Apple Wallet

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8 months ago
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10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Apple Wallet

4.85 out of 5
481.1K Ratings
9 months ago, CeeR2021
Apple Card just works
In the realm of credit cards, where appearances often blur into similarity, Apple's Card and Wallet applications emerge as a beacon of distinction. Amidst a sea of plastic, what truly sets them apart is the seamless blend of accessible information and effortless usability. The sheer elegance of the app's interface mirrors Apple's commitment to simplicity, ensuring that even complex financial data is presented in a user-friendly manner. Navigating through your financial realm is a delight, with a wealth of information laid out intuitively. From insightful spending summaries to real-time transaction updates, the app offers a rich tapestry of your financial life, painted with vibrant clarity. And then, there's the cherry on top – the Daily Cash feature, generously offering you a timely return on your purchases. Imagine the joy of seeing your cashback instantly hitting your account, a delightful reminder of your smart spending choices. Apple's Card and Wallet applications, where simplicity meets information in a joyous dance, and your rewards arrive just in time to make your day a little brighter.
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2 months ago, ChristyRandCushing1973
Very disappointed
I know most will not believe this comment, but i haven’t ever left a bad review for anything. But this has been the worst experience i have ever had with an app or purchase EVER! And has literally cost me more than triple the original amount. Lost appointments and months of new wait times, and a few other personal issues. I understand things happen. But do not think you will be able to stop a payment or get your money back in a quick manner, remains to be seen if i will at all. Even when you can provide proof that you had to make alternative payment arrangements and that the company had not received it. I don’t know when i have ever been so upset. The other payments that were made another way were back in my account when the company’s system having errors were back in my acct in less than 5 minutes without me having to do anything. Apple Cash has been 3 days, the business has not received still nor has it been returned to me. Two transfers later last being a supervisor all repeated the same thing word for word no matter what information i gave or saying…It was like they reading from a card or a robot. With no concern or hardship it’s cause you or you family…. Same not my problem i don’t care what it’s caused you or will happen. I know this will not hurt them any harm because they are “apple” but if it something that is important to you, i hope you all have better luck than i have had with them… or seek another way to make important payments
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1 week ago, NateJ82
Security flaws
There are some major issues with what is being done about the security situation between Goldman Sachs ( card) and  Pay. For the past month and a half now I have had my  card accounts locked and unlocked 4 different times. The accounts, BOTH my savings account through the  card, and the  credit card itself issued by Mastercard are AGAIN currently locked, pending an “investigation” I was finally told yesterday by a kind representative who was very understanding to my situation….. yet the account has not been verified by any way and I have no idea what is happening with my credit card information or how to get any help, the representatives at the bank, Goldman Sachs, have told me only bits and pieces that slip through their mouths sometimes…. I have been made a victim of some sort of torture where they all put me on hold when I asked them for too much information about my own accounts, they “put me on a brief 2- 3 min hold” where they play the same song over and over….. it’s been over a month of this from them…. And still nothing is done about it and they have control of my account. So I’m homeless and on the streets with me dog now, and they have a lot of stuff to say when I’m upset…. Can’t even imagine how unethical this is and has been for a month now …. Insane.
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1 month ago, Mr DBJT
Best Virtual Wallet. Period.
I don’t know why more people don’t talk about this apple feature/app. Especially with the Apple Card. So easy to use and the information is clear. It’s especially nice when the card company allows you to see your transactions. Not all them do. I only know of Apple Card, American Express and Discover showing transactions within the wallet app. The Apple Card has one major feature that I wish all other credit card companies would have, the sliding payment scale/interest calculator. It’s so helpful seeing the exact amount of interest you’ll be charged for any given payment amount. I find it encourages me to pay just a little bit more to keep my interest down. If only you could make the same kind of payments for other card companies within the Wallet app, I would probably never use 3rd party Credit Card apps again.
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5 months ago, Char478852
Fraudulent activity on my account and Apple didn’t do nothing about it.
My old Apple ID was hacked into which the person had use my Apple Cash to make purchases. Apple Cash took money out of my bank account to cover purchases I didn’t make. I call my bank explaining the situation and they did an investigation. Turns out that my bank received the information from the bank Apple Cash is under stating that the transactions were legit. Like no they weren’t because I didn’t make purchases at a gas station or at Subway so my bank had to take back the credit they gave me for the transactions that were taken out. My bank told me I needed to call Apple about getting more info of the transactions since they are the ones who took the money out. So I did. Once again I explained the situation and they did a dispute. Days later, come to find out, they said the same thing: the transactions were legit. Like REALLY???? I am never using Apple Cash again and it’s sad that they can’t reopen the dispute. So I lost $90 and the theft got away with stealing my money and they couldn’t dig deeper to find if the transactions were from a different state. Lost a valuable customer. Need to do better in grabbing more information or ask for my information from the customer.
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2 years ago, TheMightyApple
Works but also doesn’t work…
Ever since i opened my first bank account, it’s been working wonders when i don’t bring my wallet (which is almost never) with no problems when ordering mobile orders through food apps or when using it on scanners. Now that i’m switching banks and in the process of adding the new card to apple wallet, it completely, 100% does not add to wallet whatsoever. in the beginning it did, but after 4 days or so it refuses to add. i called my bank (capital one) many times and they said the card is fine and that it’s a problem with apple. i called apple and they said it’s a problem with my bank. i tried adding to my old iphone xs max with success for a while till i got a new card expedited and the second card didn’t add anymore. i tried on other iphones in the household and they add to wallet no problem, it’s only my iphone with my apple id. i even made a new apple id and it still didn’t add to my specific iphone 12 i got last may. all the troubleshoots that are the same for every guide found doesn’t work and i’ll hate to switch back to bank of america from capital one because apple pay, for me, is a make or break deal.
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2 years ago, ScoshR
Can’t Scan a State ID Properly - Customer Services sucked! Unreliable***
My rent due date is coming soon and I’ve had this issue for 3 days. Apple Pay Support is as good as kids playing with buttons on a gameboy, but this boss level seems to be unbeatable yet. I have a large amount sitting in my *Latest Transactions* Display, and All I can do is Transfer $1 to my Bank because this scanning system can’t read my Drivers License in Good Lighting- Glare covered out, and Apple Pay Customer Service over the phone just keeps transferring me to their “specialists” while they are snacking/eating over the phone while helping me and saying that their putting a ticket for me to be looked into later- “you will be contacted back within 24 hours” - the next day, A Whole day went by and no phone call, text Or email. How unreliable and unprofessional. I think Zelle or Cashapp is the only way to go from here on out. I am still looking to see what is happening to that $600 that says “Recieved”… but Really Wasn’t Recieved, because it’s not being shown on the Apple Pay card, just in the Latest Transactions List. It better not be Lost, if it was “Recieved”, I doubt that means it was refunded to the sender.
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4 months ago, SR71-_-
Great until it is not
Initially loved use if this card and all its features. However, after having disputed charges with supporting documentation it was rejected multiple times to the point of me having to appeal the decision many times and having the amount carry over in my balance (they froze it so even If I just wanted to pay it for the sake of no impacts to my credit I could not). Furthermore I will never order anything online using this card for this reason. I will only be using it for in-person purchases to reduce the likelihood of ending up in the same predicament. I have now just paid out the balance as I did not want to appeal my 6th dispute rejection and carry over that amount as I’d now be entering the 5th month of this nonsense. User beware, if a merchant does not issue your refund Goldman Sachs/Apple card will very well leave you to cover an amount for which you you did not receive product/they will not do what the average bank offering credit cards will do and you could end up paying hundreds of dollars for what you did not receive. I highly doubt they even go through supporting documentation or call the necessary entities. Thoroughly disappointed.
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2 years ago, DJできません
The Discriminative Wallet App
No more "I forgot my wallet at home" 70% of the time when Apple Wallet exists in almost every iOS device out there. I find it really easy to use but I find it to be a bit disappointing as to how much it can do after a certain point (and that's even with the existance of third-party apps that can help enhance Apple Wallet's usefulness.) It's 2022 and Apple Wallet will still disallow you to add certain Credit or Debit Cards for reasons not transparent to the end-user. I understand that there are certain security measures that need to be implemented to the card, but this very reason should be disclosed to the end-user trying to add the card rather than simply noting that the card is unsupported with no further details. That being said, there are banks that run similar products to what Apple has, which, in this case, would be called "conflict of interest." Rather than, once again, claiming those bankcard products as unsupported, it would be wise to disclose as such that Apple does not conduct business with the competitor.
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3 days ago, Mathardi
It’s a great wallet, but needs more
Would love it if Apple ditched the layered card approach/layout. Somethings take up way too much real-estate on the page, while other important info you have dig for. For example, my car insurance, including from past periods, takes up half the page, while I have to dig for my high yield savings account through my Apple Card, multiple clicks. Items that are expired should just be hidden away, available to access, but hidden away automatically. Maybe a toggle could exist for that. Yes, I’m sure I can delete, but sometimes you don’t want to delete either just to have a record. Maybe they could take more of a widget approach so users could customize the layout. Cards, policies, tickets etc. could be more the size of an app than a card. Ones that you wanted to make more prominent and take up more real-estate you could make bigger, while things that you don’t care about or hardly use could be hidden away.
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8 months ago, bballbm
Finally, perfection from an app
Very seldom does any app do everything and more that you would want. Until now. This app works flawlessly. I love the Apple Cash section tied to my Apple Card. I would LOVE for every other card company to take note and match the depth of information available related to your purchases. It is amazing. I know , dorky to be so excited about such a thing. But having multiple people using the Apple Pay and being able to pinpoint exactly who spent exactly what- when/where- is great. And the length of history is awesome. And spending habits broken out by category is a bonus. The other cards in wallet being secure and easily accessed without having to carry physical card is great. Also have insurance cards and , because my state participates, have vaccine cards for entire family also easily accessible. Well done Apple.
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2 years ago, Itiqovan
Account Closed after using Apple pay in gas stayion
i used my apple card through apple pay at gas station to buy a gas and my card is get declined. Then i used my wife’s apple credit card it is get declined as well. Then i bought a gas by using a Different credit card. After a while i realized that me and my wife’s Account is closed. Both of us called customer service they gave same reason to both of us ‘you went against to our term and conditions’. How come to buy a gas with Apple Pay is against terms and conditions? How come My other credit card works for same gas station but Apple mentions to buy a gas against term and conditions? Even your system catches something wrong about a credit card close a credit card why do you close whole account? And your supervisors are not professional as well. They gave same reason for both of us which is not a reason. I always pay over my credit card on time and never do a late payment. I was using this card 2 years but realized that they can close your account any time without giving a reason. Stay Away!!!!
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2 years ago, cutelisa00
this is the worst payment to use. Apple SERIOUSLY NEED TO IMPROVE
if I could rate this no star, I would!!! I literally been getting my apple pay locked for almost 2 weeks!!! They can't verify my identity even though I've been putting everything in correct like more than 20 times!! It's ridiculous. I had to call customer service like 100 times and one agent was super rude to me. I have no bank account to transfer my money so I'm forced to spend all my money to zero and make a new account. Well I did that and I try to verify my identity and once again. IT DOESN'T WORK. LIKE CAN THEY JUST VERIFY ME BY THEMSELVES AT THIS POINT?? Can the apple support team just verify me and stop making me verify myself?? I'm tired of calling them almost everyday. I literally have to call them again tomorrow. This is so mf inconvienient and im this close to getting a samsung phone because honestly I got so many things to worry about and i dont need apple to stress me out about money. If you can get a samsung phone. Just get it honestly. You wont get any headaches from using apple and I definitely dont recommend apple pay. Save yourself from trouble.
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8 months ago, Osborne01
Convenient, Easy & Secure.
When Apple first introduced ApplePay, retailers lost their minds. Led by a certain Big Box retailer, they rejected it, even though the technology was already in their payments terminals. One drugstore chain activated it and then deactivated it. CC companies had changed to chip-and-pin because of enormous losses on magnetic strip readers. This slowed the checkout process. It took a few years, but of course, technology just keeps moving. Now I can use my AppleWallet for so many things. This has been a sea change for many women, now freed from handbag tyranny. iPhone changed women’s clothing design too. We started insisting on pockets. Real pockets. Apple has revolutionized many things, but I think the Wallet App, along with improved security has been a huge boon in convenience for women. My only annoyance is ApplePay’s relentless pushing of higher percentages in tipping.
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3 months ago, josh patel
tags for purchases
Would be nice if we can put tags on purchases and notes on a purchase. Sometimes I buy things I don’t remember, but if I am able to put a note while the payment is still processing which says there, I can go back a month later when the bill is due to see what that charge was for. Also, another feature that would be nice is if the wallet can let me know how much I spent on specific categories which I create custom tags for. For example, if I can make a custom tag for clothing and then tag all the purchases with that tag and run a report at the end of the year, I would be able to know how much I spent on clothing. Further, if the app allows me to set a budget for each category that would be even better I would be able to know if I am over budget on that category.
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2 years ago, Aleumdaum
Most Overrated system ever
when you get the app you entering your credit card number and your Social Security number and basic information about yourself a few hundred dollars later you were asked to re-verify your account I want your name your Social Security number a state ID that could be drivers license or other form of identification . after a one hour call 55 minutes of which I was on hold they in for me there is nothing they can do after being transferred three departments because I did not have an ID this app also tends to flag banks takes days to fully withdraw the money and doesn’t always approve purchases for example DoorDash charged me an additional $10 but it wasn’t anything I was made aware of when I flagged it Apple couldn’t care less my bank wouldn’t refund the money because Apple Apple wallet is overrated and obnoxious I get safety and security however the app itself is not set up correctly if they required all the identification at the beginning it wouldn’t be an issue however months down the line is absolutely ridiculous Fix your app
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3 months ago, iatia8
Useful. Secure. Alert-ful.
Because of Apple Wallet, I can carry credit cards, Apple Home Key, health / auto insurance, boarding and movie passes, admission tickets, gift cards, and depending on residence and commute, Public Transit Passes, and State ID / DL - which I am excited to get in my state. Let’s go + safely so! Ooh, I can also help others build their credit safely with the Apple Credit Card, AND save money at a higher APR than most. It is fun to watch my savings grow + safely so. There can be allowances, spending limits, and payment styles / options set to the liking of the main Apple Credit Card holder. All that with Apple’s Privacy and Security makes this great for those new to building credit and dealing with finances, to those who may be older and are keeping up with the changing times. This all keeps you in the know … + safely so.
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2 years ago, Akehru
Seamless and convenient
I’ve been using Apple Wallet from the time it was released (although initially not many apps were available). I also got Apple Card on day one. They all simply work well. I’ve had no trouble. I’ve successfully created my own cards (using a free app) for library and shops with barcodes and they’ve been working well too. So convenient that I don’t need to carry all that plastics, only for occasional uses. For those who complain they are ‘discriminatory’ against some banks, that is not Apple blocking it. It’s the banks themselves. I’ve had this issue when I tried to add my corporate card (Citibank), and learned that Citibank doesn’t allow it, at least for corporate ones. Otherwise, I’ve added 7 credit, debit , and transit cards from different banks without trouble.
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1 month ago, Alvin Super Swag
Need this app in case left my credit card at home when going places
I like using this app. Because just in case of I left my credit card at home when I go places so I can add my credit card and call my bank to activate my credit card to Apple Pay wallet so I use to pay for things that places they accept Apple Pay. So that I don’t drive all way back home or to my car get the credit card. So please add your credit card to Apple Pay so that you would not have to be this situation when driving to store to buy and end up leaving the credit card at home and driving back home to get your wallets and credit card and drive back to store to pay for something but you can use this program just in case happens to you.
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9 months ago, BossDawgJay
Love the app but only 4
I love this app but it’s only focused on the Apple Card if it’s a way to get other card integrated into the app to know your balance on those cards due dates etc then you only have to go to the account apps to get the full details of your usage. Tracking hasn’t been been a big feature for me for the fact it doesn’t just find my packages and automatically track for me especially things bought with Apple Card. New animations are always nice like maybe the wheel could should the colors your card is showing. Finding benefits are a little bit of a task. I think your card should encourage you to use it when it’s give a 10% gas cash back or 6% Nike. Having its own tab instead of tucked away in Daily Cash would be more useful. Also the savings account could build in a APY calculator.
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5 months ago, AngelbunE
The safety and convenience of Wallet
Two years ago as the result of a car accident I became an incomplete paraplegic. The wallet app has enabled me to use all my cards from debit to shopping rewards. I do not carry them on my person so fear of dropping them is eliminated. Regaining my independence in small steps can feel like I have climbed up mountains. I have always been aware of cybersecurity and my personal security, these two have been heightened exponentially since the accident and I look at apps with specialized safety features imbedded which will provide security in all areas of my life and needs. The wallet app is wonderful because it is meeting all my specific needs. I do hope that this review helps you to try and utilize this app. for yourself and others in your life.
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5 months ago, PhotonicTiger
For some odd reason whenever I try to pay for items using other credit cards, other than Apple card from my Apple wallet, when I get near the store credit card reader to pay, for some odd reason, Apple wallet switches from the specific credit card, I have chosen to pay with, to the Apple credit card, without my permission. I have to then fight with the Apple wallet, switching it back for it to pay with the credit card that I chose other than the Apple credit card, because it keeps switching back five or six times before it eventually allows me to pay with the credit card of my choice. Something is very strange about this and I think Apple needs to look into it. I am not pleased as it would appear as if Apple were trying to force Apple wallet, iPhone owners, to pay for items with the AppleCare, even if you didn’t choose to do so.
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3 weeks ago, gjurov
Apple card is so easy
Apple card is so easy to use, i needed to cancel a payment, from which i used the wrong card to send that payment, i was able just to go in settings, look for the initial payment and select cancel, instead of calling the bank and waiting 1 hour on hold, plus they don't charge for any late fees or cancellation fees as far as i am aware of, you have your apr, i wish they had promo apr for one year, but even tho the card is so easy to use and the titanium card feels so premium, i have been highly satisfied with the apple card even tho i haven’t purchased any other apple devices other then iphone and apple watch, I'm sure it would be even more convenient if you were invested in the ecosystem even more .
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2 years ago, cmm472
Good pay option for germaphobes
I have used Apple Pay for several months now and have no complaints. I always have my phone and wallet with me, so I alternate payment methods depending on the merchant. Several places where I make purchases still don’t have tap and pay terminals, including the US Post Office. Sometimes digging your phone out of your purse and queuing up the card or getting your debit card out is a toss-up regarding the amount of time spent. I was able to load my insurance cards which is helpful. I like the technology but truthfully don’t see many people using their phones to pay, and a lot of people have tap and pay cards now. Anyway, it’s a good thing but I don’t know if it will ever be adopted on a large scale.
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2 weeks ago, RhonRhon70
Rhonda Curry’s Final IPhone ever
I’m gonna make this short and sweet people who want or need or say they need an iPhone or stupid. Unless you read every freaking thing that comes up on that phone when you sign something or say or agree to it and don’t if it’s done now or 10 years from now you will be screwed over technology is moving so fast that I feel sorry for my son who just had a son and I’m the grandma. I don’t think I’ll pass 55 that’s a month and a Halfwould be February 3 be the day after Groundhog Day I’m gonna make a bet with my mother to see how I live. Ever since my dad passed away and we don’t get along. So thank you AT&T/Apple/the guru in the sky. This will be my last cell phone and my last attempt to set it up in my name. I have a bless
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4 days ago, CricketPie
I love having access to all my cards, concert tickets, etc. in my Apple wallet. This is especially helpful for someone like myself who can’t seem to keep track of my debit card. A big shoutout to Walgreen’s Pharmacy for always putting my card in the bag with my prescriptions making it so easy to toss my card in the trash because I forget by the time I get home that it is in the bag! Fortunately, I had saved my most recent replacement debit card in my Apple wallet which allowed me to continue using it at 99% of the places I shop (the one exception being Home Depot) AND save face by not having to go to my credit union for the 2nd time in less than a year to request a new card. 😂
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3 weeks ago, Stinking Linking
Refund Request
These vultures refuse to refund transactions that were not authorized by me, and when I called and spoke to a representative, she even stated that it was kind of strange that the transactions were made right on top of each other within like seconds there’s no way I could do that unless I had two devices which I don’t only have one phone. So I reached out to Apple support, and after they denied the refund the first time I appealed that and they still denied it they refused to look at the facts, and I even told them that I could provide them with a document showing that TikTok had refunded me because they had double charged me in the past recently. So I’m gonna report them to the Better Business Bureau. I’m also gonna reach out to my bank and dispute the charges and I’m also going to reach out to the Social Security administration and let them know that my funds are being stolen and that Apple, refuses to look at the facts.
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3 weeks ago, thegadgethotspot
Don’t get Apple Card
I have had the Apple credit card for several years now. I love the card and the benefits, I needed to swap it from my personal phone to my business phone is impossible. Just because it’s associated it’s a “Apple ID”. I don’t understand with someone with good standing with a credit card for several years and now I am forced to cancel card and re-apply and get not only one hit on my credit. But two hits on my credit. One for closing an account and the second for applying for a new card. If I moved houses they can change addresses. Why can’t they “move Apple ID” if I have moved to another Apple ID. I have been paying the monthly payments on the phone only for the Apple Card to stay on this phone and I think it’s ridiculous. If you are a person that will stay with your Apple ID forever then yes it’s a good card. But if you have multiple devices and multiple Apple ID’s don’t do it. You will regret it.
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4 months ago, Matt Eadie
Apple Card
I have been a faithful fan of iPhone and iPod for many years for years Apple gone above and beyond when it comes to technology and quality. So many things that used to be quality products have fallen by the wayside. I hope and pray that they will continue quality products despite economical issues and chip shortages have made things more difficult and affordable products. Don’t fall into the mindset that in order to make things affordable that quality has to be a sacrifice. God forbid that quality is on the back burner. Please keep the quality that has made Apple a staple in the industry and our community. And let’s Make America. Great again and God bless this great nation.
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1 month ago, xbsjzhs
Love love love it !!! If you need to view your card number. Click on your card ( your Apple Card is ) on the three dots, click on card information if you want to remove the card click on card details if you want to reset your Apple ID password click on your name and your settings application then click on sign, security and blue letters. You’ll see change password. If declined You will see notification and ask you if you attempted this transaction even if it did not go through please say yes it’s only asking you if you attempted the transaction itself, even if it does get declined you still attempted it right? So say yes I’m saying this from personal experience.
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10 months ago, Recess teacher
Cannot add card…
So my bank card WAS in my wallet, then it just stopped working and told me to contact the issuer. So I spent an hour at my bank with them trying everything and no luck. So I get a new card issued, which is a pain because I have things attached to this card, and guess what the new card doesn’t work. I see it seem to be a known issue looking at app support and seem to be one for awhile. Is it going to get fixed? So since this post I’ve called my bank again and talked to them, they say the issues is at Apples end. I called Apple they told me to call the bank. And so on and so on. The last time I called Apple they said they need more people to complain as in more then 3. Short of wiping out my phone and starting fresh I’m screwed with getting my bank card in my wallet.
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9 months ago, ZippyDraper
Wallet of the future
I can’t wait until all states allow ID’s to be in the wallet app. (I’m jealous of Arizona, Colorado, Maryland, and Georgia!) Once that happens I don’t think I’ll ever really carry my physical wallet around anymore. I have the Apple Card and I’ve got to say… it’s the best credit card app I’ve ever used. I like the Apple Card (I know people hate on it, but unlimited 2% on tap to pay is pretty good for me) because it has the best UI and knowing what categories I spend most helps me budget better. Even if you don’t have the Apple Card, the convenience of having your card of choice available as quick as double clicking the lock button on your phone is a game changer.
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7 months ago, Optionscruz
The Best Digital Wallet with Apple Card
Hands down the best wallet and interface. The Apple Card has been a game changer for my wife and I to stay on top of our finances. The three best features with Apple Card for me are: 1st of month statements, this is a blessing for the budget! We are able to sit down and budget by the month. 2nd is the UI, being able to easily see all transaction, breakdown of spending, and money back right into savings. 3rd is the Daily Cash back. No other service makes this as clean and easy to track. Hands the best. The only area that needs improving and this a big one: ABILITY TO RE-CATEGORIZE transactions. I hope to see this soon in an update.
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3 weeks ago, Yeahok1743
iMessage block
HEY USERS: APPARENTLY YOU CAN GET ANYONES PHONE NUMBER AND APPLE ID PERMANENTLY BANNED WITH EASE! My iMessage has been blocked. I was told that not only could they reverse the block only ONE time but that even if I get a new phone number, it is connected to my Apple ID and I would have to discard every single item I have in my iCloud to get a new Apple ID. It is tremendously frightening to think that my access to a feature, on a device I paid for to provide those features, can just be taken away by ANYBODY else with an iPhone and only able to be reversed one time? Even after a human has called to confirm that they are in fact not spam, and a human being who is a paying Apple customer. I have used Apple devices for over a decade, and this has NEVER happened to me and now suddenly in ONE week it’s happened twice and instead of looking into bigger issues, I’m pretty much banned from the Apple realm altogether? DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS
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2 months ago, Rebel1Mom
Wallet app - cash back feature not consistent
Two of our children (college age) have credit cards that are part of our account, but there is no option for them to apply the “cash back”. My husband must call to have someone apply it, and on occasion, that hasn’t been successful, either. He was told that he can “just download another app” to apply the cash back, but we’re not goin to do that. The whole point of having the Wallet app is to take care of everything on one app. It seems as if they’re making it very difficult to apply our cash back rewards to our bill in order to push us into using some other app which simply encourages you to spend more money on other stuff instead of bringing down the balance on the current bill.
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9 months ago, pabzzg
Safer than carrying your actual wallet
I was a little skeptical on using wallets when I heard about it 10 years ago but now that it’s standard with Apple Pay, I actually love it. One of my biggest concerns back, then was how secure it was going to be and turns out it’s more secure to use Apple wallet than the actual physical card since it uses a token instead of your actual card so there’s a second layerof security. Also, it’s just very easy to just use your phone instead of having to take out your wallet and go through the steps. If you have an Apple Watch with it, it’s even easier as all you have to do is activate it on your watch and tap your wrist.
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8 months ago, New York gal
Love Apple Wallet
In addition to Apple Wallet being convenient, I love that it can hold my movie tickets, airline boarding pass, and others event tix. I appreciate it when I have confirmed a ticket for an event and I’m able to “Add to Apple Wallet”. I’m disappointed when I can’t add an event tix to my wallet. I guess I’m spoiled now LOL. And, of course, let’s not forget, it holds my credit cards that I decide to keep there, too. I think the Apple Wallet is great! During the years of the COVID 19 pandemic it was nice to have easy access to be able to show my vaccine cards, since there were places that required proof of vaccination. I still have my vaccine card in my Apple Wallet. I love the Apple wallet. Thanks Apple!
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2 years ago, Vash1053
It just works
Double tap the power button, face id automatically unlocks the device, hold it up to the payment terminal, done. I'm outta there before other people have even finished fumbling through their wallets. I'm also in Arizona which is moving toward electronic drivers licenses, which Apple wallet is the first one to support. Very cool. I also have the Apple credit card which is great. You get cash back accruals on a daily basis, payments you make toward your balance clear pretty much instantly, etc. It's great. I've tried the alternatives from Google and others. This just works. It's literally fool-proof. Which I guess says a lot about some folks around here.
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2 years ago, xxxXBRIGHTXxxx
y’all don’t know how to use it
you can’t add store cards bc store cards don’t accept tap, they are only swipe. appl can’t add bc the store doesn’t let it, second you can add insurance cards and vaccines cards and loyalty programs through THE APPS for example if you have a dunkin’s loyalty you go into the dunkin app and ad it to wallet from the app same thing with insurance, you download them and make their account. same thing with gift cards, the cards apple can take is any card with the tap logo , if it doesn’t have it it doesn’t support it. to add ur vaccine card (if you are in NY) you need to do it in the NYS wallet and excelsior pass ;-; HAVE MORE COMMIN KNOWLEDGE PEOPLE! and LEARN HOW TO PROPERLY USE IT BEFORE YOU ASSUME IT DOESNT WORK
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1 year ago, JuggerTank9979
Family emergency
Apple has been a nightmare for as long as I can remember to deal with but they have never been this bad. I’m out of state and received a call that my wife was in a ambulance on the way to ER I needed money immediately and had 41 previous transfers from the same family member who was going to use it again now. Obviously there was a problem. For the first time Apple required my account information because of the amount sent..175$. Knowing Apple I first dbl checked that the street address I was using was the current for my Apple account and it was everything was correct. Yet it still is frozen. And if I want to get the ermergncy money well I can sign up for more Apple garbage I don’t want and spend more on this despicable company or wait a few days that my wife might not have. Apple you should be ashamed of yourself and you disgusting business practices
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2 years ago, Al-2.0
Don’t use ApplePay cash when purchasing goods!!
I recently used ApplePay cash to pay for items at a company called Missguided. Three days after my purchase the Missguided filed bankruptcy and stated they are honoring any orders or sending out refunds for the orders placed prior to the bankruptcy. I contacted Apple support to see about receiving a refund for the items purchased. Explain to the situation and read them the email from Missguided stating that I needed to contact the company used to purchase the items about a refund. Diane in ApplePay support stated because I authorized the transaction it’s not disputable and they won’t be refunding my money. I basically was told “oh well that’s what you agree to in the terms and conditions and to shop from reputable companies”. So this is a warning to everyone be EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS when purchasing stuff through ApplePay because there are no protections for the consumer nor do they care.
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7 days ago, Buffy_I_Came_To_Slay
Great Innovation No need to pay every subscription request
I am rather pleased with the impressive innovation introduced by Apple, however I am not so pleased with the multiple attempts to charge every single card or account for each and every merchant that requests payment for a subscription. At times it is absurd, annoying, and or inconvenient. To be honest I usually subscribe with the intention to cancel prior to incurring charges, and being I’ve been far busier than usual I have forgotten to unsubscribe more often than usual. Please if I missed the setting please please inform of how to change the settings so I may be informed of any upcoming subscription payments prior to your aggressively and excessively charging every single account that you’ve ever known me to own. Thanks
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7 days ago, Lyric50
Apple knows how to keep me safe
Today I woke up to a Decline notification. Apparently I tapped something last night that was an accident. I was charged $66 for a game or toy or something, I don’t know. As soon as I verified “NO” Apple changed my virtual card number allowing me to use it immediately. My digital wallet is safe and able to continue to use without any issues or logins and passwords. Thank you Apple Wallet. I used my Apple Card. Each purchase gives me cash back on to another ‘Apple Cash’ card. It is also easy to use. Like Venmo I can send and receive cash with that. I can also directly purchase items. It is so convenient.
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3 weeks ago, tdrufy
Apple Wallet
Good app helps me to stay aware of Payments, and balances. Some features I would recommend; 1. I should be able to put any credit card or debit card like HSA card in wallet even though it doesn’t support Apple Pay after all my physical wallet doesn’t prevent me from putting them in it. Should just be flagged as Apple Pay not available, 2. Additional payments to balance, interface is not intuitive, hunting down this ability is tiresome. 3. Other cards where the image is occasionally needed or necessary. 4. It shows original payment plan from years ago, but not the most current one.
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2 months ago, Everardo1998
I would like to say Apple has revolutionized digital transactions with the Apple Wallet and Apple Card, offering seamless integration, top-notch security, and intuitive financial management. Apple Wallet acts as a digital hub for storing everything from credit cards to tickets, seamlessly updating information like boarding pass changes. Its integration with Apple Pay allows for secure, contactless payments, elevating convenience without compromising security. Apple Card, developed in partnership with Goldman Sachs, extends Wallet’s functionality. It enhances financial management with a visual, easy-to-navigate interface, categorizing transactions by color for simple tracking. The card encourages better financial habits through daily cashback rewards, with higher rates for Apple purchases and Apple Pay use. Security is paramount, with transaction details encrypted and anonymized to protect privacy. The physical titanium card and digital interactions are designed with Apple’s typical attention to detail and quality. Over all it’s an amazing wallet and it’s the future
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3 months ago, Mr Shevitts
Best credit card ever
I love the Apple Card for many reasons: easy to use by charging on my devices, visibility of transactions, no fees(!), payment due end of month rather than some arbitrary date, and the fraud detection was fantastic. My number was stolen once by a gasoline pump with a spoofed card reader, they caught it, the bogus charges appeared on the app, flagged, and they removed them and reset my card with a new number while I was on the phone with them. No waiting ten days for a new plastic card to arrive in the mail. Apple’s savings account, attached to the Apple Card, pays 4.5% interest, a rate higher than I’ve had since the 1980’s.
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6 months ago, Tzunyao
It works !
I travel some. If I stop at a truck stop or hotel and leave my card at the desk to get fuel I know if someone has run a unauthorized charge before I return to the counter. I’m not a 18 wheeler operator but I do have a Desal pickup. With out a national account sometimes it’s tricky to get fuel at some truck stops. Your required to guess how much you need in advance and run the charge. Or leave a card at the counter. The only way to see the account number is to put it into the reader. When that happens I know before I get back on the road. Other cards do inform me but it could be hours later and I’m in another state. Jim
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1 year ago, unknownsenderlol12647
Awesome app!
Hi Apple, I really like your app it’s like the way you designed it is very awesome and helpful because most of the time I forget my wallet at home so I am really glad that this app exists all thanks to you! But I noticed that if you pay using your iPhone you will get a notification on ur Apple Watch and ur phone that u purchased something but it’s only bc my Apple Watch is connected to my phone otherwise u will not get notifications if any other person using my Apple Pay so I hope u fix that soon, and when you buy something on the phone u won’t get the purchase receipt on ur Apple Watch transaction menu in Apple Pay and I hope u fix that too!
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2 years ago, Suebee7856
Date sorting
I just downloaded season tickets for basketball and season tickets for gymnastics and other sports at my local college. I placed them all in Apple wallet. I spent an hour sorting them by date in my wallet so that the ones I will use first would be at the top. Today I looked and all the sorting I did disappeared and they went back to the way they were in the order I downloaded them and not by date order that I spent so much time arranging. I do like the way they disappear from the screen when they have been expired. But you need a way to sort passes and tickets by date that stays the in the order you sort them and not the order you downloaded them.
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4 months ago, CAhonor
I detest the Apple wallet
I think it is really rude and sneaky the way Apple chooses to give you a credit card and then uses it without permission to pay for things. I set up an actual bank account to make a payment on an Apple installment loan, and when I went to use it, I noticed that the payment had already been made. Now I see that Apple deducted it from my card without my permission. I’m sure some of you will say that I had to have given my permission. Maybe it is in some small print somewhere. Either way it is sneaky and annoying. Plus, when the bill notification comes to the phone, the text and links are actually different than the text and links that go to my laptop mail. I was traveling the month of February, and did not always have laptop access. It shouldn’t be this convoluted to pay a bill.
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