4.9 (9.6K)
73.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
AMOCO Federal Credit Union
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for AMOCO FCU Mobile

4.9 out of 5
9.6K Ratings
8 months ago, ShiPPPit
Finally a company/bank gets an app right! This app handles everything you could want with ease — transferring money, monitoring multiple accounts, sending/receiving money through Zelle, etc etc.. You can organize your accounts, even rename them which is something I didn’t know I even needed. Life is so much easier having the AMOCO App! The foundation is close to perfect so as they continue to build out & add new features I’m sure it’ll only get better over time.
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9 months ago, CaptMelissa
Always on my team
No matter what my situation or banking need is I am greeted with smiles and people looking to help. I have financed truck, boat, and personal loan. I am treated fairly and given the best rates. Also I love the payment forgiveness. If I pay on time I am rewarded by knowing if times get tough or it’s the holiday, I am given the option to skip a payment without it effecting my credit. I haven’t used that option, but knowing it there is a big relief.
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1 year ago, Dub stepper 420
Broken and missing items
The banking part isn’t bad it’s ok to a certain point. Loads fine can see my accounts and transfer with ease within the bank itself. The problem is with Zelle. They are not friendly with the app that they claim to be partners with. No access to Zelle at all on the mobile app or website and if you open Zelle it just tells you to use the bank app itself. If I need to send money to someone it becomes a hassle and not worth it. Much easier to go to an atm and give cash to someone instead of getting the run around .
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11 months ago, LynEsq
Best decision to change financial institutions to Amico
This has been by far the best decision my husband and I have made as to our financial institution. The staff members . are warm, welcoming and have a true desire to ensure their customers needs are met when feasible. We have never incurred one problem with Amoco. They have gone above and beyond in customer satisfaction. If you are seriously considering changing institutions, I encourage you to check out Amoco Federal credit union.
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4 years ago, Uncle Gonzo
Always broken
Whoever they have making this app is horrible. Every update breaks something on the app. They eventually get it fixed, but by then it’s only a matter of weeks before they update and break another feature. It’s terribly frustrating for those of us who do the majority of our banking and bill pay on our phones.
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11 months ago, Therrell felder
To the bank
I love my bank because they gone help you if you behind on payments nd they understand what’s going on at the same time ..since I been a member of the bank I haven’t had not one problem with the bank or the people tht works there.
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3 years ago, Unhappy and Inconvenient
Constant problems with App on my iPhone 12 Pro
Constant problems I’ll login in one time, then later when I need to check my account again I have problems Keeps telling me something went wrong then it will say error I have been denied. I’ve had this account for years
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3 years ago, 12 year Amoco Member
Cannot Process Transfers /Skip A Pay Bills or Fees from inside app to another account inside the same app. There is no reasonable reason why I should have to pay A $25 Fee for my Skip A Pay Benefits Allotted to me for just being a member and when I go to pay it from the money in my account the app won’t allow me to take the money out of my checking or savings account and pay amoco with it. Yet when you go into the Branch they say to do everything online feels like I’m chasing my own tail.
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11 months ago, Medina’s
I love the app it is so convenient. Sure makes it easy not having to run to the bank all day long… the only thing that it needs is a ATM machine where you can insert money to deposit like Bank of America does. But Amoco is my choice of banking. I would never leave. 🥰
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10 months ago, Lord_BK
This app, in my opinion, used to be like 3 stars out of five. It used to be slow and have all sorts of bugs but one day they did like an overhaul or something of an update. Haven’t had too many issues since.
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3 years ago, stargirrl
Face ID stopped working
A few glitches but overall a decent app to check balances & make transfers. Easier & faster than a desktop. Depositing checks feature doesn’t always work. Sometimes the app runs very slow & takes a long time to load. I loved the convent of checking my balance from the app however it’s no longer convenient that Face ID doesn’t work on this app. Checked my phone settings & other apps & it’s only happening w/ AFCU. V
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1 month ago, The40ozindian
Works great but...
Everything that I use in this app works great, but the calculate pay off. Everytime you select a date and hit calculate it gives an error.
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2 years ago, GenestaNoel
AMOCO would be my #1 choice as far as credit unions go except their app is aggravating and utter garbage. It is unusable. I do the majority of my banking via Chime now because of how unreliable this app is. It seems like whenever it is very important that I get into my account, I can’t and I’m screwed. Each update just breaks something else. Surely they have the $ to invest into a better app developer, so why not? If I knew it could be relied upon more I would switch back.
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7 months ago, Jeffrey hawkes
This is my new Bank
This is the best Bank you could ever ask for free checking & savings account & lots of atm around the South Side of Houston at most 7 11 stores and banks in Alvin, Texas city, Clear Lake, Galveston, & Friendswood !!!!! PS Great people that work there too!!!
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10 months ago, JamesBSW
I think it’s overall well done. There are some things I would personally like to see when on certain menus.
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5 years ago, Slavezero88
Can’t see credit card anything
When trying to check in credit card info doesn’t pull up need fix pls
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10 months ago, JustAnotherFinancialAdvisor
exactly what you want in a banking app
It gives me the information I need quickly and lets me move money simply.
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2 years ago, Muse Bell
I can not transfer money through the app. So I have to phone in or drive to the bank and I live out of town so it’s a big hassle.
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2 years ago, Kev 5150
Love the mobile app
I really love this mobile app… It allows me to make all the transactions I need to make right from the palm of my hand.
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6 months ago, #givemen4you
Great place to bank
Always come through with great advice and always there when I need a loan, luv this place.
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2 years ago, soledad0881
App ain’t working
I hate the updates. I’m having trouble with it even loading.
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10 months ago, Acutally...Really
The Clear Lake Branch team is excellent. John is amazing and everyone is so kind and helpful
The Clear Lake Branch team is excellent. John is amazing and everyone is so kind and helpful
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10 months ago, MrsSAH1022
Great Banking App
User friendly, so many options for all your banking needs! Love it!
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2 years ago, domanana
App not functioning properly
What is the point of the app if you can’t off use it at your convenience the bill pay option never works I don’t get off in time to call the actual customer service line and when I try to use the app I can’t well what convenience
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11 months ago, Merrillthe
Mobile App
AMOCO has a great mobile app. Always available. Never had any problems.
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2 years ago, myers R
I like my bank. But like the people there better , after all that’s what it’s about thanks guys.
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2 years ago, demonfruihdsa
Good service
This is the first bank that made me feel welcome when I walked in
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5 years ago, Moni429
Love the update. So much better than the old app. Love the balance snapshot feature and the ease of logging in.
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11 months ago, Natalie's Gpa
Handy and fast
Fast and handy account access.
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11 months ago, Pole master
Texas Kite Man
I’m a computer idiot and even I can easily navigate this site. They should all be like this. Great job AFCU!
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2 years ago, pikv io
Mobile app , love using it
Easy and fast
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4 years ago, All opinions matter
Can’t log into my account without turning my phone off and back on. When trying to log off, it times out and I never really know if I’m actually logged out. Very inconvenient and honestly aggravating!
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11 months ago, VL Castro
Amoco is the best Credit Union to join
Amoco is the best Crefit Union to be a member. I have been with Amoco for many years. Come join me and be a member!
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2 years ago, esmith3643
Easy to use
Mostly no problems, and easy to use.
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11 months ago, Izzie2218
Amaco has been good to me. I have had no problems. Thank you Amaco.
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10 months ago, fleestaynee
Easy fast reliable
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3 years ago, Mark199219921992
Removed the auto payment due notification And now whenever I stop using the app I get logged out and need to retype my password each time I use the app regardless of checking "Remember Me" Get it together
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5 months ago, Lawintexas
Amoco App
Always helpful and safe app to use. Very convenient. Love it!
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5 years ago, Davidbarnesrealtor
Bad app
A bad banking app! I’m now afraid to use it much for fear of it might be easy to hack as it was written by bad programming . It gives lots of errors and logs me out while using it... may be their website etc but something needs fixing as my assets are on the line here
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10 months ago, Willie JJJ
The best credit union by far!! I do all my banking here!!
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2 years ago, jlkimj
Never works
It always has a bug, no matter the update something always ends up being wrong down the line.
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5 months ago, Babbinss
Incessantly annoying
Will not stop bothering about whether they “Love the app.” If you want a review, make the app good enough I care to review it. If you want feedback or suggestions, have a suggestion box.
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7 months ago, Ohtimi
Good Bank
They are one of the best bank.
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5 years ago, Genevieve Barron
They need to fix their design
The previous design was a little outdated however it worked. This new setup you can only get the app to actually work 2-3 times a week.
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5 years ago, ReneeC🍾
Bad Update
After updating, when I attempt to log in, app freezes. Deleted and reinstalled...same thing.
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2 years ago, texasmedic1990
Horrible app
The app is always crashing, Face ID never works. Always signs out even when remember me is checked. Constant error messages or app outages.
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11 months ago, Ka’neeya
i love amoco
i love amoco i’ve been banking with them for a while and haven’t had any problems
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4 years ago, Wiwljfjejaodnrn
Doesn’t work
App doesn’t even log you in half the time. You just get stuck in the stupid loading screen.
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3 years ago, ymmotneerg
Nice upgrade
Additional functionality is good.
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4 years ago, App stuck245648
App stuck
App is stuck showing one row of lock screen
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