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American Express
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User Reviews for Amex

4.88 out of 5
3.6M Ratings
2 months ago, okay to you
Best credit cards and best app
I have 5 American Express cards including Gold and platinum cards along with other bank cards. I am member since 1999 and I am not hesitate to say that American Express credit cards are The best. I use these credit cards in USA and abroad in different countries and never had any problems to use American Express credit cards. Very fast approval process of all type of transactions. Best customer service if I ever need to call. American Express Gold card and platinum cards made with metal and looks very special and unique . American Express mobile application is wonderful and very easy to use. All you need is available in that application. Amex mobile Application works perfectly abroad and in USA so you don’t feel stuck anywhere in the world. American Express whole process from apply a credit card till receiving the credit card , processing and receiving is very sophisticated. American Express inform you about credit card mailing time date and exact date of delivering the credit card which no other credit cards companies tells like Amex does.
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5 years ago, PhilipNTx
Absolutely horrible app when it comes to rewards
So technology should make our lives easier, but American express has found a way to make it worse. I redeemed points for gift cards through the app, but trying to use them is just utterly ridiculous. First, you can’t even get to the cards without providing information that is on your AMEX card itself. So even though you have securely logged in to the app, you still have to do more. So if you’re not carrying your AMEX card with you, you can’t use the gift card. Navigating to the cards takes forever. I’m sure everyone is familiar with the phrase “it isn’t rocket science.” But apparently this is! Whether used or not the cards stay in my view, so I have no idea which ones I have used. And to determine the balance, American Express sends you to the vendor’s website, which is not at all helpful. That site asks you for the gift card number and PIN, so you have to go back to the American Express app, write these numbers down, then go back to the vendor site again. Now think of doing all of this while you’re standing at the checkout line at Home Depot with people waiting in line behind you for you to get this done! And forget trying to resolve this in the app through chat. Chat is just another word for we’re not going to listen to you but instead will send you links to FAQ sites. This has got to be one of the worst customer service experiences I’ve had with an app and the corresponding credit card company.
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8 months ago, Amyherst
For Once, An App That Isn't Cluttered!
I have two finance apps that plague me with offers and alerts constantly. They do not turn off, and saying no to them does not help. In fact, they bug me even as I check my credit score or my card and account balances, actually getting in the way of what I need to view. Amex doesn't do that, ever, plus this app is easy to use and lets me carry out my payments easily. I've never had a problem finding something or had the app error out randomly for any reason. Making payments and checking information couldn't be more streamlined. You guys need to teach other banks and card providers not to bother customers so much. Granted, their apps are simple and good to work in, meaning I only docked them both three stars for irritating me and not more, but all those relentless alerts and pop-ups make them far less helpful and much more of a bother. This app is what the others should be. If I want offers, I will look for them myself! Thank you for making it very easy to use and for not bothering me silly.
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3 years ago, Tamara Levit DDS
Do not take any offers from this card!
They are awful! Be careful giving them direct access to any of your bank account!!! I had business Amex Open from 2003 till recent. Trying to make my life as business owner easy, I’m setting up as many auto pay via my business bank account as I can. Back in March this year I set up auto pay with Amex in the amount of $4500 as BC immediate was charged over $9000. My attempts to correct their mistake consistently failed. I removed this auto pay and lowered my usage. In June I attempted lesser amount on auto pay, allowed them to charge $817 per month and made a first payment while on the phone with company rep. Payment was successful, amount was reflected on my auto pay agreement and I was expected repeated charge in the amount of $817 in July 16, as was agreed. But July 19 Amex attempted charge in the amount of $8190 for the first time, and repeated the same attempt on 21th and 27th despite me contacting Amex asking them to shop and correct their mistake and blocking their transactions on the bank’s side. Guess what, bank block them and assure me I’m safe after first attempt, but they manage to hack into my bank account and continue this financial harassment. I will get rid of them one way or another and would give them NEGATIVE STARS if possible. Stay away from this scammers
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4 years ago, JP Jordan
Application of Payments on Account
The AMEX app and the AMEX web site are easy to use, quick, easily accessible and promptly and accurately reflect all purchase activity. Very worthwhile. Which makes it particularly exasperating when payments are not applied to the account promptly. I make payments via automated debit to my bank account, either scheduled via AutoPay or on a one-off basis. The payments are invariably charged to my bank account well before they are credited to my AMEX account. At the end of the billing cycle, I sometimes (alternate months) like the account balance reported to the credit reporting agencies to be zero. When there have been charges to the account, and I pay on the last or second last day of the cycle, the payment does not get reflected sometimes for 2 days, which leaves an account balance over the end of the billing cycle. That really annoys me. And it is quite odd, since many times charges are applied to the account before I even get to the car after leaving the store. Maybe you can fix this - it’s ridiculous.
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1 year ago, bubbleboy12345
Terrible card company!
Amex used to be a name one could trust, but no more! I was 1,500 MQM’s away from reaching Gold Medallion status. I called and talked with a female agent about the Delta Reserve card as you were offering 10,000 MQM’s after I spent $5,000. I completed this BEFORE 2022 expired. On your website it says earnings each year are from January 1st to December 31st. Before I agreed to get the Reserve card, I told the agent the ONLY reason why I was willing to spend $550 on a membership was for the MAM’s BEFORE years end. She told me numerous times, “There will be NO issue” with that happening. I didn’t get my MQM’s applied until January 5th. I contacted a supervisor telling them of the issue. I told them to go back and listen to our recorded conversation and they’d hear what this agent promised me. They never did, so I gave you a time table to get this accomplished. I have been with you for FIFTEEN YEARS and spent tens of thousands of dollars. I told the supervisor if this situation wasn’t completed by the time my trip was planned, January 21st, I’d cancel my card and that I’d be spending ALL of my purchases with another card company, which I did. I transferred all of my auto pays too. I haven’t used your card since. Congratulations on the WORST customer service I’ve ever seen. So happy to not have to deal with Amex ever again. Goodbye!
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3 years ago, yteyil
Frauds on closed account.
There was a fraud on my account that I CLOSED in 2018. Someone charge $12 in march 2021. Since I did not get any notification, It was unpaid then it destroy my credit record. My FiCO score drop 100+ point. Amex claimed that issue is fixed. 2 of the credit agency is clear now but they did not update Experian. I call multiple times and did not get help properly. This should not happen at all with closed account. While I am trying to fix my credits. Another fraud happen again on same closed account. another small charge on July 2021. Please note Amex claimed that it is fixed account is closed. At this moment. my experian credit report is not fixed since amex did not report the previous fraud and I am still dealing with new fraud now. Amex reps are not helping. Phones are terminated for no reason. By the way I am Amex customer over 38 year and always good record. Never had late payment on anything. Amex is letting fraud on closed account and not fixing properly, destroying credit records are not acceptable.
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1 year ago, Tony 3315
Account changes without notice
Be careful with this card. You can work hard to maintain the card according to contract and Amex will lower your limit without warning of any kind. This will increase your “Credit Useage” from below what is considered good to close to 100% because they will lower your limit to just above what you owe on your account. This is done without ever being late a payment and with always paying more than a minimum payment, It can make your credit score drop as much as 20 points. I actually love the card but cannot trust that the card will be available for use at any time because you don’t know what they have done with your credit line unless you check it every single time which is not really very convenient. If your balance gets above 30% of usage of your credit line, every time you make a charge, you will get a warning that they may decline future charges. I don’t quite understand all this I have been an American Express customer since 1983.
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1 year ago, Roger@9575
Why are they doing this to me? seems backwards
I have been working very very hard to pay my card off and I finally get it paid down to the tune of $5,000 dollars available credit and my credit score was actually going up. Then amex decided to lower my limit $4,000. My credit score goes way down because of it! So I made a another $1,000 payment. It’s almost as if they don’t want me to pay it off. Where is the incentive to pay off my card if they are going to lower my limit which kills my credit score? Y As I pay my cc off its supposed to improve my credit score and put me in better standing with the cc company not destroy my credit and put me in financial ruin. Please stop lowering my credit limit! My credit score should go up, not down when I pay it off. I could understand if I was only making the minimum payment every month, But i have been making double sometimes quadruple payments. Sometimes I would make a 100 to 300 dollar payment, buts that’s been on months when I made double or tripple payments. Please stop doing this!!!! It’s killing me!
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2 years ago, Monalisa P
Interest Rate Charges and statement view on Mobile App
I remember when I first started this credit card in 2021 I was paying for interests even though I was paying off the balance down to zero. I called in about this and I was told that the interest charge is to make sure that I am using the card. Months later interests rates charges stopped so I figured it is because I have been using it consistently. Recently March or April and also May I got charged for interest rates even when I am paying on time and the full balance. The mobile app and online access through a PC is not user friendly when it comes to showing the total balance owed within the 30 day period. There is No running total balance. Overall it’s hard to understand what is really owed so I just pay as soon as I can and before the due date. But still got charged the interest rates. So I am dissatisfied. I hesitate to use this card now since The interest rate charges are hard to predict and understand. I have other credit cards that early mileage points as well. So I am more inclined to use those since they don’t charge me an Interest rate because their statements online so super easy to understand.
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6 years ago, Visitor from Lansdale
Rewards redemption is laborious
I am a customer of Amex since 2005 (could be a year earlier or later). Those days, Amex was the cool card that broke boundaries when compared to the cards of its time. Very attractive then. Today, especially after the Costco fallout (which I assumed was a match made in heaven), I never left either Costco or Amex as a faithful customer. Costco more or less has retained its charming business practices to keep us motivated. Amex on the other hand has been slipping really bad. The worst experience I face now is redemption of the reward dollars to my credit card account. Multiple days chatting with their online staff who takes as much as 5 minutes to reply back to you (try keeping yourself motivated to chat and hold your phone from locking your Amex app out), I am still not able to get the money transferred within their system from the rewards bucket to the credit card bucket. With banks like CitiBank and CaptialOne with their one press transfer and customer services, what happened to Amex?
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4 weeks ago, Spirit814
The Best & most reliable card for over 33 years
I have been a gold card for over 33 years. During that time I had many occasions to contact Amex. Each time the representative has been EXTREMELY helpful, professional, courteous, patient and kind in addition to being easily understandable.* Amex has NEVER let me down, ever. They have fought for me when I was overcharged, scammed and needed help in a foreign country. They have been fair and never, not even once, have my concerns or issues been ‘blown off’, handled incorrectly, minimized, nor have I been transferred like a hot potato or put on hold for so long that I eventually had to hang up - all experiences I have had with other credit cards. Given the uncertainty that exists in our world today, I take great comfort in the certainty that I can always count on AmEx should the need arise. *To Amex management- your customer service reps deserve a raise and/or bonus- they are, without question, the BEST in the business and are what keeps customers like me loyal for 33+ years.
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5 months ago,
Could use improvement
Was told two different stories about using AmEx card- that for using same exclusively I’d be awarded heaps of points; SkyMiles - which simply never materialised. Upon inquiry - as it turns out - it’s only a one time (ever)offer- yet this was initially not only completely unclear; the opposite was spoken - granted perhaps by overzealous employee. Yet felt as if a “Bait and Switch”. Reputation, relationship is important to me in business. It costs AmEx almost nothing to extend me benefit of doubt; points/miles. And because there’s a competitive market, others have become by default, eligible for my business. I’ve an excellent credit score. Also despite possessing Platinum, Gold, “clear” levels of cards, was turned out of american (SFO et al) AmEx lounges (however, not in Down Under, et al places, mind you). In other words why have this card/ these cards? As a world traveler I’ve felt to explore other options. Will for now pursue these other options - with sense of sadness.
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2 years ago, to Zander
SINCE 1990, I have always been the biggest AMX fan and championed AMX to others—because you always had my back, talked in nuance to solve my issues (and usually had the authority to make decisions) and always fun to deal with. Gradually, that has changed as customer service continues to go south. But it was the last customer service agent who took my call—that took AMX to a new low. The problem wasn’t even the problem. He was the problem. He was the farthest away from your classic AMX professional—that I thought it might be a training tool—what not to do. So rude, disrespectful, basically calling me a liar when facts of my problem were not believed and then shamed me for falling short as a customer when he couldn’t otherwise explain or defend how his talking points related to my case. BUT AT ANY RATE—if AMX (or any vendor) can explain to me or even inform me of “bad news”—I can accept anything professionally (and kindly) communicated to me. THIS WAS NOT THAT. I TRIED TO CONVEY MY EXPERIENCE to “complaint dept(?)”—I was just too upset. But if he worked for me, I would have fired him on the spot—he crossed a line—one that has taken yrs to build. I don’t know how to ID him—except you can probably access the notes on my account?? The subject of my call was POT.
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3 years ago, dsprague1679
Most terrible customer service department I have ever dealt with
Historically Amex had provided decent customer service. Occasional issues that were eventually resolved albeit after having to spend a bit of time on the phone. Today I had a simple issue that needed help resolving. I had to call four times and speak with six different representatives. I also used the chat feature and also spoke to six or so representatives. All in all, I was instructed to walk or drive from place to place to try and use the card, spent over two and a half hours on the phone and over three hours in total and still never got a resolution. The representatives were often rude and I was even hung up on by a supervisor when he said he would hold. When I asked what could be done to make up for my time wasted, I was given a flat “nothing.” For anybody considering which credit card company to use, I would not consider this one. Worst customer service I have ever received from any company and I have two cards including a gold card and probably spend somewhere around $50k a year and was treated like they could completely care less about me, my business, or their complete inability to provide even adequate customer service.
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4 years ago, KNG15$
Imagine your account being paid off; and to get a random email stating they have received your info at a location you’re not at; but still has given you the charge. You call to only find out there’s been a fraudulent charge added to your account. Once you report it and discover the location and know for fact they couldn’t have checked you in because you’re home. And have been home for over four months. Makes you suspicious about how people can charge a card with no valid id. And now you have to wait until the investigation is completed before they will remove it. Is not a great feeling. It actually makes me a bit nervous due to the fact I am closing on my home and when I mention this to the credit department they state oh they can’t do anything about it. Well now this reflects my credit report and everything I work so hard for. Not making me happy one bit. I don’t know if I will ever travel and use this card again. Knowing that locations can take your info and their computers can just charge people at random for a stay they were not at. As well as the fact that they leave it on your account and knowing you’re not present don’t remove it.
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1 year ago, patrick wumbo star
A complete lack of humanity!!!!!
I’ve been a cardholder for more than ten years and have never had a late or missed payment and have shelled out a decent lump of my earnings to them in the form of interest and have remained loyal. Up until today, it has been my default credit card for all of my purchases. Typically, I pay my credit card bill in full every month, but with the economy as it’s been in the past couple of years, I’ve been carrying a balance since 2020 upwards of $2500. I am finally getting back on track financially and was able to pay my balance down to zero. How does American Express reward a client who pays their bills on time and is trying to be responsible with their credit? In my case, it was by reducing my credit limit by more than 75% so that the boost in my credit score that I achieved by paying off my card was met with a drop in my score as my available credit was reduced. Thanks American Express!!! I would close the card, but I would only be causing myself further damage. So, for now, my balance is back to zero, my new default payment method is Capital One because they actually reward their customers for good behavior! My American Express card is in the garbage where it belongs.
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5 years ago, GrandmaKassie
Overall a good helpful app
The AMEX app is one I use regularly. I like the one-stop “shopping” in that I can check my current balance, confirm valid purchased, etc. However, I find it difficult to transition from the “admin” portion of my AMEX, to the various Travel and/or Entertainment options. I’m sure some of it is my fault, however others may also experience the clumsiness of navigation from one topic to another It’s also a bit frustrating that, after making an airline reservation, I need to then contact the airline itself to make a seat selection . Since the AMEX reservation does not recognize my airline status, which would normally place me in the premium seating, to then make a separate phone call, with always the “please hold, your call is important to us”, time spent, making a reservation on AMEX would be much easier and streamlined if the total reservation could be done with a “single click”. Please AMEX, fix that and I’ll give you 5 Stars😊
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1 year ago, snd0r
Great app with some handicaps
I left one of the big banks for Amex personal checking and savings. It has been great so far for the most part. Features like transfers between accounts, check deposits, and check writing some of which I use often, are well implemented. Now the not so great… There’s a great delay (sometimes days) in electronic payments and deposits. For example, my direct deposit would usually show up the day before as pending at my previous bank. At Amex, it doesn’t show up at all until the end of the day Friday and sometimes until Monday after 9 am. Payments drafted from the account don’t show up until days later way after the vendor has confirmed receipt of payment. The whole point of electronic payments and deposits is they’re supposed to be faster than paper transactions and should post instantaneously or, at the very least, show as pending before they clear completely. This is how it is everywhere else. I seriously hope Amex addressees this. Other important features that are lacking and hope are implemented asap: - Overdraft protection or… - Automated deposits into checking from savings or an external account if the available balance is below a certain amount, which brings me to the next point… - Integration, Integration, Integration… did I say Integration? - IFTTT (or similar) integration - Plaid (or similar) integration - Zelle (or similar) integration Amex? Are you listening?
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2 years ago, Jenfont65!!
Mrs Jennifer Fontenot
I was an Executive Banker for 30 years. I was used to people dealing with people. Today’s banking system everything is electronic. Too bad if you are aging and can’t remember your passwords of the hundred or so accounts you have set up and are required to make just to get information, a hobby, a game, your medical records. Everything is available but you never have anyone to help you through the process. Except AMERICAN EXPRESS. I KNOW I CAN CALL AND TALK TO MY REP WHO IS WONDERFULLY HELPFUL IF I can’t remember something, or I want to make a payment, but can’t remember my bank routing number. I cut up most of my plasric, because we don’t need them like when we were raising our family. I just didn’t know grandchildren were more expensive than my children. Especially when they want to pursue a PhD. But all I need is my AEX PLATINUM.. And it’s a keeper. The only problem is you can’t cut them when you get a new card. I don’t know what to do with my old card. Lol
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1 year ago, mallysander
Great for credit card, managing multiple bank accounts could stand improvements
Generally, this is a great app for managing your Amex credit card. I recently opened American Express rewards checking and high yield savings accounts. I like how the bank accounts can be managed from the same mobile app as my AMEX credit card, though transferring funds between those accounts can be idiosyncratic, having to “withdraw” money from the checking account to make a deposit into savings. Why not just a transfer button and then select the source and recipient accounts? My biggest gripe is that mobile app still defaults to taking me straight to my credit card account summary. Most of the time I amusing the app, I’m wanting to check my bank account balances first, so having to back out to the account/card selection screen is pretty annoying. I would prefer the app open to the account selection screen where I can choose which account to access instead of the app deciding for me. If AMEX could implement these changes, I’d give the app five stars.
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3 years ago, Horace&
American Express doing things right the 1st time
I have been an American Express (AMX) card holder for a long time. I used to use a VISA card as my primary card for everything and AMX was just a back up. As I started to read the literature from AMX a little closer I discovered benefits that my VISA card didn’t offer. When I called my bank and spoke with my personal banker about the differences I was provided generic answers not comparative benefits. A long time ago very few establishments would accept AMX now no matter where I go AMX is accepted almost everywhere VISA is accepted, but the difference in my wallet is the additional protections that AMX provides just because I am an AMX member. I have seen a commercial that ask the question “What’s in your wallet?” The question that AMX answers for me is “Do I have the piece of mind knowing that my purchases are protected by the card of my choice.” Thanks AMX for giving me that piece of mind with every purchase I make!
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5 years ago, skynaomismom
Worst Credit Card Company / App lockouts constant
I have 2 platinum cards through American Express. Out of the 12 credit cards I own, I hate using them the most. American Express constantly locks me out of my account so I can’t make a payment and have to call and be on the phone for nearly an hour during my lunch break to get my account unlocked again. Then, even though I’ve jumped through hoops to make every payment on time and have one card paid off, they send me an email that they’ve lowered the credit limit on my other card by almost half! I put a larger business purchase on that card during Black Friday and got my credit limit lowered the following day, affecting my credit score by 19 points. Afterwards they had the audacity to send another email saying I am getting close to my credit limit now and need to make a payment to lower my balance. Worst creditors I have ever dealt with. With one annual fee of over $500 and another at $195, I cannot wait to pay off the second card and cancel both of them so that I never have to deal with American Express again.
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4 years ago, What an ordeal
If you have multiple cards, each card shows “Total Balance” outstanding. But one card - AMEX BLUE - shows “Last Balance” ... even after payment is applied. Could not find last payment on the mobile app ... so, I had to call to verify payment was received, applied and no balance existed, which was true. So, if balances shown are not consistent (showing either total balance or last balance) one could make a double payment or conclude the payment wasn’t received. NO other credit card apps / sites represent their cardholder balances in this manner. So .... can anyone please tell me where you can view your outstanding balance ???? All I see is the amount of the last payment. If you click on last statement, I see charges and payment .... no beginning balance or ending balance. I am paying off the balance and canceling all AMEX cards.
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1 year ago, helena2wsx98
Face ID doesn’t work
Was a great app until the last few months. Login with Face ID has stopped working and it makes me enter my password whenever I want to log in. If you enter the wrong password just 3 times in a row, it locks you out of your account completely and you have no choice but to reset your password. If I’m in a hurry and misspell my password a few times (which I’ve done many times), I get locked out and have to take time to completely reset my password. I’ve had to reset this password so many times that I can never even remember it now, so I get locked out just trying to even remember what my password was. It feels like I’m getting locked out of my own account every single time I try to login. What’s the point of having a Face ID button if you’re just going to make people login with a password anyway? I have big fingers and often misspell things on my phone, so I often have to reenter passwords multiple times . I’m tired of getting locked out of my account and having to reset my password literally every single time I want to log into my account.
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1 year ago, -AJL1-
Amex was great, but not any more
I run a company that has 120 employees, and we run about 130 cards through Amex, with annual transactions totaling over $1 million. The app was great and had many business features, which is why we partnered with Amex. Shortly after we started with them, Amex culled the app’s capabilities, including making it impossible to TAG receipts with expense categories. This feature was always available and was extremely important, but on the latest app revision, it is not available. That means that only half the work can be done through the app, and the other half has to be done through the full website, via computer. This causes double work. We have complained and asked for help. Amex is clueless and has not restored this important feature. Another big problem is how Amex does not watch out for their customers like they once did. Our company was scammed by a counterfeiter of Montblanc pens on ebay. We were taken for over $12,000 and had all the evidence to prove it conclusively, without any doubt. Amex would not help us. Their service has slipped and their app is just OK. Find a better company to do business with.
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1 year ago, J SWAFFAR
Some piece of work you are
After making payments on time for God knows how long, I’m a day late for payment cause I’m in and out of the hospital with my Father. The rep actually calls me after I got home from the hospital and asks if there was a reason I missed and I explained yes and then paid it on the spot right there. He transfers me to a customer service rep to see if they can wave the fee and she disconnects me and doesn’t call me back. Either way, I can’t wait for the day that I somehow pay these cards off. You make so much money off me monthly - sad part is it’s legal. And if that isn’t enough you can’t even exercise any Common decency. Maybe your winning now, but I will do all I can to deter people from signing up with you. Your rates are outrageous and you care nothing to excuse any compassion for the people you make so much money from. So go ahead and fine me your little late fee for being a day late one time after a decade. I will be done with you one day. So make your money while you can. Leeches. You can kick me while I’m down but you will lose a lot of people because of this in the end. So keep doin what you’re doin.
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2 years ago, Viorro
Payment schedule burried in the UI
In comparison with competing card applications American Express is lagging behind. One of the most irritating features is making it so hard to find the future payments schedule; first, no way to find it unless one knows it’s tucked at the bottom of the part of a secondary page that is usually not visible on a phone screen - one can see it only when navigating to statements and then scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page . And then, even there, one cannot find a clear and consistent way to know for certain that a payment has been scheduled and what the amount is. A user could easily miss the fact that a payment has already been scheduled and schedule another one in the same amount for the same statement; yet there will be no warning of a potential duplication, which may expose the user’s originating bank account to overdraft fees. I’ve reported this to American Express numerous times over tha last two years; I even begged them to pass the message on to their mobile app product management ; however, no results, and no feedback.
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3 years ago, Teedee238
Aweful Customer SUPPORT
I have been impacted by the recasting hurricane Ida. I had to leave my home for my safety. I did t grab much. I my what could fit in a small car along with my pets and significant other. I don’t use my credit cards for anything except emergency use. I consider this an emergency. I have a small limit in this Business American Express that I’ve had for several years. Pay on time faithfully every month. As soon as I got to my destination on my evacuation route I reached out to American Express. I requested an increase on my limit because I had no money to pay for my hotel for a week with no where to live!! They denied me!! Because of a bankruptcy on my report from 10 years ago!!! Ok well I was good enough to be allowed to get the card with that same bankruptcy!! But now after I pay on time for 3 years and been a loyal customer while you are killing me interest charges and making your money triple fold you deny me In my time of most need!!!!!! As soon as I get back to my life and devastated city I will cancel my Amex!!!!!! They have lost my business for life over a couple thousand dollars. Very very sad!!!!
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5 years ago, BigS_rulz
Is this 1996? Mobile native for rewards?
2 days ago I decided to get a new Amex Platinum credit card (yes, the expensive one with the $550 annual fee). I have Chase Private Client but decided to see what all the travel hype was about. I want a premium experience and fancy lounge access. This card seemed to have the best benefits on the market. However, they forgot to tell me it also has the WORST app experience in the business. I have spent 2 days trying to enroll in the benefits digitally and the link has been broken both days. Within the app it takes you into a browser experience to sign up (yes, seriously, Amex hasn’t invested in a native experience and we’re in 2019!). After calls to the call center, safari browser app struggles and native client app reloads I finally seemed to enroll in half the benefits. I’m trying to stay strong through this extremely painful experience. May lord give me the strength to endure this torture.
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2 years ago, Swetangel03831
Worst card ever!!!
I don’t suggest this card to anyone. I had identity fraud and something hit my credit that wasn’t mine. It took a total of 4 days to get this item off my credit as it was negative. In those 4 days, American Express decreased my limits over half. Which in return when it reports will make my credit take a dive. I called them and I couldn’t even understand it a word the women said and she didn’t understand me as she wasn’t English spoken. She was from some foreign country. I couldn’t get a representative who could speak English so it was no help. I told her I wanted to close my accounts immediately and she started talking about something off the wall, I asked her if she understood English and of course didn’t get a straight forward answer, so apparently she did not. I will dispute the entire accounts with the fair credit and my states attorney general office. The offers they want you to add on to your card are for stores that nobody used or shops at. I didn’t find one offer that I would ever use or anyone that I know would use for that matter. Stay clear of this card and company.
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1 month ago, okbrowne
Bad service
Had 20k credit on my account 8k balance has a emergency car repair and needed 3k used app to make sure these funds were available the app said I was approved had the repair done and when I ran my card for the repair it declined I was like wow then like a minute latter I received a text message that my credit had been lowered to 8400 at left my hang out for the car repair really bad experience for me and I will never rely on American Express again I just could not believe they did this to me paying off my card this month and probably not ever using it again don’t trust this company and everything here is a fact about the service I received there word is no good the app straight out lied to me and used my trust in them against me Beware please this happened and my credit score went up the month this happened to 756 no excuses for the betrayal
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3 years ago, Chipchop1
On the money!
My online experience with Amex online goes back almost 10 years. When dealing with their customer service I’ve always been treated with the utmost respect and consideration in addressing what little hic-up has hit my account. Likewise, my online experience has, as my heading states, on the money. Accurate to a fault, and I can do just about anything pertaining to account ‘management or maintenance’ quick and easy! Not mentioning any particular card brand, by name, but the two other card companies could learn a thing or two from Amex regarding online banking. A # 1 in my book. Though I am usually not one to make recommendations to friends and family, ‘cause usually that’s asking for a headache, but if asked, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to sing the Amex praises! They know what customer service is all about! Good job, all you Amex guys and gals!
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8 months ago, MyMonkeyMMO
Almost perfect
The app is very useful and easy to navigate. My only complaint is that I didn’t receive an alert that two amounts were going to hit my account. I had auto pay on but I received an email explaining that Amex had “reduced your scheduled payment amount…” furthermore it stated that “there’s nothing more for you to do-you’re all set.” I called customer service to ask why two payments (the original statement balance and the new reduced amount) was drafted and was told “it appears you approved the reduced amount via your cell phone..” although I reviewed the email stating that the new balance would come out automatically, I did not approve it because it specifically stated there was nothing more for me to do. I think there’s a coding issue somewhere. I also got a late fee from a scheduled payment because this created a significant balance drop in my account. Not pleased with this specific situation.
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4 years ago, kc kenny $
Don’t use AMEX!
I used to love Amex, until I ran into some financial trouble. By the way I NEVER WENT PAST DUE. Not once in 3 years. I made ALL my payments on time. I asked for hardship program help, they helped and reviewed my account to a simpler temporary lower payment. They told me my account would not go past due, because I had always paid on time and I started the program 2 days after I made my normal minimum payment. After 30 days they reported my account as past due on time credit, I called to complain. They admitted it was their fault and would fix the problem. Now it’s been 60 days, guess what now they reported that I’m 60 days past due. I’m furious. This dropped my score down 100 points. I made my payments on time, to the terms they agreed to. I’ll admit, it’s my fault I’m in debt, but this is not my fault. American Express destroyed my credit, Not me.
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5 years ago, iyurco
Misleading and screwed me over!!
I am a recent customer of this so called “professional” company. I signed up for their “bonus offer” of 75,000 miles if I spend $3000 in the first 3 months. In the first month I spent over $4000. I message them to make sure I qualified and they tell me yes and that I should receive the points soon. 3 months go by and no points. I contacted them to see what’s taking so long, they tell me I haven’t qualified and that the threshold has passed. What?!?!?! Then they tell me they will open an investigation and it will take 6-8 weeks. I’m flying to my honeymoon in 6 weeks and needed to book my flight with my bonus miles and now I’m screwed. Definitely don’t sign up for their offers unless you have over 6 months to deal with their bull!!! Will be cancelling my card for sure!! Can’t believe I paid a $200 annual fee for this crap!!
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9 months ago, 34skyline
Came back
I was Amex customer years ago, I had American Express green charge card, So in 2023 came back to American Express and apply for the Amex Gold because I like to eat, But wish that American Express fix friend’s referral link to get American Express credit cards,A few friends of mine send me a referral but when I finish my application I get a pop up message stating that I’m not eligible for the welcome bonus but I can still get the card along with having the great benefits that the card offer but Majority of the people signs up for a new credit card is for the welcome bonus, I never had the Platinum card before so I should be eligible for the welcome bonus, So I hope that American Express sends me a target offer for the platinum card because the referral links just leaves you with a pop up message and not eligible for welcome bonus
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6 years ago, pizzadogs
Customer Review
Hi there, The mobile app and the online account website are terrible. When a payment is made to clear balances, they still appear with an option to pay it or plan it. The hidden fees with plan it are unclear. Plus, you have the option to change rates at your discretion and a user has to call if a merchant credits a plan it balance to have that credit apply to that plan. That is not convenient. And quite frankly makes absolutely no sense but to trick the customer in my opinion. Running balances are not shown and it’s unclear which purchases payments are made to which is not best practices. I received a merchant credit and it’s unclear why it states it was from a retailer. Plus the credit was not even added to the balance. This is confusing and unclear. When will that credit be posted. 6-8 weeks? That seems like quite an extended period. The cash back feature is also unclear. Better documentation needs to be available in the app and on the website. You need to be able to change your password in the app, not just using the forgot password. Just a way to change it when you know your password. I received communication that you were changing plan it rates a mere month after I obtained this account. So far, I’m not pleased with this card and I’m not sure if I will continue to utilize it in the future. Hope this helps, -Corie
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4 months ago, Suztaytay
American Express has your back!
I am speechless as to how to describe this company and how great they are: I had two beautiful, smart, energetic kids in college. We tried to mix it up with taking out loans to fund their college studies. We paid tuition with federal loans, personal loans and unfortunately came up short with general living expenses. So we ended up using credit cards to make it through every month. We got into a bit more credit card debt then we anticipated. American Express heard our pleas for help and took action! They bumped our interest rate down to a very reasonable rate and asked us to get on a payment plan. After many months of paying the minimal payment, we finally were able to clear out a several thousand dollars of a debt we owed to them. Now our balance is zero! Without their help and understanding, we may have had to file for bankruptcy. Not only did they save us with this program, they were the most professional reps with which we have ever dealt! So compassionate, empathic and professional! THANK YOU AX! We will forever be grateful for your help! And as a result will be forever Honors AX Card users! American Express…keep up this great work helping Americans stay or getting them back on track for financial security!
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2 years ago, KristinaMariah
Why I love American Express
American Express has been very good to me. not only have they been incredibly helpful when I had a stolen card and dealt with an eBay debacle they also made my trip abroad much more pleasant. A few years ago I was traveling through Eastern Europe when I started to feel ill. A friend of mine told me I could contact American Express and they would help me find a doctor. Not only did they find a clinic that would see me that day, they also made the appointment for me and put me in touch with transportation to get to the clinic. They contacted me by email for the next three days to make sure I was doing alright. Because I was going to several different countries they let me know that they would help me out no matter where I was. I’ve never had a credit card company be so caring and I will be forever grateful.♥️♥️♥️
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3 years ago, Braderaid
I signed up for this card for the reward points 40,000 ski miles However after three months I did not see my points so I called talk to the supervisor for an hour and 30 minutes for him to let me know that I don’t have my points for some reason & couldn't give me a definite reason why. I called back the second day to talk with the supervisor who said that he would get it handle for me. Once I called the store they put me on hold for 45 minutes and tell me that there’s no supervisors available and they should take 7 to 10 days after the previous supervisor told me it would be handled in 24 hours horrible customer service and sad I have to go through this to get my reward points… They are not giving my points. I will be making a complaint with the better business bureau as well.
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1 month ago, Rhondarox
There are so many things that I love about my American Express Platinum Card. But if I have to sum it all up it would be that American Express takes care of you as a card holder. When I travel I have the assurance that there will be no problems with anything that I am trying to do. In addition, I have the peace of mind that American Express prioritizes me over any vendor and will protect my transactions, which is very important to me in the setting of so much fraud globally. And lastly, American Express does and excellent job at updating your card in real time. The investment infrastructure behind the payment platform doesn’t affect the timing of your payment. I absolutely love that feature and I wish more card companies would adopt that practice. Thank you so much American Express for valuing me as a card member since 2004.
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1 year ago, Mycareer003
Amazing company with amazing customer service
I wanted to take the opportunity to express my deepest appreciation for American Express and their commitment to Customer Service. In this day and age, when many companies have customer service representatives that are inpatient, frustrated in their employment, disrespectful, and just downright ignorant at times, it is a pleasure to be able to always, 24 hours a day, contact American Express Customer Service and receive exceptional customer service anytime during the night and or day. I have contacted them on multiple occasions from small things, to things that seem to be complex, and each and every time they have handled any issues with a superior level of care, concern, patience, and professionalism that to date for me, has not been matched. I TRULY DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!!!
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11 months ago, joe six pack
Fantastic Customer Care and Travel Experience
I’ve had nothing but the best experience with Amex. From getting replacement cards to dealing with fraudulent charges, their customer care team is top notch. The experience that stands out, and is why I will be a forever customer, is when we had to use a flight credit from a canceled flight. We were told on the phone by one of their travel representatives that so long as we booked within a year of use, it did not matter when the flight was. This turned out not to be the case. The mistake on the part of the agent was unfortunate, but upon verifying, Amex quickly corrected the mistake and worked with the airline to extend the travel credit. From last minute reservations to exclusive dining experiences, the travel concierge alone is well worth the yearly fee.
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3 years ago, KC10Buckeye
Meh — App could be so much better
I love my AMEX card and all the benefits and things I can do with it…but the app could be so much better. Hotel search function is very slow and clunky. I travel a lot, and sometimes my layovers are short and I stay at the airport. For example, at LAX airport the app zooms out too far and does not include ANY hotels near the airport. I know the app is showing me preferred hotels first…but it should show me at least ONE hotel AT the airport. It’s just not helpful, and feels like “you” — conversationally speaking — ignored my search request. Another area that could be better is the “Pay It/Plan it” feature in the account balances section. I LOVE this feature, and use it all the time. However, I wish I always had the option to Pay It, or at least set the limit for the Pay It feature. With inflation of restaurant prices, you can’t get out the door these days without busting the pay-it limit. Finally, the “Offers” tab needs a way to filter them to refine what offers I want to see. There are just too many, and you just have to scroll and scroll and scroll. Not very efficient. The good parts though are great! I always use the “Find an Airport Lounge” feature to explore my options and find the best one. I love the security features as well. Basically, just wish the app was as great as the card…I love my AMEX card :-)
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5 years ago, why oh why cant I
My two cents
The app seems to work as it should I like the fact that you can add your bank account and just pay your bill electronically I’m happy with the card and the app so I gave it four stars I would’ve given it five stars the only reason why I held back the last star is I wish the developers of this app would allow me to make a payment as long as I have a balance even though there might not be a payment required at that time and so with that being said you have to wait to make a payment even if you owed the money what I don’t like about that is I have to watch the app to find out when is the earliest time I can make a payment to where I wish I could make a payment of at least the amount of the balance even if it hasn’t posted yet But aside from that one thing I’m very satisfied with this app
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4 years ago, ChristopherTony
Scrolling glitch yet to be corrected
For many months now there has been a scrolling glitch with the app that I tried reporting using the contact protocols in the app but after more than a couple of updates the problem still exists. For users with more than one Amex card on their account the home screen lists all of the cards vertically and the user can scroll up or down thru the list to select which card details to access. On an iPhone 11 Pro Max five cards fit on the screen. The problem occurs when there are six cards or more in an account. The screen does not scroll past the fifth card. It gets glitchy or twitchy, I don’t know the technical term, but it won’t actually advance, it flickers and resets so that the sixth card never advances onto the screen to be selected. As I mentioned previously this issue has been going on for some time now and so I am writing this here in the hopes that someone will read this and pass it along. Thanks.
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4 years ago, disappointed Customer x105
How they’ve handled this pandemic is a complete disappointment and shows how much the company does not know how to adapt in the face of any difficulties. We’ve tried for over 9 days now to get through to anyone to cancel flights and get our money back. We sit on hold for over 2 hours every day and then the call just gets dropped. We try messaging them online and they say they can’t help and the only people that can help are by calling the one number. The one number THAT DOESNT WORK. Other large business’ allow you to do everything online easily. Other airlines sent out messages saying they will automatically refund if people don’t show up but since we purchased our flights through American Express travel we don’t have that luxury. We trusted this business and thought that they would be the most relatable business through all of this but they have been the absolute worst. I have never in my life written a review but thought it was needed because this company should be embarrassed. Who ever is in charge of the response to this crisis on your team should be fired.
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5 years ago, JefrVS
Decent app, terrible chat
I use this app to view my bills, charges, and deals. The most frustrating part about the app is the Concierge Chat for platinum and centurion members. The chat consistently drops connection and I then need to wait again to connect to someone who can help me. I get notifications from the app and when I click to chat, it takes me to the main screen and shows a chat bar at the bottom so I cannot access the chat option. How can I respond when I can’t see the message? I have better luck closing the app and reopening it, then navigating to the chat section. Otherwise I cannot get to it from the notification or it disconnects and my messages do not send. The chat is also a second thought- it’s hidden in a “Contact Us” menu in settings. I’ve been a member since 2005 and an authorized user long before that- I love the service but this is extremely frustrating when I’m trying to handle something while I am unavailable to speak.
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1 year ago, Aprilgirl109
Amex App
First I want to say all the customer support and benefits of the card have been amazing! My only qualm is the app itself. For some reason, there is no way to access all account information as a manager in the app. Meaning, if you are an additional card member (not the person who applied for the card) with manager access, you can only see the purchases made on the card you use not both cards under the account. This means the only way to pay the full balance of the card, as the additional card holder, is to access the online account through a web browser. This seems like an extreme flaw to this design and is quite inconvenient for our family’s finances as we only pay our credit cards by app, as I’m sure most do these days. The app layout and use seems relatively simple so far but this is a huge flaw. I hope to see some updates soon to this design feature.
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