American Savings Bank Hawaii

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American Savings Bank Hawaii
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User Reviews for American Savings Bank Hawaii

4.71 out of 5
8.7K Ratings
2 weeks ago, mark w-g
Asb mobile banking by far the best out there
I like the American Savings mobile banking app. What makes it stand out for me is how you can see each transaction and it subtracts the amount of that transaction in real time so you have an up to date balance. Even when they show pending, your balance is what it shows. The pending transaction have already been subtracted from your total balance. I have accounts at other banks as well, I won’t mention any names, but they dont do that, and if you’re making a lot of purchases with your debit card and you have a couple bills that come out automatically each month, it’s very easy to loose track, if your pending transactions aren’t accounted for in real time, and god forbid all of your funds have been depleted, and you’re tapped out, but your balance shows you have funds, because the pending transactions haven’t been accounted for, and they don’t show each individual transaction, you unknowingly decide to purchase a $2 hot dog, they slap you with a nice little $30 overdraft fee, each time you do it. That is why I appreciate the ASB debit card system. That is actually the reason I use this bank. It’s the little things that can make a huge difference. Aloha
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1 year ago, KMLY1
This review is for baby boomers and older only
Sharing what I learned. A teller suggested I talk to a specialist to help make my banking easier. To be polite I listened because that’s what our generation does. If you’re used to calling for balances or going to bank to move money around there is a way to do all of that and more on your phone 24/7. Ask the teller to have a specialist sit with you and show you how to down load app and use the app. Then go home and try it. Super easy and super convenient. Balances in less time than a call to the automated line. Way less time than driving to bank. You’ll be extremely surprised at how much you like it. I received a $7 refund check fro my eye doc. Since it was so small I waited until I had business at bank. Then I remembered you can take a picture of the check and deposit it from your phone on the app. I took an chance and did. Sooooo easy to deposit checks now. Then I was about to call for a balance and remembered I could use the app. Sooo fast, so easy. The only thing is you have to remember your login and password. Otherwise too easy. That’s my review hope it helps someone.
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5 years ago, Tika25
MANY issues- Overall fair but bill payment is terrible
Although you can add a nickname to each payor, in the app that’s all you can see. For instance you and your spouse both have a Visa card and you nickname one wife and the other husband, you will only see wife and husband in the list of vendors. Ok if you only have one card but when you have several it’s impossible. Same if you have multiple properties and you nickname the address, but you do that with each utility and property tax, now you just see six listings with the same property but you have no idea what vendor you’re paying. I also don’t like the fact that in the middle of actively working in the app it will close down automatically due to time and then everything is lost. The worst past about the bill payment system is that if ASB has to use a third party to cut the check the money is removed from the account at that time NOT when the check is presented for payment! Which means you never know if a check has been actually received until you get a past due notice and the. Have to contact the bank, pay to be told the check hasn’t cashed and then pay to have a stop payment place and then fight to get the money reinstated and then start the process over again. In the meantime you the vendor dings you for being late and it affects your credit score and there’s nothing to fix it.
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2 years ago, emptymic
Best Bank but don’t trust new 3rd party “Pay a Friend”
This app and bank is the beat bank I’ve ever worked with; but since they canceled their own internal “Pay a Friend” part of the banking app and added a 3rd party to handle this; I will not be trusting any 3rs party hands in my banking cookie jar. This added more vulnerability with an extra party accessing your accounts. Use to use the “Pay a Friend” part of the app all the time to pay bills within our family; Now we will be using a real 3rd party app that has a track re odd of safety and security like PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp....ASB should just handle their own customers banking and get rid of 3rd parties....not good, for a real good bank otherwise and the only true local bank in Hawaii. Do not trust the “Send Money with Zelle” part of the app! It’s not your bank American Savings Bank; it’s a 3rd party. Use PayPal to send money to a friend or family’s proven, safer, and free to do so. Asking ASB to go back to controlling their own bank within the app and drop Zelle!!!!
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1 year ago, CEAPNW
Banking made easy!
I’ve been using the ASB mobile banking app since it’s first release. It’s a great application that makes mobile banking even more convenient- I love that I can deposit my checks from the comfort of my own home or even on the go. No need to stop at the physical bank location. I’ve never had any issues (and like I said I’ve been using it for years.) I like that I can rename accounts whatever I like, for example, I can name my savings account “DON’T TOUCH THIS MONEY!” 😅 Another cool feature is that I have the ability to hide certain accounts that I choose, that way they do not show up on my account view page… like that savings account I mentioned (out of sight, out of mind, eh?) I’d be lost without ASB mobile banking honestly. The convenience factor of having my bank in my pocket with my busy lifestyle is unbeatable. No bugs. No issues. Great, easy to use banking on the flyyyy!
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1 year ago, Misty Islander
I like the mobile app.
I like the ASBHawaii mobile app. It is very user friendly and convenient. I did have one incident that was disconcerting though, something to be aware of when making an electronic deposit. Apparently there was an electronic glitch while I was depositing two small checks from the same source which made the deposit amounts erroneous. I tried calling the bank branch but that did not clear up the situation. I ended up going to the bank in person. It was not a very happy experience for me. I was disappointed with explanation I received from the person with whom I spoke. She called and spoke to someone on the phone and eventually was able to explain the situation, but she did so from the point of view of the bank and not from my point of view. The bank corrected the errors so that the bank’s books balanced but my own bank statement records did not actually reflect what my two check amounts were. To top it off, the young woman raised her voice at my confusion, as if talking louder would make her explanation clearer. Very rude.
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2 years ago, jleehawaii
Jeanne L Lee
as usual you ask a question but answers are hard to get. I was so sick of no help from McCully I switched to the one by Safeway on Beretania. They replaced my debit card and and sent it to the bank and called me in 5 less days than the horror stories I spent with you. That branch has such friendly concerned and know my name They always have someone opening the door with a smile and talk to the customers so make time seem so fast tho you never feel rushed and you get a have a nice day or a smile see you again Loads of thank you’d and the wonderful training must have come from someone special
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8 months ago, Hoss1945
Frustrating experience
All I want to do is eliminate an old, inactive home equity loan from my account lineup. Received a message back from customer service that I need to do this myself as since this was a recurring payment. Gave me the steps to follow. I followed up to a certain point, and there was no “cancel series” option. Tried many times and I guess I’m heading to the bank for help after the holiday. I’ve tried to do this previously as well... that’s when I got this set of instructions. There was no mention of “a call us if you need someone to walk you through the steps” option. I’m a senior and can do a lot of things online with minimum support, but this experience left me feeling stupid and incompetent. Would have been nice and courteous if person who gave me the instructions, also included a callback number with their name so I could call them during working hours. This kind of issues really can make one feel hopelessly inadequate and is demoralizing as well.
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2 weeks ago, HiBoogabooga
It’s good for what it is now, it was better before
I check balances, make mobile deposits, like all other bank Apps, BUT paying friends used to be the best feature of the ASB App until they switched over to Zelle for that… and now there are daily/monthly limits you can transfer. :( which is disturbing for those of us who are married but keep accounts separate, that share in a mortgage payment which is a monthly transfer amount exceeding Zelle’s limits. So now I can never “pay a friend” like before, only my portion to my spouse for my share of mortgage & shared bills. I don’t want to use other Apps for this transfer to spouse… but you forced me too. Which blows considering how the government is now tracking those apps for 1099’s over $600 when sharing in a mortgage from separate banks accounts shouldn’t have to do so. ASB should go back to what it was before.
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8 months ago, barclaymac
Bill Payment
This feature ultimately works well and is reliable. But access is very muddled. The initial screen is unintelligible due to the various choices being very unclear. The option to go to bill pay site is well hidden, but when accessed, that site is very clear and helpful, but too many steps to get a clear layout. The mobile check deposit feature is clear and nicely done, but would be better if menu label was more prominent. The access to transactions is very clear and helpful, and much appreciate how very current it is. Also, much appreciate how quickly I am now getting external bank transfers including fund access.
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2 years ago, Maui Andy
Problem with Depositing Checks
Sadly, this ASB was "updated" around a week ago and now it has new bugs. It used to work perfectly. I now have problems with depositing a business check via the ASB mobile app. For some reason, the ASB system repeatedly rejected the check deposit because it didn't like the image of the endorsement on the back of the check. For whatever it is worth, the check was perfectly endorsed; hence, I tried again and again... No luck. I read in the Apple comments section that you need to take pictures of checks with as much light as possible!!! That tip helped me a lot and the check was eventually deposited via the ASB app. However, the web developers at ASB need to get this very annoying glitch fixed as soon as possible.
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4 years ago, xpressrepro
President Xpress Reprographics & Printing
This ASB bank app is hands down , the best in its class. It has all of the usual online banking features so I never actually need to go into the bank. During this pandemic era, ...staying put at home but yet still doing banking as usual GOLDEN. What other banks and it’s banking apps lack....ASB App lacks nothing. Aside from the basic auto syncs with my third party payment apps like Qbooks , square , syncs all my credit cards . I create reports and down load statements that are easy to find ,and my all time favorite ...sending quick cash thru PAY a FRIEND I live in a remote driving area on the Big Island so being able to work a full shift from home Because I no longer need to make a bank run or make a physical appearance at ASB is GOLDEN . ASB staff helped get me set up with an after hours vault drop w/ key - for my biz deposits because I live so far Thank goodness for an amazing banking app from my bank Malia Broome Xpress Reprographics kona & hilo
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3 years ago, AK.FJ
Does the job
I guess does the job if you want to look at your transactions and balances. Some features like Activity Center does not work where you can view your transactions. You apply the filter but it always comes back with zero results. Also, the notifications timing when you logged into your app does not always match with when you actually logged in and I know that’s given me a few scares. I have seen ASB Hawaii trying to do some maintenance and improvements over the last year but haven’t really experienced what’s changed. In the future if possible, I’d like to see the app be more interactive and user friendly.
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4 years ago, ToySoljah
Account balance isn’t very accurate. It is even worse on the weekends. Had no trouble in the past and now the system is allowing companies to pull money when there isn’t enough funds to cover. I haven’t had this problem 2 updates ago and now I end up paying fees to cover the overdraft charges. I have the emails and notifications to prove that I never had a problem before. They companies for my bills would always send a notification that bill wasn’t. Letting me know to make a deposit. I have even written an email to complain and there was never a reply or even a phone call. What happened to the customer service. Now during this time with a pandemic and people trying to make ends meet for their families sake, they find a way to take money from me. Shame on you!!!
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7 months ago, HoneyBill
Almost complete
The ASB app feels secure, let’s me keep track of my current balance. Things it doesn’t do and should: 1. Show the last 60 days of activity, line by line 2. Provide a way to monitor, control and change fixed monthly payments. My social security deposit is always missing several hundred dollars, but the app offers no insight. In the Transaction area there seems to be a bug that has persisted since the beginning, it shows 4 old transactions from years ago, nothing for the last few years. No one is checking the software on a regular basis. Or reading reviews like mine.
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11 months ago, Laaktwo/Liiktwo
Not Having A Great Time With This App.!!!
Giving me different account balance…My payments NOT going through to my Credit Cards(Made me lose a card closed to payments never made)…Balance from account tells me one thing, & the real balance does NOT show the core t amount…All In All, been having a LOT of issues this year alone with this app more than I can count…One thing after another…ATM ate my card…The ATM machine does NOT work after I put in my card…The balance is different on my app than the Bank’s actual balance…Been in and out of the Bank so many times, it’s looking to me like a second home…American Savings Bank…More like a Third World Country Phone App…I would know because I was born outside the U.S. & now am a U.S. Citizen with issues on my American Savings Bank App…How about that!!!
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1 year ago, headsupfirst
1995 technology
Perception doesn’t match reality. American savings markets them self as modern banking establishment that’s keeping pace with the newest technology and online bill pay credit services especially mobile banking. When in fact they use old outdated software applications that are connected to third-party operators like their bill pay. None of these integrate seamlessly or talk to each other internally. If you have a problem with a particular service which you as the user have no idea as being handled on the backend by a third-party American savings takes little or no responsibility on the functionality or the transaction but they’re using your real money to play with. My experience has been terrible the bank is outdated its services and its ideals are outdated.
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4 years ago, Care73848
Good but I have one issue
This app is pretty user friendly and the updates over time have served to make it more so. I especially like being able to transfer money between my accounts and being able to deposit checks electronically. My complaint is that one time I had accidentally transferred too much money (added an extra zero) from my checking to my savings, and it immediately charged me the fee for withdrawing too much. It would have been nice if there was a pop-up warning saying something like, “your checking will be charged due to lack of funds” or something. So I had to pay the fee due to my typo. 😞
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3 years ago, Dadasumo
Great app, would like to see a section on questions asked with directions to knowledge steps to resolve questions, such as setting up a bill pay service and instructions on how to change debit amounts. With current USPS delays, bill pay by check for my monthly mortgage payment was late with my mortgage holder sending many late notices to me. With bill pay by check may not be as reliable, request ASB site provide instructions on how to setup auto debit with other financial institutions so that transactions can be electronically.
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2 months ago, Ina Hurry
App Developers - bug fixes in transferring money
I have two accounts at American Savings bank. Both checking. Both on the app. For the past several months to years, I have been able to transfer money immediately between the accounts, both checking, both within American Savings Bank. However, beginning this past week, my transfers have remained in Pending. On weekends and business days. None of the transfers have been completed. I have even attempted to cancel and reinitiate the transfers, yet nothing is happening. HUGE RED FLAG. I do not want to have to go into the bank to complete these transfers. What is the purpose of the app if none of the actions on the app are completed in a timely manner…
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5 years ago, Ashhbueno
banking is so easy
i gave this app four stars because sometimes the app has some issues. but i love how convenient this app is! you can deposit checks, send money through text, check you balances a millions times a day even if your balance is still the same, make account transfers (internal and external), pay your bills for FREE on bill payer so if you have fraud transactions on your card it will not affect your bills, and just the convenience of monitoring your account at any time of day! thank you ASB for making banking easy. the next thing they need to do is allow their ATMS to distribute any bill denomination instead of just 20s.
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4 years ago, rustykoko
The best banking app ever
I had back of Hawaii app when I was with them and it was just like the bank service it was hard to deal with the people in the bank and it was even hard to deal with the app that they had but AMERICAN SAVINGS BANK APP IS SO VERY EASY AND GIVES ME ALL THE BANKING I NEED IT IS AWESOME LOVE IT And the people are so friendly and professional and courteous do you feel like family I had so many different bank accounts with different institutions and American savings is the best by far love all you guys ALOHA and keep up the good work and friendliness stay safe I’ve enjoyed the 30 years of service thank you
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2 years ago, ToneD3L
Longevity that matters
My experience with American savings bank of Hawaii has been a very positive one I have been with him since 2004 and since I have experienced nothing but the best of cooperation. Recently when I became self-employed they added into the process and made it very easy for me to deposit transactions that were not on my name but the business name without question that trust that they had of me has created a fiduciary relationship almost personal I recommend American Savings Bank best bank on the island bar none
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4 years ago, honozooloo
Works pretty well, a bit basic
TLDR this is app basically does the things you would expect to be able to do at a physical ATM. But it could do a lot more. Would love it if you added budget-analysis or money management features. Think Wells Fargo App. I’d consider buying CDs or other products if they were integrated into this app, or even better part of a savings or financial management interface. The data this app already accesses could be put to way better use than it is now. But it still works well for what it is, and saves me many trips to the ATM. 👍🏽
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5 years ago, reviewsbrah
exceeds expectations
Let’s be honest. We don’t really expect a bank app to have all the features we want plus be fast, efficient and user friendly. And ASB got it right with this one. Easy login. Bank accounts at a glance. Up to the minute details/transaction history, transfer funds between accounts, camera deposits, pay a friend... I rely so much on the app to help me not only personally - but as a tool to run our family business. The only physical bank transactions I really ever make are large deposits - and that’s at the Kahului drive up ATM.
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2 years ago, JujuBean6658
So far, so good!
The app is okay. Although, I would have liked it better with a better way to make an appointment to gain info about your Group Accident & Sickness Insurance on your app would be far more useful for me. Although, for a period of three days, this app was stuck in a loop and I couldn’t get out of it after entering my login via the passcode. I waited for awhile and experienced no change, still engaged in “thinking loop”, I call it. After day, I became suspicious and let it go on until such time as it exits the loop. After three days, I decided to do what I feared to do and that was to force my phone to shutdown completely. I then waited a full hour before turning it back on. To my relief, it worked and my account seemed to be intact. That was three months ago. As of the date of this review, my phone and I are working well, experiencing no “thinking loop” episodes to report. It’s still a good and useful app. Thank you!
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10 months ago, pchsRATES
This app is tragic!
This app is a nightmare! It does NOT provide my current balance when I pull it up. And, it sends me a text of my current balance every morning that’s always wrong! What’s sad is the updating is slow. I have to wait until the next morning “@ 7:00 am” for the account statement provide the details of where $ was spent. It takes forever to transfer funds to another account and a lot of it is manual. I also have an account w/ a local credit union. The Credit Union app is accurate & instant. Everything is current within the last 5 minutes & I can transfer funds to my daughter in college on the east coast “instantly.” This app is continues to remind me that I need to move to another bank.
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5 years ago, ksdomingo
Mobile deposit is a complete pain!
What I love: ease of accessing account information, quickly transfer funds between accounts (internal and external), and simple design. What I can't stand: the mobile check deposit function is aggravating!! I consistently have difficulties with it capturing the images or processing the information. I almost always expect to have to capture images several times in a single session. I'm often left more frustrated, trying to deposit the next day through the app or just going in person to a physical location. I'd give this app way less stars if it didn't have any redeeming factors. (Also not a reflection of the bank itself... Banking with ASB has been wonderful)
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7 months ago, Mafah
Best online banking app
I bank with 3 other local banks and ASB online banking is the easiest to navigate with clear and helpful information to my account. But the best thing i love most is that i get to view the original check that is ever deposited into our account. Helps with our small business when we need to go back and find a deposited check. Other banks only show the receipt of the date and amount of the deposit, not the original check.
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1 year ago, Trish96822
Asb online banking
I travel a lot and live thirty minutes from the nearest branch, so online banking has made my life exponentially easier and given peace of mind when I am traveling out of state. Everyone I have dealt with has been kind, efficient, and effective in their work. The only things missing for me are no NYC branches for my daughters and also not being able to deposit rental income while I am traveling because I need the actual check in hand to make an online deposit.
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2 years ago, joking ashore
Top notch
The app helps out a lot because there has been a few times when unknown purchases was being made without my consent and was able to get it taken care of. Unlike before when the statements used to be mailed out you wouldn’t have found out for several weeks and then you have to head back track which will prolong the process. It’s really great feature to have, I think anybody with the ASB account should have this app on their phone.
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2 months ago, Namaka88
Pay all bills in 20 min
Thank you for this app that let’s me take care of all my credit card balances in just a few minutes. Since it’s so easy I do it once every week and never pay any interest charges and enjoy a great credit rating I also enjoy being able to do all my banking from home and only need to go to the cash machine when I need cash. Since I came to you folks my banking experience has been a pleasure Thanks again
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1 year ago, kepaiona Ohana
The app is very convenient and very helpful when your trying to make banking East and quick. Sometimes we are so busy we don’t have time to run into the bank so this app makes it that much more easier. Now that the corona virus pandemic is going on I’m sure people would rather be safe then sorry and use this asb app instead of walking into the bank. Thank you American Savings Bank for making our banking needs fast and easy! 🤙🏽
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1 year ago, ck-Hawaii
I only use the app for online deposits since (IDK why) it cannot be done on the website. The app is fussy with photos sometimes. More than once I’ve had to take the check in because it would not accept the photo. Tonight, I had to keep trying for a couple of hours to login on the app. Waste of time. Kept saying to try again later. Other institutions including investment companies, medical facilities, our attorney, my tax accountant, etc. use secure computer programs that enable uploading of sensitive documents. Wish ASB could except deposits via the website. I feel like my computer is more secure than my cell phone anyway.
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1 month ago, Tatay.Bernard
Great ASB - Hawaii App
I really like the ability to do almost everything right from my phone. The only issue I have is with Bill Pay. I would like to set up an ACH deposit to a third party account (a relative) where I am not on that account. The ASB system will not facilitate that transfer. A check needs to be mailed and I am cautious because it leaves too much room for error at the receiving FI for a mistaken deposit to another (wrong) account. Otherwise, a GREAT app.
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5 years ago, bubtea
Glitchy; basic
Never works late at night?? Always down for fixing bugs and glitches... yet glitches always be occurring?? HawaiiUSA FCU’s transfer is instantaneous, but on here money takes several days to transfer over most times. I enrolled for the Touch ID and had been using it, but it doesn’t work anymore. I tried to set reoccurring transactions but it clearly does not work either. Just now, it said an error occurred and I had to quit it. And it conveniently asked me to rate the app so I said, “Yes ma’am, I will!” On the bright side: nice background pic. The graphic design person is doing their please help the other departments fix this app.
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4 weeks ago, Tutu UNO
American Savings Bank
I am a Kapuna and my health is not to good. I live alone and have to depend on my family for help. American Savings has saved me in my financial needs. I don’t really have to go in to much to the bank. I can call if I have a problem and get that fixed. To just see how I am spending my money on my phone is super.. I am very happy for all they do for me and I trust them watching my money. Thank you for all your kindness and being so helpful. Mahalo
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7 months ago, Very pleased LYFT customer
ASB on-line banking application
I give it an overall 4.0 star. The one function that I’m not able to do is print selected transaction that has being grouped by MATCHING Payee’s name or an amount. I would like the printout to INCLUDE the transaction details found in the datafile such as the payee’s contact phone number, dates of recorded purchase, date of withdraw, etc. I appreciate this software images the front and back of the bank’s deposit slips because that image captures my notes I write to myself such as the source of the deposit.
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2 years ago, mikefa
ASB ATM check deposit IS GREAT
I had been standing in long lines for year's to deposit checks because I have been reluctant to use the ATM’s automated check deposit feature - now that I have finally tried it, depositing multiple sized checks with both typed checks as well as ugly hand written checks, I am pleasantly surprised the scanner can read doctor’s poorly hand written numbers accurately. No more standing in those long lines for me from now on.
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9 months ago, 1konagirl
Nice app
Very useful. Keeps your current balance available even when you have pending debits. Also, the recent update allows you to see checks deposited right away even if still pending. Both of these features are very useful. I like this app a lot. Good job keeping functionality after updates. I hope this continues. Some of my other apps do well then update too much, and lose some pertinent features. Mahalo ASB.
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2 years ago, Club 33 disneyman
Banking Online
ASB Hawai’i has make banking online such a breeze. I’ve always been incredibly disorganized and irresponsible with my spending and saving of money. Being able to transfer and keep track of my finances on my phone has helped me tremendously. I can quickly make money decisions anywhere at anytime. As a non user of technology, even I can use the ASB app easily. Mahalo American Savings for helping me and honestly my entire ‘Ohana with our banking needs. Aloha Mr. Todd Nakaoka
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4 years ago, Mo Freeapps
Important -read-please-🌐
This app MAY work ok overall however for the second time now I’ve had to reset my password and it HANGS on the nice Hawaiian picture and really, leaves me hanging as well. Makes me wonder, “ok where are we, in this crucial process (password changing...) ? Should I force quit, restart the app and then have to get a THIRD passcode sent to my phone and what if it hangs a third time? Did it update it in the system but is struggling with my phone? THESE ARE QUESTIONS I SHOULN’T HAVE TO PONDER... because your mobile app should be BULLIT PROOF and working flawlessly. Seriously, in these Covid-19 times, at the end of the day, you know I don’t want to worry about account security and end up with nothing, living in a box behind a subway. Thanks for sorting this ASAP.
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2 years ago, Keanu Xu
Easy and thoughtful
I’ve tried banking apps from other banks, local and National, and ASB’s app feels like it was made by an actual app developer with experience in user interface and user experience. First Hawaiian Bank and Wells Fargo’s website and app banking, for example, are clumsy, ugly, and lack features like seeing images of past deposited checks changing bank account nicknames. It’s the little things that go a long way.
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10 months ago, Squiddiver
Crap App
I constantly cannot access the app. I get network error messages continually. It’s never a clean login. Always have to try multiple times before I can get into the app. It happens everywhere, in a store, at home, in a car, EVERYWHERE. I have done absolutely zero to my phone. I have deleted the app then try to download it won’t download now. It’s takes absolutely forever to download. I have the fastest broadband you can purchase. It isn’t my connection.
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8 months ago, makana1990
Overall great app
I’ve banked with asb for a long time now. The app makes things more convenient especially if you have multiple accounts you can easily transfer money from one account to the other. They also have a great “pay a friend” feature that I absolutely love. I can easily send money to family/ friends without having to pay any extra fees.
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1 year ago, asf23%@#3
Lacks basic functions despite the overwhelming amount of features
I would give this app five stars for check deposits. Everything else is hard to figure out. I just tried to use the bill pay function. Total disaster. There is no way to review what you submit or cancel. The preset to pay is set to the minimum due in a credit card. So you have to remember the total bill amount if you wish to pay it off. And no choice to set a day to pay other than whatever they have set as the default. Now I have to find a way to access the website to make changes to the scheduled payment.
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4 years ago, mama.sami
Easy, Fast, Convenient
This app is easy to navigate and so many great features. I love that I with text or email I can send friends and family money. It’s faster to send money through this app than other money transfer apps. Also I can deposit checks with pictures, which comes in handy. One less trip to the bank. I also love that I can change account nicknames from my phone. Other banking apps don’t allow me to do so.
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4 years ago, babijoni
American savings bank mobile app is excellent. It is easy to navigate and you can get all the information you need including check images. It far surpasses the other banks mobile apps. I have an account at first Hawaiian Bank and the app is so antiquated it’s almost useless. I’ve been with American savings since 1996 and that’s where I will always be. Thank you everyone at the Kihei branch of American savings you are absolutely the best!!!!!
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1 month ago, GeekofKalihi
Good Tool, but features can be added
I like the tool; it’s easy to navigate. But, it could use some improvements. I also use the another banking tool and there are features I wish this tool had. For example on checking accounts and for posted checks, I can change the payee to reflect what is on the check and I can update the categories. This help especially during tax time when I can export my registry for aggregation.
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2 months ago, TECHNO_LIFE0__o
If the online page doesn’t work!
Keep in mind that if they deny you of an account, you have the option of going into the branch office located in your area. Let them know it didn’t work and if you have to schedule an appointment I very much advise you to do so. If your hard working and understand how to use a bank you will figure out how to generate generational wealth…
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