Apple Knight

4.7 (19.8K)
129.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Limitless LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Apple Knight

4.72 out of 5
19.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Chris_da_fish
Overall great game
I’ve been searching for a while to find a good platform game, but all I was seeing was trashy knockoffs and the like, so when i first saw this I was skeptical. 2 levels into the game and I was hooked. It’s got every thing, special abilities, pets, customizable weapons and armor, even a friend wizard to help along the way! The one thing I didn’t like though, was that there was only the short, four chapter campaign. If the developers could add something else, specifically a new game mode, that would be FANTASTIC! I would recommend a level creator, where you could create and share your own levels, because that creates a community of level sharing players, and, it would mean that you would never run out of content, because the community content would be continuously created by players new and old, and as it’s players creating the levels and not a randomized computer world generator, there can be all sorts of hilarious secrets, or Easter eggs, or even art! This game is amazing already, but push it over the edge with this, and it will be the best on the App Store. I would honestly recommend this game to anyone and everyone. It’s great!
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4 years ago, -Turtle$-
Some Suggestions
I just recently got this game and I seemed to enjoy it. I know I totally sound like a noob, but I couldn’t get past level 2... This is really surprising considering how good I am at these types of games. If not for the fact that this game is on iOS, I might blame the controls... but that’s not the case. I believe that you did the best you could at this game. I mean, I make games myself for fun in my free time. I’ve made some pretty amazing stuff, but it would almost be impossible for me to make this. This is a very great game and I think that it would be a lot better if you didn’t make it so hard. My other suggestion is that the lives don’t really seem to do anything. When you run out of lives, it just seems to restart like nothing ever happened. It just seems like you wanted to pack a ton of content into the game and decided to add lives as a random extra feature. I get this, and the lives might actually do something (I didn’t get past level two so and they might send you back a level or something). My one last suggestion is that the game kind of seems like you just made it for the money. This could be the case, and there really isn’t anything wrong with that except for the ad barrels. Come. On. It just seems like a big joke. Overall, this is a great game and I can tell that you put a lot of time into it. If you made these changes, this could be one of my favorite games. So... Yeah Baiii
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2 years ago, sillymommyesx3
Great game, but needs more and fixing!
Awesome game! I really like it! But I think somethings should be added. Like a creative mode where you can make your own level and play others! Or a survival mode where you can craft stuff kind like Terreia (idk if I spelt that right) but with castles you can find and then you can loot them. And you get something from the bosses to help you beat the game! Also wish there were more things to buy (with coins not irl money). Should also be a multiplayer! Also when you press the X to respawn, not the revive ad button. You still get a add most of the time, and that’s fine BUT the game doesn’t pause when you get that ad. So you will die if your spawn is near a hostile thing, or if one of those fire ball ppl are chasing you. You will die and will waste one of your lives. If you’re on story mode you have infinite lives but when you’re playing another game mode it’s awful. And maybe more levels?
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2 years ago, FriendlyS'more
Great Game, Atrocious Ads
Short and sweet: this is an awesome mobile game, it controls pretty well and is overall fun to play. Enemies aren’t too hard, I think the difficulty is well balanced. But my biggest peeve is with the ads. I know ads are how you are able to offer this game to users for free, and I have no issue with there being ads in the game. Having a loot box that triggers an ad is a great idea for rewarding players for watching ads. However most of the other spontaneous ads are very ill-timed. For example, if I die in one stage and respawn, it immediately triggers an ad almost always. And the game doesn’t pause either, so while the ad is playing my character is helpless and ends up dying again which wastes a life. This also happens right when a level starts, and especially for bosses it can become frustrating to keep playing. Your chances of seeing this are slim to none, but if a dev sees this please fix when ads are cued. Or pause the game in the background of an ad so the character doesn’t die when it’s over. Thank you!
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4 years ago, RyanTrudeau86
It’s not done!
I paid for/downloaded this game the other day. I was very happy with the overall look and feel of the game. If you enjoy platform Games like Mario bro’s and Dan the man youll like it’s smooth movement and interesting characters. It features some cool skin and weapon upgrades. The levels are big enough to explore but not so big you get lost in them. The boss fights are a little to fast if you’re playing on the easier difficulty levels, but still cool. The only thing I was disappointed in was that halfway through story mode I found out all the levels aren’t finished yet. There’s a coming soon sign on the 4th area. Hopefully they finish soon and add lots more because I can’t wait to play the rest.
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3 years ago, Drummerben76
Great Game, with a couple improvements
Overall, I think this is an amazing casual combination between a platformer and an RPG. However, I think there are a couple ways in which it could embrace the RPG theme a little more through more non-linear progression. It seems that every weapon, armor, and ability is a strict improvement from the previous one, rather than them each having their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, I would like to see heavier weapons have a movement penalty, but maybe in exchange for greater damage output and/or better crit chance. Maybe some more powerful spells could have a greater cooldown. This may go against the developer’s intentions to buy these upgrades with real money, but I think it’s a strict improvement on the gameplay. My only other critique is that the camera angle isn’t wide enough to see where you’re jumping when you go down. This makes it incredibly risky to jump onto an enemy or a trap unknowingly. It’s just very annoying at times.
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4 years ago, guguigonzalez
Good, needs fixing
This game is pretty good I can’t lie. But although I would give this a five star, the reason I didn’t is because the controls have a 2-3 second delay to them so it makes the game more difficult, not in a good way. All the pixel art is nicely made, I like the weapons, characters, and power ups, but the one thing that pulls the star rating down is the delay on the controls. Control delay is really frustrating, and I’m sure people would agree with me on that, no one likes control delay... I hope no one likes it, it just makes games harder to play. But anyways idk if this is a bug, which I’m hoping it is so that you can fix it, but if you can please do fix it. And idk if it’s me or the game, so if there is nothing wrong and it’s just me than idk what to do after that. But anyways I hope one of the moderators or admins, what ever you wanna call them, I hope you guys are reading this to make the gameplay better for all the players playing this game👍
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4 years ago, Stalin-Chan
Good game but definitely needs some work
So I played the first level after the tutorial and I was immediately hooked on the game. I honestly think the devs did an amazing job on the game, it’s smooth gameplay and challenging, but not so challenging that it’s impossible to play. I think the levels are the perfect size and include a fair amount of enemies to face. The few things that bothered me about this game is continuously hearing the same music over and over again. I’d honestly like to hear something a little every couple levels Bc the music begins to get repetitive. Also I think there should be a few more enemies in each level, maybe it’s bc I’m only playing casual but I still think there isn’t enough and the I also think there should be a bigger variety of enemies. I know this asking a lot for a mobile game but those are things that I noticed. Besides those few things, AWESOME game and keep up the good work!!
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3 years ago, probhokor
Awesome game but...
The recent update has caused the game to have some bugs. The skeleton flying mages won’t follow you, the green-cloaked flying mage won’t turn around to face you and sometimes won’t attack, and some enemies that are always missing. This was was review from a really long time ago: I’ve never felt the need to review a game, but this is really good. Positives: -Great gameplay. -Rarely laggy. -Ads aren’t annoying and they’re short. Not too frequent (not after every level like other games). You can get rid of ads by paying with real money, or purchasing the skeleton skin with either real money or in-game currency (coins). You can choose to watch an ad to get +200 coins at the end of a level, but that’s up to you. Very fair ad and purchasing systems. You don’t need to pay to play this game, but you can if you want. -Good replayability (secret areas). -New weapons and abilities aren’t overpriced, yet feel rewarding when purchased. -Decent amount of levels and worlds -Good variety of enemies -Graphics are pretty good Negatives: -Recently it’s been a little laggy, but not excessively so. -Buttons aren’t that sensitive, and can make it a little bit frustrating. There’s my review of the Apple Knight free version. Thanks devs for making this game. I suspect that I know who the final boss could be, and I’m looking forward to the last few levels.
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4 years ago, Ilikebigtitties
Great game! However, there’s one little problem:
It’s a really fun game and I like how it’s simple and quick, while also having some really nice details. However, I’m kind of annoyed by the controls. I’ve been playing on my iPhone 7, and the motion controls are a little small. The hitbox for the arrows that control movement are a little glitchy, and it can get irritating since you have to be really accurate. Idk if I just have weirdly shaped fingers, but I was hoping the developers could make the arrows just slightly bigger. Yes, I know about the control adjustment option, but if I increase the size of all the controls, it takes up a lot of the screen space. My request is that you make just the arrows slightly bigger, and leave the attack/jump/dash/special buttons at their current size. Thank you!
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2 years ago, ajanyos
A Good Game with a Single Problem
Overall, this is an amazing game. However, there’s a serious problem for a specific subset of players- those who play in Casual mode but are still dealing with ads. When you die in casual mode, you almost always have to watch an ad before you can start to play again, which is fine, I suppose. After all, we haven’t paid to remove ads. The problem is that the game seems to respawn you before the ad is over, and the enemies are still aggroed. Thus, by the time you get to the end of the ad, you’re either dead again or have reduced health. Thankfully, respawning the second time is generally instant, so it’s not like Casual is only one life, but it does seem to be only 2 lives instead of 3. This seems like an easy thing to fix, so please do so.
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2 years ago, good flipen game
This is a great game but maybe read the review
So I’ve been playing for the past 4 months and I have to say this game ads can only be accessed by breaking chest but you don’t have to break them it can be played offline it’s just really great but I found something that may make the game a little well okay so I found out that if you can just not die in the tutorial level and. you can just keep playing it over and over and over and get gold and with the with a skeleton warrior and a golden apple you can get A lot of gold i’m not saying to make it to where you can die on the tutorial level I just wanted to call attention to it sincerely yours Chaosjester
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4 years ago, Yensidrasil
Fun game but
Cool game, love the look and feel but once I finally saved up enough for the character with a pet bat only to find out it doesn’t attack was a let down. I understand you need money and charge real cash for the characters with pets that actually attack but please give us broke folks have a way to get them or at least a weaker version, I was so excited to see my bat help me out in battle only to find that It can’t. I had to watch a ton of ads to earn that character too so I know I contributed some to your cash flow even if it wasn’t much. I’d watch a whole lot more ads for a pet that actually helps me in battle other than that very very cool game! I do highly recommend it! Having an ai pet help fight isn’t everything but I love that aspect in games. Also I’d really love some kind of multiplayer! Thanks for hearing me out, you’d get 5 stars for any of these changes!
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4 years ago, Madgunz30
Great Game!!!
I really like this to play and it’s not at all expensive when it comes to the micro’s what you wanna see when you play a game you really like...I recommend this game to anyone looking to enjoy a good platforming the different options of weapons, skins, and abilities and like I said not unreasonable on the price tag of said items...keeps you interested and makes you wanna complete achievements and wanna 100% every level...I’d like to see more levels and possibly more skins, weapons, and abilities in the future! Keep up the great game that’ll be in my library of games for quite a while right next to bombastic brothers!!!
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3 years ago, bhuvgygtggg
Good game at first
This game was good through the beginning however, the later you get into the game it becomes incredibly difficult. Though you can play through the normal levels with infinite lives it is almost impossible to get past the boss stages without paying to get better gear. It’s unfortunate that the only way to get these higher tier armor sets is with money and ruins the game experience. The ads are also a downside, I understand you need to make money but the ads just make a high quality game feel cheap. I mean you should have made this game like 3.99 to play then had no ads and also had all the armor sets available by coins. This game is really high quality and well put together for an indie developer but going the ad route instead of the 1 time purchase route seems like the wrong choice
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4 years ago, Capt bossman
Fun game
This game is very fun, a bit on the difficult side, but it is a good game. I have an idea for what you can do in a future update. You should add the feature where you can create your own levels share amongst other people and play other people’s levels! That would be so cool. The game itself is very challenging and fun, but imagine how much cooler it would be if you added that feature. This game is a platformer so it would make sense to have that feature. As well as allow people to make them as hard as they want. From a simple clean level to a level that has countless enemies, traps, and spikes everywhere! I swear to God, it will make your game SO MUCH COOLER!!!!
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2 years ago, UltraIsaiah Everything
Perfect game, just…
Okay so I played this game A TON on my iPhone 11 and it was amazing. The music, the design, the graphics all perfect. This is genuinely one of my overall favorite games. That being said, once I upgraded my phone I ran into a huge, glaring problem - the buttons were to small. This made all gameplay awkward and awful. Every time I tried to attack, I’d either jump or miss the attack button. I couldn’t even move correctly. The game is absolutely unplayable now. I am writing this review in hopes the creators will see it, and add a button size adjustment setting if they can. Please?
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9 months ago, I am a very glad person :)
So I was in school having some free time and then my friend showed me this game called “Apple Knight” on one of those Unblocked Games websites, so I got into my school computer and found it, I played it nonstop, it was so fun yet so challenging, then I saw the apps you can get it on, so when I got home I IMMEDIATELY got onto my iPad and downloaded the app, Downloaded and ready to play I was so excited to play it, So fun and a little addicting, I already even got the last skin character and on my way to get the abilities and swords, Hey dev, if your reading this, thanks for making me happier in gaming.
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3 years ago, OnlySoap
Pretty Pogchamping Fun
I think that this game has a lot of thought put into it with fun levels and platforming. This is to a fault as I can not find any other games that fill the empty mobile game void like this did. However, there are some flaws that could be changed that I think would make the game a little better. The endless mode could have you play levels that you have already beaten instead of any level in the game which makes it difficult for new players to go into endless mode. It could also count a few more things towards the score like coins collected and enemies killed. Other than a few things, this game is really fun.
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4 years ago, Jamanthal
This is probably my favorite mobile game ever
Title about says it all. I couldn’t believe it was free when I started paying because games like these usually cost a few bucks. I’ve been playing on the Hard difficulty, and replaying a few on hardest. The movement is very fluid considering it’s 8 direction roots, and the level design is really cool with the secret areas and all. I’ve been playing mostly with a controller but on screen controls are also very good. The ads are also very minimal too, which is a plus especially in this era of adspam games.
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4 years ago, wwwwwwesscvuio
Would recommend to all of my friends
Apple night is an incredible platformer it’s surprisingly different from all of the others I have played most of them rely on nostalgia with its looks but in Apple night you have a weird sense of exploration and adventure with all of its mechanics like Wall jumping double jumping and if you get the wind gods hammer you can jump 3 times unlike a lot of platformers this isn’t really momentum based and it gives you an option to take some things slow and find hidden chest the only problem for me is that I can’t put together what I think the lore is
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3 years ago, nzndbannfjdjs
This is fun.
This game is a game that you can play when your bored and/or don’t have anything to do. They put ads the respectful way and not spamming it in your face. I recommend putting it on hard mode. It really give you a challenge. I thought this would be some crappy game. But it’s a good one. Good job creators 👍. But it would be cool if you could ad like a death animation when you run outa lives. That would be epic. And also could you add more characters that don’t cost money. It’s something you need to put in but it’s an idea.
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2 years ago, the dog goes woof
Almost unplayable
If you end up dying and you choose to watch a video(it doesn’t really matter if you want to or not an ad always plays every 2 seconds), to revive yourself it usually takes so long and the ads have so many parts you are forced to click through that when it finally does revive you, you’re already dead because everyone has been attacking you for the last 10 minutes you’ve been stuck in a dumb ad. This is obviously how they plan to force players to get the paid for version. Almost no more good games left everyone is selling out, I kept out hope but this really is an issue. Every time you revive you are forced to watch a video and sometimes you’re dead by the time you get back in.
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4 years ago, Angels@
Great game
I have enjoyed this game so much. Plays well and keeps me wanting to continue to play over and over. Only thing I don’t like are the slow minimal updates! I beat the last update of the boss in two seconds! Please update with levels not one thing at a time. Otherwise great old school game! Updating my review: Thank you to the developer for contacting me. I understand completely about the Boss level taking longer and appreciated your explanation. I am looking forward to new levels soon! Please continue to make great games like this one. Thank you.
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4 years ago, - MaW -
One of a Rare Few Gems
Apple Knight is one of very few polished and rewarding platforming games on iOS. I grew up on platformers and have been searching for quality in this genre across the board for the last several years. After my search made its way to it, I can happily say that Apple Knight stands tall among other fantastic games like Downwell, Tower Fortress, Tiny Dangerous Dungeon, Dadish, Cat Bird, Swordigo, Sword of Xolan, and several other top-tier iOS platformers. Apple Knight gives you crisp controls, satisfying customization/progression, and thorough attention to detail that’s necessary to shine among its peers. Play this game!!!
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2 years ago, anotheranony
Ad problem
Great game aside from the fact that whenever you need to revive you are faced with an ad issue. I’m content to watch ads in order to revive; however, it really takes away from the game that I constantly and stuck clicking out of the ads before I can resume and finding my character has died once more in the time it took to leave the ad. Then, I have to revive once again in a spot where my character will be revived before I can access the controls. Otherwise, great but that aspect definitely affects the gameplay
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4 years ago, IndigoBrick
Probably one of the best games on the entire App Store.
This game is amazing, the animations are smooth, the sprites are very complex and each enemy has it’s own little pattern and attacks. I only wished this game added a little more to the combat element, maybe actual animations that show enemies getting hurt (don’t include blood though. There are little kids who probably play this.) and also maybe a combo instead of just doing the same slash attack over and over again. Aside from that, I bet the boss battles are gonna be epic. Only on level 4 and I rate this game 10/10.
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2 years ago, thatguywhotalks
It’s kinda awesome
It’s probably one of the best platform apps I’ve ever found. I only have one issue, if you die and there is a traveling/ moving wizard or any of the shooting enemies near you, they continue to shoot while the after-death-ad is playing, so you die again whilst watching the ad, so you have to watch several ads until you luck up and are able to spawn again without the ad, other than that it’s really fun and addictive!!! And the amount of ads is actually not bad Edit- the glitch is worse when you start to play in the “casual” mode because it will take all three of your ads, PLEASE MAKE THE GAME PAUSE WHILE AN AD IS BEING DISPLAYED, this app would definitely get 5 stars if that was fixed. Please please please
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3 years ago, honeyhobbit
Adorable, Inexpensive, Fun Adventure!
I’m not a huge fan of platform games, but this one is a game-changer for me. Not only is it super cute, it’s pretty unique, and something to pass the time when you’re waiting in an office or if it’s a slow day at work. Most definitely worth the try, and subtle purchases. Out of all the games I’ve downloaded onto my phone and spent money on, this is the only one I haven’t deleted. Solely due to the purpose that I do not need to continue investing money into the game for me to be able to play it. I love Apple Knight!
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4 years ago, Frogmood
Not bad, not great
Overall the game’s not terrible. Pretty standard platformer with some rpg elements. However, there are some thing that make it much less enjoyable. The main thing is the enemies that fire projectiles are basically just aimbots that will always hit you unless you dodge well. Like you can be standing half a screen away from the rock throwers before they’ve seen you and they will still hit you. The other problems is the pick up radius is insanely small, which makes picking up gems that have fallen into spike traps (which happens all the time) impossible without losing one of your few hearts. Makes the game a lot harder than it should be.
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4 years ago, awsomegames6842
Awesome game!
So one day I was getting tired of my apps and I decided to get a new one. And I couldn’t find any good apps! Then I decided to search platform games and found this. And.... I LOVED IT!!! Just one problem. I beat it in like five days. Maybe add more levels to the game, still cool though. I liked the fact it was my level and the final boss was really hard I still love the game! Although I didn’t have endgame weapons I had battle armor and thief’s blade and spawn bat. I dunno if I were supposed to have stuff like heal and night assassin armor but overall great game!
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2 years ago, Mychaelia
Phenomenal but one small problem
Apple knight is the most fun I’ve had with mobile games in a long time, the combat is good the levels are top tier and its polished as heck. But there is one problem, it pushes micro transactions a bit too much and because of that its very Pay to win. I don’t think purchasing stuff is fitting for this game and would prefer just the adds, then again, this is only my opinion and to anyone reading this I would still recommend Apple Knight. 9.9/10
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4 years ago, Dat botdhhs
This is what I've been looking for.
I have been looking for a mobile game without too many ads, no energy system, no partnering system, or any of that stuff that ruins genuinely good games. I absolutely love platformers, and you can change your controls in this game, and customise them even to your own pixel perfect need. Download this game if you enjoy platformers and if you want an actually good mobile game to play and not waste time watching ads. Developer(s) of this game, note this game for the history books, you guys are awesome.
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2 years ago, F Robinson
Very fun!
Excellent game for nostalgic NES lovers! Feels like a combination of the great classic games we grew up with in the 80’s/early 90’s. Only problem is that sometimes when you watch ads to revive your character, the game often continues before the ads are over, causing you die or get wounded before you can even start playing again. Still an overall great game, the kind Ive been looking for but is so hard to find. Highly recommend!
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12 months ago, Some-random_girl
Good game to waste your time and/or money
The game is nothing more than an advertisement for pay to win features and ADs. Otherwise you're going to be underleveled due to low pace of leveling your gear without paying or excessive ADs. The storyline is devoid of any soul and is just half-as-ed. the music is probably from a company that sells stock music for 2$ or something. The gameplay is far too easy even on hard mode or ultra hard. This game probably targets kids so they can drain mommy's money. The dash feature however is admittedly fun to use, but not much else is enjoyable. The people who rated 5 stars are either little kids or bots. Don't listen to them.
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1 year ago, Also Dani
Too many ad bugs
I enjoy playing this game, but ads that don’t work have frozen the game many times in the last half-hour. I have a pretty strict no-purchase policy when it comes to phone games, so I know I often have to watch a lot of ads to make progress in games. However, when an ad starts, it shouldn’t then freeze the software and make returning to the game impossible without first closing the game and then beginning the level all over again. If this continues, the enjoyment I get from playing the game will be outweighed by the irritation of restarting a level multiple times. Please fix!
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2 years ago, Alex 💖💛💙🌈🏳️‍🌈
It’s fun and all but
So. Many. Ads. Not to mention that it’s so easy to die too! Like I would expect to have like half a heart then a heart taken of damage. Not to mention every time I enter the game, I have to swap my character to the female character. I wish there were more options to dress up your character with more hair designs and more skin options as well. Overall very smooth and satisfying experience, I love the dashing and the jumping movements! Every level is super fun! Especially looking for the secret chests! I love this game, it’s addicting.
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3 years ago, Adam4131
Just some recommendations
I really like the game but it lacks some aspects of a really good game. I think you should add a little more animations to the enmities and the players attack. I also think bosses should have some pretty confusing attack patterns and some animations. I also think bosses should be difficult. Another thing I want to note is particle effects. Particle effects would make the game so much more visually appeasing. For example the fire sword should have, well fire particles. I really love this game I just thing more animations and more challenging bosses otherwise I love this game!
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3 years ago, carrot_126
Good game but some suggestions
Over all amazing game now my true rating is a 4.5 star but since I can’t do that I did a 5 star. My suggestion is that there should be some kind of doge roll Mechanic because every other game that I played that’s like this has some kind of doge roll and I keep using the dash ability and keep accidentally taking damage from enemies and speaking of that I think that you should only take damage when they enemy hits you and now when you run into a enemy
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4 years ago, Nerobrine86
Actually Really Good
I haven’t completed the game when I’m writing this review but I think the game is really good but there are a few flaws like how the buttons are too close together and how if I want to have a challenge with any bosses I have to set the difficulty to a harder level I also don’t like how garrelden always is there it’s not fun having the bosses health drop down like 70% of the way because of an npc but those are more nitpicks than actually major problems I love this game it’s very good and I will probably recommend it to my friends keep up the good work
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1 year ago, V4L3TIN33
This game is really awesome!! But…
I really do enjoy this game and I love the fact that it is a pixelated rpg game which are my favorites but, the only thing I have a problem with is the lack of customization to the characters. I love the outs and everything but I feel like it would be way better to add different type of skin colors, hair, names and etc!! I do love this game and if you guys are making another one or giving this one an update it would be awesome to see these changes that I have suggested ❤️
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3 years ago, Aprilfools2678
I ended up buying the Pro version in the App Store after 3 levels of the free version to have everything unlocked without dealing with ads and paywalls. Absolutely worth it. Controls are decent, gameplay is fun, and to me, it feels like an old school Castlevania nes style game with its own personality. If you like the free version, just opt for the pro version before you get too far in the game so you don’t lose too much progress.
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3 years ago, PèR$0Ñ
Bug report
If you are standing in a doorway and you close the door, if there is air above the door you will levitate until you reach the air. Example lvl 4-8 If there is no air above the door then you can get out of the door via left or right (obviously) then if you open the door try to get through it the game gets confused and the door that you just opened keeps the closed collision-box and you can’t get through it.
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4 years ago, blahman63835582
I never write reviews. Ever. This game is so astounding that I felt obligated to express the sheer greatness. For one the game is FREE, the controls are creative and very mobile friendly and there are so many kinds of them, The graphics are clean but retro, The story is well designed and creative, The attacking is immersive and so very smooth and finally, The bugs are non existent. If you don’t get this FREE game then your insane not to support this amazing game and I wish well for the devs. PS: thanks for reading :)
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3 years ago, gunner smith
BEST Plat-former I’ve ever played on mobile!!!
I only had to play the game for 30 minutes to get hooked up with it. I highly recommend this game for people who love action adventure platformers. Don’t be fooled by the name or the graphics, this is a good game and I would put it with the ori games as well. I wouldn’t change a thing besides making half of the skins cost actual money. Still though, recommend this to anybody who loves platformers like me!!
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2 years ago, GG Beasty
Great game
This game is amazing and you can tell the decs put their heart and soul into it. My only problem is that there are so MANY ads, when you start a game, ad. When you finish a game, ad. When you die, ad. I can understand and ad if want to revive, get 200 coins or get those loot things in levels. But when you watch an ad for just starting a level and beating one it feels like your watching ads more than playing. Anyway as a sum up absolutely awesome game but too many ads.
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2 months ago, Brainiac2345
FIVE. STARS. This is one of the best platformer games I’ve ever played in my entire LIFE. Everything is laid out perfectly and the graphics are amazing, and there’s barely any lag unless you’re playing on an old device! The only thing I have beef with is the enemies, but that’s just me. This game is great and you should download it! If you’re worried about ads, just turn off WiFi! And to those reading this, enjoy your adventure in Apple Knight! - Ki-Chan
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3 years ago, Sealed9203
Apple Knight is a must-play game!
Apple Knight is a platformer/adventure game where you must defeat a mysterious evil force while collecting coins to purchase better armor, stronger weapons, and new abilities! Start with basic armor, a short sword, and the ability to through apples, But then become strong enough to wield the ice sword, shoot dragon fireballs, and wear platinum armor! This game runs smooth, has great mechanics, and the side quests are the best! You should play Apple Knight because it is an amazing game!
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1 year ago, i can to think of a name
“I can’t believe this is a mobile game.”
This game is so good! The control are smooth and easy to learn and I love how it all feels. I like how the instruction or like the level where you practice at the begin wasn't to long and it wasn’t to short, which I think a lot of games struggle with. To be completely honest, I can’t believe this is a mobile game. Over all it’s an amazing game and I highly highly recommend.
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2 years ago, SRViscious2k
Love it! Very well done
I don’t really review games that often but as far as 2D Platformers go, this is very well made. Love the art, love the music, and gameplay overall is really fun. If I had to make a minor suggestion, I would love if the player had the option to turn off the enemy health bar just so gameplay looks a little cleaner. But overall, love it. I would love to see more games from this company in the future.
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