Andrews FCU Mobile

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Andrews Federal Credit Union
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7 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Andrews FCU Mobile

4.47 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
4 months ago, PG County Mom
Very Very Useful
I have been able to do just about anything that I need to from this app. I have transferred money quickly , I have moved money. I have paid bills with ease and been able to check both savings and checking virtually anytime. It is a blessing.
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11 months ago, Scalliwags
Dated and Dim Witted
Forget the app, avoid this institution at all costs. The app and the website is not intuitive or well designed. It is dated and designed by people that must never actually use it. Unfortunately AFCU bought my mortgage and have proceeded to trip over their own shoelaces at every step of the way. Starting from day 1 when they charged me a $15 wire fee to wire money IN to my account to pay them. Their website has failed to process my payment twice in the 18 months I’ve been a hostage, I mean customer. I am using my Andrew’s account and somehow their antique system still botches the payment. For the cherry on top, they charge me a late fee when it happens. I was able to get them to credit the fee but even that took 2 months and in the meantime they mail you nasty letters telling you you’re late. They did finally reverse one of the fees but somehow this math was too complicated and resulted in my payment being applied as principal only and not counting as my normal monthly payment. So guess what, yep another late fee. Please God, let me off this ride. My personal favorite is when you call them they make you go through the entire phone selection tree, put you on hold for about 5 min, then tell you their closed and the call disconnects. It’s a full on county fair goat-roping with these clowns. I can’t wait for interest rates to go down so I can refi and ditch Andrews.
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2 years ago, NYYankees925
Needs to be better.
As far as credit card wise, when you have a balance and it’s paid by a certain time on a weekday, the payment should be applied to the balance that day. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 days to show the payment. Also, I scheduled a payment to be made one day, granted, the balance was only $5 but it was never applied. I called about it and they said they would look into it because they didn’t see it on their end but in the app and online, it showed the payment. They never did nothing and I didn’t want to spend an hour on the phone again so I paid it again. I’ve got quite a few cards with different banks and never had that happened plus they are easier to navigate. Other than this, it’s a very good bank.
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4 years ago, braxton84929
This app will make me close my account at Andrews FCU. Absolutely horrid customer service the past two weeks my wife and I have tried to contact. I have had two loans with Andrews , the first an auto and paid off exceptionally quick. The second has been a nightmare, no callbacks, ridiculous fees, Andrews doesn’t care about its members like the automated phone services love to repeat. I used to recommend them to all of my friends and family for competitive interest rates but after this it’s obvious that Andrews cares more about making a profit than taking care of members. Lastly credit unions are supposed to be much more beneficial than banks due to interest rates and overall service. I will be switching my services back to a bank with its own shareholders’ profits because of their much better customer support and service.
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5 years ago, KJ Hendricks
This app is complete garbage, just like this company
This company is such a freaking headache, it’s no surprise that the app is the same. I cant ever login to my account which is very inconvenient as I’m stationed overseas and can’t always call to get assistance. Too many glitches, and just overall a pain to use. Going through this company for my car loan was the worst mistake I’ve ever made. This company is so inconvenient to deal with, like I have the money to pay my bills, but because their apps and websites are so finicky I have to go through hell to pay my freaking bill. It’s so frustrating and I won’t recommend this company to anyone. At this point I will happily pay more to switch to another company because I’m so tired of dealing with this headache. They aren’t worth the trouble.
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4 years ago, RayNauta
Too buggy
I had the app already before updating it to where facial recognition was an option. Well it took me almost 8 tries with each failure having to delete the app and try again. The manual login with login name and password is as a good old fashion way to use the app but the facial recognition made it impossible to login. I finally (on the 8th try) to login manually and then choose the facial recognition to work after going to settings to choose that. The app could never let me sign in after the update to include logging in manually. So frustrating. But it finally works and the app is so so. Nothing big except it works now.
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2 years ago, JJJJJJJBT
Major update needed
I just joined Andrews not too long ago but I might not be staying long. It’s a good bank but I don’t have a branch near me so I deal with everything online. This app needs a major update I do not feel safe with my money at this bank. It keeps changing how much money is in my checking account almost every time I open it. I check it every time I buy something it’ll do ok at first but then it will say I have more or less money and won’t show the purchase history so it would be really easy to overdraft here if you don’t do your own calculations. I should feel safe with my money at a bank but I don’t here. Please update this app.
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4 months ago, HMA
Well Organized
This app serves my every need. As a handicap individual is an invaluable banking tool. It well organized to show what I select during every search. It keeps me up on every transaction and all summaries. Extremely impressed with the details associated with online banking. As per customer service, it’s unequaled. Well trained and polite associates. Highly recommend this app to all AFCU associates. Well done!
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2 years ago, customerBBO
Too many clicks
The app is not user friendly. I have to click multiple places just to pay my credit card bill from my other checking account... it wasn’t intuitive/simple to add that account either. Also I had to register at a separate “site” to redeem my points!? Why? It seems like everything is over-compartmentalized. I have used multiple other banking apps and this one is by far the most complicated. I guess it’s just lucky that there is online banking at all.
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6 months ago, DARLATS
Really intelligent banking application
It appears that for every update made this application gets better. It may take some time to adjust but once you figure out the new stuff I find it awesome. Have yet to run into any major problems on the app so KUDOS TO ANDREWS. So not like other banking applications I’ve used so I appreciate the easiness of the application. Thanks
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6 months ago, Elder6string
Very good app! I have banked with several different banks and credit unions but, none of their apps that I have used have matched This one. Though there maybe one, I don’t know about it. I’m not saying that AFCU is perfect by no means but, I do and have trusted them for over twenty years. Thank you to all on the team that make it work .
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5 months ago, drewajay
It’s okay
I hate the fact the app has “maintenance” almost every day and When that happens and I spend money my balance stays same so I’m trying to do the math in my head because it’s not showing up on my app and then I sometimes over draft and I won’t know until the next day , another thing is how everything set up i dont know if that’s just me but compared to navy federal it’s very different but over great banking institution and okay customer service
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6 months ago, Warn14
Pretty cool
I just signed up for retinal scan, Andrews is always at the forefront of the technology wave. I don’t get the same level of service with my other bank, that’s for sure. Andrew online banking app is world class. I have been banking with them for over 30 years and they never disappoint.
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6 months ago, MsGomurf
Thank you ANDREWS FCU🇺🇸🫡
I’ve been with Andrews FCU for over 20 years! I’m a proud member who’s always had great confidence in my credit union. The customer service by phone or in person has always been excellent. The financial services has always taken great care of my needs. Thank you Andrews FCU for being a great financial institution!🫡🇺🇸
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5 years ago, Sagichi
After upgrading to IOS 12
This feedback is mainly for the developer, I have my phone jailbroken because I can, but I kept getting a message stating that "The device being used is not a secured version of the IOS operating system. You are not permitted to log on to the ....." I just updated my IOS system (my device is Jailbroken anymore) and so far this is the only application that still doesn't work properly. I have other banking app that were giving me similar announcement, but once I updated my firmware, everything work well except Andrew's app.
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9 months ago, RonnieGirl153
Paying my mortgage
There is should be a drop down to allow me to put a date to pay my mortgage….unfortunately it only allows me a 7 day window. Example: on Dec 20th I can’t come into the app to set my Jan payment for Jan 1st. The app does not allow me to do this, so I have to remember to come back later in Dec to pay January’s mortgage payment. Please put in a drop down to allow me to set the date ahead of time, instead of just the 7 day window.
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6 months ago, 4life46
Real Time
The App is convenient for to make my visa payment, but it’s strange how the money shows as being deducted from the checking account in real time but it takes almost 24 hrs for that payment to show on the visa. Also, it took several days for the next payment due to show April after the payment date for March had past. This online banking platform needs to come out of the Stone Age and into the future.
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2 years ago, VeryPatientDad
Customer Focused
I was a loyal USAA customer for decades but they’ve forgotten how to take care of us. I moved to Andrews Federal for a variety of reasons and absolutely love them. They’re responsive when I call, they treat me more like “family” than just a number and their online services are great. I’m glad I changed banks.
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4 months ago, KpPhotograph
Good App.
The app does what I would expect it to do. I do enjoy the biometric and face recognition feature, makes it much easier to log in quick to check for payments and withdrawals. Thank you Andrews FCU for making it possible for over 20 years now.
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3 years ago, Hey Chels
Andrews Federal all-new mobile app is super easy to use. Every month, I pop into the app to pay my mortgage, home equity, and auto loan. It only takes a couple of seconds to submit my payments and I’m done. I also love that I can custom name my accounts to something that makes sense to me. 10/10 highly recommend.
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6 months ago, Rhoda D.
User friendly
Easy to navigate using mobile banking features. I can complete my financial matters anytime and anywhere in just a couple minutes. Will definitely recommend to my friends and family.
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1 year ago, luvely2
This banking app is perfect down to the Tee. I like the fact that it is very fast. You will get notifications quickly if any signs of fraudulent activity appears. Also if you put in the wrong password, a notification will be sent to you ASAP!! I’m definitely a FAN🥰
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2 years ago, Greg. P
Andrews excuses!
Andrews seems to regularly tell its customers why they can’t do something. This is really annoying especially considering their competition is doing what they claim cannot be done. I’ve had issues with making a Zelle transaction. Glitches with their MASTER CARD and the bank interface. Info they can’t apply or process. Andrews can’t communicate with the MC…it’s a mess, complicated and their rates exorbitant. The it blames the bankers, the MC can’t and the next person can’t??? It can’t always be the customer!
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5 months ago, Mental Alchemy
User interface
The user interface is not very user friendly. For example, it took me about ten minutes on how to figure out how to transfer money from my checking account to my credit card. Once a payment is made to the credit card or loan account, the amount that you payed does NOT display in the account registry.
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5 years ago, Poon_e
I truly enjoy the convenience of being able to view my bank accounts through this app. Previously, I would log-in through the website which took a bit of a minute. However, with this eye scan, seconds. I love it! Thank you.
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6 months ago, NYDADINNM
Best Federal Credit Union
I have been with AFCU for 46 years and the service has always been Excellent. No matter where overseas AFCU has been there to support me and my family needs. Now that I'm retired and can't trust anyone more during these difficult financial times. I'm at peace with AFCU.
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1 year ago, thedindin
A breeze to navigate!
This is definitely a vast improvement from the old app. Love the fact that there is no tool that stands out more than the other which makes navigation through the site a seamless effort.
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6 months ago, MrCwn2
Very easy to use and track transactions. I can transfer money and check balances with ease. Never have to go to the bank or ATM to transfer money. I feel secure with the security features that’s been put in place.
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5 months ago, Vanila00
User Friendly & Convenient
I appreciate how I can obtain account info on all 4 accounts. Most all banking options are available w/o having to visit the bank. They still need to work out kink re payoff options on overdrafts. A payoff total needs to be provided.
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5 months ago, Jwalls1
First Class Service
Superior service all the time, very dependable, problem solvers in all areas. Mobile banking easy to navigate with courteous and very knowledgeable customer service rep. Andrews FCU is definitely number one in my book.
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1 year ago, legendary0627
Great app
Really great, convenient and easy to use. Glad they add the features were you could pay your credit card directly from your account. Would definitely recommend this app.
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2 years ago, Armani!
really nice, functional and easy
Really simple app to use for my bank account. Its always working and has everything you need when it comes to accessing your account or cards, etc.
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2 years ago, Mel B13
Mobile App
I have the latest version but it is not showing the ability for Mobile Deposit. I deleted the app several times and uploaded it. It still doesn’t give me the current version even though on the App Store it shows Mobile Deposit! Which means I need to drive all the way yo the CU which is very inconvenient
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2 years ago, Bigsexy7
Love the App
I like the fact that this application allows me to do everything with the exception of withdrawing funds immediately. The functionality is user-friendly, and I try to use it as much as possible.
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2 years ago, Just. Jo
Sheer Simplicity
A very easy app to use! I have the capability to manage my account without having to leave home. I can view my accounts whenever I chose, make transfers, and payments. It’s wonderful. I couldn’t ask for more!
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6 months ago, SBCEagles
Andrews Federal Credit Union App
Love this app. Being able to pay my bills using this app has made my life easier. I love the way I can easily deposit checks to my account. Thanks and keep improving to enhance our experience with AFCU.
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6 months ago, naye60
Love the app
Very convenient to be able to transactions, balance and transfer funds. It’s also great that there are no fees associated with various task you’re able to do. I use the app almost everyday to get abreast of my spending habits.
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10 months ago, parttime user
Great way to keep your financial information
Love the ease of using the app to get updated information. Great for transferring money too. I’m glad they now use facial Recognition so I don’t have to enter my information every time.
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7 months ago, Dragonfly5600
Easiest Check Book
I was at first against having a bank app, but my daughter convinced me to try it out! I love it because it’s a virtue check book and accurate info with errors of forgetting a purchase!
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6 months ago, Mommaurf
Better Menu screen
You guys should make a better menu screen and you should make it easier to find the transfer screen.
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6 months ago, fhagdjt
If zero stars was an option that is what I would give Andrew’s FCU and it’s app. Terrible customer service (if you can actually speak with a representative. - I have never been able to) They make you jump through hoops while standing on one leg, blindfolded, just to make payments on your loan. I can’t wait until I am out of this prostate exam of a contract. I actually can’t imagine a worse choice when it comes to banking.
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5 years ago, MSchmtt
Easy app to use
Great app! Everything is easy locate and makes it easy to transfer money between accounts and to others who are also members. Ads are not in the way and do no detract from the information.
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11 months ago, Cro.017
AFCU App Customer Review
Overall, it’s a solid app. Don’t experience any lag or glitches and I feel quite secure using it. The layout of one’s finances could stand to be a bit more like the online website (through the same pie charts and such). Nevertheless, solid.
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6 months ago, 83Buckeyebaby
Ms L
Glad to see the problem with app not showing the accurate due date for credit card accounts appears to have been fixed.
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4 months ago, DaaTechnician
Superb App and Customer Servuce
I have been with your branch for decades. The app is an outstanding addition to your line of great customer service. The fact that it allows me to use biometrics to authenticate via my iPhone is simply marvelous.
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2 years ago, Lightsforfun
Great app
This app is so helpful, very easy to navigate and also reliable. Since I am not located in close vicinity to the Credit Union, it has been a big timesaver for me. Also messages were answered promptly. Very happy to have this app.
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2 years ago, wholesaleNOOB
Just one wish
I just wish they had a counter of how many transactions you have left for the month when moving money from savings.
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2 months ago, celgad
Functionality of the App
Never had a problem using the interface.
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5 months ago, oksanaaaaeeeeee
Wanted to rate 2-star but…
It works - just not very well. Needs a major update. This warrants 2 stars /// HOWEVER the latest crop of reviews by MS25+, PioneerPassion, Lo1234re and several others that gave this 4 or 5 stars reeks of fishy fermentation. There’s no way the bank didn’t somehow give an “incentive” to someone to get the reviews up. 1 star is too much and this business should be avoided for multiple reasons beyond the confines of the review of their shoddy app.
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11 months ago, myreviewshawty
Very user friendly! I like being able to access my account and chat with a service team member in real time! I would give the app 10 stars if I could.
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