Annoying Orange: Carnage

4.6 (704)
125.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Eastedge Studios, LLC
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Annoying Orange: Carnage

4.65 out of 5
704 Ratings
3 years ago, chickenballfromchickenballz
I am insulted that this game was clearly robbed of GOTY over Skypoop, this beats it in gameplay, sound design, textures, models, pretty much everything. I play this game 70 hours a week and I have unlocked everything there is to be unlocked. This game is my life. I can’t wait until this is ported to every other system. If you haven’t downloaded this game yet, this is going to change your life forever. This makes me proud to call myself gamer.
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2 weeks ago, BlindMelonLord91
needs a landscape mode, or a better orientation to fit an iPad screen.
The game is good, but as I said, in the title of this review, it either needs a landscape mode, or a better orientation to fit the screen of an iPad. Because, iPad screens aren’t exactly small. And if you play the game in portrait mode on an iPad, and you play the balloon mode, and you get to the screen where you have to hit the continue button, the continue button gets cut off. So you’re forced to close the app, and then reopen it. So again, as stated in the title, there needs to be an orientation for iPads.
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2 years ago, BootyLickdr
Download Now!
This game has changed my life, before this game I was addicted to heroin, Porn, and my wife left me with the kids. But when I found this game and clicked the download button I instantly changed, I got a new wife and now we have a but I full family with 3 kids, I got off drugs and was accepted and graduated from Harvard with one of the most prestigious degrees, and I was hired as Co-CEO for Tesla. If you have not downloaded this game, download it now.
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4 months ago, demonz_x_fire
Mix the flour, salt and yeast in a large bowl. Make a well in the centre, add the oil and water, and mix well. If the dough seems a little stiff, add 1-2 tbsp water. Tip the dough onto a lightly floured work surface and knead it until the dough becomes satin-smooth. Place it in a lightly oiled bowl to prove. Leave to prove for 1 hour until doubled in size or place in the fridge overnight. Knock back the dough, then gently mould it into a ball. Place it on a baking tray lined with parchment to prove for a further hour until doubled in size. Dust the loaf with flour and cut a cross, about 6cm wide, into the top of the loaf. Preheat the oven to 220˚C/fan 200˚C/gas 7 and bake for 25-30 minutes. Bake until golden brown and the loaf sounds hollow when tapped underneath. Cool on a wire rack.
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1 year ago, ILOVEtheannoyingorange
Possibly THE best game.
I was only a mere child when I play this game. Came back and it is now a religion for me. I pray to the annoying orange every day and night. I finish off my nights with annoying orange kitchen carnage after my prayers to the orange. I want to give my children to him. I would offer my SOUL to the orange. All hail Annoying Orange Kitchen Carnage. God bless.
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3 years ago, GhostCloudkid
I usually get bored of almost all the games and i saw this! And when i tried it out it what so fun!! I can never stop playing! 😅 This game is so cool! But they should add more updates tho. But other than that it's really good! And if you haven't tried it out go play it! It's really fun!!
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7 months ago, Tony From Wii sports resort
Annoying orange Kitchen carnage
I remember I use to play this on my iPad I’m happy is back although it needs some bug fixes like the screen Resolution is squeeze for iPhone X to 15 the one that is sort of ultra wide and the iPad version was stretch also some sound effects and the physics are off and I was hoping to get 60 fps back And have Christmas updates
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11 years ago, Mike Frasca
Great game
This game is so so great. I am a tiny bit disappointed because squash replaced knife. I mean knife is still in the game but sometimes u want knife but it doesn't work. I hope when they update the game I hope they do squash,knife,squash,knife and it goes on in a pattern but still love the game its a classic
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8 years ago, ashen saint
Strangely addicting
I come back to this game every now and again and it's always fun. I'm not even a big annoying orange fan, but the game itself was worth the $1 I spent on it. I always feel like the touch sensitivity is off but I guess that's just user adjustment.
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3 years ago, Rayvisionproduction
I love this game but the one problem I have is the fact that the controls are a little hard due to the swipe control but it might just be me.
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3 years ago, P_BJELLIE
Amazing game I’m a big fan of annoying orange I have a ton of plushy‘s of his and I watched every one of his videos and I love his channel I have his annoying orange games splatter up kitchen carnage I planned every day I am really happy thank you annoying orange!!!! 🤩🤩🤩
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3 years ago, Williams930
I love everything about this game! The theme of the background fits so well! I think you should add more backgrounds and updates, But this game is a lot of fun! Do not ever get taken off the App Store!
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2 years ago, BanjoConker64
Good, but there are issues
1: The swipe strength/sensitivity needs to be fixed. It needs to be more accurate. Half the time every fruit I fling misses the intended target. 2: Sometimes on the cutting board, the fruit will glitch (most notably Pineapple and Fred Figglecorn when Knife is summoned) 3: most importantly of all… BRING BACK TOMATO!
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8 years ago, Crf-jethro
Best game and so funny👍🏻
This game is so fun! I have had it for quite a while and never gets old. The music does not play anymore during gameplay and for some reason I miss it! Please fix the music!!!!
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3 years ago, Mlopez1639
Why I think AO carnage is the best!
I love this game it’s super fun and you get to blend and pop balloons and Capture the star and then there is new modes endless mode balloon mode and original mode and this game is the best forever!
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11 years ago, Lyle Harris
Hours of fun,
This game is just awesome! I enjoy all the funny noises and different ways to score in this game. I play this game when I need to kill time waiting around or when I am bored! Great app!
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11 years ago, Thelma Miller
Such a fun game!!
I love this game! Lots of fun to play. I would suggest adding more fruits and veggies to the game, I think a crying onion would be very funny along with a crazy cucumber or carrot and how about insulting celery?? lol so many other possibilities.
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11 years ago, RocnKat
No, rotten fruit here!
Amazingly fun game. Recent update with the rolling lime & microwave is a fun super addition. Totally addicting! Fun for young & old alike!!! Definitely get this one!!! I want an Annoying Orange T- Shirt. Where can we get them.
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2 years ago, bdgfi
This is the best game I have ever played. No other game can compete with this. This game will bring joy to your life. Mark my words.
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11 years ago, Ruben9988
Annoying Fever
This is a really to much annoying and a lot of oranges!And very awesome game it gives me a name for my own annoying fruit.
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11 years ago, Stoafer
Brill game....simple concept really well executed...and love the voices...the star cracks me up.... Looking forward to move from annoying orange...and always remember...You're an apple.
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11 years ago, Michigan Fan 16
The annoying orange is one of my favorite characters and this game is just plain fun and addicting. You should add a blueberry and a coconut other than that cool game
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11 years ago, Rad scorpion
Annoying orange
I love both the show and the game with the extra features
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6 months ago, Alex the thrallex
The best game
I’ve played this and it is SO addictive! I could not believe a game about ANNOYING ORANGE would be so amazing. Really recommend!
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6 years ago, Jmmranos
Please update
A favorite game but can’t play because it needs to be updated.
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11 years ago, A Orange2013
Amazing game
This is a great game for kids. But I really wouldn't get the full version first just to get use to it.
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11 years ago, Drewboy02
It's pretty cool
I like it but there should be more options to play. But still I like the animations and especially squash and-KNIFE! So it's a pretty good game and anyone who gets it will most likely like it
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11 years ago, BryantheOshawott
I'm very glad that the update came and I'm also glad that squash was added to the AO cast for good.
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3 years ago, Mama DeSousa
Amazing game and I’m so glad they brought it back! Annoying Orange was my childhood so I’m soo glad to see this game back!
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7 months ago, xvn368
5 star review kid
10/10 I think everybody should make a remake of this
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3 weeks ago, shf clsodbdjsieyrmdo
My pookie
This game is so delightful I love how you get to smash annoying orange in a blender! It’s so satisfying and I love marshmallows!
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3 years ago, pick up poop alhg
Needs more fruit
It needs new fruit please
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11 years ago, Bunkerooni
Knives, and Blenders, and Squashes, Oh My!!!!! I love it!
This game is super dee duper fun!!!!!! Squash and knife are SO FUNNY!!!!! Although, the corn can get on my last nerves sometimes. *<:) Nobody may hate this amazing game!!!!!
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3 years ago, Demetrickt
Great game
This is a good annoying orange game it’s really addictive and challenging that’s why I love it
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3 years ago, Yalone Dee Willis 3rd
Crashing because I’m so good
It crashes after u get to the pineapple level. Not based :/
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11 years ago, JustinPierce
Awesome Game
Playing this game has become part of my daily routine. :) I am obsessed.
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3 years ago, KFCman456
Good Game
Very nostalgic and glad that they updated it to work on iPhone X models! 💪😎
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11 years ago, Awesome guy forever for annoy
Annoying orange
It is awesome because you get to blend fruit
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1 year ago, BlueBirdVSmc
Annoying orange i love you so
This game is a time capsule
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3 years ago, Jordan R🌈
Best game ever
This game is like the best game ever because it’s made by the best fruit who ever lived. Thank you Annoying Orange and Daneboe
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2 years ago, timebandit431
Love it
It’s so fun and I like to watch annoying orange
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9 years ago, King Kazeryed
Please Update!
This is the best game, but can you please update it for iPhone 5 and 6 at least?! It's really bothering me.
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11 years ago, brentjkettler
Great, but add papaya from the last episode with a flying surfboard crashing into the fruit
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11 years ago, D-Blue02
Fun Game
The game's a lot of fun, but the time limit's a little intense. Think maybe Daneboe could add a few more time bonuses?
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3 weeks ago, alexander rivera andy
The knife needs little bit louder and the blenders to
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10 years ago, Penguin girl0514
Fun game
I play it all the time but it should be .99 not 1.99 I would say you should play it.
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7 years ago, Mfdfdggddgbgvjktdtih
Been playing this fun game for 6 years
Really good and fun game, a classic!
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2 years ago, Kid next store
I remember this game
When I was a kid it was so awesome playing this game now gives me memories.
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3 years ago, ggffthbcsryjj
This game is the zest! 🍊💨🍐🔪🍎🍌⚾️🍈🍍🍓🌽
They brought this classic back just how I remembered it for a brand new generation of fruity fans! Now it’s time for you to ketchup and play! Ha Ha Ha Ha! Hey, hey, reviewer! Blender!
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3 years ago, Jioedighdfegiedfkhgwe
It is very fun just 1 issue
It is good but every time I reach lvl 7 it crashes.
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