4.7 (1.6K)
59.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Image & Form International AB
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
6.1 or later
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User Reviews for Anthill

4.74 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
3 years ago, atrillionmade
The Best Bug Game On The Market
This game is by far the best bug strategy game out there. Trust me I have looked for games such as this one and I have not came close to finding one. Ive been playing this game since day 1, and even though I might stop playing it for a while I always comeback to it and it is just as fun as when I first start playing. It would be nice if the game developers would continue to expand on the storyline because its been at a stand still since the game was released. I would like to see more ant species and the habitat to match. It would also be nice if we can get some underground play such as maybe a level where you are protecting the queen and larva. It would also be nice if the developers could expand the area in each level, maybe add some water and even may a level where the ants raid a human house or something. But overall awesome game and I love it.
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4 years ago, LostEvolution
This is a Great Game! Destined to be a Classic!
I rarely leave ratings unless isn’t really bad or really good. This one is destined to be a classic like FieldRunners and Plants and Zombies!! They don’t make it took hard but not too easy,a new sometimes you must push forward through scenarios and upgrade, and then go back and replace scenarios to get all stars. But overall I’m I’ve been looking for the next great game and this one as me hooked so far! Having played though the first 4 scenarios, I will still give this 5 stars, but will say the first 3 were enjoyable, but the 4th feels like work instead of a fun game, to get stars...still a fun game through the first 3 but time to move on when it stops being fun and feeling more like work for casual play...wish they had another 3 at the same difficulty of the first 3.
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3 years ago, Starliner23
Favorite IOS game + New Idea
I keep playing this game over and over. Getting all stars on every map and then taking a break and doing it all over in a few months. I’ve never beaten many games because most are tedious and get boring after a second play through. But this game is something else. Please make a sequel or add more levels to play!!! A pvp 1v1 mode would be cool too. You both start on opposite sides of the map with resources and bugs out there to get. First to destroy enemy base wins. I would buy that game for $100 please make or I will.
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5 years ago, RaBV
I love this game
Okay so first I found this game I thought it was ohh great another classic but I was completely wrong when I tried it out I found it definitely worth the 6 bucks on it I can not find another ant game like this I especially like the bombers and I like the upgrades because it just makes the game more fun they are so many levels and great bosses the bosses are definitely challenging that’s another why I love this game and it easy to delete the trails and this game is great if anyone is reading this you have to get this game it is the best ant game I’ve ever come across.
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5 years ago, BioBoostedOne
Love this version of a TD game
I haven’t played a game this much in a long time. It’s the first to keep my attention and actually make me consider spending more money on it. That’s saying a lot, considering you have to buy the game in the first place. I was able to get through most of the standard levels without spending on upgrades. I’m beginning to think that’s the only way though to capture all the stars. I have two gripes, too few levels for the money. My only other gripe is I can’t get this game to sync on my iPhone and iPad. GameCenter seems to know my progress, but I guess the game doesn’t sync with GameCenter. Please get that working.
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6 years ago, Heather102179
OMG!!! I found my favorite game!
I use to play this game all the time! I switched phones and couldn’t find the game on iTunes (long time ago) well... over a period of time I would check back to see if the game was available and it wasn’t well I check tonight and the game is available and is well worth the download and the $4.99!!! To the creators...THANK YOU for making this AWESOME game! I’m super picky and can’t ever find a fun game to play. we are reunited and the search is over! Love me some ANTHILL! Thanks again! Time to get back to playing my fav!!!❤️
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2 years ago, This Awsome1
Make the game better?
If you make the game better I got some Ideas. 1. Can you put more levels in the game this game is soooooo freakin fun so pls do that if you can thx. 👍 2. Different Ant 🐜 Colonies. Can you create different Ant Colonies and maybe make a mini level where you can just try to destroy or raid or maybe even take over them and they’ll be part of your Kingdom of ants 🐜 That would be really awesome 😎 and sick thx. 😀😀 3. Can you put more Bosses in the game that would be nice 😊 Thx see you later. 👋👋
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6 years ago, Elgranrafo
Another amazing game from an amazing company
I knew about Anthill because I played the SteamWorld games (1,2 and Heist. All are super fun) and was looking for every game this company made. Anthill is so much fun, once you start playing is difficult to stop. Seeing how good decisions in the right order lead to the obliteration of enemy bugs is so rewarding. It is super simple to understand yet it offers plenty of depth if you are looking to get all the stars. My favorite mobile game by a long mile!
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3 years ago, Lord Agnosticism
First started playing this on my grandfather’s iPad YEARS ago, I played again sometime between 2017 and 2019, and now here I am. Still lives up to its name, though it is sad that it hasn’t been updated in 3 years, however, the in-app purchases are worth the money, or at least in my opinion they are. I’m very VERY nostalgic about this game, and I’m glad I got the opportunity to give it a go again.
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7 years ago, ezona713
Anthill is Awesome!
This game will provide hours of fun. It starts off by allowing to learn how to play with a few easy maps. Then gets more challenging as you advance through the game. It's definitely my favorite app on my phone. I recommend anyone who likes strategy games to get this game. The game is definitely worth $.99! I've had this game for more than a year, and I still play it all the time! Buy this game!!!!
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3 years ago, JopeyP
Good game
It’s a great game, I have all the dlc and have beat it many times over the course of many years (since like first grade, and I am going into my senior year now, so that says something). While the game hasn’t been updated for years, I would still highly recommend it for anyone looking for a solid mobile gaming experience.
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2 years ago, /ajb/
Such a fun little nostalgic game that I’ve played since about 2012. No longer works since latest iOS update, and safe to say there will be no further patches to the game since the last one was 5 years ago. Thanks for the many years of convenient, relaxing gameplay. RIP.
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7 years ago, Eagle33199
Great game
So glad this wasn't forgotten and left to die with the next iOS update. However, this update has introduced a serious playability issue on my iPhone 7 Plus. Whenever I create a path, it's very hard to actually select the type of ant for it. Deleting paths is the same - it keeps thinking I've missed the "x"! I can try to delete the same path 4 or 5 times before I get it right. Unfortunately, this has left a great game almost unplayable. Please fix it soon!
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3 years ago, KindaDecent
Keep it Going
I used to play this game on my mom’s tablet when I first moved to America. This game was my favorite game ever. Today I remembered it out of nowhere and asked my brother what that ant game was. He knew it was anthill instantly and i was happy to pay the money to get the game again. This is such a great game. It’s a shame it isn’t being developed any more
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6 years ago, Hhat Mann
So much fun!
I bought this game back when I had an iphone 5. I loved playing this game, even on the tiny screen! I start from the beginning about twice a year and play all the way through each time. I now have a giant iPad, and it’s so much more awesome playing on the “big screen”. I’d love for there to be more maps, I really can’t get enough.
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6 years ago, Mesiwkxkwkw
By far the best game
Best game on the App Store. Please add more DLC and and upgrades or a new type of ant!! Will continue to support. Update: I’ve played and beaten then game many times over the years since it came out and I keep going back to it. The only game I still have installed on my phone. Everything about it is perfect! Good job developers!
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1 month ago, Aishakotosik
Hey! I have been loving and enjoying this game ever since it came out. Honestly I might be your biggest supporter on this earth. Ughh it pains me that I have to leave a negative review but recently this game has been crushing a lot.. I can’t even open it and play it no more. I am so sad :’((( could you pleaseeeeeee4eeeeee fix it !
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5 years ago, Snowgumby
Please update!
This is my all-time favorite iPad game. I got all the stars on all levels, looking for new maps, new characters, either an update or sequel. This is not a want, it is a need! Seriously, if you just add a map, charge a dollar, I would buy it in a second. I’m sure I’m not the only one.
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1 year ago, dominick_94
Fun game
Great game to pick up and play through every now and then. However, the app keeps crashing for me whenever I go to play the first level. I deleted it and downloaded it again, still crashes though.
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5 years ago, Moldycheese413
One of my favorites
I used to love playing this game! I would nerd out all day drawing my ant lines trying to get the highest score possible. I only wished there were more updates, more maps, and more ants. i would absolutely buy the expansion packs... please please please keep this game alive and add more content.
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4 years ago, Qwerty1976
Fantastic game
This is a real time strategy game that’s so easy to pick up and play, anyone can have fun with it. Years after the support for this game has ended its still one of my favorite iOS games. So much love and care went into developing this. I wish the devs would come out with a sequel.
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5 years ago, Tedsbears
Found again
Used to play all the time then one day was like hmm what was that game I used to play so scrolled through my purchases list for a while then found it and was like omg I forgot how amazing games where cause this dose not have an add every time you click something
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7 years ago, OBDr
Fantastic game! Please add levels!!!
I purchased this game a few years ago, and I have yet to find another game I find nearly as enjoyable. My only complaint: they haven't added any levels in years! I'd happily pay for a sequel or more levels. Please give this awesome game some more attention!
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11 months ago, Modernist7
Please fix this game
I remember playing this game when I was little I'm sad that it no longer works on many devices and hope the creators of this game can fix this issue and bring back the joy I felt when l was younger
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6 years ago, TheWaterRam
Short & Long Term Awesome
Cartoony but realistic graphics are great, physics movement is smooth, objectives are fun and range from easy to very challenging. Infinity levels are great, too. Usually I beat a game and then I’m done. This is one of the few I beat and come back to a couple years later to start over.
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7 years ago, Justafarmwife
My Go To Game! Definitely worth the money!
I love this game. Every couple of months I clear my game and start over. I also check to see if they have added new levels, wish they would. Definitely worth paying for. You will never regret it!
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2 years ago, Chrstphre
Doesn’t Work with iOS 16 ( !!! )
I used to play this about 20 times a day and then I got upgraded to iOS 16 on my iPad and it opens well enough, seemingly so, but then when I hit the play button, it flips out and completely crashes !
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5 years ago, Hairy Gorilla
A game I will not delete
This game is unique and so addicting... graphics are clean and colorful. I have already finished all the levels and ready to reset and start all over again!! Question for the developers.... when are we going to get more content?
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6 years ago, Mississippi hippie
Best game
I love this game and I’m not really a gamer. I’ve started it over so I could play it many many times from the beginning. I’ve actually paid for things in this game and I NEVER do that. If any of you developers are reading my review, please add levels or make a new similar game.
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5 months ago, bb mc
My favorite GoTo app
I wish they would update this, so I could continue playing. Had this app since Iphone 4, and I always return to it. Best game ever! It is a shame it will no longer work with recent IPad updates in 2023.
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2 years ago, L!zz!e11
Fun take on tower defense
The line/path mechanics of this game are fun to master. 4 playable characters: forager, soldier, distance, and aerial. Upgrades are required to 3 and 4 star levels, so expect to have to replay levels to go back and acquire enough stars to further your stats.
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2 months ago, GingerRed7
Great game but presently doesn’t work
I have played this game off and on for years. It’s enjoyable to play to pass the time or without internet. But this time when I downloaded the e game whenever I try to load a level and click play it kicks me out of the app. I’m not sure if this game still gets regularly updated or a priority but I just wanted to reach out somehow.
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6 years ago, Reecceeee
Great game but purchases are missing
I’m supposed to have both anthology and temple of bloom bt after being gone from iPhone and back after 6 months on this same account I no longer have the two
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2 years ago, Dill122841
Sad they gave up.
Very fun game but a very sad missed opportunity. This game could’ve been so much more but they gave up very sad but still fun game though. It would be five stars but lack of attention and opportunities 4 stars. Sad
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5 years ago, XDJBlueDragonX
Old games are the best
I used to play this all the time and now that I’m finally able to get it again I’m SUPER excited to keep playing. The strategies that you’ll have to come up with are pretty interesting, but overall it’s AMAZINGLY fun.
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2 years ago, Magfour7
This app no longer works. I loved this game for years but it stopped working after an iOS upgrade. I deleted it and paid again to reinstall it and it still doesn’t work. I’ve reached out to the company several times and never heard back. It appears that they moved the game to a streaming game platform and are no longer maintaining this app but are still charging for it.
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9 months ago, Bh1200
I’ll take more of this please.
I’ve played through this game multiple times. Graphics and strategy are both great. Would love to see more of this or similar games.
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2 years ago, Landon12345678
Very good game
This Game is awesome it’s very strategic on some of those might be frustrating but it’s really rewarding After you get all the stars on a level and the story is pretty cool I recommend you buy this game
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5 years ago, quiet123$
Good game
We are looking forward to having more levels. One problem we had in the past was that when we update the system, our purchased level was gone and we did not know how to get it back. Overall, a good game
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4 years ago, Brandon Patterson
When will there be a new update?! This is one of the best games I have come across on my iPhone. I would really love to see an update soon! :/ Still one of my favorites for sure, thanks for a great game!
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10 months ago, Sophie Mancarella
Hey I love this game more than anything and it hasn’t been working for months now, every time I try to play it it crashes. Please tell me you’re working on it? Thank you!
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5 years ago, Clash Royal For Life
I cannot even put into words how beautiful and fun this game is, discovered it a long time ago and just recently bought it on my newer device. Pure genius. Easy five stars, no doubt about it.
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6 years ago, JoeHuynh
Need to move on
Company and the crew must move on to another update please. We need more map and different type of ant to challenge the world. Still a lot people out there cares about this game.
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1 year ago, Destroyer168
Crashing after iOS update.
After the latest IOS 16.2 update, can not play the game anymore! Crashes as soon as I press ‘play!’
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8 months ago, apok1980
Frustrated Game no longer works
I really enjoyed this game, but it no longer works at all. What I don’t understand is, am I the only one who’s noticing. I’m pretty sure this is failure to keep up with the OS updates. I really don’t like this trend, this basically means stuff I purchase will eventually stop working. At the same time, why is this game still active in the App Store and for sale?
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6 years ago, Kreuzritter392
More levels please! Can't get enough! maybe make an ant that creates defenses like bunkers for spitters or fences/ anti air/ turrets? Also, Be able to build close hill defenses when you're being over run? Addicting game!
Show more
2 years ago, mckenzies nickname
Please make more levels and upgrades!
This has been my absolute favorite game for years, please make more content!!
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5 years ago, dtrevino68
This was my first game I ever downloaded years ago, love it ever since and still play it. Wish it was updated and brought back with new characters ,thank you guys!
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4 years ago, MCstats
Anthill 2?
This game was one of the best mobile games I have ever played on my phone, and if a squeal were to come out I would be the first on line to purchase it. Thanks for this masterpiece of a game.
Show more
2 years ago, @TheNintendoFeed
Anthill is my favorite Mobile game of all time. I don’t write reviews on stores like this, but I had to for Anthill. It’s a legitimate full gaming experience for a $1.99. That’s unheard of. I recommend Anthill!
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