Apple Federal Credit Union

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Apple Federal Credit Union
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3 months ago
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14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Apple Federal Credit Union

4.86 out of 5
32K Ratings
2 months ago, Suecrp
The best!
I’ve been with AFCU for 18 years. It is rare (very) that I get the same customer service I get from AFCU. I bank at the Gainesville branch and they are awesome. They helped with a lot of legal issues from a banking standpoint and were always very knowledgeable and helped me put all that behind me. Currently taking advantage of their amazing CD rates which I have not been able to match in any research so far. It’s rare that you find a good place to park your $ that will actually help you grow wealth. No one is doing this right now, except Apple FCU. Great people and products - And they help you grow your personal wealth!
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3 years ago, Flip flop 12
Much Improvement, Could Do More
This new app version is a much needed improvement from its previous version. However, I would love to see some UX/UI features fleshed out to make the app more appealing and easier to use. For example, with the Financial Wellness Savings Goals, we should be able to look at the transactions within each goal and withdraw/transfer directly from the goal itself, instead of transferring first and then manually moving money around in the goals. The app also has a few log in glitches that make it seem like the app doesn’t remember the device (ie. having to log in multiple times manually even after setting Face ID and Snapshot). Overall, great progress but still needs more!
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3 years ago, chrislattman
Much needed improvement, but still some work to do
First of all, the November 2021 update for both the app and the website was much needed. Notifications for transfers and expenses are a great feature that I’ve enabled since the day this update rolled out. To the developers of this app, PLEASE read the reviews. There are legitimate complaints with this new update. Face ID is an issue for many users, and for all of us, our login details are not cached for beyond a week. I understand the need for security, but if a user has 2FA enabled, then there’s little need to reset the credentials so frequently. Please let users save their login details for this app. Good app overall, but patching these issues will make it a truly 5-star banking app.
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2 years ago, NFCU Mbr
Visually pleasing
New app is great. Easy to access you banking info via snapshot or even get detailed breakdown. I gave it 2stars because the app keeps forgetting my password and then face id won’t work. I then have to remember my password and login like it’s 2010. Very frustrating, seeing as I have an iPhone which has face recognition and EVERY single app I use uses my face to log me in. Then once I input my password (which I never remember) it asks me do you want to use Face ID next time? YES!! Yes, I do want to use Face ID! I want to use it every single time. EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING
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2 years ago, Tabdc
No Longer Functional
Let’s be honest, this app was never fantastic but at least I could log in, check my balance, and pay my mortgage. Now I can’t even log in. Every time I open the app it wants me to do a recaptcha to prove I’m human (as if your Face ID/fingerprint isn’t enough to prove that). The issue is that it refreshes about every 5 seconds and there isn’t enough time to click all the boats or stoplights before they disappear and you have to click the checkbox that you are human again, it pops up new pics to click and immediately refreshes again. It’s a vicious cycle that I’m only able to circumvent by using my browser instead of the app (still have the recaptcha in the browser that doesn’t always work but you’ve got a 50% chance of getting in via browser and 0% in the app)
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9 months ago, nicoletenia
horrible app
ever since the app was updated a year or so ago the app has been HORRIBLE. constantly logging me out while using it, never remembers my device or password, constantly crashing, very buggy and lagging. also the face ID is useless it never works same with the quick view. I had never had an issue before with the app until they did the huge update and changed everything. now whenever i open the app it’s like a nightmare. i don’t know how many times i have had to ‘save this device’ to my account but i have to do a different name every time because it has my cell saved like a thousand times. horrible horrible horrible app. so frustrated because i only do online banking at this point so you’d think the app would work at least 50% of the time.
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3 years ago, kqyork
Like an old friend
I opened an account when I began working for Winchester Medical Center. I’ve seen all the moves and improvements and always have been treated with courtesy and smiles. I financed a car or 2 with them and even though I live in WV, and am retired still stick with them…kind of like an old friend. When the app changes it is for the best even though it takes a while for my old brain to get used to it! I like that they will still send me a paper statement each month. Nice people work for them!
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2 months ago, Artz-2
This "Boomer" loves mobile deposit
I love having instant access to my balance and the ability to transfer funds any time (without even making a phone call)! I really love the mobile deposit - it's efficient and a time saver (and better than other bank's mobile deposit functions). In addition, mobile banking allows me to keep my Apple account, even though we have retired to Maryland. So I couldn’t bank at Apple FCU without their app!
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4 months ago, worthless search function:(
Seems to be better oh wait not really
I have an account with citi bank. With their app I’m able to log in with my finger print reliably. Amazing! Apple take note! This app refuses to remember my login information. Fingerprint login used to work regularly, not anymore. Recently I couldn’t log in at all with the app. Now I have to use a browser to check my account. I wrote a review years ago, I was disappointed the app, it kept logging me out and I was not being able to log in with my fingerprint on my iPhone and I had to keep entering my user and password. Looks like they can’t seem to get it right. Planning to change my direct deposit and possibly end doing business with this disappointing business and their app.
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3 years ago, aheuer99
New App is so much worse- pls fix!
Love, love, love Apple FCU. Great place. The old app was great. The new redesigned app is either just buggy (please fix!) or majorly inefficient if this is how it’s going to be. I had no trouble signing in and updating all of my info. It asks me if I want to use Touch ID- yes. Snapshot? Yes. Customized it. Perfect! 2 days later it’s back to the new login page and I have to log in and set everything up again. I’ve done this so many times. Nothing saves more than a day or 2! What’s up? It’s so tedious and time consuming. I miss the old app!!!
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3 years ago, #eduexcellence#
Apple Federal Credit Union
I’ve used this credit union since I was a new teacher in Fairfax County Public Schools in the mid-1980’s. They have treated me well for over 30 years. From low interest rates on loans, cars and any other thing I’ve needed over the years, this institution has taken good care of me. Their financial planning advice has helped me along the way before retirement and afterwards. I’ve never left because there is not anything better to go to. Thanks Apple Federal Credit Union.
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3 years ago, reply to messages !
Not the worst
I didn’t have any errors or issues for the most part but when I did I had to just go with it because their customer service is horrible and where I live they only have 1 branch which wasn’t very close the next one was over 2 hours away. These 2 reasons are why I closed my account. The old app was easier to use and gave you a phone number, I have yet to find it in the new app.
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3 years ago, Sliqone
Needs to remember settings!
While I like the look of the new app, and the fact that I can deposit multiple checks in one transaction now, I find it incredibly annoying that, as many others have said, it doesn’t remember the settings for more than a couple of days. If it’s been more than 2-3 days since last time I went into the app, my Face ID is gone, my snapshot view is gone, etc. I have to put in my password, re-enroll Face ID, say yes to snapshot again…only to have it all be gone again a couple of days later. It’s SO annoying!!
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1 year ago, Moom1
I sincerely hope in today’s economy, and what’s the stories regarding banks I hope that my belief that being involved in a credit bureau of it’s much better for us. As far as my relationship with my local Apple ID, there’s one that I have always appreciated and been treated fairly at all times and pleasantly surprised at the attitude of everyone that worked there.
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3 years ago, Hsiaoswkalsvdj
Face ID doesn’t work
I’m countlessly logging in every time I open the app despite having the box checked on the login page for it to remember my information AND setting up Face ID which might work one or two times afterwards but sooner or later doesn’t work leaving me to input my information all over again. It’s not a huge problem but it is a small annoying one that I think should be able to be resolved relatively quickly. Thank you for hopefully seeing this and fixing the problem.
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3 years ago, Notyourkindagirl
The worst
The app used to work just fine until y'all "beautified" it. I agree that there are a lot of helpful new features but what is the point if the app keeps crashing and these features don't work. I've tried signing on to my account for days now, it keeps crashing. Please fix this UPDATE: I thought the newer version of the app was cooler until I had to keep logging in and setting up Face ID almost every time because the app doesn’t recognize my device and keeps returning to the log in page.
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2 years ago, ellsilve
Updated app keeps logging me out
I’m not sure if it’s a bug but it’s so frustrating having to continuously log into the app. Then when I login in it always asks if I want to turn on FaceId and Snapshot (which I do) but it doesn’t even work the next time I open the app. I love the new design on this app but good god it’s so frustrating to login.
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3 years ago, user=user
Stupid software design and ideas
Who’s the f…k idea to run advertising on the online banking app?!!do making busy app and user will lost navigate and directions on app. It is desktop model version, it is not smart phone app. Come one don’t westing time of your people or your customers.i tried to be nice but to be honest you it was deserved.
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1 year ago, Steelcitygirl86
I regret switching to this bank
This app is HORRIBLE. You have to request permission for mobile deposit. You must jump thru multiple pages to get to what you want. The chat feature is wonky. Also, my debit card decides on its own when it will work. There are two local small businesses who let me know ahead of time that my card probably wouldn't work there because its Apple FCU., and they were right. "Apple FCU is part of the community" yet I can't use my card to support small businesses in the community. Switching back to a big bank.
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3 years ago, CJS2766
Love AppleFCU but not the new App
Really miss the old app. It was much easier than this new one. New app does not retain my password/Face ID login. I have to enter password every time. Also, the new Pay Bills is no where near as nice as before. I hope Apple addresses these issues and brings back some of the older features back.
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2 years ago, Musa5198
I am so frustrated with having to keep on logging in accepting Face ID login, sign up for preview option until I have to log in again. It keeps asking to log in and doesn’t save Face ID log in. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE. Everything else is great. I will change the rating once this issue is fixed.
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3 years ago, jamesmadisongranumthethird
Great App a few bugs still need to be worked out
I love this app it’s super easy to use. Some issues with remember my face and remember my password. Hope they get it worked out because although it’s a minor inconvenience it makes feel less likely to use the application.
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1 year ago, Aerazo
Good App and Great Services
The App keeps getting better, I have witnessed the constant improvements over time, The Financial institution used to be conservative when it comes to the latest technology trends Apple Fairfax County Credit Union is great for keeping the costs of banking at a low cost for its costumers, Thank you for the great service..
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11 months ago, SonSay41
Love my Credit Union
I have had accounts at other credit unions in the NOVA area. Apple FCU by far has the best customer service. They make me feel like a special customer so more than the other credit unions/banks I’ve worked with. They offer terrific products and benefits to their customers.
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3 years ago, Gsgaihsgsgjagsgshhfshahf
Great bank (terrible app)
Im going to be brutally honest i understand its a credit union and not some massive chain bank. However the programers of this app are the absolute worst. Face Id only works 1 out of every 10 times. Same with snapshot being able to see ur account balance never works. Another example is the debit/ credit card tab took 6 weeks to register the card meanwhile a simple call takes 1 min during business hours. In conclusion great bank great service and nothing but good loan options but this app is repulsive.
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2 years ago, Jessica j2022
I love Apple!
This bank is for those on the low end of the totem pole to have some thing the higher ups have! I feel important when I walk into a branch every location, every time! I love how they protect my money and they even help me with resources to help my credit! Thank you Apple. Y’all are bomb 😋
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4 months ago, ابو سليمان رقية فاطمة داوو
Love Apple Federal Credit Union
I’m very satisfied with Apple FCU services. It started with my husband and myself but all of our family has accounts at AFCU. I wish to have more opportunities for rewards and other scholarships. All branches are open & available to give best service, but I have to give a shout out to West Broad St, Falls Church staff!
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3 years ago, F0rmerS1mzL0ver
Love the new app
I’m usually adverse to change, but the new app is user friendly and allows me to do more without having to log into the website. I’m sure some users will struggle with the new password requirements, but strong passwords for financial accounts protect everyone involved.
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1 year ago, 6LFR7ZX
I don’t have no problem with this bank like I did others now the only thing I do have problems with is ur guys zelle for some reason it has me blocked n it won’t let me send or receive money plz help on that other than that everything is great thank u
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5 months ago, Jenkop
Clean, easy to use interface & AWESOME bill pay
I have another banking app that I have to use but I am always left wanting because of comparisons to this app. The bill pay is timely and easy to use. Swapping between accounts is also quite simple.
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4 months ago, CofDog
Love Apple
Apple has extended loans to us when we need them. They also keep Great security protection of accounts and have great online banking including payments online. I was able to use their online banking overseas with no trouble at all. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Nakxjiwojdfijsndodjnejxkwmk
Login is Tragic
This version, like every previous version, has the hardest time storing defaults and remembering devices for login. Every so often, maybe a month or so, it will completely forget devices. This version in specific won’t even prompt for faceid, though I have enabled this feature several times. Whoever made this app for AFCU just can’t get the hang of the apple login sequence. Please use the Fidelity Net Benefits app as an example of what yours could be.
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2 years ago, Cookie!monster
Facial Recognition
They have had two versions of this app since I’ve been to Apple neither one has worked with the Face ID. The last app was at least somewhat smoother and made sense then they went and made this new one a year or so ago and it has been crap since then I have legitimately considered banking somewhere else because I can’t even access my bank account correctly through the app. And they charge me atm fees from a branch that’s within their network.
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2 years ago, Zamourai
Great Start, hopefully greater finish
When this app got updated, I felt they had done a better job with how the UI was done before. I also enjoyed how they added mobile check deposits. Hopefully we can get some QOL that will allow the app to be a little more functional than it is now.
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3 years ago, Losntina69
Use to be a great app
This app was great before they changed bill pay companies and "updated" the app. I signed in, did the whole face login thing but if I don't use this app daily I have to go in and enter my password instead of using my face to login. Sometimes I need quick access and with the other million different passwords I have to remember using my face was super easy and Convenient. Please fix that
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3 years ago, cudibrksid
The old update was just fine no reason no change it. The new update keeps logging me out and forgetting my password. It also keeps making me restart everything as if I just re downloaded the app. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Jess21RI
Love the bank, not the app
I’ve become quite frustrated because it never saves my face ID or password. It sets me up for it every time, but then logs me out by the time I try to open it again. This version seems very buggy.
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2 years ago, Bri_Huar
I almost love it.
This app has improved tremendously! I really love the new features and how it looks. The only reason why I haven’t give it 5 starts, it’s because it doesn’t support Zelle. I had to open a checking account with another bank so I can use Zelle. Overall great job Apple Federal Credit Union!!
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3 years ago, Itstraca
Apple Federal Credit Union
The new Apple Federal credit Union app is great it’s really easy and simple to make snap deposits to your bank account without having to leave your home technical support is there to help you at any time
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2 years ago, Kellyes
Face ID
Like others I am having the same issue with being asked to enable faceid and turn in snapshot almost everyone I log in, is there a way to fix this it is rather annoying especially if I need to check a balance quickly. The snapshot is a great idea but is unhelpful if I have to enable it each time I log in. The bank is great and I think the new app will be good if this issue can be resolved.
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8 months ago, naenae156893
The app almost glitches my whole phone out after I MAKE ONE TRANSFER!!!! (I have an iPhone 12) it should not bugging up my whole phone just because of one transaction. You guys need to higher qualified app software developers ASAP
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3 years ago, Pescao
Impossible to navigate if you cannot see it
This app is a nightmare fir people with poor vision . The color, the background, the Organization . It should not have been changed so dramatically and without a setting for people to change features
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3 years ago, Nona102
The other apple FCU app was a lot better than the new version shot mode always makes me log in even if I have it on , and can’t see full transaction like I use too unless I log in . The last app was easier to manage , Than the newer app version that is more glitchy . Don’t enjoy the newer app version more complex .
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3 years ago, N0tThatCreative!
What was the point?
I’m not sure exactly why nothing is working at this moment. I cannot log in on the app or even the online website because It’s asking for updated contact information and won’t let me pass that screen. I have transfers and payments to make the whole purpose of being able to bank online is convenience no? Looks like I’m going to have to head to an actual AFCU location now.
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3 years ago, dreyno43
I love Apple Federal. I’ve been a customer for 10+ years. I HATE the new app. I do not believe the new app is user-friendly but I don’t guess there’s anything I can do about it. Having said that, I still recommend Apple Federal CU.
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3 years ago, SJafree
New App - lost features, decreased performance
Apple FCU app was functional prior to the recent upgrade. This upgrade is actually a downgrade from previous version. I wish they had left the old app alone as it was functioning. Now I can’t use the Face ID, and the account snapshot function also does not work. Please either fix the app or roll back to older version where these basic functions were working properly.
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3 years ago, hcuejjsjjskcijdnwjkcjrn
New app grrrrrr
Really wish you wouldn't have forced everyone to download the new app. The old one was working just fine for me. I can't download the new one because I don't have iOS 13.0 or higher; which I won't download because I have an iPhone 8 and Apple has already admitted that their updates destroy the old phones so people will be forced to buy new ones. So now I am stuck without an app for my mobile banking. Thanks a lot
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2 years ago, stevenalp18
Love this bank, no issues so far, atm is great, app is great, card is great, loans are great! App got updated recently and it looks great lol. I would recommend it. Good app though, far better than previous banks I’ve had, simplistic enough, although I wish they had zelle. That would be great.
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3 years ago, MikeAinVA
New app looks nice but…..
How long does it take to fix the login. The email came out almost two months ago saying they were working on it. Login process is time consuming.
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4 months ago, BHF/sf
AFCU Review
Apple’s customer service is always pleasant and friendly. Apple is quick to deliver quality service to all its customers. Thank you for your patience with the customers.
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