American Football Wallpapers & Backgrounds - Home Screen Maker with Sports Pictures

4.8 (14.3K)
79 MB
Age rating
Current version
超 张
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later

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User Reviews for American Football Wallpapers & Backgrounds - Home Screen Maker with Sports Pictures

4.85 out of 5
14.3K Ratings
8 years ago, Cole_ou
Pictures are amazing
The pictures on this app are crystal clear his quality photos and it gives you a full screen image and a preview and yes these pictures actually fill the whole screen they don't have those annoying black lines at the bottom
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5 years ago, That Grove boy MS
Get Football photos
The picture are very clear and unique. They look very 3D best I have seen yet. You want by regret purchasing this app. Overall there no other out there like it that I have came across. Would recommend this to all me friends.
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9 years ago, Efanella13
Football is my number one sport
Football has been the sport I wanted since I was a little kid I kept asking my parents but they said no and eventually my parents let me play when I was 12 when we moved down to VA. Now I'm playing for my middle school team
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2 years ago, ok i dont kon 1234567890
It made me do 5 stars
It made me do a review for 5 stars to get a free wallpaper and I will tell you the truth this game is bad has barely any wallpapers any game they don't have to pay for the whole collection of wallpapers for football
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7 years ago, AnkleShakerboii3
Best ever love it
This is the best app ever I would recommend that you use this app because it has a lot of backgrounds and they are all really really cool and cool so then again I recommend that you use this app for your backgrounds it is really good I recommend it use it.
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8 years ago, UMontGrizFan
Amazing but you shouldn't have to upgrade
This app has amazing pictures for wallpapers and stuff but you shouldn't have to upgrade for the other things. All u football lovers out there should agree too
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9 years ago, Nytavis
The number one sport
Football is the best thing in the world. Ever since I was 5 years old I played football and I will never stop playing it. My brother always say I want to be a football player. Football will never get old.
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5 years ago, BABfootball2552
Great app
I always have loved football and am always looking for ways to express my love for football. A great way to do that is through your wallpaper. This app allows me to easily locate good wallpapers to use so I can express my love for the sport
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8 years ago, J_M999
I've been playing football my whole and it means a lot to me. With this app, I can choose tuns of different wallpapers to show what kind of player I am, and customize those pictures as much as possible.
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3 years ago, cody7307
Problem: you shouldn’t have to pay for wallpapers and you should update regularly and add more pics, other than that great app
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9 years ago, JoeDog1985
Colts Football
I love football especially love Colts football and to think I would like the ball is it was me and my background on my wallpaper that would be really awesome to have the ball on my wallpaper because I'm big big huge fan of Indianapolis Colts football!
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8 years ago, Markasoras12
Great app!!!
I really enjoy browsing this app because I am obsessed with football. So this gives me so many awesome options for cool backgrounds for my phone! I also like how you can put the border around your apps. I really enjoy this app!
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8 years ago, TCI Future
Could be better
Definitely a good app for wallpapers, but you are limited to few wallpapers. I was expecting more from this but some of the wallpapers are pretty nice in my opinion, if you are willing to pay for more wallpapers I would suggest getting this app. But, besides that I think it could use a lot of improvements
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8 years ago, Super man 13579111315
These are amazing pictures! They are very clear and easy to see which makes it even better! I hope they come out with more and possibly pick and even better one!
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7 years ago, SsvjdF
So cool
When I want a football wallpaper you usually have to look it up on the Internet and it doesn't look as good but on here it Looks amazing and I wouldn't recommend any other app
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8 years ago, Larson 15
Football background
The picture quality is amazing and you can't find that quality on the internet
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8 years ago, William lochrun
Football saved my life. If I never found out what great of a sport football is, I would've probably been dead. Bad choices made, then football changed it all for me.
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8 years ago, BigBenRoethlis15
Yet, I am going back to being a soccer fan but now back to football! How did you change my mind? But, your wallpapers are truly cool and outstanding. Thank god you made this app!
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9 years ago, Oh_can_you
This emoji os useful
When I got the app^^ I started to look through it and when I came to the ratings thing I had to do it because this app is a very good one and whoever came up with this app bles you
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8 years ago, Codydunnb
App review
This app is one of the best apps I have gotten so far. I pick a photo and not even 1 second it's saved in my camera roll and ready for me to have it as my wallpaper.👍🏼
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8 years ago, Raiders_Rock_PRO
The Pictures are amazing
It is a pretty good app, it works and the wallpapers have amazing graphics but the one problem is that you have to buy extra wallpapers.
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8 years ago, Go🏈
American football Wallpapers and background
I love this app so much to the owners u did a great job I have mine set on one that I am going to keep and I will tell all football fans to get it thank u are awsome and go 🏈
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8 years ago, Pauly_123
Thanks for the awesome app😛👍👍
I just want to say thank you because I have trouble with wallpapers for my phone especially for football wallpapers which can be really pricy so thank you..
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8 years ago, Devildog574
Pictures are awesome
Did great on the pictures just wish I had a wider selection of pictures without paying
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8 years ago, Bales Williams
Great pics
They have some of the greatest football pics I've seen but I wish they wouldn't make me pay for them
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8 years ago, Gatsby Rupert James
The quality of the pictures are outstanding.
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6 years ago, Jkvytcyx
The pictures are really good but I don't like how you have to rate the app to get more wallpapers also I thought that they would have NFL wallpapers but they mostly have collage wallpaper but all n all the app is really good
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8 years ago, ENDERKID18227
I have to put 5 stars to get other wall papers but this is trash honestly you have to rate and pay just to get wallpapers you can get online
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7 years ago, Braydehll
I've had this
I've had this app for almost a year now and it has worked for ever make sure to rate this great app and write about how grate it is
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8 years ago, arholmes
Nothing Better!!
If you are a football fan and like to show your passion for football this is the app for you. Crystal clear wallpapers and great layout!!
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8 years ago, Domeatrius
I like the quality of the pictures they are crystal clear if you are looking for nice back grounds on your phone then this app is for you
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8 years ago, CadeStrange
Has everything you could ask for.
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8 years ago, UnFeRgOtNxBeAsT
Overall Good
The pictures are good they could use a little more pictures other than that it's a great app
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8 years ago, CJ Maiurro
Good pictures
The pictures are much better than I expected and they are very very good quality
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8 years ago, Ggzjjahhshnsn
I loved this app it gave me so many wallpapers and I never thought I would like them but I did it's better than all apps combined
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8 years ago, Joey mattivi
The rate
It was awesome i got to pick my favorite team i told people about this app and they start using it in Easton right rated it a five star in my whole six grade was using it
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8 years ago, BigMasta1111
Great pics
This app has greatly amazing football pics that any one who like football would definitely love
Show more
8 years ago, Kunksyo 😃
I currently play football, and I'm glad I can actually make background related towards myself/ my favorite team.
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1 year ago, jr_bacon
forced me to rate 5 stars, meh
it made me rate the app 5 stars before I could download the other wallpapers they had, not impressed
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7 years ago, DownsideFowler
New Start
From what I have seen on the app so far I enjoy the pictures and they're crystal clear quality
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8 years ago, Zappiestpigeon8
Football wallpapers
I always wanted to play football sense I walk younger but my dad and mom said yes so I am 12 years old and playing football for the Crusaders
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8 years ago, Jjseas
I believe the app is very unique it's set up in an easy format that anyone could use and it has very fun backgrounds to use and edit
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9 years ago, Dawson Steele
Football is the sport I've played since I was 3 and now this background app has made it even better thanks to the makers
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9 years ago, LVPY88
Always been a Football Fan
Although I've never played football, I've always been a fan of it. This app helps me find wallpapers I love.
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9 years ago, Footballislife55
I think this a great place to customize and craft pictures of what you want. If you are a football fan you will love this I know I do!
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8 years ago, JdcBronco
Need Denver Bronco pics
It's ok, but you need to pay to unlock all pics & they run ads while your looking for items..
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8 years ago, ZaCh.13.MoRsE.13
Germane ginger group
Perfect crystal clear pictures. Many football lovers will like this app. I am a football player and I am using this app a lot
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8 years ago, 12345678910 mpg kid
Cool wallpapers
These are some of the sickest wall papers and is the first on that you ca change the top color(were your battery is) and you can make some cool wallpapers
Show more
8 years ago, Chetfggdr
Did it for the extra stuff
I barely looked at the app but it said if I give it 5 stars I'll get extra stuff so why not
Show more
8 years ago, Izaiah Nakanishi
Just downloaded
I just downloaded this app and it seems pretty cool. I recommended this app and will probably show it to my friends.🙃
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