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Apartment List, Inc.
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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Apartment List

4.69 out of 5
413.5K Ratings
2 years ago, livlivoreo
Amazing app!
I absolutely love this app! I am currently just looking for the future so I have not been reaching out on this app, but the way you can choose the filters is amazing!! There’s three main ones that you can mess around with; location (you can enter your commute), amenities, and price. I love how it gives you perfect matches as well as options like best location but flexible on price and amenities or firm price but flexible on amenities and location. I only wish there were slightly more filters and a deeper pet section. I think a section 8 filter or low income filter would be helpful, more parking options (like covered, garage, assigned, etc.), and extra storage filter as well. For the pet section, I feel as though being able to choose basic info about your pet to filter would be helpful as many apartments will not allow certain breeds or weight limits, especially for dogs. Even without these things, this app is absolutely amazing, the tinder of apartments. I will definitely be using this to find my next apartment.
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3 years ago, emmanussman
Freezes when you try to search in more than one city
I’m fresh out of college and I was hoping to use this app to search for potential apartments in various cities as I get interviews and job offers from companies in those areas. I enjoyed the app for the most part when looking at the first area and have found some great potential apartment complexes, however as soon as I got a job interview in a different city and went to add an additional location in the app to start browsing, suddenly the app doesn’t load, limiting me to only one city. I’m hoping I can just use the website to browse on my computer, but it is disappointing to be unable to browse apartments in multiple different cities on the go. I have had a few other issues that aren’t as severe but are mildly inconvenient. For instance, I am specifically looking for an apartment for just myself, either a studio or a one bedroom. Even though I had these selected in my search parameters, the app would consistently show me two bedroom apartments and even two bedroom houses. I wish it would stick to the constraints I set, and wish there was an option to not see listings for houses. I also had to block emails from this app in my inbox as they were extremely frequent but wouldn’t stop otherwise. With some improvements this app could be incredible!
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2 years ago, MirandaLynnL
This app is very helpful in finding apartments within your price range with specific amenities in the area that you’re interested in. I like the tinder style way of swiping through apartments to be able to really view each apartment match. I find the filters to be helpful, but wish that you could sort your shortlist by amenities, size, etc. I also wish that it would show reviews for the complexes because I’m finding the process of elimination on my short list to be based off reviews. The reason for me giving it 3 stars is because EVERY SINGLE TIME you view a saved apartment it automatically reaches out to the leasing department by giving them your phone number and email. I am being spammed with emails and phone calls from simply reviewing my shortlist to sort through which apartments I’d like to actually tour based on reviews. I have some apartments that have been automatically moved to my visiting list when I haven’t even reached out to set up an appointment. If this can be fixed it would be a great way to shop around. Update: app has been constantly crashing after consistently using it. It’s logged me out and won’t allow me to log back in.
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5 months ago, youdont get It
Rent Rates
I love living here at Cortland Mirror Lake in Apopka the Management and of course the Staff are all Very friendly and accommodating and Is always There When You Need Something Done Or just want to Stop By the Office to hi I’ve Lived Here on this same Property for over I believe Going on 35 Years and I Wouldn’t Want too live anywhere Else But I Don’t understand the Rate Of the Rent Prices Seems some Of The Apartments In this same Area Are Charging less Rent Even for A One Bedroom I’ve been hearing It’s Cheaper I Don’t why that Be But I Don’t want a Bedroom Anyway I would like to address a concern That Has me Worrying We meaning Myself have a Great Concern As we Approach Hurricane Season once Again this Year With much reason ing being this Unit Floods Ever year And It As always been a Problem Not Nothing Against All maintenance Works No they go Above and Beyond to see all tenants are Safe And ok but they Themselves Can Only do so much Please understand My concern s As We approach another Hurricane Season Sincerely Yours Carleen G McGovern
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1 year ago, sayjor
Simple Setting Fix Would Make This App Perfect
I appreciate the idea behind this app. Unfortunately, my time spent within it mostly feels counter productive. For instance: I just opened the app to see 71 “Smart Matches” advertised to me right away. After going through them all, guess how many were for my desired location (NYC): Zero. Instead all 71 “Smart Matches” were all for listings in the state of New Jersey. This happens every single day with this app. This doesn’t seem very “smart” to me. Rather it feels like clutter and a waste of time. I’m all for giving people options, but New Jersey is not a suitable option for many people looking to move to/in NYC, thus it has not been included in my apartment search. Still, the vast majority of my recommended listings are for NJ. Of all the apartment apps, this one offers horrible UX, in that regard. It’s an extra slap in the face when Apartment List also sends you emails with listings well outside of your desired State. A suggestion: Simply provide an update to the app settings that restricts recommended listings to ONLY the users desired location…not it’s neighboring states as well. I’d rather see only five listings that match my criteria, than seventy that do not.
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2 years ago, NickPipe
Initially nice, but flawed.
At first the app was very simple and user friendly, but once I began narrowing down a search it began to get annoying. Several times I’ve opened up the “Stay within my budget” category with 20+ options to choose from only to have it be the exact same 4 cycled around, and then be forced out of the app for no reason and blocked from logging back in. It is pointless to try setting up a tour with them through the app, nor are the prices/listings accurate (one place I did decide to move into currently has not taken down multiple listings for weeks, yet have been at 100% capacity for months according to the employees. Honestly, if an apartment is truly stocked up they should be taken down immediately so people aren’t swindled into paying application fees for full apartments) as they just don’t respond for weeks, or you’ll get spammed with bot emails and phone calls (particularly from the worse end of apartments, too) even if you select “Nope” to receiving more information. I still think this app has the potential to be the better apps out there, it just needs some updating.
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2 years ago, Who_Is_You
It’s good, just a tad bit difficult to navigate.
If you’re like me when looking for apartments you like to look at a lot of your options, and with this I feel that the choosing and sorting aspect of choosing apartments is great. However, once you’ve saved apartments to either ‘love it’ or ‘maybe’ it’s kind of hard to find those same apartments again. For example, some apartment complexes don’t have a main photo for display, but they’ll show the layout of their apartments available when you click on them and scroll through their photos. That’s all right, but when I’m looking through several apartments I’ve saved and trying to find one I really like that doesn’t have a main photo, the navigation can be kind of difficult. That’s my only complaint though! Overall the app is great. 👍
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3 months ago, rosacalaveras
This is by far THE worst rental app I have ever used. The app itself does not allow you to log in properly or their coding doesn’t understand when you log in. Every time I try logging in on this app using my google account, it sends me through BUT when I try updating my commute, max rent, features, move in date or anything else it ALWAYS gives me a “Must log in to use” error. I ALREADY DID. I go to my profile and it shows I am logged in, try going to my shortlist or seeing my recommended rentals and NOTHING loads or gives me the pop up again “must log in” BUT I AM so what is wrong on their end. I close the app out and reopen it and surprise its the log in screen. Log in again, go to recommended and ohp once again “Must log in”. Funny how they send me emails for new rentals but when I click in it, it redirects to the app and oh fun cant log in properly so cant see the listing and cant contact🙃 App has always been up to date and I have even uninstalled the app and reinstalled and get the SAME ERROR EVERY TIME. They need to fix this or just remove their app from the apple app store. Go use zillow rentals or hot pads instead, never had issues with their apps.
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3 years ago, Bever Reynolds
Incredible Spam- Dumpster Fire Emails
I was looking for an apartment and just happened to download this app, this was the first mistake. The second mistake I made was putting in my email. I tried using the APP one time and found other companies such as Zillow much more convenient. But man, it couldn’t just end there could it? I get 10 emails a day from apartment list after I have unsubscribed to all notifications and emails. I have unsubscribed 20 different times and the nightmare never ends. I’ve even tried responding directly back to let them know “I’m good, no need for another email today.” I’ve even tried to just delete my account, but I don’t think it’s even possible. I’m suffering, and I know that other people have to be in the trap. Hey buddy, your not alone. Get us the heck out of here. I’ve already found an apartment. No need to have another 10 emails today, trust me it’s not necessary. Never thought I would wake up and say “Jesus Christ” every morning. And this review was supposed to be 1 Star, I mistakenly clicked 2.
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6 years ago, Nikkilynnkatt
Too many emails per day, expensive-ish apartments
Yesterday I received 30 emails from Apartment List in ONE DAY. That’s just far too many emails for me, and I’m guessing that’s too many for others too. On top of that, there aren’t really apartments through Apartment List that are great, inexpensive deals. They are mostly upscale apartments in large apartment complexes. Coming from an apartment building with only four units, where the rent for the unit is half the cost of the current market rate (although my unit has been under Los Angeles rent control for 13 years, so I do have a pretty unique deal), looking at these complexes that have 220 units and call themselves a “small” complex with that many units, it’s a little daunting, and as much as the app is easy to use and I do get SOME good information, I haven’t found anything on Apartment List that I haven’t been able to find something similar and cheaper just in Craigslist. The app is ok, I would recommend trying it out, because although it’s not right for me, it might be right for you!
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3 years ago, Canvini
Overall, loved it!
I found my new apartment via Apartment List and am thrilled. The ability to search and then sort by various priorities such as distance to a regular work/school place, budget, amenities, size, etc made it easy for me to pinpoint a neighborhood and find a great apartment at a reasonable price. My only comment would be for their product team to fix the price range levels on the top and bottom of a range. Some of the apartments I shortlisted were sent messages by this app stating that my total range was more than $1,000 higher than I had ever set in my preferences. To me, the top of the range I selected is truly the top of my range - not the middle. Overall I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking to move into a new apartment in a new city!
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3 years ago, einsteinboricua
A (spammy) Tinder of apartments
The idea of a Tinder for apartments is ingenious. You can dislike a place, like it, or love it. You set the parameters for the place (price, bedrooms, etc) and it comes up with properties that meet at least one of the conditions. You’ll find different categories on which to sort the listings. Ideally, the ones who hit all of the features you want will be listed, but the app also allows you to “bend” your preferences and finds other properties that may not match price or distance but still offer most of what you want. Your info is then shared with properties who email you to ask for more information. Some issues here: 1. SPAM SPAM AND MORE SPAM. Even after unsubscribing, I still get emails about price changes and availability. This needs to be fixed. 2. Sharing info immediately with properties should be done on an individual case. I may like a property but I may mull over it a bit before reaching out. Now I’m getting emails from properties asking to tour them. 3. There should be a feature where, after I’ve settled on a place, I tell all the “liked/loved” properties that I’m no longer on the market. That way, they get the hint and stop spamming. The idea is a good one but it’s getting to the point where it’s unbearable. Even Tinder doesn’t spam you or share info without your consent.
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6 months ago, MrMagicMan101
I live in a big city, so using multiple apartment-hunting apps is really useful for ensuring I can see all listed apartments that I’m looking for. I love the tinder-style UI within this app, and the preferences feel important, but that’s where the problem is. I set a maximum range for how much I was looking to pay rent for an apartment, and then it showed me apartments far outside of my range (some weren’t this way, but more than half were). Then I selected that “Finding the Best Deal” was my priority, so I didn’t have to waste time parsing through place after place, but it STILL showed me apartments outside my range more the *half the time.* As far as I can tell, there’s no other way I can make it more apparent that I do not want to look at any apartments outside of my maximum price range. So for that reason, I’m currently going to delete the app and look for an apartment elsewhere. It’s a shame, because I really thought this one had promise.
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6 years ago, TruDiva51
Not the results I was looking for
I love the idea of the app breaking down my criteria and letting me see options I’m willing to compromise on but, the results are so far off. I selected specific neighborhoods for my preference and my exact match results keep coming up with places outside of my neighborhood preference. I chose those neighborhoods because those are the areas I want to live. Anything outside of the specific areas would make me flexible on my location. It’s frustrating because I am turning down 90% of my matches because of where they are located. The few places that were in my desired location were listed with the wrong price. Not sure where the app is getting it’s information from but I have to go directly to the apartment’s website to see an accurate price and it’s usually $50-$100 more than the app listed. I have reached out to customer service and still have not received a response. I’m thankful for other accurate apps like Trulia because this app is good in theory but executed poorly.
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5 years ago, •________________•
Great idea! Few bugs
The idea of the app is amazing. Definitely gave me some good recommendations for apartments to to look at, but it did have a few bugs. 1. Didn’t have the majority of the apartments, just a few of them in my location, so I couldn’t use the app as much as I intended. 2. When I liked or loved an apartment or I wanted to change a like to love or vise versa it wouldn’t let me change it. Whatever I liked or loved was a permanent choice no matter how many times I tried to change it or had the option to change it. 3. It didn’t show the layout of some apartments so I had to look them up on other websites. 4. I think a few of the other apartments need to have a standard to uphold. Some of them didn’t have any pictures or any information, so even if I had been a good choice for me i would have to skip past it. Other than those things I really loved the app and the way it was set up. It took a long tedious task Into a very short one. It’s basically tinder for apartments. I’m happily getting settled into my next apartment very shortly. Some things I did absolutely love about the app is that it showed the location and you could contact the apartments directly from the app. It was very easy to use. Comparing my last apartment hunt to this one made a huge difference and took half the time.
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2 years ago, shmalexa
Good idea but a lot of glitches
It’s a great concept. In fact, if I hadn’t found there to be so many glitches I might say it’s my favorite apartment locator app. But unfortunately it’s got a lot. It gives me several notifications to long into the app and find there’s nothing to be notified of. Or if I get a preview of the notification on my lock screen, like new apartments that have “come available” it’s not anywhere to be found. ALSO, probably the most annoying glitch it has is you will put in your preferences, like location, budget, amenities, and it will go SEVERAL hundreds of dollars over your budget? I don’t know about you but I certainly put my budget for a reason so a major jump in $500 over and over and over again..well I could’ve just googled apartments in the area and separated them myself at that point. I even deleted the app and then downloaded it again so I could give it another shot. To no avail. It still does this
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11 months ago, xhmv7
Just ok
I loved the app AT FIRST. But it grows more and more frustrating as I use it. These changes should be implemented to improve its usability: 1) need ability to search all the listings by a name or address 2) need ability to skip through listings and DECIDE LATER whether to keep it or not. 3) need ability to switch a listing in your short list from maybe to love it or vice versa. Now, you can only delete it from your short list. 4) the emails advertising a particular listing with a link to “view listing” should take you DIRECTLY to the listing advertised. Instead it just takes the user to the home page of the app which has about 10 different places where the listing MIGHT be. I can’t even search those spots without reviewing every single listing and deciding whether to keep each one or not. So I’ve stopped reading the emails and just hit delete.
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6 months ago, kaseynicole13
The way they show you the apartments doesn’t work
I downloaded this app to browse apartments. The way they show you them is pretty lame and their search engine could use a lot of work. They don’t let you choose in what order you’d like to see the available apartments (for example, I’d like to set the order from lowest to highest cost), also they present to you apartments in a method only comparable to tinder instead of just showing you all of the apartments that fit your requirements. You’re only able to see one option at a time, not in the order you’d like, and you have to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ it. This isn’t a dating app! I’m trying to find an apartment! I would like to see all the lowest priced options available instead of blindly being presented one at a time, once again in no particular order! This app is ineffective for finding an apartment. I can’t even use it for this reason.
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6 years ago, The Number Two Pencil
This App is Unusable
I used the website to search for apartments and got a lot of solid matches for what I want in an apartment. Fast forward a week, I download the app and want to sign in to adjust my criteria and see what I can find. Fill in my email that I used on the website and it says something along the lines of “We will email you a link for a quick sign in”. I click the link and it opens up in Safari instead of the app. There is a typical ad bar at the top of the page for the app with an open button so I can jump straight to the app itself. Click the button and it takes me back to the page where I put in my email originally. I put in my address again and it brings up the ‘email you a link’ window again. So essentially I can not use the app to access my account because it circles back to the original email link window. What’s the point of having an app when you redirect me to safari in an email link? It is a solid premise but the execution is annoyingly flawed.
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5 years ago, SuperStranger
Information is not accurate
It is not fault of this app, but nevertheless information about apartments availability and price is not accurate. I have visited a few places using this app when it was saying - available now or giving month and day when it is going to be available, but nothing was available at all or in the nearest future. The same is about prices. If it says $755, it will be over $100 more when you are in the community office plus water, trash etc and it is around $150 more than on the app. I receive notifications everyday about new availability right now, but it is not like this in a real life. So it is kind of waste of time to go to those places and just find out that you came there for nothing. 😳
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5 years ago, Randomancy
Honestly this *could be the best rent app ever
This app is pretty amazing. It's the tinder of apartments, she makes it really easy and straightforward for finding your perfect apartment hookup. Hahaha Here's what it needs to get to 5 stars: 1) I found a place. I'm still getting calls, texts, and emails from apartment companies. How do I tell them I'm done for at least 13 months?? Hahaha 2) The ability to change liked->loved, and vice versa, once you learn more about a place 3) The needs to be a search bar. I accidentally right or left swipe some places, and I wanted to add then to a list. 4) the moment you "like" or "love" a place, that place gets your phone and email in a automated message from you saying "please contact me I want to learn more because I'm interested to live there". But I'm not, I'm still just deciding if I even want the first date, and now they're all sliding into my DMS and hitting me up like I'm ready for a long term relationship. Let me narrow down my Prospects and then have a button "contact my love list" etc 5) I ended up signing with an apartment not on the list, so it might be worth having a sales rep calling or emailing every apartment with stats saying "we the fastest growing and #1 app for apartments, please add your listing to our app" and get more in there. They're at about 20% coverage.
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6 years ago, Doctor whooves
Okay, but some things are really annoying
I like a lot of the ways that this app lets you compare apartments, it has a lot of comparison features other apps dont have, but i HATE the way that it doesnt let you search for apartments. all i want to do is look up an apartment i found through another site so i can use this apps comparison interface! also annoying is how i cant look through simple LISTS. yeah, the categories where you can find matches are useful, but when a category has 400 results the "having to click yes/no on every single one" thing is really inefficient, especially when every click gives you a pop up that takes forever to load on my slow internet, its just not worth it for those really long lists. i LOVE the way it compares apartments, but the app makes it hard to find apts to compare in the first place in some ways
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1 year ago, LAVADRACO
Apartment List truly felt like a VIP experience
Finding an apartment, especially with moving out of state, and on short notice, was not some thing I was particularly looking forward to. Apartment List was one of 5 apps I ended up downloading to find an apartment, and it was the only one where I truly felt like it was actually helping me find what I wanted. Communication, from an actual person, whenever I submitted an inquiry about an apartment helped me feel as though people we’re actually looking out for me. I did end up finding my apartment through Apartment List, and I ended up with a better deal than I’ve ever had before. I cannot recommend Apartment List enough
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2 years ago, Guile #1
Prepare for Spamming!
This company sells/shares all of your contact information to tons of apartments. About a day after using this app I began receiving calls and emails from the apartment complexes I was browsing. So if you don’t want your inbox or phone getting pinged constantly with solicitations, I would avoid this app. Response to Developer: The app did not ask for my permission a single time, and yet I’ve had to block numerous numbers since downloading your app a week ago. So what you’re saying may be true, but you also sell user info without the protocol you outlined. I never received any solicitations before expiring apartments on your app this week & they’re the same exact apartment leasing offices of the specific apartments I was exploring. As stated in the above review, if you’re reading this, avoid this app if you don’t want to receive nonstop call, texts and emails! Definitely not worth it!
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5 years ago, fdhkoyfxgnrdcjhtd
Good app, but...
Good app, really helpful, but despite saving multiple apartments from my short list as “love it”, it never actually moves anything to that list. It will move things to “visiting” easily enough, so I hope it’s a temporary glitch. Also, it’d be nice if the places you say “no” to were formatted into a list- I’ve accidentally hit no, and then had to swipe no to 50 apartment all over again just to get the one I liked back. Rather inconvenient. There are other features I would love to see here, like pet rent added, deposit amounts, weight limits or breed restrictions for dogs (and making that filterable when searching). These are minor complaints. Definitely going to be my first stop app at narrowing places down, much more detailed and easier to use than other apartment-finding apps.
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5 years ago, Zebra Man Tango
Pretty Useless
This as was really helpful when I first got it, i could easily put the area I wanted to live in and it would find places in that general area. When it showed me the information for each apartment there was a lot of readily available information for me to see before I even gave it a maybe. Ever since the update,this app is practically useless. It no longer gives me apartments any where close to my selected area (is usually 30 miles away). This new swiping feature takes away the ability to see a ton of information about a place. The only way to see the information is to swipe, which in turn cluters you shortlist so you can forget about easily narrowing down your search. I feel like they added the swiping feature to mimick dating apps, and that was completely unnecessary and ever since then it just got worse. The app was fine the was it was before all that, now all it does it take up space on your phone.
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3 months ago, Lovely lavender
Apartment hunting while I am blind.
Hi, I am currently apartment hunting in a city four hours away from me and I am doing it while blind. The app works pretty well, but could use some adjustments and clarification on button placement. So far it’s not really terrible, but making clear where buttons are and what they are is most important in this app. some buttons are unlabeled and just have little pictures and some buttons are labeled but labeled incorrectly. I think there might also be buttons that are completely invisible to my screen reading software. I am using voiceover on an iPhone SE third edition. I would appreciate any improvement. You could supply in the next two months since that’s when I am finishing up apartment hunting. Thanks sincerely.
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1 year ago, Erica IPhone 6s Plus
Not a reliable source.
So far I have had the worst luck. 80% of the apartments or houses I’ve been shown are people scamming but I have to waste my time with them before I can figure it out. When I tried to report one advertisement because the person wouldn’t stop asking for money apartment list emailed me once asking for the location and that was it. Most of the advertisements I am offered are asking for money for a deposit without even knowing your name or anything. Also, the people scamming don’t have to put much up in the advertisements which is a red flag and the app should be able to vet those out. I just wish the app had people actively working on finding the fake advertisements to save the customers some time and sadly money for those who can’t see through the fake accounts. I wouldn’t trust most of the reviews for this app because the scammers are the ones writing them!
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4 years ago, Soo M.
Impossible to use
I am moving to Boston in a few months and my friends raved about how helpful this app is for apartment searching, so I was really excited to use it. But the app never even gave me a chance. It started off asking what location you are looking for. I looked for Boston’s Seaport District, but it didn’t have it there as an option at all. Very annoying, considering Seaport is a well known and established district in Boston that is recognized on both Google and Apple Maps as an official district. I tried to look for the next closest neighborhood, Fort Point, and that also wasn’t there... Very frustrating. I put the closest neighborhood I could find and moved on. Later, they asked what my price range is. For some reason, the currency was set to Korean won... I assume it might be due to some setting in my phone, since I am from Korea (even though I bought my phone and phone plan in the U.S.). But there is no option to change the currency setting! So its asking me for my budget in Korean won for an apartment in the States. The highest option they have was “10,000+” which is useless since that’s $8 USD. I just went on and finished all the questions and when I finally hit “See my results” I get an error message that says “The operation couldn’t be completed.” There are plenty of decent apartment apps and websites out there. Don’t bother with this one.
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7 months ago, KatKenzie
Spam Galore
Looking for apartments for when my lease ends. Mostly looking to see what’s in the area that in my price range. Now I get spamming emails from apartments complexes everyday. No where did I ask for a tour or correspondence. If I had known that I was going to be spammed for “liking” a place I would have not bothered to download the app. The app is convenient for seeing all the information about a place at one time and calculating your drive for you but the convenience is outweighed by the spam. I even replied to those emails and it’s not even a person replying to the emails. I get back the most generic response that doesn’t answer my questions. Some of the listings aren’t accurate. The amenities say there is no air conditioning but it shows in the picture there is. I feel like there should be different options for central air or an ac unit that’s in a window.
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4 years ago, DesiatHowardU
Include the address of the complexes!
I love this app because it’s a nice way to e-apartment hunt. I would love to give it 20 stars but the fact that each listing does not include the address of the complex (some do, some don’t) is horrific. I’m relocating out of state and relying on the internet, exclusively. As many of you know, apartments change names OFTEN, or one company owns several properties! Sometimes the map feature doesn’t work. Sometimes I want to use the satellite feature on google maps to “see” the lot. Other times I want to search what’s around the area and am having to jump through hoops to find my desired complex. Please ensure each listing has an address listed!
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7 years ago, WashDC
Tinder for Apartments
I'm relocating for work to a totally new city, and have very little free time to search through the other apps and websites to figure out which apartment complexes would be best for me. Short of hiring a realtor, this is the best option out there. You put in what you want, where you want it, and how much you want to pay, and this app does the rest of the searching for you. It gives you matches based on your preferences, as well as options you may not have considered that are partial matches that still fit your profile. Once you have matches ranked, the app helps you contact the apartments and set up visits. Seriously this is the best app I've found for apartment searching on the App Store.
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11 months ago, Niccc name
App makes things confusing
The app is good to give you an idea of what is around. The pricing this app gives you isn’t what the properties offer, specials are typically correct. A lot of properties do some crazy stuff with their pricing like instead of giving you 2 months free spread over the length of the lease they give it to you after you have been on property for a full month so if you move in on the 6th it will take nearly 2 months to get any concessions. Also, they try to play it off like the special is already showing in the rate even though this app shows the new rate with the special applied. Even if they don’t give you the concession up front or spread across the entire lease the “market rate” quote they show should be the same. It’s really quite annoying.
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4 years ago, P5spi
So close to perfect
This app is great and would be even better with a few small changes. I love the ability to quickly add apartments to my shortlist and see many apartments at once to be able to compare. I also really like being able to see all the apartments I have added to my list on a map. The interface is easy to use and intuitive, and a large selection of desirable units. Some suggestions: -add option to filter or sort by size -add search ability to find a specific complex or unit -add ability to tag units, add a note, or create custom lists (loft, pet friendly, laundry in unit, etc) to remember why I liked certain units -show units that I have already messaged separately -exclusion criteria (don’t show me any units in this city, below this size, without this feature, etc) -easier to change apartments from “loves” to “likes” and vice versa without removing from shortlist These could even be premium features if needed. Overall I definitely recommend this app and find it simple and easy to view a large amount of apartments quickly and easily to find the ones that work for me, but it could be even better with some simple improvements.
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5 years ago, Jon Geaudeaux
Dating App Vibes 😬 No New Yorkers???
Why is this like Tinder? How will I dislike or like just based on the one photo and location??????? This is super inappropriate for something as serious as finding where you’re legally bound to live for a year or whatever. The setup is really long, guys... At first I was into it, like, “ooooh customized! Sweet!”, but then it just turned into a dating app... letting me make snap decisions based on the one garbage picture the realtor deems clickbait worthy and the location on a map. Also why isn’t there an option to choose multiple commutes? Is this app specifically for single people with no one else in the house to commute anywhere? For this reason alone, I already find this app unusable. My husband commutes too... Also... I live in New York City.... this app is useless for New Yorkers too... if I say I want to live within 30 minutes commute range, it shows me a ton of listings for Jersey, and almost nothing in Queens!!! Sure I can expand the range to add more of the Bronx or Brooklyn or Queens, but then it’s going to add a crap ton more listings from Jersey too!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh! Dear App Developers, almost no one wants to live in Jersey and work in Manhattan... it’s crazy stressful. I’m sorry, but I am deleting this app immediately... I know I’ve used this app before... but now... 😬
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3 years ago, Wkcheic
Shortlist removal
I absolutely love this app! I’m on it all the time looking for the perfect apartment for my partner and I. The multiple options are amazing and I love that it gives me information on the listings and I can reach management of each building through the app. My only issue, and it’s not major, just a pet peeve I guess, is that when you try to remove an apartment building from your shortlist it doesn’t remove. I’m still able to find it in my shortlist even after removal, closing the app, and deleting/redownloading the app. If this could be fixed I’d honestly give the app 5 stars bc I’m also able to look at floor plans and kind of design how we’d want it to look when we apply for a room.
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6 years ago, Shicksocovwuxins
Good but needs more features
It would save me a TON of time if the app allowed multiple commute points (I’m a district manager and my boyfriend also works- so we have 4 places we’d like to work fairly close to but I can only select one so then I have to individually check the rest.) Also, to have features that are non-negotiable. For instance, I’m totally fine not having hardwood floors although I would prefer them, but not having an in unit laundry is an absolute deal breaker- but over half of the suggested places don’t have in unit washer or dryer so I have to go through to get rid of them. Over all the app is wonderful. Easy to use, great updates, very positive experience. But those two things could save literally hours of my life while searching!
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5 years ago, Thelittlerbear
Absolute garbage.
This app is trash. I just spent the last 30 minutes cycling through the same questions to try to “see my matches” only to be given a magical email link that sends me through the same exact sequence of questioning. Mind you I’ve already accessed and logged my favorite apartments on the website and should have a log in. I downloaded the app for convenience, but have instead been sent on a merry go round of answering the same questions, then being told to click a magic link, then answer the same questions, then click the same link, to answer the same questions, to click the same link, and so on so forth. I’ve been doing this for about 20 minutes now to no avail. My advice would be to skip the app all together and just use the webpage. The purpose of an app is convenience and this is truly the antithesis. Complete waste of time. Very disappointing. Extremely frustrating.
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3 years ago, Mag McC
Love it- could use improvement
I love this app! it makes searching for rentals so much easier. only criticism i have is i wish the short list was easier to view and manage. It is difficult to scroll through your shortlist and view all the places especially when a lot of the rentals are no longer available. it would be nice if the app automatically took away the unavailable rentals. i also don’t like having to individually click on each rental on my shortlist to be able to view the details such as how many beds and baths. it also gets frustrating how every time you take a rental off of your shortlist the whole list refreshes and goes back to the top. other than that i think this app is great and fun to use!
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1 year ago, bobobuddy07
It’s ok
I want to love this app so bad, it’s got such a cool concept to it, but it’s really poor in execution. It only works if you don’t have literally ANY “wants” in your apartment. If you pick ANY FILTERS (location, price, features, whatever) it will give you literally ANYTHING EXCEPT WHAT YOU ASK FOR. It will not listen to any filters you press. It will just keep giving you things outside of the parameters you set. You want an apartment in a set location? Sorry, you get apartments 30 minutes away from the range you set. You want apartments within a price range? Here’s apartments for $5k a month. The worst part is it’s not like I’m setting really strict filters, just like price and location, and I KNOW there are apartments within those filters (I’ve tested it against other apps). Unfortunately I think this app just isn’t helpful or worth it.
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5 years ago, Kennedy880
Okay. So, the app I really useful and I like it a lot..but it has some problems. When choosing your apartment's rank (hate it, maybe, or love it) I can't ever seem to press on 'love it'. It gives me a notification that it went through but then it never shows up went I go back to that apartment's page or try to find my 'love's. This is frustrating and disappointing because there are some that I'd like to save separately because they would be my definite options. I have saved so many as my 'maybe's that it would be a whole endeavor to search for the ones a REALLY liked again just for me to never have them actually organized. I really hope they fix this because it would be such a useful feature if it worked.
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5 years ago, Samañtha
Great app but one big suggestion
This app is great. User friendly UI, and gets you in touch with apartments that fit your needs. My one BIG suggestion: add pet filters beyond just dog/cat. I have a rescue pup that is 60 lbs and a pit bull breed. He’s a great dog but literally every. single. apartment that I “matched” with wouldn’t allow his breed. I spent a long time on this app, reading inbound emails, and on calls with these buildings without a single one being able to work out, even though I met all of their requirements and they met all of mine, because of this restriction. If this app could add a filter for dog weight and breed restrictions it would be literally perfect. But if you have a bully breed dog like me I found it was useless, sadly, and ended up eating a lot of my time to no benefit.
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3 years ago, 170230
Usable, not great
The good feature is being able to swipe and easily see what each place offers. It also updates when new units become available which is nice. However, you get an email any time you mark anything on the app or there are any changes. Additionally, you’ll get notifications that rent has changed for a saved apartment, but there’s no notification place on the app so you have to click through your saved apartments to try to figure out what apartment has changed. The app will also show you apartments past your move-in date which is super annoying. Lastly, there’s no delete account button so you have to request it through the feedback site which seems really sketchy. Solid browsing and save feature, but many poor app design decisions.
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3 weeks ago, monii13
Most frustrating apartment finder app
Cool idea but not helpful for finding an apartment. Selecting a location means nothing because it will show you apartments so far away from you. Not even when selecting the “stick to your location” category. A map option would be nice. Also, it’s quite annoying to get a pop-up after every “like” asking if you want to reach out to the apartment complex. Additionally, I might be recalling incorrectly because I already deleted the app, but the map they provide per listing sharing its location doesn’t allow you to click it and open it in a maps app. That would be very helpful. I understand it’s supposed to be different than other apartment apps but it falls short. I’ve never written a review before, lol, but trying to just view apartments within my location was so impossible it compelled me to share.
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4 years ago, niyavernice
Minor Adjustments
I LOVEEEEEEEEEE THIS APP. It’s so easy to use and the aesthetics are my favorite. It’s really good at matching up with your preferences! It’s does need some minor adjustments though. I don’t like how the app sends push notifications, but when you click the notification it doesn’t show you what it is offering. When you open the app, it should have the option of shoring your notifications in a list on a side tab or something. Also, I don’t like that you can’t change a “liked” item to a “love” item and vice versa. It would really help because apartment hunting is STRESSFUL lol! Being able to do this would really really help. Other than that I am so grateful for this app!! Thank you creators 💜🙏🏾
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4 weeks ago, Saeton
I made an effort to decline getting info from the apartments I liked or hated. Still I received dozens of emails from apartments “excited I’m moving to their apartment complex” I’m just looking, stop filling my inbox with your gross emails about “we’re a family” Also the interface could use some work, you repeat yourselves a lot with the same content. After being contacted by the app developer today I’d like to change my review to a one star. They clearly don’t listen or care what their app does. Blaming me for hitting the wrong button. Your app doesn’t work properly, instead of addressing the issues put forth, you dodge and ignore them. Any other app will do what this one does better, easier and without the added headache of having to delete your inbox with spam messages from apartment complexes or landlords you don’t want to speak with. Booooo
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3 years ago, ChildofGodunlimited
Why can’t I share!
This is an excellent resource! I love the way it bundles potential rentals based on various criteria. And the quality of the properties are top notch. My one and only real issue is that there is no built in way to SHARE the properties I’m looking at with anyone else! We are moving this summer and my wife doesn’t have the time to search, so being able to SHARE them as I look is paramount to getting this done quickly. The lack of this standard app feature is forcing me to either take a bunch of snapshots and then look for the properties on other websites/app so that I can SHARE it with my wife. I don’t think Apt List wants eyes to have to leave their app/website. I’m hopeful there will be an update very very soon.
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2 years ago, Amg138148
Its like tinder for housing
It was a huge turn off to not be able to see a map view. Then I put in my criteria, and it shows me nothing I’m asking for. This apps a joke for apartment hunting. Doesn’t even give filter options to weed out houses/apartments. You are just stuck seeing whatever this app “thinks” is a best possible match. You’ll probably be just as disappointed as you were with tinder. I was. There are other apps that are better and offer a lot more when it comes to filters. Also, most have a map view. Edit for the developers - You do not address the fact that when a person puts criteria limits in the search, it gives you choices WAY outside your selected price range and all of them are like $500+ above my set max rent. All you addressed in your response was about “map view” as if thats all I said lol smh
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5 years ago, DoloresJean
Decent App
The app is a good idea and batches your results pretty well but I have noticed a few thin that makes it pretty annoying. First, it doesn’t allow you to set a square footage minimum which is very important. Yeah I’m looking for a studio but there’s a huge difference between a 385 sq ft studio and a 700 sq ft studio, ya digg? Second, it does a bad job at really understanding your location choice. I kept putting Koreatown as my preferred location but I kept getting results, in my location batch, that was for places in Studio City or DTLA or Hollywood. Third, I don’t like that you can’t hace continuous communication in the app with the realtors. Like I start off messaging in the app then it’s to email but I forget whom I sent what to. Just keep everything in the app.
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6 years ago, Muñeka 8398
I was lucky to be in a small 6 unit property and grandfathered in at a great price. My location was in the CA Coachella Valley where rent is seasonal. Now with a life changing event, I need to find a suitable location for 2 people. And in CA that isn’t easy when it comes to two important factors. Location and price are crucial now. This app has been very helpful and easy to use. As long as you’re flexible with some of your needs. I have come across properties that specify pet friendly, but reading further, the owner wasn’t. And that individual electricity meters were in units. Which changed monthly for what was included in the rent. Just read everything about your selections. Thanks for narrowing the search for me truly very helpful and time saving.
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