Apartment Guide Home Rentals

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Rent Group Inc.
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6 months ago
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User Reviews for Apartment Guide Home Rentals

4.75 out of 5
30K Ratings
1 year ago, Shafted1945
This website is helping me move from NY to Tx. So they are showing me the price range that I have. Updating me as we go along. I am really keeping my fingers crossed on this one because I might be able to sleep at night knowing I have a roof over my head. I’m just open the website and there it was boom thank you for not putting me through emotional stress that I already at👏👍😎
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2 months ago, YelloweCake213
Pets & pictures
One of my biggest problems with this website/app is the in the settings I will put down as a filter that the apartment has to accept pets and then I get all these apartments that don’t accept pets. So even after setting the filter that I need the apartment to allow pets, I’m still getting shown or recommended apartments that don’t allow pets therefore wasting at least 10 minutes of my time going through this apartment looking up the address just to figure out on a separate website that they don’t even except pets!!!! Also why are apartments allowed to submit 3+ photos & in the photos they are random pictures that have nothing to do with the apartment or it’s two pictures of the outside of the apartment and that’s it. You never see the inside of the apartment or you never see what the apartment even looks like.
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2 years ago, Triston619
Not bad, one issue
The overall layout of this app is great and very easy to find what you’re looking for. It has detailed searches to find what you need and is very nice with helping you find out details about different apartments. There’s one issue i’ve found though. Every apartment I have given interest to have all been full. I would say I’ve looked into 7-8 places and not a single one was available like it said on the website. The apartments were also listed months after they were no longer available.
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6 years ago, Ryhuih
Much hope ☺️
This app really defines the search. Unlike the website, you can actually zoom in on locations and know what price range you’re looking at. I have high hopes finding my next apartment. Check it out !
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6 years ago, VioletPixel
Very Buggy, Lacks Key Features
Gives you the option to skip creating an account, but if you do marking properties as favorites silently fails, so everything I saved today is gone. Tried to create an account, just returns to the log in screen with no info about success or failure. Attempting to log in with the account I may or may not have just created also takes me back to the log in screen with no info. Also unable to search by square feet, and can't filter by some amenities, like smoke free.
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6 years ago, Gforcejoe
This is a great app but there is a problem. In the beginning it asked if I wanted to log on using Facebook and I accepted and logged on with Facebook. Now, I wanted to look for apartments but it asked me to log on. No problem whatever. I went through the same procedure but it didn’t log me on at all. I did it several times but nothing. Can y’all fix this please?! Thank you.
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1 year ago, dream bandz
Super easy n quick
The app take you to directly what your looking for, it’s super easy and quick to apply and like the apartment you want . Good details straight to the point just wish it was more available apartments that were available. But overall great !!
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5 years ago, Jonnybaby1303
Fantastic App - Easy to find local homes
I love ease of use with regards to this app. I was quickly and easily able to find homes that fit my search criteria. Each property had a well written description, HD photos, pricing, availability, 3D floor-plan layout, etc. Additionally, there was a link to contact the property directly for additional information or scheduling a tour. The pictures made it great to compare all the communities side by side and narrow down our search. Overall great app and plan to use this anytime I’m searching for a home.
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5 years ago, ficklpp
I liket
I like this app, because it was easy for me to find an apartment with affordable prices and they are completely renovated not only in New York, I have searched in several states and I liked it very much with the seriousness and responsibility that many apartment offices work
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1 year ago, Ghostmode14
I personally love it
It’s so many options vs other apps. One main reason is it provides everything you’re looking for
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6 months ago, uuuhlexa
Pls fix
So far loving this app. However, when I switch out of a specific apartment the whole filter/search/map bar go blank and I have to close and re open the app for it to appear again. It’s getting very frustrating i eventually move to Zillow or Trullia etc. Please help
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5 months ago, shariasan
Shows honest reviews
I'm moving to Atlanta and pictures are not what they seem . Thank you for saving me from making big mistake .
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5 years ago, Seaux Southern
Not as many options as contenders
I’m not sure why AG doesn’t have as many options as its counterparts. It could be that no one is listing their properties here or there may not be many available in a certain area...I’m not altogether sure. It could be because the site originally catered to Apartments instead of houses?! I’m grasping at straws now...but we need more availability!
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1 year ago, bluezen1
So far this has been very helpful, but I have not found anything yet. This makes it more convenient.
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6 years ago, Obsadazzle
Great App
I recommend this to anyone for looking a place to live. Very user friendly and everything you need to know about the place is shown clearly on the app.
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8 months ago, Kseay
After viewing several other apartment locator sites I became frustrated. Finding AG made it so much simpler! Maps, addresses, reviews all together.
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1 month ago, Always a let down
Not my fault
Thing aren’t happening on time and thought I should let someone know it’s not my fault I am headed in the right direction
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5 days ago, RonxFromDaBronx
Very efficient woahh
Recommend. Better than Zillow so far. If you are high net worth like me & have no time to waste this for you!
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4 months ago, Hairieball
My review
So far so good, it’s been years since I’ve had to browse for a home & this is amazing to be honest. I’m hoping the app is smoother than some websites
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9 months ago, Works well with my budget
Try the app
Been on the app for ten minutes and already found an apartment
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8 months ago, SearcherVanBon
Where did the mapping feature go?
Not completely user friendly
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5 months ago, noyurcanttellmewhattodo
Crashes whenever looking at the map feature
When your looking for properties through the map and exit out of the listing, the app bugs out and takes away the ability to look at the map, apply filters, or search.
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1 year ago, young perfecr
It’s gets a five star rating from me because it’s a great source to use when looking for a apartments
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1 year ago, Skydivetexas
Things don’t show right
I search in anthem and it shows me places in Peoria and Glendale I don’t want to live there. Anthem, litchfield park, Gilbert, or Mesa or maybe El Mirage would be nice I don’t know about Wickenburg or even where I’d have to go to a va hospital for my check ups.
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6 years ago, heavenmommy
This apartments are in my budget
I like this app this apartments are in my budget and some of them are not bad looking at all. I found five apartments I like ... Thanks to the apartment guide
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1 year ago, kdkkkeooity68482
Nowhere near accurate.
I can only assume is hard to keep track of what’s where and who. Yet if I offer a service people would certainly hold me accountable to my word. This should not be something that is taken lightly. Prices are wrong. Numbers are wrong. Availability is wrong. It’s an app with pictures. User beware.
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6 years ago, stjon357
App has started to freeze up! Overall a great app that’s current. I have no problem saving my favorites and tracking availability. Fix the hanging/freezing up.
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4 years ago, tpayne_143
Love the app
I love the app but did you take away the ability to print a list of your favorites from you iPhone or iPad??
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1 year ago, nikki emojis
Never updated
The guide is helpful but what isn’t helpful is every apartment building says they have availability’s but when you call or go in person they say nothing is available. Ridiculous not to update the websites
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1 year ago, Kevin Boulds
I found an apartment in 1 Day!!!!!!!
Hello Apartment Guide, I am transferring to Columbus, Ohio with my job. I had to find an Apartment for June 1st, 2022. I found a apartment in Westerville, Ohio at Woodlake Village Apartment. OMG, needed to get a place. Warmest regards, Kevin Boulds
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5 years ago, KaBurn23
Great app and very helpful but when I try to login with my account it doesn’t let it just white screens and freezes. Please fix, Thanks
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5 years ago, bestofme77
I like that I can check out the apartments anytime and from a far distance.
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7 months ago, RiaRealness
App Glitches
Exit button and back buttons after searching a city or looking at apartments sometimes. It’s annoying because I have to close the app and reopen it. It’s a shame because it show’s great apartments.
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2 days ago, Nottout
Section 8 housing!
Thank you I am thrilled to have you guys help me find an apartment thank you.
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2 months ago, Mrs.Squeeky Clean
Quick and easy to use.
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5 months ago, jesse luke
Bait & switch???
So I enter the details of what I’m looking for … then I see several recommendations …. But when I click on a building, the prices listed are MUCH lower than what is available … AND in most cases, there are no apartments available. Yet I’m encouraged to contact the building and / or fill out a form with my personal information. WHY??? If there aren’t apartments available, and even more frustrating, no apartments in the price range stated, then why have me fill out forms. Clearly some sort or bait and switch going on here.
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8 months ago, poppadokk
Great service
They make it fast an easy to find what u need straight to it !!
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4 months ago, mfjcjskcucndbdocnwhw
Keeping it simple So easy to connect with renters and rentees. Thanks again! God bless
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3 months ago, Happyseed28
After doing a single search, the tool bar disappears and you can’t go back to your initial search results
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3 years ago, Samsara4Now
Ok but crashes constantly
Crashes fairly regularly when trying to scroll across the map.
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5 years ago, nascarnhis24
Can’t log in
Been trying to log into my account for about a week, and every time I try, the app just sits on a white screen and doesn’t log me in
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1 year ago, Jacqueline broussard
Filter does not work
I put in the filter which is LA County but the app always show you housing outside of LA County that’s a waste of time so the filter does not work it can be frustrating but I still appreciate the app
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1 year ago, maim1happy
I really hope I get this basement apartment
I m really impressed
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5 months ago, Jovillab
Login with Google not available
Login with google on the website but not available in app. If you started with another device using google, just use the web version
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1 year ago, mls8851
Not Happy
Although there are many apartments listed on this website I’m looking in the Punta Gorda Port Charlotte area and your website is showing me Cape Coral and Fort Myers how do I correct that
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5 years ago, Hotrod11111111111
Sent wrong info and flooded my email
We are looking for a 3 bedroom. They sent my email address to all the apartments buildings they deal with telling them I need a 1 bedroom. I woke up to hundreds of emails all wrong for my needs in cities I’m not interested in. Deleted the app but I’m still getting emails.
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1 year ago, frustatedlady
I can’t even remove the old one that i change my mind when I click off the stars it’s still there in favorite
Show more
2 years ago, Mr. King David
I don’t know 🤷‍♂️
I haven’t had the chance to use it yet and it’s already asking me about my opinion.
Show more
6 years ago, laurenluck
Available when not
Some apartments say available and they are not, it's pretty annoying.
Show more
3 months ago, Nope12391
Hidden price for app
Expensive and sneaky about price. Doesn’t allow you to search multiple locations using same criteria. Would not recommend
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