AR Ruler 3d: Tape Measure App

4.7 (829)
297.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Grymala sp. z o.o.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for AR Ruler 3d: Tape Measure App

4.71 out of 5
829 Ratings
6 years ago, lunarbest6
Use this program a lot more than I thought I would. Does exactly what is says it will do. Works great for sending as built info to architect or engineer when something doesn’t work quite right
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6 years ago, kenrita129904
really good
Cool to have a fairly accurate way to measure everything through my phone. This tool makes a lot of tasks extremely easy
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10 months ago, Hopeful 8
Accurate for smaller objects and shorter distances
I was hoping to use the app to measure a large interior space. Accuracy was pretty good up to 10 feet in height or length but beyond that range the measurements were no longer accurate. At 50 feet the measurements were off by as much as 10 feet.
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6 years ago, sarahmain585
like it
I make custom furniture and I use This All the time. Hope the accuracy and more features continue to improve. Very handy
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6 years ago, moltaxe5
works well
I was skeptical but it works. Tested out on a large window with a credit card for reference. Very very close! 5 stars
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6 years ago, majontorn564
good job
Okay, of all measurement devices I've played with, this is by far the easiest to use. It actually picks up surfaces perfectly!
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6 years ago, merinacher244
I love it
This is an absolutely great application for measuring all sorts of things in an apartment, especially during renovation! Pretty simple and accurate
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6 years ago, panchris663
love it
I quickly measured the width of a curtain and got back something that was the right size. Well done!
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6 years ago, santaxfence453
Amazing! This app is useful and interesting. I can measure the dimension for a lot of objects around me.
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2 years ago, 9235S
Even if you can accept the exorbitant cost…
At $90 per year, a casual user won’t be able to justify spending that much money. BUT, even if money I not an issue, documentation is grossly inadequate. I’ve spent at least an hour trying to figure out how to use this app. If the instructions are so poor that I can’t figure out it’s capabilities, I’m not going to invest my time trying to figure it out. BTW, I’m a retired systems engineer with experience in s/w development. My recommendation to a potential user: KEEP LOOKING
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5 years ago, cdbNjdb
Bull crap
I have already paid 7.99 for this app why should I have to pay for it again This is the whole reason why I paid for the app in the first place is because I was looking for one without ads Why should I pay it again
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4 years ago, wolfman_4_ever
not happy
First, I was one of the few who paid 7.99 for full access to the app a few years ago, now they changed it to subscription based. Not cool. 2nd, measurements are not correct. a few inch measurement will show as several feet.
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5 years ago, scoobytoobs
Hasn’t been accurate once
Trying to measure anything remotely difficult produces no results whatsoever. Even after you spend quite a while ‘measuring the planes,’ the measurement has not been accurate once.
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4 years ago, Mel and Dad
All of the positive reviews are fake
compare the positive reviews, you will see stylistic similarities. This app does not work and cannot work with the existing iPhone technology. For accurate measurements of an object, the phone would need LIDAR. It simply is not possible for this to work.
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6 years ago, lokiala4
Love this idea. Get a quick idea of object sizes without needing a tape measure. App works very well.
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2 years ago, nth_degree
Aggressive advertising
Asks up front for $89 before you even try the app. Popups are so aggressive I uninstalled after 5 minutes of irritation. The developers never even gave the app a chance to demonstrate value.
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6 years ago, Hirsoshita5
it's nice
Great tool! Remodeling my basement. I used the app to measure square footages for drywall purchase. Spot on! Love it!
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2 years ago, Levelkenzzy
Great app
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2 years ago, Ev7eleve
Charged for Year
I was charged for a year long subscription after I had already cancelled. I do not need or want this App. I am furious.
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3 years ago, eva_rosi
Don’t waste your time. Just spins there trying to locate target and does nothing. Very aggravating.
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5 years ago, Kichenwiz
Not accurate at all
Great concept but not one measurement was within 2-3”. One measurement was off by over 300”. Keep trying.
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3 years ago, JohnSimonBeverly
Keeps opening unrelated web pages
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2 years ago, Justice for sll
Great app thanks sincerely Muhammad Elman’suh Milhouse
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3 months ago, Shrhndui
So good
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3 years ago, RobotGoodness
Bloated with ads. Awful
Awful, bloated with ads
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3 years ago, Hoscetti
Ridiculous subscription pricing
The pricing on this with the subscription model is hilarious. Dream on!
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2 years ago, Lar12345668
You’re kidding RT 🤪🤪
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2 years ago, милир
Top Bro!!! 😎✊
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