seem so unreal, when you do the kickoff, they all try to guard one player on the other team. 5th, it’s extremely annoying that in the further cups, the players run as fast as you when you have boosts. 6th, this game is kind of simple and It looks like it just came out of BETA even though it was released somewhere near 2 years ago. Not even all the cups are finished. What I do like about the game is that you can play it without WiFi and I think this game was creative in the way that it’s not entirely regular football. Not to be a hater, but I think this game is hugely overrated and it’s really not a good game to play, if you are reading this. Bye!
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4 years ago, Serpent525
Great game but I’ve got some customization ideas
First off I think players should be able to change how their individual players look for example hairstyle and equipment and maybe even non gray skin tones, if not for all positions maybe at least the main ones like QB RB WR and for defense All of the secondary. Another idea would be creating your own plays and maybe even training individual players to increase their stats. Also I don’t know if it’s just me but my quarter back seems like a vegetable and always throws the ball like 4 seconds behind the receiver. Another thing that’s happening is when I’m trying to play fast and start the next play usually on the middle run play the Qb and rb don’t let go of the ball and they run backwards for 5 yards before the Qb finally let’s go. I hope you implement these ideas but overall this is a great game!
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5 years ago, Daniger49
Good Game
The game has been better than what I thought it would be not as good as Madden but for free what can you complain about. The only thing is that is a problem is inspected turn overs right when you are suppose to be returning the ball and your guys get stuck in the corner of the stadium and the only way you can get them from chasing the ball that went into grand stand is blow a time out but watch when you the other team gets the ball back on their 1 yard line and you may think you are winning and loss the game because they turn the ball over to other team. I had this happen to me twice once on kick return and then on put return. I lost both games because of these unsuspected turn overs in the game. You need to look into this because there a problem with your game and it likes to cheat on your players. Over the game is not bad graphics are not bad for what get for a football game.
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3 years ago, ???G0X???
It’s Good but has some mistakes:/
I mean the game is really good and yeah you can play without wifi and it’s a no-pay game (exept for the customizable characters), it’s ok at throwing, I mean when you choose to throw it can be inaccurate (really) and the catching animations are really unreal, like the character bends his hands behind him in a way that humans can’t, also when you are playing and you are gonna catch when your at the yellow spot to catch it if another person is in front of you they will catch it, and lastly when you are playing, if you have the ball and are running the people are as fast as you even with the boost so I think that would be it, other than that the game is really really good and I really recommend it for people that don’t want the annoying packs like with the characters and stuff so yeah that would be it, thanks for reading, Bye!
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2 months ago, dm,skfdkd
The best game ever!!
The game is surprisingly good for what you see and what you’re seeing and what you’re watching is very different than what you’re seeing from a video or a movie that is not a good enough to warrant watching the same game or watching a video on a regular day in a day out in a different time zone and a lot more fun to do that you have a good day to go home to enjoy yourself I think you have to do that with the kids because they don’t want you in trouble because you don’t want them in the same way as they are in your house so they can get a good job at home but I don’t know if they want you in a lot more fun and they want you in the game so you have a lot more than that you have to be able play with your friends or you don’t have a lot more
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2 years ago, rapagemonkey🙉
Awesome game tips for beginners to
So I am 978 and 27 I have played for years it is awesome so first always train your guys. Second to gain a few yards to flat and pass to number 1 as soon as you start the play then do a fly and try to catch it at number 2 or 3 then your at the 35 yard line on the opponents and do flat to number 1 again then flyyyyyyy with a long pass then TD KANSIS CITY 33 yard gain touchdown it’s so easy also go jump in a lake if you think it’s bad your the bad one cause your a noob at it if you give it a 1 star also make another one of these please it get boring that I can’t lose in hard so pleaseee make another and more challenging Best wishes 🏆 also another tips for beginners is don’t do a bad review if you don’t win the first time because the devs are very good
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12 months ago, i hope you can fix this3
An honest review
DO NOT buy into the five and a half star reviews this game is horrible even without for an example this game has some horrid AI for teammates that will give up crucial blocking or in simply not be helpful the boost mechanic would be nice if it regenerated instead of being a one time usage item and until the next play/kickoff, another is the weather condition Icy bowl is basically a nightmare to play on. Let alone try to play against calling plays feels like nothing really changes besides it would be nice for this game to roll in fresh animations or at least fix the fact i can leave the ball in the end zone and it be the opposing team ball that makes no sense at all and i wonder why this game does not offer an onside kick as a special teams play. Considering that is in the sport being 100% honest i see the potential in this game i just wish the developer(s) could see the worth and maybe add more or fix what is wrong with the state currently
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5 years ago, HIGH FLY GAMER
Pretty suckish
This game is a very nice game and I barely like it sort of. The reason why I gave it 2 stars instead of 5 was because of the gameplay and setup. The setup of the game is trash. The reason on why I say this is because you start off with a horrible attributed team. It costs 500 game dollars just to upgrade the attributes just a little bit, which takes a long time unless you’re a addict of a electronic device. Also, you play a team that is way better than you every game. The second team I played in the sunrise bowl was unsuccessful. I had to restart the game in order to beat Toronto 5 times. One more thing is the in-game tackling. Every time there’s a defender near me and I’m about to throw the ball to a receiver, I get sacked and lose a bunch of yardage that I just gained. It got me so annoyed that I almost wanted to delete the game. Even though I still have it, I don’t like to play it unless it’s my only option. I do not recommend this game. Come on unity, make better football games
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1 year ago, nick cray ba
This game is good
I rate this 4 stars because it’s so fun to play and just have fun with but the creator of the game dose not know how to spell like literally he spelt KANSAS like KANSIS like bruh who dose that and for some reason Tampa bay in that game is Tampa bay you like what I just don’t really get that and it’s the same thing with some of the other teams but that was the bad part of the game now this is where the good information comes in I love how you can change the color of the jersey and pants that is one of my favorite parts of the game but there is this weird part of the game that sometimes when someone fumbles and it goes out of bounds but they still fight over the ball and it just goes on like I waited for like ten minutes once and they where still going so i would appreciate if you fix that glitch but other then that the game is good
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4 years ago, Mydobf40
Awesome game!! Just asking for this...
Ok so when this game first game out, I decided to play it and it had its issues but I knew that all the game needed was some work put on it and it would be great. A while longer, I see that the creators have been updating more frequently than before, glitches and lags have disappeared, and new plays and formations have been added! I love this game a lot and I’m one of the originals of this game! All I’m asking now is that you can create your own logo and the scoreboard can look cooler with your logo and the other team’s logo, like real football today! If you do this, it’ll make the game a LOT more attractive than before. Please read this and maybe take what I said into consideration. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Epicletus
Need to fix some glitches & upload new tournaments
This game definitely has some glitches, most of them minor and just requires you to hit quit and get back into the game. I did, however, just realized that the game does not know how to handle a blocked punt. I blocked the CPU’s punt and it treated the opponent as having a fresh set of downs. Definitely not how football works. Another thing is the need to upload the rest of the tournaments that have been listed as “coming soon” for far too long. I like to play football games, so I’ve played through the tournaments numerous times on the highest difficulty. But I’m definitely getting bored and probably won’t play again unless there’s more levels. Overall though, this game has great physics and is a lot of fun. Super intuitive and engaging. I just wish it had more levels :)
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6 years ago, realisticfootballgamefan
Great Potential. Missing a lot tho.
This game is awesome. Play style graphics. For a phone game it is great. But just a few things need to be tweaked. You should be able to choose the helmet color sock color shoe color etc. Not just Shirt or helmet. Also maybe a season mode or Playoff mode. I beat all 3 bowls on the hardest level and you are taking forever to update new bowls into the game making it hard for me to keep it on my phone. Add logos to use or add a download or own logo so users can truly customize their teams. The gameplay is better than madden mobile and that’s awesome but if these things aren’t fixed soon you are going to lose a lot of fans/players. Hope you guys make some legit changes here soon I love the gameplay.
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2 years ago, ofyggdrasil
Fun but super glitchy
This game is fun and easy to get sucked into but the glitches are terrible. Sometimes when your opponent kicks off, the ball goes out of bounds only to have your opponent then recover it out of bounds and have the ball on like your 20 yard line. Sometimes an ad will pop up mid-play and by the time the ad finishes, two plays have gone by and you now have a delay of game. The QB has awful accuracy. You could have a wideout wide open and he’ll throw it 10 yards over his head and directly into the opponents hands. Eventually you’ve completed all the training and can’t improve your team, so naturally you’re stuck with a team ranked 3 out of 10 stars and the opponent is like an 8 out of 10 burning your defensive backs on every play. The game needs a lot of work. If the lack of team improvement doesn’t cause you to lose games, then the glitches will.
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5 years ago, evin09
This game is really fun but I think it could use some updating and then it will go to the next level and it will become the new best app and you will get a 6 star review and I have a few problems with it you can’t do a fake punt or a fake field goal and you need a different schedule every time you finish your season and you need to let the player do a onside kick and I love this game just need some updates and it will be the best football game/best app/next best thing just some updates please I have seen other people talk about it just listen and it will be the best this is important information just do it please
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5 years ago, NA Marmillac
Why did it glitch
It is a very good game, good football game when I don't have storage for Madden, but I can't figure out how to make my team better. Is it that I can't or I earn it along the way, but whatever it is, it makes it hard to win games against good teams. Another really annoying thing is the defense I'm playing get interceptions when he isn't near the ball. The weirdest glitch of it all was when I was playing a team and it was half-time and it was showing an ad, but when the ad was over, the opponent was in the red-zone when they were kicking off and all three of my timeouts were gone. It was really stressful, because I was winning the game but I lost the game because of this annoying glitch. So if anyone has any tips please tell me, because the game is fun but not when it's doing stuff like it is.
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5 years ago, bradenrocks
Need some gameplay fix
Stiff arms are just too good. Half of my team would be on the ballcarrier and they would stiff arm and then, 20! 10! 5! TD. I would do the run play where u have 2 lead blockers but they always miss their blocks. Dont even get me started on catching/ intercepting. I woukd throw my WIDE OPEN reciver and he would drop the ball for no reason, then i woukd throw it to him where he is not open and he would catch it. Sometimes my reciever would catch the ball like they have super glue on their hand and are 7 foot 500 pounds, but sometimes they would catch like their hands are COVERED in baby oil and they are 1 foot 5 pounds and dont know what a football is. Now on interceting OH BOY, the AI would throw a pass to a receiver in triple coverage and 9 times out of ten they would catch it. I would throw a triple coverage ball and if u ever have played this game u know what happens. Dont get me wrong this game is fun but above is why Im giving 1 star
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5 years ago, enotoh
The game itself is fine if your have some leisure time on break at work, or in-between classes, or just bored around the house, it’ll do; however the game is simply an uncompleted work and leaves a lot to be desired. The levels aren’t finished so once you’ve completed the 4 levels that are advertised, there are an additional 6 LEVELS STILL WAITING TO BE UPOLOADED, so you find yourself having to continuously restart the game and play the 4 levels over and over. If this was just a demo game I would understand but it being in the App Store one would assume (which is never a good thing to do) that it was a finished product. If the app developers just abandoned this project they should make it known, so consumers do not have to wait on the levels to load that are ultimately never going to and delete it or correct the issue
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3 years ago, Gwills14
Good game, but with issues
Pretty fun and I enjoy the challenges, but their are definitely some bugs. First off, there’s a glitch where at times if the opposing team kicks the ball down field and it goes out of bounds, the ball is given back to them instead of the receiving team. Out of bounds would normally be a penalty and rekick or a touchback if allowed out of bounds. I can say how many times this has happened and I’ve had to start defense right at the goal line. 2nd, on punt return the opposing team will kick it short and crowd the ball. If your player doesn’t get the ball, sometimes it’s given back to the opposing team. Again, really annoying bug because that’s not how punt returns work
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5 years ago, Bam3624
Fun game
This game is pretty fun there are unreal things in this game such as Forcing the whistle to blow and having to defend again and should have replays also would be cool to play other opponents that are playing this game also needs more detail on players field is nice and stadium is ok different stadiums would be better like replica of playing the college or nfl stadiums no complaint tho really I love this game and played this game till I can’t no more bowls are eligible waiting to see the different bowls appear. Waiting on the foggy bowl awesome game must download and play I also like that u can pause anytime and be in same spot u left off of when u return. I say 4 stars but when u get all that that I stated I’ll go 5
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4 months ago, the glither boy
Really fun game but pls add this !!!!
This is actually a really fun game with ok graphics so it doesn’t drain your battery but I bought the 2 add on where I get better characters and more angles. If any chance the developer reads this. !!!!!!!!!!!! When ever the camera changes to go on the qb, can you pls make an option to make it go to the guy with ball or highlight player. If I get a sack I wanna see my guy do a dance or when I get a touchdown I wanna see my player dance. JUST PLS MAKE AN OPTION TO PUT THE CAMERA ON YOUR PLAYER. I DONT WANT TO SEE THE OPPONENT QB WHEN I GET A SACK!!!!!!!!!!! But this game is really fun to play in between classes. Thank you!!!!💜
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5 years ago, fgggygbyrrfgtyy
Horrible most trash game ever.
Plays are stupid. Graphics horrible. The odds of that stuff actually happening in real game 0.01%. I can’t think of good thing to say. Maybe you know what a pass is. I would never recommend this game to anybody I’ve ever known. This is the type of game I would recommend to someone I hate just to waste their time. Also way to many adds. The runs plays are so bad it’s hard to even get one yard. Might as well never run. Passes are also such garbage there is like a 99.9% chance that will get intercepted. And some how the other team is like two more overall than your team and it seems like they are 99 more overall way to OVER POWERED!!!!! So yeah never I mean NEVER download this game and if you do not my fault I warned you that you be wasting so much time when you could be playing an awesome football game like madden mobile 2020.
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5 years ago, HickoryVenison
This Is A Pretty Good Game
Overall, playing this game is a pretty fun experience. The controls are easy to use which makes the game more enjoyable. The reason I decide not to rate it five stars is because of the unrealistic gameplay. Sometimes you just randomly throw a bad ball and there is no reason that I can discern for it. But it’s just goofy overall, and is still a good game. The graphics are decent, and the gameplay is just fun. It’s as simple as that. I would get this game if you are interested in a mobile football experience on the road, or maybe on the school bus, or maybe just pulling your phone out and playing when you’re bored out in public sometimes. It’s a good game.
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4 years ago, RedHeado7D
New players awesome I no fake
The game is fun and I like the different bowl games you can do, which gives it a college football feel witch no other good football games have. I also love that you can customize your team. And the new logos just make it feel that more fun. This game has a lot of features that madden doesn’t have like a quick match game where you can play with teams u chose and customize teams. But player animation can get a bit weird especially when they catch the ball. Other then that I recommend you get it. Thanks Unity for the great game I know how hard it is to cod so good job.
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3 years ago, chat gh G gcs
It’s fun but the bugs😬
The game is very fun especially when football season is over and this is your only option. I usually win, but there was one match in the ice bowl, where u was playing Dallas and I was up 40-36 I think. It was sum like that. Anyways they kicked the ball of to me and it went out of bounds. But the play didn’t stop, they just started crowding the ball and not actually picking it up. U couldn’t do anything abt it except force a whistle in the middle of a game. So I forced the whistle and they ended up with the ball really close to their goal line for some reason. They ended up scoring and winning 40-42. Other than that the game is pretty fun
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5 years ago, ThisGuyCuh
Take pride in your work!
The graphics and detail are pretty good for a sub standard app. Although it can be quite entertaining, there are many factors that bring this game down. First and foremost is the gameplay. When you give another team the better attributes throughout the game, you should probably allow the player to gain attributes and distribute them accordingly to their liking. Secondly is the tackling done by the computer. As a user, there is a constant lag when pressing the tackle button. This allows the computer to spin move at any given time to break for a score. And lastly is the poor quarterback play. I’m not sure who they tried to replicate but it feels like your playing as Ryan Leaf. Take this into consideration if you enjoy competitive football games. This game definitely won’t be for you. Ted Ginn kick return blows this out of the water.
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5 years ago, tgoldenberg22
Awesome, but needs to be fixed and needs more
If you are considering downloading this game, do it. But to the developers, I will tell you what I think it needs and needs to be fixed. 1. More plays/a play creator. 2. The bowls should be 1 game each and you should have all the bowls to start. 3. Players make impossible catches and that needs to be fixed. 4. My QB keeps on overthrowing the ball to my receivers that is super annoying. 5. Whenever the other teams kicker kicks it out of bounds at the one yard line they get the ball which kills me because now I have to defend at the goal line where they are practically guaranteed to score a touchdown. This game has a lot of potential, but right now it just needs to be fixed and needs more.
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1 year ago, FRAVEL305
Better than Madden
Easily the best mobile football game I’ve ever played. I’ve never played madden mobile but I can only imagine this is better after playing it console for so many years. Some features that would really make it over the top would be custom logo creations and maybe a season/playoff mode or something like that. 5/5 easily already. There are some minor glitches here and there but for a free mobile game it’s pretty solid. Bought the training pack and teams/stadium unlocks and have zero regrets. Great game.
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1 year ago, RafsterFTW
Very Frustrating Game
Don’t waste money trying to train, the stats go up but performance stays the same. Your player can’t catch and the QB can’t throw accurately to save their live. You will hit the button to pass, the animation would happen but the QB won’t throw the ball and you get sacked. Your O-line will be blocking perfectly, you’ll have a wide open player, try to pass to them and the QB will throw way to far for a catch. Opponents will make catches the are perfectly contested even when their receivers are worse than yours. The opponent QB is always more accurate than you no matter the stats. It’s annoying. It could’ve been really fun, but when it starts becoming artificially hard it’s just a very frustrating game.
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3 years ago, William Lopez.
How hard Is it to make a functional game??
OK so this game is fun and all, but how hard can it be to make it functional… I’m so tired of this game and it’s mechanics. We’re in the middle of kick off and then for five minutes straight my team is trying to pick up the ball. Then the next kick off it goes out of bounds and somehow they get a first down at my 10. I’ve played this game since before it was paid a win and now the game is just so bad. Still have fun playing it sometimes but really the only time you have fun playing it is when you’re in practice when you get a new bowl. Parents if you’re thinking about getting your kid this game don’t… Get them something more realistic like mad and I don’t know.
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4 years ago, mini J.cole
LA needs fixed
So I’m stuck on rainy bowl vs LA and I was playing on easy difficulty at the time and I got a stop and they punted and my returner was wide open and he muffed it’s then everyone swarmed the ball (which I personally think people shouldn’t sworm it) Then I was afk for a sec and my player fumbled the ball and the LINEBACKER beat my RUNNING BACK and WIDE RECIEVER (but everyone runs at the same speed so I guess it don’t matter)I just think that needs fixed but it is still a good game and I have won every bowl before so it is possible. Bye!!
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4 years ago, efootball89
Game gotten a little unrealistic
Hello, Refined Games I came after your latest update and I wanted to tell you my opinion on it. The Pros are thanks for releasing the update quicker and got some nice new plays for the team. The cons... well... I got a plenty to say. I don’t like how the monsoon Bowl update got a little unrealistic. I like the creativity you put into it but don’t like how it becomes rainy and then clear after a minute and it repeats it all over again. Next is what you did to the others previous stadium. You should of just of kept the other ones the same! I don’t like the blue field for the sunset bowl, and I don’t like the light green field you did for the breezy bowl. If you kept them the same, I would've made this review a 5 star instead of 4. I really hope the Champions Bowl is realistic and isn’t crazy like the monsoon bowl. I hope it is some sort of normal football night lights game with no shenanigans or some sort. I’m sorry for my big complaint and I hope you have a great day. 👍
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4 years ago, blox_gamer
I love this game, but...
This is one of my favorite games. It’s always fun to laugh at how many bugs there is. But the stormy bowl, could use some work. I know rain makes the ball slippery, but I got 5 forced fumbles in 2 quarters? My players literally tip every long pass. I have trained may players to max and the stormy bowl is making it like my players haven’t been trained at all. Also please add more ways to spend money. I literally have 6k just sitting there. Edit: I’m talking about in game money when I said “I literally have 6k just sitting there” I’m thinking you could spend IN-GAME money to buy maps, new uniforms, etc. with in-game money, not just training.
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9 months ago, The,boB-6
Fun but could use work
It is fun in many ways don’t get me wrong but it can improve. Some times when I play it I get bored and don’t want to play it. Also, it needs more games every time when I play, I end up playing the same thing because there’s not different varieties of games. Also, there needs to be more practices there’s not that many practices. Most of the time have to pay for I don’t wanna spend a bunch of money just practicing for a game like I said, don’t get me wrong. It’s an amazing game. I would recommend it but I’m sure the creators can make it better.
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3 years ago, apppzzzzzzz
I love this game!!
Tomorrow at scheduled times I will be playing all 3 champions bowl games. I’m undefeated and pushing to become the champion. This brings the question, could we possibly see new bowls being added? It would be amazing to have. I have never got bored of this game, it’s amazing! I would like to see more bowls being added, and new teams! Thank you creators for such an amazing game!! I would say it’s better than madden mobile. Thank you all for putting your time, and effort into such an amazing game.
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5 years ago, Cubs4Ever
Great game but not enough
I really like this game it’s fun and funny to watch the players dive all over the field. But there just needs to be a little more to do that’s all I’m saying. There’s only two modes practice and play and play is only tournaments. I think you should add a season mode and a couple other interesting modes where you can be all the different teams you put in the play mode. But other than that it’s a really good and fun game and I recommend it to anyone who wants to play a funny and exciting football game this is a good one.
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4 years ago, cuytrtffhfhfddgihgdgjyh
Looking for the Challenge!
Hey, please open the Foggy and Ice Bowls beaten all the rest and ready to play the other bowls, need the harder challenges. I Am Enjoying Your Football Game!!! Are we paying to have the other teams and bowls opened? If yes we should have been told it would cost $$$$ 🤑to open the bowls and teams, I have paid double because I had already paid for the training for the bowls up to the Moonlight Bowl😠 Still a great game, please open all the rest and give me a break on the $$$$😕
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5 years ago, Tedtheman5
Needs work
Now don’t get me wrong with the 3 star review this game has a lot of potential, but as of right now it’s kinda meh. Gameplay: the gameplay is actually a lot of fun once you get the hang of it it’s pretty straight forward and the play calls are really simple to learn Controls: The buttons are WAY to small, while there is an option to adjust some of the buttons left right up and down, there is no way to adjust size CPU/AI performance: Once you begin the first bowl with your team, you basically have the players of a high school team. No one can cover, or make tackles and it’s very frustrating when 4 of your guys are covering a receiver and he still makes the catch. Also, your qb will overthrow your receiver 9 times out of 10 Like I said before, this game has potential to blow up, and the fact that’s it’s free and it’s not a battery killer is already an amazing start. I think the developer needs to listen to some feedback and he could really make this a great game.
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2 years ago, Richkidd44
This game should call lit football
This game is so fun I were getting whooped it were 49 to 20 this how it happened so I were playing and the computer was whopping me by intercepting most of my passes and at the end when I were coming back on the computer they throw a pass and I intercepted and got a touchdown and at the end I lost but still I played my heart out I love this game I hope the creators keep making games like this and thank you so much for this game😎😎
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5 months ago, The_official_gamerater
Great game but not max potential
I played through a whole game and I think to make this a great game it needs the following: better graphics, better tackling in general, and also better defense control such as the ability to pick the ball off by pressing a certain button. My last suggestion is to improve the equipment on the players. With all that said if you do those things you can become a great mobile game
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4 years ago, Tim Toland
Very nice game. There's a few things that can be improved but overall it's a great app. One of the things is graphics. There not the best but there alright. And my game glitches. I go on and start a game and there are no people and just a little ball and nothing happens. But I don't know if it's my wifi or some thing but otherwise it's a great those people are probably not good at the game I don't even have to upgrade my team and I still win. Hope this was not to long have a great day bye👋
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6 years ago, Encorejon
Improvements needed
This has potential to be a more fun game. It’s very difficult to see who has the ball when you’re on defense, so you’re running after random players. Also, when you’re kicking, there apparently is wind blowing...but you can’t see how hard or what direction. Makes it extremely frustrating to try and kick a field goal. Speaking of kicking, when the computer is kicking off or punting to you, there’s no indication of where the ball is landing. Every other football game ever made has this feature. I came into this game with a lot of hope for a fun one but was kinda disappointed.
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5 years ago, Johnny5hole
Update this Game!!!
What is taking so long?? How long can this possibly take to update the game? It has been “coming soon” since I downloaded the app. Movie productions don’t take this long!! You have a great to excellent product, but the monotony is killing me, and everyone else. Maybe add some new plays as well... unless that will take another year. The only reason I give a three star rating is because I feel like you don’t have an interest in me, or the people that enjoy this game.
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6 years ago, WBS#3
Great game for a phone!
I enjoy playing the game , it’s some things that could be changed . I only wrote this review because it seems every time I’m about to win . I get cheated , like right now . It’s 4th down and the CPU is about to punt me the ball . It goes out of bounds so does every player and it’s stuck . Even if it restart it . It will take you back and give them the ball back with a fresh set of downs . Other than that . I’m cool with the gameplay and the graphics . Oh yeah ... WIDE OPEN PASSES ARE ALWAYS DROPPED! UPDATE SOON 🤔?
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