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User Reviews for AOL Mail, News, Weather, Video

4.53 out of 5
473.4K Ratings
1 year ago, Mountainviewlew
Address book messed up after conversion to web and Gold
I will never get Gold straightened out unless I type each one in, and Category does not work, Web AOL is cumbersome and hard to read. But address book aka Contacts is pretty good. Just not in alphabetical order and cannot use more than one category, or merge categories, or change an individual’s category. If I am going to compose an email to a group/category, I cannot Compose it for two groups/categories. It really makes me want to investigate other providers. This is an old one apparently never sent, but still true. Jerome Lewis PS added: Too many Spam emails. Cannot get rid of them. Spam controls too difficult to use. Unsubscribe usually does not work. JL PS update 9-6-22: These Spams are driving me crazy. I am about to switch to Google and I do with some contacts. The Spams consist of many things about aging and health, and they are repetitious. Camp Legeune keeps coming up, and all kinds of things about sex. .. if I try to block an address, and there are too many, it won’t work, and it says people unable to reach me will not be notified. I thought the first part was sent before.
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Big improvement!
Thank God AOL finally put together a decent app! The prior ones froze and their compatibility with iPhones was not great. All the bad reviews were issues I saw with the old version. Yes, the older apps were horrible. I finally had to delete it from my phone. This new 6.0 version has been out for a week and it’s totally a different app. It’s incredibly better, more user friendly, and more logical compared to gmail! Thank you AOL. I started with AOL in 1993 , I’m still a paid subscriber to guarantee that I don’t lose emails (which has actually happened), and I run my business with AOL. I can’t get myself to succumb to google’s Gmail. One final thing — your news feed needs to feed us THE NEWS— not the skewed opinion by whoever you’re hiring to write the news. Then it no longer is news- it’s your writers’ opinions. Not interested in their opinion. They’re journalists. Show both sides with respect, dignity, and neutrality. Just state the verified facts and don’t leave out details that skew the picture. Trust me, you’ll be more respected. Tell your writers to take lessons from Walter Cronkite— he was a legend.
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1 year ago, Newipadlady
Attachments not showing up.
Having a problem with this new AOL 6 mail ap on my iPad. Got an email yesterday from a trusted friend. On the iPad I could not open up the link they had sent to me. In fact there was no content visible in their email. But when I opened the same email on my iPhone, all content and links could be seen and clickable. I called him and he resent the emails but same again. Nothing viewable or clickable on version on iPad but same email, all viewable and clickable on iPhone. I went through all settings on both AOL app and iPad and could not find anything to allow attachments to become viewable. HELP!!!!! I need to have this fixed on my iPad so I can see attachments! All else seems to be working but to be honest, I DO NOT like this new version of the AOL mail app. Also I have brand new iPad and iPhone that this AOL mail app is running on. I would appreciate a response to solve this issue for me. Ive been an AOL member since almost day 1. Thank you.
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3 years ago, IrishBuffalo
Cuts off first letter of address and won’t send
I read that this problem has been commented on a year ago and it’s still a problem. I have the newest edition of this app. AOL was working well with no problem when used in my mail app on my Apple products, but now I’ve been advised you won’t support my doing this anymore. I’m very disappointed and will begin the process of changing over to another mail service at great inconvenience after many years using AOL. I received a response from your team which seems to be your standard response to many of your dissatisfied customers. I did as directed and the first letter still gets cut off an email address resulting in it not being sent. As I read other criticisms, this isn’t a new issue. Why can’t you fix the problem? I’m surprised your advertisers are continuing to use your company. They must not be reading the reviews. Too bad you no longer allow us to use the Apple all-inclusive email program. AOL worked well in there. I’ve been notifying those on my address list to use my gmail address instead of this one. Read the complaints and fix the problems! Deleting, rebooting and reinstalling doesn’t work. And to suggest going off WiFi and on to a data plan is asinine. The problem is not with your consumers, it’s with your faulty product. Hire someone who knows how to fix it.
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3 years ago, K2ZAM
I’ve had an AOL account since the early-mid 90’s. Having the hoops to jump through (losing all my data in the process) just to keep it linked to my other mail accounts was ridiculous. Having mail all in one place makes efficient sense but that just isn’t to be with my AOL account anymore. I would drop it except I feel a bit caught by the short hairs (so to speak) being that I’ve had this address for probably over 25years and want to keep it the same. I’ve downloaded the app and retrieve my mail that way now. I HATE how the the first thing I get when opening my mail is an advertisement at the top of my mail list. There are a few other features I find [mildly] annoying but can overlook it. The platform is VERY similar to Google Mail and simple enough to use. I think the bottom line is I just didn’t appreciate being pretty much forced to change up what was working fine for me. UPDATE I pretty much hate it. It lacks many of the features I liked in my old mailbox. I can’t stand how ants me to use their web search to access links from my email and how it asks for my log in information anytime I do se the link from my email. I dislike this new aol more and more each time I use it.
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1 year ago, CH769
I can’t even really write a review because the app is not working. I do not receive emails from everyone that sends me emails. I deleted the app and tried to do the original email online but that didn’t make any difference so I have the app back on my phone now but like I said I do not receive emails people send me emails and I never receive them. I did the whole reinstall the app/restart the phone routine several times. It still is not working properly. One of the greatest things about aol mail has always been it’s spam filtering capability. Now if I block to all, but my contact list, every slimy, smarmy, spammy piece of mail sent my way gets into my spam folder, but emails from other senders that I know, but haven’t entered into my contacts yet, just disappear. They don’t even appear in my spam folder so that I can select them out of all the garbage to keep and read. I have had my aol account since I got my first computer in 1995 and in the past I would have given it 5 stars without thinking about it. I spent many a pleasant hour in the chat rooms back then. It was better than Facebook will ever be, but you tried to fix something that wasn’t broken and that is sad.
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4 years ago, KellySwiftie
Emails don’t send out
Hi! I’ve been an AOL mail user for quite a long time, over 10 years! and I really love AOL. But when I try to write messages out and send them when using the app, my messages don’t send out and I receive a pop up message saying “Oops, this is embarrassing, something went wrong.” Then I’d have to send the whole message again or I have to type it up again which is annoying. I keep in touch with friends through my email and want to be sure my messages are sent but 90% of the time on my app it pops up that message. It works fine if I go on the website into my account on the computer but for some reason the app won’t cooperate all the time when using the app. I figured I’d mention this to you because I feel it should be fixed so everyone has the chance to send emails through their phones without any problems. I’m not quite sure if anyone else has this issue but I know I’ve been having it since I’ve downloaded the app years ago.
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3 years ago, BillyW1952
Typical Failure of Something that worked for the user
When something works as well as AOL mail has for decades, it seems inevitable that it has to get changed, in this day and age, to make sure that if you are elderly, it won’t work easy any longer, and becomes virtually impossible to get it to work correctly with other programs. I did use it on my windows computer and my iPad. Now I am told that it won’t work any longer after Oct 20. Supposed instructions are given to make it continue operating with your present system, however, when u read the instructions it tells me that my older “windows live mail” will no longer work with the new system. So nothing on my older windows system computer will read AOL mail. They tell me that I can install an IOS app on my iPad and use that and I did try, however, while it works on its own, with plenty of junk commercials attached, I can no longer send attachments or articles from other programs, through AOL mail. Very few choices in using email, and I am too old and tired to try and learn any new system. Looks like I will have to rely on my one other email account and change the send to address from AOL to it. Good luck if you wish to use the “new” AOL email.
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3 years ago, pkease fix this
Recently whenever I click the app to check my mail, instead of instantly taking me to my mail as it’s done for a year, it now requires me to sign in every time I click the app. I don’t like that. Please fix it or tell me how to do it. Thank you. Part two: it worked briefly today and I thought it was because you fixed it. Now I’m back to having to sign in every time I want to check mail. I hate it! Please, please fix it so I can just hit the icon and my mail is instantly visible as it’s been for the last year that I’ve had this phone. Part Three: It worked for one day and now it has returned to making me sign in multiple times a day and kicking me off midway through reading an email. Whoever decided to “fix” what wasn’t broken should be firede. Part Four: it worked yesterday for a few hours. I could access my mail as I used to, by just clicking on the app button. Now I have to sign in several times a day again and I get kicked off half way through an email. Someone decided to fix what wasn’t broken and really mucked it up. Please put it back the way it was. It worked great for the year I got to use it. Part Five: this app will close email abruptly while you’re reading. What’s really annoying is that it will it will abruptly close while you’re filling out a form or writing a reply to an email. It’s awful.
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5 years ago, retspcer
Inability to leave sign in feature on.
1. Within the last month I have experienced issues which occurred the last time I was hacked. Same font and same window. Now each time I sign in it automatically signs me out if I leave it on it switch to another app on my iPhone or iPad. This makes me believe that someone else is using my accounts. And my other account will not open either. I have attempted to contact aol but they only give assistance to paid members. I have been a member since the beginning and as a retiree from aol/TW have never been forced to pay. 2. I have too much mail and would like to select mail and mass delete as I could if I had a computer. But I no longer have one. When I inquired about a change in the app I was told it can’t be done and to use a computer. Sorry I can’t give a better review at this time because I love aol. But I no longer feel safe or able to get assistance. Possibly you as the developer can do something and notify aol members.
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5 years ago, CAS3000
So Many Problems Lately
I’ve had AOL for decades and everything was reliable up until the last 6-12 months. At some point AOL mail within the general iOS email app would disappear, would have to reload ALL the old email once it finally managed to reconnect, and then would still be unreliable when sending as some things would seem to go but actually just be shoved into a drafts folder while others would go out via one of my non-AOL accounts without me realizing what had happened. Did all the usual things to try and address the issue to no avail. Seemed to be something at the other end and not on these devices. So I turned to this AOL app hoping I’d overcome some of these obstacles with the iOS general email app but this app is glitchy and unreliable with the issues others here have mentioned...having to log back in each time, etc. I really hope these issues are fixed. I’ve been very happy with AOL and didn’t jump ship for things like gmail when many others did but I can’t imagine sticking around in the AOL eco system much longer with it becoming as unreliable as it has lately. Really do hope these issues are fixed soon.
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4 years ago, Tulip172839
Logging in constantly is a pain
I used this app on my iPhone for years without having to log in very often. It remembered me and my sign in info for weeks or months at a time and was very easy to quickly check email throughout the day. Something changed in the last couple months and it asks me to login constantly. Sometimes several times a day. It’s tedious having to constantly log back in all day every day - there’s now no such thing as just checking the email real quick. Why was this changed? Why is there no option or checkbox to toggle on that says “remember me”. It’s not a public computer, it’s my personal phone that’s locked and needs a passcode to access. It makes no sense that I should have to log in every time I want to do that. What’s the point in even having the app then? I’ll just login through the browser. Or better yet, I’ll find a different provider whose app functions in a less annoying way. Do better aol. I can see from a quick google search that I am not the only user severely annoyed by this failure to stay logged in on my phone.
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3 days ago, Annie Okra
I have been with AOL since I got a computer in 2001. As time has gone by, life has changed. My children have begun to make demands on me by gifting me with an iPad one Christmas and more recently with an iPhone. It takes old people time to figure out these new, and admittedly helpful, gadgets. I only recently decided to try the AOL app. I have found this to be a huge help as I don't have to go thru the process of getting online and searching for AOL. Many thanks! September 4, 2017 Ditto as to the above I said before. One problem I find having is changing the passwords and having them apply on all three; Desk Top, iPad and iPhone. Is it possible to change the password On all three at one time? Thanks! Still with AOL. People often tell me to go to an email carrier I do not have to pay for but, poor as I am, I will remain with AOL. Thank you. July 22, 2022
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3 years ago, Nonicknamerequired
Version 6.0.0
UPDATE: I have changed my rating from 2 stars to 5 stars. I deleted the app off my phone, rebooted and reinstalled it and this has fixed all the previous issues I was having with missing emails. So far it’s working great & I have no complaints! Previous - Although I love the new look of this most recent update, I have had multiple issues retrieving my mail. Only certain days are available. Example, I accessed my mail for December 27 & 26th but the 25 & 24th mail is no where to be found then it skipped all the way to the 23rd! I also noticed I’m not receiving all the emails I was on a daily basis & they are not in my spam folder either. It’s super frustrating because I now have to login to my laptop to make sure I didn’t miss any important emails. I hope this glitch can be fixed soon as I relied greatly on this app on a daily basis.
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11 months ago, De Vanna 7654
Stop letting junk emails through
Update Nov 2022: they replied to this review telling me things I already know and tried. No help at all. I obviously mark emails as spam all the time. And why are emails that are legitimate going to the Junk folder? No help there. This app is not good. Original review: There’s no way for me to fix the spam filters… because they don’t exist. I called AOL and they had the audacity to suggest I pay to get tech support… in order to get the mailbox to behave as it should: delivering me my email, keeping out spam, and respecting if I’ve identified something as spam. I had to do a workaround and set up filters to send common junk words like “McAfee” and “Shark Tank” and “Mail Order Bride” to the Junk folder… and now AOL sends tons of my legitimate emails to the Junk folder, when my legitimate emails don’t AT ALL match the filter I set up. So… AOL either does way too little (let’s all the spam through), or it chooses to do what I NEVER asked it to do (send important emails like bills and renewal notices and subscriptions to Junk). This is garbage and I’ll be closing this mailbox soon.
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4 years ago, NiaBiaBaby
So annoying
I had previously rated the app four stars. I have come back to downgrade to two stars simply because I am truly aggravated with this app yet again. Every so often for some unknown reason the app just decides to sign me out. I will uninstall and reinstall the app to know avail then after doing this a good 287 or so times it will finally trigger and leave me signed in until another year or so passes and I have to go through the same thing again. I have other email carriers but this has and always will be my primary email. Those other email apps I check on a weekly and monthly basis. This one I check periodically throughout the day, so the constant need to sign in again several times on a daily basis is most upsetting. I hope there is a fix for this because I don’t know how long I can keep doing this before I am forced to make a switch.
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5 years ago, Romeo Rising
Best email service in the world!
Ive been a loyal AOL customer since its beginning or in ‘95 anyways [not exactly sure what year they started]. In the last 28 years AOL has never crashed on me nor lost any data. Proof of that is in the fact I have over 150,000 emails that I still have access to. I know I'm fully guilty of never clearing stuff out but getting 500+ emails a day it adds up. The thing is too that it is so easy to place mail in different folders that they never screw up either. Ive read in a blog post that AOL is out-dated... so Ill try other email providers and keep coming back to AOL for news and keeping my mail for so long and consistently. I can’t say any other company on the web has a track record that perfect. Compared to yahoo, gmail, outlook, hotmail, etc. AOL is still the easiest, safest, fastest free email provider in the world.
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3 years ago, kenziryann
Doesn’t refresh in the background
This app bugs me.... I have notifications set up..... I get a lot of emails so I don’t always check them. But when I see a notification I’d like to check, I click on the notification so it can take me to the app so I can see what the email is in it’s entirety. Once I click on a new notification..... it’ll take me to my email inbox page and a pop up comes up saying “THIS MESSAGE DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE”. And I know why it does that..... it does that because the app doesn’t think that email is there (since it’s so new- and I clicked on the notification as soon as I got it). Sometimes I can wait a minute or two and the pop up will go away and it will take me to that email...... but usually it doesn’t. So basically...... this app doesn’t refresh in the background when not in use. I suppose it’s good for battery life reasons. But it’s also annoying when I open the app and have to wait like 30 seconds for all my new emails to load.......... I wish they were all loaded by the time I went to the app.
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4 years ago, whhttg
Review of AOL news
Poorly organized website. Disjointed story lines ( frequent next page continuation of stories often never giving the story in the headline) and misleading headlines (frequently subject does not follow headline of story). Also, news is biased toward stories that reflect the philosophy and ideals of the liberal democrats or socialists’ view point. Much news is not reported except in a cursory or negative way when it involves a conservative subjective or President Trump. Opinions and impressions are often reported as facts which tries to lead the reader to think as you do which is either as a liberal democrat or a socialist ideologue. You are not a news organization when it comes to reporting political news but unfortunately a biased agency running a campaign supporting only the Democratic Party. You do not report on the conservative view point except to dismiss them as evil thinkers because they do not believe in identity politics, open borders or big federal/socialized government that knows better than the individual regarding how to take care of themselves. You do not promote independent thoughts. Sincerely, Veltman 510
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4 years ago, 44NikkiS
Constantly logging in...
I have a Verizon email that was migrated to aol. Originally, I could use the Mail app and check my email with no issues. Then I started getting these error messages and I couldn’t access email anymore. So I installed this app to have direct access to my email. The problem is that it’s not direct access. I have to log in every time I want to check my email and it doesn’t stay open so that if I get a phone call while I’m checking my email I have to log in again when I get off the phone. There’s no option to use my fingerprint and every other time it’s telling me that my login has expired. Seriously? I have a lot of email and not a lot of time to check it in between meetings during the course of the day. If the app can’t give me direct access to my email, what’s the point of the app? I may as well be logging in to AOL from chrome on my computer once a day when I’m no longer working. I see that other people are expressing this same concern. Why hasn’t it been fixed?
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2 years ago, Britz2
Thank you Apple Support. I did your recommendation of deleting the app, restarting my phone and reinstalling the app and mail arrived sounds are coming through as mail is received! I have updated my review! Thanks The biggest feature I loved about this app is the fact it notified me immediately when mail arrived! Well it used to anyway! Periodically sound notifications stop coming through. I have checked all of my settings and the sounds and notifications are turned on. My fix was to delete the app and download it again. Well now that doesn’t correct the problem anymore. My mail arrival sound is no longer alerting me again! If anyone out there has a fix for this please post it! If AOL would correct this I would gladly rate with 5 stars....
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12 months ago, InsanityCentral
AOL crashes constantly on my iPad when checking my email. I have the the beta version of IOS 16. I’ve tried many things to try and keep it from crashing but NOTHING works. But it works fine on my iPhone 13 ProMax which also has the beta version installed on it. This morning I received an email from the developer that was sent through Apple. I followed the instructions to try a remedy the problem. But AOL continues to crash when checking my email when using my iPad! This morning (Tuesday Sep 20), Apple sent an IOS 16 update to my iPhone. After installing it, AOL Mail is crashing on my iPhone as well. So this is definitely a problem with the AOL app, which is NOT working with IOS 16! Not sure what was done but the AOL is working again today on my iPhone and iPad without crashing! I’ll update my review again in a couple of days. Hopefully, I will not have any further problems. 😊
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1 year ago, Grammy T.
AOL and me… July 24, 2022
I have been been with AOL for years; and I’m talking many, many years. Very few times has something come up that I had to call AOL for help. Customer Service was always great! I come from a family of 6 girls, and we have always been a close family. For a number of years at 6:00 p.m. anyone of us us who was available, at that time, went into the AOL Chat Room. We were scattered from the East Coast to the West Coast, but being in the Chat Room kept us up with each other’s families and Ives. Often all 6 of us girls were in the Chat Room together. So many times we were hysterical with laughter. I have our Chat Room conversations printed out, and though time has marched on, looking back reading our messages to each other, are treasures for me that I wouldn’t part with. “Memories are windows that keep the past in view.” I’m a great grandmother now, and the Lord has called 3 of the girls home. I have so many more precious memories because of AOL. It would be impossible to remember all our conversations without being in the Chat Room, and the printed paper they are on. I’m way up in my eighties, and will stay with AOL till it’s my time to be called home. Thank you AOL. Clyeda Tezak, Vista, CA
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3 years ago, Hudsonite12345
Have to confess that I am SOOOO impressed with this new AOL app because the old version was terrible. The old version—new emails were not showing up in New Mail in timely way on my iPad/iPhone (whereas I would see the new emails when I accessed AOL via the web on my laptop); the new version—new emails are showing up in New Mail on iPad/iPhone just as they are showing up on my laptop. Old version—emails were not synched between iPad/iPhone/laptop; new version—emails are synched between all devices (whichever device I delete/compose/read emails on, the other devices reflect that action immediately). Old version—when I would click on link to Zoom meeting in an email, Zoom app would not open via Safari; new version—clicking on link to Zoom meeting in an email opens up Zoom app. Sooo pleased with new AOL app!
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3 years ago, Paul Laughlin
Glitches Persist
I’ve been using this app for years. New updates have made it the most glitchy app on my iPad. It shuts down about half the time when I delete an email or file an email. I just got the newest update and it’s still the same. The App Store shows quite a few reviews saying the same thing and I have similar experiences with it on my iPhone. Hopefully someone is checking the reviews and is working on a fix. Please fix the app. It’s worse than ever, it shuts down constantly when I switch from email to email, nearly every time when I delete an email. It was reliable for a very long time, then this became a problem after an update or two,ago. After the most recent update it became far worse.
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3 years ago, Quilter 1
All I need is an email app, attach documents and print
Wow, junk ads at the top of the in box faking as new mail, inability to add documents as attachments in a message or response, if you click on links within the email message it opens up a weird window that appears to be some browser like page but it doesn’t interact with vpn I have installed on my iPad ( and no way to know the safety of the webpages), it doesn’t display the web address of what has been opened. This weird browser appears to secure web pages as an unique device(so I have to do a two-factor authorization), there is no back button, no ability to save a pdf to a file (if that is what the link opened) and no ability to print the said pdf. If I want to do anything of those things I need to hold the link down in the email message and open safari. I don’t need a news feed, nor videos, nor the other side info not related to mail. The help with email link within the app goes to page that “opps” doesn’t exist. Come on, AOL you can do better than this!
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2 months ago, me and likeminded Americans
Was fine before update
I had to change my email password due to possible data breach of unrelated company. I first did that on my PC. Then I had to do it on my iPad and iPhone with some difficulty. To fix new problem in accessing my email on my iOS devices, I had to delete email APP then reinstall. What was reinstalled was an update. I hate this new version! I have to wait for emails to load even though on PUSH settings. I hate the format! I wish I could have the old format back! I followed advice of developer: uninstalled the AOL app, turned off my iPad, turned it back on, reinstalled the app and still same problem. Tried switching to another internet connection and still same problem. I hate this new format. I want the list of incoming emails taking up most of the screen with the ability to hover over the email address to decide if I want to open the email and to have the left border of the screen with the list of my folders, like it was before this disastrous update.
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5 years ago, NYC old school
Used to me my favorite
A little bit funny that one day all my e mails were blank. I had gotten a hint that someone might have hacked my mail but didn’t change my password. All my most important documents were on this trusted site. I am a basic over 60 person so it was easy to navigate the attachments were easy like I said it had all my data and personal records on it. I still feel like it was extortion sorry but one day everything is blank on my OC and my I phone. Apple with many hours of me freakingbout to recover mail told me it was the server. They were correct my other accounts g mail yahoo all working. We tried going through Safari but here is the creepy part. Call their Tec support number and you are routed to a person who promises to get you up and running AND lost e mail back for a monthly fee. Talk about making you a hostage a vulnerable moment. I still am livid now I don’t trust them. Long story of course I paid what a racket BUT they never got access in my phone working why? It’s the server!! I don’t walk around with a PC I use my phone. With promises to recover lost whitewashed mail ( something fishy) ok got that up but my phone what I really need access to, NOT working m. That’s not fixed for me to go through safari mail and type it in. It’s not private and it’s annoying. All other mail works. I paid FIX THE SERVER or refund my money!! I don’t think I will ever trust them again.
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3 years ago, Stardus567
Using this app on iOS is annoying
Sorry, but I would rather use the less secure mail app. Links in email are opened with in the app instead of in safari and there is no option to get to safari. Without safari I have to type in my passwords and logins every time. Annoying aol. Face ID doesn’t work. Your other options for retrieving my aol mail are also less than user friendly. Annoying is the most polite way I can put this. I’m very tempted to switch email providers if that wasn’t such a headache. The developers response isn’t really valid, my complaints are about the functionality of the app and the ability to actually get out of the aol app and into safari. I don’t have a problem using your app, or at least I wouldn’t if it was as functional as the one that is within iOS. Give me the option to open links in safari, allow me to quickly move emails to other folders and not search down an alphabetical list.
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3 years ago, WhyWyoming122
It’s always telling you that you’re logged out
Updated 6/11. Be very careful updating your password, the app times out the request, but on AOL’s end evidently it shows that you’re trying too many times to log in. When you call customer service as a premium member they blame you and tell you to wait 24 hours. But you’re really not. You wait 30 or 40 seconds and your mail (that they alerted you was there because you’re signed in) will appear. That’s the main reason for the 1 Star, but other reasons include way too many ads, news is worthless (I have news apps for that), and why a web search. Just stick with freaking email. I’m actually an AOL paying subscriber. Not sure why anymore, other than out of pure nostalgia and morbid curiosity about how long they will last, but I think that should at least get me an ad free experience. Edited on 5/20 in response to the developer’s response: AOL is not free to me, I’m a paying subscriber of this service. So what am I paying for? Junk ads? Poor news coverage? A search bar in an app that crashes? The frustration of having daily login issues? It’d be kind of like buying a BLT that doesn’t come with bacon. You buy it then notice it doesn’t have any bacon, so you ask the person you bought it from, hey where’s the bacon? And the person you bought it from says, oh the bacon only comes in the Pro version of the sandwich. Come on, give me a break.
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3 years ago, organizette
Same response to the review came back again!! I prefer the apple mail app. Works well. No ads. Much better than the AOL app. AOL app offers nothing. Sorry folks. Response to this review was not helpful. I was advised to delete and reinstall the app. It was a huge project to bring all the folder content over one at a time from the Apple app. I am not willing to do that again. What follows is my original review: Mail fetch is slow and often doesn’t show that it’s working. Swoosh sound when sending is gone so you’re not sure your mail has been sent. Each folder from the Apple mail app had to be opened in the Apple app and moved one by one to the AOL app. This was arduous. If you’re forcing us into the AOL app for “security reasons “ then please get the app to work right. Finally the advertisements at the top of the inbox are so annoying, distracting and unwanted. It was a pleasure to use the Apple mail ap. This is really a disappointment and an inspiration to use another email service.
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4 years ago, Beulahthebrowntoad
No endings to news articles
I’ve really loved using the AOL app for a while now to get my emails and read the news. However, for while now I’ve noticed a problem that at first I thought was just a fluke. But unfortunately, it’s been happening quite often now. News stories will be interrupted by an ad, and at the top of the ad it will say “scroll down to continue content” (or something similar) but when I scroll past the ad, there is no continuance of the article- just links to other articles. There should definitely be more content as sometimes sentences before the ad don’t even end. I’ve tried restarting my phone and updating the app, but it is still happening. Hope this is something that can be fixed soon- I’m dying to know the rest of the news!
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3 years ago, Not OL Today
New May 5, 2020 AOL APP Update for IOS 10 I-Pad USELESS!
AOL will no longer stay open for more than 3 seconds since your new "Bug Fix" update for your APP dated May 5th. How do I get my April 2020 version back??? Back to doing this AGAIN for IOS 10 I Pad. What did you "FIX" this time AOL? It's now Sept 15th and this problem remains chronic for IOS 10.3.3 I-Pad after a brief period of opening for more than 3 seconds last month. Many news articles did not open successfully though. Deleted and reloaded the APP several times. I don't know what you folks at AOL are doing on this and don't think you know either. Looks like I will be switching to G-Mail. October now! Tried the "Developers" fix several times in every way possible. AOL news STILL stays open for only a few seconds before closing. If I move quickly I can hit the Mail button which stays open and seems to work, but any attempt to then return to News closes the program. This is ridiculous!!! Am I the only one out there still running IOS 10 on an older I Pad or have all the rest of you moved over to G-Mail to avoid the AOL nonsense?
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3 years ago, IndyGator76
Sign In Every time On My iPhone 11 ProMax
Every time I open to check my Mail I have to sign in or close it completely out and reopen for it to realize I’ve not signed out. Please fix this glitch. I’ve had my email for the better part of 25/30 years and don’t want to do away with it because of something you refuse to fix. In this day and age how are we to know that we aren’t being hacked and our information going to the dark web because of this. Security is KEY! And what I get in return is a response of “can you be more specific?” How else should I word it? I leave my phone logged into my email. Once I close the app and go back into it the app directs me to log in. Now, at this point if I do a close of all apps and go back to my AOL app low and behold it is logged in even though when it directed me to log in (falsely) I didn’t log in I just closed everything down and opened it again.
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3 years ago, LgMcF
Mail Crashes, News Very Liberal
As I write this, my typing is not even showing up. Sonif there are typos. Please excuse. I can’t see anything except my title and three stars. This is an example of my aol use. Never perfect and often glitchy. The mail sometimes shows I have mail but it doesn’t show up on the screen. It reappears at some point. I started using the app when more when I got the email that they were no longer working with other platforms without deleting and reinstalling. It does have its benefits though. I like the ability to scroll through the hundreds of emails I get each day and then select all and mark as old. As for the news, I find that all the links are very liberal publications. I personally like to read more than one side to know how everyone is viewing things. I like honest and balanced news.
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3 years ago, silver-mine
I’ve had AOL Email for 20 plus years! Everyone tells me to get rid of it because only old people use it. I’m 73. On my iPhone I use the app the most. It shuts down all day everyday all the time. I have to turn my phone off and then sign back in and tap the AOL icon and hope it reactivates. It usually doesn’t, do I’m signing in on the app , putting in my password and doing this same routine over and over and over and over and over. I’m tired off it. If things don’t change illy have to change mail apps ( any idea how many site’s have my address ?) it’ll take me years to update my address with EVERYONE! Just watch, nothing will come of this. Thanks.
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3 years ago, nicosonofhades
Hard to Use
I recently had a problem where due to a lack of storage on my phone I was unable to reinstall the AOL app after temporarily deleting it to solve a reoccuring problem where I would always be logged out when entering the app that would go away for a period of time after deleting/redownloading the app. After this update I wish I had not wasted my time deleting things to get enough storage, as now basically everything that I like about the app is ruined. It's hard to use and, though obviously a minor issue, looks awful. Really wish I had been able to stick with the old version. Edit: I also discovered a problem where I am not receiving notifications for emails. I know it's only a loss of maybe five seconds to check it myself at the end of the day or when I wake up, but if I have to do that instead of being notified, what is the point of having the app instead of just using the web version?
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3 years ago, Reenee17
Used to be perfect
I have always used the AOL app for my secondary email, you know, the non VIP stuff. I keep me secondary email separate from my VIP which is set up through my phone’s email app. So, the AOL stand alone app, as of the last update weeks ago, has me signing into my account EVERY SINGLE TIME I OPEN THE APP. It NEVER did that before. I never sign out, I just close the app. None of my other apps make me sign in with password every time I open them. Using the app is equal to signing in on a browser. I might as well just ditch the app and use browser, and I’ll save some space on my phone. I have no desire to see any of the news features, only checking my email for coupons from stores, or other non VIP correspondence. I have to jump through hoops just to get to my email. I get notifications just fine. I tap on the notification for the mail, but still it makes me sign in. Please fix this.
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3 years ago, Ranchhandjw
Not user friendly
You made me change to the aol app for mail on my ipad for security reasons. While I understand this, you required me to go to an app(yours) that is functionally inferior. For example, instead of being able to swipe the body of an email to delete, reply, forward etc., your app apparently requires that you go over to the inbox to do it there. And if you do go to the inbox then it only allows you to delete, move or toggle mark new/read. If you want to reply or forward, you have to move your hand to the top of the screen. Much less hand movements with the ipad app. Much more efficient. And deleting multiple emails from a folder(like spam, for example) - no way without emptying the whole folder. I am assuming these functions are not trademarked by Apple . . . So why not work to make your app more user friendly? It would really be good if you did.
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2 years ago, RP-2017
Would have added zero if I could. Use at your own risk!
AOL is not what it used to be! Many users use this app because they have problems integrating with iOS mail. Using AOL with apple or other mail apps will start great, then within 24 hours, it will no longer sync. There is no real clue as to when it un-syncs, except when sending mail. So you probably won't realize your not getting your mail and then you will be asked to re-enter your password. Perhaps it will appear to work again, but it will only be temporary. AOL does not clearly explain the fix, they would rather you pay monthly for assistance or download their app. Fortunately, Apple now shows the type of data this program obtains. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO READ. It is scary, and this is just what they volunteer to show. You can tap the data groups and see more details. This is a lot of personal information, good luck.
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2 years ago, Tomy Willson
Not meant to be an email app
How do I get to archived messages! It’s no a friendly app to be honest. One more thing is that I have registered an email and whenever I went to access it from my pc it says we have sent you 8-characters password on your email address when I cannot access the email address itself how am I supposed to get the password sent to me! Seriously this is such a Big-Oh mistake to protect users. The app has only: sent mail, outbox and drafts where are archived mails! Why do I need built in news in an email app! No one is looking for news within their app to be honest, icloud mail does not have this option neither outlook since in mails people would like to focus on their job not to read news. They can access and purposely browse news if they need to. These problems in the app and the website really effected badly on my business and I lost a lot to be honest.
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5 years ago, CaraKK
Love AOL email
For 15+ years I’ve been using Gmail. In fact, I have at least 10 different Gmail accounts. I would either use the different accounts for different purposes or I’d forget my password and create a new account instead of trying to figure out my forgotten password. A few months ago I finally got tired of the large amount of spam that I’d receive through my Gmail accounts and decided to find a different email provider. I absolutely LOVE AOL email! I haven’t received one piece of spam since switching from Gmail to AOL. This saves me so much time and frustration! Thanks AOL for your awesome free email service. I never thought that I would switch email providers but I’m so glad that I did.
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3 years ago, Angelina08
App Closes While Reading Emails
I’ve been an AOL user since the early 90’s. I was having trouble with emails on my Apple IPhone email App with error messages appearing when it was trying to load new emails. I recently received an email from AOL that they are updating Email users on 3rd party Apps (Apple IPhone) which I didn’t really understand. I tried the options for updating email and I don’t know if I even did it right. So I decided to try the AOL App. It started out ok but right in the middle of reading emails the App would close by itself. Like I said I used AOL when I first bought my computer in the 90’s and decided to keep AOL when other email programs came out but I’m very disappointed with the AOL’s emails services now which are a very big part of living these days. I’m not sure now if I’m going to continue using it!
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5 years ago, ffghhjjjkklll
One sided story
I feel that you cater to one political point of view wish is the Democratic socialist party not opposing view in a positive manner. It’s a shame the when reporting the news, the news becomes political instead of it being balance. Two point of views should always be presented for the readers to make their minds as to what is right for them. Your attacks against the president Trump is so evident to your one side hate reporting towards him. I’m an independent but will not be reading one sided points of view. I want to read one positive report from the President Trump. I don’t agree with all of Trump but their has been good things he has done. Same goes for President Obama I agreed wig a lot of his views and others I did not.
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4 years ago, DariousFrost
Disappearing mail
Recently, I’ve been getting my normal notifications on my lock screen that I’m getting emails like normal, but when I tap on the notifications, it will open the app and tell me that my in box is completely empty... even though I would have ~20 notifications on the lock screen. When I go to my home screen, it will show that I have multiple new emails, but when I open the app, I get the same screen saying that the mailbox is empty. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice now, I’ve restarted my phone after each uninstall, then again after the install and still having this problem. My OS is up to date, it showed that the app is up to date, but I still can’t get my emails through the app!
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1 year ago, Fogenbaugh
Bombed by spam
I feel like the people in charge of this app are asleep at the switch. I'm getting bombed by spam on this app. All I can do to try to stop spam in this app is mark it as spam - and it still keeps coming. Then I get ads from AOL to buy their anti-spam software. Makes me wonder if AOL is letting the spam thru on purpose to try to get customers to buy their anti-spam software. I would drop my AOL address except it is linked to too many other services. I never signed up for AOL but was transferred here after the demise of the Verizon email service. This email address managed by AOL has become one of my junk addresses, like g-mail, that I stopped giving out to important contacts due to the poor spam blocking. I use another email service that easily filters all of this same low-IQ-conceived, perverted spam, and I never have to deal with it except to hit the mass-delete button.
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3 years ago, Lisa Dom Diva
Not User friendly
I’ve been subscribed to AOL since 1995. I’ve always loved working with AOL, however of late the App has become far too complicated to navigate. For example, I needed to quickly change my password behind what I suspected was a security breech. It took ions of time for me to figure out how to change it- far too complicated to figure out the process. Not that I think it should be easy, however, with the proper credentials available it should not be overcomplicated. I’m close to sixty, but have been using the Internet since 1992, at least. I consider myself pretty acclimated but lacking the patience for too much of a process. I am afraid such simple navigations, have become too time-consuming and tedious. I think the process could be easier to navigate and simplified once proper identification is established. Just my two cents. All the best, Elizabeth
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5 years ago, servant growth
Can not log back in!
Recently and now it seems I can not access my aol email account. First I had to keep logging in now I’m completely out!!! Every time I uninstall it and reinstall it keeps saying page can not be found. I have read through plenty of the reviews and I’m not the only one, fix it because I have very important emails that I can not get to now. This issue must and all the issues with the new update and more or this is a matter for a higher AUTHORITY!!! If there’s something we should know tell or restore regular access to our emails!! I believe you guys have been hacked and higher people beyond you must know. If not stop with the stalling please if you will and do right and regain us regular access!! A very important right here!!
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3 years ago, Stelynquin
Hate the newest update
This is mainly regarding aol mail, as I never read their totally biased lefty news. I don’t like how when you delete an email, the next one opens automatically. I want to choose which one to open next. Even worse is that emails I mark as new and/or unread are constantly being automatically placed in ‘old mail’ multiple times a day. If I order something online, I like to keep both the order confirmation email and the shipping confirmation email as ‘new’ until the order is delivered.. you don’t allow me to do this. I keep putting them back in “new’ mail and every single time I open the app, they’re back in old mail. I deleted the app today. Using the website works better. Oh... also, sometimes when I hit the trash icon, it’ll say the email was deleted, but it’s still right there in front of me.
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3 years ago, TSKinSV
Newest update 6.0.0 is terrible
If there was a zero this is the product. The new app is cartoonish going from a professional look and feel in the old app. It is very hard to quickly scan the screen with the color combinations they have chosen. The biggest problem is the ability to sort is gone. I cannot sort on unread emails, emails I have flagged, by sender. This reduces usability as a tool. The count mow is not the total unread emails but only the emails from the current day. There is no ability to customize for any personal preferences. And finally they make the ads they insert look exactly the same as emails you receive and without careful inspection you think you are opening an email but it turns out to be an ad. AOL to keep people you need to make it easy and better, not go backwards. If these issues are not quickly addressed I may have to move my main email account.
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