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AppClose, Inc
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3 months ago
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12.2 or later
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User Reviews for AppClose

4.74 out of 5
27K Ratings
1 year ago, Liz-23584005
Great parenting app!
I love this app and all the details it holds. The calendar is awesome and I like that it has the expenses on it too. I would like for the calendar to have different colors for categories so when you see the month you can tell which days have events and which days have expenses (and other colors coded to other categories like school calendar days). Even without the other parent being involved with the app it’s still very handy to have everything kept in one place. Tracking expenses helps with budgeting as well as showing where money is being spent on your child(ren). I have a separate budgeting app for my everyday bills and spending but it would be nice to have some of the features this app has for expenses (pie charts, expenses broken down by type, etc). If this maker doesn’t already have a budgeting app they should make one. I definitely recommend this app to any parent whether single parent doing it on their own, parents still together, or separate parents who are coparenting. This app is remarkable. I am using it for both of my boys and their fathers a I love that more than one “circle” can be formed in the app. My request to the developer is to find a way for the view for both parents to be similar. My coparent does not see anything the way I do.
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1 year ago, Brey's Opinions
Would recommend
We recently started using this app and have had a good experience thus far. I really appreciate that it is a free app and has the ability to add the parenting schedule, kids activities, medical info, payment tracking, messaging, memos, etc. It really does a good job of covering all the bases. And you can export all the info for court uses if that's something you need. I really only have one thing I'd like to change; I wish the calendar monthly view showed the event name instead of just color coded dots. I really like to look at a month view and see the event name from that view. Great app, 10/10 would recommend. Also worth noting, if you have multiple children this allows you to choose that child for that event/parenting time. This could be a very resourceful app for parents with multiple children with different dads/moms as you could have all parents connected through this app and separate the schedules per child & their other parent.
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5 years ago, Rachel Dawn D
I like the looks but....
I like some things (that you can select certain kids for events, the way the calendar looks, options for viewing calendar), but the calendar is annoying. What’s the point of the calendar importing my iPhone calendar (where I already have the event I need entered) if I can’t just duplicate the existing event to share it or just plain share it? This app makes you create the event again in the app in order to share it even though the event you may want to share has been created on another calendar and has been imported to this app, and is sitting there staring at you while you’re in the app. Nope create the event here AGAIN just to share. And I might be able to deal with this, but when I want to enter events such as my kids camps or sports practices, I can’t duplicate an event on an additional day. You have to re-enter the information day by day. For example, I tried entering my daughter’s tennis camp. This event is the same thing, same time four days in a row, but I have to re-enter all the information for every single day. If this app would at least duplicate events on separate days I would use it. I ONLY need an easy calendar to share kids event & trips with my ex, & this is just too much for me to want to do.
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2 years ago, kevmadd1990
If your schedule is complex do not use this app
I want to say that I was using this app for almost six months without problems. My ex and I work polar opposite schedules and sometimes we have to change our agreed hours for the month. For the last couple months anytime that I have made a change to the schedule the app auto populates to incorrect dates or doesn’t show the parenting time altogether. I have tried to edit the times, delete the times, which still end up stored under the months parenting times but do not display and when I try to remove those times get an error message. I have been in contact with their support and basically once they have checked that I am up to date on the current app stop responding. This app has a lot of potential but is really being mishandled by the developers. FYI - in a brief search I have found other people complaining of the same issues. And the developer responds by saying it’s a competitor, spreading rumors without a grain of truth and that they are reporting the review. It really shows you how scummy the developer is. I’d be happy to share screenshots of all the bugs with this app. I feel sorry for anyone who has the same issues and are court mandated to use this app.
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7 months ago, TeacherWay
A Lifesaver for Co-Parenting!
After three years of consistent use, I felt compelled to share my experience with this co-parenting app. The scheduling feature is unparalleled, offering clarity and ease that simplifies our family logistics. The messaging system is a gem—reliable and untampered, facilitating clear and straightforward communication. Navigation is a breeze; every feature is accessible and user-friendly. I've noticed complaints in other reviews, but I genuinely wonder if those users have explored other options on the market. This app outshines them all, hands down. Of course, no service is without its hiccups, but any minor issue I've encountered has been swiftly resolved by their outstanding customer support team. Their readiness to assist and the seamless report printing capabilities have been a huge relief. To those in the co-parenting journey, this app is a testament to what technology should do—make life easier. I can't recommend it enough!
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12 months ago, Misslividoll
The only good option- it saved our sanity
This app has been an absolute god send. Not to mention it’s 100% free. While it’s quite sad that we are in a position to have to use an app of this nature, I don’t know where we would be without it. We definitely don’t use all the features available, but… the peace of mind knowing that if we have to go back to court, every single thing that has happened is recorded and the court has the ability to see it, is better than any police report we could file. we looked at TalkingParents, and I believe one other app but neither were user friendly or free. Being able to sign into the same account from multiple devices is amazing. My husband and I can both see schedule changes, and we never miss events. Don’t bother looking at other apps, just download this one.
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2 years ago, Ritterz08
Decent app
I do like that it is free, it helps when the other parent refuses to co parent and doesn’t want to pay. I do like how we can request reimbursements and the like. I like being able to add the children information down and also being able to check the children in when we go somewhere or if the other parent showed up check them in as well. Which is nice if they are also using the app to check in since it captures your coordinates. However one thing that bugs me which is why it is not a five star, is that it’s not logging correctly the last time the other parent was on. States one day as being last but shows the parent has viewed the message. Another thing is no area to just write notes and or add pictures, say a journal area. Add notes without reimbursement having to be added. It would be nice to jot down how a visit went, if the parent showed up for the birthday party after promising over and over. How a FaceTime visit went etc.
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3 years ago, Captnamerica86
Ghost notifications
I had the app prior to the last major update a while back. I still have a badge for 15 notifications but there isn’t anything to review. Also, I needed to go back and get the photos of the documents my ex sent as part of the 50/50 reimbursement submission. There is no modern/current folder of these documents in the app, so when you make the reimbursement payment you cannot review the documents/photos in the history of payments made screen, you have to go to them in the calendar app by scrolling backwards. The problem is you scroll back far enough and only the tiny photo icons will load but not the the actual photos after you click the icon. Scroll back even farther and the photos AND icons don’t load. I thought the pint of this app was to maintain historical data, this was only going back a few years, what happens when we get to the end of child support and there are disputes over payments for all these years? I can’t tell a judge the app deleted all the photos.
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4 years ago, thesolarmuse
No customer support- Update
After sending a second tech support email and writing this review I got a very prompt response and I am pleased with that. I like the calendars, file upload and custody schedule features. I do not like that any parent can choose which parent they are and create harassing events. Not everyone plays nice when they want to dissolve their holy matrimony. The quick and easy set up guide should include instructions on how to protect your user so that one parent cannot chose to enter information as the other parent. I have contacted their customer support twice and have not received any advice. My soon to be ex-husband was able to create an event with my user. He set a month long event that indicated that he knew where I was staying in the Appointments calendar with a harassing note that disappeared when I accepted the event. I thought that he was finally updating his parenting schedule. He hadn’t sent me an event yet and I thought that it was about time. He initially set up the AppClose and sent me a link to our personal app, and was not sent the account number. I am waiting AppClose. Where is your customer service?
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3 years ago, BridgetBoggs07
Why are there so many bad reviews?
So I was looking for something to pretty much store everything all in one because I am forgetful and my short term memory is shot. I have notes all over the place. My phone, calendar, computer, sticky notes it really just depends where I am and what resource I have available. Because if I don’t write it down right then and there I will forget. A disorganized mess. Well I did some research and found this app and I liked the description and it sounded like what I needed. But after I downloaded it I decided to go read reviews. Why are they all so bad? And they are complaining about little petty things. Like this app is free most of them cost a subscription. Anyways I’m going to leave this here and update later after I have used the app.
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6 years ago, preemption
Wanting to love its calendar
I probably lost more time trying the app to understand my timeshare day schedule than I’d have spent marking manually on a sheet of paper until 2080. It is unintuitive, really convoluted with inconsistent options. You cannot mark days manually (Custom only let’s you mark a simple range). Even basic things didn’t work out. But even very simple things are full of bugs in the calendar. For example, you need to setup each holiday by hand. But by the 3rd Holiday entry, the app replaces your 1st Holiday entry with that of the 3rd. It also sees “overlaps” where there are none with “Custom Scheduled”. Probably, a Fields Medal award must be awarded to any parent able to complete a schedule successfully-regardless of how many weeks they took to accomplish it. I think the app has a lot of potential, but since it’s literally impossible to setup the calendar, and it in now way helps you with that and it is chock full of bugs and unintuitive (odd and also awkward) choices, then I must rate with one star. But, I feel that the creators may feel it’s just me or that’s two harsh. I will give an additional start for the courage to try to include a calendar, even if it’s the most horrible example of buggy, over bloated, massively confusing and horribly thought out calendar scheduling for co-parents. The rest of the App seems fantastic. I haven’t tried because what drew me to the App was having a schedule shared with the coparent.
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5 years ago, 86flash
Awesome app!
I truly believe this downloading app should be the first step when dealing with a custody case. For me personally it has saved me time and time again with holding a Narcissist co-parent accountable. I highly recommended to contact their support team if you have issues or even suggestions for the app. They were responsive to my questions and have updated the app in a timely fashion to rectify issues or even add new features that I suggested. I love the fact that it’s free, because so many of us are already dishing out thousands of dollars into a already stressful situation. It’s a huge positive to your app by simply making this app free and available to all.
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6 months ago, DoxHoliday
Doesn't really work, new annoying features
I had to get this app and I have been using it for the last 4+ years because the court mandated it. The features for requesting payment, declining requests for payment etc., as well as the tab for sharing medical information, have not worked since the beginning. A declined request will show as a badge notification indefinitely. The chat portion worked fine, and it is nice to be able to export a copy of communication that the court will recognize, but they recently added an "official chat" that sends updates about the app's features etc. I tried to go through customer service to figure out how to disable this, but they said you cannot do that. The most recent bit of useless information came at 2:26am... I won't speak for everyone, but I don't need that, and I don't need to be pressured to check the app every time they decide to tell me something, because I am afraid I will miss something important about my children.
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2 years ago, Maryely 💖
Thank you for being free! Whose creating these co parenting apps? All co parent apps should be free. And that’s why I gave 3 stars But please make it more user friendly. Being a co parent is already hard enough. 🙏💖 1. I don’t need to sync my calendar. I want my co parent calendar separate from my personal one. That’s the whole point. 2. Why can’t I delete events on the calendar? Or add reaccuring events? Like pick up and drop off times or extracurriculars. That doesn’t change for the most part. 3. The finical part isn’t very thought out either. Okay, great we can pay each other but can we show how expenses are being divided. Charts ex? Can we set up the shared expenses on the app as well please. Co parenting is about hard facts. We need a place to show it. Also, have different forms of receiving payments. Venmo Zelle PayPal ex. Or at least a place to record that it’s been requested and received. 4. Tracking shared time and showing it. 5. Why can’t I reach support for all my questions or for help? Personally, the texting/communication is less important for me vs the organization. If this app where set up right there would be less need to communicate and more cooperation. The point is to have organization and consistency in any co parent relationship. For the child. Make it easy for us please. 🙏💖
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4 years ago, cafedream
Going to give it a go but there are some flaws
I’ve been co-parenting for 8 years now and thought it might be beneficial as our kids get older to have a shared calendar. I saw this and thought I’d give it a go. After an hour of jacking around with it, my initial impressions aren’t great. 1) I wanted to play with it before inviting my ex to use it and that’s literally the second step when opening the app. 2) The date and time wheels frustrate me. Almost every time I would scroll the wheel to get the right time, it would pop back to where I started. I had to just gently flick it and hope it stopped somewhere near the number I wanted and keep doing it ever softer until it landed on the minute or date I wanted. 3) I wanted to put my ex’s parenting time on the same schedule as mine and I don’t seem to be able to do that. 4) I want to just copy over events from my calendar to the shared calendar and that isn’t possible. I have to retype each one. 5) I’d love it if they had an option to add access to the kids. My sons have phones and I’d like them to be able to put their events on the calendar so that we could just see it. Considering just doing a family calendar app but I don’t want my ex seeing all my personal stuff like a grocery list. Maybe we just keep going without a shared calendar like we have been for 8 years.
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3 years ago, SanbornMama3
Really like this app!
I like all of the features of this app! Makes it easy to co parent and record things that can be used in court. I would like it if when u enter information for the child if u could copy it or share it to the other child profile instead of having to type each thing over and over again. Like have it say share caregivers to other children’s profile or share doctor information to other child’s profile. Also on the calendar it would be nice to be able to set things on a weekly repeat. Like if I add soccer to the calendar and practice is every Thursday I would like to just have an option to add it to the the calendar every Thursday instead of having to go to each Thursday and add it again. Loving this app besides those few issues!
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5 years ago, rpm911
Major issues
My wife and I agreed to use this app even though our attorneys recommended a different one. So we changed our agreement to use it. Now it is changing the times in the parenting calendar my ex says she can’t properly merge the calendars, it just dumped all the stuff I spent over an hour inputting. There is no option for every other week schedule. This is horrible, it’s wasting my time. No support just an email ticket system, no phone number to call. I hope they fix it quickly. also I saw a response to one of the other reviews that was EXACTLY WHAT I AM SEEING, and the developer responded that it was just a competitor and they would report it. That is so petty... clearly reading the most recent reviews by date there are a lot of things to fix. It actually worked ok until I started sharing and now I can’t input things, things don’t show up and like I previously mentioned the times change. She reports she can’t merge the calendars and gets an error message when she accepts.
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5 years ago, Stephii09877
May be changing parenting apps
Edited to add as of 3.3 update. This app does not work or share properly on iPhones. The schedule is a pain to figure out and when shared it does not send proper schedule. It constantly freezes on my phone STILL after telling support about it over and over and documents disappear or are not received on the other end. If this app isn’t fixed ASAP I will be switching to takingparents. Things that would be helpful for my husband and I: 1. Improved Notes: notes, along with any other uploaded information such as immunization records, report cards, etc need to be time stamped and give plenty of typing space. 2. Check-ins would be very helpful for proof of pickup/drop off times with the option to take photos. 3. Calling and video calling feature. 4. Ability to bring in third party to previous conversations. 5. A messaging filter to help effective communication without assertive words. (A feature coparenter has) 6. A way for the coparent to “accept” something that’s shared with them so that the sender knows it was received. For example, uploaded medical documents. Things that need to be fixed for iPhone X: 1. Parenting schedule sharing options. When my husband shares his parenting schedule with me, It shows the coparent scheduled time not our own. 2. Freezes and force closes often when messing with calendar or main screen. 3. Messaging sometimes does not go through.
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3 years ago, kh4414
Messages not going through to other person
This app was working decently for a while. Now in the last month we can’t see all the information entered( schedule, info tabs, etc.) We are not all getting the messages that the other party is sending. The new messages notifications on the app keeps say we have unopened messages but even when you open it nothing new is there. All parties apps are updated properly. A notification will come through saying there is a message and it can take hours for the messages to show or if it shows at all. We one party send a message only half the group can see the messages even with 3 way chat that we have used for over a year now. We are ordered to use this app to communicate and it will only create problems if not everything that’s put in is being seen.
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4 years ago, Kristi King 12
More Trouble than it’s worth
The app is missing key features or else it’s buggy. I can create a “circle” for my daughter, but I can’t share her information with my coparent - doctor names, school contacts, etc. More perplexing, there is an option to share a providers info (only when you add it, can’t be edited afterwards), however, this doesn’t work. I would like a shared space with versioning history for either parent to view or add. The calendar is not easy to use and more trouble than it’s worth. An app like this is only useful if your schedule changes, and that’s the most annoying interface. Weird glitches exist in the calendar - if you click around in the wrong order the remaining options disappear and you have to exit and start over. Don’t waste your time. Co-parenting is hard enough, this just makes it harder. Texting is easier.
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5 years ago, unconditional parent
Will backfire custody battle
If you are already trying to use this app it’s already not an easy time of your life and you want this tool to make things simpler for you. This app absolutely adds to your existing frustrations. First not all messages you send to your x, reach your x. The calendar is garbage. You put in time for August 24 to September 5th from 5pm to say 4pm. It changes things to October and 730pm. The predefined schedules mixes the parents. You spend 90% your time with your child and this app will credit the 90% percent to the person that wants nothing to sacrifice with that child. If you use this app with good intent in some custody battle it could backfire badly. Now you tell me is it worth losing a child to an untrustworthy parent because some lawyer spent $23k developing a penny pinching software project while spending millions marketing this thing? Do not use this app. It just makes an already frustrating situation more dire
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5 years ago, Ileen M
5 Stars!
Dear developers, I’ve been your loyal and very happy customer for a year now. I just wanted to leave a review about your update because I really love all the new features and wanted everyone to know how easy and useful everything this App offers! But instead, I saw several negative reviews right on top and I decided to write this... Please don’t get discouraged by the unfair negativity. Please keep doing what you do best and keep this app alive and keep the updates coming. So many of us depend on you and so many of our lives as divorced parents have become easier because of your app. Like in any app glitches happen, but that’s okay. You listen to our feedback, fix things extremely fast and I am grateful for such amazing customer support. It seems like the people who have left these negative reviews haven’t used the application or given it a fair chance. This app was court ordered and ironically that’s one of the best decisions the court has made! Thank you again for creating such a diverse app and keep up the great work!
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1 year ago, Aprilssb123
Confusing and not user friendly
I’m so confused with this app. Where do find the document vault? Do I have to look through each day of the calendar to find a attachment? Where do I find the pictures that we send back and forth of the kids? Again, no vault… why isn’t there a separate tab for expenses and reimbursements? Where do I add a event, and is it in a specific calendar? Where is a summary page of the events created, or again am I expected to go through each day of the calendar to find these? Where is a summary of the switch days to our schedule? I sent one but it doesn’t show up on my side? Where did it go? Did he even get it? Why can’t I sync AppClose calendar with my phones calendar? So many more questions! ⍨ seriously needs work…
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10 months ago, Eric B81
Worst co-parenting app ever
This is legitimately the worst excuse of a co-parenting app that I've seen. Clearly, nobody in this company is divorced with kids, because if they were, they would've incorporated features that help resolve the universal issues that come with co-parenting. Unfortunately there wasn't an option for leaving a rating of 0 stars or negative stars, so they ended up getting 1 star from me. For anyone reading this review, I would not waste 1 second of your time trying this app out. Also, just to be clear, I'm not writing this negative review because the company did something to upset me, it's just a horribly designed app and you'll much happier paying $100 per year for a paid app that actually operates the way you need it to. Appclose, you need to close this app, throw it in the trash and then start over from scratch.
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2 years ago, MrsCheers3
Game Changer for Deescalating Emotional Abuse
This app has been a lifesaver as I work through an ugly divorce with an emotionally abusive former partner. It has the ability to share documents and pictures within a non-modifiable record. We went to this app after my STBX threatened me and so it’s our only means to communicate and so far it’s been safer and healthier. Every communication is recorded and time stamped for sent/received. Just a few more years of coparenting left and I think this app will get us through it. I love that I can still keep him blocked from calling and texting me.
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3 months ago, KiaDaishon
App is a waste of time
This app is not worth downloading. It is really easy to set up and to add information which is the only positive aspect of the app. Adding another parent is extremely difficult even though they say you just have to click the link. Then, they say you can search for the other parent which is not the case because there is no search feature. Connecting to ipayyou doesn’t work even though I’ve tried multiple times. Honestly if it wasn’t for the amount of information you can add and the ease of adding information, I’d give the app 0 stars. Their help articles aren’t helpful and are extremely outdated (they haven’t been updated since 2019!). Hopefully I can find a better app where free doesn’t mean sucky!
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4 years ago, Victoria78*
Was working and now not
**Update** They fixed it after I submitted a ticket via the help button on the profile tab. Thank goodness. I was freaking out as the feature is SO important. Thank you! I’m very concerned about this app as people are saying what’s wrong with it and the developer or person responding is saying it’s a competitor. That is concerning because I looked at my check in’s and saw them all, and I went back a few moments later to export them and they were gone. I absolutely need those and no one has contacted me back from the ticket I sent within the app. I’m feeling like the rest of everyone and may have to use another app. Please fix it!
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5 months ago, DaisySunrise
Works well most of the time.
The app works well most of the time. There have been a few times that the other parent said it wasn’t working on their end. Currently it is showing 5 missed messages and has been stuck saying that for about 2 weeks with no actual missed messages as well. Also a suggestion. It would be great if Appclose could customize the notification sound so I know if I’m getting a message from the person who gives me anxiety or if it’s just a instagram notification. 😁
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3 years ago, Bbb14213
Personal calendar shared
(Update: developer has posted the response below. Rather than reaching out to me to resolve the issue they’ve written me off as a competitor. I am a single mom looking for solutions to manage custody schedules. Unfortunately, I’ve received the proof I need to look elsewhere for another app). My co-parent and I were trying to set up an account that met our needs. His app was showing him my PERSONAL calendar appointments from Google, even though I had prevented access to the app to my calendars and could not even see those appointments on my own app. When I tried to fix this, I couldn’t find a way since my personal calendar wasn’t even showing on my app. This would have been a problem had I scheduled confidential appointments on my Google calendar. Be careful!
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3 years ago, Actualccb
A good start
These folks have a free app. That’s worth more than three stars in this day and age. They want to help. I set out to see how it worked. I spent over an hour trying to link photos on my iPhone to the profiles before I gave up. Something there is messed up. Moving on, I imported my calendar and realized this is not what I am looking for, though I would like to find it here. I am looking for a “daytimer”type display that lets me see how my day stacks up next to others to see where needs may arise. Who feeds the pets, who needs a ride? Who will be at home, when? All this seems to is show a calendar by date. I guess I was thinking about my old daytime views and thought how that would be useful in getting my kids to add their schedules. More a suggestion that a complaint. I just don’t need a group calendar, even with all the other things it does, I want to have a multi schedule day view. Then I would be able to love everything else too. Thank you for your commitment to a free app.
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2 years ago, malavite
User Experience is Awful
This does what it says and you can share events, request payment (although why not integrate Venmo or PayPal - We tried using the built in payment app and it was more of a hassle.), etc with other parents. My complaint is the UX. Nothing works like you would expect. When you think you would swipe up or down it’s actually left or right. The calendar view is awful. Anyone who is an iPhone user is used to typical functions/actions but this app doesn’t seem to have any of them. The UX is honestly the only reason for 3 stars and not 5. I hope the next big upgrade fixes this.
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2 years ago, Eiryz
Notification bubble locked
Love the app. It’s extremely helpful and keeps our schedule and communications in an easy to navigate format. However, the notification bubble is locked at a 2 and has been since about the second week we started using the app. It’s a small thing, but still an issue. I’ve done everything I can find in an attempt to correct it, including deleting the app and the cache and reinstalling. That pesky 2 still returns.
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1 year ago, bri 930
Good app but I do have an issue
It’s a nice app and was recommended to me to use with my ex. I’ve entered in everything and shared it all with him. So we both have our sons scheduled and everything is well. But when we do get into arguments, I didn’t know we could bookmark certain messages. Well now I can’t go back to our previous conversations to bookmark anything because it’s all been deleted! I feel as a parenting app, the messages shouldn’t be deleted because it can provide vital information in a court case if the other parent was trying to paint a picture leaving out details.
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3 months ago, Saynotosecuritythreats
Security Vulnerability
This app does not have any security features to help prevent others access into the app between two parents. I do like the app and that it’s all recorded. However, I do not like the security vulnerabilities it has. It does not have any type of two factor authentication. It does not allow you trace and see where the messages are coming from such as IP address and does not allow you to see ever phone you are logged in on. I believe it can be better. All it takes it’s access to one registered email and bam you are in someone’s chat where you do not belong. The advancement in technology has came a long way and the developers of this app need to step up their security.
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1 year ago, cayman-7
Development issues
Developers for this app do not know what they are doing. If you post a bad review they automatically assume you don’t know what you are doing instead of fixing or improving their app…this app is lacking two things that in my opinion require no brain cells..A) let people search historical text messages and don’t delete them after a few weeks. You can’t go back 2-3 months and retrieve nada! B). Get with the program and allow users to be able to rotate iPads or iPhones and still be able to use your app…if you are trying this app out go ahead and see for yourself, try to rotate your device…also try going back two months to search for something…
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12 months ago, Jamianne
Overcomplicates simple tasks
The best free coparenting app I could find, but unfortunately that’s not saying much. The only real pro to this app is the record keeping aspect. But it is not at all user friendly, in my opinion. If you aren’t using one of the preprogrammed custody schedules, it’s a huge pain setting it up in the calendar. It’s also tough to make a one-off change to the set schedule (e.g. for holidays). The messenger is unreliable and messages don’t always go through right away even when it shows as delivered on my end. There’s no option to create recurring reimbursement requests for things like child support or monthly recurring expenses. The payment feature uses Plaid, which I’ve used to connect to my bank on other apps before. But in this app it says my bank isn’t supported through Plaid. Requesting reimbursements requires its own calendar for some reason. So. Many. Calendars. Overall it’s just a clunky experience, but it’s better than the other awful apps out there.
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5 years ago, Ktbg513
Good but could be better
I gave 3 stars because it works, but it could be more helpful. If these features are added/changed I will change my review. 1. Needs a group chat feature so that parents and step parents or other guardians can all be on the same page because some discussions need to involve everyone. 2. Call feature with optional recording would be wonderful. 3. The calendar to sync with iPhone calendar so that I don’t have to check both calendars. 4. Notifications to work on apple watch. I downloaded the app onto the watch and I can view messages but cannot reply and with or without the app on the watch it does not give notifications of new messages/requests. This can cause frustration as I do not check my phone a lot unless I receive a notification on my watch. 5. Notes section to record things that happened without having to keep it separate and have that exportable for court or record keeping like the messages are.
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5 years ago, Diva_D9903
Eh, it’s okay
I have been using this app for a month now. It’s a little confusing when trying to add things to the calendar, but I’ve been trying to just deal with that. I like that it archives everything. It’s important that I keep documentation of everything with my child’s father. I am, however, no running into not being able to schedule his supervised visitation to him or his mother ... it’s saying the app is having problems. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ve been trying literally all week and the visitation is tomorrow. So how I just need to message and confirm I guess. It is frustrating having to work around these things.
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2 years ago, meowington51020
Not functional for sharing documents in court
This app is not helpful when trying to print a history of conversation or documents/pictures send to the other party. It prints out so small you need a microscope to read it and it’s not legible. The judge doesn’t want to have to decode messages. Waste of time and energy. This review is not shared out of malice or competition. I’m stating factual information as a user of this app for 12+ months. I am removing it from my phone as it proved to not be useful when it came down to providing evidence in court. I am going to ask others that I know to post their experience as well because I know multiple users that had the same issues.
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2 years ago, Kick getter
Calendar issues, practically non-existent support
Whenever I try to change something that is scheduled it never fails to mess up the whole calendar. Anytime I contact support they tell me to delete and redownload, to send screen shots and they will contact their technical team. This last issue has taken a month with no resolution. This is the second time I will have to delete the whole year and input the information again. It would also help if the input events listed showed the newest at the top instead of the bottom.
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4 years ago, Nickoleye
Good but missing key feature for custody %
The app works good for setting up schedules and such but there is one major thing it’s missing. It’s important to know how much time a child spent with each parent for various reasons. The app shows you in a particular month what percentage each parent has but doesn’t let you see what the entire year will look like based on your parenting schedule. It would be awesome to be able to see how the schedules you’ve input will affect the entire year because in some situations parents need to adjust and/or provide support for head of household tax reasons or custody hearings.
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5 years ago, C Gargs
Too many glitches with customized calendar!
I installed this app today and all seemed great until I tried entering parenting time into the calendar. I could not use the templates/preset calendars as our agreement is not standard. However, our visitation schedule is not at all complex either. Each time I entered the details for a particular day which repeats every other week, I would tap ‘add’ and the app would shut down. I would restart the app to find that the details did not save. I did this about five times before uninstalling. The features seem incredibly useful, but the technology is a mess - at least related to customized calendars. This is too bad because if it worked, this app would have been perfect for our needs!
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3 years ago, Kadyladybugdhhrchdj
Great free app
It’s great for parents on a tight budget. Would be nice to -have a place to take notes for documenting and maybe -an option to add or pay for a chat mediator/chat monitoring that can aid in communication without the nastiness. Maybe even a -place to upload the parenting plan and be able to make -recorded calls as some parents can text nice, but call with their unedited opinions. These are the things I’m looking for in an app and would be willing to upgrade my account to a new tier if one offered these options. Overall, great simple co parenting app.
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5 years ago, yg813
Overall a great app
This definitely has made co-parenting easier. Has lots of options from calendars and pertinent info to ensure you are both on the same page. My only suggestions for the app are to fix bugs found in notifications-it doesn’t always notify you there is a message, and reminders only show up for the person who created the event and not for the other person. It would be nice if the reminder would apply to both. Otherwise this app has been a life saver
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11 months ago, That girl92
It doesn’t always notify me when a message has been sent to me…
I doesn’t always notify me when there is a message for me. Today it didn’t even show the message that was sent in the morning according to the time stamp, but when I looked at the app at 2:30pm there was no message. When I went to send a message around 4pm there was an unread message from 7:01am. So now not only is it not notifying me when I’m receiving a message, but the message isn’t even showing up when it’s supposed to. The app is updated on my phone so I don’t understand why this keeps happening.
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2 years ago, DJDane
The worst
Something is up with App Store reviews. There is no way the average could be 4.7 with all of the 1 star reviews! I mistakenly trusted the average review and spent 90 minutes trying set up and with with this to find it is nearly worthless. I can’t e by even find the ‘expenses’ function to simply log expenses ( not request payment ). I thought maybe if I gave in and gave up my banking info it would allow, but no. Stupid of me, no doubt. Then went to look at actual reviews to see if others had same problem to find vast majority 1 and 2 star reviews. Deleting but NOT happy. Oh, and how on earth do I remove bank access? So frustrating.
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5 years ago, Spoonamn88
Needs improvement
I was liking this app when I first installed it and it was better to communicate with my kids mother, but lately I’ve become frustrated because some of the messages that I’m supposed to receive or messages I’m sending out doesn’t go through, which causes miscommunication. Also, after checking the messages, the notifications doesn’t disappear but stays up, so it looks as if I still have unread messages. If other users are having this issue, I hope it gets resolved, otherwise I will have to seek another reliable app.
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2 years ago, FameJ
The Calling Option Barely Works when Not on Wi-fi
The calling options glitches on 5g data plan. Call weren’t going through on both ends. When a call would go through you can’t hear the other person talking. 2. The app layout is terrible and the colors look depressing. Why would you choose black for a parenting app? 3. There should be an option to put all event on 1 calendar. This calendar should be editable by all parties. Everyone should be able to add events. Maybe add a lock feature if a person doesn't want a specific event edited.
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2 years ago, A MU Fan
Cannot add new calendar
I downloaded the app because it has a lot of good reviews. I signed up and started by adding a new Parenting calendar. However, no matter how I tried I could not add a new calendar. The error was “Sorry, something unexpected happened! Please try again later”. The message was not very helpful. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app but to no avail. I looked at the permissions if the app and it does have access to my Calendar. I even changed some settings when adding a new calendar but the same error shows up. This is such s disappointment because I was looking forward to using this app.
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3 years ago, ctaylorguy
Forced reviews
I downloaded and signed up for the app. And as soon as I finished putting in my personal information and clicked finished, a pop up asking if the app was “helpful” forced me to either say yes or no with a rating. How is it possible to know if the app is useful if I haven’t even used it yet? Why would the pop up happen then and why couldn’t I skip it for later? For giving me no option other than to rate an app I’ve only just signed up for and haven’t even so much as seen the interface, I’m giving a one star rating. Maybe I’ll change my mind, but that was kind of a dumb move guys.
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