APMEX: Buy Gold & Silver

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User Reviews for APMEX: Buy Gold & Silver

4.86 out of 5
39K Ratings
1 year ago, JohnathonRay
Best place to buy any Precious Metals that your into!
Mom a repeated customer, I have 2 accounts with them! 1 account I’ve spent about 3k on one and the other I’ve spent around 11k. If your looking for great Precious Metals and unique and even exclusive Precious Metals then Apmex is the place to look and buy! Not gonna lie to though, some have high premiums if you compare those with the same coin from other dealers that are a bit smaller then APMEX! But most coins that APMEX sells are priced right with a good return in your investment. Overall my experience has been great with them! The only thing though is that customer service over the phone a lot of them sound really rude and sound as if they don’t like their jobs! That’s the only thing they need to work on. The people I’ve spoken to so far which has been about 5 or 6 people, all have been really rude and when your done with what you called for they practically just hang up on you. That’s the only bad part about APMEX, is there customer Service needs more teaching on how to treat customers, especially loyal customers such as myself! Between both of my accounts I’ve spent well over $14k to $15k so I’d expect at least good customer service instead of rudeness. Other then that I highly recommend APMEX, it’s worth every dollar!
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3 years ago, Cace Man. From Clinton, Iowa
Convenient Buy
I’ve been buying Silver for the last 5 years, & fairly exclusively from APMEX, for the last 4 of them. BuyIng Silver on line with APMEX has always been simple, and straight forward. I have yet to be disappointed with any of the over 500 Coins I’ve bought. I’ve found their New Mobile App is extremely quick & easy. I always have a few Text alerts for coins i want, but extreme limited edition coins are buy right now, or wish you had. I’ve had my Phone alert me that I have a new Text from APMEX, while driving. I’ll pull over and check my Text, finding a alert for a must buy coin, place my order. Pay with a E-Check, and return to driving in under 4 minutes. With full confidence that my coins will show up on time, in better condition than promised. Done Deal. I love their Coins, & a love the way they do business
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2 years ago, stucko1122
AMPEX fraud
BEWARE !!!!Don not buy from AMPEX ! Unless you understand no matter what kind of purchase you make with then you are getting into a contract bthat is hidden and not explained up front. They do not explain this and hide the fact by not being up forward about it. If you decide you want to cancel you subscription snd order or send the order back. You are charged all kinds of fees to do so and in my opinion is a scam. I Don’t recommend using them for honest coin investing. Stucko 1122. No matter how you search there is no way you can get out of their club unless you call. I am going to end up needing to use an attorney to get someone to return my money they illegally deducted from my checking causing several prior purchases to fail and charge me for the improper balance. I in no way agreed to their club and only wanted to buy a few pieces of silver. They are now saying I have to buy or invest 5K for my membership. Please use someone else and do not let APMEX to put your family into a financial tailspin as they have mine. My children are suffering for this company scam and fraudulent deduction of money from my checking.
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2 years ago, nickname82086
Worst customer service I have ever dealt with!
I really only use APMEX when something I’m looking for is unavailable on other apps. So I can deal with the fact that they are WAY over priced. However, I will no longer buy from this company, due to the joke that is their customer service team. Every time they screw something up or have a delay in shipment, they want to charge you for their mistakes. I didn’t want to wait 3 weeks for a coin that was stated to come in just a few days later at purchase. Asked them to send the other pieces before hand, they wanted to charge me extra. Asked to exchange the delayed coin for another one, 3 dollars more expense, they refused. Then I said I was in the middle of a move, to please send package to mail box, waving the signature. I only had the mail box until the end of the month. What do they do? You guessed it, required a signature, I wasn’t there, now I’m chasing the package around. I reached out to customer service about it. They said they can recall it but they would have to charge me a 20 dollar fee. All because they messed up again. WHAT A JOKE
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7 months ago, In contemp
I would like to thank the Employees, at Ampex that make your Company so great . You have always treated me with Respect, even the one time , I know , I didn’t deserve it . No Great idea , Or Company has ever been successful, without hard working employees , that worked to make that company successful, or worked to help make that Idea come to Life . RESPECT, even when you didn’t always receive it , You gave it , to the customer's & Owners . I respect each of you . Each one of you make Ampex A Great Company . I’m not an investor, I’m an old man, with very little left to give anymore. Used up & Burned out , That gets a little pleasure from shopping, That I Mainly giveaway as gifts . You make that enjoyment possible, thank You. Thank You Sincerely R. Mize
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1 month ago, Jay L I
Ivey’s Holdings
I just spoke to Brandy to verify the certification & 100% authentication of your 2008 $1 Trillion Zimbabwe Uncirculated Note. She personally assured me as well as another very nice gentleman did earlier, who also said that the certificate is true & authentic in the very sense of the word. Guaranteed ! I also ordered your 1 Ounce Canadian Bison Silver Round that was also beautiful & a phenomenal price!! I just love the quality of your product & definitely have always received prompt, polite, professional service every time !! I surely have always felt comfortable with piece of mind knowing that your products are genuine & feature fantastic quality !! I will always shop & support Apmex Precious Metals !! God Bless You All !!!
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1 year ago, just a unhappy customer
Bullion Card
Your app has repeatedly induced me to apply for your credit card after buying more than $75,000 in gold and silver. I was denied and as a result of said denial. I took a big hit in my credit score. I will no longer buy my gold and silver from APMEX as the result. For the record, as of right now I am rated by APMEX as an ELETE Member. So much for that. There are so many other sources in my area that I think I will do better in cost. Goodbye APMEX. You will not get a recommendation from me. I expect that any outstanding orders will be honored or refunded William T. Hunt
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1 year ago, Cart link issue
Cart Issue
Been using the app and web site both for over two years now. The only problem I have and others as well is, the shopping cart is not linked between the APMEX web site and iOS app. When shopping via a laptop (website) and returning later on the same laptop cart shows all items selected. Then when logging back on via the iOS app with the same credentials as the laptop the cart is empty. It would be nice if it was linked so items that were selected on the (website) could later be accessed via the iOS app. Then orders could be finalized on the go or visa versa. Orders stared on the iOS app could be finished up on the (website) later at home. Gary Meyer (VIP)
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1 year ago, HicksK67
Need better customer service
I’ve bought from APMEX for several years now and for the most part have had a very good experience. I’m a novice collector and wanted to collect the 1oz treasures of the US. They have been released sporadically and I’ve tried to keep up. I noticed in 2022 it appeared 3 colorized coins were skipped. I called and questioned this and was told they release the coins once they receive them. The 3 colorized coins on question are Minnesota, Mississippi, and Michigan. Who do I need to talk to about getting these? There are 17 of these coins to go for a complete set. I just wanted to know if/when these 3 might be available? I’d hate for my set to be incomplete. Just looking for an answer…thanks
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4 months ago, YungRox
I have ordered several times through the APMEX app. I noticed my orders getting “cancelled” BY APMEX after I already paid and received my items. I contacted customer support and was told there was an inventory discrepancy and that I would receive “refunds if available” and also “$20 credit to be used by phone”. I received the items that, according to them, I didn’t receive? Now I am obligated by the terms I unknowingly agreed to, to pay whatever market loss THEY may receive(greater of $50 or 5% of order). My orders keep disappearing which takes away from my credits earned on orders and they disappear completely. I have spent hundreds on around 10 items and currently they only show I have ordered 3 things. I’m sure those will be “cancelled” and removed as well. DO NOT USE APMEX!!!
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2 years ago, Pete in Redmond WA
Great app!!!
This is a dangerous application! Why? 👏 It is incredibly stable. It never crashes. Ever! That means it’s always available when you want/need it. 👏 It’s intuitive. It doesn’t take ages to get up to speed. 👏 It supports a wide number of payment methods. This means you can spend your money faster & more efficiently. 👏 It’s VERY easy to purchase items. That’s the dangerous part! 👏 It’s easy to search for and filter items, which makes things much more fun and easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, be it an investment or a gift. 👏 I love the charts. You can tell at a glance how well you did on your purchases. Sometimes you smile, other times you don’t but you can tell at a glance how you’re doing. 👏 I like being able to look at my orders and history. Keep up the great work & your app just makes things too darned easy!!! Keep your app DANGEROUS! Pete in Montana
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2 years ago, Christopher "CJ" Herring
Missing Orders and Items in Order History
Overall the app is fine. However, I have items and orders not showing up in the overall history! That’s very disconcerting because anyone with the same pieces can lie and say theirs are stolen but then when I try to show my proof of an APMEX purchase of the same items too they aren’t appearing quickly! Is there a timeframe cutoff for order history? There shouldn’t be ESPECIALLY with these types of items when proof of purchase is so important for authentication and possible resale/trading. Otherwise adequate app, good service in general, great products.
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3 years ago, Patrick2016
Great functionality
I have always liked buying from apmex and have been a customer of theirs since 2016. When their app first came out it was not perfect but they had surveys on what they can do to improve it. I’m glad to see that they have improved the app greatly. It functions great and is now easier than ordering on a computer. The features are great and navigating the app requires minimal effort. I like how the buttons to get to things such as home and your account are on the bottom.
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2 years ago, daprez1963
Shipments via USPS
Easy to buy online but their shipping method needs major overhaul. Delivering precious metals via regular usps mail with no signature, just tossed in mailbox in unacceptable. Padded envelope came with apmex (not in an envelope that was disguised like they say) on outside of package which invites theft. I was given a Tuesday delivery date yet it arrived a few days early. I was not home if it was in mailbox while I was out of house for weekend. I don’t know if stolen or not delivered. I had to call bank and have charged reversed. I will never do business with apmex because if their total disregard for properly delivering a $500 coin. I now buy from another company, money metals, and they deliver my coins securely with signature (no need to request it) apmex just gave excuses and did not accept any responsibility for this.
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1 year ago, RyanDLuke
Not the Best
APMEX is supposed to be the best and trusted Online Gold & Silver out there, however they do not live up to the hype. They send out damaged goods. I have received a Damaged 20 OZ bar of silver on my first-occasion. I have ordered from them a few times. My last order I received 20 damaged silver coins all damaged on the side or ridges of the coins that were supposed to come sealed in a tube but were packaged separately in order to hide the blemishes. I was planning on ordering more but I don’t know what I’m going to get in the mail with this company. I will not be ordering again from them. They did not answer my emails or reach out to me to make things right. Poor customer service. Zero quality control. Don’t gamble with your money. Stay away from APMEX. God speed. - Ryan
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2 years ago, 88763456
Great app with one problem
I love this app. The search tool works great the management tool works flawlessly there’s only one problem that keeps popping up for me. The fact that it’s so easy to find awesome silver and gold pieces on here, it’s caused a lapse in self control a few times and the need to purchase a bigger safe. It’s more of a personal problem I know but there really should be a disclaimer. Like “ this app will cause compulsive buying” or “ danger of love at first site with every search”. Just a suggestion
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3 years ago, Heyjoe541
Great app
This is a very nice app because it’s easy to use and has just about everything that the website has. Very easy to compare and search all the products you’re interested in. Will be using for all my on the go buys. It also has a nice portfolio tool where you can enter the assets you have and it will give the acquisition cost and current value as well as a pie chart showing the percentages of your different assets, very convenient. I look forward to buying on this app.
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3 years ago, EmA601
Completing a purchase within the app is so quick!
Bravo to APMEX for updating their app! The entire checkout process is now within the app and not on the website. No more going to the website on your phone after you select a product to purchase. You can perform every task you need to do within the app—buy products, check your portfolio, track your orders, read industry news, and set spot price alerts to stay on top of the metal prices!! This is amazing!
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4 years ago, Dr Harry Balzonya
New Format is Awful
In this new format it is beyond difficult just to go to a specific category of items you are searching to buy. I can’t even find the “SHOP” section where you used to be able to look up things like COLONIAL COINS, CONFERDERATE CURRENCY, EARLY US DOLLARS, or COLONIAL CURRENCY. You can’t even go to something simple like BARBER HALF DOLLARS or SEATED LIBERTY DIMES. I am able to find these things eventually but it’s thru some ridiculous convoluted path through the new site. Now if you are in the market to buy something you only have the DEALS section to click on and have to hope for the best. As far as the SHOPPING section of the redesigned site is concerned I say the old version was much better and easier to find specific items instead of just random offerings now.
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1 year ago, SFCSTRAK
App Rating
I like this app. It really has a lot to offer and I especially enjoy how I can review my purchases. As important, I enjoy reviewing the portfolio tool. I would however like to have the ability to add other products such as the copper I’ve purchased. My thought is is APMEX offers items for sale like copper, We should be able to add that onto the portfolio tool. I would think there would be more purchases made if there was an allowance to view. I know I would purchase more. Thanks for the app though. I really do like it.
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2 years ago, jredwar
Satisfied in North Carolina
There are several precious metal company out there that I will buy from but over the the years I have split my main buying between just two. The other is a good choice but for me APMEX just seems to fit my me better. They have always been helpful, fast with the orders and discreet with the shipping. Prices are competitive enough I that I really don’t need to go anywhere else. If you haven’t already, give them a try.
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2 years ago, Bsetnmaeevr
Cart Button Does Not Work
The only issue I have with this app is that when you click on the cart icon, it does nothing. The only way to get to the cart is when prompted after adding something. The work around that I use is by adding something to the cart, selecting “view cart”, then deleting that item. It’s a small bug, but other than that, the app is clean, functional, and works great on both iPhone and iPad. The issue with the cart icon not being usable is only with the iPad app.
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2 months ago, $kevinhopkins
Always Excellent
I’ve been purchasing rare coins from APMEX for many years. The prices are always among the most competitive. The quality is reliable, and the selection is vast. With a bit of discernment, a person can come out of most purchases with intent equity and seldom behind a huge markup, as with other retailers. APMEX has been, and continues to be, one of the most vital partners in my investing strategy. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
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5 years ago, happy not happie
My personal review
Authentic as it comes for purchasing precious metals particularly gold, silver, and platinum. I do have to say it is very reasonable pricing although sometimes which is common you will get not always near meant items one of my items was a bar of 2 kg of silver and I had a lot of dings and scratches and so forth so it always isn’t going to come in the best condition just a heads up You are always get what you pay for and you always get real gold and silver you may not always get the best looking piece even if you asked for it but I’d say the majority of the time it will be in near mint condition to perfect condition. Highly recommend... ***If only They had a competitor site the numbers will drop more just a little though specially if they had at least three competitor sites that would be totally awesome for customers!***
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9 months ago, Dad6561
Be careful!
Great app and useful for purchases as well as knowing current pricing for comparison while looking at purchases at local dealers. However, BE CAREFUL!!! Once you have a purchase method in the app like a credit card you can accidentally make a purchase while browsing for prices. Just happened to me today and even though I immediately purchased 10 gold bullion bars on another order in minutes, they won’t combine the accidental purchase of one silver eagle with the bullion order unless I pay a $50 penalty. So I am stuck paying shipping and insurance.
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1 year ago, Chizz1268
Great Selection of Precious Metals!
I like APMEX because they provide a great selection of coins and bars to choose from to purchase. I can purchase coins that I can’t find anywhere else and put them in my collection. I feel safe and secure making a large monetary purchase from APMEX, that other precious metal dealers don’t give me. Every time I called APMEX I was treat with courtesy and respect and was given quality customer service. Thank You!
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2 years ago, Bgs9man
Nice App, but………..
App works great until there’s a special on silver or gold and then you can’t use it because the system gets bog down with orders. This is what happened to me at 8am Black Friday when I was going to order the 5 oz John Wick Silver Bar. It finally let me in at 8:11 am and then the item was sold out. This also happens at the US Mint site as well. I know it’s not the App fault, but why have an App special when you can’t use the App to complete your order? A big let down!
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2 years ago, Professor Mike B
Cheat you out of your money
Ordered a silver coin along with other items. Upon arrival, silver coin box had no coin in it. Contacted customer service and was told to file a police report and tried to put the blame on shipping and the courier (USPS). There were no evidence of tampering during shipping and when they sent me a video of packaging, did not even show evidence that there was a coin in the box to begin with. Contacting customer service and claims is like pulling teeth. They blame someone else when they clearly cannot prove that item was present prior to packaging item. What do they want me to do, file a police report on them? Very terrible company. Buy elsewhere or direct from the US mint.
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4 weeks ago, Hhelman65
Sooooo easy!
I started investing in gold and silver with APMEX in 2017. Happy I did! Purchases are easy, quick shipment and I really like the portfolio tracking the website offers. I can get a real time valuation of my assets with just a few clicks. Highly recommend to the individual investor looking for an easy way to invest. With lots of price point options, this is not just for the rich but us little guys too!!
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2 years ago, bigcat40000
Good app
I really like the APMEX app. I order everything in the app it’s easy and fast plus it catalogs all my perches. It also has easy tracking email updates, and if you follow the twitters account you can see new products that come out but back to the my personal favorite thing is the price alerts you can set I only have one set for sliver right now but it’s incredibly useful. 10/10
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6 months ago, hotrodhollywood
i have ordered many products from different companies online over many years and use the same company mailing address hundreds of times- so much so that on my laptop and cellphone it automatically fills in the CORRECT address- yet on my first order , apmex INCORRECTLY ADDRESSED my order and sent to SOMEONE ELSE- of course they verified that it was delivered- BUT TO THE WRONG ADDRESS- they refused to admit that they made the mistake- so now i have PAID FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO HAVE MY ORDER- only God knows where it is , as i traveled to the INCORRECT ADDRESS and spoke to the people there who claim that it was returned to the post office- needless to say that I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM APMEX AGAIN !! you lost a potential long term customer FOREVER
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2 years ago, RmcAZ
Great for purchasing but needs more features
Great app for finding and purchasing items from APMEX. Two things need to be fixed/added: When browsing products the menu bar disappears and you can get “lost” browsing items with no way to get back Home or to My Account, etc. other than to keep clicking BACK forever. Keep the menu bar at the bottom or add a button to pop it up. Also, please add 2 factor authentication for mobile and web site. Sorely needed for these transactions.
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8 months ago, Aaron likes autosleep
APMEX review
I’ve just made my third purchase. My first purchase was processed and delivered within two weeks BU Coins ( Australian Queen Elizabeth II commemorative coins)and 10 toz FMint Bar, both in excellent condition. My second order was FMint bars, received in 8 days also in excellent condition. I just ordered my third purchase of Krugerrand coins for approximately five dollars over spot ( Flash Sale). All my purchases have been silver. I am very satisfied. Aaron
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6 months ago, MAD184
Best investment
I can’t believe all the ways to invest your money. If your looking to invest in your future, look no further…. APMEX has made investing incredibly simple. You have the ability to find the best options that’ll work best for your needs. The best part is that no matter where you start, you will always be to hold your investments in the palm of your hands!!!
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1 year ago, Eric H1981
I trusted at APMEX to ship what I ordered, in a timely manner. After weeks, of not receiving my order, I placed a request to find out what happened. That makes said they were “going to investigate.” They did their investigation, to find out indeed something happen to my order. Although was no fault of mine, and they “guarantee satisfaction” APMEX stated that my request happen after the “30 day policy.”Although they do ask if you don’t receive your order right away that you wait longer. APMEX has not made this right to date, and I certainly hope they will do what is right, and send me my order, or provide a refund.
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1 year ago, dazbrat66
49/51 of my orders went perfectly. Past year.
In this past year I was estatic with APMEX s app. I order calling in orders but sometimes it’s just not plausible. I’d be the MVP of M. L. B. Annually. With that average. So needless to say, a cracked proof screen thus creating some milk spots on a nice ERP Eagle and a chunk out of 1 (10) oz bars (Tiger-Lunar Series arrrr) I’ve ordered were the only ahh man moments I’ve had. I can deal with that. Keep up the great work. Thanks Mike from Northern California
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2 years ago, Mr Camarena
Great experience!
I’ve been stacking silver for a while now and APMEX has made everything easy for me to find, only thing would be that it would be nice if by month there was a setting for a monthly subscription of an automatic transaction for a certain amount of weight with their own featured products, just an idea, but over all everything is great !
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2 years ago, ALG.380
No other more trusted and precise as APMEX
APMEX is the only trusted provider of precious metals trade for me. They are seamless with expediting orders and feature real time spot price and rapid updated articles and information about the market and resources for all who are interested or just beginning. But you seasoned stackers already know, there is no other to match them. Stack metals, Bitcoin requires a belief system that is faith based. Stack em up.
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2 years ago, COrdbkr81
Great Inventory, Great Service
Can always find what I’m looking for. It may be out of stock but sign up for notifications for when the item is back in stock. When you get the notification, you have the chance to get the item. You have to act fast though. Bottom line, great opportunities to round out your collections and great customer service. Thanks!
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2 years ago, gold_stacker
Great Service
I was skeptical about buying precious metals online, however their products came in a discreet package and arrived fairly soon. Their customer service is also outstanding. I had an issue with BitPay so I emailed their customer support and had a response from an actual person in minutes, despite this issue happening at midnight before a holiday.
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2 months ago, Steve DiBs
APMEX great to work with
I have made several purchases from APMEX. I usually try to buy different products to add to my collection(coins / bars / etc.). I have ZERO complaints. They are quick to ship and always provide a great product. I am very happy with the company, the service, and the products. I will remain a customer. I have been member for 10 years.
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5 months ago, djinoregon
Change credit card
I emailed apmex 4 times trying to change my credit card number because of fraud. I was not able to change it. After 3 tries apmex quit responding to my emails. I have been buying from this company for about 8 years and $13,000 and they don’t seem to want my business anymore.
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4 years ago, BobP63
Latest UI update real step backwards
Not sure what APMEX was going for with this latest UI update, but’s it’s a real step backwards. Firstly the spot prices are way out of wack; it’s one thing to use the Ask price instead of the Bid price but the listed prices are way off from all other published prices. The other issue is you now have very limited access to APMEX’s normal storefront, the combination of incorrect spot prices and limited storefront access makes this app essentially useless. I’ll keep it installed a bit longer, hopefully they fix these issues in the next release. If not it’s time to delete the app and look elsewhere.
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1 week ago, Bluej713
Worst company to buy gold and silver
I was a new customer and was looking for buying gold and silver. They didnt even shipped my stuff. Hold my money and now i got blocked because my bank filed a dispute and got my refund. Keep in mind when I canceled i called and they said i was gonna get my money back in 72 hours. After 6 days havent got nothing. If you cant ship the order why hold my hard earned money. They said they blocked me and are not gonna associate with me because of that and customer rep didnt even wanna deal with my problem. JM is way better dont fall for this selfish broke company. Honest review!
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3 years ago, coffeeafter
Simple and easy!!
The new app now has the entire checkout process in the app, no more redirecting to their site. It was able to save all my information in checkout for next, I could check my portfolio, read the latest market news, and I even set some alerts so I know when a few products come back in stock. Great update, APMEX!
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2 months ago, Compress Tech
Happy Customer
Great app to use. I have been using since first of the year. I buy different items and it is so easy to browse the items I am looking for. I like that it shows what I have bought so far and the amount paid and the amount worth at the time of looking at the daily point of value.
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2 months ago, mikie8681
Mr. mark myers
Fast and easy experience, looking forward to ordering more in the future. Ordering is simple and straight forward. Shipping was made easy and tracking kept me up to date on all the routing steps. I was hesitant at first, Unsure of safe delivery. But , two orders arrived with out incident one still en route with tracking information available.
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2 years ago, Flompky
Small time gold buyer
Small Time goal buyer but always treated like I’m just important as the big-time gold buyers. Company is very courteous very professional and very good at communication and getting your order to you safe and secure as fast as possible. This is the second time I’ve used them and I will continue to use them in the future!
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9 months ago, Disappointed Dennis
New to APMEX
I have bought from a few other sites and only recently began working APMEX. The prices are competitive, the selections are varied and great and the app and service are top notch. I think the newest provider in my portfolio of options may well become the leading provider. I can recommend APMEX without reservations. You won’t be disappointed.
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2 years ago, Fossil Dad
Current precious metal charts, and deals!
I use this app to keep track of the current precious metal prices including gold, silver, platinum and Palladium. I have ordered some of their products as well, and they are very competitively priced competing with my local coin dealer who always gives me a fair deal. Very pleased with this app so far! Shipping has been good and fairly quick.
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