Among Us!

4.1 (777.1K)
816.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
InnerSloth LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Among Us!

4.05 out of 5
777.1K Ratings
2 years ago, ..nicholas..
Good game but
I think the game need some new roles like some one who can try to shoot the imposter. I think the imposter should be available to shoot someone from a distance that would be cool. I hope the game will add some thing for a ghost like it’s not fun to be a ghost it would be nice for something new… like a impostor ghost like he can Haunt people and take their bodies. can only do it once. There should be some new game modes like hide and seek or a solo mode. I know some one made a solo mode but it’s a different game and you can’t get it on Mobile so that would be fun. I love your game thanks. Few mouths later. NEW ROLES? YES! Cosicubes? Cool. Removeing app purchases. EXTREMELY STUPID. I Spent some of my money on this game and they REMOVE IT? Hamster and dog and clothing are gone from me. And I have to spend MORE MONEY TO GET IT BACK?! :( WHY? JUST WHY? AND YOU DONT REFUND IT STILL? Are you kidding. but still the update is cool. New roles I love it. Maybe some more in the future. Please give the app purchases back this made me anxious. I have a 3 star approval of this game cuz of this. But it’s still 4 stars because of the game kinda balanced it out. ( pets in cosmicubes) lol. Plz give stuff back. Please. And a was gonna say something about disconnecting whenever someone leaves but you fixed that. Also why cant you sign in with game center? or stuff like facebook or google or whatever. good game in the end. just hate quick chat.
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7 months ago, ksckshfjshsf
I looooooooooooooooove this game I play every day
Inner sloth developer I want you to hear this or read this in Hide and Seek mode in the new map the fungle people go on the zip line one time wait there until the imposter comes and go back down I want you to fix that and tell the people not to do that it’s not fair when I’m imposter or somebody else is they have the chase him down and up what I think you should do is probably either tell them like I said or make the people wait a little longer to use the zip line like 30 seconds or something I would really like that fix because it’s not fair and I think among us and all games should be fair but I still love this game please fix that but I’m going to just say the things that I love about this game right now I love all the maps I love the classic mode and the hide and seek mode and you were really creative about this game you didn’t just put regular people in that game you actually made up people like characters and I think it was really smart to make it’s so you can decorate your character and play at the same time and I really like how you made the lobby and that there’s a computer there so you can like create the game if you’re host and I like that you have role’s in like that throughout the game and when you’re imposter you can turn into a Shapeshifter or you can be a guardian angel if you’re dead or a ghost and you can be a scientist and engineer so you can vent and I like that all roles have a purpose bye👍
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2 years ago, angel, love, beauty, repeat
Reasons of Among Us
Hi! So I love the game! I love the detail added to the hide and seek mode of the game with the meeting button broken. That’s one of my favorite details because you can’t call the meetings! Every time there’s a meeting, I get voted out! For example: once, I did scan in front of EVERY player in the game I was playing with! But when the other gamer who wasn’t with us the whole time reported the body he said that I was the imposter! Everyone said that I did scan and the gamer said that because I did scan it was me! I’m sorry, but has that person lost their mind?! Anyway, they all voted me out even though they saw me do scan and then the rest of the crew said that he was safe because he voted me out and I wasn’t the imposter! That’s the reason why I don’t like the meetings! The second detail I love was how the creators made the seeker so cool and creepy! I love that they added how many crew members were alive and dead! I also love the bar for how close the imposter is! That was a really big help for me! I was getting a little kinda bored of the classic among us so i’m very happy and thrilled that they added hide and seek to the game! The next game I want them to add is an all new shift and seek game so when is crew mates are trying to play shift and seek in classic mode, every one will actually play by the rules of shift and seek! Thank you for reading this interview, see you next update!
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3 years ago, VO96
The Updates
I used to bolt to my phone once I had the opportunity of free time just for I could play this game. This game is tremendously entertaining but, with time this game gradually gets boring. It eventually went to me playing this game everyday to never playing this game in the duration of months. I had such an amazing time playing this game. After months of not playing this game I came back, but now the enjoyment of playing this game has declined as a result of this games updates. One of my critiques for this game is the limitations of speech. I do understand that without the limitations of speech people could get foul things said to them, but when you’re not allowed to explain yourself why your not the Imposter, that takes away the point of the game; Prove yourself trustworthy and deceive the Crewmates or catch the Imposter without being suspected. In my opinion, the graphics aren’t the most flattering, I prefer the the previous version but yet again, that’s just a personal preference. The fact that you can’t change your name in the game is also just a minor change that I miss. Yes they removed the feature of changing your name because people were abusing that power, but there are other solutions that would make everyone happy, for example: censoring the name, instead of just completely taking the ability to change your name away. Other then these minor issues, the game is still enjoyable, I still would recommend people to play this game just to kill downtime.
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11 months ago, santaclaus1000
Awesome and really addicting
Ok so I love this game soooooo much!!! but even with censor chat on you can still see some inappropriate language and it edits out things like: trap, is that a bad word? And also you can kick and\or ban but why can’t we ban or kick in-game you can say bad words and things there too. But also I want to play with more then 10 players but I have to get a mod to do that and that messes up the whole game! Me and my friend played this game 2 days ago and we found a game with 245 people in it! I think we should be able to do that without a mod. And I think we should have a friend request button because some people say “I would love to play with you again let’s swap numbers!” Being a child I obviously said no but I did want to play with them again witch was unfair because I really liked them! Also it disconnects so easily so if my dad texts I go over check it maybe respond after 30 seconds go back and I’ve disconnected! I think there should be unlimited emergency meetings just saying. And another thing I want to open the doors like in the polus in the skeld. Ok final thing no numbers just in cases of sharing addresses or phone numbers if you type a 1234 it will turn up as **** ok that’s it 👋 Xoxo - among us obsessed 9 year old 😉 Edit: oh my god my grammar was terrible when I was nine- I’m twelve now and I promise that I can write 😭😂
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4 years ago, lexi is a dog
Great but some suggestions
It’s an amazing app and I LOVE it but there are a few problems. 1. It keeps kicking me out before I even get a chance to play a game. For instance, I was playing with a bunch of my friends on a call, and right when the game started, it kicked me out and I didn’t get to play. But luckily, I have it on my computer and I still got to play, but not for a couple of rounds. Maybe it’s just my phone, but maybe not. 2. We need friends in the game. Let me explain. If you play like 5 games in a row with someone and you’re bonding with them, maybe you have to go or maybe they have to go, or if you get kicked or something, you never get to see each other ever again. Also it could be the same thing except with friends. And maybe you can see if you’re friends (in the game) are playing. 3. Newer stuff, like new colors, tasks and hats would be absolutely amazing! I have seen that the developers are working on a new map. 1 question about that. Is it gonna be a hide and seek map? If so that would be the most wonderful thing! Or even just another map even if the one you’re working on isn’t a hide and seek one. I love Among Us and all its features. I very much respect everyone that works on it, and I know it’s hard. But acknowledging at least 1 of the things I listed would be, I can’t even explain. Thank you so much for reading.
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2 years ago, Have it be fun
Quick chat?
Dear Developer of innerSloth, It’s a great game, really! And what I’m about to say may be because you earn money because of it.. but I’m just a kid so I don’t really get this stuff. But Among us used to be the type of game that you could be impostor or crewmate, and impostor: you could kill people, sabotage, and try not to get exposed! But watch out! People could be on the cameras in security making sure there’s no funny business! Crewmate: escape the impostor and try not to get killed! Try not to get accused for being impostor and stay low, and do your tasks! If the impostor gets you than you become a ghost!- anyway I think this is a great game especially with avatar creator! And I loved this game until quick chat, and all the other things to sign in for… mostly because it doesn’t really even LET me sign in, and I don’t want to bug my parents.. “hey mom! Can you help me sign into this game that you don’t even play and probably don’t even care about so that I can chat with strangers?” I mean.. come on! Also please keep adding stuff to the Mira Cosmicube! I already have everything on here so yeah, OH! and another thing I forgot to mention is the names… that’s something else you have to sign in to customize.. otherwise your name will be something like ShortApple..any way InnerSloth PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS….oh and like I said I’m just a kid so idk if this is about money 💴…. Also I like that you can at least say yeet in the chat! Anyway thx for reading!!
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4 years ago, X883
Problems need fixing.
I don’t doubt that this is actually a good game because it looks like a really really fun concept. I just wish I was actually able to play it. I seriously don’t understand why there’s a limit to how many servers/games can be hosted. So now I’m not even able to play with my friends, instead I have to go into a public game which ended up getting me kicked within the first few seconds because apparently people like to make their own games just to make it public then start kicking people which I seriously don’t understand. I’m not having a good first impression. I don’t doubt that a lot of people would like to respond to this comment by saying you just have to play for a bit longer but my point is I shouldn’t have to play for longer to try to finally experience the game and have fun with it, I shouldn’t have to constantly search for public games until eventually i come across someone who’s actually going to be nice, or actually be able to join a public game because for some reason this game decides to list games that are hosted by players but the game is already going so I’m not allowed to join. So seriously why list the match if I can’t join? I’m really hoping eventually I will be able to play the game and actually have fun with it but until then it’ll continue to frustrate me, it seriously needs a lot of improvements until this can actually be something that I can enjoy. Please fix these issues because I’d love to try it.
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1 year ago, Jasdow77
hen the game was donkeys
So when I was playing the game, it went weird. I was playing practice mode and I was just playing it for fun, but when I was playing practice my mode I turned into a donkey. I don’t know why I tried fixing it. I looked everywhere. I looked on settings and everything seem normal, but when I got out of practice mode I saw like crewmate donkes and I don’t know why now so frustrated and I don’t know what to do and I keep on looking I keep on looking I keep on looking I get off for like an hour and I still see donkeys floating and if. this is a update am not gonna like this update but it’s still a good game so you should buy it but I don’t know if it’s gonna fix I hope it does. Inner sloth. Please fix this game is amazing and I don’t want this thing to ruin it. I hope this goes to other people and mostly you. Please read this because this is in very important message if please fix this I’m only eight years old when I wrote this so please please I’m begging you and if you are gonna fix that this because when I try to type I want to type in things I can say what I wanna say. But I can’t because I had to choose words on that list of things. So annoying when I can’t type what I want to type so please fix that. inner sloth I love your game is the best. So please fix this cause I don’t want to delete a game.
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3 years ago, Alaskagirlem
Great game, can always be better
Hi, so I’ve been reading reviews on this game and one thing I have seen come up many times is a microphone added for players to chat with one another. Now I think this could be a good idea, but I have to disagree. You see I think this will discourage players to use the regular typing chat we already have, and for players that A. aren’t allowed to talk to strangers. And B. Don’t have a mic, or just are in a crowded room, would not be able to experience the game! Because if they couldn’t use the voice chat they wouldn’t be able to hear or talk because everyone would be using the voice chat, the regular chat would be obsolete. And that would make those people stop playing among us! Which would not be very helpful to your company. Also I have read about the hide and seek mode, and really think that should be added along with other modes; because the game as is, gets boring after a month or so. Personally I haven’t played this game in months because of the lack of variety, I also think a friend system is the #1 thing you need right now because when players who have bonded over a few games are lost to each other forever when they quit/disconnect. All in all it is a very good game with neat gameplay, I just think you need to think about your future because even a game this fun can die fast. Definitely recommend.
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4 years ago, unknownperson😶
Good game!
Overall ‘Among Us’ is a really good and addictive game. It’s super fun even when your not playing with friends. I know many people have an opinion on this (most of them good) so I just thought I spread the word even more. I feel like you should really add a friend system! That way you can send friend requests to people you would like to join’s game. Something that I find very annoying, is when your in the middle of playing, then get kicked out and it says: “Sent 6 pings” or the “unreliable packet source” or something. Its really annoying how you can be playing and then boom. Back to the main menu you go! So that’s something I would like if you fixed it. And finally, the trolls. I hate when people will join a game and ask “hey any (insert gender) here?” “What’s ur snap?” “Hey how old are you?” It’s really uncomfortable. Also when people say inappropriate things like private things to other strangers. It gets me disgusted. So I thought something thst could help with that is banning. If someone is beign really rude,or innapropriate I (and many others) would appreciate it if the game can ban them for maybe 30 minutes. So they can still play, but it’s later. Like a punishment for acting however they did. But I cannot say that this game is bad. I am really enjoying the newest update very much! I just hope that you take these opinions into mind. 💙 Sincerely, Anaya
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3 years ago, I don't want my name up there
Ok first this game was fun.. but then the quick chat update came out and well it is really easy now for the imposter to win. All you can say to defend yourself is lies or no. Also with the update you can’t find what you want to say, because by the time you do everyone has voted , very few seconds left or they don’t believe you because you took to long. I get that you were just trying to help the situation because some people where say I love you and stuff like that. THIS IS A GAME PEOPLE CHILDREN PLAY THIS! These kind of things have ruined so many games for me and others. Are we not going to talk about the glitches in the game like one time people could walk outside the ship and one the wall. Also I don’t know how the game choose to be imposter but that needs to change I played the game once for 1 hour and I was never the imposter once! It’s not fair because people can be imposter 3 times in a row! You need to change how long the kill cool down is because a person can make it take 45 seconds long in my opinion that is too long the same goes for the discussion and voting time. I also have a suggestion maybe you can make a sheriff to find out who the imposter is, and if the sheriff dies then a person can get the weapon or something and kill the impostor. I think that the imposter should be able to do fake tasks but when they do that the crew mates get an alert something. I think that would make the game more fun!
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2 years ago, Moose potato
This app is so fun! 🤩
I love this game! It’s so fun and creative! I love the masks but with the new update it says you can get ghost face, I tried everything and it won’t show up! I looked in every category to find that mask but it’s not there. I double checked everything and my sister has it on her phone and my little sister has it and she plays on a Nintendo switch! But I can’t find it! If I could send a screenshot of it I would but I can’t. I tried and looked on everything but it’s not there! Also, I can’t find the scream robe at all which kinda makes me mad. Well if you can fix that and reply to this when you have read it please do so because I LUV that mask! Set aside all of that it’s a really fun game! I honestly prefer imposter but that’s just me! I also love the April fools day joke! 😂 it’s really funny! If anyone is reading this and wondering if it’s a good idea for a game, it is! You can change it from quick chat to free chat whenever you want! Also speaking of the chat types, mine won’t let me change the chat type. It says you must be signed in to do that, but every time I try to sign it says,”Cannot create account your Apple ID cannot be used for other apps” so I don’t know what’s going on with that. If you can also fix that and get back to me on these 2 issues please do when you can! 🤗 Thank you!
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4 years ago, Afton Studios
Awesome game, a few suggestions
Words can’t describe how much I love this game!! It’s just so fun and addicting. I just got it about three weeks ago and I haven’t stopped playing since. Although it’s a very well made very fun to play game, there’s some things that I think would be cool to add either to among us or among us 2. 1. There should be a way to kick people faster if you’re the host during a game. Some people like to call emergency meetings and waste time, so being able to kick them out would make it go by way faster. 2. I think it would be awesome to add a send a friend request button. Some people have really good friendships on here and a lot of the time one of them might disconnect or have to go and never see each other again! ;( If we had a add friend button, we could always play with them. Plus, when you try to give your personal number or social media’s out to someone, the whole server can see it unless you ban them all. 3. I think I saw this on another review, but maybe add a limit to camera time? It’s kinda hard to kill when people are guarding the cameras. 4. Hackers and exploiters should be automatically banned from playing. Maybe you could install a thing that detects their programming and stuff? They ruin the game a lot. Other than that, this game is amazing! Definitely game of the year. It’s made 2020 so much better. 5 stars for sure
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3 years ago, Kyla reviews
Fun game but still some issues
This game is fun too play with people all around the world. Being the imposter is probably my favorite part of the game and not getting caught. Being a cremate is cool also and helping the team. But I do know something’s need too be changed. For example I played a lot of games with people and the most horrible things I’ve seen is kids cussing at each other or gain up and bullying each other. You can still cuss if you write it a certain way just saying or when people won’t play the game right and gain up on cremates and help the imposter. Also the game will sometimes make it too where I can’t type in group discussion too others about who I think the imposter is or I will start a game and be stuck and can’t move and the only way is going to settings and pushing the finger movement option then put it back to control pad. Another thing that bothers me is when people want hack the game so they can win. For example I was playing a game and report the kill and all sudden I was dead, when no one killed me. That’s called sabotage the whole game by hacking it. Also people get bored play the same map. Should update the maps once a month. That’s why people end up deleting the game because it gets boring play same map over and over. Should add new options for crew mates and imposter too make the game more interesting.
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4 years ago, Cat girl 1345
Love the game it just needs a few tweaks
This game is amazing I love the concept and that you can play with friends. I have a few suggestions for things you could add or fix. My first thing and biggest thing is a friends list because sometimes when your playing you meet this awesome person but then one of you have to go and you will never see that person that you bonded with again. Another thing is new colors, hats, and pets. I think there should be a wider variety of colors including gray, dark red, light purple, and a tie color could be awesome! There should be additional hats added as well like a set of head phones, glasses, new wigs, and a set of pretty wings. I also think that there should be more pets and pets that you don’t have to pay for or like watch a certain amount of adds to unlock this pet or do this to unlock this pet. I think they should add a poddle pet, cat, and a bird would be cool. Something that kinda bothers me is that Mirah HQ (probably spelled wrong) doesn’t have cameras in it. I have also encountered some people who have asked sexual questions and wanted to do sexual activity I know that you can’t really do anything about that but I wanted to put that out there. I hope you guys read this and take some of my suggestions into consideration (even thought you won’t because why would you read my crappy review) thank you! Bye 🤍
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4 years ago, QueenA#1
Great Game, A few notes tho
It’s a really good game but I have a some suggestions. Do you think you can make it to where when you die as a crew mate, you can see who the imposters are. Like there red names show up. Can you also make it to where you can like add ppl as you friend. Like your in a chat and you want to be friends with someone, you can tap there person a new it can be like a profile type thing and you can chat personally and invite them into games. Can you also make it to where you can keep passed games you made. Like say you hosted a game and you like the people in the game, can you make it to where you can have like a place where all your passed games where at and keep it there. Can you also maybe make it where you can favorite lobby. Like there can be a button like a heart or something and you can go to like a tab and go to your favorite lobby’s. Do you also think you can it where when you die you can a have an overview of the whole map. But only when you die so it’s fair. Do you also think you can make something called “watch mode” when you can watch other people play games and you can be I there body’s and watch as they play and overview the map. Think these ideas while make the game way more fun than it already is. I REALLY HOPE YOU CAN CONSIDER THEM. LIVE YOU SWEETHEARTS😘😘😘😘
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2 years ago, oreo fan 90
French Fri review: Dear, Dev Dudes
I am French Fri that may not be my screen name or not I forget. But I am, Among Us is a good game and the people who play the game are very interesting. And could I forget the hackers and modders who bring out the best in this game’s potential. But unfortunately I do have a detailed list of complaints, but please listen they might be worth changing... 1: THE ???: So when playing Among us a well known glitch is a player with a dark green skin but a little lighter and it’s name is just three question marks. It doesn’t bother me but it creeps me out. 2: Oh you want to play a game well NO: so this will always happen when I play Among Us, when I go into a game I’m in the drop ship right? But as soon as the game starts, even before the role choosing I am suddenly ejected (logged out) of the game right back to my screen where all the games and apps are!? 😱😱😱. So please find this glitch and wipe it out. ALSO when that happens thanks to your new thing I have to wait a certain amount of time before playing again because I “disconnected to early.” Also that time can be really LONG. So that is really it but I do have a few things to say... But as always I’m French Fri and Have a happy New Year!!!! 🎆😁😁😁😁😁😆😆😆😆😉😉😉😉😉😉🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆👋👋👋👋👋👋😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😎!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, bruh they are all taken
i love this game
i love this game so much. i’ve lost countless hours of sleep playing it. I cant stop. and when i can’t take it anymore and i have to sleep, i even dream about it, i do get quite angry when i’m not impostor. i fantasize about among us being real. i often choose the red one, and when that one’s taken i get very angry. i often slam my phone across the room. my parents decided my love for among us was too much. they gave me 3 options. they told me to get help, stop playing, or move out. i love among us too much, i would never give it up. i moved out and stayed at a friends house until i was able to find a job at a nearby pizza place. i got a apartment for cheap. and i covered the walls in a among us wallpaper. and when my phone needs to charge, i daydream about it. my friends and loved one are trying to get me to seek help, but i don’t need it. they are jealous of my skill. i’ll never stop. eventually my work got too much. they forced me to stop going on break 24/7 to play among us, so instead i for make crew mate shaped pizza until they forced me to stop doing that too . work was getting depressing so i quit my job. i loss track of days playing this game. i stop eating and drinking playing this game. i’m starting to get scared so i’ve covered the vents in my apartment. THEY WILL NEVER GET ME.
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4 years ago, bring back nascar
GREAT GAME! But.....
So this is a great game! and if your not playing it, what are you doing go ahead and download! But anyway this game is super good I have a lot of fun playing it and had a really good first impression but people do get quite annoying and toxic. For example some people who are on your team as imposter will see you kill someone and then report the body and say (your name/ color) DID IT! And it’s really annoying. Another thing is sometimes bodies that are next to a door that’s closed, you can’t see the body not that big of a deal but I’ve gotten voted of bc of it one time, idk if this was a glitch but I think the guy was modding or something but I was in admin on the skeld and the report button popped up but there wasn’t a body another guy was in there as well and even said there wasn’t a body on his screen either idk if it was a bug or a modder but I got voted off for it and it frustrated me quite a bit other bugs as well but there not really a big deal because there only there for a min or 2 and the game still operates as it should... plus teaming is a big issue but there’s not really anything you can do about that. other than these things amazing game definitely recommend. If your wondering the community is ok but certain lobby’s can be really toxic so just leave them and find a different one. Great game keep up the good work!!
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4 years ago, GachaJayda
Love it but some problems
So, I’ve been playing this game for months now and it’s very addicting and fun to play! I enjoy playing this with my friends, we all have a good time! Although you don’t know people you play with in random servers it’s fun playing with them to. So like I was explaining how the game is a fun experience there is also some issues I have with it. One being the hackers (you probably did something about that already, my bad if you already did) and lots and of glitches. I always get kicked out of the game due to an error or some weird glitch. I also have a problem with some of the people in the game treat it as if it’s tinder and flirt with people in the game. I know there’s probably no fixing that but it kinda gets annoying being for them to be like that. Also, I think you should make like a friend thing where like you can befriend people in the game and they can send you ( or you send them) friend request and when either of you accept then you can chat with them and join the same game as them so you don’t have to go through like hundreds of other servers to see them again. And for the last, it would be nice to add Charles to the stickmin bundle (this isn’t really a problem but it would be cool to have him in UwU💞). Overall that is all I have to say about the game, thank you for making this terrific game for family’s around the world. Have a nice day 💞💖💖🥰.
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3 years ago, forgottencheeseb
Inability to type has made the game stressful and annoying
i loved to play this game. i was looking forward to the new update, and Airship is amazing, but without being able to type the game is hardly worth playing. we can’t piece together any information to find the imposter, and if someone leaves the game you can no longer say their name. for example i was playing a game and i saw green kill white. however white then left the game and i couldn’t say that green killed them. another time i watched someone kill and i got voted out for it because the quick chat didn’t allow me to defend myself when the other person was on a laptop and could actively type. the quick chat is also hard to use and i can not find what i’m looking for, or what i’m looking for just doesn’t exist. i was in a game where everyone was using the quick chat and it was impossible to find the imposter because nobody watched a vent or kill and we couldn’t communicate to simply make others safe and narrow it down, nor could we say why we think someone is sus. which often leads to you getting voted out for susing someone without being able to say your reasoning. and if you get loaded into a game with ppl who can type from computer, you get voted out for being quiet and not contributing when you litterally can’t contribute anything. i find it annoying and stressful and believe with the update among us is only worth playing on voice chat with others unless you have to ability to use a computer, which i don’t.
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4 years ago, OctoShot2
Inner sloth... this is a masterpiece.
First off, lemme just get this out of the way. I LOVE this game, considering how hard it is to find a murder mystery game that is fun, challenging, and overall a enjoyable game. And I gotta say, this game nails the classic murder mystery game vibe. Considering how easy it is to pick up and go, you can really play it whenever you want, which is awesome in on itself, but it only makes it even better is how it’s free on mobile, is so nice, and it’s one of the main reasons it got popular in the first place, almost anyone with a phone could get the game! Sure, the advertisements can be a bit annoying, but that is really a small hiccup in the game, and besides, a free game has to have some kind of advertisements to keep it alive, so it’s hardly even a problem. The only real issue I had with this game was connection issues, but again, the game overall kinda shadows out the issues. The tasks/mini games are probably one of the best parts about this game, each one feels fun to do, especially if you can get a rhythm for each task. And the fact that you can have small meetings to decide who they think the murderer/imposter is, is GENIUS. This makes the game run at a good pace, makes replay ability amazing, and overall a amazing game. So innersloth, I’m excited for the updates and ideas you have for this game in the future! Amazing work!
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3 years ago, idkariah
Best Game Ever
As we all know Among Us is one of the best games to come out in recent years , and is probably one of my personal all time favorite games but the reason I can’t give it 5 stars is because of two major inconveniences within in the game . The app developers have recently taken away free chat and in order to communicate to other players in game , you have to use this weird side bar that has pre made sentences and phrases which is just beyond me . This makes it so much harder to communicate to other players what’s going on and I’ve actually started playing a lot less now because of this , it’s just not that fun anymore not being able to say what I need to say and it takes forever to find the phrases I need to say . I know some people can be aggressive or inappropriate but it’s not fair to stifle everybody else in game because of those players . Another big problem I have in the game is that I can’t add any other player as a friend so when someone has to leave and I’ve gotten close with them after so many games it’s disappointing to see them go and know there’s no way of playing with them again . But regardless with this whole chat situation it’s nearly impossible to even make said friends in the game now which is just so upsetting , I feel so disconnected from other players and it just seems pointless to play now .
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3 years ago, Claire The Bread Bear
Decent but addictive 🙂
Overall it’s a really fun game, I play this game in my spare time and I’m really happy because I got my dad to play it I enjoy spending time with all my friends and playing this game. I also feel really happy that roblox has released a imposter game because now people who don’t have among us can play it if they have roblox! This game is really fun and I know I’ve said this already but it’s so addictive! I love the game I really do and I think it’s a really good game they mean nothing to do with adding or subtracting from the stuff you already have there I do like the colors and I wish there was a bit more options for people who can’t Buy things but I do think it’s a massive catalog already! It takes a lot to download stuff and I’m pretty sure if he would spend a lot of times creating this I’m sorry for the super long review again! I just wish somehow this game wasn’t as addicting because when you think about it you see all the Youtubers who still posting about it and among us is kind of cool down it’s not as popular now it just kind of had a little outburst like a “15 minutes of fame”. I really appreciate this game and I really am happy to have it on my phone especially because now since I have a better phone it will actually work I hope this review helped for anyone who really needed help figuring out what this game is about. Thank you for reading if you did!
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3 years ago, A p3rs0n 🤩🤩
The new update is unnecessary
I have loved playing Among Us up until the new update, when they added a quick chat feature instead of letting you type whatever you want. I know this is good for internet safety etc etc but it’s really annoying. First of all the age limit should not be 18. For those of you who don’t have the game what I mean is that people under 18 have to use the quick chat feature instead of saying whatever. But if you’re over 18 you can use free chat and say whatever you want. I feel that the age limit should be 13 or 14 instead of 18. Like, the majority of this game’s players are under 18 and I don’t think that people over 13 really need that level of “internet safety” protection. Second of all with this new quick chat it takes away some of the things that you want to say about who the imposter is and why you are suspicious of them and whatnot. Some things are so unique you just need to put them in your own words. For example the other day I was playing and I saw Orange running away from a dead body. I reported the body but there was no option to say “(A) was running away from the body.” Some things are so unlikely or one-time happenings that they don’t have options to say it, but when it does happen you can’t do anything about it. That’s why I don’t like this new update and wish that Among Us would go back to the way it was before.
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3 years ago, Allie zeng
Great game but something about the update...
I love you this game love the new map, but about the new update, you can not type. I see a lot of problems with this, first of all when someone thinks that you are suspicious, you have to type some kind of defense, but in the new update, you have to find word by word all perfect until you read what you have typed and then no one will understand you. Second of all, in that wheel of words, you take so long to find what you have to say, and by the end when you finally picked all of the words you want to send, everyone has already had their votes on you, because you were not saying anything witch made you look suspicious and then the whole crew already voted you out. Third of all this game is mostly bouncing the suspicious ball around in other players hands and then trying to throw it away, but if you have nothing to say because it took you so long to do pick words, this just made the imposters job way easier so all the imposter has to do is say a crewmates name and the crewmates can not say a reason that they are not suspicious, I mean yes, you can say lies but that is barley anything the imposter can say lies back and they will never stop until the imposters clearly win, so this game now is just if you are an imposter, I t is an insta-win for you. Please respond to my review. Thanks!!!
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4 years ago, kyla/mad dog
The best game
So among us is like a great game so they do need changes like the kill cool down and more maps but it’s still a good game like mostly it’s just the kill cool down and how it should be one or two but guys it’s a great app so there are also bad people so just leave the sever or kick or ban them or just don’t talk to them so again there will be hackers but among will ban them. So don’t feel scared because innersloth don’t do that they don’t hack they don’t be bad people and they don’t be rude or be mean so to the peep that said Nice but needs changes the have a great point because people say bad words all the TIME and like I wish the game could ban those people and you have a like nice point about people on calls but I go on calls but I don’t tell them who it is like so that’s what people can do and I hate and people put there names to “trump forever” and I’m like Biden all ready won so I wish the game could kick out people with the name trump or “trump for ever” plus trump was a jerk like a big jerk but back to people say bad words and they say bad words at nighttime because when they lose they just say them for no reason and I hate and people team like they don’t report body’s if there team mate is the imposter like no you can be a team just don’t do that. So that’s my story have a wonderful day guys!!
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4 years ago, Nevaeh_the_random
Really Good So Far!
I really love this game, it’s really fun! The graphics, gameplay, and everything overall is amazing! I was also thinking of some things that could be added. This is something I heard on the internet and isn’t original, but I wanted to spread it around because it sounds interesting. What if there was a role called “Jester” where their goal is to get ejected, making them win? Sounds like it could be a hit or miss, but I think that’d be cool. Also a role of “Detective” sounds interesting. Like, you can give that person the option to take screenshots, so they can have solid alibis/evidence of the imposter, but only they have it, so that the crew mates don’t have too much of an advantage. They can send the screenshots to the chat, helping out their case (maybe also a limited amount of screenshots so their not overpowered?). Also the idea of adding friends would be cool! It’s sad you can’t add anyone, and the strangers you could enjoy playing with you’ll only play with once. It would also be nice to adopt mini crew mates whenever their parent dies, I just think that would be very wholesome. More colors would also be cool, I mean, this is only optional since the colors that are already there are great, but I think it’s something to keep in mind. But overall, fantastic game! Can’t wait to see what else will come to it in the future!
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4 years ago, gqerez
Love the game, but hardly works
I absolutely love the gameplay and concept of this game. As far as games go this is the most addicting mobile game I’ve personally played. I’ve enjoyed it since this game came to iOS and have even purchased some in-game cosmetic gear. I just wanna say I appreciate the devs don’t give any pay to win options in the game. Some of the tasks are annoying and the maps need balancing I think. Other than that I think the gameplay is the strongest aspect of this game as it preys on our natural suspicions of others and that’s an amazing concept for strangers and friends to play. The biggest problem I’ve had though, and the reason for the 3 star rating is due to the fact that I can hardly even get matches when I want to. I get error messages often saying I was dropped from the server or that the matchmaker is full. As someone who has put money into this game I find this unacceptable. I understand the rare server issue here and there but when it takes over 20 minutes to search for game I feel like I’m literally wasting time. This game was the number one ranked action game at one point and there are ads at the end of every match. Surely the devs need to work out a better deal with their current sponsors. I really hope they don’t just divert all their assets into the planned sequel because I don’t believe the sequel will be as much of a success as it could be if any players are left disappointed in this game.
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2 years ago, charley henson
best game ever
among us is free. f r e e. you may be wondering why i’m making a big deal out of this because a lot of good games are free but this isn’t just a good game. this is the game. the best game ever may i add. in 2021 among us got huge. many people all over the world played but soon later it died down. many people have uninstalled the app including me. that is until i got a text. “wanna call and play among us?” the memories came flooding came from when i used to call all day during quarantine to play among us. it really got me through those boring days but as places started opening back up and it became more safe, nobody needed among us. anyways, i was busy that night so i couldn’t play. my friend then texted a group chat with our friend group. that’s when among us night was made. every night either at 8:30, 8:45 or 9 we would call and play among us. it started about a week ago and it is currently june 13th 2022. among us is one of my favorite games. they have updated so much and added such cool features to the game. one of my favorites are the shape shifting tool. it’s such an easy way to get away with a kill along with framing someone else. so if you’re thinking about installing among us, DO IT because there are many games among us but among us is my favorite. stay sus! ❤️
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4 years ago, Bendy gamer 242
Great! Also might I request a feature?
I love this game!!! It’s so fun! But, I would like to request a feature. Could there be an option to have more intelligent crew mates/impostors in free play? For example: I start up free play and see an option saying “would you like to turn on intelligent mode?” I turn it on and free play starts. It has usual free play features like picking tasks and being the impostor. But with one major difference: the AI is more intelligent. I’ll give you a look at both sides of this mode. CREWMATE VIEW:You run around doing tasks with the other AI crew mates. And one of the crew mates is the impostor. The impostor’s AI does intelligent stuff like: trapping you in rooms, sabotaging electricity and such, and so much more! IMPOSTOR VIEW:The crew mates are doing tasks. While your the impostor. You take down the AI crew mates and such. But the AI crew mates does intelligent things like the AI impostor. Like:Reporting dead bodies, calling emergency meetings, and so much more! I would love to see all of this added into free play mode. I will be awaiting your response. EDIT:Ok, I think a great feature to have would be when the impostor kills you and your pet cries, you can comfort it. Like pet it and tell it everything is gonna be okay. Then it’s happy and it starts following your ghost. I would love this feature. Once again, I will be awaiting your response. —Your biggest fan
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3 years ago, Furtnite Gamer123
Love the new update! But a few bugs...
Thank you for letting quick chat be optional! So happy I can openly chat with my friends again! I do have some things you might want to check out for the next one... I’ll give u some examples. 1. I joined a lobby, and the players were all red. They were lined up in a line, spelling hello. There was one green guy that had three ?s above his head. When we started, the game glitched and I couldn’t move. The screen was black, but I could see the chat. The green guy was telling me he was a virus that I couldn’t get rid of. I tried to leave the lobby, but I couldn’t. He kept repeating what he said, and then gave me a phone number and a offsite link. I used the link and it took me to a website with explicit content. I called the number and I heard weird noises in the background of the call. Then I looked back at my game, and it said I was kicked from the game. Also some weird bugs, I was imposter, and I sabotaged reactor. I was going to wait until it was at 1 to kill, and I did. I killed the guy, and I should have won. But the game was still going, and reactor had gone into negative numbers. It was really weird. Also u should add a friend system. Just a suggestion. Also visors not showing up on characters in game sometimes. Really weird. Sry for the long review.
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3 years ago, @jungkookiesandcream7
I love the game, but I stopped playing it for a while and now that I’m back on it, too many things changed. If I’m under 18 I have generated messages so I can’t say my own words. I get that it’s for safety, but even if I’m not saying anything inappropriate I should still be able to say what I’m saying not butchered. That’s why I deleted it and downloaded it again so I could change the birthdate I put on it. Also most of the time after we vote it all goes black and I just hear the sound of people leaving the game so I don’t know if that’s what is happening to other people too and that’s why I hear leaving but none the less it is a glitch that needs to be patched up. I even waited a bit to see if it would go back to normal but guess what, it didn’t. Thank you among us for your consideration for younger people by making the safety automated responses, but it’s really not doing it for me. And please patch the glitch. I don’t know if it’s because I got a new phone, but I don’t think so because I can hear the sound of people leaving from the game whenever it happens. Also, when we were voting, I was a ghost and I only saw orange and yellow and I know orange was the imposter since I was dead. Is this a new thing? I am so confused since I took my among us break. Plus when I was walking through cams, no one was there, but i saw the cameras have that red light meaning someone is looking. ARE THERE NEW CAMERAS OR SOMETHING I AM SO CONFUSED?!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, one fish boy
Great game
I wanted to ask this for a while now can we add friends in among us and we can chat and creat groups? also can we have an animation where when you die you can pet your pet to cheer it up and also can there be an imposter chat where imposters can chat only imposters I think it would be a great feature and also I wanted some type of badgers or achievements or something like missions so you can buy different costume with game money also there will be costumes with real money and game money. Anyway remember about the imposter imposter chat 💬 I think it would be helpful Eg: imposter kills crew other crew sees the kill runs to the emergancy meeting button and then the imposter chats to the others imposter that to kill him. And also can there be a feature where we can play on hide and seek mode where imposters have to kill and there vision is low and crewmate vision is high and where there is no reporting bodies and a no emergancy meetings and we know who imposter is and then in 10 seconds imposter gets released I think everyone will love this feature but anyway this is my opinion the game would be very cool with this feature but anyway keep up the good work I also saw a lot of Easter eggs from Henry stink man like the diamond in some tasks and other Easter eggs in polis and a new map would be cool so yeah I love the awesome work keep it up and bye!
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2 years ago, catqueen0904
Best game ever!!! Just a few questions
Hello innersloth!! Love ur games (particularly this one) So this game is awesome!!! I play it by myself and with my friends. I love all the ships and all the tasks too! I love skeld and airship the most!!! :) So here are my questions: People have men talking about “the king of polus” and its viral. His name is murr3y and he lives in the big hole in polus. So…is he real? Can we see him somehow? And another one called molten. He lives in the lava pool, and to summon him you need to lower the temrature in the lava pool. So, is he real too? Or just fanfiction? There’s one called killer, a supreme impostor, and he’s brown and can take a different form….there are many ways you can summon him especially in polus….is that true? People are also saying monsters liv on polus and its a mysterious planet. There’s one monster called patient zero. The first impostor. Is he real? There’s one in the airship, named Ellie. I was watching a vid and it said some impostors named Eric lork and sire sorol summoned her. Is she real? I know its really weird, but i would actually like to see these creatures. Oh, and theres one called s4boteur. Another supreme impostor. Is he real? I would love seeing all os them and my friends would too. Please tell me if they’re real or not. Thanks innersloth! -fadingpelt 🍄🌿🐾 #iloveamongus 🫶🏿 #thanksinnersloth 👍🏻 #itsreallygood 👌🏽
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4 years ago, hdbbsbdndbfjfjfjjf
First off its a really fun and addicting game, the thing is, whenever you leave a game too many times, you can’t play for a certain amount of time. Second of all, there has been numerous amount of glitches in the past few days. To start off, it will randomly kick you out of a game while you’re in the middle of one. This really makes me mad and frustrated because of how many times it’s happened. Next, there is a hacker. You will join a game and the screen will be all black and you can free run wherever. Then when you check the chat it has a link telling you random stuff and to vote for trump. This can be really scary for young ones and we should also not bring any thing political into a game that kids are playing for fun. Also, in the text it says it will hack with your WiFi. Which is true, not for me, but people I know. It logs them out of their WiFi and disconnects them where they can or rejoin. I would really recommend to wait to download the app until these bugs have been fixed. Thankfully, they have said that instead of making an “Amomg us #2” they will wait of and be trying to fix these bugs instead. I would wait until around November, as they said that’s when it should be fixed. I also say you should be 12+ to have this game. Yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds but, there are people swearing in the chat, and especially when there is a hacker at the moment. I would give this game a 3/5.
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3 years ago, Prays to the god
It's fun but hard to work with
To start off, I don't like the new update BUT the airship is really good but it's confusing and so everyone has to get used to it so that is perfectly fine! Other than that when you type in the chat you have options on what you gave us but in my opinion it's not that specific to me and it's hard to work with we kinda sound like robots but I completely understand why you did that for people that sexualize the game that has nothing to do with it or the cursing because it has nothing to do with among us it's either one person is being disrespectful and making a scene but im not that worried about that it's mostly the sexual things people say it's a lot more dangerous because younger kids play this game and I don't want them seeing that for example horny girl, horny boy, looking for a bf/gf and some people like to insert there numbers, social media's which can possibly cause them to get things sent to them that are very inappropriate but literally the truth is none should be reading, seeing, or even doing inappropriate things no matter how old you are unless it's you know also the name changing I get it I really do but I wish there was a way to scan the name and it can tell if the name is appropriate then randomizing it but it isn't that important but I completely understand. Have a great morning, day, afternoon, evening, night.
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4 years ago, soccerlax1530
So fun and addicting, I love it, but a few things should be added
I love among us so much! It is so addicting and I love playing it with my friends. I would 100% recommend this game. I would give it 5 stars, however there are three things I would love to see added. The first one is a friends system because it would be a lot easier to join a friend’s game if you could just click ‘join game’ like in roblox. A second thing I would love to see added is a currency like coins or maybe something more creative like aliens. Then, players should receive say, 5 aliens or coins if they win as a crew mate and 10 aliens or coins if they win as imposter. Then, I think players should be able to use these coins/aliens to buy hats or outfits. I also think it would be really cool if we could use this currency to buy higher imposter chances because I would love if I could do that. The third and final thing I would love to see added is a report button. This would be good because I have noticed that some people say weird or disturbing things in my games quite often. I know the creators can’t control what people say, but it would be nice if they could be reported for it. Overall, I love among us but I would love to see these three things added. P.S. I heard the developers are working on a game called among us 2 and I think it will include all of these features and I am soooo excited for that!
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3 years ago, girl with pop
Great but..... changes🤨
I love this game and I really like to talk to people on it. Most people are really nice and I like say what I want to say to them. When I try to talk about something or tell someone to start the game, I can’t do it because of the updates🥺. When I try to make a new account it doesn’t let me choose a name, and I have a genius name idea 💡. I do like that you can’t really cuss and swear, because people should not swear on games. I think this because children of any age can be on this game even three, or four year olds. Most people change there age. And this update for talking has good qualities like stops child predators from targeting, or puts people who cuss in there place. This also makes this game more kid friendly. This game is more likely to be approved by parents. But maybe you could give more freedom have a child mode and an adult mode. Maybe you could have a parent monitoring thing where parents could monitor what there kids are doing and saying. Please consider some of my changes. I know that so many people have ideas and that you probably have your hands full. But I don’t even know if you check your reviews but I hope you do. I read the reviews and people have some good points, and amazing ideas so please put them to consideration. Thank you and have a good rest of your day. 🥳🤩🤗👁👄👁.
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3 years ago, game player!!lol
Among us review
Among us is a game, about a murder mystery. There is an imposter inside of the ship, sabotaging the ship and trying to kill the crewmates (no, the killing is not violent). While the crew tries to fix the ship. You can run your little character around in 4 different maps. Mira HQ. polus, the skeld, and airship. And a 5th map is coming soon. Its a good time killer game and can be very addictive. You can chat, and talk with crewmates (bad words can be censored with a setting, but usually the lobbies are fine) and impostors. You can to tasks as the crew such as fixing wires, taking out the garbage, or even ordering from a vending machine. As you and your fellow crew try to find the imposters (there can be up to 3!) lurking around. As an imposter, you and (maybe) your fellow imposters, can run around and kill the crew! Sabotage the ship then run and try to fix it! Got caught killing? Try saying it wasnt you and it was the crew to throw off suspicion. yes, you can make manual texts and names, but it requires a login. Without one, you receive a randomized name and only able to use quick chat (saying “Reactor” through the location menu and not being able to type “it was in reactor”). Overall my rating is 4.5. I am very satisfied, and can’t wait to catch more imposters! Or if i am one: kill more crewmates!
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3 years ago, KathrynElisabeth
Update was not the right thing to do
I have played this game for a long time, and it has been such a fun way to connect with friends and family. But recently the game was updated so that anyone under the age of 18 can not type what they want or need to say. I see that they were trying to fix the problem of swearing and online dating but it just wasn’t the right way to fix the problem. The game used to be so enjoyable, and now I probably won’t be playing it again. There are many other ways to fix this problem, but restricting what people can type so that they can’t get their point across is not the way to do it. If this was removed I definitely would give it a 5 star review, but unfortunately this update has ruined the game for me, my friends and my family. EDIT: I won’t be playing the game again I’ve tried to get over the update but I can’t. To be honest you ruined your own game. The bulk of people that play are teens and now we have no freedom. We get all of these restrictions everywhere and you had to add among to that list. I’m very disappointed. If you could lower the age for safe chat from 18 to 13 that would be great. 18 is very unrealistic compared to 13 which is much more reasonable. Also look at all of the reviews your getting. People aren’t happy and your star level is dropping. I’ll let that speak for itself. Just change the game back or tweak the update please. I also just deleted the app. I have no patience for things like this. Please fix the app!!!!! 😡😡😡
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4 years ago, almond._.milk
Great game but there are some issues
Among us is a great game and i’ve played it for months now. I love playing with my friends. But there are somethings that need changing. First off, the hackers. The hackers are sooo annoying and really make the game not fun at all. Please do something about this and if you have, sorry 😅. Next, the “6 pings” thing. What is that?? I will be playing and then it randomly disconnects me from the game i'm playing. Please do something about that. Its super annoying. Then we have the not being able to join a game for another 5 to 10 minutes. That’s really annoying because i just wanna play the dang game. Please remove that. i intentionally leave because i don't wanna play in that sever anymore. THEN, there are the tinder daters. Like if you wanna date someone, then go on a dating app, not a game where little children play. Its so inappropriate. I once was in a sever and some disgusting person was asking someone if they wanted to have s*x. I know you can’t do anything about it but it has to stop. And in my opinion, y’all should add a buddy feature to the game because i wanna play with the sweetest people that i meet on the game. But then i disconnect and i lose them. Then y'all updated the game. Whats with the shapes on the wires? The whole update in my opinion is just pointless and stupid. Otherwise the game is great as it is.
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3 years ago, #oWl$@reawsOme
Really Fun Until
Look. So if you are the developers I know how hard it probably was to put in quick chat. I’m not saying you should get rid of it. I’m just wondering if there could be an option to turn it off? Because I have a strategy where I pretend to be new to among us and it can’t work now. Also at the end of an among us game we used to be able to say GG and now we can’t even give valid points on why we think it’s green. I can see why you added it. It must be easier for Nintendo. Also it has color blind support. The problem it we are not all going to notice the names and there is stuff we can’t do now. Like it’s custom to say “Sus” instead of suspicious and “GG” at the end of a game. An option to turn it off would be helpful and also if you are worried about less color blind support you would be wrong. Because you could make it so when we said “blue Sus” it turns into “guppy Sus” aka the name of the blue player. There could be an option to make it so you see the words like that if your color blind an you can turn it off if you are not. I personally think it’s SO HARD to use quick chat and it’s more annoying then useful. Now, to end on a high note, to any new players, THIS GAME IS SO FUN YOU HAVE TO GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edit: And I love the airship. Thanks a ton inner sloth 🦥 for helping me get through this time even if I don’t enjoy quick chat. <3
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2 years ago, Cynthiajewel
Love it !
The first time I heard of among us is when I saw my brother watching people play it and I was like your not aloud to watch this stuff. At first I thought it was stupid but over time that changed! Even when I was 8 I was trying to get my parents to not let us not play this . But yesterday ( that is July 4, 2022 ) I heard of the update and I wanted the app. I had my moms old phone so if I wanted to download an app I have to ask my mom for her finger print. I got the app . But my mom said she would get if I knew it was inappropriate. I said I knew and got the app. The only thing I cannot figure out is how to change the settings . The rest of the game is awesome though. I have to say that 9 and up is perfect for the age . I am 9 so that’s why I can play it besides my mom saying yes . So if you like mystery’s and killing stuff , this is the game for you. I HATE killing stuff and scary stuff but I like this game. My brother is 6 and he has the game . He says he is not scared but one night he came up to my room and was crying and said “ Angelica I had a bad dream . It was really scary!” I asked what it was and guess what it was . AMONG US CHARACTERS TRYING TO KILL HIM . I said to stop watching this stuff but he just said no . So this game might be a little scary. Just please be careful. 😘😃👏🏻👏🏻😄 Angelica
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3 years ago, Diamondxbunnyx
ʙᴀᴅ ᴜᴘᴅᴀᴛᴇ
When I first got this game a year ago I really loved it & so did all my friends! We played alot & it was super fun. But then they had an update where you could only say certain words & you couldn’t name yourself. If I’m being honest, I didn’t like the names they had & it got kind of annoying when you had to ‘search’ for the words you wanted to say which took a long time. I really think that they should change that. I understood that sometimes certain people can be mean in Among Us, & say ‘bad words’ & so I came up with a suggestion. Maybe you could ‘report’ someone if they were being mean or they could make it so that ‘bad words’ & mean things said would just turn up as ‘hashtags’ in the chat. Also I think it should be the same with names. If your wondering where I am getting this from, it is from Roblox. It is a great game that lots of people play from all over the world. They are great about safety and make sure that you can report on people that are being mean, & they even hashtag the bad words. It would really make me and my friends grateful if it would change back to normal except with a few tweaks. I’m not saying that the update was SUPER bad & that it made me not want to play it anymore, but I just think it would be a lot better for a lot of people. Thanks if you read this! ♥︎
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4 years ago, yw72hrkq7
Just a good game, just with a few problems
First I want to say that I love this game!!!!!! I love to play with my friends and brother. There are many awesome features about this game that I can’t say because there are too many. While I do find a lot of bad players, I find double the amount of nice players. The community is awesome and fun to talk with. I just wish that there was a friend system that I could friend these nice people. I don’t know how that would work though. I don’t want to go into detail but it would be a cool feature. I know that you(the developers) can’t control the toxicity of people but that is definitely a problem. I have found players who are sore losers and think everyone is cheating (Almost like they play Fortnite too much ;) ). I have found many players who I have found a connection with. This means that when I’m imposter with, we destroy and win very easily. This can also apply for crewmate. We stick together and find who the imposters are. Hackers are also a HUGE problem. My friends and I were playing a game together and a hacker comes and is teleporting and moving super fast. He then proceeds to kill everyone, even the other imposter (aka me) I was shown the defeat screen and him alone on the screen. Anyway I’m done with my rant and just love and play this game too much. Thx for reading!!!!!
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3 years ago, hmm is this app good
I hate the new update
The new update is garbage you’re not able to say what you wanna say in the chat so it’s harder to like talk to friends and stuff like that or talk to people that you play with because it’s just so bad can you please bring it back and I’m not too much of a fan of the new map airship but it’s not too bad but could you fix like the chat box controls and and with me and also what kind of bug he would like walking around it’s really bugging because like I wanna walk somewhere with the joystick but you bring me into a hole never play so can you please fix that other than our goals wait I have one more could you add could you add like I am starter clothing but I really don’t like the new update can you please bring it back not like the map new updates but the chat new update it’s just so horrible I hate it please change their and with signing and I miss the old him on God it was so much better than this new one( update) can you also add a funding system and a way to like report people or yeah like report people if you’re being like me and I know there’s a way to kick people but like if somebody being like rude or something like that they should be report saying I don’t know if there’s already that right but I don’t think there is there should be a friending system and weight of a port and also they should be like more free items and things like things like that because for people can’t really afford
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4 years ago, Fgtghbgfrffghjj
How about a new game mode
So amazing game I love it but It gets boring so I was trying to help by thinking of ways to make it cooler so here we go. 1# Adding abilities I think having a game mode with abilities would be sick I came up with some too. So for the imposters you have Invisibility were you can be invisible and get that secret kill next fake task so I’m the game you can pretend to do tasks but what If you could have an ability to make the bar move to trick the other player and I want one really over powered one for both so just for fun disguising as a player so you can click on a player become them if they know that that person is good. Ok now for crewmate so I thought speed would be good so if you think this person is sus than you can run faster than them and they can’t get you net I thought of shield what it does is I can prevent you from dying I thought of a cutscene were they try and kill you but you dodge or something now for the overpowered one....................A kinda thing like reading minds but you can see the role once and it pops up somewhere random on your screen so if you miss it welp sorry I don’t know if the last part will be necessary but it’s an idea well if you read this thank you if you wanna get this to the creator just know I’m Simon and the # is #AbilitysAmongus
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3 years ago, lionnieob
Cool game but…. :(
Okay…this is going to be a long•ish read so if you are thinking about downloading this mainstream game read this!! Flaws: So it’s come to my attention among us decided to make you put a lot of your information to change your user as if your 7 which is so stupid!! If it asks whats your age and it’s over 13+ I should be able to change my user :/ • another thing is that it has hackers (it’s a hacker server if the screen turns black for a while) and I don’t like that you can’t chat by yourself anymore :/ it ruins the whole fricking purpose of chatting with people and what some ads looked like, this is what causes people to team on voice chat. The game itself is just so annoying and agrivating since they took off some features. —————————————————— Good things: The game is “fun” I guess but if im being honest not anymore, I had it downloaded and when it was a super popular game and I enjoyed the features like chatting with new people and nicknames. I deleted it because it got really boring and you know people stopped talking about it besides the words “sus” and “amogus”. I recently re-downloaded it yet to be disappointed with many features taken off and bugs such as full games and there was only 1 person. Not to mention not being able to chat and say what I want!! Why not just automatically revoke some features to the younger ones, why all of us? :/
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