Angi: Find Local Home Services

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Angi Inc.
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User Reviews for Angi: Find Local Home Services

4.49 out of 5
89K Ratings
6 months ago, CJ's Stuck Again
First Time User
Needed to find a duct cleaning company and was glad to use Angi to get a list of prospective vendors to choose from. Saves me the time looking for one - although I do understand that the vendors pay Angi to advertise, I still think the reviews they have is helpful to at least give me an idea about the vendor as well the option provided by Angi on approximate cost of my project. So at least it gives me an idea of the estimates I was getting is way off or not. Although the only problem I had was when Angi did provide me with a list of 3 vendors and I clicked on one of them to read their reviews, and when I was finished, I lost the names of the other 2 vendors. Hopefully they can fix that issue. Somebody from Angi did do a quick follow up call to me but since I was heading to a meeting, requested for them to call me back which he did not! Was happy with the eventual contractor I used especially as this was a last minute request.
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2 years ago, chase3915
Lately I’ve had several projects going simultaneously. I was VERY thorough and detailed about each project only to find that the contractors that I contacted or who contacted me through Angie’s List had little or in most cases, no information about the project at hand. There were several instances where they didn’t even specialize in the line of work I was seeking. For example, I called one company whose specialty was Tree Service and I was contacting them about replacement siding. More recently, just last week, a contractor called me to say that he understood I was in need of a new roof and the project I was needing help with was for concrete work. He was under the impression that the work was to be done on a house I sold several years ago even though I was very clear to indicate my current address when conveying the information online to Angie’s List in the details about the project. I gave a three star rating out of five becauseI have been impressed in the past with the caliber of the contractors who have done work for me and the quality of the work performed. So Angie’s List, either start conveying all of the details that a customer provides you with to your contractors, or if you choose not to convey it, then don’t ask customers for it in the first place and have them simply indicate a general project and the customer can convey the details to the contractor when they speak with them.
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8 months ago, KarenMio
Won’t recommend, better off search on Google maps
Pros: good if you just started in an area and don’t know who to hire Cons: 1, you can NOT back out of a project creation! Even if you click cancel the app would ignore and have contractors call you anyways. This is SUPER inconvenient cuz you get a lot of calls for a project that you didn’t want to start! 2, you will get LOTS of calls! Even though you didn’t select the contractor, for some reason Angi would just share your info with all of them and they will ALL call you. 🤦‍♀️ Once in a while you’ll also get really persistent people that even tho you said you don’t need the service, they keep calling and texting 🤦‍♀️ I don’t blame the contractors to be honest, they are running business here, but seems like Angi could give users more control on which contractors they want to be contacted with, vs. everyone and anyone. And their contractor experience seems to need a lot of work. I’m guessing the app profits when there are more call volume instead quality service. I understand but that’s such a waste of both consumer and the contractors time! TLDR you can use this for the first month you moved to an area. Once you have some idea about your neighborhood just use google maps or ask your neighbors for referrals. There are so many ways to get contractors now, it just ain’t worth the frustration or being bombarded with unwanted calls/leads. 🤷‍♀️
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1 year ago, itwanders22
Charged me $25 for cancellation
I needed my door repaired. I checked the app but there was no one in my area. Got several calls from “Angi”, finally answered, couldn’t understand the person as English was obviously their second language. Anyway, the guy said he would set me up with someone. Got connected, I sent pictures to the guy assigned to my job and an explanation. I thought “there I did everything I should, let’s see how this goes”. I wait until the night before and the contractor hasn’t called me yet so I reach out. The guy answers “hello”, I say “hello (his name) this is Dave, you’re going to do some work for me tomorrow”. Anyway, he’s aware but completely unprepared and asks if I have the door. In the app, I selected that I needed the contractor to supply all the materials so Angi increased the price from $300-$369 or something like that. So, I don’t have a door, he doesn’t have a door, no one has the door to replace my broken door. I say ok cool can you maybe just come do an estimate tomorrow? He says sure, but Angi may charge me the full amount $369 for his visit. I say ok well let me cancel this and I’ll rehire you once I get the materials. I go to cancel and since it was within 24 hours, Angi charged me $25. Honestly, I don’t even want to try to explain this to anyone at Angi, I know based off of experience that it would just be a pain to explain. Angi can keep my $25, I’m deleting the app!
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2 months ago, PH193
Marsh’ll Fix It
I wanted to update my shower. I gave the job to Marshall Brown of Marsh’ll Fix It because he told me he could do it for a lot less than $14,000, the amount quoted me by Jacuzzi. I gave him the job and it was a nightmare from beginning to end. The job was substandard, unprofessional, and defective. After I used the shower one time, there was water in my living room on the other side of the wall because the plumbing in the wall was defective and incorrectly installed. They used plastic connectors rather than metal piping. The shower pan did not drain because it was not level, the tiles on the wall were installed, without any regard to keeping them level or making them flush. The threshold did not meet the wall on the left side and on the right side stuck out about an inch. I called Renew Home Innovations to come tear out everything back down to the studs and put in a correct shower. Renew Homes was in and out in five days leaving a perfect shower which I love. Marshall Brown charged me over $17,000 for an unusable shoddy shower. This has been a very expensive problem for me. I now have to pay for a brand new shower, although the new shower is thousands less than what Marshall charged me. Did I mention I was a 73-year-old widow on Social Security? I put this same review on the Marsh’ll Fix It website, but he keeps taking it down. I don’t think he can remove the pictures however, so if you want to look at the plumbing disaster, take a look at his site.
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3 years ago, Santino the great
Not sold on it.
I’ve had some suspect dealings. One person came out and gave me a reasonable price. Then we he started he came back and said it needs some additional work. This is after the deposit and states he can’t insure the other part without doing this part. I had one person show up almost two hours late and didn’t call to notify me he was going to be late. Angi has a policy they need to do better at informing customers about. I needed to have a section of drywall replaced. When he finally got there he asked me did I have the materials? No one comes out to your home and takes a look to tell you what your going to need. Somehow the customer is suppose to know what the workers will need. Getting a tv mounted is one thing but consumers are suppose to know what kind, size and quantities will be needed. Customers are suppose to know what kind of nails or whatever else they need to hang the drywall. They charged me for the job then when I complained they said the money is only for the labor we are suppose to provide the products needed. I was charged 400 to replace a section of drywall but instead al he did was mud the hole. I had to make a complaint to get refund. Angi doesn’t ask you any questions about the job or confirm it was done correctly. I had to sit on the phone about an hour to make a complaint and then wait a couple days for someone to email me. Then they reduced the charge to 200 but didn’t refund me the difference but gave me a credit.
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2 years ago, Hauaha12
I was supposed to have my trampoline assembled by Angi today at 9 am but when I look online it says that they completed the job on the 25th. Which is impossible because I didn’t even have my trampoline delivered to me until yesterday the 28th…..I’ve been trying to get in contact to reschedule and now when I try to get a hold of the angi number that texted me, it says the number is out of service…. When I call the customer service phone number all they do is give me the run around. I called the customer service number yesterday and they said they would be coming today, but like I said when I went to confirm my booking for today it says that the job was already completed when it never was…This is my first and last time using Angi… they have have been absolutely horrible to me and no help at all. My 5 year old would love to play on her $600+ trampoline today but she can’t because all they do is give me the run around and have been no help. It’s not right to lie and say you completed a job when they never did. I didn’t pay $150 for nothing. This is horrible customer service. I even told the Angi person my trampoline hasn’t arrived yet on Saturday so I’m not sure why they put they completed the job when they never did. Now after getting the run around for days, they tell me that they will come Friday. I PRAY that they do so I can be DONE with Angi for good!
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2 months ago, Amaya JB.
DO NOT HIRE PEOPLE FROM HERE! This app is practically a scam! I bought furniture through Wayfair and made the mistake of choosing this third party company to assembly one item, an entertainment center for my bedroom. Not only did I have to reschedule 2 times for a no show and a “problem” a contractor had that prevented them from coming, but also once I finally got a contractor to assemble my entertainment center he told me he needed another tool then left and never came back. He left my house completely filthy with tools and pieces scattered everywhere and no call or response. Never heard from him again. On top of the fact that I went back to check this person’s reviews he had 2.5 stars. Why would they even keep a contractor with such low performance on their platform? Obviously their “pros” have had issues with other clients so I don’t see how they would continue to allow contractors like this on their app. I filed paperwork for a full refund with customer support on March 28th and still have not gotten my money back till this day (writing this on April 15th). I spent almost $100 dollars with Angi only to be told by support that they don’t know where the refund is and that I should fill out more requests. This app and support team are horrible and I highly recommend going through your app’s own assembly services or Thumbtack Home services instead and save yourself the trouble.
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1 year ago, Ro507
I depend on Angi
I have come to trust and depend on Angi for many of my home projects. My fence was installed by Main Line Fence Company several years ago. I was very pleased with them. I hired a great handyperson (Belle’s) for some small projects around the house: faucets and sinks in kitchen and bath, countertop and backsplash, new handles and hinges on kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately she is no longer doing this work. I also hired Patriot Mobility to install handicap ramps at the front of my house. Again I was very pleased. They gave a prompt estimate, which was very reasonable. At the time I didn’t hire anyone because of Covid. When I was ready to hire and called them about the job, they honored the original bid, even though it was two years later. They submitted plans, drawings and insurance information for the township. The work was started on time, the workers were very nice, and the job was completed on time. The ramps are perfect. When I am looking for professionals for my home projects, I go to Angi first. I do read the reviews that others have left. I then contact two or three of the companies and ask for bids. Based on our interactions I hire the company I feel will do a good job.
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2 years ago, learning the hard way!
Not trustworthy!
I had TWO so call companies call me for carpet cleaning. The first one said he would be calling me back and never did, even when I called them again and left a message that I was waiting for the time and date they would be available. The SECOND call the individual told me he would be there the following day and gave me a time. I informed him it would work out great as I was having company the following day and would be showing my home to sale. That individual texted me the approx an half an hour before he was to arrive and said he could not make it because my home was too far away. We had discussed my address and city in our initial conversation and he said he would be at my home, no problem. I was shocked that he would just not show up and not even call me the day of our conversation to say he would not make it, I could have called someone else. After going back and forth explaining my dilemma, he said he would get a team out to my house. It was 5:00 pm and NO ONE SHOWED UP!!! I am a grandma in my late 60’s and was up until 2:00 am cleaning my own carpet for my showing later that day!!! This type of service is inexcusable from any business. I was under the impression Angi would screen their business to provide good service. I think I would do better in screening!!! Not recommending Angi, OR ANY COMPANY ASSOCIATED WITH ANGI.
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2 years ago, Bored Redhead
Angie’s List used to be a source for honest, trustworthy reviews of local tradespeople but NO MORE. Their new business model is to farm out your data to their own providers then spam you with emails and phone calls wondering why you’re not following through. I got an email stating that I had a response, but in order to see it I had to download the app (didn’t/don’t want the app but it was the only option) and then when I caved and got it, there’s no message because I don’t have an account. An Angi rep called me from a call center to “quote a price” for a job she’d never seen and could barely understand. She tried to upsell me from a handyman to a GC because I’d get “better service” (my own experience proves that’s no guarantee) then quoted me $1,400 for a job that will realistically cost me $300-$400 because all she could do was plug in her best guesses into some kind of spreadsheet. She also assumed I already had all the materials—I don’t even know what’s needed and that’s why I’m hiring someone!! When we need the premium features, my husband logs in with his membership but after today we’re canceling it. Angi has a completely different vision and marketing plan than Angie’s List and it feels like a giant scam. I’m so sad because I loved the old way but this is terrible. Now that I’ve left my review, I’m deleting the app as well.
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5 months ago, Nate Blizzard
Horrible! Don’t do it you will regret it the moment you try it
Angi a rip off. I’m a tradesman on there advertising as a handyman and I was getting charged $60 per lead for jobs not even worth $60 per lead. I would get 10 leads and 2 out of 10 were real the rest were spammers from India. And Angi sent my owed $450 to collections after 1 month of non payment without a single customer service call other than a robo call. I used to be on thumbtack and the lead fees varied from $3.50 up to $60 but mostly averaging $8 according to difficulty and type of lead. I was happy with those prices considering I would win or receive at least 7/10 wins or at least a possible referral and future customer. Most jobs started small but eventually after seeing my 4.9 star reviews after 90+ reviews I would win them all and I flourished during 2020 COVID. Finally starting a handyman business and creating a contact list and a referral domino effect. Now I don’t need lead services anymore with my referral base and yard sign advertisements But screw Angi they don’t have any market and are hard targeted by India call scammers. And spammers Even customers all over social media say it’s the worst site ever. Previous ownership has been sued and it’s spiraling down hill for them Task rabbbit and thumbtack is far superior
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4 years ago, Noisemaker19
Use this app if you want to be harassed and hounded by contractors non stop!
If you research a project, they want your info, which they will share however they want. This is pushed to contractors who will begin to hound you. HomeAdvisor gives out all your info and it is creepy!!!! It is nearly impossible to cancel a project to stop the hounds from chasing you! AND you can’t cancel your whole account! It’s like I am a prisoner! They listed 4 pros and after the first day, I counted 8 different pros who called me and left messages. 8! Why didn’t they tell me/reveal all 8 options! They try to hide their directory of pros, but then send your phone number, email, home address, etc. to businesses you never even saw matched!!!! I found a way to turn off email and phone number, but once those businesses have your info, they keep calling. Also, tucked away in the app, in the account option, is the option to view their pros without starting a project (aka alerting the hounds)! They called so many times, my iPhone automatically labeled them as Spam Risks. They have called, emailed, text messaged, left voicemails, etc. One guy even sounded rude and short tempered in his third voicemail! The appropriate thing as a pro is to call and leave a voicemail ONE TIME. Then if I want to call back, I will. I have black listed any pro who harasses me this way!
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4 years ago, BlancoBen
Horrible Customer Experience
I used their single price service, where you say what you need, get a price, and schedule a time. Home Advisor finds the technician and sends them out. But they’re supposed to confirm ahead of time who is coming. They never told me who would show up, the app just said the technician’s name was “Homeadviser H.” 🙄 The phone number to contact them went to a recorded, “thanks for calling,” them hung up. When no one showed, I called the number that Home Advisor texted this morning to contact them, and after 15 minutes on hold the person who answered said she couldn’t help with their Single Price bookings. 🤦🏼‍♀️ After 5 more minutes on hold with the correct department, they asked for a bunch of personal information the previous CSR hadn’t needed and at about that time my service person arrived. My technician had no idea he’d been connected to the job through Home Adviser. Turns out he’s an awesome dude, employee owned business, etc. But Home Adviser wouldn’t know any of that, because he was hired through a completely different middleman company and Home Adviser never bothered to actually find out who they were sending to their customer’s home. So I’ll never be using their worthless services again, and instead I’ll be asking this super cool dude for recommendations of other employee-owned businesses.
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5 years ago, E.M. 78225
Really??? People give them 5 stars?
I’ve used them three times now, hoping that each time might be different (which I know is the definition of insanity). I hired an A/C company that had a good sales guy, but a lousy install team. The second time was for a landscaper, no one called. The last time was for stucco work and there was only one contractor who called. I almost hired him because “Hey, Home Advisor knows what they’re doing right?”. Well after consulting two other contractors who were a bit higher priced, I found out that the way in which he was suggesting to repair the home would have caused more expensive problems than doing it right the first time. There were no other stucco contractors on their list. I am only 10 minutes away from a city of 100k+ people and they couldn’t find two other contractors for the area? Then there are the constant emails asking for reviews, suggesting other project ideas, etc. Plus if you’re not careful, you’ll answer the phone and have to get pulled into a 5 minute follow-up call and apology. Do what our parents and grandparents did for decades before the golden age of technology. Ask friends and neighbors, call out of a directory, get multiple bids, and go with your gut. Worst-case scenario, go to Yelp and get your ratings there. At least you won’t be hassled by constant follow-up.
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1 year ago, Poor workmanship
Contractor Fresh Start Remodels Eric Draa
I would like to make a review of a company that Angi sent my way for a redo of my front porch and stairs, building of a deck on the rear of my home, a pool deck, a large deck with assembly of a pergola over it, installing large retractable awning (which the contractor asked for me to get parts to beef up. Which he hasn’t installed and my house is in danger with high winds), installing of two (2) small retractable awnings. (which have loosen and now they have missing hardware), installing a Wind awning for the pergola (which has broken), finish an addition (there are several unfinished jobs (installing outlet plates, painting some , leaving the stairs in the loft Unsafe!), repairs to the wall and repairs needed, installing of some moldings), installing of swing (installed two (2) posts in ground without finishing the top beam and leaving concrete bag in the rain which isn’t usable now (I paid for all of the materials) and leaving electrical panel and unfinished electrical work which is Dangerous! I feel that Eric Draa does inferior, unsafe, incomplete work and he asked for payment before jobs were complete. He subbed work out and these employees stole some of my properties. I WOULD ENCOURAGE NOT DOING BUSINESS WITH FRESH START REMODELS. UNLESS YOU WANT INCOMPLETE AND INFERIOR WORK OR IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE YOUR PROPERTY “MISSING “!!!
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5 years ago, Alikdj
On many occasions, I have TRIED to find 1) someone for a project or service and 2) someone qualified. I’ll give 3 examples where it was anywhere from useless to a waste of time to hiring someone who had “verified” reviews but was one of the WORST “home pros” I hired in all of the people I have contracted to do work on my house in the past 2 years. 1) I wanted to get pro referrals for a bathroom remodel. I got one referral that was decent. All of the rest “didn’t have time”, and one came over smelling like a distillery to look at the job for an estimate. It took him 3 weeks to get back to me. Needless to say, I didn’t hire any of these people. Completely useless and a waste of time. 2) I had personal property to get appraised and, even though I was very specific with the search, they sent me real estate appraisers. There’s no way to even give them feedback that they need to improve their searches! —that was the waste of time. 3) here’s the biggie- I hired “25 painters” to paint my house 2 years ago using HomeAdvisor. They say they have verified reviews. BE CAREFUL. Look at other sites for reviews! This group took MONTHS to paint my house. They sent people that were clearly not painters and I had to continually keep lists of what they had missed. I will NEVER rely on HomeAdvisor for any work on my house again!
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2 years ago, Assigns DNA
Horrible company unreliable, difficult to understand and poor customer service
We tried to search for contractors on this website a couple times but if we didn’t make a purchase they will have someone who can barely speak English reach out and try to push a sale and those agents have no idea what kind of work we’re trying to complete. So we never hired anyone directly through them. However, recently, we purchase installation through Lowes and Lowes started contracting all their work through Handy which is owned by Angie’s list. It’s a simple swap of a garage door opener but we’ve had to reschedule three time. The first time the person sent by handy showed up late, asked for extra payment and walked away when we refused. Second person completed the installation but item started malfunctioning the very next morning and made the garage door crooked. Third time we asked for followup to fix the faulty installation and the person has not showed up yet. So on all three occasions with the handy contractors it was not a great experience. Calling in to handy customer service is an even worse experience. They talk over you, they cut you off and they’re not able to resolve the situation. I really hope Lowes stops using them.
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4 years ago, MattDentino
Terrible service - buyer beware
I have tried to use the app for two projects. The first project, none of the recommended “experts” ever bothered to contact me. The second time I setup an appointment using the apps pre-negotiated price and selecting from their schedule. They confirmed a 7:00 AM Friday morning appointment for the work. I took the morning off to be there. At 5:00 AM they sent me an email saying the appointment was canceled because they could not find a professional to meet my schedule. First of all, I selected a time and date from their available options when I set up the appointment. If those times aren’t good they should not offer them. Secondly to wait until 5:00AM the morning of to send out an email to cancel it totally unacceptable!!! I also received a text message 45 min prior to the appointment to say it was rescheduled for the next week. Again totally unacceptable! The kicker here to add insult to injury is that they already charged my Credit card for the service. I instantly requested reimbursement and was assured the charges were reversed and would show up in 3 to 4 days. At least they have that part of the process down well. It would appear they have lots of experience returning customers money!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS APP/SERVICE
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5 days ago, MikkiTayTay
Pro didn’t show and no refund
I highly encourage everybody to refrain from using Angi. I hired a “pro” to put together a bed from Wayfair, and they never showed up and never called. We waited for them for hours and had to reschedule things in our calendar, so it was really inconvenient when they didn’t show up or call. Of course I reached out to get a refund which I thought would happen very quickly as it’s 2024… but now it’s been six weeks and I’ve talked to at least 10 people over the course of the six weeks trying to get my refund and they still have not given it to me. Everyone tries to send me to everyone else, and the blame gets past each time I reach out, and promises get made but no refund gets deposited. They keep asking me to fill out the paperwork and bank information and send the receipt to prove that I hired them, which I keep doing, but I still haven’t received the refund. Of course, I reached out to the higher management, and they escalated the issue, yet still, no refund. I have never had an experience with a company before in my entire life. Go to small claims court? This is absolutely ridiculous. This is my warning: DO NOT HIRE ANYONE AT ANGI - IF THEY DON’T SHOW UP OR IF SOMETHING HAPPENS, YOU WILL NOT GET A REFUND!
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2 years ago, Thomas V Turek
Confirming appointments without my approval
It confirmed an appointment even though I never finished setting up the project request. All I wanted was a quote, which it never gave me either before repair people starting calling me every 5 minutes and then text me late at night saying I had an appointment confirmed that I never agreed to. Still never even gave me a quote. So the app: -Steals your contact info so I’ll get calls forever. -Doesn’t give you quotes when asked. -Schedules appointments without your consent. -Schedules appointments without even a quote! I’m getting a random person texting me late saying they’re coming this Friday at 8:00am to do the repair I NEVER agreed to, and I still don’t even know how much the guy would charge! If a guy rings my doorbell at 8:00am Friday and tries to charge me for a repair appointment I never agreed to I’m going to LOSE MY MIND. All this and I STILL don’t even have an actual account. It never finished setting up or made me verify it before it did all this. This app is trash, won’t be using again. **UPDATE The repairman told me he was able to cancel the appointment set by Angi’s list. BUT ANGIES LIST CHARGED HIM. THE APP CHARGED HIM $ FOR THEIR OWN MISTAKE. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. THE REPAIRMAN SHOULDN'T BE CHARGED FOR YOUR APPS MISTAKE. Unforgivable.**
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1 year ago, Needs a new roof
Pushy service
Use this app with caution. This app was not what I expected per past wonderful reviews I heard about Angie’s List. If you want to get something done, and you don’t care who does it or for how much, it’s a good option. I wanted to use it to for competitive quotes for roofers in my area to compare to the company I used for my garage. When I entered in my info, it only gave me two options. I chose one and had the most painful hard sales appointment. “We have to have you sign for financing to hold this bid.” The company, Dabella, was trying to get into the Midwest market, but I just met you, AND you’re way higher than what Angi said was the average cost, no thanks! Honestly they did really pitch quality but my anger with the continued hard sell even after the 90 minute meeting (!) was too much. I tried one more time to see if I could see vendors in my area, by randomly picking a fence fix (which I do need). Yet again, I was given a small number of options, none of which I’d heard of before. I chose none of them but was called by one anyway so I gave in to a quote. $500 for one fence post is just too high. And the Angi reps called me once each about each project when they sensed I wasn’t going with their vendors.
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3 years ago, CeciliaL807
Got charged but contractor never showed up
I booked an appointment for snow shoveling services at 8am after a night of heavy snowfall. I needed my driveway and sidewalks shoveled. I am over 70 and have a hard time shoveling on my own. I got a several confirmation emails stating that my appointment was confirmed. No one showed up at 8am, so I thought that they were just running late. I waited until the early afternoon to call them to see what the story was. The customer service rep tells me that based on their GPS, a contractor came out and stayed at my house for 30 mins and that the job had been done. When I complained that the job clearly had not been done, and that I could send them photos to prove that there is snow on my driveway, they offered to send another contractor out in 48 hours (which was their next available appointment). I can’t wait 48 hours because I have to get my car out to go to work, so I asked them to just cancel my appointment, at which point, I was informed that the contractor had already been paid and that I would only get 50% of my money back. Per their customer service rep, no exceptions could be made. So now I’m out 50% of the cost of shoveling my driveway and I will have to find someone else to shovel it. PLEASE DO NOT USE HOMEADVISOR.
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3 weeks ago, Mose99
Angi clean
In the past, I’ve had good results with Angie when I’ve talked to the pros and negotiated quotes. This time I decided to use their automatic matching program Angie clean. It said they automatically matched me with a qualified top rated pro. The job was cleaning and 44 windows in a Victorian house three stories high. In the past when I’ve done it with window companies they show up with a crew. The pro that Angi sent was one guy who is not insured and was not a window person. He was a lovely fellow and I felt bad for him driving all the way over because I couldn’t let him do the job if he wasn’t insured. This is not a one-man job and it needs someone who knows how to clean second and third windows without using a ladder. I don’t know how those guys do it, but I recall that they have someway that they opened the windows and sit on the ceiling and clean the outside. so andrew wasted my time and the poor guy who drove all the way over here. It may look like Angie is going to take care of everything for you, but don’t trust them. I would’ve called them to complain, but it was 10 to 12 minutes on hold. When you use Angie, you’re talking to a not so bright AI and you have to work really hard to find some human.
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3 years ago, MurdochTN
Absolutely not worth it.
I downloaded the app and have tried to use it a couple different times. I requested estimates from different electricians in order to have undercabinet lighting placed in my house. The first two contractors that I selected either never received any type of information from Angi’s list or they just didn’t respond. Angi’s list, of course, called to try and get me to use their Fixed Price option. I was not interested in that and stated that I wanted to meet with a contractor that was local. They called me back and set up an appointment with a five star rated contractor in Nashville. I was given an appointment time between the hours of 10 and 12 PM. I received an email and a text to which I was to respond and confirm that I was still available. I did to both. No one showed the day of the appointment and when I messaged the contractor in the app, he probably called my phone, called me by the wrong name, and said that the app had been messing up and he had no information about my appointment whatsoever. He then wanted to know if I wanted to talk a little bit about what I wanted to have done. I said no thank you and that I would find a different contractor. Absolutely ridiculous.
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1 year ago, denizen77
Worlds most unprofessional - professional services
Angi had the nerves to reschedule 4 times my furniture installation that allmodern purchased. The interesting part is the terms for their policy: They rescheduled without phone calls Upon my call they can only 48 hrs ahead When I ask what type of assurance they can provide they said I could cancel the service if I wasn’t happy with they policy. (Who wouldn’t?) As they were unable to make a person available to put together the furniture for 4 times I asked for a refund… guess what allmodern wouldn’t refund me but Angi will. Ready… they will MAIL ME A CHECK WITHIN 4-8 WEEKS Lastly they had the nerves to ask me if there was anything I’d like to say about their service. I told them to look online… Task Rabbit managed to get someone to my place same day and my bed is happily installed. I truly will like to thank customer success at Angi for: The 9 calls Customer service hang ups Wait times + The wait for my money. Way to go..! I can’t wait to hire you again and experience incompetence on delivering on your service promise. Update 3 days post canceling Angi continues to reschedule thank goodness that Taskrabbit was able to resolve it same day. This is truly laughable matter.
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2 years ago, phoneyplus
Think this business is a Scam from the get go!
The booking people are so anxious to get your money and a booking they will say anything even if it is a requested service out of scope of the business. Also any business/ person can get your name and pretend they are a “Pro” as no one is properly background checked and can even be unlicensed and a felon. Customers are promised a “happiness guarantee “ but no one really knows what that means and if you try to remedy a poor service, no shows, or damages, It will take you 20-50 phone calls, and months, and still get a dozen answers or be directed to at least 15 phone numbers. For many the employees, English is not their first language which adds to the confusion and the lack of customer service. The company prefers all business be done by email which makes the complaint process even more difficult and too many people with little training are involved. I am not sure what benefit this company has to offer, since they really have no service to offer. Better just to search out a possible candidate for your job yourself, as it will be much less hassle. Too many negative reviews, and wish I had seen them earlier.
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3 months ago, Boycott the game
Cancelled in terrible fashion
Ordered a pro to come out and install 2 doors and frames. I don’t have anyone home so I had to take a half day off work to be there to get it done. It scheduled me for 1200 PM. Daniel J was my pro. He called me at 1130 and told me “did you change the appt?” I replied no. He said “oh well I thought it was at 3 PM. I’m on another job. Is it ok if I come at 3PM?” I replied “yes that’s fine”. What else am I gonna do? This dude for real cancelled the service at 230 PM. The best part I didn’t get any notification it was cancelled. Realized it after I texted him back and asked for an ETA at 250 PM when the reply came back and told me “sorry this number is inactive”. So I call and they tell me they are sorry. Sorry isn’t good enough. I asked them for a discount to rebook and told me that she can’t authorize that. I asked to speak to a manager. Was told I have to wait 24 hours for a manager to call me back. And I can’t even review the pro. It’s doesn’t give me the option. Customer service is a joke and you can clearly tell they are playing customer service games. Good luck dealing with them if you have to. If they don’t do me right they will lose a customer and other reviews will be made.
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1 year ago, Bonnie Monteiro
Poor yard work!!
I hired Angi to do some raking of leaves for me. The man who showed up at my house was totally unprepared. He had no rakes and he had no bags. After being here approximately an hour he left to get a blower which took about an hour. When he returned he was here for about another hour raking and blowing. He said he was finished. I told him that there were more leaves and he told me that those didn’t have to come up. I’ve had work done by Angi before and they did an excellent job. This time I wasn’t so lucky. For the price they charge, I deserved so much more than I got. My yard was left half finished and I didn’t get a credit or even a reduction in price. I have to say this will be the last time using Angi. I just can’t afford to throw money away like that!! Angi needs to hire people who are prepared to work(with their own tools) and to also complete the job. I paid $442 for 3 hours(really 2 because he left for an hour to go get a blower. I am deeply disappointed and had to call someone else to come complete the job Bonnie Monteiro Ormond Beach, Fl I ended up hiring someone else to complete the job. I will no longer use your services for anything in the future.
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1 year ago, derrick philly
Very disappointing.
The app initially seemed so good as someone called me on Sunday to help me schedule a project to replace my shower faucet the next day and the price seemed reasonable. On Monday morning, The pro was 2 hour late. And in the middle of disassembling my old shower faucet suddenly he stopped and packed up to leave. Confused I asked him why? He said the Angi App told he that the customer cancelled the project and he has to leave right away as he is not getting paid for his work. I told him I didn’t cancel and we tried calling customer service but apparently there is no one to answer questions once you have booked a project and the phone number always refer you to use the app. But the crazy thing is the pro just left because he has other jobs scheduled. and whatever the state my shower faucet was in he just left it there: With the tiles and the dry wall cut open. This is so unbelievable. Finally I was able to get a hold of someone and I told them to cancel my membership since this is useless and beyond frustrating to deal with. I truly hope they will refund my membership fee as they said they will do. I am still waiting on that email to confirm that’s the case.
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2 years ago, Deb from AZ
App is worthless, horrible customer service
I had a change of plans, and needed to reschedule my first house cleaning appointment. I tried to do this every day for 3 days before the appointment. In the app it insisted I had no appointments scheduled. When I called tech service about this, the guy said my appointments weren’t showing up because I had not logged in correctly with my email address and password. I assured him I had and he said if I did it correctly the appointments would show up and I could reschedule from the app. I asked him to cancel the appointment for me this one time just to be on the safe side. What happened? You guessed it. My husband called me and reported someone sitting outside our house in their car at the scheduled time. The appointment was NOT CANCELED and that person made a trip for nothing. I felt bad for them. That was 3 months ago. I have sent Angi customer service and tech service many emails to cancel my Angi appointments, ALL OF THEM, and to remove my name from their files. Nothing changes, every month they set another housekeeping appointment that I am unable to cancel. This is like the HOTEL ANGI, you can check in but you can never check out!
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1 week ago, iTouch>user
Buying install services from Lowe’s
Review is based on selecting “installation services” from Lowe’s as Lowe’s actually posts job here. They do not actually 1. Guarantee that the job will happen despite accepting payment 2. Angi will just “something suddenly came up” and send you at automated text at 6am the day of the installation THEY not only scheduled but also confirmed the evening prior - actually they will do this THREE separate times. Then they will send you a similar text again at 6am the day of the 3rd reschedule and tell you “too bad, so sad, we are completely CANCELLING and refunding the cost of the installation. Hopefully you work from home and didn’t actually take the day off 3 different times. Then when you call Lowe’s “installation services”, they also tell you “oh well, good luck finding someone local. If you need to return the actual thing you needed installation, you’ll need to lift it into your car, drive it over, get it out of your car and bring it in for the refund.” Yes, even though you purchased it online and had it delivered. So all this to say, try Home Depot or a local place before ever trusting Lowe’s installation via Angi (also referred to as Handi by Lowe’s)
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1 year ago, PhillyPride08
Angi is like a virus…
There’s nothing wrong with the contractors on the app, in fact, it’s quite the opposite: I quite like them. The problem is the way Angie goes about their business. They are so focused on building our their data mining, they lose sight of common-sense marketing. One follow up email is perfectly fine. However, if I don’t respond, I do not want you calling me, I do not want you emailing me. I’m perfectly capable at following through myself when I know I need to follow through. However, as soon as you put in a new project, they will call you, they will email you relentlessly until you respond and provide the marketing research. I can unsubscribe, and I can answer the phone and tell them I don’t want any more phone calls. And then it will stop… but as soon as he put a new project, it starts all over again. They resubscribe you to all of their marketing newsletters, and you’ll start getting follow-up, phone calls and emails from Angi. And I want to be clear: this is Angie’s list calling me, not a contractor. I don’t mind talking to contractors; in fact that’s why I use the app. But I don’t need to follow up phone call from customer service every day.
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1 year ago, cjeter247
Terrible paid service.
I have the membership and I will let you know though it does allow for a great discount it’s very hard to find any handyman that will actually show up for the project. I’ve had multiple individuals try to contact me off the app by asking for my phone number stating that they can’t get in contact with me through Angi yet they’re texting me through the. The app. The way that the hustling scheme goes is once they get you off the app and get your phone number they can request more money. The split between Angi and the actual contractor is a lot less than most contractors are willing to work for so they take your lead and try to have you cancel through Angi however, you don’t get a booking guarantee and if the work is subpar then there’s no Accountability. Additionally when making a request and or complaining the reps on the other line act as if they don’t know what’s going on I believe most are from out of the country and although they try to provide good customer service they ask you questions repetitively. I’m not sure if I’ll stay on the platform much longer
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1 year ago, ctoro
Found a Great Contractor on Angi’s
Discovered Saeed G./Atoz Home Finishing on Angi’s. I enjoyed working with Saeed on a project for our Newport Beach condo. I can attest that his work is exceptional. Saeed has exceptional attention to detail, which is evident in his work. He could precisely patch, paint, and install flooring and plumbing, ensuring everything was in place and functioning perfectly. He is a skilled craftsman who takes pride in his work, which shows in the end product. Moreover, Saeed could complete the project within the given time and budget. His professionalism, punctuality, and reliability make him an ideal contractor. Thanks to the quality of his work, our condo is in better shape than when we bought it. We believe that we will be able to get top dollar for our rental property, all thanks to Saeed's exceptional work. I highly recommend Saeed G. for any project that requires a skilled and professional contractor. He will not disappoint and will exceed your expectations in every way possible.
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3 years ago, DaltonC.
Left my “repair” worse than when I started.
I contracted for two Roman shades to be repaired. The mechanism you pull on to raise them no longer functioned. Turns out one on them wasn’t broken. Just hard to use. On the second one, the chains that raise and lower the shade were stuck with the shade about halfway down. In the past, this needed to be brought in to a workshop but the guy said he didn’t need to. He spent about 45 minutes maybe more on the site. When he left he told me not to use it for at least 24 hours , and two days would be even better, as the glue had to dry. I gave it three days. As I lowered the chain I heard a snap and the left side of the shade fell down as far as it could. The right side did not, so now the shade was at an angle, but very low so it blocks out the daylight. I tried to raise it but with the snapped chain nothing happened. I called the company and was told they would give me $100 towards the next repair. But having just spent $150 for a worse situation than before my “repair “ I won’t accept. I feel that since it didn’t even a minute, they should send someone better to try again, or if they don’t have anyone who can actually fix it, then at least refund my money.
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4 years ago, jayandgee
Many people in the reviews complain about the people they hire being inconsistent or unreliable. This may be true, although this gateway company makes it impossible for good, reliable businesses to get a start up. They get you on board with empty promises and then get all your money without a blink. They had us create a cap for the amount of leads so that we could budget and then continued sending leads that we would not use — hiking our bill up far beyond what we have the funds to pay for. When we called to get our bill down to the cap that THEY had us create, they refused to give us our money back for leads that we would not use and instead paused the account to stop more leads from coming in. That was better than nothing, so we went with it. Still frustrated. Then, maybe a week later, they took $266 out of our account without permission. We called to see what was up and they said they unpaused our account early but somehow still can’t give us our money back. Admitting fault without making it right is NOT a way to do business. We will never use home advisor again and I strongly recommend staying away before getting ripped off as well.
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1 year ago, dancingbrook
No. Don’t use this service.
No. Don’t use this service. They are making money selling your info. That’s essentially all they do. Good contractors don’t need their service. And you pay a premium if you use it. Look at the reviews; every time a contractor is referred to you, they pay a fee. Angi collects $60 -$200+ every time you put in a request for a service, whether you actually follow through or not. Even if you follow through, contractors only have a 25% chance of actually getting your business, because you will be referred to four different contractors who will pay a fee for the referral. Do the math. How many inquiries translate into actual projects? How much time and money do you think contractors have to recover in order to get just one job? That cost is being passed on to you. —— Polite meaningless response; I spoke with one of their reps and that was the source of identitying tge problems. He wasn’t willing or able to be straight. Don’t use them. They have a big marketing budget because that’s all they really do; selling your info and someone else’s service. Even the cost estimates they share are meaningless.
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2 years ago, RoxyAdelle
The app is working nice but the people don’t
I was looking for book an AC service and some shady company called me.. we couldn’t go through with it because there was no reviews on Angie’s list. Then I was looking to book maid services. Again some shady people called me to give me a quote… but I have already paid for the services and made the appointment and the app was suppose to connect me with the people. The people called me offering their own prices which did not go through the app. Also I was suppose to receive 20% off with every cleaning since I was going it thorough the app.. I was thinking perfect it’ll be the tip for the ladies.. well needless to say I HIGHLY DO NOT recommend the app. They don’t do enough research on the recommended people/companies. And I get it everyone needs a chance and to start somewhere but if they start here on this list the they must be bad.. no experience or maybe just started.. which leads me to think the whole reputation of Angie’s list is a sham and it’s actually a bad one.. save yourself some money and just google the services in your area and read the reviews. It’s cheaper that way and true..
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1 year ago, JC and WC
Mercer Island Floor Covering
We had a water pipe leak on Christmas Eve Day. It was in our laundry room and flowed into our family room. After having the plumbing end of things done and having dried out our carpet we weee in search of someone to reattach our carpet. We went in Angie’s List and submitted our need to have someone come and do the job. Within a couple of hours Tobias from Mercer Island Floor Coverings called. After chatting with him we were so happy that he would be able to come out within 2 days. Tobias is such a pleasant and knowledgeable man. He has been in the business for 30 years and did a beautiful job of adding new tack strips, fastening the carpet pad and carpet down. You would never know that the carpet has been pulled so it could dry. We were very pleased with his work and we gladly recommend him and this business if you are looking for a great carpet person.
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2 years ago, Nettie54
Batting 1 good out of 7 and toms of stuff now to be fixed of the 6. Let’s see it Angi remotely does what with their guarantees. Hard to mess up a cleaning job. But one one could not even get out my gate. Trash company in. Boxes just thrown. Hired somebody else to fix. Fire hazard no exit from back yard. Then they show up Monday and he made it so much worse. Trash pick up was Friday. Of course missed. He comes Monday takes cans to street. My trash company does that so now they are out all week. Then took out cardboard, just tossed. Big pieces. Then 2 large item for pick up. Told him 3 times no way that recycling is going like that. Other lady had nicely folded in to cans and the other into boxes. He said he would call take care of it. 3 weeks mess in from of the house. Just paid 80 dollars to have hauled to dump. Granted Palm Springs Trash is beyond awful. Did get them to take some recycling. But two weeks no trash or recycling , they should have done more. Turns out he never called them. Repeatedly told me he had. Me disabled so stupid saw after paid. Angie has still not done anything about the yard person early March.
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3 years ago, Thepushman
Almost useless now
I’ve been using this app for about 2 years when it was home advisor. I got numerous pool repairs and a few large renovations completed with this app and never had an issue. Recently I noticed it changed to Angi and thought maybe I was getting the best of both worlds, having used Angie’s list before. I started a project and was told I had to contact support because of technical difficulties in my area. I contact support assuming I’d be like other times and was greeted with the worst customer service experience I’ve had. The woman on the phone read from a script verbatim, didn’t answer any questions because they were off script, and then after a good 10 minutes of trying to explain WHY I was calling she placed me on hold for 5 minutes then returned to tell me she couldn’t help me because of technical difficulties? She didn’t even know why I called? Just use a robot next time if that’s your aim. I’ve relayed this information to my social circles, we’re moving on. Good luck out there and I’d recommend making your own call list of trusted contractors, this apps heading down hill fast.
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3 months ago, 17hannie
Zero stars if that is an option
I had a service booked for gutter cleaning. The pro did not show up. On the day ther service was supposed to take place I messaged the help center on the app. They assured me it would be canceled and I would not be charged. Well the payment went through anyway and I paid for a service that no one came out to do and that I was told was being canceled. So then I had to call and they rebooked a different pro, telling me that I would receive a $10 discount. Next pro shows up and does his job. Then the app charges me for the ladder fee for that service. I was not told that I would get charged this fee a second time. Once again I got on the help center to resolve this issue. I was told I requested the ladder and would not be getting a refund for that fee. I tried to explain twice how I was already charged for that fee. They did not understand and now I’ll be paying this fee twice. Overall I spent more time communicating to Angi about their awful service then it did for my pro to do their job. I will be deleting the app and telling everyone I know to not use this.
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2 years ago, krisa0128
Zero Help
I tried to use Angi to get a project done. I was sent to a couple departments (I had called them because the project has multiple parts and getting it done is kinda tricky), and finally to the department that said they could help me. While on the phone, the person I spoke with Matt, asked if I wanted to sign up for their emails and texts/phone calls to help with further projects. I said no. He said he understood because he doesn’t like spam either. Looks like he didn’t listen. I keep getting emails, texts, and phone calls from this company and I’m so sick of it. I’ve opted out, unsubscribed, and reported it as spam to stop, and they still get through. I’m so annoyed. With my project, they connected me with a local company who doesn’t do what I need done, and has told Angi that they don’t. They were really nice about it, but like me, they’re frustrated that Angi doesn’t listen. They apologized to me, but I didn’t feel there was a need since they just don’t do these types of projects. Go somewhere else for help as this company doesn’t care and does whatever they want. I wish I never contacted them.
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3 years ago, Nick.Michael.Palmer
Amateurs and Rip-off!
We had an emergency plumbing issue on a Saturday. The earliest Angi could dispatch was Monday, but we still had to pay extra for the emergency request. When the “technicians” arrived, they didn’t even have a roto-rooter for a clogged pipe! They spent an hour sitting at the sink and staring at it turning water on and off. Then they went to the basement and disconnected the pipes. Then they left for parts, and after 2 hours they were gone, we called them wondering what was going on. They said they would not be coming back that day because the parts they needed didn’t fit in their car. They were going to have Home Depot ship the parts to us, and when the parts arrive, the techs would be coming back to continue working on the emergency plumbing issue. We tried calling Angi. No response. Emailed Angi. No response. Angi has a Happiness policy, they supposedly guarantee the job will not be finished until customer is happy but they never even replied to our calls or emails. The issue was not fixed and the money was taken. No returns, no credits, no apologies! Will never use this service again!
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6 years ago, Rabbits & cats
BEWARE of unwanted solicitation and hassle to close your account
I signed up for HomeAdvisor and used the app to look up some providers for lawn maintenance. I specifically said that all I was doing was planning and budgeting, and that I was not looking to be contacted yet. Within 24 hours of doing this, I received 5 phone calls from a provider regarding the service, and then the provider SHOWED UP AT MY HOUSE and knocked on the door. When I didn’t answer (I am 9 months pregnant and very uncomfortable), he knocked again every few minutes until I finally opened the door in my pajamas and said it wasn’t a good time. I get that this man is trying to run a small business and support his family, but by signing up for this app and simply looking up providers, I did not expect to be harassed. I obviously should have read the terms and conditions more closely. Secondly, there is no straightforward way to close your account. I had to LiveChat with a customer service rep to request my account be closed... he said that the relevant team would be alerted and “initiate” the closing of my account. What the heck? Just close my account. I don’t want to be harassed any longer.
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6 years ago, Nonphotogenic
Much more problems than help!
Within seconds of entering my info in this app the phone started ringing with high pressure sales people on the other end. We are looking to replace 13 windows and we were matched with Sears who is $2k higher than any estimate I’ve gotten on my own, and a second company. The second company, ImproveIt, has horrible ratings everywhere BUT on this app. The high pressure crap started from second 1 on the phone, both myself and my husband must be present...I explained 4 different times that this was not possible and finally just left it at “whatever.” They called again today to confirm an appointment for tomorrow and advised me it is their company policy that my husband must be here too?? I finally told them that I want nothing to do with their company. I’ve had much better luck googling window providers and picking them randomly than the info from this app. They are providing the same people that are pushing too good to be true sales on TV and radio plus they confirmed in their follow up phone call that they don’t stand behind the companies they are referring. They get a referral fee for selling my info and then are done.
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6 years ago, Ali GH.
Never again!
I used this app to bring in a repairman to fix my Refrigerator. He came in told me what the apparent problem was and left to come back another day with the part. A week later he came back and Pulled the refrigerator’s inlet valve out, but found out that he had ordered the wrong part or they sent him the wrong part. He left the back of the refrigerator open with all the hoses hanging and told me that he will be back with the new part. After a week he told me that the part is coming and he will be at my home around 6:00 PM to put everything back together. A few days went by and he didn’t show up. I sent him a text asking where he was, he told me tha he received the wrong part again and I should find someone else to come in and fix the refrigerator. Now, I’m left with a broken refrigerator and everything hanging in the back. He has also cut the tubes too short that I don’t know if we can put the new inlet valve in. I’m disgusted and very angry. My wife is going to contact the better bussiness bureau, but that won’t change anything, it will not fix my refrigerator. Will never use the HomeAdvisor app again!!!
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4 years ago, stickofstingymofos
Use Thumbtack. Much better than Home Advisor.
I needed sod laid in my yard. I gave a full description of what they would be working with; sloping ground, rocky soil, shade, no grass at all currently. One guy came by. He was not fluent in English and I live smack in the middle of the U.S., but okay. He then emailed me and said it would be $2200, and asked if I would be getting the materials. I replied that I had no idea what all was needed. He only texted me that it would cost $2200. Which I thought was cheap. I asked if it needed a whole layer of top soil, tree trimming or removal etc. I also said I had no idea what I needed to buy, that’s why I wanted someone to come do it, and I had no vehicle to get all the materials. He just said agin that it would be $2200 and asked if I wanted him to do it. I just said “No”. I also asked for a quote to tear out my driveway and pour a new one. No one ever came. Home advisor called and asked how the bid went. I told them no one showed up. They asked me if I wanted them to send someone else. I told them, “No” and I have now deleted the app. My best advice is to use Thumbtack. I had a great experience there and don’t know why I bothered with Home Advisor.
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3 years ago, Karen... j/k
Booking failed and customer service was inadequate
I booked a housekeeper. Two hours before my appointment I got a message telling me my cleaning was rescheduled for 4 days later. I’m not mad that they cancelled, stuff happens. I get it. I’m irritated that nobody called to reschedule the service at a time that worked for me. They just sent me an email saying people were going to show up at my home, at a time I had no choice in. I cancelled the booking. Within a minute of receiving the verification the booking was cancelled, I received a text saying that a professional was on their way to my residence. I called to verify wether the booking was cancelled or if someone was coming to my home after all, I just got transferred to another department that put me on hold for ten minutes. I got tired of waiting on the phone so, just hung up. Nobody ended up showing so, I don’t understand why the sent a message saying someone was on their way. Now, I’m stuck trying to find a new service provider who will come on short notice and not having luck. Altogether, this is a sloppy, inefficient booking system.
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