Antistress - Relaxing games

4.8 (30.2K)
173.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Moreno Maio
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Antistress - Relaxing games

4.78 out of 5
30.2K Ratings
3 years ago, Jadenfire
Nearly perfect app!
Love how nearly everything feels made with quality! I have loads of ideas & sense my suggesting in app has failed I’m now doing a review : My main thing is to see more pink options bright pink but I’d like to see More bright color choices in general for many sets that support different colors. I’d really like to see the pizza oven actually melt the cheese, show the toppings actually look cooked like maybe how pizza cooking simulator dlc does it.. This was my least favorite toy in this app… The corn popping one can’t it be random with different corns? Painting the fence why can’t we pick another color? The magnet one I was excited for I thought it be like those old time magnet pictures where you fill in the pics with the magnet stuff but it’s not this one just boring.. Jigsaw puzzle can we get a option to add our own pics? Matching game needs more different random sets. Cleaning the stove one maybe make it random stoves with random amount of dirt. Slice more vegetables then just carrots & cucumbers. Mowing different random shapes, maybe a pattern to reveal after? The clapping hands sound effect is weird can we have a option to disable it PWEASE. I love this app just really feel many things need more option & variety to them when doing the same thing over & over.. Maybe a simple menu with each game listed & have a setting thing where you can say change the kind of mower, the type of jigsaw puzzle the color of the fidget cube etc.
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5 years ago, speedy’s iPhone
100% amazing app
I have a Lotta apps on my phone games to keep my mind busy abstain actually pay me money to my PayPal two of them which I favourite the most but this one app is 100% amazing all the apps on my phone coloring apps money app‘s game apps and this is the only app that makes me smile especially when new stuff is being added I Purchased this app some months ago I got so many apps sometimes I don’t touch hardly any of them but when I do get the timeAnd when I feel sad and tired I turn to the Antistress app play some of the toys on there and it just makes me smile I want to thank the developers for coming up with this app and for sharing you with me it’s the greatest app on my phone I don’t want to lose any of my apps but this is one app I never want to lose as soon as I pick up with financial situation I’m going to purchase an iTunes card and donate to this app at this time I can’t right now butAnd when I feel sad and tired I turn to the Antistress app play some of the toys on there and it just makes me smile I want to thank the developers for coming up with this app and for sharing you with me it’s the greatest app on my phone I don’t want to lose any of my apps but this is one app I never want to lose as soon as I pick up with financial situation I’m going to purchase an iTunes card and donate to this app at this time I can’t right now but soonThis app is one app that’s worth putting money into I love your app thank you developers
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4 years ago, smlneff
Best way to relieve stress!
I stumbled upon this app a while ago while looking for stress relieving apps. But every SINGLE stress relief app makes you pay $20 a month to poke some virtual slime, or $10 to cut soap. So while looking at this app I thought it would be just another stupid cash grab, but I was so wrong. This app comes with many features for free, such as stacking stones or playing with fish. The app also doesn’t spam you with a bunch of unwanted ads to purchase other things right in the middle of trying to feel relaxed. The game does have one in app purchase but it’s a pack that comes with many other features that’s just about $1. And this game isn’t just an app with things to make you feel relaxed, it also comes with a bunch of little mini games and even a counter to see how many times you’ve cut hair, or how many meters of fence you painted to take your mind off of something or just simply entertain your self. I also like how the developer updates the app every week or so with another fun thing to try out!
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3 years ago, Nhfffthcjgrckguc
Would totally recommend.
This app is absolutely amazing. Where am I even supposed to start? Well, firstly, there are so many games it’s insane. They also have variety, so if you don’t like the games with a win or lose system (like the pinball game, or the tic tac toe game), you can try the other games which don’t have that, or even some of the games that just don’t even have a score system. There’s also the Quiet Pack, which I would say is definitely worth the $1.99. It adds a lot of great games to the app and it’s overall a good deal, so if you like this app you should get the Quiet Pack. I also have not ever seen an ad since I’ve bought the Quiet Pack, but even before I did they seemed few and far between. The game also feels very homey and friendly, somewhat low budget. Not like that’s a bad thing, in fact it’s quite the opposite. It’s unnoticeable enough to be ignorable but it’s still very great to know the people behind this aren’t some big company who only cares about money. Yes, there are some “popular” things added like the recent Dalgona cookie which obviously is supposed to be riding off of Squid Game, but I honestly don’t care. They’re all very satisfying like most of the other games and it’s basically inevitable. Anyways, this is getting kind of long and I’m trying to type this quick because my fat fingers pressed send too early and now I have to edit it, but in short: GET THIS GAME, and also GET THE QUIET PACK!
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6 months ago, Evanisha666
Most relaxing and satisfying app
This game is so satisfying, the sounds and the perfect animations make for a beautiful and satisfying game, I wish you had more slime toys though, slime is like the best thing there. I love that you added fire especially the one where you burn paper, that one is just so amazing and relaxing. You should add more fidget toy though, maybe add one of those tube fidgets where you stretch them and stuff. You should add one where you turn water on and off or splash water balloons. I love the power washing one but I wish the water power width was longer. The shaving cream one is kind of weird though. This game is the most satisfying game I’ve played and I admire your skill with creating something so satisfying and unique. I also love how when your in a thing that it doesn’t play an ad half way through, it just makes the experience so much more enjoyable. This game deserves 5 stars, it absolutely does.
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5 years ago, jarethandziggy
Huge Selection of Activities
I had no clue what this app would entail. I downloaded it expecting to be disappointed, after playing with maybe 10 other ‘anti-stress’ games/apps, yet none of them worked. I opened this up, and wow. I was amazed. First of all, this app is for those who like to be entertained, and those who like interacting with your phone. You can smash wine glasses, make songs with just a few taps, play darts or a game of never-ending pool, feed fish, squish things, hit things, mess things up, paint, draw, and even ask a magic eight ball a question...? There are TONS of free activities, and they all entertained me. It sounds boring on paper, but if you get easily bored or are generally fidgety, then I 100% recommend this app. Just click an icon to get started. I would play around with everything - Look and find what calms you down the most. Personally, I like clicking, smashing, and playing with the bubble wrap. Anyways, have fun.
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3 years ago, Mdoaos
Best anti-stress that I’ve ever gotten!
I download a couple of anti-stress in my life and they all had really bad sound affects, but this one as Great quality sound effects and it’s a really fun app in general it doesn’t have any music in the background either when you click on the app like this other one that I downloaded which is really great for me and it’s a just really fun and a good quality app I have an idea for something you could add though I don’t care which category you add it in but I was thinking you could do something with the glitter I honestly don’t know but I feel like it would be fun to have a glitter thing I have this other app that’s a glitter app called Kiraflow and it’s like the only app on the App Store that has glitter in it that I know of so I feel like it would be cool to have another app with the glitter in it but anyways this is a really really fun app and I love it
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4 weeks ago, 0bsessed2Angel
Honestly I’ve tried a lot of these games and they’re never realistic. Not only does this one have no ads, but it also has the best realistic noises and very satisfying little toys to play with to help with your stress. This is actually a really good game and this is really underrated. I think that most people should use this game instead of those other fake ones that always have ads every time you wanna try something new let me tell you this you have to get this game. If you have stress it is actually the best, every single game that I play like this it always has a bunch of ads, but this one doesn’t and all the other games have weird Tappy unrealistic noises that are the same for every new fidget but this one has new different noises and it feels so good with the vibrations and the sounds and I literally love it and I think you guys should love it too💕
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4 years ago, gervetthjuuh
Ok! I don’t like much games but this one... I’m literally ADDICTED TO IT! Ok what I like most about this game is that there are so many stress relieving things to do! And it’s basically FREE! Now sure the “Quiet Pack” costs some! But who really cares!? There’s like bubble wrap, medication, chopping (which if you don’t know is really satisfying on games), and many, many more! I mean I don’t know if I like this more than Roblox! Probably not, but hey, there’s a chance! But the one thing that upsets me is that at times it just glitches me off!! Now I don’t know if it’s the game or a glitch in my IPad but you know what happens... Like your in the middle of popping bubble wrap and then... SORRY YOU GOT TO GET OFF! Not trying to be offensive but... it might just be my IPad... Sorry if I complained for no reason for no reason! But I recommend this game for people who stress a lot, and people who are just dying of boredom like me! (Anyone in Covid-19 with me??)
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1 month ago, Sophia Camille
Ok, so I absolutely love this game and I think it’s phenomenal. Although, I do have a couple of suggestions to make the gameplay a bit more relaxing. So, about the one where you can cut the soap, can you make it so that you can also cut the soap that curls up? Also, I’d love it if you made clear soap, too. So, when you click the soap one, it gives you a decision where you can pick between clear soap, regular soap, and the soap that curls up. And then you can pick if you want the soap glittery or regular. Then you can play and cut it. And you can change the color as you cut. Okay, so this is an edit to my review. This game is still pretty great, but I don’t love the new update. It’s the restoration toy. Idk why, but it’s kind of stress inducing for me. You can totally keep the toy there, because other people might like it. I’m just throwing this out there.
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3 years ago, Pinkey472017
10/10 recommend!
This app is the best app I have ever gotten! First off it’s free and it really helps with my anxiety and stress and distracting me from stress as well. The app has so many things to do and it really has an activity for everyone. For example they have a pop it, games such as ping pong, and relaxing sounds and fidgets. I got this game when I was really stressed last year and it really helped me. It’s great for calming down and great for the car or in a quiet place. You do have to pay $2.99 for the second package but you get a LOT of things for free already and you can watch an add to get 10 min of free time in the second package so I’m not complaining. I really recommend this to everyone because it really has an activity for everyone and keeps me occupied for a long time! So get this app now! I am in LOVE! 💗💗💗
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4 years ago, I am 100% honest trust me
This app is amazing.
I deal with high anxiety, and I’m constantly feeling weighed down. But this app features some amazing stress relievers. As a 14 year old girl, I value the calming stuff vrs. The games. The sound effects, night time looking, breathing etc etc. moving a stick to crest a rock garden doesn’t really help. Nor does it tapping a screen to cut a girls hair. But despite that they have wonderful features I value very much. A suggestion to make would be to add a Addon were I can mix colors calmingly. I wouldn’t want it like the slime feature. And making a soft sound as you stir the colors would be nice. Overall I gave this such a good score is because it honestly does bring my anxiety down. 40% of the games on there are useless and 20% of those actually stress me out but the other 60% is well valued and appreciated. So thank you, and I hope my voice is heard.
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4 years ago, RandomBella
I Don’t Know Why I Love These, But I Do
I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed an app before, but this app is just that amazing. The little toys and games inside don’t have any points, time elements or anything else that judges how you use it. They simply let you enjoy them on your own terms. They are so simple that I almost don’t understand the level of relaxation, satisfaction, and enjoyment that I get from them. There is only 1 in app purchase that is very reasonably priced. I’ve already bought it, and am considering simply donating more money to support continued development. Having told them about it, my mother and sister have downloaded this too. There are so many different kinds of activities that I have to believe that most people would be able to find at least 1 or 2 that they enjoy. If you’re on the fence, give it a shot.
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5 years ago, mammoth_fluency
As someone with autism who often needs something to fidget with, thank you so much for this app. I’ve gone through so many stress/fidget apps that didn’t help and often times cost so much more than they were worth. This app has everything in one and so many things available for free. It impressed me so much that I bought the extra pack too, both for support and cuz I loved it all. This app allows me to have fidget toys with me wherever I go, and even has fidgets that I can’t have physically, like being able to break ornaments and throw stuff when frustrated or worked up. I love the sounds, and the vibrations, and all of it. It even has options for writing for times when I’m nonverbal. All different types of stimulation, from little games to tasks to free playing fidgets. I definitely recommend this!!!
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2 years ago, Sloansie12345
Just one thing..
So I love this app! It has such funny fidgets and my fav one is the lawn mower one, it is so satisfying. There also is a tic toc toe thing. (I don’t think I spelled that right.) I am happy there uses to be some that you needed to pay money for to do it.(I think it was called the “Quiet Pack”) and what I like about that pack is that all of them are quiet so if you’re on like a plane ride or something and you need to be quiet you can just do that pack!! One thing about the newtons cradle.. I have a real newtons cradle and it doesn’t go that slow it goes faster,so can you make a call a little faster please? Thank you. But now let’s go to the main part, so this app makes me frustrated when there’s so many ads can you shorten a little bit on the ads? I know you want money but please it’s gonna make people not want to play on it. So that(s) all. Thank you!
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11 months ago, Charmibarmie
I want this app to last till I have kids
Lemme tell you, I found this app back in 2019 maybe? Loved it. Everything was perfect. The sound design, too. The coding is amazing, unlike any other “antistress” apps you’ll come across. The physics is fascinating, the sounds are satisfying—I really need this app to keep running until I have kids. If you shut this app down, I’ll be unbearably sad please I’ll try to run the app, or hire someone to if managing the app becomes too much. This app is great, really puts you to sleep, and is genuinely “the original.” I remember when the app logo was a wooden block or such. Shame that it’s a new, vibrant one but it really doesn’t matter. I look forward to every update the developer puts out, so amazing. Love it, love you, so perfect in a world of imperfections.
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5 months ago, yggyfccfh got
Best game I’ve ever played
Whenever I am stressed, I play this game and I am so not stressed anymore. Like when you’re really stressed you can just play this game and you’re not stressed anymore. I’ve never been able to find a game that I’ve not been stressed from because of all the schoolwork and all of this basketball and Girl Scouts it makes me really stressed so when I play this game I forget about all of the things that are happening around me and I am just not stressed anymore before you get this game I would consider reading this so please get this game if you’re a stressful person if you’re not you don’t have to listen to what I just said you can get it if you just want it cause it’s fun and it is un stressful this, so I consider getting this game🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
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5 years ago, Star girl 09
absolutely amazing !!
I never write reviews but this is an incredible app. I was having a really bad day and I looked up “stess relief” in the App Store. I downloaded three apps including this one and I by far enjoy this one the most and deleted the others. There are soooooo many options for free and i am highly considering getting a couple of the ones that you have to pay because it’s that amazing. The other apps had ads and didn’t have many options but this app hasn’t had ads pop up on me and there are tons of options. I calmed down really fast and love the sounds and graphics. I cannot find any negative things about this app, one of the best apps I have on my phone. Highly highly recommend for everybody even if you don’t feel stressed this is also fun to do with your free time.
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3 years ago, peaceoutgirl✌🏼
This app is AMAZING! 🤩
I love this app! I think that it is super relaxing and it is definitely helpful with my stress that develops in my trough out the day. I use this app during my my free time at night before bed, and it helps me sleep! I love that in the premium part, you can watch an add to get in of those toys for a bit, so that you don’t have to pay for it. I’m pretty sure you only get it for the day tho, but that okay! Because it’s enough time to at least try that toy. I think that this is really good, I think that if you have a stress problem or anger issues, this app is right for you, because it really helps. There are some toys on here that even exist in really life, so that you can try them out for real too, thank you sooo Much to the developers of this game and I cant wait for updates with more toys! 😍😁👍🏼
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3 years ago, Princess Vash
I love this app because whenever I’m stress it has many games for me to relax, some of my favorite games is, the bubble wrap, the fireworks, the carrot chopping, the toothpaste, the ornaments, and much more. Also the quiet pack is my favorite, I know to make it permanent you have to pay $1.99, but for 10 minutes they let you play with the items in the quiet pack for just watching an ad and I believe you can do that over and over again to get more minutes after your done with the 10 minutes, of course, some of my favorite games is, the tying board, the stars/sky, the gate painting, soap cutting, any of the cuttings, the wall brick builder, and so much more including the quiet pack and the original pack that you get for free. So in that case ILTA, AKA: ( I LOVE THIS APP! )
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4 years ago, Could Be Better Ratings
Many anti-stress apps are one way. They have sounds and that’s all. Or they have puzzles and that’s all. When you download this anti-stress app, you have a variety of techniques to help a person de stress. There is something available for every person; music, drawing, coloring, painting, nature sounds, puzzles, slime, stacking rocks and so much more. At first I only downloaded this app because my girlfriend wanted me too. And then I found many interesting mini games that intrigued me and helped me take my mind off the world. This app really does help you de stress. A good amount of my leisure time goes to being on this app. It truly is soothing. It reminds me of the sky. Gazing at my ambitions and hopes, never having to worry about what went wrong. Always about what makes these moments right.
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5 years ago, wendyothefox4118
I am someone who gets nervous a whole lot. This game is really good for that stuff, but there are a few suggestions. First, I GET BORED! On a day when I am really bored I scroll down the list of my apps and try to find something to do. Then I think “I guess this game is fun” and I go into it. Then I look to see if there is anything new. That is the problem! I know it takes a while to think and animate new ideas but I honestly like games where it is updated a lot. More toys! PLEASE ADD MORE TOYS! I hate to write a review like this but checking it every day to see if there is anything new is getting really stressful and annoying. In fact it got so stressful that I had to download a whole lot more “Antistress”-ish games. I am sad to write a review like this once again but keep up the good work!
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3 years ago, cheetahpeltt
Incredible! I have a few suggestions
So I’ve had this app for awhile and I honestly really enjoy it. 👇PLEASE READ👇 There aren’t many apps that just have simple fidgety activities, so this app is for you if you like that sorta thing. I love the concept so please continue to update it because I would hate for the app to stop adding new things. •*~{SUGGESTIONS}~*• I would absolutely LOVE to see a cooking (making a food or drink)[ activity added. There are already some food related ones on here but they aren’t necessarily cooking related. You kinda just cut stuff. Suggestions/ideas- • Maybe an activity where you can mix random ingredients into a soup and serve it to someone who gives the food a rating. (This is my favorite idea). *I understand that all the activities are simple so the soup idea might fit the app best.* • You can mix random materials into a bowl and bake it into a cake. I still like the serving idea where a customer rates it. (This one’s a bit complicated but these are just suggestions) • You can add random ingredients and mix them into a coffee or drink of some kind. Once again I like the idea of someone rating the food.
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2 months ago, Amy the good reveiwer
Awesome, but…
This app was awesome👍but some of the toys and games aren’t exactly relaxing. They are all wonderful and fun, but for example, cake decorating isn’t what I would call relaxing. It may be to others, though. (My parents 👩🏼‍🤝‍👨🏻 called this game a game for adults missing being a kid👧. I personally disagree)It’s not as bad as many made it out to be, ads weren’t the worst of what I’ve seen, only popping up after 2-3 minutes and being very skip-able. There were no lags, and I think this game did very well on the sound part🔊. There were a handful of games that struck me extremely relaxing, and I think the developers really did a nice job.✅ I highly recommend downloading it.⚠️ To the developers, please take to note some of the games are just not relaxing.⚠️
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4 years ago, Camper0414
Time Out
This is a great app for refocusing your mind or distracting your cognitive path. This app is not only for stressful times it is also very valuable when you find yourself in a situation where you must calm your mind to generate ideas or distract your mind from focusing on undesirable experience such as pain. The platform is a perfect mix between whimsical and structured therefore an adult can progress through their chosen tasks without experiencing the overwhelming feeling of being discovered. If you find yourself experiencing stress, or urning for a solution to relax your brain and refocus your attention this app should be explored. Additionally it is very impressive the author has chosen to gift a large portion of the app, therefore you can peruse the selections as you see fit. Well done designers.
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3 years ago, SpaceCat Moonster
Just wish it was accessible for blind
We absolutely love this app and have used it for years. However our boy has a genetic progressive blindness. He now relies on VoiceOver (the screen reader) and unfortunately this app isn’t accessible. We’d love if you would be willing and able to make a few of these compatible with VoiceOver (and switch control for the physically disabled). An example would be the fidget spinner could be made so that double tapping with VoiceOver or selecting with a switch would make it spin. You could add labels that said which were accessible. Or if you preferred a separate accessible app. WWDC in the Apple developers app has several videos about how to make apps accessible. Thank you for making this app and keeping it updated. We really appreciate it!
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5 years ago, thisisreallycoolsogetit
Shouldn’t be as fun at it is
On paper, this idea is horrible. A set of mindless games playable through one app; where on their own, they would surely fail to sell. Yet this collection provides the right kind of variety to keep me and my little children entertained. All though typically I don’t want my kids to be on phones, and strive for them to be in the real world, I think this app provides the perfect exception. I make a living off reviewing hotels, where as mobile applications don’t quite fall into that category, I would like to claim that this app deserves a solid 69/69 stars off of the “Gary Winthorpe Model of Reviewal Standards.” Financial I could afford to buy the add-on packages and I was very satisfied with my results. This game is the Big Mac of mobile apps. Great for fat people.
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3 years ago, cgram_10
Love this app!
I absolutely love this app! I have ADD and anxiety and I used this app all the time to help me focus or when I need to get my mind off something. One thing that I think would make this app even better is if it let you finish certain games. When I say certain games, I’m talking about the lawnmower game, the game where you wash a stove, and the game where you light paper on fire. In the power washing game a play button pops up for the player to go to the next section, but the game still lets you go over parts that you missed, which I love. So maybe you could do something like that? Idk. Just a suggestion. Overall, great game! My favorite games are the pinball game and the pencil sorting game.
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7 months ago, 123 is my name or something
Pretty good!
So I downloaded this and I was like hey I can finally relax ☺️ (because of reasons I will explain later) so I played I thought it might be a scam but I tapped into a game and the thing played relaxing music and said Breath in and breath out it was fun I can finally sleep now because sad 😢 story alert 🚨 I was taking a nap when a herd a LOUD BANG I jumped up and ran out side of my room but fell down stairs and a realized that bang was a GUN omg I said my mom was outside I got up even tho I was in pain I seen my mom WITH the GUN shooting A target so a BROKE my ARM for NOTHING so I got a phone for Christmas this was my first app so ty for my stress relief game so I can finally sleep also I suggest Feelsy to also helped me sleep but mostly this relaxing game and there’s so much to do ty for this game ok bye yall peace out ✋👋✌️🤝👍😘
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5 years ago, blackwellboss
The app
I find this app very fun and it has helped me remove most of my stress! I love how every day you get something new to do I just got the game yesterday and I already find it the best game on my phone. The game has helped me and some of my family members remove our stress I get stressed out easily but this game has helped. I showed it to some of my friends and family and the enjoyed it as much as I did. Thank you for putting time into the game to help with our stress I feel like there needs to be more games like this on the App Store because it really really helps!! Some people find other games better like games that you can play with characters on it but I think 100% this is the best game on my phone and I need more like it! Thank you!
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4 years ago, chpnd
Add more games
I have bad anxiety and some depression but there’s a really helps I’ve tried 1000 different stress toys and stress relieving apps all of the stress relieving apps I’ve ever tried do you have to pay for and get some monthly subscription and all the toys I’ve ever tried break or I lose them but this app is amazing all the payments are worth it and there’s barely any there’s no ads but please add more games I love it when you do and I have suggested a few of my own like something with a cat or a dog that you pet or stroke but anyway I really love this app please make more games I’ve also suggested one that something that you write fears troubles or worries on and then destroy by ripping or burning and just destroying
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3 years ago, Ava Awsome
Perfect but one problem
This app is so amazing! It helped a lot when I jut needed to calm down or needed to be entertained. This app is one of the best apps I own because you can play with fidgets, skip rocks, lay with bubble wrap, and many more. The only thing that I don’t like about this app is that you have to pay for the quiet pack. I don’t want to pay but instead I watch the video and unlock it for only ten minutes but that can be a pain because I love some things in the quiet pack like the fidget cube or flower petal picking. I wish that I did not have to pay or I could get a little more time to play with all of it. Anyways this app is really awesome so keep up the good work!! 💖
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3 weeks ago, A molly maynard
So entertaining not for just me…
Ok so this game is amazing. The number one problem with some games is the ads, but this game has very little ads. It’s amazing. And not just for me. When my 2 year old brother sees the wolf screen, he grabs the phone from my hand and starts doodling. This is the perfect type of game for any age, there are so many options on what you want to do. There is music, doodling, cutting grass and oh my gosh so much more. there are also some little games at the very bottom that are very entertaining. in my favorite too many and you could also star some games just for you to know next time you login that you should play those.
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5 years ago, Carzate7
So Amazing
There are so many different options for everyone’s style of relaxation. For example if you hate a lot of noise that the buttons make, you could do the rocks or coloring. I personally have not gotten the quiet pack (yet), but it comes with a lot of different noises and only costs one dollar. The best part is that the makers are not dumb and do not have ANY adds in the app at all. I found this really pleasing as I had adds (as do most people). That itself could be stress relieving. I have used it when I am stressed, and it really relieves stress. My personal favorites are the chalk board and lawn mower. Would totally recommend this app to any age group, especially people who need to relax from a stressful day. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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3 years ago, jindobluamanDa
Changed my life
Me and my boyfriend play this on his phone everyday, I was hesitant to buy it at first but I realized how much I needed it and how good of an investment it would be and boy oh boy was I right. This app brings me an unlimited amount of enjoyment no matter where I am or what I’m doing. It is satisfying it makes me laugh it is entertains and it is extremely usefully. For such a low price you are getting multitudes of things that would cost you so much irl. You get many different instruments, puzzles, drawing materials, a magic 8-ball and you can also experience things like mowing the lawn or roasting marshmallows from right on your phone. 10/10. I would even suggest buying the quiet pack 100% worth it.
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5 months ago, Sleepy07
Love it
So I really love this app because there’s literally like 50+ games and options you can play to relieve stress. The only thing I would change is the annoying clapping every time you finish something so like the trashcan game I make a basket clap I make another basket clap and it’s just so annoying. If we can have the option to turn off the clap but keep the rest of the sounds it would be amazing. Also for people who are complaining about the ads just turn your phone on airplane mode to avoid major ads you still might get the 5-10 second ads where they mention their own games but not other apps. You will get five stars when you remove the clapping sound.
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5 years ago, Abby 😐😐
I have found that this app is not good at stress reliving. I would not recommend this app because of the fact that some of the items that are supposed to be stress relieving end up putting more stress on me. For example, one of the stress relieving toys included stacking rocks and also blocks, but if you do not stack the item correctly, it will fall over and you will have to restart. Furthermore, another one of the stress relieving toys include a magic eight ball where you ask it questions and it supposedly answers them. But if the questions I ask are not answered in the way I would like them it would stress me out more. Like if I were to ask if next day would have a test and it says yes that would add more stress. And some of the toys were very unusual like squeezing out toothpaste, bamboo windchimes, and feeding fish. For the feeding fish if you tap on them they will swim away. In conclusion, I would not recommend downloading an app like this.
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2 years ago, MajorIndecision
Best game ever!
Genuinely, I do not see how anyone could have any complaints about this game. There’s a ton of content and all of it is so easy to get wrapped up in and have so much fun with, especially if you have ADHD or Anxiety. I actually had this game in high school and it honestly saved me a few times when I got too nervous, it’s amazing to turn on if you need to turn your brain off. Back then it had no ads but even now, the ads are barely noticeable! It isn’t like one of those crappy mobile games where you get an ad every time you click onto a new screen. If you’re thinking about downloading this app, just do it!!
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3 years ago, 6Man8Man
pretty good to say at the least, but obligatory issues
the old ones are nice, like blocks or music. they’re small, they have 0.01% of the content they could’ve had, but the newer ones look like they were made by an overworked and underpayed intern (sorry). that’s cool and all, but a bigger issue is how some games CAUSE stress. the rock stacking one is inevitable to fail, as the physics are janky and the rocks literally cannot stay still (what irony). and the pinball? you can end up trying to push the ball up but you keep smacking it down into the void and losing points at an insane rate. that’s really bad, but i’d suggest you focus on the actually GOOD toys like music. overall, really good, but flawed in its own ways p.s let us choose colors for blocks. yknow, update the first toy?
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2 years ago, Katez life
I love this app!
This app is really great! I am a big fan of the match one and the star one. They are both relaxing and the app developer adds new games relatively frequently which is something to look forward to every time I open the app. Yet there is a few games that pretty boring. The magnets are okay at best and just don’t get the lily pad one! Those aside I like the fact that if you watch an ad you can use the quiet pack for a little while. Anyway even though you have to pay for the app itself (and the quiet pack if you want it) I do not regret paying for both at all! I recommend this app a lot.
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3 years ago, Eternalus
I have so many words to say about this app but all is summarized in the words, thank you! This app is such a blessing. I feel relaxed whenever I play any of the myriad of cute little games within the app. I truly enjoy myself and there is a big smile on my face whenever I am playing with this app or even thinking about it later. Pure genius! You can see and feel all the love and care that goes into every mini game. Cannot wait for all the new content coming down the road. I envision a trilogy of apps perhaps that take over the app charts and relax everyone…. I am so grateful to feel like a kid again. Thank you. God bless!
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4 years ago, steel_flame
Great! But one thing...
Antistress is a free stress relieving app. This app has taken away so much anxiety. I use this app when I'm anxious and annoyed and it helps so much. The one thing i would change would be the “Quiet Pack.” I do not like that I have to watch an ad to get ten minutes of usage from literally the exact same fidgets. Every time I watch an ad to use the quiet pack, i usually have to go do something else. When I get back, I have to watch the ad again. If anything, I would make it 30 minutes to an hour, or just get rid of it all together. Besides that, the app is great and the fidgets are awesome! Keep it up! 😁😊
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4 years ago, CC's Pizza 🍕🍕🍕
This app is truly amazing! It always helps me sleep better at night. It works really well and I’m so shocked because this app is truly life-changing. Not only is it life-changing but it’s really satisfying. you can make so many different types of sounds using different items on the list❤️❤️. And to make the app even better instead of having to purchase the quiet back all you have to do is watch an ad to get it for 10 minutes and you can use it every time so you don’t have to buy it all you have to do is watch an ad and then you can have it for as long as you want. It’s as easy as that! BUY NOW!!
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2 weeks ago, Fgjkmbdetukkjjjj
Just a little suggestions😊
It’s really really fun and there’s so many fidgets to play with and you get to even play games it’s really really fun and I just think that that there is many Manny many ads and I don’t really want to pay money not to have ads but it’s really fun and it’s just if you want people to buy your game then just take away the adds how does that sound I don’t wanna be mean I just I’m a girl who really doesn’t like it and I’m actually8 if you’re thinking but anyway it’s really fun thank you for making the game I really like it and you’re really nice for making the it just maybe you could take away the adds thank you you’re really 👍🏼😊
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2 months ago, Toca avatar
This game is amazing
I love this Auntie stress game me and my children absolutely adore it. It’s just the perfect mixture of fun and satisfying at the same time. I don’t even know how to explain the sound and everything but it’s just so relaxing and I love playing it and my children play it too and I absolutely love playing this game. It’s just a really great way to release dress. A lot of my friends recommended this game to me and I finally tried it and I do not regret downloading this game and there’s so many different options and even if you play one again and again and again, overall five stars
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1 year ago, #LemonLover<3
Omg I have major anxiety and stress and sometimes feel like I can’t breathe but this game saved me!!!!! My stressful 7th grade life is impossible!!!!! I’m so freaked out that I’m not gonna get into a good high school ( I go to privet school with itchy uniforms lol and only girls) so when I come home I do my home work with my tutor and then as soon as she leaves I thank god that my hair is not grey from the stress and then run to my iPad and use this for a rlly long time after!!! Anyway I looooovvvvvvvveeeee this game and I think u guys shld add more games (not that there isn’t a ton already lol) so thank u sooooo much!!!!!! PS: thank u guys for not rlly making ads!!!! -A.L.
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6 months ago, 𝕄𝕚𝕝𝕖𝕤
Stress relief app
This app is amazing. I downloaded this app because my therapist told me I should have a relaxing tool on my phone for when I have anxiety attacks. I chose this one and it overachieved my standards! It had every idea you could possibly think of for an app like this! This is now one of my fav apps on my phone. Most of the time I don’t even use it when I am stressed I use it when I’m bored also. My favorite tools are probably soap cutting, cake making, slushy making and the sushi bento box activity. Would 10/10 would recommend to anyone who is bored or has anxiety!
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2 years ago, uhm im someone maybe
Good app except
I really enjoy this app! This is fun and really helps, but can you please have the regular stuff back? What I mean is you changed the icon witch in my opinion the other one is better but I don’t really care about that the thing I do care about is how you only get like one minute when you watch an add to get the quite pack. You used to get ten minutes and now you get one can you please make it 10 minutes again? Overall, besides that you should get this app and it is probably my favorite and best out of the other Antistress apps!
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5 years ago, Funny Koala Panda
Great, but has some issues!
Hiiiii! so i downloaded this app and i adored it minutes after getting it. it helps to relieve my migraines with the satisfying graphics and if i’m nervous it calms me down. i definitely recommend this to people with anxiety or migraines/headaches like me, and even to mentally disturbed people, that’s how calming and satisfactory it was. there are a few glitches, though.. on the maze game, it kept showing the same maze over and over, and i would have to navigate the ball in the same exact route. on my favorite game, the wooden black game where you can throw around the cubes, i love the sounds of the woods themselves but in the background there is always a scraping sound, like air blowing through a half- blocked tube. the noise is actually very disturbing. it sounds like Gollum from The Hobbit and i would like this to be removed. those are the only things i’ve noticed, i left a review in the last on this game but it was way too long and very unnecessary so i re wrote it. thanks!
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2 years ago, benny boy boxer
Most relaxing game ever!
Someone introduced me to this game and at first I thought it was silly. Then I showed the bubble wrap activity to a family member and he was like OMG! This is amazing. In my opinion this would be the game to get if you are needing relief from the stress of school (which is what I need most of the time) or just wanting to feel better after a long day, this game will definitely perk you spirits, If you someone like me who loves these kinds of games. Before I end I want to give a shoutout to the producer of this game. You are awesome, keep going and just know that I love this game👌🏻!!
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