Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

4.8 (537.9K)
282.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

4.8 out of 5
537.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Greenlover2003
I love this game!!!! And here are SUGGESTIONS
We all know how great this game is. You get to talk to animals, participate in events, buy clothes for your character, and invite animals to your campsite + cabin! I’ve been playing for a while and even most of my friends have played it. However, coming from a player, I would really like to see at least an icon of what a player wants to buy from the market place. I think that would be really cool. Right now, my wool stock is really low. I already am doing requests but it isn’t helping. It would be cool for my player to show that I need wool so others can sell. It would be even cooler if players can gift other players items! My friends and I would love this! I don’t think we’d be the only ones honestly. Of course, these items would include clothes or any duplicate furniture that we want to get rid of. In order so this doesn’t dominate the purpose of the market place; fruits, bugs, and other resources will be limited to the market place. My third suggestion comes from the AC games. I think players would be extremely excited to design their own clothes. However, if everyone could do this freely, the clothes from events and the marketplace would have almost no value. Therefore, we must charge a certain amount of leaves. I hope someone reads this even after the New Horizons release. I know people who do not have access to a Switch will continue playing this game! Thank you for reading.
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5 years ago, Autumnsfadingsun
my FAVORITE game
i’ve never written a review before for any game but i figure my favorite app is the best place to start! i’ve been playing animal crossing for over a year now and let me say it is a pleasure to play this game! there’s daily rewards to keep you motivated to check in on your animal buddies, cute dialogue between characters, and engaging/new events that occur monthly (fishing tourneys are my favorite because of the weird collectible fish you can get). the music, aesthetics, and design are really pleasant and i’ve only had one glitch occur before in the whole time i’ve played it. the designers of this game keep up with what needs to be fixed and make sure that the game runs smoothly. i love being able to connect with other players without a chat room or anything like that because that can lead to harassment and just ugly stuff. my ONLY edits would be that i wish this app would lean into the “cute” aesthetic a bit more. recently they did a “rock and roll” theme event and it was so dark and didn’t fit my vision of animal crossing at all. i would love some more light, cute things that i can obtain! secondly, in the original animal crossing there’s a museum where you can keep rare animals you’ve collected. i think this would be a great idea so that way you don’t just look in your catalogue to see rare things you’ve caught. i want a place to keep them and put them on display so i can know my accomplishments! that’s all though i love this game keep up the amazing work!
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6 years ago, 82992nkaknskkxk
Awesome!! Honest feedback
I LOVE this game. It brings me back to the days of my childhood playing animal crossing on my gamecube. I think there are many aspects of the game that are excellent but I wanted to give my feedback because this is a game I want to continue to enjoy, rather than something I get sick of. First, I think the game needs to continue updating and expanding. I think more locations and the map overall should expand so there is more to do. The game sort of feels like a loop - the animals move, I do their requests, then I wait for them to move again. I think an expanded map would be a huge thing and would make the game much better. I also think there should be more challenges to complete - I am almost done with my stretch goals and would like more goals to focus on. And one more thing - I think we should be able to go inside of our tents and decorate them. We should have the amenities for the animals, but I literally never go inside my camper or even pay attention to it. If we could have a personal tent for our character that we could decorate, similar to designing your own house in the original game, I would seriously LOVE that. So overall, an expanded map with more locations and more to do (even if they are locations like shovel strike quarry where we don't meet animals but rather do other tasks), more challenging tasks (more of them more frequently), and a personal tent for us to design and decorate. Other than that, the game is great!!
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7 years ago, VocaloidPrincess
Charming, with only minor drawbacks
Let me start by saying this game is beautifully designed, relaxing, and keeps me entertained enough to look forward to my MANY logins each day. I almost gave it 4 stars because of the few drawbacks which I'll mention in my review, but the overall charm of the Animal Crossing series and the additional content in the game (like the new holiday themed goals and furniture) helped push this to a 5 for me. The clothing and furniture to collect as well as the short and long term goals give me plenty of things to accomplish, and make the game a continually rewarding experience. There are the drawbacks that any Animal Crossing fan is used to such as the slow pace, which in this game is set by timers, as well as repetitive dialog and interactions with the campers. The steep increase in crafting time on newly unlocked items is also a con. I wouldn't necessarily take these things out of the game, and I'm not surprised or disappointed at the micro transactions either. But for some people I can see how these things could be frustrating. If you play at a slower pace the way traditional Animal Crossing is designed for then it likely won't be much of an issue, but the impatient folks like myself may be tempted into buying more leaf tickets to speed things up. That being said, the game can still be thoroughly enjoyed without spending a penny. It's without a doubt the best mobile game I've ever played, and one of the only mobile games worth your time.
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6 years ago, Ticialeticia
Childhood memories!
So I LOVE this game, I found it on the App Store and immediately downloaded it. Now with that being said I expected the original version or something close to it. It is different however I appreciate the new scenery and characters. BUT. I miss the og animals like peanut and the actions from the first game. I’m leaving a review in hopes that some of the things I know and love might be incorporated in order to bring back some childhood nostalgia for everyone. I think sending mail/letters should be brought back, I used to love buying stationary and sending my sister and brother mail with gifts inside. I also miss being able to pay my bills with Polly. Oh and how can I forget furniture falling out of trees or the dump?! Haha of course all this cannot be in the new game but maybe just a few things. I miss actually walking to places instead of transitioning from screen to screen. I’ve read other reviews and I really like the idea of decorating the entire camp site I feel there is so much wasted space which could be filled with furniture and activities for the animals. Another idea I have is to bring small aspects of every version of animal crossings together here. For instance going swimming from the DS version as well as the Museum and fossils collections. I would also really like to see more in the town square such as the hair salon from the Wii version and the store fronts it had. Overall happy with the game but wanting more to keep busy.
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4 years ago, Jazzy💅🏾
I love this game I just wanted to give ideas
I’m not a game developer and I don’t want the mobile vs of acpc (animals crossing pocket camp) to be like the new game that just came out but I just wanted to give some ideas. I’m only level 35 so I don’t know if these things exist yet. Maybe we could have our own clothing like we can make our own designs like in the new game because I love the outfits that come out from the cookies but I just want to be able to make my own. Next thing is to able to give away items to our friends rather than selling them, because I have a bunch of duplicates of clothing and items that I don’t want but I can’t get rid of them and can only have a my villagers wear them I think being able to give them your friends only would be a great idea! And also more islands to explore and to expand our camp site because there’s a lot of talent people making great creations with the game but the limited space is kinda difficult to work with, like when we level up to certain level we can expand our campsite and add in more people. And more interactions with the people at our camp/cabin I like the idea of finding things for them I would be so happy if we could get more quests like that. Again I’m only level 35 so I don’t know if any of this exist or if you can even do it without it being so close to the new game (idk if that bad) I just wanted to share some thoughts love this game💕🥰
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4 years ago, a-person-in-the-world
🌺hi guyz 🌺
This game is great and all but... I wish there was a place in the levels that could make the avatar go to a different world like there was a suspicious portal that came into you campsite or your cabin and it pulls all of your friends( Goldie, Rosie, etc.) and you go to a hole( puns hehe) new world and there is like many other places to have different camps and you become like, I don’t know a person that can travel through portals or something??? I wish that you could take something from this paragraph and add it to the game( I realllllyyyy want the avatar to travel to a different place not just in the small place in a tiny world) thank you! :3 edit: so.. hi again!! i LOVE the game!!! but i wish that you can actually PLAY with ur friends! like u can go to their world 🌎 and u could see the real them (their character tho) and play with the avatar not just give kudos and buy stuff from them. another thing is THE MONEY (leaf dollars💵) i want them to give us more money they are literally just FORCING us to get the fashion plan. and it costs real life! i’m broke (don’t judge me) i want to get more leaf dollars like idk 20 or 30 a day. or maybe even 10! i need more money. my friends are almost already lvl 157 and i’m just sad ol’ 58 and u know why? CUZ I DONT HAVE THE FUTURE FASION PLAN. plz fix this i don’t wanna pay 15 dollars a month!! (might not be the actual amount but yea) thanks!!
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7 years ago, :-L
Love it, but I’ll admit it’s not perfect
I got it the day it came out and am currently at level 26, so obviously I’m a pretty big fan. Obviously it’s not without its flaws, the biggest one being the connection issues, but I was kind of expecting that from a brand new game-Animal Crossing is already a well loved series, but bringing it to mobile puts it in the hands of a lot more people that weren’t previously fans of it, so it probably has been more popular than expected. Whatever, it’ll clear up eventually. There are two main things (involving the Market Boxes) that I would like to see changed: (1) as someone who now has 10 slots available, I would very much like to see more than 4 of my friend’s slots without having to go to their campsite and (2) I would honestly like to be able to buy the stuff my friends put up for sale without having to visit their campsite. The connection issues already make navigating the friends list and the visiting of campsites take too long, but having to go back and forth just to find out my friend isn’t selling what I’m looking for is time consuming and tedious. Other than that, I’d also kind of like to see a return of the emotions and letter writing from previous games, and maybe possibly even a multiplayer mode where you can visit your friends and hang out in real time. I also look forward to the addition of more villagers along the line!
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7 years ago, justinichi
Great Game Whether A Previous Fan Or Newcomer!
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp delivers a perfect handheld rendition of the other games in the Animal Crossing series. It takes a different approach to the series while still retaining the essential aspects that make it feel like an Animal Crossing game. It may lack in playability due to timers and overall less activities to partake in. But however, players can’t expect too much given the game has the extremely low price tag of free. The game makes the player feel unique being able to customize several things to their liking including their camper and the camp itself. One gripe I myself have regarding the game is the diversity of the animals themselves. The animals seem to exhibit recycled voice lines across different animals making each animal feel less and less unique. Another thing is the market box access. Players can only access the market box after visiting the camp of their friend instead of being able to purchase off their friends list. I understand that this is to encourage visiting camps and giving incentive to give kudos to other camps but it is a bit inconvenient for those impatient or have poor connection to the internet. Finally, being able to visit friends camps in real time would be a cool feature or even being able to play mini games with them. In conclusion, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a great game capable of delivering hours of fun and spurring player creativity regardless of whether it lacks in minor features.
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7 years ago, Julk0ng
Fun game but with flaws
As many others have said, this is definitely a great game, but I feel like they're missing a big component that made all the past Animal Crossing games so much fun. That missing component is the randomization. In past games there was so much that would be random - the town layout, the characters that arrive, the fruits that are grown, etc. These randomizations were what made it so fun to interact with other players in their unique towns. Don't get me wrong, there are little randomizations here and there in Pocket Camp - like things they sell at the market and where characters are camping out - but for the most part my game is very similar to other players of the same level. Sometimes the order in which characters arrive are a little random, but they always unlock the same items and the character arrival randomizations isn't random enough to make the game feel variable. There's a tip that shows up on loading screens sometimes that says visiting other players' camps might give one inspiration for one's own camp. But I find that I don't care to go to other players' camps because we're all usually around the same level, meaning we've met roughly the same characters and we have roughly the same items at our camps. Like I said, it's still fun to play, but I really think more randomization in the game would've made Pocket Camp a game I could see myself playing for a long time rather than something I'd get tired of after a couple weeks.
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4 years ago, broken90
Needs some more
I love this game so much it’s cute, and addicting except I think you guys should add a bit more to the game. So everything is good but like all you do is get people to go to your campsite, cabin, collect money, and do quests. I think it would be really fun if we could adventure more like add new places, towns, city’s, and parks? Maybe even a mall or just any thing that comes to mind, also I think you guys should make it so we can design our clothes. And here’s a really big thing I hate when we buy stuff sometimes we have to wait like 3 hours 10 hours and it’s really long and annoying and I can’t buy anything after I would really appreciate it if you guys just make it either be 20 minutes 50 minutes or just a hour nothing higher maybe if it’s a really expensive item like 20,00 or something you can make it 3 hours if you would like but like don’t make everything 3 or 10 hours because it’s really annoying. And last of all I think it would be really fun if we could actually talk to the other players because when I friend someone we can’t talk they just stand their I would love if I could adventure with others and talk to instead of them seeming like a fake character I thought they where fake but they weren’t and that’s what bugs me I really think you should actually let us talk to other players it’s a online game yet we can’t talk to them? That’s all but if you fix all those I would love love LOVE this game bye ❤️
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4 years ago, Cqndy꒱꒱ 🍒
Enjoyable & Laidback (+ Some Feedback)
I really enjoy ACPC! It’s very fun & I love its aesthetic. There’s lots of different features and items. I simply love all of it as a whole. The things you’re able to do for friends is really broad compared to some other games! However, there’s some other features I’d like to see. A lot of animals from the same category use the same phrases. It gets repetitive and a little boring. Adding more dialogue would be great! The map is also a bit small, so adding new locations (possibly to unlock) would be great! Here are some suggestions: mountain (to hike, collect shiny stones, & steel?), a farm to plant vegetables in your campsite (or add plots to your garden for this, & an activity center. An activity center could be used to build special amenities. Like a gym, skatepark, and library. Another detail is the fact that your campsite & cabin can only host 8 animals. There’s such a wide variety of animals that this is a very small amount. I think being able to expand your campsite and cabin to host more animals would be amazing! Different buildings to host more animals is the last thing. Maybe like a cruise boat, beach house, or island (an island could be something unlocked after clearing some export islands?) They would have different floors like cabins & campers. That’s all! Overall these are just small details. ACPC is a game that I am very entertained by and deserves these 5 stars 💕
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7 years ago, Sillyowl2
Relaxing until the errors start up
This is the first Animal Crossing game I’ve ever played more than an hour and I love it. Everything is easy and possible to obtain and the freemium stuff isn’t pushed on you or required unless you really want to speed up some 12 hour build time items. I’m level 16 and I have only encountered one favor that requires you to have caught a rare fish so the requests may ramp up in difficulty with your level but by then you’ll probably have fished/caught about 5 of them. It is nice that you can add friends you meet in the world, and it is really handy that you can buy extra items you might need from them if they have them for sale in their personal market boxes. One tip is that they don’t tell you how much camper upgrades are until they already do the work... the first extension is 10k and the second level add on is 30k. However you don’t have to pay right away, there is a loan system like the original games. My one issue with the game is how many connection and “unexpected” errors occur that can leave my game hanging in loading screens or kick me out of the game entirely when all I’m trying to do is receive rewards or talk to the animals. I don’t have bad WiFi so that isn’t the problem. It happens so often it really affects the gameplay and can be really frustrating. Obviously the game is a day old and isn’t ironed out yet so this might just be a problem until the first update fixes it or something.
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6 years ago, kurotsukikage
One of the only mobile games possible to play without spending money
Pocket camp is so fun. While traditional Animal Crossing is more enjoyable when you look at the whole picture (and please please let's get an AC for the switch), Pocket Camp is a great mobile platform version of the game. I started playing at the beginning and was disappointed in the lack of features, leaving me bored and eventually burnt out. However, recently I started playing again and there are tons of new features! My favorite thing is the frequency of events - there's almost always an event going which gives all kinds of fun new goals and such to attain. The game has come so far since day 1 and I greatly look forward to experiencing the game as it continues to grow. Dialogue with campers is repetitive and we need more clothing and furniture, maybe some new locations and things to do but overall I cannot complain enough to drop the review to 4 stars. This is one of the only games in the app store that makes it more than possible to play and have a cool area that's possible to decorate without spending money. Leaf tickets are easy enough to attain that if you're patient you can acquire enough for the cooler campground terrain and the better fortune cookies without paying money, but they're also not SO easy to attain as to destroy any revenue that would keep the app in business. Overall it's a really great game.
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6 years ago, Perler bead freak
Great game!
This game is super nice, it brings various mobile game elements and combines them. This great seeing my favorite characters from when i was a little game playing animal crossing. There are little bugs and the game runs very smoothly. There is a minor complaint i have. Something that i kind of question is that when i have over 9 villagers capable of staying at my camp, the same nine stay in the camp and don’t leave. I think it would be nice if the villagers capable of staying at my camp stay and leave on rotations similar to how the villagers do from island to island. I think it would be nice if all the villagers came and went because i wouldn’t have to choose on what villager i like more lol!! Another complaint i have is the big imbalance of drops the villagers give you. There are soooo many villagers this will give you either wood or steel, and yeah those are good for crafting furniture but it’s annoying that there are such little villagers that give out cotton and preserves, especially since cotton is used for a lot of crafting. I never have enough to build what i need and it’s frustrating using up a bunch of request tickets on the same 4 villagers just so i can build one simple thing! I think newly added villagers should drop more of these uncommon materials!! I also wish that through the market box we can sell materials and furniture, i have a lot of unused furniture and it would be nice if i could get it to another villager!! Thanks!!!!
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4 years ago, shshshebsbsh
My favorite!!!
I loveeee this game!! It’s so cute, there’s alway things to do, it’s very customizable, it’s just overall amazing!! It’s my favorite game ever! I love all the details in everything and how much personality there is with each character. There’s a couple things I would love to see in a future update that would make pocket camp even better in my opinion. First I really wish there was a way to change your nose and mouth on pocket camp. I know this is a feature on new horizons and I figured it’s simple enough it could maybe later be added on pocket camp. It would make my character even more cute/ customizable and I would love that!! Also I wish there was a way to design clothing on pocket camp. This also I know is a new horizons feature but I just cant afford a switch and animal crossing new horizons and I would love if I could design my own clothes on pocket camp. Even if you had to pay bells or even leaf tickets to unlock a create setting or something where your could design your own clothes. I have my own unique style that I would love the show off in the game by creating clothes for my character and my villagers. Lastly another simple request... I wish there was a way to put pictures or art in the walls at the cabin. If you see this I would love it if you would consider adding these few things to the pocket camp version of animal crossing!!
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7 years ago, Lo88143
Decent addition to the Animal Crossing family, but does need improvements.
So I want to start off by saying that gameplay and tone is very much your typical Animal Crossing experience and is fully enjoyable. They’ve added a few new things like mass catching of fish and bugs through honey and nets, and have a level up system that works great. Also, attaining leaf dollars is fairly attainable to you don’t feel pressured to spend your own money constantly, but instead are less guilty when you want to treat yourself to an in-app purchase. The concern I have though is that this suffers the same fate as Pokémon Go. They need to roll out the updates, and fast. Though it’s a lovely game, I’m finding myself getting bored as I’m catching the same four salt water fish, the same fresh water fish, the same four insects, etc. There’s a system where you can buy items from other players, but what’s the point? Everyone is selling everything that you can easily find and get so there’s no reason. I’m hoping that they can sustain the large premier fan base but they need to really kick it in gear. I miss some of our old favorites and do feel sad that it essentially requires an in app purchase to have them in game ( this right now is for KK slider and Tom Nook). Things that are also missing; Diving for Creatures, the cafe or museum, planting, zoids, writing letters, and quite a bit more. Overall a super enjoyable game, but currently the longevity is questionable.
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4 years ago, dig dog lover
Best game ever! 🤟🏿
I had the animal crossing new horizons on tv i wanted one on iPad when i saw this.... it blew my mind away! It’s so cute!!! Eeeee it’s so cute! One thing i would change is... i want it like when you play Roblox but still pretty fun! I just started like 20 minutes ago but it’s really fun i really wanted an iPad animal crossing game so far so good! If the peep that made this game.... pls make the screen any other way that would make us happy also i would add a clothes store so when i want any other clothes i could just buy them other then that, good app! 🙈🙈 also i wish they had made it so it’s like the real one but on iPAD if it’s not too much trouble uwu it would make a-lot of peeps days go good bc i can’t always play on my Nintendo games bc i have a family you know! Also i don’t want cherry clothes in game i almost made my name cherry!! But i do like the animals in the game also i would add walls to the house XD bc it looks weird i know i know I’m not that much in the game but i wish they, made it so you can change you mouth and nose 😓 😜 and i wish that everyone would like the game if you don’t that’s fine i like how everyone has good reviews about the game! I like all good reviews on game even know i do some rude ones my self also if your a black peep... black lives matter we are kind and all cute in are own ways🤟🏿✊🏿👊🏿✊🏿🤟🏿 bye! I hope you enjoyed this!
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4 years ago, iiLunarCxt
Amazing game but...
I’m in love with the game but a few things that need to be added or removed. The huge tents that we are supposed to “sleep” in when we first get in the game, is the first thing I’m gonna talk about. So, I personally like the idea of them, it’s just that we should be able to go into them. We should be able to sleep through the night and wake up the next morning. We should also be able to decorate them. #2: Leaf tickets. I don’t like them. Or at least, how hard they are to get. I know that you need a way to get money, but can’t they be a little easier to get? You must get this question a lot, so let me list reasons why you should make them easier to get. 1. A bug that I seem to have, I spent two hours yesterday trying to get 100 leaf tickets. I was able to, but my fingers hurt after that, so I took a break. When I logged back in, they were all gone. The game saved and everything, but no leaf tickets. 2. How I find people complaining. I heard at least 20-30 people talking about how they might delete the game. The can’t get any leaf tickets. They said, “I’m gonna find a number to call and leave them a b*tchy review.” I agree. 3. How you can buy them but you can’t buy bells. I don’t understand why. Yes, bells are easy to get but what is your just starting out? And you don’t know how the game works? You want to buy bells but you can’t.
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2 years ago, ftyrfyrcy
This game is so fun you could build your own campsite those of you with your animal friends and post them on social tab and people give you some cool emoji and if you’re in the Pocket Camp club member then you get so much access to stuff you get to pick up some cookies each month so much fun things open cookies wonder what’s inside themAnd when you find out your easel glad or amazed or disappointed you get to know how great you object is inside the cookie just by looking at the stars if it gets five stars you got the best of them all for instants sing musical cookie when I got it I got the five star item the Japanese house thing they will get you lots of fun emoji’s when you post them on social and you can get these little cookie packs you send them to a friend and when they open them it shows a cookie and they can open it but these are special packs if you get a lime green one that would just have random items same with the red if it has a design on it would you recognize for me cookie is there anyone have a special item inside the cookie which comes in the present lots of cool stuff to do and you can watch The animals memories like the sheep’s memory they were doing a fashion show and you get to watch them make the clothes!!! Anyways this game is the best if you get it you will not regret it🌺
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6 years ago, Angelicax1
Okay okay okay Nintendo, what the heck?? I’ve been playing this game nearly every single day since it’s release and I love what you all have done with it so far. I’m thankful that you have been listening to our suggestions and have even implemented many of them. But what was up with Rover’s garden safari?? This event is nearly impossible to beat within the allotted time, given that with every 20 flowers planted only amounts to maybe 4 butterflies earned every 4 hours. Unless this was your attempt at trying to get us to spend money on leaf tickets so that we could pay Lloyd to catch the other 10 that were otherwise failed catches? Not to mention, I sleep at night and work full time and don’t have access to my phone during those times and can’t constantly look after my garden in order to (maybe) clear the event. It just seems unfair to make it so impossible to beat, even to people who log in and play multiple times a day. I’ve spent every evening as well as my entire three-day weekend this weekend and last, looking after my garden and doing requests and I’ve only gotten halfway through the event and the event ends tomorrow. I agree with other reviewers, you should’ve just charged for the app to begin with instead of making money-grabbing events and create unequal opportunities amongst players because one person can afford to clear these ridiculous events and the other can’t. Like, why do ya’ll hate us? Docking two stars because I’m salty.
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5 years ago, Glitter cupcake unikitty
This is my first game review I’ve ever written before, and I have to say, I have played a lot of games that I love, but THIS game however is the one game I have had on my iPad for a few years, and I have to say, I’m SERIOUSLY IMPRESSED! I honestly have never deleted this game(except for when I just want to start over with the game) and I actually put the game in a “Do not delete” file to make EXTRA sure I didn’t delete the game for space or, for some reason, on accident. Even though I’m only 10, I’m not expecting you to lower prices on THIS and make a bunch of stuff free on THAT. I love Animal Crossing:Pocket Camp, and I not only WON’T delete this game, I’ll REFUSE to delete it. Also, as a side note, if you are the same company that makes animal crossing games for PlayStations like WiiU or something like that, I wish you could possibly make an Animal Crossing game for the Wii, because I went to Game Stop at the Mall sometimes to find games for the Wii that I have, but I haven’t found a single Animal Crossing for specifically the Wii. Again, THANK YOU for making this game. I know how clear it is that you put so much hard work in the events, the characters, and the game in general. I’m Glitter cupcake unikitty (fake name) and I wanted to thank you for making this AMAZING game!!🐶🐱🐹🐰🦊🐻🐼🐨🐯🐷🐵
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4 years ago, Pdburns74
AMAZING at what it does
Bring Animal Crossing to a mobile device is a big deal. The special in-game currency, Leaf Tickets, aren’t too hard to obtain and I don’t think that they’re too necessary for the best available gameplay. Bells are fairly easy to get, but, why a 4-star review? Well, here’s my explanation. Dialogue starts to get repetitive after a while, which I am a little upset about. I prefer variety when it comes to in-game dialogue. Though I don’t find it the biggest flaw. In fact, I don’t think there is a huge flaw. While leveling up does take a while later in the game, (I’m currently 47), it doesn’t feel like it’s completely game-changing. You only get animals which are added to your contacts, potentially clothing options, and furniture. After 2 months of playing, I find gathering resources can be a bit of a task, especially when you really need them, though I understand that’s how the game functions. If the developers could add something to the game, I would suggest online-play with friends, (I don’t mean visiting them like it currently is right now), but rather being able to interact with them while playing together. Reactions would also be a lovely addition. Would I recommend Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to a friend? Absolutely! If you haven’t already, you should give it a shot and join the Animal Crossing community! Thanks for reading my review.
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3 years ago, ewdcfz v
Great! 😎😎😎
So it’s ok but most of the time tbh it’s boring and I do have some complaints. First of all WHY ARE LEAF TICKETS SO HARD TO EARN?! It’s very very hard to earn them while bells are soooo easy to earn I wish we could trade in bells for leaf tickets so please take it to consideration. Next is I have a Nintendo switch and the game asks you to link it to the game ( if you have it) but i tried and it’s pretty hard to do , but I would like to do it since they give a decent amount of leafs for it. And for one good thing a good thing about the game is the AR mode. That’s it :D. Ok edit this game is amazing! 👁👅👁 lol that’s kinda weird but ummm totally download it updates like everyday litterally! This is ( I’m not saying my name signing out btw the quality of this game is very good for me practically as good on the Nintendo switch I’m playing this on my iPhone XR so maybe it depends on the device? Well anyway this hmmm let’s give me a nickname such as panda lover because I love pandas and all bears such as my bear grizzly. Oops so of topic byeee now download this btw my bro got the iPad Air yesterday and downloaded it and he loves it anyway bye Edit: a few months ago I got the iPhone 12 it works even better!!!!!! Except.... on my phone it asks for a password when I want to update the app, this app doesn’t let me play if I don’t update it PLEASE FIX THIS
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5 months ago, mvvebb
Love this game but…
So to start off I really do love this game. I love the graphics and the stories and it’s just overall very cute and fun. It’s defiantly taken up a lot of my day. There’s not much I would change about this game but there are a couple things that I think could enhance it and make it more accessible and fun for everyone. Maybe have an options to trade/sell other items besides foods/bugs. I think it would be super enjoyable if you could sell furniture items (in a regulated way) or sell clothing items. Another one (and the main one) is please please make lead trick let’s more available. I understand the game still has to make money of course. I think selling them is still great BUT as someone who doesn’t have money to just spend on this game I think it would be really nice to have options like: Surveys for the game, trading bells for leaf tickets, trading items for leaf tickets, OR at least more in game options to get lead tickets. Like more goals and stretch goals that renew/refresh. So much of the game is getting stuff with leaf tickets, (items, clothes, reissued stuff, cookies ect..). While it’s possible to play with out them it’s just not as fun, which I understand is so you buy it- but if you can’t then it’s not as fun. So overall I really do love this game I just which there were some more options..
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6 years ago, itsamari
Amazing Game!
I’ve loved this game since it started on the Game Cube and gradually made it’s way to the Wii. This rendition is good as well but I do have some concerns. Pocket Camp simplifies the dynamic of this game a little too much. Even though I like the campsite concept, and helping the animals with what needs to be done. It feels almost on loop mode. I would like to see a change in weather, like rain or overcast (be able to carry umbrella’s again). It would also be nice to go into the animals tents, travel to other locations (rather than the same 4 or 5 places on the map), and lose the timed crafts. With the timed crafts and amenities it makes it difficult to enjoy the game or move forward because I have to wait a certain amount of time or hours to continue. Obtaining materials also for crafts has also became a little more difficult, cotton is the main component in almost all items and it’s the hardest to come by. Which holds up animals coming to the camp, building crafts, and moving forward with the game. The leaf tickets restrict players from reaching the campsites full potential as well. The original versions of the game never relied on exclusive money to obtain certain goods. These small changes would bring life back to the game, and make what used to be an enjoyable, free lancing game, a little less structured. Other than these issues, this game is still executed well.
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5 years ago, Psycho456
My favorite mobile game
I absolutely LOVE this game. I downloaded it because I was feeling nostalgic for the old days playing Animal Crossing on my gamecube as a kid and I definitely don’t regret it. It’s a lot different than the original Animal Crossing (I only ever played the original and Wild World so I don’t know how it compares to the others) but the differences are mostly positive. One of the things that frustrated me about the original game is that you had to play nearly every day, otherwise your town would be covered in weeds and your house would be full of cockroaches. That doesn’t happen in this game. You can stop playing for weeks and the only consequence is that you miss out on some of their limited-time events. I do miss the museum/fossils though, but I understand why it doesn’t make sense to have it at a camp. I really enjoy having so many places to decorate. You’ve got your campsite (which is very spacious), a cabin, and even a camper (which you can upgrade to 2 levels for even more decorating space). I also really enjoy being able to craft furniture/clothes instead of having to wait for them to show up in Tom Nook’s shop or at the dump. It makes collecting all the items in a set much easier. Overall really great game, now if Nintendo will just make a good mobile Pokemon game I’ll be happy lol
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4 years ago, Mooses rock 7899
My fave franchise on iOS!
Okay, lemme say this one thing. I LOVE Animal Crossing! When I was six(?) my dad bought me a Nintendo 3DS. He gave me one game. Animal Crossing: New Leaf. After we finished opening the Christmas presents, I turned on my new gaming platform and put in the cartridge. I played for an hour until my 3DS was at low charge. I saved and plugged it in. A while later, it was fully charged and I brought it to brunch. I loved the game. Later, on Christmas in 2018, I had Pokémon games and animal crossing. The only thing missing was a Kirby game and Zelda game. On Christmas morning, I woke up to find Legend of Zelda: A link between worlds, Kirby: Battle Royale, and...... Animal Crossing: Wild World! I fell in love with the franchise and before then, in the summer of 2018, I found this game! I played every day until my campsite was perfect! But then, it was all gone when my iPad broke at a friends house. It was a cold January day, and i was heartbroken. I lost everything on there. Then, I got a new iPad and started from scratch. Then on April 1st, one day after the release of ACNH, my dad brought me to Target. He didn’t tell me why, he just said it was important. I went and he bought me..... a Switch! My heart stopped, and then i jumped around the room. He also got me ACNH and Pokémon sword. Now I love animal crossing even more.
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6 years ago, Kisameru
Getting Better
Been playing this from the beginning currently level 57(don’t know if I did post a thing last or not but my last guesstimate of level was way off was probably level 43 around the time or something not 60+ xD;) and am liking the new characters coming out a good times with new furniture and amenities and the events are challenging to a point (you only need time on your hands xD;) love how they’re coming out with new features quickly touching up all on the key issues I was being nit picky about but still I wish they hadn’t glued the carpets to the floor in the campers(the car) xD; that’s abit challenging and annoying to decorate around,would’ve posted a picture but can’t but whenever you play long enough you’ll see how it auto centers Humm should also add that I still would like to see new locations and such maybe a different park forest area all together to find newer animal friends with maybe a little summer camp or something xD and buy rarity’s from them like we do at the market place (but is specifically unique to them -they do crafts too right xD; the idea isn’t that crazy) and maybe we could fix up their camp themes too (heck could even incorporate challenges on what it should look like for the day or collect things / do activities (play a guitar/ go fishing) and talk to the scout master for rewards xD idk Just a few ideas
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7 years ago, wacot
Great, but not without its drawbacks.
I’ve been a fan of the animal crossing games for years, but when I heard there was going to be a mobile version I was skeptical. How could nintendo satisfy me when you can already do so much with New Leaf? Well, in some ways they exceeded my expectations, but in others they didn’t quite meet the mark. I absolutely love the fact that you can now have a free animal crossing game at your fingertips and it’s a great way to introduce people to the brand and the animal crossing story. However, I am disappointed that you could never reach the amount of gameplay options available with games such as New Leaf or, even, City Folk and Wild World. Ninteno has done their best to improve and increase gameplay with every new animal crossing game, but I really think Pocket Camp has missed an opportunity to truly be a great animal crossing variation. What I truly wish to see is an option to play with friends in real time like in New Leaf. I’d even pay for an app update that would allow it, just because I think it would be a great thing to add on. To clarify, I know that Pocket Camp is free and is for your mobile device. I also know that it is asking a lot of nintendo to put the same features you can get on your DS on your phone. However, I think it’d be a great addition to Pocket Camp to be able to play with friends in real time.
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4 years ago, ❤️faberry❤️
cutest. game. EVER!!!
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the game we have all been looking for! i’ve only been playing since earlier today, and i’m already in LOVE! the characters are adorable, the items and clothes are to die for, and there’s even a little mini game in the downloading data screen! it’s the most adorable thing and my favorite app on my phone by far. the only downside is that it’s really addictive! if you don’t know anything about Animal Crossing, you basically play as a character you design in a world with cute little animal people that give you tasks to do in exchange for in-game currency (bells), building materials, etc. you are given your own little campsite that you can design at the beginning of the game (i chose the “cute” style) and you can grow and expand your campsite and invite other people over to visit. there’s so much to do in such a small little world, and i recommend it to anyone who is looking for an adorable little game to bring them joy each and every time they open it. and since Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is always growing and updating, there’s always something new to explore! thank you Nintendo! i’ve been playing your amazing games and consoles my whole life, and this is no exception to your amazing work!
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5 years ago, LadySpaulding
I love this game!
I came from wild world on my DS, and I just felt I needed to congratulate the creators for not only keeping animal crossings, well, animal crossings, but by adding in more to do. Usually mobile games get worse compared to their console games, and I'm glad this one is the exception. So much nostalgia! Even in regards to leaf tickets (real world currency), I am always able to earn enough on my own for the things that I want without having to spend real money, which I appreciate. I don't know if that will stop once I achieve a certain level, but I'm level 63 currently and the events are always giving out leaf tickets and those events are one after another. My only complaint is that I wished we could pick what our special fruit is. Everyone was given either grape, lemon, or lychee, and I understand that it would be bad for the game economy if we just switched fruits all the time. But the fruits were assigned to us, and I would've loved to get lychee! Let us change it just once please! The assigned aspects of the original console games were the one thing I hated and the one thing I'm glad was taken out of the mobile game (you can actually change your appearance in this mobile version), so I feel doing this with the fruit was a step in the wrong direction.
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7 years ago, jhuckabee2
Great Game, Horrible methods of design
The game mechanics are great but they didn’t consider people who live in third world countries. Every time I try to do anything it sends me to the title screen and I never do anything. There was once a time where while it was sending me to the title screen it sent me to the title screen again. I updated the game when the update came out and instead of letting me into the game like it should have it just continued to tell me that I needed to update and I wasn’t able to get into the game no matter what I did. I waited for this game for a very long time after the Wii version I waited for a Wii U version that never came out instead they created a brand new device and forced you to buy games for it. Now that the game is out they decided to screw the people with awful internet and go ahead and make the game based solely on internet. I don’t mind the way the game mechanics are now but I preferred it when the game was an open world type of game I also preferred to join people’s worlds and have it where we could see each other and interact with each other like we used to. It would have been better if they had less internet based things but I’m sure they’re just going to ignore this and continue on with pure internet based games for the future.
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7 years ago, chrisxmichael97
The Best Nintendo Game on the App Store!
Honestly there is not one flaw I could find for this game, it is truly the most fun, amazing, beautiful game from Nintendo on mobile devices. I’ve been playing since the game launched, and haven’t stopped playing since. I love the fact that I can spend so much time in the game without not having anything to do in it. It’s definitely a game I think everyone should try. Now I do have a few suggestions, I do feel like there aren’t that many places to explore, and I feel like after a certain level you could maybe be able to craft a boat to travel to another world with new things to find and see. Obviously in future updates I’m sure they will add more animals, clothing, and craftable items. I think if you made a new world that we could travel to after crafting a boat, maybe that world could be more focused on basic Animal Crossing stuff, like a museum where you can view everything you have found in the game (fish, bugs, etc). But maybe we wouldn’t need a boat and there could be a area added so we could travel to a new campsite or like a national park where the museum could be. Those are just my ideas that I think could make the game even better, but I honestly love, love, LOVE this game, and I’m very happy that it’s out. ❤️
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6 years ago, AbbieOst79
I have been playing this game for months now and that says a lot because there has never been a single game that’s held my attention longer than a few days. I have read other people’s reviews and although everyone is entitled to their own opinion I can’t understand any complaints- this game is fun and oh so darn cute !! I have been a long time fan of the animal crossing games since the very beginning and have played them all but this one is right up there with the best of them. I initially thought it was gonna be lame because there’s only a few different areas to roam and they’re quite small but I soon realized the charm of this game is in the events. Every few weeks they roll out special events where you can earn special items - clothing furnishings etc. The events are always new and different and they’re FUN!! Also they do regular updates adding fun features. The best part is this game is completely FREE!! While you can buy extra leaf tickets if you are too impatient to wait a day or two for certain items to be crafted, it’s not necessary and they give you so many ways to earn extra ones that you don’t really need to. All in all this is a very fun and charming game and I love it!! I would recommend this game to anyone of any age. 😍
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7 years ago, RetroMarioGamer
The magic of Animal Crossing Gone Mobile!
Animal crossing is a great franchise, although I haven’t played much of it. I played New Leaf for a while and I liked it a lot. This new installment in the series is great too! This game offers many things we like about animal crossing, with a new twist: instead of living in a town and thriving there, you’re on vacation and building a campsite! There’s still variety to be found, but the game doesn’t involve much exploration nor does it get down to the nitty gritty with customization. This is both a good and bad thing, because I found myself craving more, although I was satisfied with what the game was packing. Just a little suggestion though: what if you added the ability to custom make your own clothes, like in animal crossing: new leaf? The whole “making friends” thing is a really fun way to progress through the game and unlock new things, but it felt KIND of gimmicky due to the only objectives being “find this!” and “get that!” Otherwise, this is a pretty great mobile iteration of the classic animal crossing games we all know and love, and my only complaint is that there needs to be more content. And no, not something silly like more items. NEW content, or new areas, something like that. Anyways, keep up the good work Nintendo, you’re doing great in the mobile and console market right now!!
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3 years ago, dhbug
A great relaxing game for everyone!
I have just been getting into the whole Animal Crossing series starting off with New Horizons. And so far it has been a great experience but Pocket Camp is one that can be just as enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong ACNH was fun and still is, but there’s not much to do once you get your island up to 5 starts, pay off your house, etc. But Pocket Camp has a whole lot more for you to do and even if you think your done with the game there’s still plenty of stuff to do. With new content being added here and there you will be playing this game for a while until they decide to end their service with the game which is not coming anytime soon. However aside from it being good there are a few set backs...I feel like they kind want you to pay which I get it it’s not free entirely but when you want to get stuff like cookies to get new items you either have to get leaf tickets which you can either buy or do certain tasks to get them which take a while. Or level up your friendship meter which again takes a long time to do. But aside from the whole “pay to get cool stuff” thing the game is really enjoyable even with them trying to get you to buy something.
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7 years ago, GizFiz12
Great Game!
Yes! Finally an animal crossing game for smartphones. As a long time fan, the game is a great start for beginners to the game and a great addition to the veterans looking for a new game. The campsites might be a little small, but the certain kind of charm you find from your animal friends keeps it all worth the while. Since the game is free to start, the leaf tickets may be a way to make the gameplay more convenient. But this game is far from pay-to-win as most of the items take under 6 hours to build. Plus there are very easy achievements that can have leaf tickets as rewards. This game has the aspects of a “real” animal crossing game, but some of the key points of the game are missing. I found the market place very disappointing as only a few stores sell a few items for sale. I also found that catching bugs and fish was not as fun in other games, only a few types were in the game! The game is a blast through the first weeks but can get a little old. Doing favours for the animal friends are really just fetching what they want and your campsite starts to run out of room! I know now I’m just nitpicking but the game still is very fun for me and is a very cute, relaxing game. Thank you Nintendo for making another mobile phenomenon and keep up the good work!
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7 years ago, sosovab
Great Game , ALTHOUGH
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is such a unique game , growing up I’ve always loved playing it on the DS ! And now I have it on my phone , I play this game everywhere I go , it fulfills my boredom , just aswell as fulfilling me with excitement! This game is a true to its words of FREE . Even though you can purchase in game purchases , A.C.P.C also gives you rewards in various of the items ! Such as the leaf cash , I would’ve expected to buy those , but instead I have plenty due to the game play , and I’m glad it is that way . This game has so much to it and it is ADORABLE ! The characters are the cutest and including that they each have their own personalities which gives you challenges to fulfill them ! Love it . Although there’s some things I would recommend which is to play small mini games with friends or actually get to talk to your friends ! Or run around the world with them in real time ! Even though the timing and process of some of the purchases are crazy , it gives you patience , but I’d rather prefer less time on certain things , such as tents not take 11hrs to build or some furniture to take 7 hrs to build aswell . This game brings a lot of fun and joy and even thought it has minor issues with it, it’s a GREAT GAME. And I recommend to download it .
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7 years ago, Pokemon and minecraft
Relaxing, fun, and (best of all) NOT PAY TO WIN!
I’ve seen a lot of reviews saying this game isn’t as good as the console Animal Crossing games, but of course it isn’t! AC:PC is just a little time waster, and it does exactly what it attempts to. As someone with anxiety, I find this game to be a HUGE stress reliever, and it has saved my from breaking down time and time again. Spending time with your villagers (although I think they’re more like campers in this case...) is just fun overall, and searching for items to get them never feels like a chore. There’s always stuff to do, and when there isn’t, you’ve probably been playing too long. There’s no incentive to help one another, but for some reason it just feels right to answer someone when they need help getting into the mine because, well, it’s the friendly thing to do! I haven’t played a full animal crossing game myself (I do know that they are very different from ACPC with much more content), but this game definitely keeps up the “friendly neighborhood ‘mayor’” theme. And might I add that you get enough leaf tickets by just playing that you don’t need to spend money unless you want to? I think that’s one of my favorite things about the game. Definite worth downloading, and a very fun escape for when you need it!
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4 years ago, Monkeymoo2010
One of my FAVORITES!!!😀
This game is amazing, I love everything thing about it!!! It’s fun, creative, and it’s not to hard ( for younger kids). You can customize you person and your camp site. Wile you help out your guests. You can can also participate in monthly, weekly, or daily events. In my opinion this game helps you be more kind and giving and more helpful even if help is not asked for. And I’ve had multiple people at my camp loose things with out me even knowing and I would help them no matter if they want a rare bug I only have one of I’ll give it to them. I think this game helps you learn new kinds of bugs fish and fruits! I’ve played this game for a wile now and It is definitely one of my favorites! It’s an amazing app and when I go fishing I reconditioned more kinds of fish and my grandpa told me what kid of bate they favor. I also help my little brother find these things too. He loves bugs and I can help him get to know what they are called. We know a lot more names of food, fish, and bugs now then we ever did!! The only thing I would change is to give a better description of what to do and how to do it. But overall this game is definitely gets a FIVE STAR review from me and I definitely suggest that you get this app!!!😁👍😃
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6 years ago, Mr.XIX
Format doesn’t suit Animal Crossing + Bad Customer Service.
I think Nintendo missed the mark on this one. Frankly, the idea is great. You manage a campsite of villagers. But the execution is wrong. Instead of cramming all the villagers into one campsite plot, It’d make more sense if the campsite had many unique plots that your animal friends can take up residence. So from that standpoint, its kind of awkward. My second problem, is friends. Your friends serve no purpose, besides being unglorified resource collectors. I’m actually very okay with the Leaf Ticket system, I think its a quite reasonable way to implement a premium currency. For the time being, there is no gacha-type system, leaf tickets are used either as a means of convenience or to purchase rare items, this is good. However, leaf tickets brings me to my biggest reason why I gave this game 2-stars. By completing missions, you gain an introductory amount of Leaf Tickets. Great. Only, there was some kind of bug that occurred because when I started the game the first time, it claimed I had already claimed rewards/AC:PC Platinum Points. Which was not true, as I verified this on My Nintendo page. So I put in a support ticket, and the support I received was frankly unacceptable. It felt like I was talking to a machine, not a person. So after our exchange, they shoved some generic platinum points onto my account, thus preventing me from actually collecting Leaf Tickets that I was going to spend on Time-Limited items.
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3 months ago, your moms cooty cat
Overpriced, Underwhelming, Pay to play cash grab if you're into that 😐
First off, the game is super cute. I mean it's animal crossing.. how can it not be? There should be more default customization options for your character. Also more gameplay options aside from planting, fishing, and picking fruit from the same exact 5 locations 😑 There is literally like few to none. This is definitely a "pay to play" type of game. I was literally given a 48 HOUR wait period when leveling up one of my amenities. There is NO reason a wait time should be THAT long. Also, when crafting smaller items like say a chair, or sofa the wait time is sometimes 3-6 hours! It's ridiculous. They pretty much try to force you to buy leaf tickets that equate to real cash in real life. & the leaf tickets are EXPENSIVE. You'll be paying at least $8 yo retrieve 1 MAYBE 2 items. Bells are hardly needed in this game.. which makes no sense. I have $100,000 bells and cannot purchase items that I want with them because they either require leaf tickets aka real money or "materials" that are difficult to retrieve when needed. So far, they've gotten $2 out of me lol I was tempted to spend more but I'm not enticed because there isn't even much you can do in gameplay. Lazy cash grab. One star is because it's actually animal crossing, second star is because it's a game. Would literally give 0 if I could.
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4 years ago, DesertBrat77
Love This Game!!!
I saw Animal Crossing mentioned the other night on TMZ & decided to check it out. Was quickly addicted, lol. Love that it’s easy to play, not interrupted by annoying ads, & your progress isn’t dependent on a lot of ‘group’ &/or timed activities. The only thing I’ve seen so far you need help for is help from 5 friends to enter the quarry for free. Don’t have 5 friends? You can spend leaf tickets, which you earn in game by leveling up, completing some of the goals, etc. There are a couple levels of real $ subscriptions available that could help you w/different game goals, but they aren’t a requirement to any play, you can do everything if you’re patient. And of course there’s the usual real $ packages for leaf tickets, bells, & other game needs, but again, if you’re patient you can have plenty of fun/advance without spending real $$$. That being said, if you can afford it, a purchase now & again is a great way to show your support of the game :) The one thing I have an ‘issue’ with is clothing/accessories. At this time, I’m unable to ‘layer’ my avi’s mask, glasses, & earrings. The glasses disappear when I try to wear either the mask or the earrings. I would like to be able to wear multiple items. If a future update ‘fixes’ this, I’ll change my rating to 5 stars, until then, a solid 4.
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5 years ago, Needs some fixin'
Longtime Animal Crossing Fan
ACPC is the beautiful and artsy core game hiding a strenuous task management system with blatant money grabbing. Since release a majority of the item sets of high production value have been in exchange for overpriced in-game currency called Leaf Tickets.?You earn as little as 1 ticket per mission completed maxing out at about 10-15 per event. Many of these items cost 100’s of Leaf Tickets. For other items you must spend 50 for a CHANCE to unlock a furniture item from a set. They are called fortune cookies and they are quite the GAMBLE (*cough cough*). I used to enjoy Animal Crossing. However, the the disheartening reward system and blatant attempt to get as much money out of fans as possible for virtual items or even gamble with the in-game purchasable currency (referring to leaf tickets here again) with no guarantee of the item has made the game feel very against the player. Which goes against the idea of a limited stress task management game of creative expression. Possible solutions to this could be higher rewards for completing goals and missions or lowering the price of ideas that cost leaf tickets. Fortune cookies should be cheaper AND we should have more options to earn them from missions and quests. They should be available for purchase with coins more often in the shop. Item sales and limited discount sales would make a lot of sense considering the real time based aspect of the game but are not implemented.
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7 years ago, Maxine Laws
Awesome mobile game & AC mix
I am a huge Animal Crossing fan! I still (proudly) own the one for the GameCube I’ve had for years and years now. I’ve owned all the ones for the hand helds too, and none of disappointed me! When I did hear it was coming to mobile, I was, of course, cautious. Would they mess it up, would it be broken, would new animals come in? The questions went on, but when the time for release came I was ecstatic. I get to have old animals in, cute customizing areas, and of course the fruit, fishing, and bug catching. Of course it’s going to be limited because it’s a mobile game! I understand that completely. I wouldn’t want it a full blown game like on the DS’s because than it would be broken! A lot of phones wouldn’t be able to handle it either, but I’m happy my iPhone 5 can and I’ve had no problems so far! If there is, the team fixes it as soon as possible without breaking a whole bunch of other things! So I’m giving this a solid 5/5, it definitely deserves it for not being a broken money grubbing game (even the options to buy aren’t shoved down our throats! It just takes a little more time). So thank you team who made this, I hope it lives a long time and we can do greater things in the future!
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5 years ago, flyiingsparrow
Amazing game if you want to just spend bells.. but
I love Pocket Camp; but I have to stop myself from playing it. I think what they have done with adding the cabin, now Pete and Blathers is amazing but it doesn’t out weigh the fact you have to spend your own hard earned money to get “exclusive” items from fortune cookies or crafting and then you may not even get them. I haven’t seen a single exclusive item in the crafting section that hasn’t needed bells. I have bells just piling up because I have nothing to spend them on. All of the camp custom backgrounds are bought with leaf tickets and that’s not even the main currency of the game. Just in December, I spent $100 on leaf tickets to get an exclusive item and never got it because of the “possibility” system. I felt completely ripped off because I can spend $100 on another game and actually get the item I want. The fortune cookie system needs work because it rips a lot of people off. I would even be okay with still spending Leaf Tickets if they gave more or had a better probability chance.. it’s borderline gambling. If you want to play this game for the stuff you can buy with bells; then you don’t have an issue but if you want anything else you’ll have to start forking out more money than a game you can play on your Xbox, PS4 or Switch.
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4 years ago, ima VSCO girl sksksk
Love it but...
I really love this game I always play it everyday and I just love it it’s the best now onto the thing I don’t like so you guys updated the game and when you go to build it changed and I didn’t really like that because I can’t put the items in the spot I want them to be and when I place a item away from another item it teleports to it and I don’t like that because I don’t want them near each other and I don’t really like that but then again I love this game the fishing is fun the dressing up is good and crafting Is fun but I have another complain (sorry if I’m complaining a lot) you know how like one of the animals when you invite them to your campsite they ask for a washing machine and you go to craft it and it takes 24 hours I don’t really like how it takes 24 hours yet I know you can pay leaf tickets but what if you don’t have enough ( oh btw I’m so sorry that this is so long) but ofc love this game so so much it makes be so happy when I’m sad or mad but that’s really all ( ik im saying I love this game a lot but it’s true) I hope the people who made this game sees this and fixes it I’m not forcing you to fix it but if you do thank you and if you don’t that’s alright
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4 years ago, Moon_siren__
few things I wish I could do in game
I absolutely love this game, but a few thing I really wish would change is having more ways to earn leaf tickets more frequently rather then having to buy them to get anywhere it takes forever to build up leaf tickets so by the time I save them up I can't buy the item I want cause it's already gone and we are on to the next event, not everyone can just buy them every time there is a new event so the people that can't buy them and keep up with the events get discouraged cause they can't buy them and looking at other people's camps who clearly bought tickets and makes them want to stop playing cause they can't make their camp all super cute and pretty cause there is only like 1 or 2 ways to get tickets WITHOUT spending money. The other thing I feel like would be really cool is the ability to trade items with other players and maybe a way to communicate like leaving little notes at the camp or something or have a little mail box that is at the camp so we can leave gifts for our friends or notes, or add a post office system kinda like in new leaf. Also it would be super awesome if we could expand the camp site and cabin and make the cabin have a yard so we have more places to put decorations instead of just having all that extra furniture sit in our collection box.
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4 years ago, Aalesha
I downloaded this game in May (it’s now August) and honestly the appeal begins to wear off. First off, if you want anything cool in this game, you have to use Leaf tickets and they’re incredibly hard to obtain unless you pay for it. But the prices of the leaf ticket packages in my opinion are ridiculous. Second, you spend so much time and bells to perfect your camp with the coolest amenities and your player can’t utilize any of them. I built a merry go round and have to stand by and watch the other animals use it. Also, the animals are so demanding. They never leave my camp and are always asking for things. Then after spending so many bells to perfect my camp for them, they have the nerve to ask you for more expensive things at a certain level. A lot of the times, the undertones in their words are super rude as well. I tend to skip through their dialogue as it’s so repetitive now. Why is the maximum number of animals at the camp 8? I feel like each campsite could cater to more. The fortune cookies are awful. There is no reason that I should spend 50 leaf tickets on one just to get the worst prize in each. On top of that, receiving multiples of the same bad prizes. I wish you could sell some of these things. Lastly, the tournaments are boring. It’s the same thing every couple of weeks and they have the worst prizes. I am going to wait until I can get a Nintendo Switch and get ACNH because this game isn’t it.
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