Ameris Bank Business Mobile

4.7 (5.5K)
99.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ameris Bank
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ameris Bank Business Mobile

4.73 out of 5
5.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Ozzielaw
Useless app
This app almost never works. I’ve decided that when I’m lucky it doesn’t open, because when it does open it doesn’t recognize my password and eventually locks me out of my account. How hard can it be to create a functioning app? I’m seriously considering moving all of my accounts to a bank that gives me working mobile access.
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1 month ago, usedtolikeit2020
Very Difficult App, badly designed, complex.
I have always had a good experience at Ameris Bank Branches, however the app is absolute garbage, both personal and business app, especially the business app. In normal banking app you can scroll through transactions and it says on the screen where it was purchased from, on the business app you have to click on each transaction, then it opens another page, then you can see where the transaction was made at. People who are in business don’t want an extra time consuming step. Not to count in both apps I had to call in to get help in setting up both accounts online. I almost never have had to do that with any other company with setting up online. Today I had to take time outta the day to stop in a branch to get all situated. Actually makes me wanna stop using their business account due to app. I like simple.
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5 years ago, Al13131313
The change of online accounts from Fidelity Bank to Ameris Bank was misrepresented by Ameris Bank as being simple and no action needed. Both of those representations were false. I had to make three phone calls to customer service just to get access to my account; it is set up incorrectly as a business account.... Plus, transactions only generally show “debit;” you have to click on it every time to find out where the charge was incurred - what a pain!
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2 years ago, gbnay
One of the worst bussiness bank app I came across
If there is a reward for being the slowest and most app with lags and issues then this one is the winner hands down, what a sorry app this is especially for a bussiness , its so bad to the point I am thinking to change banks unfortunately this bank is across from my bussiness ,if you can then definitely avoid this bank but if you must just make sure you have your blood pressure meds ready when using it, if you were to compare it to Wells Fargo, Bank of America or even truits it’s like competing a car to bicycle.
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3 years ago, alanathomas77
Great banking - 1 suggestion
I bank with Ameris for my business and my personal needs and for the most part their online banking system is great. I only wish I could send transfers from my business account to my personal account as easily as I can transfer from one personal account to another personal account.
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5 years ago, hrw396
Ever since Fidelity merged with Ameris it has been AWFUL trying to get access to my accounts. This app absolutely stinks!!!! It rarely ever lets me sign in. What’s the use of even having this app?? It constantly tells me my ID or password is incorrect, yet I use the exact information on my computer and it will let me login, at least most of the time. There are issues with the online banking login as well! I NEVER had issues with logging in to Fidelity Bank’s app or online login with Fidelity!
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3 years ago, jenipeni72
Need improvement
Your online dashboard is very very behind time. It is not user friendly, it is not easy to operate, you can’t see all transactions at once -need some serious work!! Pay someone to get you up to date
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3 months ago, Jersey_boi
Basic Mobile App and Functionality
The Business app is pretty basic. It would be great if debit card control and Zelle for business was included. In addition, as others have mentioned, it would be awesome to be able to link external accounts for EFT transfers. Last thing, please update the Online sign on process. The need for a Company ID is silly. I never can remember it and have to refer to account opening docs.
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3 months ago, Sylvonix
Decent Bank, Awful UX
Whoever your UX designers are need to be fired. All deposit and withdrawal values displayed in black, tiny type without color. Check deposit process is now a multi-screen affair with every individual step on its own screen and small buttons. Awful for depositing checks and reading accounts, which are the two things people use a mobile banking app for!!
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6 years ago, Scorch07
Embarrassing for a bank
I’m a previous Hamilton State Bank customer moving to Ameris with the acquisition. I was hoping the switch to a bigger bank would mean even newer technology. But Ameris seems to be even further behind the times. This app is painfully antiquated. Very limited functionality. No TouchID/FaceID?!? And this is more bank-wide, but having a 12 character maximum for passwords is ridiculous. Overall just an unacceptable experience in 2018.
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3 years ago, Rexi21
Since the start of the pandemic and not being able to go in the bank we started to do mobile deposits and the incorporating of facial recognition make things so much easier thank you for implementing this feature
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5 years ago, J-Rock J
Not being able to use Face ID or fingerprint to open the business app like we were able to with the fidelity bank app is not good at all! I feel like we have went back in time 10 years it’s crazy to have to input 30 #s just to get in to this app
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2 years ago, Enjoying my holiday
Transfers and Bill Pay
I needed to transfer funds from savings to checking for an organization, and I was out of town. I completed the transfer in seconds via phone while waiting for my haircut. 👍
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5 years ago, DaveGad
Please make it compatible with face recognition
Ok, so the app works to check my balances and transfer money between accounts, and payments on line of credit. But, c’mon, it’s 2019. Every other bank app I have works on fingerprint or facial recognition. It’s really a pain to have to enter ID, PASSWORD, and then the business id number to get into my business and personal accounts. Please fix this issue!!! Thanks
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6 years ago, farleyman007
Get w the times Ameris!!
If I could give Zero stars, I would!! The app worked when I first installed it yesterday. Next day...can’t login. Says system error, try again later! But, later never comes! Fix the stinking app!! This is ridiculous!
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7 months ago, Busy_Business Owner
Mostly good but…
We have business account and receive a lot of checks from customers. As such we have a rubber stamp with our business name on it which we apply to the back side of customers’ check rather than signature. The app rejects the stamp and forces us to put squiggly line in the endorsement area defeating the purpose of the stamp!
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5 years ago, Samster987654321
Horrible and NO Support
This app is absolutely useless. And, no one at Ameris can resolve the login issues. I spent almost 45 minutes on the phone with a support person and they asked me to call another support person. And, this was the second call I had made on the same issue. To make matters worse, you cannot even wire money from your online account. So, the apps don’t work, the online is good for nothing but viewing your balance online and you can’t do any online banking. So unless you only intend to write checks (and who does that anymore this day and age), you may want to consider other banking options. I have had nothing but problems since Ameris took over Fidelity. The only reason I gave this review one star is because I can’t give it a negative.
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5 years ago, Chief Bill Payer
Worst Business Banking App I’ve Ever Seen
In my case, I have to manually type in 17 digits to open the business app. And if you have a typo you don’t know it until you type in all 17 digits. Also you can’t see both personal and business accounts in the App - only Business. Also it doesn’t support Touch ID like Fidelity did and Bank of America does. It’s so non-friendly I suspect the app was written by someone who has never been in business and had to work with a check book.
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3 years ago, Alliemae1408
Very convenient, I can make deposits any time of day or night. I am totally satisfied especially during this time of Covid when I don’t have to go into the bank. Thank you Ameris !!!
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6 years ago, Gville4206969420
Not good
If you enjoy getting locked out and changing your password multiple times over... This app is the one for you! Every update is just as bad. You would think they could make a good app but, no. I have been locked out and changed my password more than 5x, with the correct information. I'm running out of ideas. Bad app, your better off signing in on your browser on your phone. Sorry Ameris but, you could do better.
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3 months ago, J4216
Please bring back version for iPad
The latest update does not make provision for the iPad. I have to turn it on its’ side to use it which is not practical with a keyboard attached. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Chuck C Rider
Just what I needed
I need easy but secure access to my business accounts, this app is just what I needed. Just completed a mobile deposit with ease. Highly recommend this.
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2 years ago, Vinings Church
Business account transfers
Need ability to attach outside banks to my business account. If you want a good relationship with me. Also crypto currency purchase and holding.
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5 years ago, zaf6981692
No check images
Needs to improve , no check images and others
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2 years ago, Cristinita al
Not friendly app
Slowly and don’t have many options !
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6 years ago, ccrvbmh
So tired
I’m so tired of this app not working. Trying to run a business and keep the cash flow going. I don’t want to switch banks. The people who work at the St Mary’s, Georgia bank are lovely. But I can’t keep wasting time calling for help with this app. My app from Capital One works fine.
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3 years ago, Tran QA
Check images for business on mobile app
We n
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5 years ago, frustrated&FindingABetterBank
Just plan Bad
The app is useless...don’t waste your time. If you are looking forward to working with a bank that understands convenience and mobile technology....keep looking because this ain’t that bank!
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4 years ago, Jjbrand
Service and professionalism
The service is first rate and the product line is excellent for consumer needs. Highly recommended!
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5 years ago, B Drayton
6:46 am
I was a Fidelity/Lions bank customer before it was purchased by Ameris. The app mobile deposit crashed on me on my first day using it. The Fidelity app had a better user experience.
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5 years ago, JGove33
It’s 2019. Use Fingerprints.
Logging into the business account is way too tedious. The entry slots are tiny and finicky. Fix the app and use a fingerprint login like every other decent bank in existence.
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3 years ago, Reviewer22
Good App
The App works well and is easy to use. This isn’t a complaint about the app, but rather Zelle and Ameris Bank’s agreement, it would be nice to get Zelle for business.
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2 years ago, W shrouder
Ameris bank is easy to work with and always makes customer service a top priority!
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3 years ago, tajpur
Mobile banking
Like mobile deposit and mobile banking in all. Very good service
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2 years ago, tgbaker
Easy to Deposit checks
Loving the Ameris app! Easy to do mobile banking and deposit checks!
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6 months ago, jprinceg2
Pretty Basic
Nice for checking funds and electronic deposits. It’d be really cool if i could transfer funds to an account at another bank from my phone.
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2 years ago, planner434
Horrible Bank App
Very little information in app and took 30 minutes to deposit a check. My other bank is way easier.
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5 years ago, SlimStraight
Three step log in?
Three entries, password, user ID and business ID number... that’s at least 20 characters to enter on a phone keypad every time I want to access the account. Plus, no option for finger print ID, and no option for text alerts. I’ve used three other banking apps, this is by far the most difficult/awkward. Strike one and two, Ameris bank.
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1 year ago, Donna Fei
Love Ameris Bank
I am in the process of switching banks 45 year history with Suntrust Bank, I love Ameris Bank customer service they truly care!!
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2 years ago, Viamoore
Love This Bank
I love almost everything about Ameris Bank. Online banking is hard to log into.
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4 years ago, Gloria Henry
Deposit ap
Would like to get a telephone confirmation on my cell phone
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5 years ago, HisWillingServant
Bad. No Touch ID. Extra ID. A PAIN.
I have a Business and Personal account that are linked. Everything worked fine before merger - I could log on with fingerprint on iPhone and access either account. This new Business app has no option for fingerprint. If not fixed soon, I likely will move my accounts to another bank. Grrrr.
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4 years ago, Mcswain chick
App needs some updating
It’s 2020, no facial recognition, seems lame. Interface doesn’t seem futuristic.
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5 years ago, Turfology
User friendly
Very easy to navigate and easy to use!! Depositing checks is the breeze!
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3 years ago, IamFreeKandi
Quick & Easy
We’re New to Ameris Bank. Online banking was Quick & Easy!
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1 year ago, Babihgf
Business account
Easy as 123 right App
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2 years ago, pile67
Not bad
Can’t login with only face recognition is my only real complaint. Otherwise good.
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3 years ago, rwhaley
Need automated camera
Easy to deposit but just wished it had the automatic camera adjustment and picture taking like other bank apps. Saves time.
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5 years ago, missing fidelity app
Wish I could go back to the fidelity app.
The app itself isn’t bad but having to enter this ridiculous extra identification number each time makes me long for my old fidelity app. Please get rid of it!!! It adds no value and is highly annoying.
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4 years ago, Brigman30506
This app was sketchy at beat getting you logged into your business account. Now it doesn’t work at all and locked me out which required me to be on the phone for 30 minutes getting my account unlocked... time I don’t have.
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