Apple Music

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3 months ago
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10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Apple Music

4.73 out of 5
453.2K Ratings
3 days ago, LIGHTANGEL3220
Great music player with many features
I like this music player because I'm able to listen to songs I bought from iTunes. I'm also a fan of being able to mark my favorite songs and creating playlists with iTunes songs. My only complaint is that the songs are out of order when I want to sort my songs by albums in my playlists. Another problem that also occurs with the desktop version of Apple Music is that there are 2 of the same album, but it has different songs in each of the albums instead of grouping the songs in one album. It would also be nice to have the playlists synced up together with the iOS and desktop versions so I don't have to create playlists with a bunch of songs manually each time twice. It would also be nice to have external music file support for this mobile app because I would like to easily listen to ALL of my music from my collection instead of the ones exclusive to iTunes. Please fix these errors! Thanks!
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5 months ago, CEDJH
Apple deleted myPlaylist
I tried the trial subscription of Apple Music that I received with a Samsung purchase. I had Apple Music playlist on my iTunes, iPhone, and iPad that was in created over many years prior to the activating the trial subscription. I let the subscription expire and found out that all my playlist had been deleted from my Apple Music iPhone, iPad and TV apps. Also, my Apple Music app on my TV, which prior to the subscription would play music in my Apple library, now no longer accesses my playlist or any songs purchased and downloaded without re-signing up for a subscription. So Apple Music on my TV is useless at this point without a subscription. My Apple Music playlists on my iPhones, TV, iTunes, and iPad was deleted, literally erasing hours of work. I did figure out that I could re-sync my iPhone and iPad devices with iTunes on my computer and get the playlists back. However, my Samsung TV Apple Music app now requires a subscription to access my library to access previously purchased songs and playlist. This is incredibly non-customer service oriented. I also did a trial of the Apple TV subscription and Now, I’m concerned about what Apple may do to my Apple TV movies when that subscription expires. I guess I should have just left it alone and not signed up for the trial subscription. I would be better if you were warned when starting a trial subscription on the TV app and ending it will cause you to no longer be able to access you library.
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10 months ago, Harlockasura
Update for 8-4-23 is awful
This update has completely messed up they way I use my playlists. I have a main playlist I use to get to my favorite songs faster. There are a lot of songs in this playlist and I tend to want to listen to th new ones over th ones I’ve heard too many times. I usually organize th playlist from newest added to oldest because th newly added songs always go to th bottom of th list and always have and I have never figured out how to tell it I want new songs at th front. Now after years of adding songs to th end and just sorting th playlist from newly added to old this new update has made all my new songs added to th front. What this boils down to is now I have to drag a newly added song to th very bottom or th very top of my playlists because all my newly added songs get put right by th older ones. I like to keep my playlist in an order cause this playlist I’ve had over a decade so it has thousands of songs by now as u can imagine I don’t listen to th old ones often but it’s good for shuffle all at th gym or something active. Now any newly added song to this playlist is forever separated from th rest of my newer songs and thrown right to th older songs. This is something that did not need to b fixed so please apple just stop.
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1 year ago, ellagoose
Why There Need to be a Resume Shuffle Button:
Shuffle mode does not shuffle. I have over 500 songs on one of my playlists—which I have been listening to for years—but the same twenty songs are repeated every time I shuffle. Why are many of my songs not being played at all? There’s a reason why I add each song to my playlist: I like them all! Is there an algorithm that causes this? If so, I have attempted to counteract it by clearing all histories. Also, none of the songs are on repeat mode, so this is not the problem. I am not sure what more to do; this is very frustrating, and I have talked to other users who share the same issue. Could there be an option to where every song must play, no matter how many times I shuffle, before being repeated? This may sound dumb because one would assume that I should merely stop pressing the Shuffle button and resume the last song played, but in order to access other Apple Music appliances and play other playlists, this is not plausible. Therefore, there should be a new button: Resume Shuffle!! This in addition to the already Shuffle button (so users can still mix things up), will create a much more enjoyable experience on Apple Music!! I am certain that other users will agree with me.
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1 year ago, nightflyre9
Playlists need a LOT of work
I don’t know about others, but my enjoyment of a music app rests highly on the abilities of its playlists. In this regard, Apple Music is a failure. First, there is no option to search globally within all playlists at once - this makes it impossible to quickly locate a song, which should be a basic function. This also makes it impossible to find duplicate tracks within your playlists. Second, there is no option to delete multiple songs within a playlist at once - it has to be done song by song, which is absurd. No option to delete multiple albums at once, either. What is Apple’s aversion to letting the user do this? Third, when you are playing a song, there is an option to “go to album” but no option to “go to artist,” which is irritating. Apple Music looks great and sounds great, but it’s not user-friendly in the way it needs to be. Right now, I’m only using it because it comes free in a family plan from a relative. The convenience and functionality simply is not there. To the developer: pay attention to what your users are telling you. You do not know better than we do what options we want. Details matter.
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2 years ago, Louieloo
Less User Friendly
Latest update has taken a fine app and simply made it less user friendly. Among other issues, the main two problems are the complete loss of the scrubbing ability and the ‘previously played’ and ‘up next’ features of the app. The ability to scrub through songs has just been removed, replaced only with a volume slide bar which is about as unnecessary as it gets, I’d prefer a return to the old format here. For the playlist feature, when you press the song being played and the previously played and up next songs pop up, the top of that screen is too close the activation area for opening the notifications slide down page. The result is that whenever I’m attempting to close the playlist page by sliding it down, I open my notifications page - simply less user friendly. Please restore these features to their older formats and have a few more trial testers before releasing this sort of failed update. Additionally, when I click the suggest less songs like this, the button should simultaneously function as a skip song button. Why would I ask the system to suggest less songs like that and continue listening to the song? Pandora had this figured a decade ago.
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2 years ago, Ashamaleyrose
Lyrics updates
Freaking love Apple Music! It’s playing all the time. Let’s be real, it’s playing Harry Styles all the time. My only gripe is when I’ve added songs/albums to my library and multiple playlists before they have lyrics. When they finally get lyrics in Apple Music, it doesn’t update in my library. If I delete what I have to get the updated version, all the songs delete from my playlists. A similar thing happened with Lizzo’s latest album. I added the album to my library before it was fully released and when she did the lyric change on GRLLLS it didn’t update to the new version. The sung words too, not just the written lyrics. Also, (apparently I have another gripe) when I’m plugged into my car, the play next option becomes unavailable. I realize this was done for safety but so many other more dangerous options are available. Like to share the song through text. Most of the time my carpool buddy is acting DJ anyway so this is über annoying.
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1 year ago, Pedrorobin
Fantastic! Just one problem.
Hi, I love this app, especially because it allows me to listen to my favorite music offline. But there’s one issue I’ve had for quite a while. So, my family got a family share plan, where we purchase music and it shares across all our devices- so we all have the same music but don’t have to pay for it on every individual device. I only have one problem- my mom has a lot of nice music that i like Listening to on her phone, but only a small amount is on my phone. I have no clue why. For example, when I transferred to a new phone, I used to have the MCO Amazing grace album, but now that I have a new phone, I have an even smaller selection of music albums- and I no longer have the MCO amazing grace album. But guess what? My mom still has the amazing grace album, and other albums I should- but don’t- have. I’ve been trying to figure out why but I can’t. If I could know how to fix it- or have it fixed, that would be great.
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6 months ago, imtiredbruh
Love this, but one thing!
Apple Music is great! I had a problem and I posted a review about it and it was fixed very quickly. But there is one other thing I’ve been noticing; so, I have restrictions on my phone and it makes it so I can’t listen to songs labeled as explicit on the app, but there are some songs with curse words that I can listen to and others with just one curse word that I can’t, because they’re labeled as explicit. There’s also non explicit versions of some songs that originally had curse words in it where in the clean version it has the word replaced or muted. There are a lot of songs that I love but can’t listen to on Apple Music because of my restrictions, so I think there should be either a clean version of every explicit song or at least not label it as explicit if it has only one or two curse words in it. This would be very helpful, tysm! And thank you also for fixing my previous problem!
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2 years ago, Poopshoot24
Music app not playing correct songs
When I click on a song to play it plays a completely different song. I’ve had Apple Music before in the past and never had any problems. I upgraded my plan with Verizon to include Apple Music and the app is all buggy. It is constantly asking me to sign in with my Apple ID even though I am already signed in. Then it brings me to a page that says “an error has occurred try again.” When I click on try again nothing happens. I finally unenrolled my subscription with Verizon and reenrolled and it fixed that problem however the music is still not syncing correctly. Example I went to play a song in the top hits categories. I believe it was a lil nas x song but what was playing was some sort of rock song not really sure what it was but the lyrics obviously weren’t matching up. Tried to click on a different song and that same rock song was playing. I’ve done all the updates and went through all the troubleshooting steps with Verizon and Apple and it still hasn’t been fixed. I’m hoping for a new update that will maybe solve this in case anyone else is having the same issue.
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2 years ago, Forestzane
LOVE the app, BUT …
Absolutely obsessed with the lossless quality audio and the seamless integration across all Apple products, a now staple feature living in the ecosystem. But I wish Apple Music had something on par with Spotify’s weekly “for you” playlist that curated music for you based on your library. And I believe Apple does have something like this; but the accuracy is just not there right now. Additionally, for the past few months, the shuffle, repeat, and single repeat buttons don’t immediately work when I change them. If I change any of those buttons, the next queued song plays, and THEN the change I made goes into effect. For example, if I play a song, then decide I don’t want to shuffle anymore, and that I instead just want to hear the next song in my library, the next song that plays will the be the song that was next queued in shuffle, and THEN the following songs will be chronological — not shuffled. A small thing, but really annoying! Would love to see these things fixed.
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1 year ago, tangorum
Lacking so many features
This app lacks so many features that Steve Jobs body must be fuming in his grave. For starters you can’t use this stuff to play and control remotely devices like Echoes, you have to ask Alexa to barely understand what you want and specify that it’s on Apple Music. Or use airplay that feels like tech from 2012, slow, plays from your phone while it turns into lava.. dreadful. And when the music starts the stations are terrible, you would think that apple would be the top AI company, think twice, just like Siri can’t understand a full sentence, Apple Music can’t match two songs in a station to save its life. Not to mention, what goes after what’s playing? Who knows, Siri doesn’t know, there’s no way to know… hahaha isn’t that fun? Oh you wanna save that into a playlist because you might be a psycho? Well, YOU CAN’T.. hahaha again. Want to discover new artists? Nyet, even if you play an indie song and create a station, Apple Music will find a way to end up giving you some Drake, Nicki Minaj any other major artist with a song from 10 years ago. Well, isn’t this a great way to pay for a service and don’t want to use it? because this is what I feel Apple Music is about.
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3 months ago, MathEnthusiast1
Good app, but has some issues to work out
I’ve been using Apple Music for around a year now, and while I enjoy the overall experience, I have some complaints, some of which I have included in the feedback app. For example, when you shuffle a playlist, if you look at the songs that will play in the future, the shuffle breaks and will end instead of continuing indefinitely, as it should. Additionally, the music alarms, which are a feature of this app and one that, it seems, the developers are quite proud of, do not work. If one tries to create such an alarm, when the alarm goes off, it will play the infuriating default alarm sound, Radial, rather than the correct song. Finally, and this is a big one, playlist shuffle stops after a few repetitions of the playlist. This seems to occur a lot with shorter playlists. It may occur with larger playlists and I may simply be oblivious to it, I don’t know, but it is quite annoying to have your shuffle, which is SUPPOSED to continue indefinitely, stop and reset you to the first song in the series.
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2 years ago, Raydavid121257
Update the UI on iPad
The app is great and the music is really good quality. The playlists are awesome and play a lot of songs I like and it doesn’t get as repetitive as other streaming services. The one thing that bothers me in the latest iOS versions is that the UI is really blown up and a waste of space on a big screen iPad. It would be awesome, on this Retina display, to have the ability to change the organization of your app’s layout. I would like a more detailed screen layout more like the music app in earlier versions of iOS, like iOS 5. I used an iPad first generation after many years and the music app looks so much better on previous versions. I get the whole look of iOS 15 and how it’s supposed to be more visually appealing, but I think scrolling and clicking excessively through a bunch of oversized icons is annoying. I want an iPad not an oversized iPhone. The screen is large enough to not have to open a whole new screen and make the user click or swipe extra times to go back.
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1 year ago, Pilotwings 65
Over 1000 songs deleted, and no way to get them back
Okay. I'm done. I have been using this godforsaken app for months, adding songs and now it's all deleted. Let's start from the beginning. I noticed some songs didn't sync over to my iPhone, and I really wanted this one song on there, so i tried to fix it. I looked up why this stupid dotted circle was appearing on iTunes (on windows), and the answer I found said I should enable the "Manually add songs or movies" option to fix them. I did not click "Delete everything on there that was added automatically", because that is what it did. Everything was wiped off like it was never there. I normally delete any songs off of my PC because 1. Not enough storage to keep them there and 2. They're already on my phone. So when it deleted everything, I now had to redownload everything on the PC(which would've taken at least 2 days), take another few hours to get everything on, and then reorganize my playlists. This app and iTunes are severely broken beyond repair. I'm disappointed at Apple for making a product like this so buggy and misleading after they did great with the iPod.
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5 months ago, InTheHeightsW/Hamilton
Awful new update
I’ve been using Apple Music for 5 or 6 years, but I just hate this new update, especially with what it does to playlists. Half the time, when I search for a song to add, it adds a different song from the album instead. I have aesthetic quibbles with the treatment of playlists in the update - I miss the collage playlist covers (not sure why that’s not an option now), I don’t like the look of albums and playlists when looking for songs to add, the recently added tab etc - but this is an embarrassing glitch that I’ve never heard of any other streaming service having. I also don’t understand why, when adding songs to a playlist, the albums and playlists are sorted alphabetically by title. I prefer to have them sorted by artists and by when I made them respectively, and I don’t like that this setting doesn’t carry over into adding songs to playlists. It feels bizarre to have this mode not only look completely different, but ignore the sorting preferences in other parts of the app. This was never the case before, and I find it extremely bizarre.
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6 months ago, Mr. Toast777
Some issues with recent updates
Certain features have been taken off that I feel me and many others think should be put back on. It no longer warns you when you add the same song to a playlist. This is a problem for many reasons, i have really long playlists, I’m not going to notice a repeat in a 500 song playlist, I don’t want it there either. Please add the warning back it. Another issue is that when I make a queue and then accidentally hit a song, it doesn’t ask if I wanted to play the song or not. This is extremely annoying because one accidental tap can ruin a queue that I put together for myself. Also, I thing having the add songs button on the bottom of a playlist is really inefficient and should be put back on the top. I don’t want to have to scroll a whole lot and experience lags as I go to the bottoms just to add songs.
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1 year ago, fascinating fingers
Can you imagine any other business…
…that would ask to photocopy your address book before making a purchase? Why is it that I have to create a social profile, share my contacts without any privacy option to deny access (like with a third party app), opt out of periodic contact scraping, opt out of a fully public profile, opt out of playlist sharing, and opt out of sharing my listening history. I just want to share one playlist with one friend. If Apple wishes to monetize my personal data, y’all should be paying me, not the other way around. Apple, please apply your own rigorous privacy standards to your own apps. Lossless Atmos content sounds great though! … Update: friend’s follow request is simply not getting pushed; COMPLETELY UNABLE TO SHARE PLAYLISTS. 😡 And not to go off on a rant but Sonos integration is terrible. Sorry Apple, I don’t want a mic’d speaker in my home; I’ll never by a home pod anything, and frankly it’s kinda jerky to have a business model that aims to drive hardware sales through crappy integration with third parties. 😡😡 New issue: playing any music sets repeat on. Turn it off, and the app will turn it back on. Respect the settings is choose!
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4 months ago, McMadAnnoyed
Deleted 14 years of music
I’ve had Apple Music for so many years and had thousands of songs. Before Apple Music came out I had another music app but when Apple Music came out with the subscription I spent days going through my old music app and making sure I downloaded all the songs I had from there on to switch to Apple Music. Since that day I have used Apple Music. I stopped paying for Apple Music from December to February due to trying to save up. I just renewed my subscription only to find every single saved song is gone. I called Apple and was told if you cancel your subscription after 30 days your library gets deleted and I will have to start over. It is impossible to remember every song I have ever added and some of those songs brought such good memories from when I was younger when they would come on. To find all of this missing is horrible as music can bring back such good memories. It’s easy to say I will never use Apple Music again and not “start over” on Apple Music and will be switching to another music platform that will not delete my music if I choose to leave for 30 days.
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1 year ago, SirLlamaBro
Problem 1: Please remove the feature where when you delete a playlist it removes those songs from other playlists. Cause when I find a new album to add to one of my playlists, I add it to my library so I do not loose it, then later I listen and if it is good enough, then I add it to the correct playlist for it. And when I go to delete the album I saved to my library it tells me that it will delete any song that is in any of my playlists. At least make a feature where you can say no or yes. Problem 2: I was listening to a good alternative song, After Dark by Mr. Kitty, and it mad me feel sleepy. And then I had a thought. Does the sleep category have a alternative section? I look but to my disappointment, it had none. And this kinda made me upset, cause there was no sleep selection in the alternative category either! There are so many songs in the alternative category that makes you feel sleepy and relaxed. Please add that section in both. I want music similar to After Dark.
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1 year ago, missuniverse2000
Apple Music user
I am a frequent user of Apple Music. I like to play songs that my friends will ask of me a lot of the times I am able to play the song that they ask for sometimes you don’t have it and that’s OK but I have a problem with the fact that it says that music will be downloaded in my library onto my phone and when I try to play it from download it, I have to wait for it to load because it’s going from my service I don’t enjoy that because I like to be able to just play my music without any interruptions whatsoever but a lot of the times there are interruptions due to the fact that it’s trying to play the best form of sound for the music but that’s not what I’m trying to do. I just want to play the music and listen to it and enjoy it. I’m not trying to wait for the service to make sure that I have the best sounding quality music.
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1 year ago, MichaelCar2
Quick suggestion
I absolutely love this app cause I can listen all of my favorite songs, even without Wi-Fi when I add it to my library, but I have a suggestion for the app. You know how the app has just recently come out with the new Sing feature? What if they made another feature that would take out the music part and just have the singers voice? There are some songs on Apple Music that I can’t hear the vocals to because of the sounds of the instruments in the back, and I believe that it could help some people practice singing along to their favorite songs better if they had the option to listen to only the words to the song. One other thing: Lately, when I creat my playlists the songs will re-appear in my library as if I had just added the album to the library. This only started about 2-3 months ago, so I’m guessing that it could just be an update, but it’s been getting very annoying lately.
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8 months ago, vvbawt
Appreciation post
Dear Apple Music Team, I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the outstanding service you provide through Apple Music. Your platform has truly transformed the way I experience and enjoy music. Apple Music has become an integral part of my daily life, offering an extensive library of songs that cater to every mood and occasion. The ease of discovering new music, creating playlists, and exploring diverse genres has been an enriching experience. One of the aspects I value most about Apple Music is its seamless integration with all my Apple devices. Whether I'm on my iPhone, iPad, or Mac, the consistency and quality of the music streaming experience have been exceptional. Your commitment to artist support and fair compensation is also commendable. It's reassuring to know that when I listen to music on Apple Music, I'm contributing to the livelihood of talented musicians. I want to thank your team for continually setting the standard for excellence in the music streaming industry. Your dedication to providing a top-notch service is evident, and I look forward to the exciting innovations and improvements that the future holds for Apple Music. Once again, thank you for enhancing my music journey and making it more enjoyable. You have a devoted and appreciative user in me. Warm regards, Natnael Belayneh Gelgalo ✍🏽
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6 months ago, DJ Me-Mo
Apple Music
I’m a DJ, I use my iTunes library with my Pioneer Serato controller. 98% of my music has been copied from vynal to CD, and then ripped to iTunes. Or it comes from CD’s I have purchased, and then ripped to iTunes. The other 2%, comes from purchases from the iTunes Store or downloaded from my DJ Record pool account. The problem I have is, I’ll play a song today, and if I try to play it again later or the next day. I get a message telling me, this song is not available in my country. Or it can’t be found and I get a message telling me, the song can’t be found would I like to search for it. Needless to say this throws off my performances, when tracks can’t be found or iTunes will not allow me to play MY music when and where I want to. The other issue is missing songs that seem to jus t disappear. I can search all of my music files, but still can’t locate these missing tracks. Any ideas where my music is going or why iTunes will not let me play tracks that I have burned to CD from my personal collection of 12” vynal !
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2 years ago, Vvennuss
Good app, but a couple things could be fixed.
As much as I love Apple Music, it is slightly upsetting that they do not have a crossfade. I don’t like the gap that it has between the songs, the silence can get irritating when you’re in a really good mood and enjoying the music. So, I think that they should add a crossfade. Another thing, out of the blue, it’ll randomly cut out. My phone is completely updated and has been. So whenever i’m trying to listen to a song, it randomly cuts out. It gets pretty annoying after it happens multiple times during one song. Also, whenever I try to download a song or playlist, it doesn’t always down or add it to my library. That’s also pretty annoying because I very rarely find a playlist that I like all of the songs in, so whenever I am trying to find that playlist again and it’s not in my library, I have to scroll through recommended playlists again; but overall it is a good app, but it needs a little improving.
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1 year ago, JuanCarPer
Great but needs some tweaks
I love Apple Music for the sound quality, radio, and album suggestions, but I think some tweaks would make it even better. 1) Less tabs for discovery. I feel like For You and Radio should be one tab and Browse and Search should be another. The library tab is great on desktop but could use some work on mobile. I think it should work more like Marvis Pro with the menu being something you Seip towards, since the menu just being above recently added is clumsy. 2) Please move some of the functions from the menu by the song title to the actual player interface. For example, tapping the album art should take you to the complete album. There should be an add or delete from library somewhere on the actual player. The love or suggest less like this should be next to the player controls. 3) The desktop app needs some work. I think the mini-player is a little dated, but if it and full-screen view are going to exist, then both should actually have player controls instead of disappearing with the song title, artist, and title. The full-screen mode should also allow you to switch between lyrics and queue like Tidal does. It should also be the default view when you click the album art from the program. Overall, I really love Apple Music, but I think some UI tweaks to streamline the experience would be beneficial.
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2 years ago, Filiboy89
Good but has a couple serious issues
The music quality and selection is great. The option to sync my library at home with library on my phone is the best. The two issues I have are when I choose to shuffle my library it never really shuffles all of my library. It always tends to play the same songs every time I shuffle. I have over one thousand songs but I usually have to hear the same songs over again. I know I have other songs because when I manually search through my library I find songs I haven't heard in a while. Also I started noticing some songs in my library I am unable to play. The message it gives me is the song is unavailable in my error or is restricted? I don’t know what that means because the song was available before but then unexpectedly it’s not. I don’t understand that. I wanted to give 2 stars because I have been dealing with this issues for a while and even after I contacted apple support nothing has changed.
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3 years ago, richdav1d
Fine I guess
Let’s start with the positives. The playlists are really great! And the browse tab is a good place to discover what’s popular and find a few new things too. But, there are a few things that ruin the experience. It’s been at least two years at this point, from iOS 13 to iOS 15, where whenever I add a song to a playlist it’s a 50/50 shot it actually gets added or not. This is definitely a bug related to iCloud Music Library that needs to get worked out. Also, when queueing songs by selecting Play Next, there’s a 20% chance they don’t actually play next and are added a few songs down on the queue. And lastly, I wish I could delete songs from my library without also removing them from my playlists. Other than that, the songs that are suggested are generally songs I like, and every so often I Shazam a song that isn’t available on Apple Music but that isn’t a big deal. Good music suggestions, but the app itself needs some work.
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5 months ago, DisneyLouisiana
Why did I wait so long
I’ve had my iMac since 07 and my first iPhone was the 5 ,before Apple Music existed. I’m a radio listener ( yes stations) so IHeartRadio was my app for music. I decided to try Apple Music. My entire iTunes library loaded and it was like time traveling back to when I immersed myself in my IMac and music. The entire experience has me digging deep in everything. The Dolby Atmos stations are amazing and the lossless sound is amazing also. There’s so much I’ve been missing out on and I’m plugged in enjoying every second. I love that I can listen to my favorite radio stations also. It’s nice to have EVERYTHING in one place. I have a daily radio listening routine ( I live in a small market that still has great radio stations) and I can switch to streaming music whenever I want to. All of the features are great. I don’t know why I waited so long.
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1 year ago, Soylent Bob
Stop forcing garbage on us!
Didn’t you learn your lesson with the U2 fiasco? Don’t arbitrarily turn on alerts. Other apps have to ask permission, but you’ve just given yourselves carte blanche to, what, send notifications from a music player? I DON’T WANT NOTIFICATIONS FROM MUSIC and certainly not a free trial *cough* preview to a service I’ve showed no interest in since it’s first FAILED iteration as iTunes Radio. I have over TWENTY THOUSAND SONGS ALREADY ON MY PHONE! My daily commute playlist alone has NINE ENTIRE DAYS of music available! Why would I want to waste my unlimited-but-actually-limited data on spotty streaming and HAVE TO PAY FOR IT? Are you going to have a subscription on top of a subscription like your failed video streaming? A whole year trial and you had ONLY ONE MOVIE AVAILABLE included in the subscription. Everything else required a secondary PAID subscription, so forgive my skepticism over your free “preview” trial followed by a month trial followed by a paid subscription I’m sure you’ve automatically signed on to everyone’s account for which these annoying notifications are supposed to serve as your idea of legal warning.
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2 years ago, Isabella Louise❤️
Would rate five stars BUT…
I love Apple Music but I think there is a few things that need to be changed, for example, the Apple Music widget would be much better if you could change the color of it to match your Home Screen/wallpaper instead of it being a very bright pink, and lately I have been having a problem using Apple Music with Apple CarPlay. The music will stop but the song won’t pause? It’s really weird and it’s driving me insane. also, instead of sorting the playlist based on the alphabet, date, etc .. I think it would be amazing if you could move one song to another spot on the playlist. I also thing there is a glitch with songs that are explicit, even if a song is explicit it won’t have the “E” next to the title and I have young sibling and I would like to know if the song is actually clean or if the song is explicit. Other than that I think it’s the best music app out there, but those problems need to be fixed. Thank you for reading.
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2 years ago, Lissa🖤
Devout Apple Music user. However, can I make a suggestion? I have a million playlists named after general genres of my music. Like for example alternative, classical, hip/hop, etc. But can we make a feature where you can favorite specific songs in a playlist? And you can listen to only those? My alternative playlist has 600 songs in it. But I know my favorites when I hear them. I don’t want to make another twenty playlists broken down into upbeat alternative, electronic alternative, and slow alternative. Pick your playlist and click a button that plays just the thirty songs that are your favorite in that specific playlist. Can we also be able to make sub category playlists within a playlist? I organized everything into genres and I’d like to think in that in my alternative playlist, I could make more playlists within it. For the slow alt, and upbeat alt.
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3 months ago, N31R0L
Unquestionably the best music app, but DEVS!! WE NEED YOU!!
Hello, I love this app but recently it’s started giving me hella bugs, particularly with playlists. Whenever I try to add a new song to a playlist, the top 3 “Recent” playlists show up in a totally random order. And they’re never the actual most recent playlists I’ve used. Like, I’m getting playlists I haven’t touched in MONTHS up there, when in reality there are only 2-4 playlists I still add songs to regularly. None of those 2-4 playlists ever show up in the recent top 3 suggestions 😭 it’s not too much of a bother since I can search for the playlists I need by name now (THANK YOU to whichever dev made that brilliant idea happen, by the way), but I would love you forever if you can figure out what’s causing this bug and patch it up (or whatever the dev term is). Thanks in advance!🤍
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11 months ago, Ray Holden
Almost perfect - needs queueing/resume support
Apple Music does almost everything a music app can and should do, but there's one feature that it's lacking, and that is either a playlist/album resume function, or multiple queues. I have to revert to using another app when I need resume/queueing support to easily switch between playlists. If this other app could access the Apple Music lyrics, I wouldn't even use the Apple Music app. I highly doubt the lyrics API will be opened up to third party apps, but I believe that queue/resume support is important for people to be able to switch up their playlists to adjust to their moods and situations in life, while still ensuring their collection of music is properly "rotated". I believe if enough people realize the usefulness of a feature like this (at least give us an option of some sort), it could improve the listening experience.
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2 years ago, rckcollector
Apple Music ad
I love my music, I NEED music to live. I can’t even buy a song I want because the try one month free ad runs for a month at a time and WILL NOT allow me to even pay for my songs!! The worst part is if you do try it, the songs you think you’re paying for are removed as soon as I opt out of the monthly subscription. I don’t mind paying for what I want, I mind not being able to get to music because I think it’s a RIPOFF to take $12 a month and then remove what was purchased for a price tag of .99 cents up to $18 because I was not able to keep paying it monthly due to no job and caring for a disabled person 24/7. I am trying to get to the music for sale on this app. I’m now trying other music apps and I am getting very excellent service with some. Please fix this ASAP so I can keep my Apple Music, because I don’t have time or patience to take a 30 minute fight for my songs.
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6 months ago, 💙brookie💙
Add Playlist Songs
hi! i’ve been using Apple y for almost 3 years and i love it! however, with the new Apple update there’s been an issue. there was a new setting that was added and automatically set to on: “Add Playlist Songs.” the setting allows songs that you add into your playlists to automatically add to your library. I don’t like that it did that, and I found out how to turn it off. However, after adding songs to my playlist, they were still adding to my library. It turns out that after I leave the settings app and add another song to my playlist, the setting automatically turns back on. Now, whenever I add a song to a playlist, I have to go back to the settings app and turn it off so it doesn’t add to my library. I really wish it didn’t do this because I love Apple Music, but I’m really confused on why it keeps turning on after I turn it off.
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2 months ago, srmyadiel
The best music app
It seems to me the best made, with a clean and minimalist interface, the sound quality is something that is quite appreciated even if you are not an expert or do not notice the difference and also do not charge you extra for that quality that is a very big point. Its design is beautiful, the app is easy to use, I like that it focuses only on things that have to do with music, music videos, interviews with artists, pretty good radio stations just love it. Another point in favor of those who like classical music is that they have an app totally made for classical music, and it comes in the same Apple Music subscription at no additional cost as well as the sound quality. Obviously it has some things that need to be improved and added, but the application is practically perfect.
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12 months ago, Aalexis_<3
If I could give this app zero stars, I would
I don’t ever make reviews, so this is definitely something I wanted to make sure everyone knew Apple Music will delete all of the music and playlist that you have, and that you create if your subscription cancels I repeat if your subscription cancels for any length of time they will erase everything do not Waste your time creating custom playlist, tailored, to you and your activities. they will delete your playlist and completely wipe your song library, all of your music will be gone do not rely on this app to keep your data saved and safe I’m heartbroken over this is has got to be a new thing for app development and I couldn’t be more disappointed I reached out to the team and they are no help and I’m not blaming them at all it’s not there fault it’s the fact that the creator of the app doesn’t care to provide a solution or visible warning instead the creator rather just puts there poor employees at the forefront with no solution to give to there complaining customers for years at this point
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3 years ago, Valera's
Too many bugs!
1) The app won’t remember the last song or playlist that I was playing even if I don’t close the app, just switch to another app for a minute or so and it forgets what I was listening to. 2) When listing to a playlist, some songs will just play with no sound for the entire song or for the majority of the song. I’ll have to hit pause and then play to hear the music. What is that? 3) Some songs in a playlist don’t play. They just get skipped for no reason. Come on, what’s the point of a playlist of it’s gonna skip random songs and play others with no sound? 4) When I use the Shazam app from control center, it doesn’t recognize my subscription and when it redirects me to the Apple Music app, even though I am signed into my active account, Apple Music still tries to get me to subscribe all over again. How does the app itself not know to not ask me to subscribe when I am already subscribed? I checked my phone to see if it’s updated and came here to see if the app needed an update and nope, both have the most recent versions. This is in addition to many other native apple bugs. Apple uses to make things that just worked without the need to set up too much and very few bugs if any years ago. Now it seems like apple forgot to focus on it’s software and I don’t enjoy using the products anymore. Feels like I’m using windows again many years ago.
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6 days ago, chrisbospr
Hometown Inconsistency for PR
Is it really necessary to put “United States” when the hometown is in San Juan, Puerto Rico? It seems like this was added recently to some artists. If you were to ask any of the artists with that hometown they would more likely tell you adding “United States” is not preferred. There is a huge cultural difference and in fact, debate whether this is appropriate for music, with a lot of cultural and artistic ties. As a matter of fact, Puerto Rico sadly belongs to the U.S. but is not a part of the U.S. in pure legal terms. Given this unfair situation, unless we become an integral part of the U.S. one day, it is best to not include this additional specification, and is it not customary to include this anyway. Lastly, the lack of consistency is confusing: Cultura Profética has “Puerto Rico” as “origin.” Residente has hometown as Hato Rey, San Juan, Puerto Rico. But then Bad Bunny and Ricky Martin both are showing as hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States. I hope this can be fixed. It was showing just fine before until it was changed by someone on your team.
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2 years ago, Pop for life
Love it
I love music and apple music is amazing i just have one problem and a suggestion. the problem is recently (like the last year) when you try to play a song next it won’t show up. this happens when i have wi-fi,data, and wether the song is download or not it still happens and it is really annoying. no matter how many times i try to play it next it just doesn’t work. my suggestion is in your library the songs,albums,playlists,etc or in the order of which you download. I think you should either be able to choose what order like oldest to newest like time of release or you should be able to just move them around so you can have a favorite playlist first even if you have just added songs to your library without making the exact playlist again.
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7 months ago, teambedell
iTunes are control freaks
iTunes has no problem taking your money, but if you’ve accumulated multiple iTunes accounts over the years, they won’t let you listen to the music you paid for in one place. So most of the music in my music library won’t even play! I can’t imagine how much money I’ve wrapped up into this useless songs list! What a waste!! Who’s going to log out of their primary Apple ID to log into the id they had when they were using an iPod years ago, just to listen to hundreds of dollars of music??? I can’t even remember the old account info??? I’M THE SAME FREAKING CUSTOMER, SO IT SHOULDN’T MATTER!! Not to mention if I did, I’d be completely out of touch with my primary apple account while logged into the old one in order to listen to old music. Should’ve never trusted that control freak Steve Jobs! All he did was take a collection of music that use to be tangible, and lock up in his worthless iCloud. My advice is to only purchase music from iTunes/Apple Music that you’re ok to part with down the road, without a refund. Mr. Jobs, I don’t miss you.
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1 year ago, dreamertim24
Audio quality lacks
The user interface and music section is great. Everything about the app is great but for me the audio quality lacks. I don’t know if my is broken or glitched but it randomly gets quiet and sometimes there is no bass in a song, not like low levels like absolute removed from the song. It is like they went in the song production tracks and deleted the bass. And back to the volume issues it will fluctuate during the song and certain songs will be quieter than other. The songs will randomly start glitching for a second or sound almost grainy. I love the app for the user interface and the usability but there is some bugs that need to be fixed. And you would think for one of the most expensive music subscription it wouldn’t have major problems with the one thing you bought it for the MUSIC. I have had it before and it was fine then I stopped the subscription then got it months later again and this is happening. Fix the app Apple.
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2 years ago, Nicole W, Alli W.
Great, but some issues
It’s great overall but I have some issues with my Alexa. I asked it to play my Christmas playlist, only played 1 song (which was the first on the playlist) then I played my playlist, only played one song (the first song on the playlist again) when I said skip, Alexa went: “This is the last song on your playlist” Then when the song ends its just stops playing music when there is clearly more music for it to play. I checked Apple Music and my mom (in charge of the Alexa account) said “no WiFi, sorry if it’s taking awhile, WiFi will be back on soon!” Then the WiFi turned on, Nope still plays the same song when I say the playlist I want her to play, it’s not registering other songs on the playlist to Alexa. I just got my Alexa (it’s about 2 months old) so it’s pretty new, never had this problem happen ever but try to fix it :)
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9 months ago, ANGEL SELASSIE
Dear Apple Music Team, I'm a devoted Apple Music user, and I have a small but impactful suggestion. How about adding a crossfade feature to the app? It would make the transition between songs even smoother and enhance the overall listening experience. Crossfade, as you may be aware, is a feature that smoothly transitions from the end of one song to the beginning of the next, eliminating the abrupt pauses that can disrupt the flow of music during playback. Crossfade has become a standard feature in many music players and DJ software, and it has proven to be invaluable for creating seamless and uninterrupted music listening experiences. It enhances the continuity of playlists, albums, and mixes, making it especially useful for those who enjoy creating playlists for various occasions. I kindly request that the Apple Music development team consider integrating a crossfade feature into the app. Offering users the ability to customize the duration of crossfades would be an excellent addition, as it would allow for a personalized listening experience. This feature could significantly enhance the appeal of Apple Music, setting it apart even further from the competition. Best regards, [Angel Selassie]
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3 years ago, Pollbert
Decent but behind the times
Has all the music you could want, a slick design, and basic features but it still feels like Apple Music is just checking the boxes for a basic music player. There are no real stand-out features separating it from the competition. Using it day-to-day it is easy to see the glaring flaws that keep it in second place. There is a song queueing system, but it isn’t practical in use. The way it is handed by competitors and by the Mac music app, where there is a play next and a play later and both are played before the rest of the playlist, is the ideal way to handle this feature. And when you do add music to up next or the library there’s a huge obstructive pop-up for each and every song. Dolby Atmos is also overly hyped and mostly just a gimmick that does not improve the vast majority of songs. They sound better on stereo since that is how they were originally mixed. Maybe this will change in the future when songs are truly mixed in Amos, but for now the feature stays off for me. The real redeeming quality of Apple Music is its integration with iOS. It’s great to use with the Apple Watch and during workouts. The live album artwork is also gorgeous, but it doesn’t show up in the library tab! TL;DR: Apple Music mostly checks boxes. There are the beginnings of what could be stand-out features, but most of the implementation is lackluster.
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2 years ago, m))))))
Love, but there is one thing…
I love listening to music and I play music on this app almost everyday. I really don’t have any complaints except I wish that you could sort the songs in the playlist that you create. I would love this because I’m someone who loves organizing things by color or alphabetical order and usually when I buy a new song and add it to a play list I have to click edit pick the song and then move the song in the spot it would go alphabetically. I just think that it’s really annoying having to do that and it would save me so much time if I could just click sort alphabetically or something. Now I know that I really don’t have to put the music In alphabetical order but it makes me happy doing it. Like I said I really don’t have any complaints except for that one thing and would love if maybe it could be taken into account. Thanks
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2 years ago, Skwheosnsoxkwhsfgh
Need More Customization!
I have used Apple Music for a few years and I’m generally satisfied. However, it’s frustrating that I can’t customize the Library page more. I primarily use the Library page, and I navigate based on albums. I think the app would be better if there were the option to “pin” things on the Library page, so that the exact albums/playlists I want are at the top, as opposed to just showing my Recently Added items. Lately I’ve been listening a lot to an album I downloaded awhile ago, which means that every time I open the app, I have to navigate to the Artists tab, find the artist, then select the album I want. If I could just pin the album, it would be SO much easier. Basically I’d like it to function the same way as pinning conversations in the Messages app. Similarly: I generally don’t make playlists, except for specific uses (party, road trip, workout, etc.). But in my day to day listening, I don’t listen to playlists very much; I usually listen to albums. I’d rather be able to hide a playlist or somehow remove it from my Recenly Added. The same way deleting an app from your iPhone’s home screen doesn’t remove it from your app library, I’d like to be able to adjust which items show up when I first open the app.
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3 months ago, Tim D'Annecy
Buggy and slow on iPhone 13 Max
The app has good features and plenty of music, but it is very frustrating to use. Constantly slow and takes a full 10 seconds to load songs over WiFi or 5G even at lower bitrates. It will hang and even lock up the keyboard and haptic feedback when changing songs. If you star albums and the artist changes something (Kanye’s Vultures) there are orphaned tracks that say “unplayable” or not available, but if you search for them they are playable under a different album that’s literally the exact same. It has support for TuneIn radio stations, but you can’t bookmark the station or save it to your library, and there’s no track support for audio streams in m3u or any current track info from the station. I also don’t know why there’s no handoff between Apple devices—if I’m listening on my Mac and shut the lid, I should be able to pick up on my iPhone but it has 0 idea what you were just listening to.
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1 month ago, amora💞
Apple Music has been a disappointment in so many ways. First and foremost, the user interface is incredibly confusing and unintuitive. It is difficult to navigate through the app and find the music you want to listen to. The search feature is often glitchy and doesn't always provide accurate results. Additionally, the recommendation algorithm is lackluster at best. It fails to understand my music preferences and often suggests irrelevant or repetitive songs. The library is also quite limited compared to other streaming services. Many popular artists and albums are missing, making it frustrating to find the music I enjoy. Furthermore, the sound quality is subpar. Even when streaming on high-quality settings, the audio often sounds compressed and lacking in depth. Lastly, the constant prompts to subscribe to Apple Music's paid service are intrusive and annoying. Overall, I would not recommend Apple Music to anyone looking for a seamless and enjoyable music streaming experience.
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