4.2 (5)
144.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Metagaming B.V.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Angeldust

4.2 out of 5
5 Ratings
7 years ago, JoeMotive
Charming fun
I've been playing for a couple days and I'm having fun so far. The game itself is fairly simple. Wander, explore, build, etc... the controls are a bit wonky and it would be nice if the jump and sprint buttons wouldn't float around all over the screen. It makes it difficult especially when building. I love the art style but right now the population is very low. I've seen a few people building their homes but not out in the wild exploring. Kinda lonely. Lots of potential here. I'll be keeping watch on progress ;)
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2 years ago, OP_predator
Original game
This game is very original and you have so many think to do but I suggested to add a tutorial is better for the new players
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1 year ago, Just Texas
Painfully bad
What it lacks in playability and controls is dwarfed by the lack of experience and enjoyment
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9 years ago, MrDocCutty
Amazing game the art style is beautiful exactly what I've wanted in a game such as this one but two concerns and possible change that needs to be made. We need to be able to dig deeper than six blocks also make male and female for all classes also if I cut down trees I should get wood from it
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8 years ago, Ghastly13
Amazing mix of action RPG and world building
Pick a character and begin exploring a world full of beautiful and mysterious landscapes full of deadly creatures earning coins while you explore and adventure with friends. Discover new building materials and create your own unique home. This is a mix of action fighting/ exploring and minecraft style building. Go to the angeldust website to buy an account. Truth me it's well worth it :)
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7 years ago, Cgpeas
This is a fun little sandbox builder. Easy to pick up and play for any amount of time. The controls take a little getting used to, but the main appeal is that you can play your same character on your iPhone, PC, Mac, etc... It's still in early development, but the devs are involved and working hard to make this a great gaming experience.
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6 years ago, JPSherlock
‘Ware false reviews!
If you read any of the reviews that are 4 stars and up disregard them for they are obviously a plant, this game while looks great is buggy in its execution of rendering the world and interaction with the environment while also being extremely limited in what you can do which is simply put, fight some weak enemies and build with dirt and some other very basic blocks. There are very few items to buy , I quickly bought everything for my character and absolutely no help to tell you what they are for. BAD GAME good concept platform though.
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6 years ago, Funky6amer
Fun but...
There is little to do and the enemy’s are weak plus few items so can you please add more?
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5 years ago, Cord601
This game is addictive
I love this game and love the 3rd person view and the 3D art style this is the best games ever just like Minecraft but even better
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7 years ago, Shannanigans Shan
Love it
Been playing and I love it. I only wish more people knew about it, more people would be more fun
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8 years ago, Mr A Benoit
Don't know how to earn coins.
How do you earn any coins to buy more blocks? This game would be better if you don't have to earn more coins(however).
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8 years ago, Izzy1K
I like it. But I don't know how to create an acount
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9 years ago, Ben Marsala
Best game on ios
This game is so awesome!!!! Worth the $12 making an account costs. Ive watched the creator's livestreams
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7 years ago, Bren3.0
Do somthing fast
I got so so bore of the same thing of just making villages with my friends and going on hunts for week bots but it would be good if you could make like bosss or new bioms and or bandits
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6 years ago, CalebGamer
The game is really fun if you have friends, me and my friends built a giant castle
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6 years ago, IMMusicMaker
World has lines Now
The world use to look good but now has light grey lines where the sections are where it never had them before. Long vertical lines. Now it’s ugly.
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7 years ago, Walk After Christ
Good game
Surprisingly fun game. Love the exploration.
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9 years ago, Death gun steel
Looks cool
It looks so cool and I wish I could play online. But I can't because I can't even create an account so please let us play.
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9 years ago, Springfield 197
It says free but yet you have to buy an account
It says free but yet you have to buy an account
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7 years ago, Juanjito0
Gr8 game 8/8
Super fun
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3 years ago, Eric the Last
My Review
The game has enough to keep me coming back every once in awhile. If you want to, you can build a town and hope it's good enough to become a "Wonder", where it's easier for strangers to visit your town. If you are fortunate to have a "Wonder" quality town, or build, you'll be able to capture a dragon to ride on, which makes traveling and building immensely easier. Because of your "Wonder", you can also get a pet to follow you around, and fight with you. You'll also get healed up because of your pet. You can buy a saddle from the shop, and then capture a horse, a moa, or a bear by throwing the saddle on him. Then you can ride him around the world as you explore, or fight creatures. While you're riding, you'll also heal up. When you kill a creature, he will drop some gold so you can buy things from the Shop. There is no PvP aspect to the game as your build, explore, or travel. There are some blocks you can use that don't have proper characteristics... like the water block doesn't act like water because you can walk on it, not through it. And the water is a cloudy gray color, not a translucent blue. There's a yellow lava block that doesn't harm anyone like lava should. More attention seems to be given to decorating your buildings with items like chairs, tables, pictures, etc, but not enough attention given to the construction materials. The only reason I continue to play is because I have a lot of time invested in this game, and have done a lot of building, so I like to improve on them where I can. If you're hoping to find people throughout the game, you might be looking for awhile. The maker of the game seems to want everyone to be friends, but I don't find it beneficial to have too many friends in this game. It's too bad, there isn't PvP in the game, then it would be easier to find out who are really friendly, and who aren't. With PvP, the game would be a lot more popular, imho. If you're more adventurous that I am, and want to meet people, then click on the "Wonder" button, and you'll eventually meet someone. There is also a "Play Together" button that might give you someone to play along with. You can choose among 4 different characters to be... a fighter (male), a builder (male), a scout (female), or a sorceress (female). If I see improvements in the areas of the game that I think are lacking, I'll be happy to change my rating later.
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8 years ago, Mrshammer516
I can't even get into the game whatever I do nothing works!😡😡😡😡
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9 years ago, Hsbsvjsbsyjshsy
Can't even create a account
This is so dumb but it looks cool
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9 years ago, 🚫🚫🚫🚫⛳️😐🚯💵🔞👹😅
It looks cool
I can't make an account
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