AppLocker • Passcode lock apps

4.3 (222)
10.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Denk Alexandru
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for AppLocker • Passcode lock apps

4.31 out of 5
222 Ratings
5 months ago, Pro Tanto
good for security
I use this app to lock other apps — it’s easier than Shortcuts or Screen Time itself and has some other useful features. Recently, though, this app and others like it have had trouble presenting the apps list, but if you know what apps you want to secure, you can do it using the search bar. Still, I hope the app list problems can be fixed. My only other criticism is that the app password is only four digits; six alphanumeric would be better, and some sort of timeout feature would be good, too.
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2 months ago, Highway Bubba
Not the most secure
I tried this app locker to protect a couple of sensitive apps From prying eyes. It did work and required my touch IDor password to unlock the app. I liked it at first, But then it became annoying every time the app would time out on me and I had to unlock it again. Lost some unsaved work that way. That said, it still worked to protect the apps UNTIL I decided to remove the lock and could not figure out how to do so on only one app at a time. So I decided to delete the app locker completely and maybe reinstall to start over or leave it off. This is where the security issue became apparent. I was able to delete the program with no password or touch ID required and it released all of the locks. Anyone with access to the iPad could have accessed all the locked programs by simply deleting the app locker app. When multiple users are allowed on the iPad, this is not acceptable. I gave a 3 stars because of the app working to lock apps but only a 3 because of the security problem. I considered a 2.
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1 year ago, Sikangggggg
This app is sooo smart.. before i found out about app locks i used to just delete my apps so i can refrain myself from using it but there are times wherebi need it so i had to download and delete over and over again until i found this app. Everytime i use my socials and mindlessly scroll; the applock is a reminder not to. And it also has a timer cuz there are times i use an app (like tiktok or instagram) for something important then i get distracted and mindlessly scroll again and then boom it locked again after 5 mins.. basically a reminder to not get lost.. this is a 10 for me
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7 months ago, Tsidener
App Does what its suppose to do. DONT FORGET PASSWORD.
I forgot my password because I use the finger scanner. The finger scanner went out and now asks for my the actual password. I forgot it. Now I cant access some of my apps and iI cannot delete AppLocker "becuase it is open" with no way to force quit it.
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7 months ago, CLSThought
No longer working properly, cannot update
Worked great until the most recent OSX update. I cannot access programs that I was using it on — and I’m unable to delete it, close it (using the on screen command), update it, or access with finger ID, and the password (which I’ve long since forgot) no longer appears in my password log. And so, this lock out, does not allow me access to do anything because I can’t close the screen (again, on screen command instructions don’t work). I’ve tried sending a support request via the app and it will not send to the “hello” email address.
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2 months ago, Waygukinnida
Used applocker for a year or two with no issues. Updates every week which is annoying, but whatever. Lots of companies work on agile and roll out incremental improvements. Most recent update installed, started seeing two instances of Applocker in the system tray. Twice in two days I logged into my machine to be greeted with a full screen Applocker window that could not be minimized, closed, or unlocked. The only thing I could do was restart my machine (losing any unsaved work) and uninstall applocker before it launched again. That's the end of this app for me. I don't recommend it for you either.
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1 year ago, Osama Been Laughing
Nice app premise - please give feedback on this question
Hi, I am trying to see if there is a way to block App Locker to keep from ever being deleted (- or, more likely - that if the app is deleted, the apps that are previously locked will continue to be locked). I can lock an app all I want, but if I simply delete this app, that feature goes away. Any way around this problem?
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1 year ago, BoomerBewm
It’s not bad just watch the permissions- screen time
Small note for the developer and others that see this is if you put this on an IPhone it will gain access to screen time due to permissions you don’t give. I couldn’t delete any apps while those permissions were granted to AppLocket for some reason or another. The scenario of researching why my phone couldn’t delete apps was a 2 day event. No Application should ever have rights to screen time just food for thought.
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7 months ago, Hunter3737
Everything works fine before today. Now it keep crash for me. I can not access all my protected apps now. Update: Updated my app, but still get crash. good finally find a way to delete the app(was set for deny app delete), and reinstall the app fix the problem. updating the appstroe ratings too
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11 months ago, xitzit
Not what I expected
applock criteria defeat the purpose on wanting to lock apps. You will need to first unlock app prior to having access to computer screen. I thought this will rather ask for password only when you specifically select apps you've locked therefore if someone needs to use your laptop you will have to first unlock apps before he/she can even access the screen. You might as well not give your laptop to anyone. Not worth it and it's useless.
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11 months ago, spencer smash bro
Great at what it does
For all the people who give this any less than a 4 star rating because of “bugs or crashes” your device is just crap, it’s not the app. This is an honestly fantastic app for what it does and it deserves a great review overall, no exceptions.
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1 year ago, IOSRaver
Perfect for apps with sensitive information
I use this to secure the Gmail app, since it doesn’t natively support Face ID authentication. In the event that my phone is stolen or compromised, I have more confidence that thieves won’t be able to access my email. Thanks for taking the time to write this app. It’s great!
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9 months ago, MRFOE
App is great but
I was wondering, I will be getting a new phone soon and I wanted to ask if the subscription will transfer to my new phone when I download the app. Tried to email but it said the email was invalid/spam so I couldn’t get through.
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1 week ago, BDBDBD311
I love this all because it does not require a vpn to block apps. I just would like them to add website blocking as well. I just can’t use an application that requires vpn because I already use another vpn regularly for other purposes.
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2 months ago, Szumow
I'm locked out of my app completely. Finally figured out how to delete AppLocker to use the app after 3 days of messing around. However, now when I download it again it preloads the old password and I'm right back where it was. App works great though! Just needs a way to reset password.
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9 months ago, WillRRR
Messed up my widgets!
I just installed AppLocker app on my both iPhone and iPad. I decided to setup the same app on them. I was able to enjoy locking select app(s)! Unfortunately, AppLocker app messed up my Home Screen widgets on my both iPhone and iPad! For this issue, I ended up deleting AppLocker app. My both iPhone and iPad that used AppLocker app were main devices. After I deleted AppLocker app on them, I ended up to fix my Home Screen widgets on them!
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1 year ago, Mustangjsp
Room for improvement
Excellent app and works exactly as intended. However, only three stars because you cannot lock the Settings app or Safari. Those are the two that I need to keep my child out of. The app is being used on an iPad. Please add that functionality.
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4 months ago, coach_d@ne
I would love to the option “Do not allow app to be deleted “. I want to be able to delete any app whenever, but not certain apps I want to protect.
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8 months ago, Luzy w.
cant quit the app
I am trying to get rid of this stupid app and i can't, i can't even quit it 😡
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6 months ago, hindustanjoe
It won't quit even with Option, Command and Q
I have emailed the developer twice asking for help with no response. I want to uninstall this but I forgot my password. It just keeps bringing up this screen to upgrade when I try to quit with Option, Command and Q like it says to. Don't use this app.
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9 months ago, Davidgonzo855
locker Locking at bad times
Is there anyway you can add something that makes so it doesnt lock till you get out of the app? Having it lock and unlock mid sentence when talking is a bit of a problem
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8 months ago, Karatkid236
Apps don't stay locked
I find that the apps I choose to lock with the password will only stay locked for a certain amount of time and then will unlock
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8 months ago, sdepo2022
Cannot Uninstall Sonoma
i have been trying to uninstall this app for the last week and nothing i have to update it but it wont allow me to update in the app store so until i get this issue fixed it gets two stars
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2 years ago, yoyo safra
Good app!
Amazing app and does what it’s supposed to do easily and simply with a nice and minimalistic UI with no ads. 10/10!!
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8 months ago, Thinmdz
Now we are talking!
Congratulations for your significant improvement💪😀.
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3 months ago, Shaka
Thank you!
Exactly what I've been looking for. Works great.
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2 years ago, ogabeh
Needs a lot of development
Ui design is freezing when i try to choose photos to lock it And last thing default unlock time i hope to add no limit option
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5 years ago, Jenclen12
Good Little App
It does what I needed it to- keep my kid out of certain apps on my Mac. After having it for a while, it started to lack on start up and allowed the locked apps to be opened before the app booted up. I contacted the developer who responded immediately and put out a patch for the problem within about a week. Works as it should now. Thank you for your responsiveness. My only suggestion is to better post your contact information in case of issues. It was rather challenging to locate. Other than that, it’s a good little app. i
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7 months ago, Jhon cena101010
very hard to uninstall. doesnt give any information on how to cancel in app purchase. Review will change after steps on how to cancel in app purchase are provided. all in all does the job, for an app locker.
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8 months ago, Loud&PROfound
This app takes your device as hostage if you download it
It was very difficult to get rid of this and it creeps onto your other devices… I’ll revise this review if the developer gets in contact with me
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8 months ago, borgman_1
Title I Guess
Perfect app. The lifetime premium version thing is 100% worth it btw.
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1 year ago, sgshxbvsv,xvhsh
I can’t unlock app
I can’t unlock the app by touch the unlock button,it’s unworkable,why ??
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3 months ago, yk.smooth
I cant get back in
I set a password like months ago and it gives me no help to try to get it back or unlock
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8 months ago, Stupacalypto
AppLocker cannot open
I locked some apps and now AppLocker cannot even open. I’m afraid if I delete AppLocker my apps will still be locked. Very disappointed
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3 months ago, issshhh13
Doesn’t work at all after a couple days of use. Doesn’t lock or hide any apps anymore.
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7 months ago, Asadzz
App not opening
I am logged out of the applications I locked due to this application. Please contact me I cannot use my phone.
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7 months ago, Nnkkes
App keeps crashing
App keeps crashing after the recent update
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1 year ago, Voxel Floof
Good, but no shortcut support
Useful app, but I want to use automation to start & end a session
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7 months ago, hunxhotosolid
The worst app it won’t unlock my apps because I haven’t signed up for a subscription 🙄
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9 months ago, Jo12345678#$%%^&
Doesn't start up with computer. When I start it manually I have to re;ock the app.
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2 years ago, chcjcjxjzkakaaa
It’s amazing it does what it saids it can do. No Ads.
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10 months ago, Nickname33543543646
Free version can only lock one app. Don’t waste your time
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1 year ago, mary040207
I can’t delete the app
I can’t delete the app when I want too
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3 months ago, unhappy user88888888
Can't Open App
Downloaded, wont run to use and unsubscribe
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3 months ago, LillyStar281
cant update or delete
i wanna update the app but it wont let me do so at all , i tried deleting it but even that didnt work seems like a forever install but cant get rid of it
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10 months ago, timnew1111
Wish I knew why...when it's on it's great but it turns off...So why bother using it???
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1 month ago, Joe@Philly
have to be activated
otherwise it won't work.
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6 years ago, LARA0223
Im gonna be totally honest, it was a good app at first. But a few months in and it started to glitch. it used to always accept my password but then it started to not accept the CORRECT one. This happened a while ago but after a couple of tries of inserting the same one, it finally worked. i just assumed i made an error. a couple of days ago it WOULDNT ACCEPT THE CORRECT PASSWORD AT ALL. And its not like i forgot it given that the password i use is the same one i use for most of my stuff. I contacted the maker and asked if i can reset it and tbh his help was of NO USE. The app is also restricted and blocked my access to other things such as my activity monitor and it was extremely frustrating. i tried deleting the app its self but even the steps i needed to take to delete it was blocked off too by the app. the only way i got rid of it was to purchace another 4.99 dollar app to wipe off this one. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP TO ANYONE AT THE MOMENT. IT WILL NOT ACCEPT THE CORRECT PASSWORD AFTER A WHILE INTO PURCHASING THE APP.
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7 years ago, BTAclan5
Works Extremely Well
AppLocker does exactly what it says it will do. It also locks down your terminal, activity monitor, and keychain to secure your computer. I made the mistake of setting this up late at night and forgetting to write down my password. The developer was immediately available and EXTREMELY helpful and walked me through what I needed to do to re-gain access to my locked areas. After the customer support I received, I gladly upgraded to the Pro version. I highly recommend this app if you have sensitive apps you do not want accessed!
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2 years ago, ben4biomass
Life Saver in situations where other people need to use your comptuer
I am often in situations where other people need to use my computer to listen to music. Being able to lock my messages, notes, and other applications alleviates the worry of people going through my information! This app works amazingly. I have never had any issues. Strongly recommend!
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