Angry Birds 2

4.6 (1.3M)
334.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Rovio Entertainment Oyj
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Angry Birds 2

4.63 out of 5
1.3M Ratings
9 months ago, Jr Hellboy
AB2 review
I know there is a transition phase going still going on from Rovio to Sega ownership. With that said I see a ton of good things going on and bunch not so good too. I love the game and have been playing since the creation of the AB2. A couple things I can take away from my nearly 8 years are below in no particular order. Pros 1) always trying to create new events 2) designing new hats 3) asking for player feedback 4) fixing broken game modes 5) working on catching cheaters Cons 1) prices are way to high to buy. I would support if this was half the price. Seriously who buys clan chest anymore. The $$ grab has been getting worse. 2) tof hat events seem unfair. I can rarely ever finish a set off and now that we can even use our black pearls to buy after event is done makes it even more disappointing 3) clan battle matchups are horrible. I believe we win 10% of our matches and we all play hard and multiple times a day to get better. 4) taking away good events that should be on a rotational system. Jetpak, Rumble, Star challenge and many others should be on the table to rotate in as side modes. Overall I have been happy with game. I understand it has to make $$ but many feel lately it has been a money grab. So many clans are struggling to keep their Flock. I suggest fix the broken systems, bring back some old modes, reduce prices on goodies, and make the game fun again which has been lacking lately. HB
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1 year ago, Hoff413
Great game but it could use a few fixes.
I love angry birds and I always have. Me and my dad would play it together when I was little. But Rovio could change a few things. First thing, it’s pay to win. Black pearls are hard to get for hats unless your a good player, but to be a good player you have to buy hats with black pearls. Then along with everybody who plays the game, I don’t want to wait a half hour to play again if I lose my hearts. It is very clear Rovio is trying to take your money, but maybe I would spend it if you let me play the game well without spending money. Now, I know I have said a lot of things, but this will not stop me from playing this game. Overall very good game. I love angry birds and I always have okay, for real for real. Also, when are you going to come out with the new angry birds game I took a servey about to see what I would like in a new game. It’s okay if you take a while to make it, I’ve waited years for another game, but I’m dying for AB game baby! And I would also like if you could find a way to make another Angry Birds movie, it would be awesome! Other than all the things I said up top, (I’m still gonna give you 5 stars) AB2 is a great game. don’t stop making great entertainment Rovio! Love you Rovio, keep doing what your doing!
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3 years ago, Goobdawoob100
Genuinely Fun
This game is amazing. I’m finally able to play it after 5 years it due to getting a new iPad, since the last one didn’t support the required version of the game. 1 star ratings are more and more common for the reviews of this app due to it “being pay to win” and stuff like that, which is just overreacting. This game is a little more or a grind than other Angry Birds games, which is completely fine. People don’t realize that Rovio needs to make money off of the game, and proceed to say it is bad for that reason. Don’t take their word, and know this is a game you won’t regret downloading. This game isn’t perfect, like all others, having small bugs like certain power ups not working (like the golden ducks), but other than that, there’s really nothing wrong with this game. And if any other people reading this are about to make a 1 star review that all of the Angry Birds games are gone, and it’s Rovio’s fault, don’t and just be patient. Also, I’m sorry if all of these thoughts are jumbled up, I tried to simplify things and I didn’t read it over because I’m lazy, so it might not make sense.
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6 months ago, 1156 Bosko
Inconsistent but has some positives
I enjoy Ab2 but it does have a lot of problems with inconsistency. For example, the tower of fortune will crash on exit or after watching an ad to continue you can’t click on the cards for rewards. Now this is one small bug stopping you from playing hat dress up of getting a bird leveled up but my main problem is the arena. The matchmaking system for the arena is (from my understanding) based solely of your league and arena points that you get by winning matches. This seems fair until you realize that that has absolutely nothing to do with your bird or flock power and if you just unlocked a bird, It makes it very difficult for you to compete fairly if your opponent’s flock power (which is basically multipliers) is 320 and yours is 280. Another issue is it being pay-to-win. Want to get higher bird levels? Buy some feathers for 10 bucks. Want to beat story mode? Dream on. Still fun if you enjoy the same old thing over and over and over, and winning by watching seemingly helpful ads and some twice a year event where you get more [insert item here]. But if you enjoy classic angry birds, it’s a very good, subtle twist on it with new birds and boss pigs, which I love the concept of. At some point, you will spend money on this free game, so be warned, but have fun!
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2 months ago, Liam Dietel
Just why Rovio…WHY?!?!?!?!
When I was little, I remember playing the original Angry Birds and I loved it a lot. But unfortunately it got removed from the App Store and I was devastated and disappointed that it was gone, but there was this game which in my opinion it’s worse but still good, there’s bosses, rewards, and other stuff like that, but sometimes you just get a little to bored when you play it too much and that happened to me when I played this game, and honestly bro, I’m just disappointed at Rovio (the creators of Angry Birds), because they took down an awesome nostalgic app from the App Store and like a few years later they brought back the original Angry Birds App on the App Store but it’s not as fun as it was in 2013 to 2018 ish. The worst part is that there were other great games like Angry birds Space or Angry Birds Rio that got removed from the App Store and they still are to this day, and now we got some useless dumb Angry Birds Apps like Angry Birds dream blast or Angry birds pop. Like they don’t make sense at all, and Rovio created these stupid babyish Angry Birds Apps that are just ruining everything about the Angry Birds franchise😡!!! All I’m going to say is Rovio…why would you make a nostalgic app worse over the years, and bring these others nostalgic Angry Birds apps back or else you’ll probably be in a lawsuit in the future!! Bring everything back please Rovio.
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4 years ago, Jag11243
Fun, but a lot of downgrades from the original
Who created this game? So many problems I have compared that weren’t present in the original. First of all, the heart system is absolutely awful, this game gets hard in the later levels, so having to wait twenty minutes after failing a few times for just one more chance before waiting another twenty minutes is just atrocious. Also why is there clans in this game? Literally no reason to have clans in this type of game. It’s very clear they were just added because people like online features in games. My biggest gripe is with the way the levels go. You have your cards randomized at the start of each level, which is pretty annoying but I would let go if not for the fact that there are several different randomized layouts for the same section on the same level. It makes it so you can’t learn the ins and outs of a certain section, because it could be different every time, this combined with the randomized cards at the start can make some levels over before they even begin which is completely out of your control. I also hate how the birds feel a lot weaker compared to how they felt in the first one, blue birds in this game is complexity useless, and yellow birds aren’t much better. The only birds who are truly good are the bomb bird and the big red bird. The gameplay at its core is still fun like the original, but is plagued by all the issues this game has.
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2 years ago, teknobarf
Sad state of the “mobile game” industry
I don’t know if this is a major studio doing a cash grab or just the state of mobile gaming, but either way it’s disappointing. Rovio recently re-released the first Angry Birds game under their new “classics” line for the original price of a dollar, and I had an insane amount of fun with that- it was easy to see why the game became a hit in the first place. Since all the other angry birds games have been pulled from the app store, I figured this one is next to try. What a complete 180! This game is nothing but a monetized, ad-riddled mess. There are a few interesting twists, like picking the order you throw the birds and getting bonus birds for good scores, but everything else seems designed to strip away strategy and push micro transactions. I can’t even play two levels in a row without the game giving me an ad or trying to sell me some of the half dozen currencies that will make my birds stronger or let me buy hats or lord knows what else. I’m uninstalling after less than a couple hours. I don’t see what the fun in playing a game that so desperately wants to milk your for money can be. The original Angry Birds was an amazing venture into looking at what kinds of games can be designed for a mobile device to play easily in quick bursts. This game (and I struggle to even call it that) is nothing but a sad reflection on what could have been a decade later.
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4 days ago, Leisuhulihheslsjjybjy
Ok don’t get me wrong this game is extremely fun and addictive. there’s really no main problem I have with the gameplay, my problem is with the adds. Now the game tells you there’s no pop up ads and that’s correct. However in order to play a level you need to spend 10 energy. Only being able to have a maximum of 60 energy. So after about 30 minutes you run out and can’t play. So how to you get more? Ads. You have the option to watch and ad for 10 energy or you can refill it for 60 gems. The problem with that is that gems can only be earned in specific useless event junk. I try to avoid that stuff because I only really play the main game. See the problem? If you aren’t willing to grind other annoying junk then you have to watch adds or spend money on more gems. That basically means that if you don’t want to spend money then you have to watch and annoying add after every level! Now the levels themselves are decently long, averaging around 5 minutes. But that’s still way too much. And half the time you get those annoying half minute long royal match adds. It felt like all the ads really ruined what could’ve been a really fun game. If it didn’t have the stupid energy system I would’ve rated it a 4 or maybe even a 4.5. I don’t have any other big issues with it, just how many “pop up” ads there are. Disappointing.
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3 years ago, The Roshar
Very Bad
This game is bad on so many levels, so here’s all of them. Starting off this game is ‘freemium’ which means that ads play after almost every level and there’s optional rewards/other incentives for watching them, which wouldn’t be so bad if the original was nothing like that. Two, it promotes gambling with loot boxes and an actual casino mini game that is essentially all or nothing, something that was also absent from most of the previous games. Thirdly, they are almost certainly stealing your data. Four, the game size is absolutely ridiculous with how much space updates can take up. Five, the heart system where if you fail a level you lose on of six hearts and when you’re all out you can’t play unless you watch an ad or wait 30 minutes. Last, but certainly no least, the levels are randomized as the structures you are meant to destroy can be completely different even when you replay the exact same level. In other games in the series each and every level is unique, but in this one they were too lazy so they decided to just randomize it. I loved the original and several of the other games as well, and I spent hours playing them, but this is just sad. If you want a good game, then buy the original. It is leagues better than this money grab. It actually has care put into it. And maybe if you download that game instead Rovio and the dev team will start making good games again.
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2 years ago, ashadowdeep
Fun game, glitchy
The game itself is mostly fun (a bit frustrating when stuck but not enough to make it unplayable). Progression can be done without pay to play but would be faster if you’re willing to pay. I’d probably give it at least 4 stars if not five, if it weren’t for the glitches combined with poor customer support. Some of the glitches can actually be fun, like when a tower starts to fall before you fire, or more rarely when a bird manages to fly to the next level from the previous one. The more annoying glitches can be quite frustrating, such as birds firing before you release, scores not being recorded in competitions, and not getting rewards after watching a video. To a degree, so glitches are expected and what can make or break a game is the customers support, which is the biggest fault I’ve found in the game. I had a support ticket closed with a reply or reason, which is fairly rude. I had another support ticket in which the customer service rep replied telling me it’s a connection problem on my end and a lot of people are currently experiencing them. I tried to explain to the rep that I had connection with the server and supplied what I thought was decent evidence. He never replied, the glitch, specifically in the great eagle trading camp continued to happen. After a week of being ignored, I deleted the game. Hope this helps
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3 years ago, yuououiuoyhgghhuffxwggcfh
Good game, has its moments…
This is a good game, don’t get me wrong, but it has more bad things than good. I’ve loved angry birds since I was a baby, but this one just isn’t my favorite. First of all, and this might be a common opinion, but there are SO many ads. Occasionally, they’ll take you straight to the App Store even if you don’t tap it, and that is so agitating. Another thing is randomizing the bird cards at the beginning of each level, and in some cases, the layout for each level changes too. Later on in the game the levels get harder and harder and it would be nice to have a set-in-stone way to beat each level rather than getting lucky some day. Rovio has made a shuffle deck feature to change this problem but even then you have to rely on luck. (This next one is gonna trigger me the most) Remember in angry birds 1 when you got to retry a level as many times as you needed? Well now you only get five tries and when you run out, you have to wait about 25 minutes to get one try and for all the retries, you have to wait an hour or 2. overall, angry birds 2 has more bad thing than good, but there are small good things that are just outweighed by the bad things. I’m not gonna discourage you from getting this game, you just might want to take this review as a warning. And Rovio, if you’re listening to this, please fix the retry system.
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4 months ago, juju6447
This is Sega??? 😧😧
As a lifelong Sega lover, I was soo excited to see what you guys would do with this game. Unfortunately, there are three new things that have sucked all of the fun out of Angry Birds 2 and have discouraged me from playing: - 1️⃣: Wayyyy too many popups when you open the app. I can’t tell you how many times I went to click on the app and decided not to because I didn’t want to sit through 4 or 5 popups before I could play. 2️⃣: This, I know everyone has said. Ads have gotten out of hand. It used to be that ads were mostly to get extra lives or cards, but now there is an ad every single time you win a level. It’s like you get this rush from winning and it’s immediately deflated because you know you’re going to have to sit through an ad right after. 3️⃣: ‼️SAVED THE WORST FOR LAST‼️ The new life system. Used to be super fun to get on a winning streak and knock out a ton of levels because you would only lose a life if you lost a level. But now there are “energy points” which are spent even if you win. If you won every single time, you can only play 6 levels with full energy points. - I remember when Sega was the bomb. I know you’re still in transition with ownership and everything, but seeing as how it just keeps getting worse and worse, I probably won’t log on for another couple months to see if there’s any improvement. - For now, Angry Birds 2 is totally dry…
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5 years ago, josalv
IAP-Hungry Solid Sequel
Angry birds 2 has got a fresh polish to be expected from a sequel. It answers the “how can we possibly make a great game better?” question in several ways. The graphics are rich and flow smoothly between all transitions. The levels evolve and progress in difficulty but encourage you to think critically and creatively. Defeating level after level is rewarding and builds you up for the next level. The multiplayer modes involving clans and competitive mode pit you against worthy opponents. Word of caution however, as there are the downsides. The app has its own pop-up encouraging you to buy into their in-app purchases. At my peak time in playing this game on a daily basis the app will encourage their in-app purchases around once an hour. What’s more is the ever-so-bothersome littering of advertisements of other games. The game even has an auto-jump to the App Store to encourage you to download another game app. While this is expected of less polished games this is rather a surprise of an established brand to have to use such tactics. Lastly, the levels do get repetitive and the “boss” battles lose their luster and become some sort of a sore level after awhile. Overall, if you don’t mind the ads and are in it to really squash those pigs then this is the right game to play. Swing away at a 3 out of 5 game.
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6 months ago, Gireddy
When the first started playing a few years ago, this was a fun game. Lately, shortly before the new ownership and now with the total transfer of ownership, this game has gone downhill. The Arena was changed to make it almost impossible to win. The Daily Game, where you could count on receiving gems, has gone away to some other event where you collect tickets or feathers, has taken over. You have to play all day for several days to even come close to winning gems. Now there’s constant glitches where the game freezes and when you finally get back in, the rewards you won are no longer there. Sega promises you’ll receive what you lost when you do a support ticket or when they’re aware of the issues, but you never do, or you’ll receive feathers. Feathers for gems or pearls, sure, that’s fair. Also, it’s nothing but a way to grab real money from the players. If you want gems, buy them. There’s a lot of kids who play, where are they going to get the money? Taking money from kids from a game is illegal, or should be. Nothing like turning them into gamblers when they’re young. And now the latest, it’s 3 Jan 2024, and no Clan Battles to sign up for. Where did they go? No explanation. This game is about to be deleted from my device, and has been from several other players already.
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7 months ago, Hester Berthina
This game was so fun! Once I got going, and really started advancing, honed my skills and I could rival the guys that post their vids on YT. Got promoted to clan leader. I spent hours playing this game. Then they removed the daily challenges and replaced them with the pass thing. Play all day to win a spell card. And now, a few days into the latest version, the game crashes constantly. It crashes when you try to claim a reward and when you finally get it to open again, that reward is loooong gone. If you go to Support to report it, you do not get a response. And you can’t open a new support request for every issue, it’s now a chat format and you just have to add any new issues to the same ticket. I lost gems when the tower of fortune crashed. Some of those gems I paid for in gem purchases. Will I get them back? Will I ever hear back from Support? Who knows. I’m not going to hold my breath for it. I’ve looked at several different forums, and it seems Like EVERYONE is complaining about the latest update. And if it exists, I cannot find any kind of press release from Rovio addressing the issues. There’s an entire subculture centered around this game. You Tube vids, movies, the whole thing on Reddit, more Facebook groups than you can shake a stick at. And their just throwing it all away?? It’s so disappointing, because this really was the best game around.
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1 year ago, UndeadKobold
Absolutely Amazing
As a person who was born in 2010 which was the peak of angrybirds I obviously have nostalgia. Since I was younger I played all the angry birds games, Angry Birds 1, That one Angry Birds RPG, Angry Birds Star Wars, Bad Piggies and the list goes on. When I got my new iPad at the age of 10 Angry Birds 2 was one of the first games I got and it’s my favorite mobile game which may seem kinda weird judging that my favorite console game is Dark Souls. Now I’m 12 and I still love the game being that I was playing it before the notification to write a review came on. The pvp is amazing, the new features such as breeding are also cool, the level design in intuitive and the addition of bosses only makes gameplay better. The new birds are also cool same with the level up systems, upgrades, hats and more. The mechanic where you can get an extra bird card if you do good is also cool. I think this is peak ab andI think Rovio nailed it. My only feedback would be if you could add some characters from the angrybirds show. Also later on the gameplay is kinda repetitive so like perks and builds for birds could also be sick but that’s about it.
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4 years ago, jechick
Players: beware
There are glitches in this game that don’t get addressed. I did not receive feathers and apples. I contacted their help team on April 7th, April 14th, April 15th, and April 22nd. I just got a reply this morning, on May 8th, telling me to update my app and let them know if I was having any of these issues. Umm... the app requires you to update before you can get into it, so of course I updated. I wrote to you on multiple occasions about issues and you still want to know if this is happening? How about you figure it out and replenish feathers and apples I missed out on and move on. I have screenshots of the messages as well to prove this. I am about to delete this app, immediately after I write this review. This franchise has movie revenue, toy revenue, and this game with ad revenue. Their prices are ridiculously inflated, you have to watch ads even after you have spent money on the game, and they are too stingy to replenish 1,000 feathers. Like, really? Rovio is proving to be one of the greediest developers out there. I get trying to make money, but being greedy after you’ve already made a ton is so disappointing to see. Maybe you should learn from other apps during this time who are awarding their players with extra freebies and not inundating them with ads and pop ups. I think I’ll go play one of those games... and I will gladly give any extra money I decide to spend to them.
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12 months ago, Shoemaking it
Predatory business practices
This game has very predatory and cunning ways of ensuring the users who are free to play are cast aside and forced to wait egregiously long periods of time to access features, or make them pay for multiple items in order to play the game. The consistency of this monetization across the entire app will leave anyone who plays the game frustrated and stunned at the scale of pay walls within this app. It is disappointing that the greed of Rovio has consumed every facet of this game to the point it is at. Whether it be gems, apples, replays, or the lack of choice to view ads in order to have access to features that should inherently be free, this game seeks to force its players to spend money in order to enjoy it. Do anything but download this app. You will find the hardships and frustrations of the corporate greed from this app less tolerable than almost any other hobby you could replace it with. It makes me sad to see the corrupted and predatory practices that are used on AAA games be used to a more extreme degree in this. DO NOT DOWNLOAD, unless you want to waste time and money.
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3 years ago, Icewind FrostPack
Addictive and entertaining, but small problem.
So I’ve been playing this game for a while and it’s amazing. One of the best games to pass the time, up until you’re out of hearts. My only issues are that when you run out of birds for a level and depending on luck for such. So let’s say I’m playing a level, on the last room and I fling my last bird. Most of the time, I just barely succeed. Other times, it’s either the bird misses completely or it forced me to pay gems just so the scene can play out even though the bird’s shot was perfect. I’ve wasted at least 180+ gems just to spare a few seconds for the scene to play out and it gets really annoying and agitating because I’ll be doing so well, only to be crushed by disappointment and frustration. And power ups and extra cards cost so many gems, it’s almost impossible to save up. Especially with the tower of fortune; I haven’t even made it past the 20th floor because the pig keeps catching me off guard. I’ve been robbed so much to the point of where I actually have to pick cards at a random pattern and hope I don’t get looted because it feels like a 8/10 chance of losing the rewards.
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4 years ago, hfrSg557frr42kk86d
I complained at one point about how they game didn’t provide continued level-appropriate incentives and rewards as you got up higher. For instance, when completing “hard” levels you get a chest with feathers, but it’s the same chest with 250 or 300 feathers at game level 6 as it is at level 600. Yet when you get to level 600, you probably need 30,000 feathers to advance your birds. So getting 300 is irrelevant. This sort of imbalance seems like it would drive people away as they get higher. However, I realized that may be the point. Not to drive people away, but to make them bored and frustrated. What do bored and frustrated people do? They try to find ways to alleviate their boredom. And what alleviates boredom in this case? Getting rewards. And what’s a good way to be sure you get rewards? Buying gems to pay for success. So the fact they don’t keep the game advancing to keep people interested isn’t a bug, it’s a feature, to get them to pay. With that said, the game is still fun and addictive, for quite a while. I played it for months during the pandemic, and rarely felt the need to pay for gems. But recently I realized my boredom has been driving me to purchase more and more often. So now I’m uninstalling it.
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1 year ago, GWLzealot17
Absolutely insane game, and you can add a level editor!
This has to be by far the best game that I have ever played! It was such an upgrade from the original! The graphics are amazing, the birds are awesome, and it is for FREE! Can you believe that? And its gameplay is great, too, because it has 3400+ levels that you can play, but just one improvement will make your game absolutely phenomenal. Behold, a level editor! This would be an insane thing to add because you could make your own levels with however many rooms you want, the materials for the buildings, your theme, surroundings, and all those pigs! And you can even make your own boss levels! This is an absolutely amazing idea for your game and I would love for you to try it! Oh, and I wanted to remind you, there are just a few bugs that you need to fix. When I play the Daily Challenge if I exit it without completing it the sound effects are removed and you can only hear the music. Please fix that. Other than that, you took the time to make this great game that everyone loves.
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3 years ago, Word freaky
Overall, a good game
Overall, it’s a good game. However, as all games this one has definitely got some faults. When a player invests money into a game, that player has a right to cry “foul” when the integrity of the game is questionable:( For those who are not familiar with this game, this may may seem confusing. However, one glaring example of this lack of integrity is in an intricate part of the game called “the arena”. Here, you are matched up with a (supposedly equal) opponent to earn stars. The problem is the game is obviously “rigged”. I play a pretty good game, but when an opponent with half the “flock power” beats you by sometimes ridiculously high scores, something is really, really wrong! In the natural flow of the game, you play one or two birds on each page. Doesn’t happen here! The opponents score goes up, but their birds are still in line. What happens is on the last page all the birds appear to play and rack up mathematically impossible scores!!! No way to monitor what’s really happening:( If the creators of this game would clean up this dirty rigging of scores, I’d give it a five star. One other thing, this game requires a lot of time to play. If you want a quick game to pass time, this isn’t for you.
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5 years ago, Happylovejoy
Not Pleased with Everything...
I give it three stars simply because I do enjoy playing the game, however, it bothers me that I can't scroll through my entire deck. I should be able to see and choose any of my available cards at any time, whether it's my current hand or my spell cards. I like to choose the freeze and duck spells to use together because ducks can break ice a little easier. The way the cards are dealt, I don't always get to use this combination when I want to because one of my spells are back in the untouchable deck. My other complaint is that this game offers us packages of spells, gems and pearls for REAL MONEY!!! Seriously?! No one can earn redeemable coins for these perks? Heck, at the very least there should be a reward system for completing a chapter and it should be something really great. Not like 5 gems, 3 feathers or 10 pearls. Save your real cash money. I'm past level 180 and I got there without spending any additional money. This is like a gambling game. Don't fall for it. Oh, yeah! And Tower of Fortune? Never spend more than 20 gems to proceed. Pull the plug while you're ahead once you've seen one piggie. Now all that laughing those pigs do makes sense: they are laughing all the way to the real bank!
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1 month ago, ColorfulArtist86
There’s a problem with this game
- Update: June 7, 2024: Answers to Developers: We “were” already been welcomed to the game from the beginning when the Angry Birds 2 was released. I’m sorry but what you’re doing is actually really unnecessary. Please, no need to reply. - Update: June 4, 2024: Answers to Developers: I’m very sorry but I don’t agree for having Jo involving this game just to represent diversity and inclusion. To you, it is important but it’s not important to us. Why do you have to propagandize that issue in the game??? - Update: June 2, 2024: This app STILL have the SAME PROBLEM as I mentioned from my review! The previous update hasn’t fixed this issue at all. Now I heard that they’re going have a new character named Jo and this bird represent LGBTQ Pride Month! Okay, this is WAY too much and this game supposed to be a friendly family-oriented. Will you PLEASE Stop pushing this Agenda on us?! Not everyone is comfortable with this. If not, I will gladly delete Angry Birds 2. What is LGBTQ has to do with birds in this game? It doesn’t make sense at all. - May 14, 2024: Every time I try to open this Angry Birds 2 and when it’s nearing the main game menu, it suddenly disappeared and went straight back to my iPhone main screen. I tried to restart, delete it and redownload it back, the SAME annoyingly problem. What is going on?!?!
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3 years ago, Johninpdx
Mostly fun, but you’ll be angry (pun intended) at the game
Overall, if you’ve played any other angry birds games, you’ll get the generally same vibe here. It’s fun, a nice way to kill some time, and the animations and graphics are beautiful. But if you’ve ever played Mario Kart and know the general angry feeling you get when no matter what you do (or how skilled you are), the game just cheats to get the result it wants? Yup, get used to that here. For example, in battle arena you’ll be pitted against various other “people” (in reality it’s not so, just the computer). And perhaps you’ll be winning the round, when all of a sudden it gives your opponent 2-3 more birds to play than it gave you. There is no way you can win, but don’t fret, you can always buy some coins to try again. Another gripe: The levels change often, so if you’re stuck on one (and maybe want to try a different strategy to get through) the next time you play it changes. Not completely, and there seems to be only a few options for each level, but again, infuriating. Get used to watching ads too, as you’ll be bombarded constantly. I miss the old angry birds games, where you’d pay a few bucks and the game was just that. It’s too bad this company would rather milk their customers than entertain them.
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1 month ago, galatz007
Angry birds 2
Game is fun but only lets you go so far and HAVE to spend money to pass levels. Lots of glitches at times that they fix at random times but then reoccurrence is probable. Also the so called rewards are sad, ie: used a certain bird x amount of times… think it would be an awesome reward right? Nope just a few gems that you can get at any time in the game. I do not play as much as I used to as several times I have had problems and i.t. always has an excuse for it and nothing gets done. So just a heads up. Graphics are somewhat dated also. I still play for fun but have backed off substantially. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t waste my time, but I have too much invested (literally!) to completely give up. Good luck!!!plus now they force you to watch ads without your knowledge or consent on the ‘trail’ portion of the game for 3 measly stars IF you pass the level. after spending thousands of dollars I have now realized I won’t ever be recognized in the game for my achievements or be refunded for errors on the developers side of things. Fun game and love my ‘clan buddies’ but I don’t spend a dime anymore and no one else should either, they make enough off ads.
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2 years ago, real peppa pig lover
Love the game but missing something.
The game is amazing, 10/10 animations are amazing, levels are amazing… until they have like 10 level on them they are hard but still fun, like the bosses sometimes. Clans are a weird but cool take, and feels like a good way to interact with people online. The might eagle boot camp is cool although the shop is missing one item… and this is a little bias but I don’t see a pig moving animation icon. They have one of red, blues, silver but no weird cool pig like fire big the weird, rocket pig that had like no defense, or science pig oh science pig moving like with his weird potion bottle animation icon would be SOOO COOL. I need one NOW! And if Rovio even sees this review which I highly doubt, I want a moving pig animation (probably science pig moving his potion bottle) icon to buy at the might eagle shop. And some other suggestions could be rocket pig with his rockets shooting, the weird pig with the blue gun that attracts the birds with him?, minion pig, or heck a bird that’s getting flung to a pig! Okay this review has been looong enough and sorry for being bias. But I need pig moving icon.
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2 years ago, signingsilverf0x
My honest review
I like this game it’s a good call back to the original version and it’s done right. However not every game is perfect it comes with issues. The jump in difficulty seems a little unfair at times slowly start to get crazy don’t even get me started on Pigsenyland. You could restart but they will either required an ad or the stupid currency that is really hard to obtain and he wants to spend like thousands of dollars on it which I understand and I can’t get too mad about micro transactions because they’re optional but having a limited amount of ads to just get a free try again as well as the modern life system which I hate modern life systems which instead of feeling a level I’m running out of lives I have an restarting from that place you have to wait an obscene amount of time. I feel like some parts are incredibly RNG based which is annoying. However I do appreciate the new contact that it produces like bringing back previous birds or having a connection with the second movie. Final verdict it’s pretty solid it could definitely be better it gets a 8/10 for me
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1 year ago, Scarlet Heretic
Nice game but wants to take your money
This game is great for the first few levels and then u realize how bad everything really is once you start going deeper in. Most levels are designed poorly where when you get stuck on a certain level or can take up a great amount of time to just complete that one level. Hearts is another thing where the game for some reason gives you 6 lives and if you lose 6 times on one level you can’t play anything in the game anymore basically until the hearts restock. Next the events are clearly for people that are level 50+ and if you are anything under that it’s very hard to play the events. There’s also a little gambling in the game which has nothing to do with skill and is based on pure luck but you can tell when they want you to get far and when they don’t in the mini game. Some boss levels are very poorly designed where no matter how many birds you have at the end sometimes you just can’t beat the boss because of the poor level design. This game is basically pay to play because to play as much as you want you need hearts and to buy hearts you need the game currency and to get that you have to either get through the achievements or just buy it which they clearly want you to do.
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2 years ago, Angrybirds is my spouse
Angry birds
This app is my lifeline. I play it all day everyday and get anxiety when I don’t see the birds flying across my screen making wonderful noises. Those cute pigs popping on my screen. This game is my life and if I didn’t have it I would cry. I wish that everyone could see how truly wonderful this game is and enjoy it with me because it could change everyone’s lives for the better. It could almost end world hunger. It could end hunger if people could feed on the pure joy of those popping pigs it soothes the pain of being a loner because I never socialize this app is my everything I don’t know where I would be without angry birds 2 I’ve improved for the better I know longer swear and I now say things such as slap a sheep to sooth myself this app is everything I would give those birds the biggest smooch I could muster and even those pigs as well my heart hurts at the dying phone battery knowing that app and I may soon part I rush to the cable for my heart to shatter all in all this app is my everything
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8 months ago, Shpidango
What happened?!?!
You ask me three months ago to rate, I would have gave 5 stars…. But all the changes over the last few months make it obvious the new owners just want to make this a money grab. Prices way to high… who is spending $50 to $60 on a few booster items when you can purchase an entire PlayStation or Xbox game for that price. I would spend money if it was reasonable, and probably spend more than that over a period of time, but I can’t believe people are spending hundreds of dollars on a couple chests and a thousand feathers, especially when you need at least 50K feathers to go up one lvl per bird. They used to have ways to earn towards new hats and lvl up by working hard and playing a lot, and I did spend money on the smallest upgrades for a few dollars here and there, but since they took away the ability to buy event hats and cranked up the difficulty just to finish a daily event I can’t even save up over weeks of playing. If you looking to try angry birds out I would suggest waiting for some new updates or maybe even new owners again, find a different game that won’t break the bank for the smallest things.
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2 years ago, B.Eddie
Freezing birdsssss
Okay so the game is nice; graphics and all. Actually I’ve been playing since last year so basically it’s been like a year. Although i lost my old phone last December n didn’t get to play for a while until January. Now, there’s this thing that happens esp when I’m playing in these tornaments; weekly challenge or king pig panic or any of the online part of the game, when i draw my bird to take a shot at the pigs, the slingshot goes back as normal but then it never releases the bird, it stays like for like seconds and when it eventually releases, the bird ends up using it’s power midway (where it’s not needed) or while on the sling shot or even goes backwards n i end up getting no shot at all, most of the time i lose almost alll my birds n still won’t get any shot successfully. It’s quite frustrating. Unless i press the powerbutton or home button, it doesn’t stop. That’s just like a major problem I noticed of recent. It wasn’t like that the other times so.. But overall, it’s fun playing. Smashing things n popping pigs lol. Hope you get it fixed pleaseeeee, thank you!
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3 years ago, GD Scorp
Level 140
This has got to be one of the worst levels in the game. I have been trying it for over a month but still have not gotten any better. I keep watching people online beat that level, and I try to do that, but it's just no use. I am probably the only one who thinks this, and everyone who sees this is probably going to think I am crazy. I don't want to keep on doing this level over and over and OVER again, and I just don't like other parts of the game. Like Level 43, Level 47, and Level 61. These levels are trash, and they need to be fixed. I don't think that Rovio will see this, but if you, Rovio, are seeing this right now, please fix these or I will lose my sanity. Finnish Tämän täytyy olla yksi pelin huonoimmista tasoista. Olen kokeillut sitä yli kuukauden, mutta en ole vieläkään parantunut. Katson jatkuvasti ihmisten lyövän verkossa, ja yritän tehdä niin, mutta siitä ei vain ole hyötyä. Olen luultavasti ainoa, joka ajattelee tätä, ja jokainen, joka näkee tämän, luultavasti ajattelee, että olen hullu. En halua jatkaa tällä tasolla uudestaan ja uudestaan ja uudestaan, enkä vain pidä muista pelin osista. Kuten taso 43, taso 47 ja taso 61. Nämä tasot ovat roskaa, ja ne on korjattava. En usko, että Rovio näkee tämän, mutta jos sinä, Rovio, näet tämän juuri nyt, korjaa ne tai menetän järkeni.
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2 years ago, not real dude
Too luck based
Honestly, when I downloaded this game I was excited and enjoyed it but as I kept on playing it got boring very quickly. This game is Completely luck based and p2w. First of all, the tower of fortune is stupid. It is pretty much impossible to win unless you pay gems to keep to on going after getting the pig card. And the only way to get enough gems to complete the tower of fortune is to buy them with real money. This game sets it up so you HAVE to pay money to progress. Unless you waste your money then this is pretty much pointless. Another flaw is the heart system. You lose your hearts to quickly and you have to wait or pay real money to get more. The arena ticket thing is dumb also because it makes you have to get arena tickets (which take a painfully long time to get) so that you can play in the arena. You can get rewards by your win streak but the rewards are pretty stupid and honestly not worth the effort. In order to complete the win streak you need 5 arena tickets and you have to win each one. This game is created by a bunch of money hungry developers. This game is supposed to be about skill and strategy! Not the money you put into it. Just don’t download the app and go do something better with your time.
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5 months ago, dublon
It became a money sucking pit
EDIT: If I thought at the time I posted my other review the game was bad, boy did they proved me wrong and made it worse. The game is slowly transitioning to pay to play, you can’t advance without paying real money, and I don’t know what planet they’re from and are not aware of the value of money, but they are selling virtual hats for 30-50 US dollars a piece…. Let that sink in…. One virtual thing that has no real value in the real world is worth 30-50 US dollars…… I’ve been playing for about 5 years and I’ve seen the game changing from an amazing, fun game to a frustrating money sucking pit. The difficulty level has been increased to the point that you can’t advance without spending gems which can be bought with money. In all fairness the game’s description does say in app purchase, BUT the matchups in arena, clan battles, mighty Eagle bootcamp are so bad ( matched against players with a 200 points difference, clan matchups have a margin of 20% points difference) that if you want to win any of the in game prizes you have to spend and spend and spend. There’s an amazing community around this game with Facebook groups and amazing friendships stories and I’ve seen in the past 3-4 months lots of players quitting the game.
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1 year ago, 1momof4
Angry birds go way better than this
I’ve played a small bit of this game and from what I know too many ads it’s a mobile game so it’s all pay2win cash grab stuff but I feel like there’s a lot of way smaller rovid games that make it way more fun for no reason AT ALL wink wink for a instance or two angry birds go ridiculously less ads way more fun gameplay and game itself it’s small but a great pocket sized adventure however you cannot download it anymore they removed it for some reason second instance the transformers game it’s simple run and gun angry birds game but believe this big catch ROBOT BIRDS was the entire mind set for that game even if they both sound weird or dumb a cart racing angry birds and run and gun they are weird but way way way way better than this hot trash but however it still fits the angry birds quota so if u want more download this game but just don’t think about the annoying parts also if any sort of rovio review reader well reads this tell somebody to bring back go it is so much fun
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3 years ago, yxng nut
Angry Birds is a TRAVESTY
This game is an absolute insult to the original angry birds game on so many levels. First off, now on angry birds there is a life system, which limits on the amount of times you can play a level. So most of the time your not even playing the game your just waiting 30 minutes for your lives to regenerate. Secondly, the amount of ads on this game is absurd. Theres like a dang ad in your face after every level. Third, there are clans, now why the heck are there clans in angry birds, just ridiculous. Those 3 reasons alone are what hold the game back. For some positives, the game is bright and colorful, and thats about it. During the game play you are given a random hand of 3 birds and you cant even pick your birds anymore to strategize. Also, you cant come up with a strategy to win a level because the levels are always being shuffled with new obstacles so you cant adjust. In addition, these birds got a downgrade from the previous game. The blue bird is utterly useless and the grey bird might as well not even be in the game. The only birds who are constantly good are the red bird and the black bird. In conclusion, this game is bad and is a shame to the original angry bird games. I cant believe the replaced the original with this piece of TRASH!!
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4 years ago, Chibileh
They broke the game
I have played this game for many years and I love it so much! Unfortunately, in their latest update, they took away everything to love about it. Now it is much much much too difficult to complete without spending. Typically we can use spells which makes the game fun and interesting, they took that away. Typically our bootcamp and battles are long and epic, you could complete 15 rooms which was a challenge, but possible. Now it’s much to difficult, because we don’t get our cards back per destruction, only 1 allowed back per bird... so too much destruction by one bird and you are punished. Did I mention we don’t get any spells back anymore? We can only use them in the daily challenge and the map, which are just stupid places to use spells.. They make events and and hat adventures now that can’t be completed EVEN with spending gems to move forward. It was already a money grab, but this is much too blatant now. The angry birds 2 fan community has expressed our distain for this new update over and over again, but they don’t care. They gave us bandaid 100 arena tickets, like that would make everything better and make us forget they broke our favorite game. Many (pay to play) players are walking away, I hope their investors are paying attention.
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4 months ago, Renegade Note
Sega has removed game play incentives
I started playing when AB2 was released. I have played almost every day since. I started a clan the day clans were turned on as a feature. I have always been able to purchase hats and upgrade my birds and slingshot. Sega took over last year and turned off the ability to purchase new exotic hats with black pearls. Those are the only hats I had available to purchase. I now have over 100,000 black pearls and nothing to spend them on of significance. My flock has stagnated and is not progressing as quickly as before. There is now less incentive to play. I am not a person who can spend lots of money on my games and AB2 has always had a lot of ads. So I figured it's a trade. Sega has now made it so for advanced players they face a long slog to move forward. I have tried expressing this to the people in support but they really don't care. The game has lost it's charm. I have given Sega a good 6 months to really adjust to their changes but the changes are bad and a disincetive to long time players who have most of the hats. I will be stepping away from leading my clan and will be deleting the app after this weekend. Way to go Sega! I wonder how many others like me you have alienated?
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5 years ago, Dfmonahan
Pay To Win & Loot Boxes Galore
The game is designed to entice people to spend their money on loot boxes in order to progress further. You are given some initial success upon login(to get people playing the game, if people lose right away chances are they’ll play something else) which is then slowed down until you spend money on in game currency. The currency is geared towards “Legendary Treasure Boxes.” $20 spent will allow you to unlock two of these boxes. Yes, two. Once open the boxes give you a 1 in 5 chance of actually getting something useful, most times you are awarded with feathers to level up a single bird. Once at a certain point after spending the game will halt your progress in single player until you spend money again, not allowing you to advance a single level. In addition to halting any progress in multiplayer, challenges, etc., once money is spent in game again, you magically start winning again for a short period. This is especially bothersome to me due to the fact the game is geared towards children with the bright color scheme, playful characters and animations. As well as being so heavily promoted within the App Store! Parents: if you don’t want your children gambling away your money on loot boxes with 1 in 5 odds, keep them away from this game!!!!
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4 years ago, ex angry birds 2 player
Game is rigged to try and force you to spend money
Physics of the game are the most obvious part, if you get to a point where you’re advancing fairly quickly thru levels you’ll begin to see things like the big red bird or the bomb bird doing little to no damage on objects they would otherwise blow thru with ease. Structures on one level will crumble like a house of cards while on the next level will act as one solid piece and remain rigid when hit. If you have the patience to continue without spending any money to advance and after several times of your lives running out it will eventually ease up again and you can burn thru a couple levels fairly easy before it starts the whole process over again of slowing you down. I have not spent one red cent on this game and I never will, being a free to play game I understand that it comes with ads that you have to watch at times, but the obvious cheating that the game does to try and sucker you into spending money is the coffin nail for me, as soon as I finish this review the game will be deleted from my device. It’s a shame because the original was a good game, even the other spin offs. The only improvements angry birds 2 has over the original is the graphics, the rest of it is just a disappointment.
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4 years ago, etronx7
HUGE Downgrade from older angry birds
The older angry bird games were something you could play a lot and have countless fun. However, angry birds 2 is the complete opposite. First and perhaps what really makes this game awful, is the life system found on other games like candy crush, where you can only play for 5 lives at a time. This was by far the most disappointing feature EVER! Instead of relaxing and playing some angry birds for who knows how long, once you lose your 5 lives you have to wait around 20 minutes just to get one more life. YOU HAVE TO WAIT TO PLAY! How dumb does that sound? That’s what turned me down from candy crush, as I thought it was just stupid to wait in order to play. The game itself has so many extra pay to win features that really just turn me off from what the original game used to be. Ads, gems and other exclusives you have to pay for have changed the once beloved angry birds into a pay to win, money grabbing disappointment I’ve ever seen. Literally the only improvement from the original angry birds is the better graphics, and that’s ABSOLUTELY IT. 1/100 of a game, do not get unless you just love to wait to play... Never deleted a game after just 2 weeks of trying to give it a chance as fast as I did with this garbage game.
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5 years ago, destroyerfreddy
It’s a money pit.
I love the gameplay, but there’s just so many ads and I can hardly progress through the game without spending thousands of dollars on gems, which I am nowhere near stupid enough to do. I was also falsely banned “due to hacking or cheating”. I have never done anything against the terms of service. Rovio, please go back to your original game design. There’s enough ad-filled, in-app purchase junk out there already. Please, make your games like they used to be. People will be willing to pay a few bucks up front for the game, but it’s stupid that they need to keep paying to keep playing. If you make a fun game that costs, let’s say, $3 or $4, without ads or in-app purchases, it will still be popular. Just please stop this nonsense with ads every 30 seconds. What happened to Angry Birds 1?? Now it has ads and micro transactions, just like all your other games. Why? Just make the game cost a few bucks. For anyone else out there that agrees, write a review like this and maybe Rovio will listen this time. Also, I was banned for cheating. I have never hacked the game or any other game, so I don’t know why this happened. Fix you anti cheat software. You don’t get more plays for the game being free. A good quality game should not be free with in app purchases.
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3 years ago, benniefromthebronx
Shameful and stressful
I understand that you already made your money with this app angry birds 2 and you no longer care to answer or listen to the complaints of all these people playing the game but remember that without customers and without good reviews a business goes to fail, the new arena game in angry birds2 is shameful an stressful that the players are losing there stars and they are being lowered in leagues back down to the beginning of the game when I know that all of us who play have done our best and we just want to enjoy the game some players have invested money in playing and buying the products you offer , you can improve this part of the game ( the arena ) that most players including my self believe is fixed and feel offended , remember that in business the two parties have to receive something , and the client is always right, the game angry birds2 is good an fun to a point but like everything in life always has faults and things to fix thanks
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6 months ago, Debbie Texas
Changes have made things hard and a drudge
I love this game, and have played for years. The variety is great, and there’s something to be gained from each special event…. Well, there WAS, until the recent changes. These include the Seasons reward system and making hat events unfruitful and discouraging. Getting hats via the Tower was hard before, but playing strategically with my free turns plus a tower ticket here and there usually resulted in getting three or four of the hats each event. That left an achievable amount to complete the set and improve power, considering the hats are 10,000 black pearls each and power upgrades are few and far between once you hit a certain level of play. Now I’m lucky if I get one or two hats per event. It’s too expensive in event coins to upgrade them as well. So something that used to be a delight is now a drudge of disappointment. I understand that you are looking for support via in-app purchases, but the prices are ridiculously high. Who has that kind of money just laying around? Have a heart for your loyal players and change some of this back!
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4 weeks ago, PickleMcSchmickle
This game cure my cancer
I was in the womb when I got this game and I was diagnosed with stage 16 cancer. When I was born I had constant dreams of finding a mysterious cure that would magically cure my cancer. They were always fuzzy and unclear but a message soon appeared; Angry Birds. I was only 1 years old but I was fluent in English, Russian, Hungarian, French, and Tagalog so I told my mother to provide with said “angry birds” she quickly did and I started to play angry birds 2. Whenever I played I felt safe and better than before and I quickly noticed that my hair began to grow back and I became sad healthier than ever before. Next doctors visit that were surprised to realize that my stage 16 cancer had somehow disappeared I told my doctor that it was angry birds but he refused to believe me. I am now 704 years old now and know that I would not be here if I wasn’t blessed with the incredible gift of angry birds. Thank you Rovio you are the reason that I am here today and I will be forever greatful for your amazing creation of angry birds.
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11 months ago, LEtheKitty
I like the older games better, but still a good game. Although, with the hatchling, and if you don’t feed it enough it’ll run away thing, kinda scares me. I know it’s just a game, but it still freaks me out, so instead of playing the game, I just don’t because then the hatching won’t go away unless you start playing. Scares me. Anyway, I also don’t like the fact that this game has fake ads. I saw one where it was like: Red had to reach the bathroom, and there were obstacles, and you had to pick the best tool to get rid of the obstacle. So, yeah. That does NOT happen in the actual game. I also saw one where it was a playable ad, and it was 3D. The actual game doesn’t work like that. Angry Birds is a franchise close to my heart, and I know you guys only care about the money, (Like virtually every company ever) but it hurts me when you misguide people. It didn’t misguide me, seeing as I already had this game when I saw those ads, but I hate that your misguiding other people. But, anyway, it’s a fun game. But it gets boring after a while.
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2 years ago, Bigniy (from Roblox)
PLZ READ! Thanks :)
I used to play this game when I was a little kid. I wasted about 4.99 on gems in one purchase and NEVER RECEIVED THE GEMS I PURCHASED! I ended up really upset, so I told my parents and they said it wasn’t a big deal. I never did get anything back for losing that hard-earned cash. Nowadays I earn 2 dollars a week, but that is not enough to pay for anything worth buying. I am EXTREMELY mad about everything that has happened. Even though this purchase glitch of sorts may have been removed, it could happen again. This incident happened when I was just 4-6 years old. To this day, I still remember almost every second of that awful time in my life. In total, I lost about $6 in total paying for gems (and unsuccessfully getting them.) In my situation, whenever I paid for gems, roughly 90% of the time I would get the gems I purchased, but that 10% was always there (which is why I don’t trust the devs anymore). Also, this game is ALWAYS trying to make you pay money to buy boosts or whatever is for sale at that time. A rule of this game: No boosts, no pig-popping poofs. Or completed levels. Anyways, PLEASE don’t get this game. Thank you for reading this review, and have a nice day! 🙂
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4 years ago, LexiePoo123987
Not pleased.
Not pleased. Y’all don’t give us nearly enough lives to make it through the game. Why do y’all even implement lives ? All they’re gonna do is make people want to delete the game, not continue playing it. Almost forgot I had it for a while because it’s just so ridiculous with the lives feature. The fact that we only have five is ridiculous, too. We should get at least 7. Y’all always want us to pay, too. Also, nonstop ads. They pop up so much. The game was joyful at first but then I started losing because I didn’t have enough birds. Maybe y’all should implement more keys into the game, too so that I can unlock more birds? Also, this game is honestly a prime example of why the sequels will never be able to compare to the original. Edit: Recently, there was an event going on and basically if you got more stars than anyone else, you would get rainbow feathers. I got first place, above everyone else, and I was not awarded ANY. If that was something that you were supposed to collect as soon as the timer ran out, that’s ridiculous. I was literally playing a level and I go to check and see if the timer’s done yet because it was at 2 minutes the last time I checked. Please let me know what’s going on.
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5 years ago, Rueos
Big improvements a few losses. Pretty money hungry.
I love allot of the action, fast pace, graphics and game play on this version. Upgrading the birds is a nice touch like the transformers version and others. What I miss in this version and it is a biggie, is you don’t have the option to do a level over but you have to waste resources to power on through. That makes this one greedy on your real-life pocketbook and I believe this version has to be connected to the internet to advance. That is what I love about Angry Birds Starwars2 and the Space Versions among the original. You can play the same level over and over and over till you get it right. I miss having the option of using resources when you give up... If Angry Birds 2 simply gave the option to redo the level until you got it right or gave in and used resources, then this version might be my favorite yet and ranked at 5stars. Maybe the next version will be even better. I keep buying all the Angry Birds versions. Some are some of my favorite games I play. Others like Epic I played for a couple hours and haven’t played it again in over a year.
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