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User Reviews for Rental Finder

4.85 out of 5
378.2K Ratings
6 months ago, Relic_being9
Check this out
I was recently living in Wisconsin looking to relocate across country. I found a listing which was no different then others I felt. Went through a lot of similar steps when processing forms and information and it freaking turned out to be a scam legitimately. Buddy walked away with a Grand. I don’t even wanna share the story cause it’s still shameful that i followed through but being a single father looking to get a place for me and my boy it stumbled me. This is information to the Reader but double triple check these listing. These guys have full websites made to get you sending the whole 9. I.e 7 year history background check i. D verification reference emergency contact and a contact to get ahold of who’s supposed is on site. Down to a fake freaking lease contract. So just beware to the mindful soul
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4 years ago, iReiRei
Very useful apartment hunting app
I really enjoy this application in that it makes apartment hunting easier and streamlined. I like that there’s 3D tours available for a lot of apartments, which makes hunting SO useful. Overall it’s a great app. I will say there are some things that could be added to this app to have my rating go from a 4 to a 5 star. First, it would be very helpful to have additional filter for income-restricted housing; I’ll click on an apartment and end up finding out I am ineligible to live there. Also, while it’s nice there’s an option for student housing, as someone who works at a university and therefore look for places close to work, I wish there was a way to filter out choices that are NOT student housing. Additionally, differentiating between options that would be shared—such as “room available in x bedroom house.” If I wanted to have a roommate I would just look on Craigslist. I also hope in the future they can improve their overlays. Having overlays for universities is very helpful for me as I work at one, so that’s great. However, I would love to see if they could more fully integrate transportation to include more accurate bus and metro lines. I don’t want to have to have both google maps and this app open to see my options for commuting. Otherwise, this is a great app, and I hope my suggestions will be taken into consideration.
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1 year ago, RoboIII
How is this still a problem?
Please…pretty please…make the app highlight the apartment in the scrolling list to the right when you select something on the map in the iPad version. This has always been frustrating using this app. Don’t just scroll to roughly where that apartment MIGHT be in the list, highlight it. Simple. I genuinely don’t understand why it doesn’t already do this, am I missing something? I get that it scrolls that listing to the top. The problem is that doesn’t work when you get to the bottom of the list. I also know it highlights the location on the map when you tap on the listing. I’m saying it needs to do the same the other way. ———————————————————————————————————- Also on a more general note about the service, I really wish the listings were more strict on the data provided. False or incomplete info about amenities or availability should result in suspensions of listing privileges on repeat instances of it. And no listings should be allowed at all today without photos not just of the property but of the actual room(s). If the room isn’t in condition for photos it isn’t in good enough condition to be listed either. Though there could be exceptions for rentals listed for future availability.
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3 years ago, Mreeves336
Almost perfect. Missing features
Please add “garage“ as an amenity option. Simply searching the word garage is an accurate and it’s cause me to miss a lot of places that actually meet my requirements. Your new layout is nice but your list view needs to drag all the way to the top instead of keeping the location at the top and only being able to drag the results 3/4 of the way. I don’t need to stare at the city that I typed in while I’m scrolling through search results, I know what I typed in. The app lets you see some filters, the website lets you see others. I would think the app would have every feature and the website would just have a limited features. And instead of fixing this, you took away your best feature, the commute one! Also it will say I have hundreds of results but only show like five apartments. I’m not sure what that’s about but I would much rather it say five and be five then say hundreds and list five. When I apply a bunch of filters, I don’t want a lot of options, if I did, I would apply less filters. No need to be misleading.
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6 years ago, Jules the Writer
Easy and Helpful
My boyfriend and I recently started looking for something roughly halfway between our two (very far apart) workplaces. This app has been SO helpful in letting me put in my basic dealbreaker requirements (in-unit laundry, parking), price range, etc, and finding places that actually line up with those. I also love that I can type in a specific search area, but if I want to zoom out and see what else is nearby, I can just explore the map without having to re-enter all my preferences. The details for each listing are thorough and organized in a way that’s easy to read and understand. You can also “favorite” listings for future reference, which is especially great when you’re comparing places in a variety of places on the map. Overall, this app is super user-friendly, thorough, and exactly what we need.
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5 years ago, computerdan
Has gotten A LOT better
I tried to use this app about two years ago - at that time I would have rated the app about 3 stars. You could tell the app was on the right track, but there were just a limited number of apartments listed in my area and some listings were clearly wrong. Now I am finding everything that was missing before. The time-to-work feature is still great and more accurate. I can quickly narrow down 1700+ places to a reasonable few with the feeling these listings are more accurate than a few years ago. If this app were at this stage a few years ago I probably could have saved a few hundred $ a month and have been living in a much more desirable place. Looking forward to the future, however!
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3 years ago, Parker - LaRay
Read the reviews!
This app is super helpful helping you get started as to where to look. It’s easy to use and navigate. However I think the way they rate apartments inaccurate. It’s really frustrating to find a beautiful affordable place that’s rated 4/5 stars on the app, just to go in and read the reviews from renters and see that it’s actually terrible. The place could have 8/11 reviews, all recent give it one star with extremely negative comments such as crime, poor parking, bad management, construction, etc... I just don’t understand why the app would give it an overall 4/5 with so many bad reviews. I still would recommend using this app if you need a place to start. I just would highly recommend researching places a bit more before committing to anything. I like to think of this app as a tool to help narrow the search. I hope the developers can find a way to fine-tune the rating system.
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4 years ago, fruitsmiles
Filters constantly reset
Not sure why, but almost every time I return to the map after viewing more details about a property it reloads the map and resets all my filters. I return to the map via the arrow on the top left of the screen. This is especially frustrating when I have several filters to narrow down my search, so it’s not just an easy (still unnecessary) step to reapply the filters. It would also be nice to have the pictures come up as scrollable, when a property has 10, 20, 30+ photos it is super annoying to have to swipe through all of them to see the feature I’m looking for (usually the exterior photos are at the end...) The floor plan photos when you’re looking at specific units also gets cut off often and I can’t enlarge it. So, again, I have to swipe through the 45 photos to find the floor plans and figure out which one matches the unit I’m looking at.
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4 years ago, anonymouscpamom
Good but need a way to narrow search more
Overall the app is good. But there seems to be no way to eliminate the properties from your search that are per person rates or weekly rates. Searching in a town with a college these apartment complexes with per person rates to rent one bedroom in an apartment with roommates can really clog up your search, and it is not what you want for a family. When you are on a tight budget and set a fairly low rent, they clog up your search even. It is really annoying at times. Then there are the places listed with weekly rates that you cannot even tell are weekly unless the description says it or you contact them. I have not run into as many of those as the per person rentals and many you can tell by the insanely low rate. I would still prefer to be able to exclude them from my search results.
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4 years ago, Kearsnhagagnkhd12895
Find a place anywhere at anytime!
I really love using this app because it doesn’t matter where I am where if I’m in the passenger seat with family or friends I can automatically pull up my application and use the location tool and it will show me exactly what apartments are near me. If I see an apartment that’s far away or oh my gosh that looks so nice I wonder what apartment that is I pull up the app and it literally shows me what apartment it is, the price and everything so to me this is amazing app. Everybody should have if you’re looking for apartments it’s great. It’s free! You can create an account and save all of your favorite Appartments. I have apartments save in so many states since I am a military spouse
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5 years ago, BeookeAnne
Thanks a bunch
This app has been very helpful. I’m a single mom with kids and I work Monday-Friday 8-5. Most apartment offices close at 5 or 6 so it is very hard for me to get the time to look. This app has helped so much. My only complaint is that a lot of the places are NOT up to date. In other words, several of the places I looked said that an apartment is “Available Now” so I took off work, went to the location, just to be told that they have nothing open. This was a bummer!! I found one I loved and took off early to go and content and excited I found the perfect place. Then I got there and was told it was NOT available. I will say this is most likely not the apps fault. It’s probably up to the apartment complex to update their info. Anyway, if the business it’s self would do there part I would say “BEST APP ever!”
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4 years ago, Jbelzie
TLDR: use the browser, skip the app
I really love almost everything about the app, but there are so many bugs that it just gets in the way. I’ve had this app for a long time on multiple devices and the bugs have never been fixed. I click on a little diamond on the map to view it, the icon glitches outs and sometimes won’t populate the proper listing. Then when I return to the map, it’ll often glitch on the filters I have (I use the price filter and sometimes one or two others, nothing extreme) will disappear and it will change to something extreme, like “max rent of $200, 2 bedroom, pet friendly”. Sometime the pinch to zoom doesn’t work, sometimes the map moves without me moving it, and sometimes it crashes altogether. I really love this app and I use it often but the bugs have driven me to close the app mid-use and write this review.
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5 years ago, Alyssa0930
So easy to narrow down options!
This app is great for narrowing down your options if you know what you’re looking for. It’s so great to specify #beds and baths, pet friendly, washer dryer, apartment gym etc AND you can use key word finder like “smoke free” to make sure that the apartments fit your criteria. I also love the map view so I can see how far away it is from cities etc and other options. The favorite list is convenient too for going back and comparing options. I actually have no negative feedback or comments for how it can be better, it worked perfectly for me to find an apartment that I love!
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2 months ago, SoLushii
It’s decent!
First off I wanna say I’m still trying to find an apartment through this app, but everything works nothing buggy, easy to search, an can pretty much help to find a reasonable spot for you an your family (if you have one). Now problem that I have if anyone can agree to this is that when your looking at what’s listed as you know your trying to find a spot an a new home majority of the time when you think you found it but you didn’t cause the availability isn’t there an it says “soon” is pretty much a let down.. tye owner should take down there listing to free up space. It’s just annoying to see how you may pick multiple spots for a new home but than all you see is “Soon” “Soon” “Soon” “Soon” So can we add a filter or a requirement where property managers or the business itself has to either take down there listing or when they set it up it lets people know off the Bat that “hey we have units available at this time check back soon” something like that would really be helpful cause than you can just draw out the ones that are looking for renters an someone whose looking for a new place a lot of them clutter up the first few spots
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5 years ago, lex_ruger33
Helpful, but misleading
First off, I want to say this is a decent app to sort through apartments. You can select what you want to pay, and certain features you want- HOWEVER; the people that are allowed to post the listings don’t always comply with posting what features it actually has; ie, parking, pets, laundry , etc. Also, a good number of the listings are actually scams. If you are new to apartment hunting, you may not realize certain email responses will ask you to send money through a third party without even seeing the apartment ! These people will always explain to you that they are somewhere far from the actual apartment , and that they work through a “third party” to complete the transaction . I really hope that going forward they can weed through scammers.
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5 years ago, Long time Bert show fanatic
Great app but deceiving prices
I loved this app when I was apartment shopping in Atlanta because essentially anywhere I went if I was curious about a place I can bookmark it and pull it up. The biggest issue in Atlanta is that apartments 100% misrepresent their prices on here. They will put the prices $100 to I’ve seen as much as $500 lower than their market price for renting so that they get business in. It would be great if there was a way of having the prices validated by date on the app in someway. Also beware of the numbers that are listed for the apartments and get the numbers from the actual apartment website instead. I called several numbers from the app all which turned out to be scam calls. Other than that the app is great! Love the 3D tours.
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3 years ago, Natashapl
Good app, but missing amenities
Hi. I frequent the site often and actually found my current apartment using it. It’s very useful and one of my favorite ways to find a new home. However, I notice that the app is lacking certain amenities that are found on the site such as “Elevator”. Please make the app match the site and list all the available amenities. I also have a feature request. It would be awesome if I could search by the year the property was built or have the option to filter recently built communities. Another option that would be great is to be able to filter out communities with no availability. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Misterpeej
Why did you remove deep linking?
Pass this feedback along to your product team. Removing deep linking from the app just cheapens the user experience. While apartment hunting with my wife, we can’t simply link and text our favorite listings to one another. She instead has to give me the address and I’ve got to manually search and try to find it which is a nightmare and I end up spending half my time looking for the listings that she already found as opposed to simply clicking on them and calling them. I’m sure someone on the product team had the genius idea to remove deep linking to force users to email or contact, which probably checks someone’s box somewhere - - but have some empathy on your users please.
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6 years ago, Danii_Dee_530
Love it!!
Great app, I was able to find an apartment & it’s very user friendly which makes it super easy to navigate. I love that you can save the info, pick certain locations, & contact properties right from the app. However, I do have a couple of complaints. I wish the “apartment ratings” were more accurate. I’m big on ratings & it’s disappointing to see a complex rated 4 out of 5 stars on the app only to find out the google review is 2 out of 5 or something like that. Also, some of the phone numbers aren’t accurate & some of them are the exact same number as a complex that it has no connection to. Otherwise, love the app & I definitely recommend it
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1 year ago, Naija boii
Worst customer service ever
Couldn’t get in contact with the owner of a listing, contacted customer service, and they got back to me three days later. Every time I would reply to them through email, it would take another three days to respond back to me. Ultimately, because I was frustrated with the owner that posted the listing, and was told by the all that they couldn’t even do anything (seriously they’re customer service how can you NOT do anything), I asked for a refund. In my mind, it was no reason to apply for an apartment listing under an owner who can’t communicate. I was met with an email three days later that my refund request was denied. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was literally the biggest waste of time, you’re better off using another renting website.
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2 years ago, ElliotRoss2001
Reviews and Reading them
I love this app, 5 star review. But the thing that holds this app back is this: When you go to read reviews, some of them show that the property manager responded. I would like a way to read what said property manager replied to a review that a tenant said or a complaint about the building so that it's easier to get an understanding of what type of person the property manager is before going to view or tour the apartment. Please let us at some point read the property manager's responses. Thank you in advance.
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6 years ago, NEDUCK
Confused that my account doesn’t update across platforms
I like the ease of searching on an app and not just being tied to my computer when looking at properties BUT I do not understand why my account doesn’t seem to update my searches or favorite that are created between the app and my laptop. I have contacted several properties on my computer that don’t show as contacted on the app, and saved several favorite on the app that I can’t then pull up on my laptop. This is very frustrating in trying to maintain continuity as I search for a new home 1,100 miles away from my current location. The convenience of the app is negated when I have to have both my phone and my laptop handy to keep track of what properties I’ve looked at and liked.
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2 years ago, grey.H
Great app. Few extra filters would be helpful
I like this app and it’s my go to for looking up apartments. My bf and I started looking for a place together. We have a particular area we want to stay around and the map drawing tool helps. The one thing that would make it easier would be to help narrow down size/weight of pets. I have a black lab who is 65-70lb and it would be nice to narrow down what apartment complexes take larger breeds. It was a bit annoying seeing so many places take dogs but then needing to open the apartment page and it shows weight limit is 35lb or 50lb. Otherwise this help is super helpful!
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4 years ago, Huckelbari
Interface is glitchy, no “large dog” filter
While I continue to use the app because it is useful in apartment hunting, the interface is awful. Things don’t load well in general, and the results are almost always just large complexes rather than smaller buildings. In the map view, things disappear and reappear all the time and it’s incredibly frustrating to navigate. Did anyone actually test this? It’s also frustrating to not be able to search for apartments that allow large dogs. As someone with a large dog, it’s pretty annoying when more than half the results have some sort of weight limit. Would love to see this feature in the future. I’ve used a lot of apartment hunting apps and this is my least favorite.
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5 years ago, bluebackstabber
Latest update is so nonfunctional
I legit never write reviews—I think this is my first review ever, and I’ve had an iPhone for several years—but the latest update renders this app pretty much unusable. Every time I tap into a listing from the map and look through the full details then go back to the map and try to tap on another listing, it just freezes. The only fix I’ve found so far is to restart the app, which is ridiculous. It also briefly worked when I would wait around 5-10 seconds after returning to the map to click on something else, but now I don’t think that’s working either. In any case, the app as it stands currently doesn’t work for me. For reference, I have an iPhone X. I hope this gets fixed!
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1 year ago, lilaayy
Do not use if you live in SoCal
I know I know it’s hard finding a decent living space in Southern California but do yourself a favor and DONT USE THIS APP in your rental journey. I have been looking for 3 months and I wouldn’t be so stressed out if every rental I came across didn’t have either a) no answer or b) them telling me the rental property has NO VACANCIES ???? This hasn’t happened to just me either. If a rental property is not vacant (or soon to be in 31 days) it shouldn’t be on a rental search app. Update your landlord/property management user’s inventory. My main complaint is that out of 25 rental properties that I called I will get 6 who answer and only 2 who actually have a vacancy. There needs to be alternative methods of communication other than just calling, no one answers.
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5 years ago, cupcakekarmaa
I loved the app but too many scammers
Me and my boyfriend were looking into apartment/studios, I found one that I really liked! I contacted the “owner” of the apartment. First of all she didn’t like how I was asking questions about a viewing for the apartment. She got “offended” because I was unsure about the listing! She wanted me to send her a deposit ASAP, she told me she was going to send me the keys and leasing agreement but I told her that I wanna view the apartment first then we’ll talk, She was telling me she’s legit and all the bull crap. I did my own research and it turns out that apartment building isn’t leasing no apartment/studio! Thank god I didn’t send her the money! Moral of the story: If you’re unsure about something do your research!
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5 years ago, Stanky_stacey
👌🏽 great app. Helped me find the perfect apartment.
I found a really nice place from here. They update everything often. Every now and then some prices will be slightly off. Or sometimes it dosnt day what promos the apartments are having. But for the most part it hasn’t failed me. Find availability, room, bath prices and filter to what location you looking in. To what amenities come with what. Floor plans for most apartments. They even have the proper phone numbers to the apartment complex so you can call and ask your self on what is what. its dope, def makes it easier.
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7 months ago, Hdbdjxn
The best!!!
This app has literally EVERYTHING! Get it if your want the best apartment for you! :) But honestly yea, it has everything you need, I just hope more apartments signs up to be on the app because it makes getting tenants a lot more easier, but I noticed that some apartments in my area don’t use the app, which is disappointing. But I found my dream apartment for me and my mom on here and everything was accurate and updated instantly! Amazing home finding experience.
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1 year ago, cavadeduar
When it comes to looking for a place to live, pictures are worth a thousand words. That's why it's important for apartments to post pictures of the inside of their properties. Without interior photos, it's hard to know what you're getting yourself into. Now, let's talk about the app itself. The design is outdated and not as easy to use as other popular apps like Zillow. It can feel overwhelming to navigate and find what you're looking for. Lastly, the logo of the app is not very appealing. It looks like the recycling symbol rather than a symbol for finding a place to live. It might be a good idea for apartments to consider changing their logo to something that better represents their brand and catches the eye of potential users.
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7 months ago, ssangyi
forces you to send generic message
forces you to send a generic “i would like to schedule a tour” rather than allowing you in the seemingly encouraged character limit, to write something a little elegant than that. also, browsed and saved while being logged out until i was ready to start sending over tour requests and they removed my entire fav list. if the platform is unable to merge favorites lists to your account it should give error “please log in”. or merge without technical difficulty. been using the platform years ago and i was sure to be able to customize MY tour request idunno
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2 years ago, rig091
Moved into a slum based on this app
The app allows the apartment complex to remove honest reviews and when asked why they simply say that it has to follow the guidelines. All my statements are true and honest and I have photos to prove it. They also allow the apartment complex to upload false images that are in my opinion false advertising. Because using this app as you may believe you are moving into a nice apartment when it is actually a slum. The review I wrote that keeps getting deleted: The parkhaus apartments in San Antonio Texas have an infestation of roaches, the place is “remodeled” but all they did was slap new paint over old cabinets and walls. The parking lot is completely trashed and you have to avoid massive holes and mounds where the tar has somehow shifted.
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3 years ago, reviewerM14
New Update Took Away their Best Features!
This app used to have the best features among all real estate apps. Specifically, their search function was second to none. You could search by specific number of bedrooms, selecting more than one option at a time (for example I always searched for Studios and 1BR). But when I went into the app on 5-1-21, their recent update changed that and now you can only select “Studio+” or “1BR+”. I’m a single guy, when I’m looking for a 1 bedroom apartment I don’t need to see 2 bedroom places in my price range. Why did they change this?? It was great before.
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3 years ago, samiyyah123
This app has went down completely!!!
I swear everywhere you turn someone is posing as someone else and they are scamming people. I can’t take it anymore. I have wasted money with application fees and I then had it !! I want to delete this app but this is the only app I use to search for apartments. You guys have to do better than this. Anyone can create a profile and say they are renting out someplace and scam people. It’s not right, there people need to be evaluated before they can put something on this site for rent. I got scammed 3 times !!!
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4 years ago, GabyG92
Awful glitch that clears search preferences
I used to LOVE this app. I’ve used if every time I’ve had to search for a new place and it has been great and helpful, IN THE PAST. Currently, there is an awful glitch in the app that resets/clears my search setting criteria. There is also another glitch within the criteria search itself that makes it a pain to even try to set my parameters. Every time I try to enter a digit in the price column, it kicks me out. If my budget is 2100, it will kick me out before I type 2, after I type 2, after I type 1, and so forth. Once I have finally, successfully input my criteria and search, I of course click on what catches my eye. The moment I click back to the map or list, all my criteria resets/erases. I’ve even saved the search criteria so I don’t have to deal with the first glitch of inputting again. But when I click on it to regenerate my search results, nothing happens. And I mean literally nothing, it clears out ALL search. No locations pop up. As if nothing is available to view. I’m ready to just delete the app honestly.
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2 years ago, True Mountain girl
New to moving in?
Wether your looking for your first place away from parents or your dream place, This app is a truly amazing way to look at listings in your surrounding area. The apartments app has ways to get a good look at your expenses or what you will need and will actually give you plenty of room to look at your favorites. This app also offers a chance to tour your favorites anytime at the touch of your finger tips! I hope this helps! Happy searching!
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4 years ago, _adusi
So helpful
I’ve been looking for apartments on different apps and sites forever until I found this one and it’s perfect! You don’t even need to sign up for it or anything and it lets you look anywhere in the world to see what apartments are available and it’s all accurate. I was able to find my perfect place to live in a complete different state thanks to this app and I will always be thankful I had downloaded it. If you’re needing help finding places to live, this is the app for you definitely
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3 years ago, daohnie and Joeys Mom
Welcome Home
River Oaks is the best apartment community! Everyone that works here is so friendly and kind and they cater to your every need. If there is a maintenance issue they address it the day you call. The property is beautiful and very safe. The Office Team is outstanding and so welcoming. They have great social gatherings at the Clubhouse and a website to keep everyone informed. We have lived in other communities but nothing as nice as River Oaks. Before you move anywhere else come look at River Oaks!
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12 months ago, TaeTaeBear
Deceiving reviews
The app is good for its use. I like that it has an option to view the maps with all the apartments and a list you can scroll down looking through all of it. The problem is when you’re looking at every apartment, the reviews are always 4/5 stars. But when you read the actual reviews, most of them are 1-2 stars. Even the ones with only low ratings, the app still rates it high for some reason. You have to change the filters to whatever your preference is on apartments every time you open the app.
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1 year ago, summerinthecity7
If you can actually contact someone it is too late
I’m start out with the app is user friendly, has all of the filters you want, however if you actually reach out to someone about a unit it is like a black hole. I have reached out to a number of units (close to 10) about availability and setting up tours and have heard back from 1 realtor—who was not even the listing agent for the property we inquired about. The other issue is the listings shown seem to be dated. The realtor who did get back to me informed me that the listing I was interested in is off market; I asked her about a series of other addresses shown as available and not one was available. I have come to the conclusion that is you actually want to get in contact with someone about a unit this is not the forum to use and the listings are all outdated. It will give you a sense of the market, what price point things are at, but that is it. I do not recommend if you are actually trying to find somewhere to live.
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3 years ago, MrDrProfSmith
I’ll concede that I appreciate the level of detail I can apply in the search engines which helps immensely with filtering the selection to fit most of my preferences. The main reason for my sour review is that I find inaccuracies on several levels when I look at listings using the app and desktop version. -price ranges are often lower than what’s listed on the apartment complexes’ websites -there have been several instances where I see a new listing that I did not see the day before, only for the leasing office to tell me “ohhhh, that one was signed off on last weekend…😬” when I call -there are complexes that appear in my searches on the desktop version even though they have no availabilities I’m guessing a decent share of this blame falls on the complexes/leasing offices for being slow to keep their pages updated. It’s still very frustrating to repeatedly see listings that appear favorable, only to learn they’re outside of my budget or not actually available.
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1 year ago, KD852035
Maybe the Best you’ll find!
So, this would have been a 5 star review if it wasn’t for some of the apartments listed not having their prices accurate, per what they say it is now currently priced at. Nonetheless, still pretty awesome. It has the best show of floor plans and even though of course the pictures are pretty enhanced, it does give a significant vibe of the complex. Although somewhat robotic in nature, every interest expressed in a particular complex, does lead to at least some kind of follow up through email and text.
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3 years ago, nfoxxy33
Be aware…
Apparently you can only do so many searches before they block you from using the site or app any further. Received a notification that my account was disabled due to “too many searches.” I contacted their customer service and was basically told “ You will have to wait till you can search again. You will be able to search again eventually.” Basically too bad and I was brushed off. So surprised that is how they do business and how unprofessional their customer service is. I would understand if it was a free trial and you had to pay for a membership but that isn’t the case. Just be aware you can only do a limited amount of searches.
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4 years ago, Megz167
Super useful but a flaw...
This app is amazing for helping me find a new apartment in our area. It’s super easy to use, simply designed, and shows pretty much all the information you need to know to get a good sense of the property. However. One thing drives me up the wall. My filtered settings NEVER stay past the first property or two that I click on. Even when I save the filtered search and go back to it later, I still have that problem. It’s frustrating when I’m trying to find a place under $1.2k and I keep inadvertently clicking on $2k+ places.
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2 years ago, shesMovingAgain
Love it but…
Could we get some filters in the favorites? Maybe this is only me but I have moved a few times in the last couple of years so I have places saved in different states and would love to be able to filter my favorites by state and price so I can check on one location at that time while still having access to the other places I have selected in another place
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2 years ago, Sarahtime
This app needs a price Accuracy update
The only thing that frustrates me about this app is when you put in your preferences especially for price range. They’ll show you one price of the apartment that you’re looking for but when you actually click on the apartment complex the apartments are actually a lot more than what was initially advertised. For example searching for a one bedroom it pops up 1195 but when you click on the actual Apartments the one-bedrooms are 1600. That’s a big difference on what I actually search for.
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2 years ago, Tixyjcychjh
UX needs some work and the content ain’t great either
It’s way too easy to accidentally swipe down out of a listing while trying to swipe through the pictures of a listing. When you message a listing and you have to change the move in date, the scroll function on the days hits into the home thing on the bottom of the screen causing the screen to shift dramatically. The content on here is okay, they depend on realtors to be fair and honest and a lot of listings are out of date, I will message a realtor about an apartment and they will immediately shoot back that it’s taken.
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5 years ago, Jade.Marie13
app logs me out whenever I exit the app
I used to love this app whenever I was looking for a new apartment or dreaming of living somewhere else, but since I’ve been looking at apartments again these last few weeks I’ve noticed it logs me out of the app whenever I exit it. It doesn’t matter if I just go to a different app for a couple minutes and then go back, I have to log in again. Super annoying when I’m trying to look at my favorites or a building’s info and go between this app and looking at the building’s actual website and I have to log back in everytime.
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5 years ago, apartmentsengineersarestupid
Lots of Scam Ads
It’s annoying that you have to create an account within the app that constantly times out and forces you to keep logging in. It also doesn’t help in searching for an apartment when there are multiple ads that are clearly (and sometimes not so obviously) scammers, which not only wastes time, some poor idiot is eventually going to fall for one of them and end up screwed. Other than that, it’s an easy to use app and once you do create an account, the features that help you save/ mark rentals you’ve already looked at/ etc. are convenient.
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11 months ago, CoolerMudkip
App frequently gets stuck and will not load apartment details when you tap, forcing you to quit and reload. The video animation that plays when it opens is annoying and if you tap it a bunch it restarts and takes even longer like the app hates you. Landscape only on iPad for no reason, the website works in portrait just fine. In general it’s mediocre. Sort of does it’s job with a bunch of little pain points. Wish that it was smoother and also had more filters (Fiber Internet, EV charging…)
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