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AMI Entertainment
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3 weeks ago
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User Reviews for AMI Music

4.57 out of 5
13.3K Ratings
5 months ago, BLUEFOOTENT
App currently not working
I thought it was because of the bar I’m at but for some reason the app is down all across Manhattan. Went to 3 well known bars that are connected to this app and none of the selection for anything comes up. If you look at my account you know I put more money into this app more than anyone. I’m almost sure of it. I absolutely love the fact you get credits back when you use the app compared to when you use money. That the main reason why I use it. Please 🙏 update the app so I am capable of using it the next time I go out. It’s such a awesome thing to use when you are talking to people and you don’t want to move from your company. It’s wonderful that you can use your phone and I need this to work. Please 🙏.. I really appreciate it. Have a blessed work week my friends. I even rated the app 5 stars because I appreciate the convenience that much. Please update as soon as possible. I’m sure I’m not the only one. I do know I spend the most money in this thing tho.
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5 months ago, Kat Fairy
Love The App At First But Now Freezing
I had the app for over a year and love it. It is so convenient to not leave your seat at a bar and pick tunes. Also love how you earn credits and can use Apple Pay. It is a pain to put money in the jukebox. Yesterday I wanted to play music at a local bar and to my disappointment the app was frozen. I tried deleting app and reloading it. No luck. I even rebooted my phone. Still no luck. Today I tried sending email to the company but first time it came back saying that there is an error try resending. So I did and I got the same error message again. So figured I will address the problem this way.
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2 years ago, NEENEE X1
This is great, BUT…….
They need to add a ton more songs. There are a lot of songs that I can’t find. Especially indie music and rock bands from across the pond. And they need to add an option to cancel a song out if you decide NOT to play the song and get your credits back. I accidentally clicked on a song to play and there was no way of canceling it out. Other than that, this app is SWEET! To the creators, please add more songs because certain artist only have certain songs when the artist have a lot of other great songs😀 Then it’ll be perfect 🤩 I LOVE THIS APP!!!!
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5 years ago, SunnySideUp_22125
Misses the mark
2 major issues with this app. Missing songs from some of my fav artists. Ex no “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo and neither of Megan Thee Stallion’s mix tapes all of which is available on a competing app. The other issue is that the app doesn’t display complete song info. I learned this the hard way when I played a song and it was an awful remix. Then for another song I saw 2 album options appear but there was no label indicating which was the clean or which was the explicit version. Again I rolled the dice and ended up playing the wrong version. At minimum the song info should be complete and include the whole title, song time - because sometimes the album version is significantly longer than the radio edit. My local bar switched from a different vendor to this one and I hate it. I’m not buying anymore credits because I’m so irritated by initial experience. Users beware!
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6 years ago, Misslilmomak
Charge Dispute
Update: The app company did reach out to me to help me resolve this issue. I do appreciate their prompt responses and research into the situation. Apparently this is not an annual charge. Still working on getting this resolved but had to update my review because I’m impressed with their customer service. I downloaded this app about a couple years ago and haven’t re-downloaded it to my new phone. I suddenly have an “annual charge” of $5 on my card from AMI Music which is the new name for Barlink. Not cool. I’m disputing the charge and getting a new card. Pretty sure this is not legal. Be careful where you enter your credit card information and watch your accounts.
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1 year ago, ROWDY BIKER
Fraud and theft
I’ve used this app for three years. I Liked it keeping me signed in. I would use my PayPal account $10-$20 a month with no issues with the exception of them listing songs at one price but charging a lot more credits than what was listed after choosing it. I’ve tolerated that theft. But when I opened the app this weekend it asked me to sign in and and refused to accept my email/password and refused to allow me to reset it via email as it never sent one. I have lost my balance that I kept on there. I’ve lost my credits that were on there and the app is now forcing you to create a new account which shows a zero balance and zero payment history and credits. I’ll bring my JBL’s to the bar patio from now on since I’m out the money I deposited. Shame on you AMI!
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2 months ago, Meatguy813
Love this app. Change one thing
I absolutely love this app and have spent tons of money at bars with my buddies being the one that can control the music and DJ. But please make it where I can add a library, or even import my music without having to choose a venue, so that way when I go to different locations, the songs that are blacked out, I can still view and add to my playlist without being at that particular location
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2 years ago, richmedium
No excuse for the weak catalog
This app could be the bomb… if the developers got off their butts and made significantly more music available to customers than they do via their embarrassingly small catalog. There is no excuse for this paltry offering other than abject laziness. ASCAP has already done all the hard work for them. Maybe the developers think it’s “quaint” to have a catalog the size of a 60s diner jukebox. But it’s not. It’s a bore. Or maybe the developers have decided to join the “quiet quitting” movement. Whatever the reason, one day they will wake up to find that Apple, Google, or Shazam has deftly made the AMI app completely and totally redundant. And on that day, patrons of bars and musical artists all over the world will not shed a single tear.
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3 years ago, smokenu619
Library has horrible remixes
The app operates GREAT but it doesn’t show any difference between the original version and a HORRIBLE remix of the song. It happens way too often that you pick the horrible remix instead of the original song. You eventually just remember not to take the chance playing certain songs because you can’t tell if you’re playing the horrible remix or the original song. I have to take 2 stars away because they could make it easy on the customer paying for the song but they make it confusing on purpose. ON PURPOSE. Don’t believe any excuses they do it on PURPOSE.
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5 years ago, Kjb0409
Fake as hell, don’t waste your “priority” and money
I put in $5 and put in about 5 songs priority and 2 regular or something along those lines, which seemed great. But after an hour, not a single song had played, so I download the app. The top 5 songs weren’t a single one of mine, but that was fine. Until I saw “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC magically move from not even on the top 5 to number 1. So I downloaded the app, paid $5 again, and put in a song as “priority.” It didn’t show up even as number 5, even though at that point it would have been the second request for the same song. So it’s a scam, this is a bunch of nonsense. All they want is what they’re looking for, not at all worth your money, ever, either in the app or in person.
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7 years ago, myreview193
This app steals money sometimes
I think at first this App worked great and was fun. Even though I knew I was paying an outrageous price to play a song, it was fun to be able to control the jukebox and play songs from my phone. However, the last few times I have used it, it clearly did not works correctly. Many songs I paid money for to play never played. I watched people go up to the juke box and put in money not playing priory and their songs played while my sings still sat in “waiting”’ mode. I waited for hours but the songs never played. There is no one to contact to get a refund. Never again will I use this App. Save your money , done use this App.
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5 years ago, PainfulNicknameProcess
Some improvements, Priority Play is bunk
It’s nice to see the upcoming song list, and over all it’s a solid user experience. I feel like the local caching could be better, but it’s not that bad. BUT, the priority play used to mean your song would play next (if, as I gathered from regular use, you were the last person to play priority before the current song ended). Now, I played three songs with priority and thy didn’t even appear on the next five songs list. I don’t mind if they changed they’re algorithm, it’s their prerogative. I just don’t feel like I can get my music on any more and that matters a lot, so I’d say don’t bother unless your sure the jukebox is open.
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4 months ago, IHPC'S
Use This Everyday
I’ve had this app for over 3 years and I truly enjoy it. I have lunch at the same place almost everyday. The selection is great, although one Artist was removed wish I knew why. I accumulated over 100 songs on my playlist, never had a problem.
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2 years ago, Annoyed Ben Dover
I was at a bar and pulled up the queue because I wanted to hear a song. It only pulled up 5 songs and I said oh sweet I can hear this before we leave. Well I check it again because I haven’t heard it in a reasonable amount of time for 5 songs and see a bunch of new songs in the queue. Then I realized there’s more than 5 songs and they basically get you to spend money without you even knowing if you will get to hear it or not. I think it’s ridiculous I can’t see everything that is in the queue. Other than that it the music selection is great and convenience is nice but that frustrates me.
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5 years ago, skinnerback
Crap queue calculation.
In a bar with a Max of 15 people. Played 8 songs directly on the jukebox after nobody was at it for over half an hour... after checking the app, none of my songs were the current or in he next 5..... no way this group is requesting what is being played that much longer over my paid songs. Waste of money!!! Update: Again, in a bar with maybe 15 people, I paid $5 and got 15 credits, played 7 songs at 2 credits each followed by a 1-credit song to fill the remaining space... when my selections finally started showing on the playlist, it showed 2 of my songs that cost 2 credits, followed by the 1 credit song. Update2: just after posting that review, my 1st actually played, however the queue immediately shows 2 other songs before my next song... something is not right with the order/sequence of songs for AMI and I would not recommend using this service, I know I am done with it after this experience.
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5 years ago, @dressedfortime
Worked fine at first, not unplayable.
Loved this for the first couple years I used it, but haven’t been able to access it for the past month! I get this response- Sorry, our server is not responding. Please try quitting and restarting the app. If the issue persists, the AMI server may be temporarily down. Please check back shortly. When trying to play music, trying to log in, etc. I reloaded with $20 right before this happened and I’d like either the bug to be fixed or a refund. I even deleted and reinstalled the app and same thing. I otherwise enjoyed this app!
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6 years ago, Crapple31
Would love to see a "next up" feature
I can't tell you the number of times I've gone to play a song and found the same one playing after (good, like-minded company?), but it still drives me and everyone else at the bar crazy to hear the same song twice. I'd love to see some kind of "next-up" feature so I can see what's gonna play next and avoid playing the same song twice. It's also nice to have so we can follow the "mood" of the bar. Otherwise, no complaints here.
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7 years ago, Lilozzie
I use this app regularly, but am finding it frustrating lately. When I search through my playlist, which is very lengthy, I start at the top, play a few songs, hide the app and then come back in a little while to play a few more songs and I have to start my search all over at the top again. It doesn't remember where I left off in my playlist. I wish you guys could please fix that so it remembers where I left off in my playlist. Thank you!
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4 years ago, oa754
AMI needs GPS
The app should not allow you to change music or pick music unless you are in the bar. There should be some type of check in or gps check. The app has made AMI worse and actually ruins the experience in bars given anyone can choose a song at any bar. I’ve wrote this review before and the response is you need to check in at the bar to pick music. You don’t. That is wrong. I just picked some songs at a bar I am not at or near. I have never seen the check in function ever and I use the app every weekend. Is there a fix for this? The app ruins the jukebox if there isn’t.
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5 years ago, rj quibodeaux
Old version was better
The newest updates for AMI make the app a little harder navigate. The background is white, which is harder on the eyes when in a dark bar. Also, when searching for an artist, the app doesn’t recognize some artist or songs spelling and then changes the words without permission, making you erase and type it all over again. Please update app again. I use this app sooooo often because I work in a bar that uses the AMI Jukebox and it would make looking up songs so much easier.
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2 years ago, gejdmrjjrjd
Just need to fix annoying issues
It is so annoying to only be able to see the next 5 songs, I cannot see if some clown put in 5 hours worth of music, i have wasted so much money for songs i do not get to hear, if i cannot see all the people before i play a so g i cant even PAY More to hear my music because I cannot see if i am Wasting my money. Im done with this garbage app if you are going to pretend that the queue is not set and not disclose whats already entered.
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6 years ago, mambassador
Love this app. Works well at every venue I’ve visited. However, in recent upgrades it lost some simple functionality. During navigation it would automatically take you back to where you left, now it automatically goes back beginning. Annoying when playing multiple songs. An obvious bug that needs to be fixed. Why do some songs suddenly disappear from library? How can songs be added?
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2 years ago, jaime12-
Real experience
Nice app conviene to stay in your seat and play music. But it should be a little more explanatory towards when my song will play and when my credit as actually confirmed on a song I click on songs and a different song pops up on the speakers I don’t know If I’m really buying it because it never plays next
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7 years ago, Meganofvenus
How to earn brownie points
So I was at a bar playing my jams and suddenly live music happened. My music selections were put on serious hold. I wish for an option that detects when a user has left the location and puts music selections on hold until that user returns. That way users could enjoy their music picks when they came back to the jukebox. That would be great 🎀
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2 years ago, gespaco
One request
I love the app. It’s simple to use and I think the idea of seeing the next 5 songs in the queue is awesome! My one request would be to maybe see the LAST 5 songs that were played. That would help a bit with people repeating songs too close together.
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3 months ago, Sir Lyric
Great Music App
Such a great music selection with various artists no mater what genere one wishes to hear. The application is very user friendly and gives many options of establishments in which have the Ami sound system available. Thumbs up AMI..!! Great entertainment availability given to the vast public who enjoy great Sounds!!!
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3 years ago, srdavis85
Share Credits with Friends.
I love this app. It’s easy to use and whatnot but I think it would be a great idea to be able to share or gift credits to other friends who use the app because music is what brings us together even when we are not.
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2 years ago, JosephBones
Priority Play is a Joke
I spent $10 to play 1 song. And it still didn’t play. It was an experiment to see if I kept doing “priority play” would it move up? The answer is, “no.” There’s no way that 8 other people spent more than $10 to play one song. There are times when this easy to use app is useful. However, don’t waste your money to play your favorite song if there’s more than 10 people at your location. Priority play is a joke.
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3 months ago, Opportunity of a Lifetime
I would give it 5 but
I have it 3 because I think the price is a bit pricey. Sometimes the restaurants don’t have the music loud enough to enjoy. The other reason is that some of the artist I want to hear aren’t on there. Like one of my favorite albums is called Mood Swings. I also like Iridescent Skies both by Gilbert’s Soul. I might be biased because my first name is Gilbert lol But either way, those are my reasons.
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7 months ago, Over itttttttt
Lies about priority songs
Says they will play music with priority but will not. At the bar after 20 minutes and no song has been played but extra credits were bought for them to be played now. It’s a busy bar but can’t believe not one of the 8 songs are listed on the queue. Spent more money on the priority songs and unhappy with the results.
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5 years ago, Laurent520
This is a crime
You guys have literally robbed me of a good night, not only did I spend money on the tangible machine, but I paused the app and applied the play next button (with priority) to play my song up next. This is a crime and honestly I would never complain about 6 dollars, but to offer a service worth 6 dollars and claim “priority” only to not deliver on your promise is a crime and just down right unethical. At the end of the day 6 dollars is spilled milk, but if you want to grow as a company you’d need to execute on your “priorities” and promises to further your consumer/supplier base. At the end of the day you stole my money from me after promising me ONE PLAY. I’m so disgusted with this service. PEOPLE, Do yourself a favor and just bring your external speaker to a club. At least you’ll get your song played WITH PRIORITY. PS I WISH I COULD GIVE 0 STARS IM SO DISGUSTED. Never have I experienced such a lie from an app.
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5 years ago, Baseball Mom of 5
Had a great time w/ this app
Had a great time picking out my music and listening. No one else at the bar was paying for songs so all my songs were played. I also like the feature that says what’s popular to play at the bar which helped remind me of some good songs.
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6 years ago, yijchou
Doesn’t play your songs, takes your money anyway
A novel idea, but since it doesn’t do the ONE THING it’s designed to do, epic fail! First time I loaded up $5 worth of songs in the neighborhood pub’s jukebox. I realized about 40 minutes later that nothing will play unless you select “play with priority”, which costs extra by the way. Next visit, I loaded 4 songs and after 30 minutes, none of them played, so I contacted AMI for a refund. All I have gotten so far is this snippy response and a screenshot showing that they played 2 seconds after I selected them: “Where were you? The data indicates that they all played successfully.” Obviously, a technical glitch, because why would ANYONE go to all that trouble for $5 in music credits! And is this seriously what qualifies for customer service these days? Save your money and sanity.
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6 years ago, Lethxtsjrsjrajrzjfs
Great selection, bad app
It seems like there’s plenty of options on each AMI jukebox I come across my issue is how behind the times your app is. With TouchTunes it shows me upcoming songs, gives me rewards based on how often I visit (aka how much money I spend) and has a better layout on the app. I would love to see upcoming songs on your app and better interface that lets your user choose songs easily.
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3 years ago, CiscoDaKod
Does not have variety of music.
If I’m being honest this app has mainly rock music and country music. I love all types of music but the app should definitely be more diverse in music. It is a great idea but they need to expand their music selection. They had one 2pac song also no lil Wayne just not that great overall. Seems like it’s meant to be for one culture only. I wonder if it’s only at certain locations because this app is at a local diverse bar and it has different selection of music. Idk overall I did not like it. Bad experience.
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6 years ago, HOLM1226
Better Than Touch Tunes
My credits are NOT limited to a certain bar. I can use them wherever. That’s what makes your program better. I would like to see the ability to download immediately searches that are not on file.
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5 months ago, Tbcountry
When it works, it’s great!
Great app. I use it at my local watering hole! All day today the app hasn’t been working. It just shows the ami logo and never loads the app. I’ve restarted my phone, deleted the app and reinstalled it and still not working. Hopefully a new update comes and it resolves the issue
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5 months ago, Guli_584
Give people a chance
It’s great. But it’s too easy to skip someone’s song. Many times either I or someone else has played a hit song and it gets changed instantly. People spending their money on this app shouldn’t be so hard for them to listen to their song.
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2 years ago, NaturalEdward
Paying for credits confuses me
I think I paid $20 for 40 credits. After payment I saw that I had 60 credits. Played a 2 credit song and had 58 credits left. I was confused and went back to the page where I can buy credits and saw 60 credits were being offered for $20. Following day I see that I only have 38 credits and 40 credits are offered for $20. How does your system work?
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5 years ago, Brendan85
No songs and I’ve been being ripped off for months.
I rarely go to bars but have an account for when I do. Don’t remember my last experiences being great. Again, Went to use it tonight and waited for over an hour for songs to play that I had picked and they never did. Also, come to find out that I’ve been being charged a dollar a month for who knows how long for an “inactive account penalty.” Since I use this app maybe once a year I had no idea. Garbage. What a scam. Do not use this service.
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6 years ago, --- Developer ---
No longer connects with cellular data
This app used to work great until I updated to the latest version. Now the app will not connect unless I am connected to a wireless connection. Does not work with cellular data. What’s up with that? Fixed this issue. For some reason Use Cellular data was not checked in the app settings.
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2 years ago, AJoned
Priority doesn’t work
Before I downloaded the app I selected a bunch of songs from the physical device and 100% positively selected priority! I downloaded the app to check out the song order. My song was next in que and somehow it was bumped down even though it was priority! It happened TWICE! So annoying!!! I don’t appreciate having spent $10 to play several songs on priority and having them bumped by whomever likely had bar control.
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3 years ago, kyliesmiley1234
App not working despite repeatedly re-downloading
Since March I have repeatedly tried to redownload the app and login (through Facebook) and every time the app says it is experiencing issues and nothing happens. I’ve tried creating a new account and same thing. Both my favorite local bars use AMI and it’s been so frustrating to not be able to work the music from my phone. Tried to look for help in app support but didn’t find anything related to these login issues.
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5 years ago, Twisted30
They fixed it.
Often, when I bring up an issue about an app, it falls on deaf ears or “it’s something in your phone”. Not this time. AMI actually looked into the problem, found the cause on their end, and fixed it! Thank you.
Show more
7 years ago, Puzzlelover01
Ami BarLink
This app is just okay. The jukebox only played music we selected as priority music even though we were the only people in the place playing music (clearly). That was pretty annoying as we played our first selections before the bar even started playing music. Then I had to add money to get any of our music to play and select everything new as priority.
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11 months ago, Resirak
Can’t see the song queue
You pay for a song and have no idea if it’s even gonna play because the app and the jukebox doesn’t show you the song queue at all whatsoever. How am I supposed to know when my song is gonna be played if at all? This machine could just be eating money and no one would ever know. Pretty sketchy. Devs needs to make this feature a priority.
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3 years ago, Kassakk
Its great except…
Long story short- this app is great for playing all the music that you love at your favorite bar. However they need to offer more rewards! Ive put in at least $1000 over the last year and I feel like Ive gotten no benefits from it. They should really add that.
Show more
4 years ago, Erelon
Just broke
I’ve used the app a few times. It’s not exactly a good deal price wise but it at least used to work. Tonight it keeps telling me to add funds and never actually adds funds. I hope. Maybe I’ll get my credit card statement and find out this app scammed me out of a bunch of money without playing my music.
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3 weeks ago, MedoZombie
Could be better
I’ll give them this they have bands some jukeboxes don’t but when it comes to having a bands good song I’m always disappointed maybe do a survey on how things could be better and take in peoples suggestions and apply the things that sound good
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3 years ago, SmokinAngler
Waste of money
I literally have spent 10 dollars 5 in cash and 5 dollars on the app it gives you like 15 credits total trash that’s a total of ten dollars and it literally just played 3 songs and the songs I payed for just skipped them and played my last song that I picked in queue a total rip off and waste of money I will no longer be putting money in there machines or on the app put in that money for no songs to play total garbage
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