Amplify Mobile

2.9 (81)
64.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Amplify Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Amplify Mobile

2.9 out of 5
81 Ratings
7 years ago, Donutposse
The app is ok
It gets the job done. I have a few accounts and transfers between them could be a little more streamlined. Also, before the updates, I had an online billpay I set up where my (rather large, summer) light bill get double paid. Nothing they could do...
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8 years ago, Laura Valentine
Bring Scan-ability back to transaction history
As a UX Designer, I was glad to see an update. Unfortunately, the ease of scan-ability has been lost in the update, as far as viewing transaction history. I used to be able to read my transaction history and see the store name of my purchase, however now, because there is now verbiage describing the action (i.e. "Debit card authori...," "Purchase return...," etc.) the rest of the verbiage is truncated. Now I have to tap into each transaction, one at a time, to see where the transaction comes from. This is really tedious. Please fix. This App gets a 2 star rating but the Bank itself is deffinitly a 5 star bank!
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6 years ago, AnnabelKnight
Functional and pretty
I have accounts with two credit unions and a few national banks, and I gotta say, Amplify’s app is actually the best in terms of functionality. I don’t know why most financial apps don’t support landscape (so you can see a non-truncated transaction escription), but Amplify does! Transfers are fast, you can rename and re-order accounts, they’re color coded, etc. etc. Two thumbs up.
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4 years ago, OneProudTexasMama
Money Transfer between Accounts Broken
Especially now, during COVID-19, having a functioning mobile app is critical to managing customers money. App is Unable to transfer money between accounts. Screen to enter the amount does not work, won’t recognize certain numbers at all or enters the wrong number when selected. Decimal point won’t enter at all. On the current version, have deleted and reloaded without change. This will cause me to move my money elsewhere after being a loyal customer for over 30 years!! Fix this please!
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8 years ago, RLMace
Much Improved
I have been waiting for the CU to upgrade their app for 2 years and couldn't be happier with the outcome. It looks nice, works as expected and I can now transfer money through the app via external accounts. Thanks for taking the time to do this the right way Amplify!
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4 years ago, 25YearHomeOfficeIke
Check Deposit does not work
Been a member for half a year and just this week downloaded the mobile app specifically to deposit checks remotely during these times when we’re encouraged to stay at home. When I open the Mobile App and select Deposit Check, I get an error that says I must use the Mobile App to deposit a check. I gave this app only 1 star for two reasons: 1) because of this flaw and 2) because that error message messes with my head.
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8 years ago, Notalreadytakennametry5
Interface childish
A mobile web interface forced into native app and website? What year is this? What a step down in all interfaces except it is optimized for a bad mobile browser - once again the lowest common denominator wins :-(
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7 years ago, palosanti24
Probably one of my favorite banking apps of all time!! There is almost an instant correction to the balance once purchasing an item off of you account! The costumer service here in central Texas is also spectacular. This is just a great bank all around!!! :-)
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6 years ago, W122ard0f
You broke check image deposited again
You finally had depositing checks via this app working in the previous version. Now the first time trying to deposit a check in this version I’m looking at the spinning wheel of death for 5 minutes before giving up. No confirmation, no error message, just a customer time waster. I can’t believe you think so little of your customers that you put out such poorly tested software.
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4 years ago, Fed_Up-2
Still doesn’t work?
After all these years, why is this app still not working properly? There was a brief time when it worked, but now it’s back to being useless! It just spins and spins and never loads the pictures. What’s the point of mobile check deposit if I have to take time to go to a physical location to deposit the checks that fail to deposit via the app? Why can’t they fix this?
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2 years ago, happyfrau
I’ve always shied away from mobile banking but have recently found myself in a situation where it’s more convenient. This app is really glitchy a d Inhate that I have already had to remove it and reinstall it three times in the month that I’ve used it. I just need it to work when I want to use it. Seriously disappointed.
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4 years ago, mks448
Multiple mobile check deposits fail
Tried to deposit 9 checks today. Clicked on “deposit check” for all of them. Threw me out of the app twice. When I logged in my state seemed to be preserved. But only 6 of the checks show up. The checks are membership dues for either 18 or 24 dollars so I can’t tell which ones made it in. Their web interface doesn't show images.
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5 years ago, DonRRTX
Mobile deposit pitiful
Every time I attempt to make a mobile deposit, the application closes and the deposit is lost. I know I am not the only person to have this issue. The fact that no updates to the application have occurred in 9 months says a lot about the quality of your support. There are plenty of credit unions in Austin that do this better. Probably time to move.
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7 years ago, ed420
Deposits not reliable
Overall the app is fine, but electronic check deposits are spotty at best. One check will be fine, another in the same exact lighting won't work. Also, please add Touch ID or at least integration with 1Password, so that it is easier to login.
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5 years ago, tryna make $
Deposit Check doesn’t work.
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5 years ago, TigerGrad
Mobile Check Deposit Not Working
Used to work months back but not for the past several months. Completely boots me out of the app after taking check pics. Tried removing and reloading app with same results. Not sure when this is getting fixed or if the problem is even on the radar. Sad.
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8 years ago, CynthiaP007
Fingerprint access
Does not come up when opening app. If it does come up takes quite a while. Like the app but that should be looked into.
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8 years ago, dardar20
Deposit troubles
I mainly just use the app to check my balances when needed. I would like to use the deposit check feature too, but it doesn't work! It would be super convenient to use that so please update it and fix that soon! 😤
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5 months ago, Daceatx
App is just okay.
App is okay. I can not get bill pay setup to work. It says enrollment failed. Customer care can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong or IT can not help. App needs to be refreshed and update to be better. Very basic app.
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7 years ago, KenyaRose
Great app!
I like the mobile check deposit feature.
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7 years ago, Jeezy7777775542268876
User friendly, easy to use!!
User friendly, easy to use!!
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8 years ago, CDC2004
Great Update. FINALLY HAVE AN INTERFACE For modern times
Works great! Finally the bank put in the time for details!
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7 years ago, Sphill5
Deposit Checks
I can’t deposit checks it keeps on telling me that I need to download the mobile app while IM IN THE MOBILE APP!!! Other than that everything is running perfectly.
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6 years ago, Gorcho22
Can’t deposit checks
It won’t let me take a photo of my check to deposit. (Error: “Please use our mobile app”, which I am of course). This is the only feature I want out of a mobile banking app.
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7 years ago, zebakero
Nice App
Lots of features. Easy to use. Friendly staff.
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7 years ago, Chelseans93
App stopped working
The app hasn't been working at all this month, won't stop loading when trying to sign in. Tried uninstalling and everything nothing works. Not happy.
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8 years ago, eazy00
Next update please!
You can NOT deposit checks with the app. The app also locks-up and crashes on certain pages. One last request, can you please remove all the ads. Thanks.
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8 years ago, Trey_z
Worse than previous app
Unable to login, times out. Did not think this app could be any worse than the original but it is.
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8 years ago, MiketheGecko
Having problems
This app was quite useful and I had no problems with it. However the new update is seemingly broken, I am completely incapable of logging in. I'm using an iPhone 5c if that matters.
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5 years ago, Marianna. :DD
Broken mobile check deposit
App crashes every time I try to deposit a check via picture.
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8 years ago, Misha S
A decent start...
2016 Update: After crashing non-stop in 2015 (combination iPhone 6 + iOS 8/9 issue), I tried this on a whim for a mobile deposit today and it worked fine! iPhone 6 w/ iOS 9.2.1. Nice to have this feature back, although the app still desperately needs an update. 3 star rating stands. Original review from 2011: Having recently closed my Chase account (which has by far the best mobile app of any bank) in favor of Amplify, it was great to see a mobile app from them finally emerge. Unfortunately, it's a rather half-baked first effort. - As others have pointed out, access codes that begin with a zero don't work (and the first one I got began with a zero). This is just pathetic from a QA perspective. - The graphics don't support the iPhone 4/4S retina display. This would be fine if we were still in 2010, but we're coming up on 2012… how hard is is to include high-res graphics? - Functionality is really basic, essentially replicating the Web experience (which is in and of itself somewhat meager) on the phone. No fancy features like depositing checks by taking a photo, which I miss from the Chase app. Hopefully development will continue actively (although the lack of an update in 2+ weeks to resolve the leading zero activation issue is concerning) and this isn't just a "good enough" effort to cross off a "release mobile app by end of 2011" goal.
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8 years ago, alyssalynn64
I do not like the update!
I liked the old version because it was quick & easy, this one is not. I wish I could go back to the other one.
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8 years ago, Sjidvgwohvd
Won't let me deposit a check over mobile, although it suggests I should have the option.
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8 years ago, Vluu37
New app
I was so excited to see the new app! I'm on an iPhone 6s and have the latest iOS but the app won't load! It just spins and spins and does nothing :(
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7 years ago, pampooh
Awesome App
Easy to use! I love it and use it ALL the time!
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3 years ago, madhar11
iPhone 11
When will connection issues be fixed for the connection between the app and iPhone 11?
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7 years ago, Blink1836
Works about half of the time.
Please improve the stability of this app. Can only log in half of the time.
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8 years ago, multi-sighs
I can't login it says my password is incorrect while online I can login using the same password dah
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5 years ago, Utexasl
App loading
App very buggy, will not login, instead loops back into the sign in page.
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8 years ago, Maafcon
You see a spinning wheel after logging in. Got worse with the update
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7 years ago, BrittneyNDS
The app isn't working
It just keeping loading and won't login.
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5 years ago, CapMetroSucksss
Behind the curve
Just like this bank this app is behind the curve. Struggles to keep up with its competitors. Basically below average.
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8 years ago, Lmh626
App review
Why did you mess with it!!! Now it won't even boot just spins and spins
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4 years ago, Gust
Trash app
Always buggin out
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11 years ago, isthisit23
Still cannot deposit checks from smartphone!!
I have an iPhone 5 and had a Htc sensation and neither of scanned images if the checks are ever accepted by Amplify. And you know what's funny I bought 3 checks to a amplify branch earlier this and the associate was telling me about all these people bring in checks all the time, and she was like I didn't know people still wrote checks. I should have said if y'all would fix the mobile app maybe you wouldn't see as many people. I save that for my next visit to amplify. I love being able to check balances and I guess seeing special offers is a grand idea. But other reputable financial institutions have mobile deposit features that work I don't understand how it's so hard for my bank to get with the program.
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12 years ago, AlecRamsay
Amplify is the only bank I use so I have nothing to compare this to, but I was still surprised at how long it took for an app to arrive! Had no problem with the first sign in (no zero, surprise comma, etc) and honestly the only reason I wanted this app was to check my account balance on the go. I'd tried many times with the regular site on my phone but it wouldn't let me actually click on my accounts and the amounts shown were never right, which caused a huge problem one time - and incorrect information about one's bank account is hardly a mishap one can afford multiple times! It sounds like some things need to be tweaked and updated, but so far it works fine for what little I need it for.
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8 years ago, 92%Dew
Why all the problems?
Based on all the bad reviews I was reluctant to spend the time trying a mobile deposit. But one comment seemed worthy of an attempt after mentioning they'd downloaded the latest app as a "new" app, not an upgrade. So I downloaded myself (first time) today and issued a request for a mobile check deposit. I followed the instructions, took a picture of the front and the "signed" back of the check and entered the amount. Within 5 minutes I had already received confirmation of an approved transaction -- no problem whatsoever. I ran through the various screens showing account balances, and transaction history, all seemed fine. I didn't try BillPay so I can't comment on that. If I end up trying out that feature and there's any issues, I'll come back and try to update my review. If you already have an earlier version of the app (I installed 3.0), I'd suggest removing and re-adding even though it may be a bit painful running through re-authentication again. That may just fix the problems you guys seem to be having.
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11 years ago, dieseldriver56-iphone
Can't transfer to external account, check deposit doesn't work.
No way to transfer to external accounts I already have setup. I need this to send money to my offspring that have their own bank other than Amplify. I have to do that fairly often, so I'd need to access the full site from my iPhone while away from home. Very inconvenient. Mobile check deposit repeatedly "try again" when taking an image. Perfectly centered on a black background, doesn't help, so I don't know what else would. I'm using an iPhone 5.
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8 years ago, RegSinby
Lack of updates = iOS incompatibility
Hey developers! Guess what! You have to patch your program when new operating systems release! It's been 3 years since any updates. It seems like electronic banking is customary in today's age. I've yet to have an actual problem with the bank itself but I question anything that can't keep up with the times. You'd think no one on the development team even reads these. I don't know how to make an app but I'd think if I were in the business of making apps, that it wouldn't be too hard. For the love of God, fire who is working on the Mobil app and hire someone else. In today's age, it shouldn't be too difficult to find a program developer looking for a job..
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13 years ago, Delicious Nips
Could use some polish
The functionality is there, but the graphic assets could use some polish. The default apple loading circle seems very low res - these are provided by Apple. Some of the icons looked like they were stretched to fit instead of cut to the proper pixel dimensions. The Amplify 50x50px Large Icon and tge icon to the left of the title screen looks skewed as well. Other than those rookie mistakes, this app does the job and is more convenient to access online banking than the Safari browser.
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