Animoto: Video Maker & Editor

Photo & Video
4.4 (1.3K)
399.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Animoto Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Animoto: Video Maker & Editor

4.41 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
4 years ago, MA ❤️
Good app
I would have given them 5 stars if it wasn’t for their back button. I dislike that the back button takes a bit to respond, so if you double click it, it takes you all the way back to the beginning and it doesn’t even save the video you were putting together making you have to start all over again. So annoying.
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2 years ago, Hamils1
Too Many Problems
As soon as I signed up for the $15 subscription the app would not stop crashing. When I finally got my video back, which disappeared for 20 minutes, it would not let me add audio. Similarly, whenever I would save my video and leave the app, it would revert back to the original photos from the template I was using. I had to redo my video over ten times because it just would not save correctly. Not only that, when I was FINALLY able to finish my video after fighting the app for over an hour I suddenly could not download it. Why didn’t I use the online version? Oh yeah because when I logged in on my computer my videos were not on my account and there was no way to get them on there. Unsubscribed immediately. If I didn’t need the slideshow so bad and didn’t already buy the subscription I would’ve deleted it so fast. The only saving grace is that I got my video EVENTUALLY and the transitions are nice. Otherwise it was a really bad experience.
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5 years ago, glittleitaly
App not working
I was considering purchasing the subscription because when I tested the app a few days ago I was able to see all the potentials it has to offer. So I decided to take a few days and work really hard in prepping for some social media content I need to plan in advance before I was going to make the purchase via the App Store. I’ve uploaded the work on my account, the system saved it, and then this morning the app kept crashing. It kept asking me to log-in back into the account, but when I tried it would not take me any further than the social media log-in consent screen. So I decided to download the app once again to see if something happened, but unfortunately the issue persisted and now I can’t even retrieve my work back. If the app comes back up running I might reconsider joining an annual subscription.
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4 years ago, catastrophe610
I really want to support this app
I love Animoto. I’ve been using their desktop platform for years and this app has SO much potential. Unfortunately, it isn’t there yet. I’m on an 11 max pro and using this app can be so frustrating. Constant stalling during design, the music falls off after a video is included in the design, if I leave the app to grab additional imagery to add to my camera roll, the entire project disappears. Just this morning it took an hour to produce one 18 second piece, and three tries to create it because of the stalling and bugs. I know they’re working hard on the back end as there seem to be regular updates available in the App Store and I’m looking forward to a version that is efficient and seamless.
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2 years ago, Pjc722
Not as great as it once was
Overall, the app is good but limited. Short on templates and lack of editing for music makes this a frustrating app. I had an account online but it seems both are not linked so what you see in phone app vs website is different and not offered on both… AND you pay two pro fees. Limitations on how to extend the templates other than changing images, adding A VIDEO (no more than that), text changes and even how they appear, but for the expense of the monthly fee to have an account there are so many other apps that make it easier and have more options.
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2 years ago, nickrit2
Better than ever!
You can tell Animoto has been making a ton of improvements lately. I love all of the new templates, and the changes to editing text - it’s so much better than before! I also really like how they updated how I can share videos, it feels way more streamlined and they’ve added some options I didn’t have before. 10/10 would recommend!
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6 years ago, JeremyEllsworth
An Awesome Way To Share Marketing Stories On IG and FB
Animoto has made creating marketing videos formatted for IG/FB Stories easier than ever dreamed possible. With a few simple movements you can create professional marketing videos with your video and pictures, add in some text, and tell your story in an eye catching way. They also have a great selection of music you can use. I’m genuinely excited to have this app on my phone and use it all the time! Go download it now.
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4 years ago, fizzypop80
What happened???
The app and the desktop version have tanked considerably. I don’t know what happened between when I purchased to a few months later but it’s terrible. Like rip my hair out terrible. So slow to create a basic 30/60 second slideshow (forget about creating a longer one for your viewing sessions). It defeats the purpose of the app altogether. I’ve reached out to customer support and they keep insisting it’s a processing issue on my part. I’ve followed their suggestions and have used animoto on several devices with the same issue. In addition I’m not the only one and have heard many other users complain. What’s worst is they don’t seem to be listening.
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4 years ago, Gotta love ipad
Not a good app
This app is deceiving in many ways. Created a photo slideshow to post on Instagram. I paid too, to have the option to download the video. It doesn’t work on ipad(where I initially created the video). Then had to jump through several hoops to download the video via pc browser. Then finally after a series of emails, the picture quality to post on insta was AWFUL. To view in high-res was extra money. Also first they say “pay to have all features” after you pay, it’s the most basic plan and there are tiers of upgrades for most features. I do not recommend this app to anyone. iMovie is better(and free) and try splice or those picplaypost.
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2 years ago, mmmwanders
No way to save drafts? Crashes constantly. Using the back arrow causes it to delete all your work.
This app could be so great, but the fact that it doesn’t auto save (or give you an option to save as a draft) is infuriating. It also doesn’t allow you to edit a past project. I have a project that is ready to go, except I want to delete one photo from it. NOPE! You have to duplicate it in order to edit but even then all you can do is add on. You can’t delete, add text, etc. It crashed 6 times this morning, each time deleting hours of work. Infuriating.
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2 years ago, sap55#
Not for personal videos anymore
Sooo disappointed! I made 4 family videos over several years using this service. Now, the company is geared toward company advertising. I struggled to make another family video using the limited templates for this purpose. After contacting Animoto, I learned my $17+ fee won't be refunded; instead, it won't be renewed. My sister suggested PicPlayPost. After a few hours, my video using PPP is almost done. Animoto should only market as a company advertising tool. I'm out my $ and time.
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4 years ago, TofuLiuLiu
Very simple. Not versatile, pricing deceiving.
I downloaded this to create a video for my husband’s 40th birthday and I regret it. While it was easy to upload pictures and movies, production was elementary and after I showed the video via Zoom call to over 20 people on multiple continents, everyone told me I could have done a better job using PowerPoint and I don’t disagree. Don’t waste your money. Maybe this is good for production of commercial videos, but I wouldn’t recommend it for anything - you can do the same thing for free on Apple products.
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3 years ago, Angel Mel
I had this app for many years, and I LOVED IT! Most recently however, they changed their app to make it that you are no longer able to add music from your library to the video. Now I find it useless. That was the best part to the app not only did they make great video but the music from your library was the cherry on top! Very upset they took away this feature. I find there to be no point to the app now in my opinion
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5 years ago, Shari2014
Almost 5 Stars!
I wish the app worked for both square and full screen videos. I use this app for work all the time. Can’t stress how animoto (online + app) has made my job easier.
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4 years ago, Melisa McKee
The subtitles are terrible
The subtitles are very difficult to you and manipulate to where you want them to go. Everything is very sensitive and you have to re-click what you want several times. I’ve just had to accept that I can’t get a word centered because the app won’t let you move it as you please.
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5 years ago, Prissajean
A must have for video creators!
I bought the pro version as a gift for my mom many years ago. Still the best gift to this day. Not many tools out there are this easy and powerful. For amateur or pro, hands down the best app out there or software for easy video creation
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4 months ago, tombstoneplt
Unbelievably Difficult to Use
I created a video for a university project and am unable to upload a voice over or even to record a voice overlay on the free edition. So I signed up for the expensive basic version which did not suffice and upgrade again to the professional version. Hours later and I still am not able to add a voice overlay to the video. The subscription is no refundable and a massive waste of money, time and effort. THIS IS MY FIRST REVIEW OF ANY APP OR PRODUCT EVER.
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4 years ago, True<3is4ever
If I could give this a zero star I would. This app has made me lose my progress on a project for school. I had to redue it twice. I don’t have time to keep redueing a homework assignment over and over because this app doesn’t work. It should save people’s progress not shut off when working on it. Plus, when I pressed the “produce” button it shut off again. Don’t get this app because it’s horrible and will kick you out after hours of working on the presentation. 😡
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4 years ago, BabyJack72
Need Bug Fixes!
I love the ease of creating little quickie videos but the app won’t share to social media sites and when I download & share from my iPhone straight to social media, Facebook mutes the music feature as if it was not royalty free & IG says the file is too large. So, at the end of the day, I’m just creating videos for my personal viewing which isn’t what any of us want the app for. Kind of a waste of time.
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2 years ago, Misspinkb
Overpriced & takes forever to export
I thought the app was broken because it took so long to be able to get the option to export and save my video after creating it to appear. $16 a month is a rip off to create videos. You can get the full Adobe products for this price. I was not impressed with the music, features, animations, or anything! Don’t waste your money. I wish I could get a refund.
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6 months ago, Marieskike
Love the website, hate the app (sorry :/)
Love the desktop application, hate the app. No auto save so every time you exit the app for example to take a new video or screenshot your work is gone and you have to start from scratch! Please add auto save! App is also much slower than desktop
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5 years ago, roofer chris
Great app but
I wish you had video templates about roofing and construction I’m in the roofing business and can’t find any templates about roofing can you fix this please i don’t want to delete the app because everything works great on it
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3 years ago, Tmag9
I REALLY LOVE this app! It’s perfect! I love it and am giving it five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! The only problem is I want the pro part but it’s to expensive 117 a YEAR! I can’t pay that! I wish they would change that but overall it’s five star!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 years ago, Nikeisha1996
The song choices are …
I really was so happy to crear a Father’s Day video for my husband. I tried to add Luther Vandross’s song “Dance with my Father”, not only was there no option for me to search it. But when I went to search the “R&B “‘songs, there weren’t any actual R&B songs. Not to be one about race but it’s quite disappointing.
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3 years ago, Fishfarts
Used To Be Good
New Update: Now Animoto continues to charge your card after the auto renew payment feature is turned off and then they refuse to refund you. I turned off the auto renew at the end of July since I purchased a different program and I saw yesterday they’re still charging me and they won’t refund me. That’s a straight up scam!!! Used to be a great app but now I warn everyone to stay away.
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6 years ago, CyndiC02
Yesss! Finally.
An app that lets me stitch together my photos and video clips on my phone to make something creative and different for IG stories. I get so many more messages when I use Animoto to post my stories - people are so impressed!
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6 years ago, Momsnapz
Insta story videos! Yes please and thanks!
I’ve been looking for an easy way to make short videos for my Instagram stories! This app is so easy to use and I get so many comments and questions about how I made them! Thanks!
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4 years ago, mlrolfe
Constantly Crashing
I am trying to make a cool video, but all this app is doing is crashing! I will go on for a few seconds and it will kick me out, and delete my work. Super hard to work with. The only reason I gave it two stars was because it has a very nice platform for making the videos, if only they wouldn’t keep deleting.
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4 years ago, koda2926
This app is good. The only bad thing about this app is that it gives me a limited amount of photos and videos. It says you can only put up to 15 photos on your slide show! I don’t know if I am the only one up who is having this problem but if you could fix it that would be great.
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2 years ago, kclements55
I could not get any of the templates to load. It kept telling me I needed to update the app which had just been downloaded. There was not contacting anyone for help besides email which took a day between each reply. I paid too much money for it to not work and my video to be deleted. I do not recommend this for any video making at all!
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4 years ago, KK#172
I have tried to make a video several times and each time I leave the app for something, all the work that I did on the video disappeared. I decided that I needed to do the video in one sitting. And when I did that, the app just closed by itself and boom my video was gone again. There is also a very limited amount of templates and it is very difficult to maneuver this app from a phone.
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4 years ago, JDML-A
Doesn’t work. May 8, 2020
I gave it a try after reading some of their marketing articles online. It’s true what the other reviews say. It just doesn’t work. It freezes up. I wasted so much time waiting for for it load up. Then to try and upload photos. I never got far enough along to even see a draft of a video, and never even heard a single note of music. It just doesn’t work.
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6 months ago, PennyLJ
Free version does NOT allow uploading to social media
After several hours and searching their “help” and sending in questions - nothing. The video is great, however, it says to export before uploading. When you try to export it goes back to the video and the only choice is to “purchase plans”. Scam and misleading and no service.
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1 year ago, AnneWest
Buggy and not user friendly
I just gave Animoto a try. I found the app very user unfriendly. When typing a headline, you can’t see what you are typing because the keyboard is blocking the view, the templates that I downloaded and the projects I started all looked the same on my project page. And all of a sudden the app quit on me. No fun. I’ll look elsewhere.
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2 years ago, Mislaydj
Sooo bad!
It works when it wants to. It would work on non wifi before. Now just on wifi and it has to b strong wifi and nowww no it doesn’t work at all. I can show u how many empty videos I have. Just spins and spins. Who would pay for this? Imma just go back to tik tok. They took away all the fonts also. I have amazingly fast Verizon wifi at home and still!!!! So annoyed
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5 years ago, Bawstiger14
Give me more control.
I can’t really control how the video turns out. If I don’t want a beginning title and caption or I don’t want to have it zoomed in so far that the video gets pixelated, then make that a possibility for me to fix it. It’s ridiculous. I’m likely going to get a failing grade on the project I used this for because it seems like the video is low quality when really, the app I used just was absolute trash.
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4 years ago, ChicityOskah
If I had know you can only do stories with this app even after purchasing the premium version, I would not have done it. Only 4 designs to choose from? Lol. I ended up purchasing a subscription for different app. While its more expensive, I have more options and control of my designs than I did here.
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5 years ago, Ms. Carri
Easy To Use
Exited my first promo video in a matter of minutes. Wish there was messaging update front they lets you know videos will have a watermark
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4 years ago, Testergirl
It is ok
Doesn’t crop well for Instagram. I have to use a second tool after I create the video to fit the Instagram screen correctly. Also not have many layouts or options to change up the videos. Also need more upbeat hip hop or pop songs.
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1 year ago, Mahatmalalala
Crashing and No Refunds
I wanted to make a quick slideshow for a livestream pre show the next day. I bought the subscription and after continual crashes and not being able to connect to the server I bailed out and used Adobe Rush. Animoto refused to give me a refund, even though I wasn’t able to use their product.
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4 years ago, GofischGal
Can’t even get it to download
Used it on my desktop to build several versions of new message for business. Went to upload to Instagram and it won’t let me; have to go through animoto app. Tried to download this app to my phone and it won’t. So I’m out monthly subscription, have to start over with another video “software”, and lost 6 hours of my day. Thanks Animoto!
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2 years ago, kb232517
I never write reviews but this is the worst app I’ve ever used bro. You can’t edit text, you cant do anything because it freezes as soon as you touch something. You have to close the app between everything I’ve been working on one project for weeks. Use literally any other platform.
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5 years ago, Gerpiano
Amazingly simple and beautiful!
I love that now I can create quick videos for my IG stories and post in not time. Stylish, simple, professional looking! Can’t get enough!
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5 years ago, MioAkiyamaLove_
March 24, 2019 - So, after maybe 20 tries, I finally got it to actually work and loaded a photo. (Kept freezing/crashing) And now I’ll be deleting it. Problems: - Crashing/Freezing (iPhone X) - Extremely awkward watermark position (overlaps with text you write out) - Can’t use music you’ve bought from iTunes. (Also small music selection in my opinion) - Costs $60 a year apparently only to remove the watermark. (According to its own flyer) This app may be good enough for others and that’s great because it does have many nice options as well. But, for me, the cons outweigh the pros that I seemingly have a hard time finding.
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3 years ago, pianochic14
Not working
Love the concept of the app but I’ve been trying to finalize a video for about 2 months now and it will not let me. I’ve contacted IT multiple times and they keep saying there is a problem with the app but they have not fixed it yet. It’s very frustrating as it is a wedding video for a friend.
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7 months ago, STfromOK
Buyer Beware
If I could have rated it with no stars I would have. I contacted this company to cancel my subscription to find out they do not give refunds. I cancel it and the next year was charged again! Now I’m arguing with them again about a refund for a product I never used! Horrible customer service!
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4 years ago, Incendiary229
Easy and fun to use!
I made a Animoto video for my kids’ teachers this year, and they loved it! It’s also a great way to make a summary of your summer vacation.
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1 year ago, Joanne Mce
Do not buy this app
They will automatically renew your account without notice and then when you get the bill they will tell you, via email because they have no phones, that they don’t do refunds. Buyer beware! Find another app that doesn’t cheat customers out of their money.
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10 months ago, carlsbad2018
Be warned! App and website are not compatible!
If you are mobile person and mostly use your phone, beware if this app. If you create something on your phone, it can’t be viewed on the website with the same email and password.
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2 years ago, -:darci:-
No receipt provided!
BEWARE!! Once you sign up once, they’ll take your money year after year after year. They won’t tell you, they won’t send a receipt, they won’t send an invoice. They won’t even tell you it’s an app you can use since you’re paying for it!! Very underhanded!
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