AnyList: Grocery Shopping List

4.9 (68.1K)
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Current version
Purple Cover, Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for AnyList: Grocery Shopping List

4.87 out of 5
68.1K Ratings
3 years ago, melissasimpler
Within my top #10 apps - just brilliant!
Folks, I used multiple shopping AND recipe app before AnyList and this one takes the top ranking (in both categories); it’s not even a close contest! In fact, this is one of my most used of any apps on my iPhone (and I have 100+ in multiple categories). The native recipe clipping built into the OS works across apps like Food Network as well as so many recipe blogger sites. In a recent update, AnyList also added the ability to copy and paste a recipe in, greatly enhancing this part of the app, to provide even more flexibility for websites that aren’t constructed for this type of clipping otherwise. The scaling feature helps you adjust recipes to just the right size to feed only you or your crowd of any size! Then, to top it off, the handy meal planning and automatic shopping list creation is just what you need to make your grocery trips efficient for the days ahead. I have even used this app to catalog and inventory my father’s wood works… for craft shows we do. My only wish is that there was an export feature that was better. I can get the list out in text form, but the pictures don’t transfer. This would be very handy for added flexibility but I understand it is not at the core of what AnyList is about. All in all, I strongly recommended you get this app, subscribe to the premium edition, and tell all your friends. I DO and will KEEP DOING THIS. Well done, AnyList team!!! (and, I get it as an entrepreneur founder/CEO)
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2 years ago, Annie0117
One of my favorite apps
I’ve been using this app for years and it just came up on my renewal, so I figured I would leave a review as I am always happy to subscribe. I use this as a family subscription at only $15 for a year. I used the free version for a while and enjoyed how much is included. But I love this application so much I wanted to ensure they got paid for my usage. The features of the paid version are genuinely useful. The recipe import alone is worth every penny. But the meal planning calendar is great, and when you decide to plan a recipe you can send all the ingredients right to your shopping list. I’ve used the pricing and store functions before in the past and it’s very easy and allows you to be more organized while planning. It also auto sorts groceries into categories. So while I am picking out all my fruits and veggies, I can look in that section and grab everything. I’m not searching through the list or missing something and need to go back because I didn’t see it. I use this for a household of two and we use our Alexa to add items to our shared list while going about our days. We also both have the app on our phones and can cross off items while shopping and see it updated in real time on each other’s lists. I couldn’t say enough about how happy I am with this app and will continue to use it and refer others to it as I will not use anything else after this. Thank you to the creators!
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4 years ago, danwagner01
My longtime favorite app
I am rewriting and resubmitting my review of the AnyList app. I have been using it faithfully for many years and am so very impressed at how functional it is. AnyList is one of those apps that just keeps getting better and better. I have a separate list of house cleaning/yard work duties that syncs to my son’s iPhone, so I just select which home maintenance items need to be completed — and he uses his view of the list as a guide to get his chores done. I have also created packing lists for everyone in my family. I check-off items and they pack from their lists. When we travel, we have essential items we always need for virtually every destination. These listed items are sorted by room so basically I go down the list from the master bedroom… to the basement selecting the destination’s essential items from each room and pack them immediately. We never forget sunglasses, flip-flops, ski goggles, iPad chargers or underwater cameras etc. Surprisingly, I’ve come to love the recipe section of AnyList. I’ve cooked many of the included recipes and have imported dozens of others and now never run out of creative dinner ideas to cook for my family. With recent updates, the developers have made the recipe section even more functional. These developers are dedicated to making AnyList as useful as possible — plus they are extremely responsive to your questions and requests for new features. This is a great app… one that you will find many, many uses for.
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5 years ago, jdeangelo82
Versatile, reliable, very helpful, user friendly
This is a terrific app. Although the free version is useful and worth trying, I liked it so much and found it so helpful that I splurged on the yearly plan. I’m not thrilled I have to pay yearly and would prefer to just pay a one time fee that is higher, but if it continues to be as helpful as it is and as reliable and glitch free as it has been so far, I will likely continue getting. The list maker is fine and similar to others. But I also like that I can share simple lists with my family even with the free version. What I really love is the recipe section. I have been uploading many of my favorite recipes which can be easily categorized. Then I just as easily send them to the meal planner section and quickly and easily add items from the recipe to my grocery list. It is quickly becoming such an integral part of my day that my only worry is the developers will tire of it and then I will be lost. Hopefully that won’t happen for a long time anyway. I would definitely recommend. Try the free version, and don’t be afraid of the upgrade. FYI: As of now they said they will not automatically upgrade. They will send out a reminder email so you can decide to upgrade or not. And if you decide not to, whatever recipes you have already uploaded will remain on your app even if you go back to the free version. Maybe that will help you decide if you are commitment phobic. It’s a really nice, user friendly app.
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2 years ago, Erin B.Y.
This is the best free app!!! I use it for so many things: grocery list, thanksgiving dinner (what I’m making, what to ask others to bring, how much was bought/made vs eaten last year… ) a great way to get thanksgiving down to what people actually eat and not be stuck with the wrong leftovers. Christmas shopping list (this is great, someone mentions wanting/needing something in July and you can put it on the list under their category. Now you don’t need to remember who or what was the perfect gift. I also keep track of what I’ve bought for who and how much I’ve spent. Keeps you on budget and “even” if that’s an issue). To do list for me and of course my husband. I’ve used it when I’ve had to collect money for a group activity and you need to know who gave you that $20 that you can’t remember anymore, just make a list of everyone going and cross them off once they pay you. You always have your phone on you, so it’s that easy!! There are so many possibilities to use this app. Oh, my favorite meal prep. I write down all the things I like to make with a short list of everything that is needed for that meal: example hamburgers, rolls, cheese, tomatoes, potatoes for homemade fries. Beef stew, then list under it every thing you need to make it. This way you don’t forget an item. You definitely need this app you just don’t realize how much easier your life will be with it!!!
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3 years ago, Bubbles10402
Best app ever
I really wanted to find an app that would help me figure out a meal plan for my family. I knew there had to be one out there. Something like what the schools had, a menu that you could plan out either a whole week or even a month. This was it. You can plan out how long you want you would like a week , 2 weeks a year??? Your call, and the bonus part you can take what you plan and put it on a grocery list for when you go grocery shopping. The best part is you’ll have everything you need right at the house when you go to make what you want that day. As long as you plan ahead of course. You also put in recipes so that you have everything in one place. You go through a recipe, see what you need , push the button and it goes right on your list. It’s a no brainer. You can put in your own recipes or if you are on a website that has a recipe you would like to put in your app, you can do that and it does it for you. Sometimes, very seldom, you might have to paste a recipe but that’s not hard to figure out how to do. If you are computer illiterate like me , just keep working with the app and you’ll figure out these guys did an awesome job for us😜(computer illiterate s) I love the app. My daughter has it to and I can share recipes with her. I’ve told lots of friends about it too and they have loved it also. Good luck and I hope this helps.
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2 years ago, 30 year financial planner
Excellent at more than Groceries
Though this app was originally conceived and promoted as a grocery list app, it has far greater benefits for each user as a result of the well thought out and easy to navigate system created by the developers. As an example, the USER may name the list, then establish categories within each list, add names of items to each category and follow with details about each item. The means to have four different levels of information with the ability to switch categories, or check off items as completed (and elect to have them retained by disappear) from you makes this app a very useful tool. For example: Instead of a shopping list, with due acknowledgement to Stephen Covey for his fine work on The Seven Habits, one could create a List of Things to Do, with categories such as “Urgent & Important” or “Important but not Urgent” or “Neither Important nor Urgent”. When an item from a category has been completed, it may be noted as completed, and the item will be hidden from you, or you may elect to retain the item in a different category which may be added later, such as “Important for 2024”. For those of you who like to stay organized, or who would like to get more done with the time you have, you will discover this app to be an increasingly frequent go to utility that greatly simplifies your life.
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3 years ago, Sonnihoney
The most Brilliant app!!!
The ability to import recipes, then easily add the ingredients to your shopping list with a tap is a BRILLIANT LIFESAVER. Because the old way takes time and who wants to waste precious time? Also once you “favorite” frequently used items, it’s super easy to add them back on your list and this also helps you remember things that you may have forgotten to add to the list. I’ve started using this for my travel packing list & created a separate list of things to do before leaving (take trash out, leave food, water and clean litter for cats, etc). And I’ve “favorited” the items and tasks so I can easily recreate the list with every trip. ALSO, the app AUTOMATICALLY categorizes shopping list items so you can easily see everything that you need in the produce section WHILE you are in the produce section. This is another timesaver. You can customize categories, too, so for my packing list I’ve split things between the two categories “UPSTAIRS” and “DOWNSTAIRS” so that I can focus on all the upstairs packing while I’m up here and then go downstairs and focus on that stuff (the old way I did it sucked because I was always having to think “no that’s downstairs, I’ll get that later” with certain items strewn about my list Willy-nilly. The ability to access this on my laptop so I can type stuff in is amazing too. I’d give this app 10 stars if I could.
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7 months ago, Another Angry Mom Too
Having app issues please fix
I’m not really sure how to get a hold of somebody for support, but my AnyList app and the API with the grocery store apps isn’t working as it has for the last couple of years. I sadly live in breathe through the API that you have built between Alexa AnyList and my local grocery store. It makes my life so much easier. It’s just a breeze but the last couple days trying to grocery shop has been impossible because when I grocery shop online through your app it freezes and then it goes back to the beginning and starts all over and when I shop I shop for $500 worth of groceries for a family of six so this just doesn’t work for me so the other day I thought it was working and I went through and I added everything to my cart and now I don’t check out through the app because the way that it works it’s never applied the coupons correctly that’s neither here there but I left the interface between with grocery store and AnyList and it asked if I want to cross off all I think it was 37 items and so I did and then I left AnyList and I went to my grocery stores app and nothing was in the cart and then I had no record of what, possibly I might’ve had on my grocery list this week that I accumulated for two weeks So if there’s a bug, could you guys please fix it thanks I’ve been using your app for I want to say at least 10 years now loyal loyal customer every year I renew because you guys please just look at this. Thanks so much.
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5 months ago, Blackhawksnhl28
Most useful app I’ve ever used
This app is single-handedly responsible for getting me into cooking genuinely amazing meals every week at home. I subscribed to the paid features fairly early on after downloading this app and can really only speak to the experience of using the premium benefits. The recipe import feature is worth its price in gold. You can find any recipe on any website and AnyList will organize it perfectly from separating out ingredients to listing out each individual step for cooking/prep. I truly believe this app makes cooking easier due to how incredibly organized it keeps your recipes, ingredients, and grocery lists. I started using this as a college student with just a crock pot and let me say, I’ve been able to make some amazing meals with absolutely zero cooking expertise. If you’re already a halfway decent cook in need of some organization I can’t even imagine how much better off you’d be with this app. I could go on for a while speaking to all the features AnyList but instead I’d recommend you spend the $10 on premium and get started, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for the most organized way to keep a database of recipes, create grocery lists, and plan meals out weeks in advance, this is the best app out there. Period. Thank you AnyList, I never knew cooking could be this fun :)
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3 months ago, NbakerNbaker
This is the best app for my ADHD (without even being for ADHD!)
I’ve been using for almost a year and the modestly priced premium version has paid for itself over and over again. I’ve converted at least 6 people to be true believers. Some of my favorite features that I truly believe have cumulatively improved my quality of life: - Save recipes from the web and ones that friends send you in seconds (then I can add notes, select categories and even edit the recipe) - NO ADS when reading your recipe making it easy to read and you can even highlight each step as you work on it (and check off ingredients as you add them) - Organizable library of all my recipes (and my personal ratings) - I never remember the stuff I like and know how to make, but the library makes it easy to look through and add the things I haven’t made in a while - Add to grocery list directly from recipes (grocery list auto updates on all devices for me and my partner AND Alexa can add things too) - Scaling recipes (even abnormal increments) - Fast and personal messaging with the actual app developers with any questions. Suggestions for a more perfect app: - Share viewing access libraries with friends - Recipe ratings allow for half stars That’s all, it’s the Interstellar (2014) of apps (beautiful & life changing)!!!
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2 years ago, Mac Friendly
Just when you think it can’t get better
I have stated to many friends and family how I love this App. I’ve said it for years. Still my favorite App. It’s on my iPhone, iPad and laptop. My wife has it on her iPhone. I love how the shared lists between us update so rapidly. If I’m out shopping and my wife remembers an item we need but forgot to add, she adds it to the list. While I’m out shopping and I see the update immediately and I’m also notified that she updated the list. It’s also great when we shop together and divide and conquer. I’ve said many times I can’t imagine how the App could possibly get any better, but yet these developers seem to achieve that very thing year after year. I use this App for grocery shopping, making list for travel items and anything else I need to remind myself of. I also love the that I can keep my recipes categorized and plan daily meals and add needed ingredients from the recipes straight into the shopping list. Now even better, they made it possible to port your AnyList shopping list straight into your grocery store App. You select the exact items you want from the store App and submit. Then they deliver to your door or go to curbside pickup and receive your order. Now I ask again….can this App get any better? I bet these developers will find a way.
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1 year ago, inspctrcat
Longtime User 💕💕💕
I’ve used AnyList for quite a few years. I have both Alexa and Siri connected to add to my grocery list with ease. I also share my list with my husband so whoever is shopping has access to the list. If he’s shopping I can actually see items being crossed off the list as he puts them in the cart. Well, I’ve always looked at the recipe section in AnyList but never attempted to try it until a couple months ago. Oh how I wish I would have tried it sooner!!!! It is awesome!!! It’s so easy to save recipes from other websites! You can add the categories you want (ie: cakes; casseroles; side dishes etc). It shows the list of ingredients for the recipe and you can click on an ingredient from the list to add to your shopping list. Then the recipe is shown in steps. It has a picture too!! And a connection to the site it was from. So if you’re wondering why I am so extremely excited about this is because I have looked and saved recipes from many websites over the years. I could never remember which site the recipe was from, and it would take me forever to find it, sometimes never finding it. Now using AnyList, when I find a recipe, all I have to do is hit the share icon click on AnyList and save. Then add it to the category I want. Love it!! I’m going to try Meal Planning next. ☺️
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2 years ago, The List APP you'll like
AnyList APP Review
AnyList APP I want to review the AnyList APP, which I and my roommate use on our iPods, iPads, and Laptops. After having used AnyList for over a year now, I've found that it fits all of the things my roommate and I were looking. It allows sharing of lists, while it keeps data localized when networking is unavailable. It makes list making for shopping an easy thing to do. It can be used to keep recipes in, and to prepare shopping list for cooking or baking in a snap. Most of all, I've found that the writers of this APP respond to enhancement suggestions with the type of caring attitude that more than pays for the small annual cost for using it. Photos, favorites groupings, recipe management, even "to do" lists are all very intuitively accomplished. It even keeps track of notes and individual comments about list items, so you never have to type more information than is absolutely necessary. And, you can copy or move items from one list to another, too. I and my roommate had tried quite a few list making APPs and all of them seemed to have limitations or shortcomings that made them too difficult to use, or were made for such specific uses that it was almost impossible to wedge our needs into their designs. I would give this APP and its authors a five star rating.
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5 years ago, Sewingbunny
Absolutely amazing app
I've been using the free version for two years and my husband has it on his phone also. Whenever I put something on the grocery list on my phone or iPad, it also is on his phone and he can see it when he goes to the store. I purchased another recipe program for my PC two years ago and they kept raising the price every year, ($80), it has gotten so steep I could not afford it. Then I remembered this little app has a recipe file...and more. I figured for the money what did I have to lose so I bought the family plan, OH MY GOODNESS! It is amazingly easy and so full featured. I'm telling everyone I know. My only suggestion to the developer is that I want to send my recipes to an online site, Lulu I think it is, to print out recipe books for my children and grandchildren for Christmas next year. I'd like to see that featured added, if it is there, I have not seen it.. For me, one of the best apps I've purchased, and I purchase very few apps. I can also see my recipes on my tablet with this app. It is so convenient, at the store when I remember I want to make something for dinner and I can't remember all the ingredients, my recipes are on my phone, I open the app, find the recipe and the list of ingredients are there. I can also add ingredients to my shopping list when in a recipe. You will love it.
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2 years ago, Mumsie 3
Love this app!
I’ve been using the AnyList app for years and have always enjoyed it. The free app was great and I was very happy with it. Then the complete version was expanded to include the ability for you to list the stores you shop at and assign the items in your shopping list to the store/s where you get them. You can filter your master list to show only the items assigned to one store so you don’t have to scroll through produce items when you’re at the home center store.. You can tell the app to what department you want items to be assigned. They also added a meal planing feature. There’s so much more to the paid version. I almost NEVER buy an app, but I made an exception with AnyList, and I’m so glad I did. It took me a long time to give in and pay the annual fee but it was totally worth it. Oh, another feature I love, available even in the free version, is you can share a shopping list you’ve created with a family member/roommate. When they shop for you and cross off an item, it’s crossed off in your phone, too, eliminating duplicate purchases. I highly recommend this app. Try the free version for a week or two. If you like it as much as I think you will, don’t wait, don’t hesitate—pay for the full version! You’ll be glad you did. 😊
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6 years ago, JennyNix
Absolutely hands-down best list app
I use this app everyday for my to-do list and grocery list. It is extremely robust, yet simple to use, and I’ve noticed over the past 3 years that many new features have been added to help especially when making a grocery list... like the ability to input specific quantities of items along with units (for example 2 lbs of ground beef, or 4 count of apples). The newest addition I’ve noticed is the ability to assign different grocery stores to things you want to buy. Rather than setting up a grocery list for each individual grocery store I want to visit, I can assign a grocery store to an item and have all items in just one master grocery list. I also have the optional subscription add-on to be able to access and edit this list from my laptop as well, which is really nice to be able to do during, say, a slow period at work so it doesn’t look like I’m just playing with my phone at my desk, and I can create a grocery list to shop with right when I leave work. I also find the ability to share lists with another person as crucial. Right now my husband and I are trying to both go through a shared to-do list before our baby arrives. Seeing things getting crossed off in real-time is awesome and gives me a sense of satisfaction!
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4 years ago, neva.dee
One of my top 2 apps of all time!
Since converting to iOS in 2008, this is only my second review to ever submit... and on the same app. The more I use this app, the more I am amazed at how comprehensive and versatile it is. Take time to explore all options and settings. A simple thing that was recently added, is that as you prepare a recipe, you can check off the ingredients. Life changing!!! I use all the food-related modules... including Meal Plan, which appears on my calendar. This is helpful for future plans, as well as reference to what I cooked on what day, looking back. Great for holiday menu planning!! If I don’t have a specific recipe in AnyList, just add name of dish in a Note, and you can include where that recipe can be found. I use it for my freezer inventory, complete with photos. There are some household items and tools that I use infrequently and can never find, so I started a “Where Am I” list, with storage locations as categories. Those curtain hangers I bought 6 months ago and didn’t use, but don’t want to lose track of... I can look and see exactly where they are and how they are packaged. I reiterate... take a few minutes to learn all options and settings - you will be blown away as to how you can use this app to make your life easier.
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3 weeks ago, LPMemphis
Finally! Nobody forgets the list now!!!
Long-needed, and very well-designed! (And, if you are sharing between or among others, the paid version is the only way to go, as far as I am concerned.) Not only can I create lists, designated locations and new categories, but it's so easy to use that I can keep track of what I need to pack for travels, items needed from home for hospital stays (I'm constantly in and out of the hospital, and seem to need the same items from home each time), gift ideas, chore lists, quarterly house repairs / things to inspect... any kind of list you can imagine. Even items I need to gather as I'm writing each chapter of my dissertation! You can choose to share or not (grocery items, etc., absolutely; gift ideas and dissertation lists, not so much). And everything fits logically. One of my favorite parts is the ability to "cross off" what you have purchased... but retain the entire list (and all purchases prior) in memory for easy new lists; just open your chosen list fully (click the "eye" at the top) to see everything you've gotten during previous trips and uncheck them to active status. You guys have come up with the best idea in ages. This is, without doubt, one of the top ten apps on my phone! *THANK YOU!!!*
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3 years ago, Bertha331
The most functional grocery list app!
Update: this is still an essential app for me. The updates have been stellar—particularly the newer features for prepping multiple recipes at once. Original review: I do all of the meal planning and grocery shopping in my family. This app stores all of the recipes I’ve found worth keeping, and then it makes meal planning a cinch by building a calendar full of meals. Adding ingredients to the shopping list is also easy peasy! The paid version is absolutely worthwhile. But what really drew me in was the ability to customize all of my list categories. The first thing I did was go to the grocery store and build one category per aisle, in the order that I walk through the store. With AnyList’s ability to remember where you categorize items, there are very few edits to make to the list after a few weeks of training it. I have never found another app with this level of customization, and it is the only way that I can get through a week’s worth of shopping in a crushingly busy grocery store in under an hour. Phenomenal! My husband and I both use the app, and I love the rare weeks when we both do the shopping and use the app to live-update as we work from opposite ends of the list.
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2 years ago, adriennehg
Simplifies grocery shopping and meal planning!
I love this app. I feel like I’m an evangelist as I tell all my friends and family about this app. It has helped simplify our grocery shopping and meal planning SO much. I had tried a few different systems for planning and list making but they all fell a little short. I would try one for a bit and abandon it because it didn’t fit the bill. We have been using this nearly daily for over a year and will never switch to anything else! This makes it so much easier to share the load of meal planning and shopping with my spouse. We both have access to the same lists and can see everything in real time. I can add pictures to certain items that I know might trip up my spouse so they know they’ll buy the right thing. When I’m cooking and use up an item I just ask Siri to add it for me (so convenient!). I’ve created collections of recipes for different weeks and can just rotate between them. We made our favorites list so we can easily add our frequent items to the list. We even applied categories based on how we walk through the store, so we can make super quick grocery trips. Seriously love this app and I know I don’t even use all of the features!
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4 years ago, Rainy & Aaron
O b s e s s e d
I seriously LOVE this app. I’m not a huge “app” person- I don’t like a lot of clutter on my phone. But this app is a must have for me. Organization and preparedness brings me peace and a little joy (lol) - and the way it puts all of my groceries into their appropriate categories makes the shopping SO much quicker and more efficient. Needles to say, this is far better than making a grocery list o a piece of paper- that, IF I don’t forget it at home to begin with, I have to carry around and try to cross stuff off with a pen that only works 25% of the time. Lol Easy to cross off items as you go, has a memory for when you run out of items you buy frequently so you can add it back to your list quickly. And it doesn’t just stop at a grocery list. The options are endless. During this whole covid19 situation, I was sewing face masks for family / friends / anyone in need. I used AnyList to keep track of who needed what (how many, gender/print preference, size, etc) and then I separated them into categories for “dropping off”, “picking up”, “mailing”, etc. Then I added the “mailing” ones’ home addresses in there. So then I could take my packages of masks to the post office, pull up my list, fire off addresses and be on my way. Fantastic app, y’all. Bravo.
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3 years ago, KateFried
Great app- just one problem
I’ve had this app for a few years- I’ve convinced many other people to buy it as well. (This is the ONLY app I pay for!) so convenient and easy to use I love it. I can share the list with my spouse so whoever does the shopping has it readily available. If the grocery store is out of something and I need to rethink the meal plan, all the stores recipes makes it incredibly easy to do so on the fly! I love that it tells you which recipe each item is for on your grocery list. I also use it for to do lists, packing, Xmas lists, etc. The only qualm I have is how you import new recipes. In the old version you just copy/paste the URL and it found the recipe off of the website. Quick and easy. I only had two instances ever where it couldn’t differentiate the recipe from other text. Since they’ve ‘upgraded’ the system it’s only worked successfully a few times. You end up having to manually copy/paste the ingredient lists, website, steps and directions. It doesn’t work with Pinterest and many other sites that I get recipes from. AnyList says the problem lies on Pinterest’s (and other sites) end but I’ve got to say- it all worked seamlessly before the shift. I love this app but am still annoyed at the change each time I need to add a new recipe -at least a year later. If I could somehow go back to the old system I’d do it in a heartbeat!
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2 years ago, M.P.Y.
Life Changing
I keep all of my shopping lists in AnyList. I have certain lists that I share with my husband so that if he is going to the grocery store or target he can buy the items that I’ve already added to the list. When he crosses off an item it disappears off of my list as well. Also if I am at a drugstore or a hardware store and I am trying to remember what else I should buy while I am there I can check the items that have been crossed off previously. But the feature that I use the most is my daily task list. I use this list for tasks that have to be done over and over like laundry or exercising or keeping my email account cleared out. I can cross off items as I go throughout my day and then repopulate the list the next day. Thank you AnyList creators! Recently I went on a family trip and everyone in my family was using AnyList. While my husband was driving we discussed what we wanted to eat that week and we we were able to add items to the list. We headed in different directions when we got into the store and since we were all shopping off of the same list we were able to cross items them off while we shopped. Fastest group shopping trip ever!
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6 months ago, emkayess2
Extra Features Are A Game Changer
I am so thrilled with the AnyList grocery app. We were getting meal kits, and we liked them a lot. Knowing you had everything to make a meal made it easier to decide to cook instead of order, and we tried things we’d otherwise not have made. But it was expensive—about $11/serving, still less than eating out—and after a couple years it became a little repetitive. About the time we decided to stop the meals, I AnyList’s (which I’d been using for years) meal planning feature where you can import recipes from the web (or type them in) and then add the recipes to specific days on your meal plan. From there, you add it to your grocery list and right on the list it shows what day you need that item for. This is been a game changer for us. When we shop we can easily see when an item will be used, to help choose level of ripeness of produce, etc. Every day I know what I'm going to cook, so it takes all that horrible, "What do I make now?" decision-making out of it. (That’s the hardest part about cooking, for me.) We're making dinner at home 5 or 6 nights a week now, saving tons of money. I really can't say enough good things about AnyList.
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4 months ago, Westchester007
GREAT Value!!!!
I have been using AnyList for over a year and it has become one of my most valuable and trusted apps. It is extremely convenient and a major time saver. How many times have you been out running errands and your spouse calls to ask that you pick-up a few things from the store, and while driving, you are expected to write them down or remember them all? No more! Your spouse can just add them to the list from their current location and it will immediately synch to the list on your phone. How often do you use the last of an item in your house and forget to add it to your next shopping visit? No more! We all carry our phones in our back pocket, so just take it out and add it to the list. How many times while shopping, do you get inspired to make a favorite recipe only to discover when you got home that you forgot an ingredient or two? No more! You can load your recipes right into the app to generate the shopping list! I’m 60 and can’t even remember why I’m writing this. No more! I have also created an errands list, a travel checklist, a wine/liquor list, etc. It really is easy and you will be very pleased with your decision.
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1 year ago, LDS Dad
Best Shopping List/Recipe app by FAR!!
I absolutely love this app! I have had recipe and grocery list apps of all kinds before. This one is by far the best I have ever used. I got to the point I was just entering recipes in Pages and saving them in categories because I wasn’t finding an app I really liked. Enter Anylist. Being able to export a recipe from a website directly into Anylist most of the time makes it super useful. I have also been copying and pasting my hundreds of recipes from Pages into Anylist. I also love using it on my iPhone where I can take a picture of a printed recipe and copy and paste from the picture into the app. I have started moving mom and grandma’s recipes from paper over. I can’t say enough good about this app. Have a recipe you want to make and know you need some ingredients from the store. Simply click on the item and it is added to your shopping list. We share the app with everyone in the house so if you stop at the store you can checkout the list and pick up what we need. Again; it is by far one of my most used apps and that is saying something as I’m a geek and have many, many apps! Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!
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3 years ago, Missing push notifications
Renew subscription yearly!
Out of 15 pages worth of apps on my phone, this one is my favorite! I occasionally use the desktop version, I frequently use it on my iPad to view recipes while cooking, and I am constantly adding things to my lists from my phone, whenever the thought pops in my head, so I don’t forget to get things when I’m at the store. I will gladly pay for the family plan every year because I love that it syncs across all devices, including my partner’s in case she is the one stopping by the store. I have tried to be more organized and use the meal planning features and they work great… I just don’t keep up with them. I love that I can create my own recipe once and forever return and tap the add-all-that-stuff-to-my-grocery-list button. Before I go grocery shopping, I glance at my list and cross off items I already have at home. Once upon a time, I had to copy & paste recipes into the app but (game changer!!) now there is a send-this-recipe-to-my-AnyList feature. This year I hosted Thanksgiving so I created a folder just for those recipes to keep me on track with buying and preparing stuff. This app is like having a personal assistant. We are kinda besties.
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3 years ago, Wendyannh
Fantastic App!
It’s so flexible, and I love that there is, somewhat incongruously, an excellent recipe list and meal planner function built right in that fully integrates with my main grocery list. There are many recipe apps that have built-in grocery lists, but only for ingredients from those recipes, and none with anywhere remotely near the fantastic customizability and flexibility of AnyList. That lack causes confusion when shopping because of the need to refer to more than one list, or to have to manually transfer ingredients to my main list, which risks leaving something out. With AnyList, though, it’s all right there in one place, and even shows in the list what recipe the item is for and links back to it. That has the additional advantage of being able to easily look and see if a missing ingredient can be substituted with something else if the store is out of something. The only problem is those items *stay* in the list after being checked off, which can really clutter it up quickly if used frequently, so I would recommend to the developer to at least offer an option to have them automatically deleted once checked off.
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6 years ago, ajda
Apple Watch series 4
I have been using AnyList for awhile now on my watch and have come to depend on it so when I got my new Apple Watch series 4 today and went to set it up, one of the first apps I looked for was the AnyList complication to put on one of the new watch faces but found it missing in the complication list. The available complications on the new face list was much shorter than usual so I tried an older watch face that I had been using and found the app missing there too so I went into the Watch app on my iPhone and saw that the app was now uninstalled. When I tried to reinstall it I saw a message saying the developer needs to update and the install icon just kept spinning without installing so I sent a message to the developer telling him what happened and asking when the next update would be. I got an immediate reply saying that I should be able to install the app on the new watch on an older face so I tried again and he was right this time the install went through as did the complication on one of the Watch modular faces. I am happy to have gotten such a fast response and help from the developer so I can again use this great app on my new watch! Thanks very much.
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5 years ago, HD-AZ
No more getting to the store and realizing my list is at home!
We have been using AnyList for years, and love it. Any time we see we’re running low on something, one of us will grab our phone (which, let’s face it, is always at our fingertips) and add it to the AnyList app. Being able to build lists for different types of stores is great. My husband LOVES the photo feature for those less frequently purchased items, because even if I’m not with him, he’s confident that he has selected the correct product. Categorizing makes shopping more efficient, and utilizing Favorites makes populating the list a breeze. When only one of us is at the store, and the other one realizes there’s something else we need, all it takes is a quick add to the list, and the one shopping knows to get it. One of our daughters has added “puppy” to the list a couple of times, but so far that hasn’t worked. I’ve found that I need to be careful with what I add, however. My husband went grocery shopping alone because I wasn’t feeling well, so to express my appreciation while he was at the store, I put “XOXOXO” on the list. He came home with all of the groceries, including a HUGE bag of Hershey’s kisses!
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2 years ago, Cliffblob
My favorite app
I rarely rate apps, never review them, and I generally don’t use paid apps. AnyList is the exception. I love this app. I use it primarily for managing my recipes, and grocery shopping list. It is one of few apps I have integrated to a smart speaker which allows me to easily add to the shopping list as I cook. Only a few eggs left, “Alexa add eggs to the grocery list.” I love finding new recipes online, but printing them results in pages of adds and extraneous info, and finding a recipe means flipping through sheafs of paper. With AnyList I just click the share icon and choose import recipe to AnyList. AnyList does an amazing job of finding the actual recipe, ingredients and procedures and capturing them in a really user friendly format. You can search and rate your recipes, and configure your iPhone to stay unlocked when Using the app so it doesn’t lock while you are following a recipe. It is also so easy to add recipe ingredients to your grocery list by just clicking the checkbox. The app has a meal planning feature which I do not use, but may be helpful for some. It is rare to find an app so we’ll designed and thought out. Bravo AnyList team!
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4 years ago, l.bryfo
First time app reviewer!
Literally never review apps. But here I am because this is my favorite app. I just got the notification to renew my yearly family subscription which means I have been using this app as an integral part part of my routine for over a year (I used the free version for a while until I was addicted...beware this will happen to you!) This is a 5 start app mainly for the grocery list and meal planning and the ability easily copy recipes off the internet and import them. Now my family has all our favorite recipes in one place which simplified the “what should we cook” convo and makes it easy for us to add ingredients to a shared shopping list. As city dwellers we cannot come home to find we forgot a key ingredient and this has solved the problem. I love how it integrates with Alexa so I can just yell at her to add items to list the second I realize we are out. Also if one of us goes shopping and I realize we forgot to add something I can add it to the list even when they are already at the store! This is the only app I pay for and it has been 100% worth it. If you’re looking around for the perfect meal planning/shopping/organizational app, this is it!
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7 years ago, Sweetyjss
Amazing and dependable!
Our family has been using Anylist for years now. We would be lost without it. It is so easy to use and it has so many different features. This is not just a bare bones list maker. I really appreciate how you have updated the app regularly. You keep adding cool stuff. It was easy to choose the upgrade. I love the adding of photos to the items. My husband shops so I can be very clear with the photos in describing each item. No more frustrating episodes of buying what he thought that I wanted. Thank you and keep up the skilled work that you do. Oh, I also appreciate how you listen to our suggestions. It really is amazing. Update: It has been a few years since I wrote the review above. This app has only added features and improved its usefulness. I’m not a big recipe person so the fact that I can create any type of list is the key for me. Being a public school teacher, this list maker is invaluable. Adding the subscription gives you amazing features that you won’t want to miss. Try them out. You won’t want to go without them. The team at AnyList is great at answering any of you concerns. Amazing job AnyList Team!
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6 years ago, kek978
Startlingly well done app!
I rarely review apps, but AnyList continually surprises me with the ease with which I can use it. From remembering things I’ve entered before and the store that they come from, to a watch app that is way better than any other list app I’ve seen. You can filter on your watch, you can add things on your watch. Amazing capability and ease of use. I originally purchased AnyList because it had a good reputation for quick updates, and it certainly does that well. But the rest of the features and the way they are well thought out and implemented is what makes this a great app. The UI isn’t as trendy as some apps, but the way it works is really exceptional. The support is also top notch. I’m also very happy with the yearly subscription type of purchase. That way I know that AnyList will be around for years to come, and I can depend on AnyList being there — since really using an app like this requires that you put a lot of your life into it. I’m still mourning the demise of other great apps that went away because you paid for them once and then over time their revenue stream gradually disappeared. This app is worth every penny and much more!
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3 years ago, Laura_CS
Hostile towards users! Clunky and obtuse interface. You need a manual to navigate it.
Update: I contacted the developer, and got a response from someone whose name I'm not going to mention in "customer support," who -- instead of apologizing for the overly complicated and obtuse documentation for the extensive and clunky rollout, over time, of modifications to the app -- attacked me and my criticism that the ins and outs of this app are not obvious or straightforward. If it had been, I would not have needed to write my previous review (below.) You can no longer create a list the way you want to --adding and deleting items at will -- with the confidence that you can go back and type in a few characters and find the previous items when you need them again. No. Now you get one list, made up of descriptions other people thought up that may have nothing to do with you. And if you delete an item, it's gone forever and you have to retype it. The stupid "hide" function -- which I guess is supposed to substitute for deleting and re-adding when you're ready -- leaves you with a big mess of items to wade through, then cross off or uncross and "Unhide" so you can see the list of items that you actually need at the store. BUT don't make a mistake in those crossing off actions! You'll have to wade through the whole mess again to find it and restore it. This app isn't worth anything anymore.
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8 months ago, Eb9934
Been with this exceptional App from beginning
The very best app out there. I only pay for 1 app n this is it. These guys are above & beyond all others. 👏👏👏👏 Best part of this app is you can set up any type of list you need. I’m 80 n don’t have the best of memory any more. I have a HEALTH LIST for both my hubby n myself. It’s very detailed. He was rushed to the hospital not to long ago and I was so thankful for this list. When dr was asking about his meds, heath condition’s, etc I was able to provide him with every single answer due to putting all this info in my phone when I was calm and could think at home. He has all my info as well in his phone. So do both our children. O, another great feature for us, is next to everything we shop for at grocery has a picture of the product. So much easier!!! Many of my recipes are in this app as well! Super smart guys! ❤️They will also text you with an answer to any issues you have. Thank you guys for all your skills and putting it to good use to help people keep track of pretty much anything they need to have at finger tips/our arm extension-our phone! Lol 😂
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2 years ago, MamaChile
I rely on this app daily
I have few apps I use as often as AnyList. It has become a valuable tool I use every day, multiple times per day. I update the grocery list any time I run out of something at home. Each item allows for you to put which stores you can buy that item, save it as a favorite so it automatically comes up the same every time you need it again, and then when you go shopping at one of those stores, hit the filter button and it will only show those items you need from that store. I love that. The Recipe section allows for importing recipes from different apps. And then you can select those when creating a meal plan. It is the first time in my life I am actually using a meal plan daily (of course, I had to put “Look at meal plan” on my To Do list -repeated daily- to remind me and get that new habit started). I love this app so much, that I, generally, won’t use a cooking/recipe app that doesn’t allow for sending the recipe to AnyList. Additionally, I am in the construction trade and have created Hardware store lists for jobs. This app is highly valuable to me.
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2 years ago, patrick - western, MA
One of the most useful apps I’ve found
I used to have lists everywhere- on paper, in Notes app, on Google Drive - everywhere. With AnyList I now have all my lists in one place - groceries, big box stores, home improvement stores, pet supplies stores all have their own list - you just add to it when you think of it then open the list when you are at the store- makes it tough to forget things. I share this lists with my wife so we can both add to them anytime and remove items when one of goes to the store. The best use I have found is for my daughter at college - we have a list for her and she can add items to it whenever, avoiding the multiple texts that get lost over time. I purchased the subscription after year of using the feee version because I now have a home improvement list that I wanted to add a picture to so it can help me remember exactly what the problem is. Using the meal planner is next - I created one using the free version, but it was a bit cumbersome with having to add the days all of the time. Great app- highly recommended!
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4 years ago, MTguy23
Absolutely the Best List App
There are a lot of list apps. I’ve tried many of them. AnyList is the only really well thought-out and well-executed app. They’ve added all the useful items. Multiple stores on one list? No problem. Categories or aisles within each store? No problem. Multiple stores on a list with different categories for the same item? No problem. Easy to check off a current multi-store shopping list? No problem. Recipe import support? Yup. Recipe scaling? Yup. Multi-store pricing? Yes. Total the cost of what you’ve put on your list? Easy. By store? Easy. We shop four major stores, three for groceries and two for other items. AnyList handled every need that I threw at it. And even when I couldn’t figure out a perfect workflow for how we use the lists, I asked for help and received a personal message a few hours later — and it had total instructions for the solution. Documentation is very thorough. If you are serious about managing your shopping lists, then AnyList is worth every penny. I do really wish they’d make family sharing (for two) just a little lest costly.
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2 weeks ago, jSchmetterling
My absolute favorite app!!
I absolutely adore Anylist. I am a very list-driven person and this app has the absolute best features to keep me and my family organized. My favorite feature is the favorites. I have multiple lists set up on my phone… grocery lists for different stores and travel lists, such as camping and international travel. When planning a trip, I open the favorites and select all the items for that trip. So easy. Partner running to the store… “do we need anything from Costco?” I just open the favorites in the Costco list and check if anything we typically buy from that store is needed. If we are running low on something it only takes a moment to add it to the list because most things I buy are in my favorites so they auto populate. And wait…. It gets better… when I’m at the store, my list is already sorted in the same order as the store layout! No backtracking, and very little extra ends up in my cart because my list is so neat and organized I don’t spend any time “wandering the isles!” Absolutely in love with this app!
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5 months ago, SeeReeves
This is quite literally the best app I’ve ever used.
I am basically an AnyList evangelist. I cannot stop telling everyone how amazing it is. And every time I turn around, I discover something else amazing it does. I cannot more highly recommend this app. We have the paid version and my husband and I have shared grocery lists. I’m able to add items by area of the store and create new and organize those areas of the store anyway I want on the list. We can make a list and then place an online order straight from AnyList to the H-E-B app. Importing recipes is so easy and then using the app as our cookbook is great. You can choose the scale of the recipe (say you want to double the recipe) and AnyList automatically adjusts the ingredients. Adding the ingredients from the recipe to the grocery lists is super easy. Also, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to say this, but the app gets around both the Bon Appétit and New York Times Cooking paywalls (though, we do pay for Bon Appétit). But if you’re on the paywall page for the recipe and you use Add to AnyList, it still imports the full recipe and details.
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2 years ago, Tried to make it work.
Just what we needed...
A few years ago I wanted to find a way to track things my wife and I needed to purchase at the store. We experimented with a few other competitive products and found to be just the right ticket! Both of us are able to update the same list. The ability to add comments is very useful. The notification feature is extremely useful. For example, when I am picking up some things at the store for my wife, she can see when I cross them off the list on her phone. Even better, if she thinks of something else she can add it to the list and I am notified while I am walking down the grocery aisle. Once you start using the list, you'll find that it is helpful for much more than groceries. To me life is a lot about list management. This is a great tool for managing all sorts of various lists. I have not been using the upgraded version but eventually they'll probably hook me up with something I just have to have. But meanwhile we are very grateful for the free version and it is extremely useful to our family. Thank you.
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2 years ago, SweSwirl
Sep ‘22 UPDATE: I have been using this (paid version) for 3 or 4 years now. It is still awesome. Just wanted to give credit where credits is due! I spent two weeks trying out EVERY single grocery shopping app in the AppStore. Most really sucked. A handful were ok. None were really good, EXCEPT this one. This is the ONLY one that has all the features that I believe are necessary for a great grocery app: • Beautiful design (I can’t stand ugly design) • Great user interface and user experience • The ability to filter your grocery items by store • The ability to add price to the items • The ability to add notes and take a picture of the items. To the developers: This app is amazingly well done. Much kudos to you guys. I bought the family version right away after I saw that it had what I wanted. Keep it up! And please, don’t break it with silly “upgrades”. Upgrades are only acceptable if/when they improve the Ux. If it breaks the app or the Ux, then you messed up big time. Don’t rush to go live. It works great right now! Thanks for your hard work!
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6 years ago, Unbridled Engineer
My first review- Great app!!!
I’ve tried LOTS of cooking and list apps, but never liked them- until I found this one. You can modify or customize most anything! It works with other apps and functions, such as REMINDERS, calendars, locations. You can share task lists for projects, shopping lists and recipes with multiple people. When I’m meeting others for a long vacation, we share the kitchen packing list. When one of us marks an item off our list, it’s also marked off the shared list immediately. I have a “Take to Daughter” list that she or I add items to before a scheduled visit. My husband goes to the meat market, while I go to the grocery co-op, and this app lets me assign stores to items, which keeps our lists “separate, but together”. I can import most recipes automatically with a single click from web pages, but I can cut and paste entire ingredient lists and directions if it can’t import automatically. So easy! It will put recipe ingredient lists on a shopping list easily, and I choose which list. It will import costs for items from assigned stores and calculate a running total.
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1 year ago, KO_review
Life changing organization app
I can’t recommend this app enough and I regularly recommend it to my friends and family. This app has been instrumental in keeping my life more organized and keeping food waste low in our house! I love how easy it is to meal plan using the recipes that I’ve imported. When I have it done for the week, it cuts down on the daily decisions.. and combats answering the favorite dreaded question of “what’s for dinner?”. The family plan is essential for us and I love that we can all edit shared lists and meal plans. I also greatly appreciate the recipe imports, meal planning calendar, and ease of adding things to our grocery list (and with a label for what recipe it is from/ how much is needed! Sooooo helpful when grocery shopping). We’ve used the Shop Online feature a few times too and it makes those extra busy weeks even easier (we so far have only used the Instacart option). This app is definitely one of my most used apps and we love it so much! Thank you for adding such thoughtful and streamlined features!!
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6 years ago, kg7yuo
My favorite new app!
My wife and I work opposite shifts and sometimes we done see each other at all during the week so weekends is our time together. For years we would do all our shopping and to do list stuff on the weekends so our time together was spent out shopping for the next week or two. Recently I had 3 weeks off for medical issues and couldn’t do much except sit around the house so I got really, really bored and started organizing our files, pictures, everything and in doing so I found we needed some better organizing systems. I found online grocery shopping is awesome, found an app to organize bills and finance but couldn’t find any apps I liked for all the lists we create and never bring or she writes a list and changes her mind several times it all looks like scribble by the time we needed it for shopping. This is how I found Anylist and so far absolutely love it! We create meal plans for several weeks, shopping list, recipes that she never can find are now stored conveniently in one place and a really great feature is it is compatible with Apple Watch.
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3 years ago, mcleen
First Rate Organizational Tool
My wife and I have had a subscription version of the app for a number of years. It has become absolutely indispensable in our household. The shared shopping list function works splendidly; we frequently team up from opposite ends of the grocery store and meet up at the check-stand with a completed list. Over time, the list has adapted to us. The ability to include photos has significantly reduced errors in bringing back incorrect items when one of us is out solo. The ability to add to the list when one of us is home, and one on the shopping trip is wonderful. We have also created packing lists for trips that have significantly reduced the “what did we forget?“ anxiety that used to accompany us as we got further from home. Our “Movies We Want To See” list has helped us out on free nights. Updates to the program have almost always been welcome improvements. We have no qualms about recommending the app, and happily pay our subscription fee; we get more than our money’s worth.
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2 years ago, Southernfam5
This app is a game changer!!!
I started using the free version for just my grocery lists and I loved it! I set up separate lists for my favorite stores and edited the categories to the layout of each store, so I can shop without wandering back and forth between departments. I was able to link to my Alexa and easily add things to my lists verbally from any room without having to remember to do it later! Then I decided to try the paid version. Oh My Goodness!!! I can import recipes from apps like Pinterest directly into AnyList. THEN I can create a meal/menu calendar. When I’m viewing recipes I plan to make, I can simply click to add individual ingredients I will need, and AnyList will ADD those ingredients to my shopping lists! 😳 As a person who used to spend hours planning meals for the month, writing one list for what I need, another list to separate by stores I shop, and finally organizing each list according to the layout of the store, this app has completed changed this and made my meal planning SO much easier!!! I recommend tenfold!
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4 years ago, B_Runk
Love the app
As stated in my title, I LOVE this app. The ability to store all the cool recipes you see online but either bookmark and forget or think you’ll remember and you don’t, categorize all the recipes to make them easier to find, and being able to add all or a select number of ingredients to a shopping list? Amazing. Perhaps life changing. So why not 5 stars, you may be asking. It bouls down to one super irritating thing: crossing things off the shopping list. You swipe your finger across the item, which does one of three things: backs you out of the list to the menu screen, meaning you have to go back to your list and scroll to find the thing you were trying to cross off; tries to move the item out of its category to a new one; or finally just scrolls you up or down the list. On average it probably takes me anywhere from 3 to 10+ swipes to get the item crossed off. While you’re blocking aisles with your cart, trying to knock things off a list, this is stressful and extremely frustrating. If, unlike me, you don’t mind blocking aisle access or not crossing items off a list, then you’ll be a-ok, and I envy you.
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