AmeriCU Credit Union

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AmeriCU Credit Union
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10 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for AmeriCU Credit Union

4.79 out of 5
6.4K Ratings
4 years ago, A valued cust
Also able to count on Americu completely
I remember a time when I started learning about the importance of having credit. More importantly how to manage credit properly. Without a great credit score. Your interest rates matter. Recently, seemed the advice from Alex. Branch manager within AmeriCU. How to better manage my credit and or fico scores. Upon learning many variations of things regarding credit. Management. Fico. Utilization. Etc etc. soon thereafter. I’d climbed. Now just after two years. This branch manager helped me achieve the very American dream. Exceptional credit. Own vehicle, home. Money in the bank. Worthy to creditors. And more. I now feel comfortable knowing that no matter the situations. Rather moving forward in life. Or vacationing, and or crisis. I’ll always be able to count on American for guidance, all financial needs. And or lending seeking matter. Without Americu. I’d be able to had fulfilled my American dreams. Thank you Americu
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4 years ago, Cummins 3.0
Loan payment
Overall I would rate 5 stars across the board. AmeriCu is great. My only comment is in regards to a recent loan I took out through AmeriCu. I get paid bi-weekly and in all previous loans through AmeriCu I was able to pay a flat amount no-weekly every time I get paid. This made it easier for me to manage. In this recent loan I was told I can’t do that and I need to make only one payment per month. Maybe this is a new policy or something but I would prefer making a payment each pay period of mine for my convenience. Thank you
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10 months ago, Picton22
Horrible service
I tried to Venmo my daughter at college some money. It wouldn’t go through so I thought I was doing something wrong so I tied again a few times.. I checked I had plenty of money at bank.. the bank called and asked if it was me … I said yes and then I was able to send..three weeks later someone called and asked me again if it was me I said yes it was me.. she asked me if other transactions were me and I said yes after awhile I couldn’t hear her well and told her I had to hang up… the next morning surprise my card didn’t work.. I called and was placed on hold for at least an hour no luck.. I went to the bank told them what happened she said she needed to call and we waited on hold for 5-10mins I told the banker to hang up and I moved my accounts to another institution. Good riddance!!!
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5 years ago, jay dalla
Amazing bank
Honestly I am a medically retired veteran and I have been banking with americu roughly 3 yrs and have had zero issues. They have great interest rates on shared bank accounts if you keep money in the account all month long. Great customer care always listens witch is vital when dealing with someone else’s money. I have moved to a state where there is no americu but they have several branches that they share with so with that being said in americu I have found a bank for the rest of my life
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3 years ago, 666bmxer
Bad interest communication
I was told a premium money market account would gain me .7 % interest. After a while I realized it was not.7% and when I asked them they said whoops sorry someone must have messed up it’s .07% and that I had to much money to get even close to that rate. I will be withdrawing it all and putting it in a bank with realistic interest and doesn’t make mistakes like this. It’s a shame I’ve always spoke highly of AmeriCU and have had others join. I will not put a large amount in their accounts again.
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1 year ago, Sdscalise
Bill pay is slow
I like most features of the site are good but bill pay is slow compared to my other bank. it takes days for the transactions to process and there seems to be less electronic transfer options. It will send a check instead of electronic transfer adding even more days to some payments.
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6 years ago, Brian tarolli
The worst ever
This bank is AWFUL the app is AWFUL! Would you like to deposit more than one check? Well be prepared to have to reinsert your card and re enter your pin and re enter three other options before deposit your check, then again and again! This is LUDACHRIST! The app is lousy I just called for service with an app issue and guess what..... they can’t help me. Hahaha have you ever heard of such a thing? I will be closing my account tomorrow and continuing with chase bank where I simply can deposit 50 checks in one stack at once without reinsert my card 50 times. And where the customer service can help when you call Just because it’s member run does not mean they are brilliant
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5 years ago, jacklawson
Can’t login with my new 64 character password on the app,
I recently changed my password to a much more secure 64 character password. And when I try to log in it tells me ( invalid login credentials) . I can login no problem using AmeriCU website on line banking page so I know my password is valid and working. Please fix this problem with the app ASAP as I much prefer the convenience and security of the app on my iPhone. thanks
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3 years ago, mama tyler
I just love my americu app!! I can deposit checks, pay bills, have a record of cleared payments and transfer monies from one account to another!!! I only went in the back once this year, and that’s when I lost my card!!! You can even apply for loans!! I’ll never change my from my credit union!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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6 years ago, OMAOILRIAN
No Face ID???
I have always used your app and love the expanded features. I was never happier than when Touch ID came to the Americu app. I loved the added security of not having to type in my password to do my mobile banking on the go. Now with my new iPhone X, I am back to typing my password into the app again. Please fix this. Other financial institutions like Capital One and Citi Bank have embraced Face ID. Please add it so I can give the Americu app a 5 star rating.
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1 year ago, qwertyuibd
To many thought provoking questions that force you to look back at the check for errors. My other bank does not employ questions and I tend to deposit in that account more often.
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1 year ago, _______allyson_________
Loved until the latest update
I’ve had this app for years with no issues then I downloaded the latest update and now I can’t deposit a check through the app. It says to rotate my phone but when I rotate it, nothing changes. This was one of my favorite perks of the app, I rarely had to go to a local Americu. Please put another update out to get this fixed!
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7 years ago, Scoot05007
Great app
I like this app because it allows me to get into my account with my thumbprint which is a lot easier than having to type all my info in every time...I highly suggest if you have a phone that has a print reader to download it ASAP!!!!!
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3 years ago, Staziahh
I’m spoiled from Chase bank, where everything comes out and goes in instantly. This app (or bank) I have to wait a few days which means I will have keep a ledger or something again. I will probably go back to my old bank. For example, my check used to go in Saturday morning now it goes in Monday night and when I pay a bill it doesn’t come out until it clears a few days later. That’s very annoying to me.
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1 year ago, mshum74
Mobile Deposit STILL does not work!
I have been using my husband’s iPhone 5S since about October 2022 to make check deposits. My iPhone with the latest iOS update and the app somehow can’t process a deposit. The camera view is blurry and unable to take a photo of the check. AmeriCU has been aware of this for some time and still no solution. When is this getting fixed?
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4 years ago, nbrownie7582
Check deposit it’s the working.
I have never had any problems with the app ever until today. The app keeps telling that mobile check deposit isn’t available right now. And I’m confused as to why.
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4 years ago, Cheasl3y
It makes banking so much easier. I can make transfers and check balances literally at any time. I can see special offers for opportunities to receive cash back. I can deposit checks from home.
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4 years ago, Rainy Joh
You DO NOT want AmeriCU Credit Union as your bank. After being with them for 7-8 years, I can confidently say that there are far superior banks to use out there and AmeriCU should be at the bottom of your list. Furthermore, AmeriCU Credit Union’s customer service is a joke: they will hang up on you, leave you on hold for far too long, and if you have any questions regarding their app, chances are they will tell you that they are “unfamiliar with the app”... Don’t waist your time!
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3 years ago, Tesza75
Good bank to go to
I’ve been with this bank for well over 10 years and they are all very friendly and helpful
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3 years ago, Cam1Curtis4
When choosing a bank they are the best. Exceptional customer service every time. Always answering any questions you may have. One of the best choices i have ever made.
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4 years ago, freedom69420
When the app changed, it made it so I can’t just pay my bill. Or if you can and I just can’t figure out how. But every since the app changed its hard to use it now
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5 months ago, hsbshdbdb
One thing needs to be done
Is to make it where u can add a account number of someone’s to send them money if family members have America , like empower FCU instead of Zelle
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6 years ago, Debb DeJoseph
Great except...
When your scheduled payments no longer show under “scheduled payments” and yet also do not show in your account and being deducted. They fall into some limbo place where you could easily overdraw your account. Otherwise, it’s great.
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3 years ago, le_raena
I would put 5 stars if I could check my whole account history, and also if I could instantly connect with someone and resolve any issues.
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1 year ago, Bogusapphater
Usually great currently broken
AmeriCU is not a bank btw. It’s a credit union. Big difference. Anyway, please let me know when you fix the rotate device error for mobile deposits…. I’ll update to 5 stars then!
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3 years ago, Jonny Jooks
Credit Cards
It would be nice to be able to view and manage credit cards further than balance without needing another app. Otherwise the app works well and is convenient
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2 years ago, benjamincarl
Longer lasting debit cards
AmeriCU is a great bank, I think they should make their standard issued debit cards more durable and heavy duty, mine fades and gets scratched very easily, that’s my only complaint!
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3 years ago, Goody71
Great App
Great tool and easy to use. Mobile Deposit Capture is simply and great I’ve been with them for 25 year. Recommend this credit Union and app
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1 year ago, mootmeal
Can’t even deposit a check anymore
Had no problems at all for the last 2 years of depositing a check via cell phone, and after some stupid update that just wasn’t need, messed it all up and even when you rotate the phone 360 degrees the camera still doesn’t show up. Like.. come on 🤦🏻
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6 years ago, Zachary0934
All around AMAZING online banking app. It can be hard to connect to every once in awhile, but it rarely happens. Other than that I’m in love
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5 years ago, Ranger66#
I have been with this credit union for over 20 years and I have had nothing but great service.
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5 years ago, mark zib
My account
Excellent app. Very easy to use. Just wish credit card would show more.
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3 years ago, jennweiser
Love app
Lovd this application. My account is linked to my daughters and I transfer her money at least once a week.
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10 months ago, werttyuqp
Lack of service
Standing in a long line and only one teller. I asked the girl at the desk why only one teller. She said that’s all there is and go use the atm in the lobby. Never stayed with a bank that only one teller with a long line. I’ll start shopping for another bank.
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1 year ago, jsshhssbsb
Terrible bank and app
The recent update to the mobile deposit part of the app is severely busted and now I can’t deposit my check to pay my bills. Don’t know what I’m gonna do now. I guess its time to switch banks as this is not the first time I’ve had problems with Americu.
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5 years ago, lizmoetia
Best Choice
Been with this Credit Union for over 35 years . Rates are always good and services also
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2 years ago, Tillman For Trump
Lacks simplicity
The app is not very user friendly. Makes it difficult just to make loan payment or adjust auto pay from a non ACU linked account. Every time I make an additional payment I have to go about so in a round about way.
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3 years ago, bradclink
Best banking app I’ve used.
This has been a priceless tool for me. Couldn’t imagine banking without this.
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5 years ago, Pjs1957
Bang for Your Buck
Love this app. Bank at it’s best. Easy to use. Just one of the reasons I bank with AmeriCU.
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2 years ago, LouisJMA
App lacks Report feature - eg If I want to display all payments to a specific payee - I can’t
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3 months ago, jstraub19
Okay app, compared to other financial apps this appears to be delayed. Operating could be smoothing and charges take a while to post.
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2 years ago, Spazz_246
Refresh rate.
Refresh account balance amount faster
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6 years ago, Darkllama23
Not good for credit cards
Only says the minimum payment, no due date. You must install a separate app and make a separate account to see your due date and transactions.
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1 year ago, Bpapi1913
Check deposit hasnt work in months
They havent fixed this issue and it’s extremely annoying
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1 year ago, mom_od
Recent issues
Unable to deposit checks - States rotate phone and doesn’t work.
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6 years ago, JohnLenio
Great bank, good app
This app is easy to use and really useful
Show more
6 years ago, dzeka1987
Easy to use app but became very slow
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4 years ago, Sairsey
Service is excellent and rates are the best I have seen
Show more
2 years ago, trizny
This app is garbage so difficult to use and their online is just as bad can’t do half the things with phone must use laptop
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1 year ago, wboro27
Check cashing
This feature has not worked in over a week
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