Anime Wallpaper - Live

4.9 (67K)
66.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Galina Imanberlina
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Anime Wallpaper - Live

4.85 out of 5
67K Ratings
1 year ago, Hogwrts_fan493
So the app is amazing, don’t get me started. I’m correcting peoples mistake from their reviews.
So first off, if you actually got the app, you know that like three or four of the live ones are free, and the rest you need premium, which I recommend getting. Next someone said that nothing was free? Like what the heck??? Almost everything is free except the live stuff, so stop trying to get less people to buy. Also that girl who said nothing was free has an anime wallpaper app, and honestly it is terrible, like I downloaded it and I didn’t get any wallpapers because I had to get premium to have all the non live and pay 55 bucks to get live. I was like 😤😤😤 then I saw another review saying that he couldn’t gat the live but the apps description said that everything was free, like, girlfriend, no I didn’t, your just trying to downgrade the app, and you probably have your own anime app, like, stop criticizing this it’s a really good game.
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3 years ago, krewlizzo
Could be better but it’s understandable.
I thought it was going to all be free after reading a review but when I downloaded it, to even search up what you’re looking for you have to pay to become a member & a lot of the cool ones I was interested in involved becoming a member. Most of the tabs require a membership so I decided to go through the free ones, spent about 20minutes looking for one I’d like & didn’t come across many. I downloaded about 3 or 4 that weren’t related to any of the anime’s I originally wanted but it was a nice concept art. There’s pretty nice ones & you only have to wait 30seconds for an ad to receive it. I only disliked the fact you had to pay to be a member to access the search bar because it’s very time consuming to scroll to find what you’re looking for & then it’s not even guaranteed they have what you’d want. They had popular anime’s but to get the best quality version for most that I was interested I had to become a member to access it. I understand though, ya gotta make your money somehow & I’d hope the artists who create these get paid for it as well. I recommend the app if you have time to go through it on the free version thou. Overall it’s not bad though.
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11 months ago, aja star
This is probably the best anime wallpaper app in the App Store right now. Wonderful artwork and design. All the options are amazing and clever. I especially love the my hero academia and Spy X Family ones. I even saw a SMC one in there too! If I had a complaint, I need a search bar. I know there’s one in the premium version, but I’d like one in the normal version. It takes too long to get to some of the ones I like the best so it would be very helpful. Oh, and some of the wallpapers, are a little…suggestive. So if you are under the age limit, just be careful. Another thing I love about this app is the variety it has to offer. So many animes and characters in so many art styles. Wonderful job again to the people who made this. 10/10 recommend for those looking for anime wallpapers. P.S. The premium version isn’t even that expensive! So if you want some of the stuff that’s not free, GO FOR IT. 👍👍
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2 years ago, Emma4520
Really good but,
So I saw a review that said most everything is free. No I scroll down like 3 times in live and I’m already at ones that are premium. Overall other than the ones that are not free it saves right to ur phone u can see Naruto prob Hunter x Hunter and so much more. I gave a 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ because most of it is premium but the lives and wallpapers that are free are so pretty. I love how it actually gives u an option to be premium or not, and if u want to be premium (this is something off a review I saw) u don’t have to pay monthly or yearly u just pay and BOOM premium. It gives u options from anime or other things not just anime. And u can tap the 3 lines in the top left corner and see the most popular, girls, boys, and so much more. So I give a five star not only for options of what you want but also because it downloads even if you don’t have internet. Love, unknown person
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3 years ago, Mrmoney1116
Download this app
If you like anime or live beautiful art this is my #1 recommended wallpaper app. For one there are very few adds; which for most wallpaper apps is a huge problem. The wallpapers are top quality for any style your looking for, AND they have fantastic live wallpapers. If your worried about seeing a wallpaper you want and it being a premium only don’t worry because very few of them are. And my final selling point to you is that there isn’t any of this “monthly subscription” stuff, if you buy premium BOOM! It’s yours forever! In conclusion my friends get this wallpaper app, and no other
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2 months ago, GAMEEGIRLPLAYS
Okay so um im young and all and ik the money yall need to get but i only downloaded this app because i was like "hey i actually found an app with LIVE ANIME wallpapers. It actually moves" and not too long after i found out i need to pay for the stuff i want. I think it would be more fair if people could actually use some of the live wallpapers without having to pay... Not really fair and i feel like its a waste of some money. Wallpapers with more than live and extra details is understandable but its not rlly fair. And maybe lower it down a bit on the adds. Besides that its a good app i recommend if your looking for anime wallpapers. Just please take what i said into consideration. Facemoji is better than this because ayleast i get to pick suff without paying. Oberall its decent. Ty.
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3 years ago, Anonymous[219]
My thoughts.
At first I had many Doubts in this app. then I read a few reviews and with only reading one it convinced me to download this app. I like it a lot but I don’t think it’s fair that you have to have premium to search up what type of wallpaper you’re looking for. Also with the gender you want in your wallpaper you also have to have premium for that. I’m not gonna pay for the premium, I’m gonna stay with the free version of the app. Not gonna lie this app is good. I think that you shouldn’t have to have premium to be able to pick a gender or search up the type of wallpaper you want. I hope this review helps other people in someway. :) -sincerely •izzy•
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1 year ago, The dragon girls
Why I gave a 3 star.
So I really like this app and the wallpapers are great, but after a while, the app just crashed and I couldn’t get back in. So I redownloaded and once I get back in, almost everything is locked behind Premium! It’s insane. Even MHA, my favourite anime, is no longer available to me. That, or I pay 14 bucks for it. I rally hate that. I don’t know if it was some stupid update or what, but I barely have access to anything now. I’m not sure if it’s a me problem or what, but I’m very upset about this. Thank you for reading this.
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3 years ago, PlagueNova
A great app
I’ll be honest I had my doubts about this app at first, I was thinking I would have to pay for wallpapers but all I have to do to get a wallpaper is watch a quick ad and I get the walls papers, the feature that really sold me on this app is the anime category’s with things like do you want a male or female on your wallpaper or even shows. Me being a die hard Rezero Fan and that being one of the options excited me a lot and I found a few really good wallpapers that I found without even trying. This app is for sure a 5 star app
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4 years ago, Tyranoman3000
Problems you can easily fix
My only problem with the app is the in app purchases. Wallpaper app with these shouldn’t exist in my opinion, and I understand that it generates income, but at least have something where you can acces anything for five minutes through an ad that’s only available once a day. That could get people to buy the actual thing because we’d get annoyed by watching the ads or whatever. Other than that, the app has excellent-quality wallpapers from popular anime series. Only thing you should put in the app is more wallpapers from anime shows like Konosuba or maybe even Highschool DxD
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5 years ago, Used to be fave weather app
Great Anime Wallpapers
I’ve been wanting a new wallpaper for ages and decided I wanted anime to be my wallpaper. Before this app, I downloaded 4 other apps but none of them worked. I decided to try this one out. It has nature, anime, and 3D anime. I am very picky about anime, so if your like me, you need this! I’m sure other people are pleased by this as well as I am. This is awesome and right up my alley! (Also please stop inappropriate pictures from coming up in the selection. I’m young and I don’t want to see the middle finger. There’s kids out there too, y’know...)
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3 years ago, joey_1178
Love it so much❤️❤️❤️
I love looking at the cool anime wallpapers but the love ones are mislead in a cartoon way but they cute😊. I hate that the ones that I really want are locked because you need a to have a subscription and I wish the makers didn’t do that but be sides that everything else is wonderful. I can love the ones and my backgrounds are amazing so I recommend this to anyone who loves anime!!!😍I give this app a 10/10. Thanks for making it but please don’t lock the ones that are favorite anime backgrounds.
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3 years ago, jesusfrmdb
Dont do it
I dont really leave reviews because ill just delete the app but i actually put money into this so listen. The free pictures are fire but if you’re looking to pay for some 4k anime type wallpapers, dont pay these people. I understand that they might not know but you can easily get 85% of their premium wallpapers on google. So there’s really no point in paying for it. What really drove me to this review was that they just sent a notification talking about their “Halloween Wallpapers”. I was thinking, “New Wallpapers, Finally”. nope, it was just the old wallpapers in a new section. If you like to just throw away money like a dummy (me), dont with this app.
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4 years ago, tambourine shark
Simply Wonderful
This app is simply wonderful. It was easy to navigate, and I found a new wallpaper that I loved very quickly. It is perfectly serviceable free, and the paid improved version is amazing and a one-time payment rather than a repeated subscription. I switch up my wallpapers every couple of months and am always pleasantly surprised by the fantastic results I am greeted with. There is no place better than this app to locate high quality anime wallpapers.
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2 months ago, parkerlolwashere
I would definitely buy this
So I was looking and trying to find a video of how to get live wallpaper and they never help so I went to the App Store and found this app it Fonda felt sketchy but I read the reviews and it seemed official so I tryed it out. The ONLY bad thing about this most of the love wallpapers you have to have premium but the ones you can pick are fire so I would definitely remove this.
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4 years ago, aeNti007
Nice app with lot of potential
Honestly this is best anime wallpaper app I could find. It is worth buying the premium subscription since its only one-time payment. This app has some wallpapers you can find online as well as some that I have not seen anywhere. The UI could be improved and there are some bugs here and there but it is understandable and nothing major. There are plenty of good wallpapers. I never write a review but this app is seriously good.
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4 years ago, ndbdjgg
I wanted a live wallpaper for a while now and I have downloaded so many apps and none of them worked. I saw that this app had good ratings so I downloaded it. I was looking through the live wallpapers and I found one I liked. I hit save and it brought me start to an ad. It was only 30 seconds so I waited. After the ad was over It said failed. I watched another ad and it said failed Again. Again and again I clicked save and Another ad would not show up for any other wallpaper. I was disappointed so I tried a little later and it still did not work. I just had to look at the normal wallpapers.
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4 years ago, TATIN.01
Best of all that I’ve seen.
I am very satisfied with this work. So whoever make this app must be praised by all users of this app. I am pretty confident to say that some of this wallpapers are made by the owner or his/her crew. I must say they are pretty amazing not to mention the live wallpapers are pretty accurate. I love the owner of this app. Although I have a request that I hope to be granted. I wish that the owner adds Hunter X Hunter and some other anime to bring in more users of this app.
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4 years ago, $MICKEY MOUSE$
Okay so i really love this app. I mean like there’s is nothing wrong with. It has the best selection of anime wallpapers ever and they are constantly trying to add new categories. If you need anime wallpapers this app got you. It’s just one thing, I have an iPod and the live wallpapers won’t work and can you please try adding a Hunter X Hunter category that would make the amazing if you did. Thanks for making this app I love it!!!🔥👏👌
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3 years ago, Aswengie
Love the app but...
I love this app! The wallpapers are jest so great for a anime fans like me! But I only downloaded this app for the live wallpapers. I only use a iPhone SE 2020 and for some reason the live wallpapers don’t work like at all. It only works in the photos. It places itself as a Live Photo but it can’t work on my Lock Screen. So if you make a update to fix this for a iPhone SE 2020 this four star will turn into a five star. But still the regular wallpapers are great like really great. And btw developer’s keep up the great work!!!
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4 years ago, itrannismind
This app is okay
The pictures are really nice and have high quality, but the problem is there are so many pics which are not showing, i thought it is because of my wifi or network but no, other apps are running fine and only this app, it doesn’t show a half of the amount of all pictures.
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1 year ago, Cyoung159
Live wallpapers don’t work on new iPhones
If you have a new iPhone the live wallpapers don’t work. Which the app should tell you before you purchase. I also strongly dislike that I can’t view which live wallpaper I wanted to use before I purchased. So I spent the money to view them hoping I’d like the animation, which they were okay at best. Then to find out I can’t even use the live animation. Yea that was a waste of $14. I’m not one to leave a bad review usually but this made me quite upset. This app does have some cool wallpapers but for the money, not worth it.
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2 years ago, Cajo2003
Problems with App?
I recently got this on my Iphone even bought the premium version. And it was great, but when I downloaded on my Ipad it also had an option to have premium because I purchased on my phone, and when I scrolling through the app it was a very different selection of wallpapers than the one I had on my Iphone. I couldn’t even use the search feature on the Ipad.
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11 months ago, 4),;&!:
10/10 THE BEST
This app is AMAZING, almost all the wallpapers are free and the ones that you have to pay for, you can just take a screenshot of. This is very easy and simple to get your wallpaper. All you have to do is pick a wallpaper and it will ask you to save it and you click save then it is in your photos where you can put it as the wallpaper. This app really helps I recommend it.😊
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10 months ago, qiaoyuHAN
Don’t Get My Concerns But
Sometimes I wonder why it doesn’t show demon slayer because that is the probably the reason why I downloaded this because I am a very big demon slayer fan. But it doesn’t seem to show any of the characters in the game and the fact that they are not in the game is just weird and it makes me feel sad that they don’t have the ability to be in the game
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2 years ago, My name budy
So it’s good but like,
Ok, so I go in and expects cool stuff, I get it but then I found out the more popular animes, need premium. Why? Like you know people probably downloaded this for that specific reason to have cool wallpapers of there favorite anime but they can’t because they have to pay I just don’t think this app is right for me anymore. Kinda disappointed, I loved everything else except the fact the stuff for the more popular anime need premium.
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3 years ago, zozonyacat171
This app is great then i expected
So when I was looking for a live wallpaper app to download, I found this, I was like hmm maybe its a scam, so my smart self looked at the reviews to see the apps info ( Not person info) and then I downloaded it. I’ve never downloaded an app that has free live wallpapers. I am shocked that how good this app is. Keep up your good work!
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3 years ago, NotVeryFuñ
Really good app and all the images are really high quality even if you don’t pay for premium. The part that I don’t like it there’s no description on who made them and where your able to find that artists other works. They also have something annoying where I favorite duplicates of the same image whenever I scroll around.
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3 years ago, lissieee waz here
I already purchased this app and I deleted because I needed the space. When I downloaded again I no longer had premium and they were going to charge me another $10!!! I’ve already had premium I’m not sure why I would need to pay again. I’m very disappointed because this app has such amazing wallpapers
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3 years ago, MadGrizzely
It’s ok
Need to improve the ipad version of app and ASAP because I bought the paid version mainly for my iPad and yet I have the least amount of option than compared to the iPhone version. I can’t search anything or even pick the main anime’s wallpaper I want and I just feel cheated and disappointed. The iPhone version is good tho some nice wallpapers. I really hopes developers will make iPad version like iPhone paid version.
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5 months ago, Aj 🫥
Silently removing free features
There used to be a feature where the widget used to automatically transition photos at random and now that feature is gone! Not to mention that now they have made it a max of 2 and PAYWALLED THE REST! This app is terrible I DO NOT RECOMMEND! The only reason this app has 5 stars is because they make you rate them 5 to unlock things within the app. This is terrible! PSA: To anyone reading this, DO NOT USE THIS APP! You are better off finding your wallpapers off the internet (that’s where they stole them from anyways).
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2 years ago, ScrewAnime&Wallpaper
Worst mistake
Worst mistake getting and paying for this app. Barely any decent live wallpapers. You can save the live but they do not play. Not even in my photos do they move. They're just still photos. On top of that, when I clicked on setting, and tried to click “Send Feedback?” the bar would just blink and nothing would happen. So I couldn't even give the creators a heads up to let em’ know their product is trash. Dont get this app. Not worth it in the slightest. No is “Games&Wallpaper.” I'm sure that ones just as bad.
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4 years ago, epic racing god
Great but could have improvements
To many advertisements and it might just be my phone but the live function did not work and I would like this fixed other that those things this is a amazing app 10/10 would recommend to anime weebs or anime lovers
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7 months ago, Vincent allerton
The best wallpaper app ever!
Guys if you like anime and wallpapers but can’t find any good ones then you should get this app this app is like the best app ever and there a some really really cool anime wallpapers so if you are trying to find something to get good wallpapers on then this is definitely the wallpaper app for you!
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3 years ago, Gianna palmieri
Not paying a month for an app for anime backgrounds
I got this app because I love anime!!! And I wanted a really good picture for my phone background so I installed the app but when I got in you have to pay for it and you have to pay a month and I don’t want to do that and I could not find another app for anime backgrounds and I thought I can just press the x like every other game does but they didn’t have a x on the side so I just deleted the app because what am I going to do with an app that doesn’t even work?
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7 months ago, Squishmallow3637
Good game but could be a change
Ok 👌 so here's the catch(I'm a really big fan of anime) as I was scrolling down for games I saw this so I was like (oh lookie here! An anime wallpaper app!) I downloaded it blah blah blah. I was choosing some of the pictures but most of the one's I like were... Well a "pay 💰per month". I kinda got sad when I found this out so pls 🙏🙏 change that an I'll change this to 5 stars ⭐ you're welcome and have a good day.
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1 year ago, lizzy07..
So I bought this app and paid 12 followers for the non limited version. After I bought it it wouldn’t even let me use the wallpapers, it said it was unable to install wallpaper. After that I tried maybe deleting the app and reinstalling it, after all it did say it would last for a lifetime if you bought the unlimited. Well nope, it said I had to pay the 12 followed again. I know that 12 dollars isn’t a lot but I had to work an entire hour for that. DO NOT WAIST YOUR MONEY ON A CRAPPH APP LIKE THIS.
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3 years ago, i ❤️ pasta
Idk about this app
Ok so idk how to work the app and how to work it on my iPhone 6s or if it even if it does work I don’t think this app is a scam I think it’s really cool even though I don’t know how to work it so 5 star rate again I don’t think this is a scam and also keep the good work up and have a great sunrise,morning,afternoon,sunset,night,midnight.
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8 months ago, cattsisk
Great app, just a minor issue.
I’ve had this app for a bit over a year and loved all its features especially that you don’t have to pay to get great wallpapers. there is an issue with the live wallpapers not being compatible with my device, an iPhone SE 3 gen. I don’t know if it’s my device or the wallpaper itself.
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2 years ago, morganugget
Tgis is an amazing platform but the adds are a big problem- there are a ton if adds so honestly I use other platforms that don’t make you watch the same add multiple times. And its not one add at a time its 2 minutes worth and then 5 min after watching after you watch the 2 min of adds is ANOTHER 2 min worth of adds. So usr if you want but I suggest another platform
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1 year ago, diyfx
Why you should get this
You should get this because it has options if you want to pay for the other option, it doesn’t cost that much money and actually works. Thank you. Truly anonymous.
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4 years ago, PokeDelphoxGirl
I love this thing so much! It is great just a couple things though, I love anime but this thing does not have an anime called Beyblade or Hunter X Hunter and the adds can be bother some sometimes, one last complaint I love Deidara there are only 2 pics of him can you plz add more? Anyway this wallpaper anime app is really good and I highly recommend it😊🍡🍜
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4 years ago, Esh khan
New update is bad 😩
Before the update they didn’t have a lot of premium or locked wallpapers. So I had favorited a couple of cool wallpapers to use for later. But then suddenly they had a update and deleted all of my saved wallpapers and made most of the good wallpapers premium just bc they want to make money. I mean this app is good but most of the good wallpapers are now locked so u will have to pay 10 bucks or more to get premium.
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4 years ago, DęviłGirł7 ;3_YT
Great app, but would like to see more
This is a great app! I really like all the wallpapers available, except there was one anime I expected to be on her when I downloaded, Danganronpa. I would love if there was an update adding more animes including danganronpa, but I don’t hate the app! I actually love this app and I got a new lock screen from it! Overall a great app, just not a lot of anime type options
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4 years ago, ItsSparkyBoi
Love the content of the app but not quite 5 stars
I would rate 5 stars on the app because I love it’s content and especially that it has Dragon Ball wallpapers. I’ve literally scoured ALL over the App Store and downloading so many anime apps that end NOT having DBZ wallpapers even tho they say that they do sometimes. Just a couple problems I have with app and then maybe if they fix these problems then I’ll rate 5 stars 1. WAY too many ads, reduce some of them please! 2. Please stop forcing ads on people who want to save a picture. They both don’t happen all the time but they can still get quite annoying, thank you for reading this and have a good day/night.
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3 years ago, Mikayla Y Peralta
Not worth it get another anime wallpaper game
So As from the title I just got the game and I love demon slayer so I looked for it I found it and yet all the good anime’s are money so why get a game that you have to spend money if so just get another game. I’m below the age for the game and when I got in I hated it and if your on with fake ads or the kind of stuff get the game or just delete the game and get a new one trust me. GET ANOTHER GAME DON’T GET THIS GAME TRUST ME. First before you get a game please make sure to look at the rates and reviews that was my mistake on getting this game.
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3 years ago, rae'miah
Not good
Ok so I was just wanting to have a mha wallpaper and then I search mha wallpaper and I see this so I’m like uh since this popped up I’m going to download this and when I download it and it finishes I go on it and I see lots of wallpapers and none of em is moving so I’m like oh maybe they haven’t updated it so yeah and I’m looking for mha and I don’t see anything of mha so I go to a three lined button and I press it and I see a search button so i click it and BOOM I SEE A FREAKING PAY SIGH so I rush Off THE App AND IM SO MAD I DELETE IT AND IMMEDIATELY I HAVE ANGER RUNNING TRU MY VAINS YOU SOULD BE ASHAMED OF EVEN MAKING THIS APP
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3 years ago, Criket❤️Blur
So amazing
I love this app! At first I thought you would have to pay for all of the good ones or most of them. But that’s not it, of course some of them you have to pay for. But most of them aren’t, I love this app so much and you should totally download it.
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3 years ago, ę łł ï ë
I like it but there’s something I don’t like
Ok so it’s a great app, and all you have to get a wallpaper is watch an ad, but personally I am a big hunter x hunter fan, but whenever I try to get to the hunter x hunter category it always tells me to buy premium if I want to go there so that’s what I don’t like about it but other than that it’s a great app :D
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2 years ago, SugarEmpire
I need help?
I downloaded some live photos and I upload them as my Lock Screen. I know that for the picture to move I have to hold it, but every-time I do, the whole picture would move to the top left corner? I don’t understand why? I paid for it, too. I don’t understand why the whole picture would move up to the top left corner??
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