Ameris Bank Personal Mobile

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Ameris Bank
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11 months ago
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User Reviews for Ameris Bank Personal Mobile

4.82 out of 5
28.6K Ratings
4 years ago, T1ffany13
Slow and frustrating
The app takes forever to load, doesn’t allow me to navigate through my accounts quickly, takes forever to process a mobile deposit, and overall runs exceptionally slow. It’s a total aggravation to have to use my online banking account with the app. The most annoying feature is that I have to hit multiple buttons to even log in. I don’t need the reminder every time I log in, I elect NOT to have the fingerprint access for a reason and I don’t need Ameris constantly trying to set it up as I access my accounts.
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2 years ago, Cosmogirl1
Terrible, not user-friendly app
This app is terrible and not the least bit user-friendly! Had to uninstall prior version 4 and reload to version 5 since the app did not update on mobile phone. Tried performing a mobile deposit and had the hardest time finding where to perform the deposit in the app. Once figured out where to do the mobile deposit, after submitting the mobile deposit, did not see a ‘pending’ submission for the amount deposited within the mobile app. However, when checked the desktop version, immediately saw pending amount deposited. Why are recently deposited items not available for viewing/confirming in the mobile app but ARE avail in the desktop version? The developers for this mobile app need to add a “Pending Deposits” or “Deposit History” section to the mobile app so users can see what was just deposited, as we can do with the desktop version! Also the developers need to make the overall navigation of the app MUCH more user-friendly and provide more detailed sections within the app so we can better know know where we need to navigate to! As a customer who uses both SunTrust + Ameris Banks, I can personally attest that the SunTrust app is WAY way more user-friendly to use and navigate than the Ameris app! Hope the developers read this and greatly improve the Ameris app soon!
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3 years ago, Donna jfb
Unusable. Stupid. Fix it already.
You type in your login and password and instead of taking you into the app, it redirects you as if you are setting up a NEW mobile account... asking you first for your email. You have no option other than to type in an email address or close the app. Of course, it immediately gives you an error message saying “that email has already been used”... Well, yes, duh. That someone is me... because I already have an account and I already typed in my login and password and now you keep telling me my only option is to set up a new account. Every. Single. Time. You would have thought after five months, they would have worked on this and fixed it so that people can use the app again since the merger. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it three times. Still does the same stupid thing every time. Seriously about to change banks just so that I can go back to being able to use mobile banking and do mobile deposits like I always did before with Fidelity with NO ISSUES!! Why not just fix the glitch?????
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10 months ago, Agray1222
Still Can’t Use My App. - UPDATE
Every time I try to log into the app on my phone it says my credentials can’t be authenticated and to contact customer support. I’ve contacted them 10 times and still nothing! However, I downloaded the app on my iPad and no issues but who carried their iPad everywhere. For the love of GOD get this fixed. Mobile banking is a huge necessity in my life and I am getting very close to moving to another bank because of this issue. UPDATE I still can’t get the app to work. Still getting the same error message. I’ve called the bank dozens of times (no joke dozens) and not one person knows what’s going on. They keep saying they are turning it over to IT and still no answer this is getting old. I don’t have an Ameris Bank near me so not being able to use the mobile deposit is a big issue. Please someone fix this.
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3 years ago, crissylou22
Great when it works
I had never had any issues with the app until about 9 months ago but it hasn’t worked properly since. I was signed out of the app and could not access anything even when entering log in. I deleted the app and reinstalled hoping that would resolve the issue. Unfortunately that also didn’t work. The app kept refusing access saying the phone number was already tied to an account. Eventually this issue resolved however I still have to manually log in every time I access the app. Face ID will not work nor selecting the save info option. It’s not any easier to use than bookmarking the website and using that to access account. I do like the deposit feature. It makes things easier than having to find time to get to the bank.
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11 months ago, MustBTeri
Great, but needs a tweak
This is is fairly easy app to use. My only complaint is that when you view your payees, there is no allowance for a nickname. For instance, if you have several credit card payees, often times they don’t have the obvious name you see on the actual card, such as a gas card like Chevron. It’s because these cards are not issued by Chevron, but rather an underwritten credit issuing company such as Elan, etc…Therefore, you either need to commonly know the underwriters name in your memory bank, or you have to spend the extra time verifying that you are paying the card balance you mean to pay.
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3 years ago, AtlantaWill
During my life I have had occasion to deal with many businesses and several banks. Ameris Bank is outstanding in customer service. Not only are they available but, when speaking to a customer service representative is required, such a representative is always available and always helpful. I cannot recall a time that I have called Ameris bank and did not get my problem solved on the first telephone call.
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4 years ago, CW W Fan
Online Banking and Check Approvals
This bank is horrible, it was as Fidelity as well. I have been depositing monthly personal checks from my father (he banks with a local, small town bank in the south middle GA area) and they always want to wait 7 days for approval (holding), when I’ve even called the back for them to get verification it’s in there. One day I will have money to invest with the bank and at this point it’s not going to be y’all. In fact, we plan on leaving in the next month or two. Additionally, the online banking app (issue with Ameris not Fidelity) has cost be late fees with every bill I had to pay this month due to an ACH issue (per what the tellers were told by their managers). Y’all should be paying these late fees when it’s y’all’s fault they are taking 1-2 weeks after said selected pay date. I’m over being treated like a little peon customer that doesn’t matter. You don’t get referrals this way, nor do you get future business this way, and I assume you, I will have business in the future, whether it will be with y’all remains to be seen.
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5 years ago, overchargedconsumer
Good flexibility to xfer funds
Excellent bill pay, transferring funds between accounts, but don’t mistype password twice or your in Ameris jail. Ameris does top list for outrageous fees. Never have we paid too have our finances handled. Interest rates are a joke. They charge 20 times what they pay. Charge 5% on a secured loan and pay .25% on a CD. Our family been with same bank for 70 plus years and that means absolutely nothing to Corporate. They say one thing and do another. Branch President is nothing more than a low level loan officer, with almost no approval authority. Sad all our local banks have been bought by Bancorp with virtually no federal oversight or protections for consumers.
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3 years ago, CA-GA-BB
Overall good
Overall good app with several helpful features. Easy to deposit checks, use Zelle, check balances, and make transfers. Also has budget capabilities in the personal finance section; I was initially very excited about this, but this feature needs some improvements. For example, when budgeting changing an amount will change it across all months for the year (rather than letting you adjust for the month, which is highly impractical). Ameris Bank, please update this; it would be a great improvement!
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4 years ago, MichaelRob🕡
Lacks functionality of online banking app - what’s the point
When Ameris Bank formed after merger/acquisition of Fidelity, I thought it would simply be a matter of time when the app improved. Initially it lacked the ability to see my account number in the app - no big deal, I just had to open my password app which where I also stored it. And external transfers were missing - a problem but I could open up a browser and do it from their website. Now it appears that the bill pay within the app has disappeared - so what’s the point of a mobile app if it does not function as a mobile online banking app. I should either use their website all the time but it’s not all mobile optimized or use a bank that works the way one expects.
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3 years ago, oezbob
Bob’s Comments
I like the Ameris form of modern banking, with a few shortcomings. 1 - I use my Apple smart phone virtually exclusively for my banking and, for the most part, really like it. However, not only do I find your fonts very small for a person my age (75), but often the information within does not clearly tell me where the money went. I use the phone for my banking as opposed to a checkbook where I write things in ink, but I’m often left without clarity on who got my money. 2 - When I write a check, as opposed to an electronic payment, I get the basic information right away, but it may be two or three days before I can see a picture of the check so I can tell to whom I sent that money. Why can I not see that information right away? Is there a way I can maintain the picture of the check that I sent to you on deposit? There is more, but I will hold that till later. The best to each of you and stay safe … Bob
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1 year ago, gitaine
I am so disappointed in Ameris, which used to have amazing customer service. This is, in part, because of this app that makes logging in an hour long process. Calling is equally nightmarish. What other bank is completely unavailable after 4 or 5 pm? Representatives should be available on phone beyond regular walk-in banking hours. And if you haven’t memorized your entire account number you can’t even get your balance on the phone!! There is no option to enter your debit card number or your social or anything else to access this basic info. I’m absolutely shocked at how accessible information is. I expect a heck of a lot more from the great bank Fidelity was.
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3 months ago, Cheyj14
Updated app
Can’t figure out how to fix but ever since I updated the app recently it has been so hard to get in. They make you actually login now then do a security number then the Face ID. It’s too much just to get in to my account. The old one would just let me do my Face ID and I would be logged in. I understand security but three different steps just to log in is excessive
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4 years ago, Gizzy back
This is the worst banking ap I have ever dealt with! I am a career banker with over 39 years in the industry. Being in upper management at retirement I was in the midst of growth and modern changes including mobile banking. I am surprised that an institution growing as Ameris is would tolerate this ap. Any time I want to check balances or transaction I have to delete the ap and add it again and then log in. The face time has never worked. BEWARE of the mobile deposit!!! It will tell you the deposit has been accepted and approved then the next afternoon you get an email saying it’s been declined. Don’t shred the check too soon like I did. They could care less! I’m moving this account as I text.
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4 years ago, The CampbellKids
First time!
I am in my late 60’s and do not trust this technology age. I know there are people older than I who do this all the time. We are away from home and received a sizable check from one of the kids who owed us. With no branches anywhere close by, I had no other choice but to try the App Store. Much to my surprise it was very easy. I still don’t trust all the cyber stuff so I probably won’t do it again, but glad to know I know how now. :-)
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10 months ago, N N Taken
Security First
Love how Ameris Bank takes the security of accounts very seriously. They’re vigilant with anything that looks suspicious. They have caught attempts at fraudulent activity using our debit card numbers several times. Love the way alerts pop up to let us know immediately when something has been detected. We feel confident banking with Ameris.
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3 years ago, abgmax1977
Money transfer
Being over 65 .... I try to keep up with phone and computer skill. Had not needed to do a balance transfer on line for more than 6 months. It took me 2 days... I found the Directions to be lacking in being Very clear on prompting me to the Next step. It even took me awhile to find the transfer location part of the Application.? The best Language would be..... continue here with arrow. Or proceed to finish your transfer... thank you !
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2 years ago, ATLRG
In my experience , when it fails to function is most often on a weekend when customer service cannot be contacted. Not only will it not open using facial recognition, but entering the password doesn't work either. Very frustrating. When it is functioning tends to be a little slow.
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2 years ago, EthioKitty
Eh, this app could use more fixing. I really find it frustrating when im trying to pay my bills and I cannot access my account for some odd reasons! Even when i go online it still doesnt work. Then i have to wait on call just to see if i have the amount of money i need so that I can pay bills. If you cannot make it possible that i can access it at all times regardless if you are updating it, then what’s the point of having it?
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2 years ago, Karenm366
Online Review
This app is easy to use & has just about everything you need as far as bank apps go, but there are a few things I miss from the old Lionbank app that I wish it still had. But that the way of life in general there is away something more to want, you just have to go with what you have in most cases.
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3 years ago, Blessed_Agent
Great App and Bank
When we was planning our move to Indiana for 6 months of the year we started looking for a bank that did business in both Florida & Indiana. Didn’t really like the options so we decided to just keep Ameris as our bank. With their bank app it has been so easy to take care of our business. Love it.
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3 years ago, Slickness81
Ameris app
Reasons for a 3 star. App constantly makes you go through the steps as if it’s the first time you’ve ever used it. App makes you type password instead of using the touch function, even if you turn it on. Reinstalling the app does not fix any of these issues. It’s a hassle to constantly go through steps you have already done repeatedly.
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2 years ago, CTMcDoc
Absolutely Top Shelf Seevice
They know me. They actually know who I am! They treat me like I’m the person I am. I even have a personal banker. And, I was called last week when someone noticed something happening on one of our accounts that was out of the ordinary. Identity thief cut off at the pass! Just like that! Incredible. This is what banking is supposed to be.
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2 years ago, JimboFetch
Mobile Deposit Ease:
I was in a hurry to get this check into my account. This was the very first time that I had deposited a mobile check into this bank. It took me less than three minutes. I was finished and ready to do my next task. Thank you, Ameris Bank for going a step further to make it easy. James Chavous
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5 years ago, Anna Bass
Ameris online banking
Ameris online banking has made checking my account experience extremely easy. Making transfers between checking & savings account Swift & Convient. I’ve been able to stay on top of my finances & the ease of transfer money from savings to checking so easy especially for me to cover unexpected request when my sons need me to send them money.
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3 years ago, S Ellington
phone app
My only concern is that I use the Face enabled option and it works sometimes and other times I have to reload my user name and password manually. If there is a maximum time to use that option before you have to re-enter it- no one has mentioned this. Please advise.
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3 years ago, Technicians world
Weak features
We’re almost in 2021 , this app should be wayyyyy better , when I look at apps like chime for example all that comes to mind is WOWwww someone really put thought into this. When I log in to my Ameris account my first thought is what I’m the world is this ??? 1998 are we running windows 95 please UPDATE I love your logo lol it’s the only reason I bank with y’all. Yes I said it it’s because of your LION 🦁 fix the app make more modern
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4 years ago, AmberPamberBoBamber
Best bank ever
I absolutely love banking here. There is never a very long wait, and the staff feels more like close neighbors than employees at a bank. I was afraid that something would change when the name changed to Ameris Bank, like so many banks do when there is a name switch. But in this case, everything stayed just the way I enjoy and expect.
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4 years ago, Allieboofish
Backwards update
Taking away the bill pay option to add your own version of cashapp? Useless. I used to be able to pay my bills through the mobile app. You can no longer do that since the last update. 🙄
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4 years ago, KindestRegards.
Needs major improvements
Fidelity app was way better. Coming from Fidelity, this app doesn’t even compare. I mean it doesn’t even show you you’re running balance or anything smh. This app has been out for how long now and no improvements have been made to improve the user’s experience lol how considerate. From Fidelity to Ameris this has been a terrible transition. If you can’t bring back Fidelity, the least you can do is bring back their app features or at least the simple ones to make our banking experiences more pleasant and efficient.
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4 years ago, forgetthisbs
App works well
The app is improving over time. Slowly but improving. The latest changes uses the corporate colors for headers of pages. This can be concerning when your account page is a sea of red! But you have plenty of money. Don’t worry. It’s just a IT engineer who thinks it looks cool in design
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5 years ago, Chris0267
Loyal Customer
I have been a customer of AmerisBank for a long time now. I have enjoyed banking with Ameris. The customer support is always friendly no matter what branch location or support team member you deal with. I look forward to continued growth of AmerisBank, because I have moved and now I have to drive a minimum of a hour to my nearest branch.
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4 years ago, Jojobran
Personal service
During the this crazy time we are very tight on money. My husband did a side job and had a check we needed to clear right away. Ameris Bank cleared it so the rent was covered. Thanks Ameris Bank! Glad I chose you when we moved here two years ago.
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2 months ago, History Buff AZ
Slow and Tedious
Ameris Bank is great. The app is slow and tedious to work with. Making deposits takes too long - so many things to click on repeatedly. I’m not a big fan of Chase Bank, but their mobile banking app is great. Maybe you can figure out how to do it like they do? Please fix your app or go back to the old version, which still had too much clicking to do, but at least it was faster.
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5 years ago, KatrinaW11
Wish there was check boxes to check off when you are trying to see what is outstanding. But because you do have them you have to print everything and then check them off which cost more money and is a hassle.
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4 years ago, fl0wing
Missing a core feature
So I'm a customer who was migrated over from Fidelity Bank, and I'm very confused as to why there isn't a way for me to check my routing and account number within the app (or even on the online banking webpage from my computer). What's the point in having a bank account if I can't even provide a point of access to other people? This was a feature that was available in the Fidelity app so I find it strange it wasn't also ported over.
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2 years ago, Mlfcamp
Amount to Mobil deposit
Hi, I am happy with mobile services, but the limit amount of $10,000, is somewhat restrictive for our needs. There have been time’s when we have wanted to deposit a greater amount and been unable to do so.
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4 years ago, Julie amin
Deposit check
Needs upgrade of system as I had to submit 3/4 times to be successful for depositing the check. I was about to give up. Your app says it’s easy to deposit but takes long 3/4 times to deposit to be successful. Thanks
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2 years ago, Supersphere
Best Online App
Since Ameris Bank took over my Account from another bank i have been continually impressed. The transfer was seamless. The customer service has been excellent. The online app is so intuitive and easy to use.
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10 months ago, PhotoJackT
Convenient, but needs better image input
Glad to have it, much more convenient than driving to a branch. I do miss my tellers though :) Need a less awkward image input. A more “click when framed” would be appealing
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3 years ago, Chief Molahi
Mobile Deposit Improvements
AMERIS need to review the Mobile Deposit used by Bank of America. It automatically takes the photo once Check is within lines, etc. otherwise AMERIS mobile app is great.
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4 years ago, Melgillette07
Always having problems
No matter how many times I turn it on, my Touch ID doesn’t work. It will turn off on its own in the app. At times it will be turned on but it will still make me enter password. Lately every time I open the app it wants to do a walk through on some feature despite already having shown me a dozen times already.
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3 years ago, Harleyqjldpha
App never works.
Ever since the merge I have not been able to use Touch ID. But that’s okay. However today someone had to send me money through zelle. The only way for me to get it was for zelle to be in my mobile Ameris app, which it wasn’t, even though it was updated. So I uninstalled and reinstalled. Now I cannot even get into my account. It wants me to enroll my phone number, which it won’t accept, because it is already enrolled!!
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5 years ago, Misskitty_13
Only good when in WiFi area
User friendly. Definitely needs improvements. Aggravating when not in WiFi area. Can’t use it then. Your forced to access website and log in when not in WiFi area.
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5 years ago, Annacall
Improving online banking
If Ameris could create a way that you could issue reoccurring monthly bill payments in the form of checks directly from the mobile app, that would be awesome. I have Ally bank as well and they have an awesome online banking app. Ameris needs to make theirs like Ally.
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3 years ago, buznes
Picture capture
My Merrll Lynch account has a function of the camera where once the check is correctly in the frame the camera automatically snaps the picture. That way you always know it is framed correctly. Easy software change. That would be a nice upgrade.
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4 years ago, Shannon Yentzer
Better but could be exceptional
Latest update is much improved. I am still waiting for the “balance after posting” to be included in the details of each transaction. I need to see the running balance, not just ending balance at the top. Ally Bank has this and it is very helpful!
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8 months ago, 101 Julian
For about two weeks transaction notifications has stop showing up on my phone. I have called but nothing has been solved
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3 years ago, Cypress_2007
I keep getting Error 0014. An associate at Ameris Bank couldn’t help. Verizon can’t help. It is very frustrating to say the least. I use my app continuously and I haven’t been able to use the app for over 2 weeks.
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