4.7 (455.6K)
684 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Archero

4.67 out of 5
455.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Al4297
I always come back to this game
I’ve played this game on and off for years (at least 3-4) and while I haven’t necessarily played it consistently, I always come back to it. Everything about this game is just.. on another level than any other mobile game I’ve played and I absolutely love it. It actually FEELS like a real video game, despite the controls being very simple; but everything from the character customization to the chapter levels as well as both consistent and seasonal events are really great ways to diversify the playing experience so that it never really feels boring. While the overall concept might be a little monotonous, the creators are constantly adding things to refresh the experience. You can really tell that they genuinely care about their game and want people to enjoy it- and while they’re are so many in-game purchase options, it never feels like the creators are just out to make money. Ads are always optional and give really helpful rewards, and the creators are consistently giving relatively high rewards so it doesn’t feel like there’s a NEED to make purchases (although I’ve definitely made more than a few). All in all, I just genuinely love this game and you can tell how much effort was put into creating and maintaining it. I honestly would love to see them turn it into a console/pc game bc I would absolutely play that. Anyways, double thumbs up to the creators!
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2 years ago, Aaron 🔥🔥
Archero is a mobile genius
I’ve been playing this game for years. And I haven’t been able to say that about any other game truly. Yes I’ve played subway surfers on and off, same goes for temple run iterations and and angry birds and well as others but this game hooked me since the beginning. You can tell the creators behind this game care. And though it may not have 5 stars, it’s a “five star” game in my heart and I love how it “can be a pay to win” if you feel like buying stuff but if you put in the time and effort in every level, character customization and just was some short ads to get extra coins and needed things, you’re set. And based off of how you rank via your standings and playing their non-chapter mini games, you still get surprise mail gifts from them for being good at the game and even for updating the game, if an update was delayed and daily rewards and etc. I hope the creators see this and will make a console/PC version of this with a way for our mobile accounts to be transferable and for the game itself to be cross-platform for the online players. I haven’t played a game this good since Jetpack Joyride & maybe doodle jump just because of the vast majority of different maps and different creatures and difficulty and etc that archero offers. I look forward to becoming a “top 100” player for sure. Thank you for making this game. 🙏🏾👏🏽
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7 months ago, DJheaven
Great game but…
Great game play and one of the better mobile phone games out there, I read quite a few of your reviews and they all said it: great game but but it seems like you never actually changed what users asked for but like most games like Archero you get to the impossible levels, as I call them, where there are multiple bosses, they do more damage, and the user hopes to get lucky with the combination of weapons he gets at the lucky wheel to live on, but this becomes tedious and ultimately you reach the level of frustration that leads you to deleting the game entirely like I’m about to do, thank you for making a fun game that I enjoyed for months, I just don’t want to spend days to get past level 14: Frigid Tundra, I know not too far into it. I give it a 10 stars for play and design and a 1 for understanding the levels of frustration players get to, the grind is fine if there’s an equal level of what a player wins, maybe having an “easy” mode option. Anyway, I don’t leave reviews ever but thought why not, maybe you’ll update the game for future users, maybe some of the developers should play the game to understand user frustrations. Like I said 10 stars for game play, sad to delete but too frustrated.
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2 years ago, some random roblox rat
Great game yet needs greater rewards
I’ve been playing this game for nearly a year and I enjoy the difficulty of this game, its nothing like I’ve played before, although the reward for completing a difficult stage/world doesn’t match up. And the chances of getting a actually decent item in the shop are pretty low. Enhancing a weapon or armor you have is a nice feature but its so rare to get three of the same item that I only do it on worthless common items. This game is only good for those who are determined enough to continue but if the player doesn’t get anything good even after playing for months, it’s easy to loose determination. I only have one purple/epic item and it took me months to get it, just imagine how long it would take to get a legendary. As I said before I do like the difficulty but perhaps it should go easier on beginners, maybe like a difficulty option and depending on the difficulty effects what loot you will likely get. I’m totally fine with the ads since this game has to earn money somehow and I like how it’s optional. The skills in this game are fine but some of them are completely copies of others, like dark arrow and holy arrow. In conclusion I’d like to summarize all I said…Difficulty should be optional to change, the rewards you get from worlds/expeditions is far to low considering the difficulty is incredibly hard, ads are fine, the skills are ok but maybe needs more helpful ones.
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4 years ago, Austinyo6
Not worth starting the game at this point
I’ve been playing since release. Spent a little money on it, and a lot of time... they keep adding too many confusing and pointless layers to the game, and it’s just getting too complex and tedious. You’re not rewarded for practicing, and it takes too long to level and grow your gear. Don’t waste your time and please DO NOT waste your money. As soon as you upgrade an item or some gear, they add new stuff to the game that takes months and years to upgrade, or MONEY if you want to speed the process up (and it’s all random/luck). The mechanics in this game are awful, it doesn’t matter how much you grind or how good your gear gets, mobs always hit for proportionally the same amount of your total hit bar, and your attacks hit for the same %... it’s the same game over and over again no matter how high your get or how good your gear gets, the experience doesn’t change and it will leave you feeling tricked and cheated by the developers. They need to add more ways for new players and players in general get gear and upgrade their items, not add new and better items that you can’t obtain or upgrade without spending money to do so. Video games, especially mobile games, are such a joke and are absolute robbery. If this was a complete game with fair mechanics and content updates, I’d happily pay $40 for it plus a battle pass, but if you want the “full” experience and the best gear, you’d have to spend $1000 at least to get your gear leveled up.
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5 years ago, DisappointedGuy890
Good game
I saw the game from pewdipie’s video and gave it a try. As a game it’s really great. I don’t really mind the energy thing as it takes me off the game after a while so that I don’t spend hours of my day basically wasting my time. I understand the other complaints about the energy system because 10 mins per energy is quite long when you need 5 to play one round that might last you less than 5 mins. Maybe 3 mins to charge each or maybe even 5 would’ve been bearable. Next are the item and health drops. It’s quite frustrating to advance far from the beginning (I’m on chapter 3 which might not be too far) but still have beginner items, which I know can be upgraded but common is still common and has an unsatisfying feel. Lastly the health in game, specifically on chapter 3. There are waves of enemies per room that will spawn with a timer and you are bound to get hit if you weren’t able to take care of the wave before and enemies stack up. There should be more health drops than there is because it’s quite impossible to dodge almost 10 long range attacks that doesn’t care about obstacles. I knew this game was gonna be one of those “pay to win” games which only care about squeezing as much money from someone until they get bored. In summary, better or more item drops, more health drops, less energy timer. I honestly think how the game works is amazing except for all the priced stuff
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4 years ago, lexsingleton
Great mobile game
I have played this game for almost a year now, and i think your game devs did a great job. I’ve contributed some good money to this game because I’ve enjoyed it, up until the point im at now. I have all perfect epic gear, that mostly was earned by playing and not making purchases. It is near impossible without buying anything to get to that point without putting in ridiculous hours into the game. Your drop rate for armor/weapons/lockets etc. in normal and heroic stages, and even events that are supposed to drop them are way to low! Second, some of your abilities are useless, whenever a player sees them automatically will know they lost. Circle abilities, and swords, meteors, side arrow, rear arrow, poison, they are horrible, and do little to no damage at all. The abilities that win stages are: ricochet, multi shot, blaze, shock, freeze, and sometimes front arrow +1. Third. I noticed that once you have three front arrows, if all three of them don’t hit your damage is NOTHING. It is only good for bosses as their hitbox is large. Most normal enemies in your game do not have a hitbox large enough for all three to hit, at least easily. Fourth, setting up ranged purple health plant enemies behind barriers you cannot attack through on “hero mode #12 “ dungeon of traps, they attack way to quickly to be able to maneuver around without taking damage, it’s ridiculously hard.
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1 year ago, Rekka0912
Needs Fixing
I would have to say this game is amazing and is probably never going to leave my phone besides today because for the past week after a recent update my device can no longer connect to the game and repeatedly says syncizing data and never working when trying to move around. At first it was alright since in the past it would show it for a few seconds and continue but then a few days ago I locked my screen on the first screen and never left from the syncing of data and occasionally say the network on not connecting. With that it put most of the screen such as the battle pass and most the icons away and me not being able to move or touch anything. I was stuck on this for days and wasn’t able to do anything and to try and restart I deleted the app and re downloaded it and now it put me as a beginner account and still having the same issue as before. I had a lot of progress on my character and making good progress when it came to chapters and my build and this one time issue might be the reason I never touch this game again sadly. Is there a way to regain my old account and to have the game run smoothly again like it did before.
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4 years ago, xCBakaCOLINx
The new expedition levels are a nice addition, however level 180 is impossible. I understand they are supposed to get more difficult as you progress, but there is literally no way to pass the level. Three bosses that spawn in 30 second intervals, two of which are impossible to kill in 30 seconds. Which means if the one easy boss doesn’t spawn first, you will end up fighting two, then three bosses at the same time. Every time I attempt it, I die BEFORE I even kill one probably about 70% of the time, and it’s always the easy boss... there is no set of equipment that makes it any easier, no maneuvers or tactics to kill the bosses in an easier way. In order to pass the level you would literally need to survive, in a small room, while you are a “giant”, with 2-3 different bosses with different attacks and mechanics, while only being able to take 2 hits, dying one the third, for like 4 minutes, that’s how much health they have. relies too much on luck and not enough on skill. Two of the bosses have WAY too much health. Lowering the HP would probably solve the problem and make the level actually worth attempting. I also believe the progression of the game as a whole relies too much on luck and not enough in skill. The fact that you will never pass a chapter until you get lucky and get the perfect set of perks along the way really kills the point of the game.
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4 years ago, Spidey Fan410
Great Game but...
i’ve played this game for a long while now, happy to say what old bugs use to be in the game are gone and i really enjoy all the new stuff they’ve added... im not complaining when talking about this but i will say that it exists... i was recently in a dungeon and was at the final floor with the Reaper as the boss... usually me fighting him goes 50/50 and i had over 8,000 health... i get hit, twice. both hits did 5,500 damage and i was down to 4 health because im aware of the mercy health they give which i appreciate... however of course i die, use the ad, respawn in and continue fighting... next thing i know i get hit once and apparently it took out all 8,000 of my health... yeah the exact same boss, the exact same level... this wasn’t something that just happens on a whim, either some update they did gave their enemies an extra advantage or somehow i got hit twice in under a second because of the Reaper spinning through me. im gonna continue playing and find out more on this, but these levels and challenges are already difficult enough, i mean perfect epic set up at max level and still dying to 2 hits doesn’t even make “Legendary” equipment all that promising. Still, game has been improving and monsters are somewhat more interesting.
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5 years ago, TallTale2
Great game- one BIG issue.
I really have enjoyed this game from the get-go. The item system is claimed to be flawed but I don’t much mind a little grind for scrolls. When I first got the game (about 2 months ago) I thought “there’s no way this isn’t pay to win!”. But recently, I think I found out how. The mid game grind for experience levels is SUCH a grind that killed my streak of enjoyment for the game. I’m currently level 33 in the purple arena (I think that’s world 4 or 5) and after every defeat my level bar only increases by what seems like 10%. So, in other words, with my energy only allowing me 4 games, it takes like 3 separate days to level up, only to upgrade one of the nine slots on the upgrade screen, which is fairly insignificant. I’m now up to 80,000 unused gold, and my only method of progress at this point seems to be buying chests- which is not very appealing. My recommended fix- either nerf the Grindy leveling system, allow 2 or 3 upgrades when u level up past a certain point, or straight up add a new game mechanic or mode (like a story mode or endless mode) that helps buff your leveling progress. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind a prestige system in this game either. I would still recommend this game to everyone, I just want to see a good game flourish when something this minor causes such a large issue for progression.
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4 years ago, AND I OOP BECKY
Excuse me?
I love this game sooo much. It’s so much fun! However. I made the incredible value one time only purchase twice and I got charged BOTH TIMES but never got anything. I don’t know if it’s because I am in a family thing and never your game isn’t compatible with it but pls make it. Also I would very much appropriate it if u gave me the purchase at least because o have u 2x the money and still didn’t get it. However. I think this is they best mobile game EVER!!! Edit: There are a few things that would be a nice addition to the game. When you click on the map you want to play maybe it can give you the possible rewards. This is because when you get a new weapon maybe you want to fuse it a world or 2 later but can’t remember exactly which world u got it in. Anything thing would be some sort of card index. When you get new ones the only way to figure out what they do is to waste a precious level for an ability you might not even like. Also maybe to limit the amount of cards that you can bring into battle because there are certain abilities that I like better than others but chances are I won’t get them for while. Just a few suggestions!
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7 months ago, Phoenixdoesmc
Fun game with only one criticism
This game is a perfect mix of luck and skill! RNG determines the power up choices per run while you have to use the random powers you got to survive. Because of this, each run have slight variety. I also find that the level increase and the difficulty mirrors the difficulty of the chamber quite well! The damage taken by the player from enemies is not too much that it’s a problem but not too little so that it stays as a threat. Although, I’d like to see the rooms be generated by RNG as well, I understand that this is a free game and might not be possible for the price. The only major criticism I have about this game is the mobility. I find it to be clunky and difficult to control for a game that prioritizes dodging, and it has greatly impacted boss fights. My perfect runs have ended many times and left me frustrated because of this problem, especially when there are enemy bullets that tracks you. If changing the mobility is a problem, then a good alternative is to add many defense-based power ups similar to the shields and temporary invincibility so that the player can tank the damage they cannot avoid due to the clunkiness of the movements.
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5 years ago, ZeRbEaSt1
Best game to date!
I don’t usually leave reviews, just for the games I enjoy. With that being said, I love this game. It’s different, it’s hard, it’s unique in its levels (levels are never the same, just the location you are in stays the same). There is one thing that I don’t really like. I am currently on a section where I have to improve gear in order to beat the level, which happens a lot and it’s fun but, I currently have almost 100,000 currency with nothing to spend it on. I think if low tier items would be available to purchase, then you could save, buy what you think you need, fuse 3 together to make one of the next tier and keep going. I do however like the randomness of leveling up your items. When playing through, sometimes there’s weapon token drops or armor token drops and it’s all kind of randomized, which is cool. I think if you added something like that to how you can purchase things, that would be great. I like the randomness because you can’t make yourself “OP” right off the bat, you have to collect upgrades that aren’t all the same. That’s my 2 cents. Definitely an awesome game, will keep playing, will keep recommending even if my suggestions don’t happen, just think it would be nice to spend some of this gold I’m stockpiling currently.
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4 years ago, HomeStyleBeans
I rarely actively go to review a game,
But I’m addicted to this, and even got my friend into it! Especially with the new duo mode where we can play together! I love that it isn’t a boring grinder game, and even though the mechanics and general ability power up method is simple, it makes EVERY play-through a completely different experience! And I’ve definitely seen how, no matter how strong you are or how far you are (or not!), the abilities you pick each time make a different play experience and can make or break your progress, so it ultimately comes down to your choices of abilities you pick and how they work with your play style, not just leveling up. Also it’s so easy to get the diamond currency, that you don’t have to pay to play or worry about others just buying their way through the game while you’re not, which is so rare in a mobile game lately! And there are so many items to think of what to put your coins and scrolls to! Just so many items, builds, and ability choices to make your character YOUR character! I loved it so much I spent some money recently just to support the developers out of appreciation. I LOVE this game so much.
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2 years ago, ifkdskfnn
After years, this game still needs work.
I recently picked this game back after not playing for a couple years and coming back, I’m realizing just how broken this game really is. It’s very subtle but there are moments where I’ll take damage and not a single projectile hits me(even when the stage is cleared). Another issue is the character hitbox. There have been times where I have been hit by a projectile and I didn’t take any damage from it, but there are also times where I’ll narrowly miss a projectile but it still hits me. Another issue to point out is just how bad the progression really can be. The fact all enemies deal such a crazy amount of damage and how small their projectiles can be is frustrating. There’ll be a point where I can’t even see them anymore because of my weapons projectiles overlapping them and making them completely invisible a lot of the time. I’ve made it pretty far into the game and there are points where you just hit a stalemate and can’t progress from how hard it can be to upgrade your various equipment to keep up with enemies taking away a 1/5 of your health every hit and making health such a scarce luxury you get every 5 levels or from random enemies and bosses. I hate this game but I love it at the same time. Please fix it.
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4 years ago, Sparke66
Good game - bad mix
Don’t get me wrong, it’s a really fun game to play. But when you try to mix RNG, skill based gameplay, and grind together, you end up with a really frustrating game that leaves you contemplating whether the expense of time was worth it. Going a bit more in-depth - I’ve been playing this ever since its first couple months and I have yet to acquire a legendary item. If it wasn’t for me sinking quite a bit of $$$ into the game I wouldn’t have perfect epic items in my possession to this day. Or perhaps I simply don’t play enough on the daily due to other obligations. The drop rates are abysmal when it comes to trying to upgrade higher grade gear. I feel that the daily dungeons available in different difficulties are very much needed, and drops rates actually proportionate to the difficulty. From months of experience it is apparent that the outcome of the dungeon has already been decided by chance. I am quite confident with my own skill, but inherent skill can only factor in so much with the difficulty of some dungeons. If you end up with great abilities, a breeze. If you end up with bad abilities, you’re destined to lose quite early. I cannot tell how many times I contemplated just quitting the dungeon before it even started just because of the horrible starting abilities. I’ll be much obliged if there was an option like watch a video to “reroll” abilities every time you level up, a suggestion from a review I made months earlier.
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5 years ago, Uvyfoodoydhpp
An extremely fun game with some annoying money-hungry aspects
This game is pretty stuffed with micro transactions, and has an energy system, one of the number one things to turn me off from a game. However, it has an extremely fun, addicting, and legitimately good game on its hands. Port it to other systems like PC or console, add cosmetics, more gameplay and options on the menu to keep people coming, remove energy, remove micro transactions, make it 5-10 bucks, and boom you’ve got an incredible rogue-like on your hands. But in its current state, I can’t give it five stars mostly because of the energy system. Let me play your game, don’t make me wait a day after playing for twenty minutes. Reminds me a lot of a game I played (Can’t remember the name, it’s like Temple of the Skull or something like that). It’s a fun game, but the micro transactions, energy system, and ads make it an annoying experience when you are getting into it. If I could, I would give it a 3 1/2 because it is really fun, but the energy system is a terrible business practice that has been proven not to work many times. I would absolutely recommend to my friends, but I still think this game needs some changes. I also think they need to keep updating to add some more game to its bones. Add more systems, upgrades, cosmetics, and boom, you’ve got a cash cow.
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4 years ago, Unoxide
An actual review
TLDR: Some issues nothing bad, best on market, weird upgrades in arena, really really grindy to get an epic, costs energy to play. In my genuine opinion this is by far the best mobile game on the market at this current moment and nothing compares to this game. The only problem is how long it takes to grind to an epic level item and how you only can open an obsidian chest every 7 days when they still have a very small chance of giving you an epic rarity item. In addition to this, the upgrades you get by leveling up in the arenas are a bit weird, such as having a clone of you pop up and attack for you without having the same stats or upgrades from that one run. Habby should work on tweaking their upgrades in the arena and the energy system. It is super annoying to run out of energy and then you sit there thinking “Well I can’t play this anymore” All in all this game is very well rounded, very very solid choice for a game, amazing response time and gameplay, intriguing and different every time you go into the arenas. The difficulty is progressive which is amazing as the monsters get more extravagant with every different arena. Very solid and amazing mobile game!
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4 years ago, TheDeceivedUncle
annoying content
I have been playing this game for a while and it started quite fun but then as you progressed, it would become such a challenge that you can't keep up. I shouldn't have to restart a run every time I dont get both multishot and front arrows. Plus, when you make in app purchases in a game you shouldn't have to spend $20 to have a small chance to get you something that might increase your overall damage by 100 atk. I get making a game more challenging but, its more so because you add more skills in that don't help you at all what so ever and lower the chances to get something to increase your dmg. Overall a game like this shouldn't have you fighting a singular boss for 7 minutes to just realize that you've done half of its health because all the ability's you can only do more damage if there are multipule enemies. Also you're game likes to delete your progress at times to where i have to beat the same area 3 times just to allow me to go to the next area. So at this point I am just going to wait till I either see an ability that can change the tide of how this game works or I can find a hacked version because some epic gear and 10 chests should not be worth $20.
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9 months ago, Bee_rad44
So Much Greed. Events are scams.
When you purchase the VIP sub or the Advanced Battle Pass you should ALSO get the Value Sub and the normal Battle Pass. I CANNOT believe they charge you for BOTH. That’s egregious. Habby clearly only cares about milking as much money out of people. In fact , I have never played a mobile/PC game that didn’t give you ALL the rewards to lower tier subs when purchasing the highest tier. It’s asinine. Not to mention the events they come out with often cost hundreds of dollars to even complete or come close to the best rewards. It’s a cash grab. I’m not even F2P and I feel so bad for players who can only grind for rewards. Obviously you want to make money but this is just stupid. As someone who actively spends a good bit of money on the game, this is slowly turning me away from spending anymore. ——————————————————————————The game has been fun to play, don’t get me wrong. It’s a nice free to play game with the ability to make the progress quicker with in game purchases. Which brings me to my point and the reason I rated the game 2 stars… you don’t ALWAYS receive what you paid for. For example, my most recent purchase was for $10, I was supposed to receive a random Epic Relic and never got one.. I only received shards. That’s extremely upsetting and it’s a HUGE problem considering I’m spending real money. It’s happened a couple times and I’m starting to feel cheated.
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1 year ago, Jjdjsinrjeiwoanxbkelqoaox
Favorite mobile game but please fix one bug
THIS IS NORMALLY 5 STARS in my opinion. It is just a 2-star review until they can fix this bug, which I know they will! In the daily event called “Up-Close Dangers”, you must simply clear 20 chapters. Your reward is gold and Xp only … BUT, this event is the source of the most gold you can acquire compared to any other event/source, by far. Sadly, some people including me, have experienced a bug in which the event is stuck at the very lowest difficulty and very lowest rewards offered. No amount of progressing in the game can increase the difficulty or rewards. So, anyone with this bug is effectively handicapped in terms of gold generation. By missing out on this event, one will eventually come to a near total standstill in any progression that relies on gold. This means upgrading heroes, equipment, talents, etc. for bugged players will become a serious hassle compared to those with the ability to use this gold generating event. PLEASE make it a priority to look into and fix this bug, as a portion of players must endure much more grinding to have the same experience as others. Great game otherwise, my favorite by far of any other mobile games. The free-to-play aspect needs serious improvement but that is another story entirely. Thank you!! 5 stars in reality, 2 stars until this can be fixed
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5 years ago, RileyMCHama
One of the best games I’ve ever played on mobile
This is the game I’ve been looking for! I’ve finally found the game that gives me everything I want and more. A game that keeps me entertained and isn’t pay to win. There are so many different variants in the game play that every run is different, and you’re always learning new tricks and combos. This app doesn’t shove adds in your face like all the others. It gives you the option to watch an add or keep playing. If you choose to watch an add it gives you a gift for doing so. The gifts you receive for watching the add is usually worth your while too. Although there is an energy system involved, throughout your run a mysterious salesman appears and offers you free energy if you watch a 30 second add (if you don’t want the free energy you can easily back out of the screen and continue playing). You can collect weapons, cloaks, armor, and rings and they can all be upgraded by collecting scrolls. Upgrading these items will make you stronger and more powerful. I’m fairly new to this game still so I’m very anxious to see where this game takes me as I unlock the next worlds. All in all easily a 5 star game! So simple yet so elegant!
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BEST GAME EVER in my opinion
Roblox is a good game but the players can be rude and annoying. Minecraft is good but it takes forever to find a single diamond. This game is absolutely flawless! No unwanted ads: check. No taking forever to load: check. Saves to your cloud: check. This game offers stuff for ads but it’s always your choice. It’s not like one of those games where you think “It’ll probably give me an ad anyway so I might as well”. I can’t believe a game like this wouldn’t give you a single ad without permission! It’s quick to play and you can play anywhere. When you pause and x it out it lets you continue if you want to. The very first time you play you’re pretty weak however when you die you’ll get a bunch of awesome stuff that’ll make you better! I love playing this on the bus, train, even at home! You don’t need to worry about annoying players because you choose if you even want to play with others. Some of the stuff is a wee bit complicated but for the price, nothing, it is outstanding! This game deserves to be at least 5 dollars. I spent my entire train ride just writing about it -rn! Amazing game. Love it.
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5 years ago, Rank clapboard
Good game can be better
For starters make some of the abilities we can get more worth while for example make it so bolt does say 25-30% damage instead of 10% base damage and proc 100% of the time same exact logic can be applied to all the other status effects. Another thing make the big bosses have more vertical room in their areas cause i am almost dying to one constantly to the point I am saved by your little bonus defense system when my HP gets low don’t think I didn’t notice that. For the more unique abilities such as the circles and swords.... just have them do more damage other wise they are worthless and passed up for raw stat boosts such as hp up or attack speed. Also what is up with the level limit? It’s silly and counter productive to one of the abilities we can get which is called smart which makes it so you level up faster.... when there is a limit of 11 levels... which you are guaranteed to get by the final boss which means when it pops up it just means I only have 2 viable options not 3. I like the equipment and most of the talents with the exceptions being make it so you can have more starting abilities and replace the passive money making talent for something such as more levels per run. It’s a good game but as stated previously most of the abilities are pure trash you are better off sticking with raw stat ups with the only good synergies being ricochet and bolt but as stated previously bolt is trash
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5 years ago, Busuto
Fun game, for awhile.
Archero is fantastic and fresh, for awhile. You’ll hear me say “for awhile” a few times in this review because the game is great, until you hit that pay wall. The game is completely free to play, for awhile. The game feels new and unlike anything else, for awhile. Eventually you delve deep into the game and you’re faced with the exact same monsters you faced before just much harder, leaving no desire to keep going. You eventually hit a point where the game is so challenging it’s impossible to move on without spending money or waiting months (yes months) to get enough gear to move on. You’re able to open a chest once a day for free, and it’s notorious for giving nothing but rings and spirits (pets.) You’re also able to open a premium chest for free once a WEEK, and while that chest is okay, it’s nothing that’s going to get you any further in the game until you can open 8~. So you’re looking at 2 months before you get any decent gear upgrade. I’ve unfortunately put quite a bit of money into this game, and I regret every purchase. I’ve almost finished the entire game, but I don’t really care to keep going because I’m done spending money on it, so I’m basically stuck until I decide to spend more. Don’t download this game unless you have patience of a saint, or money to throw at it.
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3 years ago, YuMMy478649
Good! …Sometimes…
Ok, let me get this straight. This game is amazing no doubt about it but things that I get are always dupes of what ai have and never got anything rare. Although I am not allowed to spend money on this game, I think there should be a way to get better stuff. Another thing is when I first started the game I had no idea how to shoot arrows. Little did I know that you had to stop in order to fire. I thought that there would be a button to fire but I didn’t see one and I never got high scores because of this. I know that that is one of the challenges to the game. I hope that soon there might be a area where you can switch between a button to fire and the move and stop to fire. I understand if this is something you won’t as it probably take too much challenge from the game but maybe you could make it so that when you switch to the button, you had to aim instead of having the auto firing. Thanks if you read all this way and I understand if this is too much to ask as this is really my opinion so please don’t feel the urge to having to accept so feel free to deny this idea!
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2 years ago, AYakkingYak
Incredibly fun, but extremely unfair
I have been playing this game for a long time now, and I’ve even spent a decent amount of money buying the battle pass each season. The gameplay is incredibly fun, however, the levels are EXTREMELY unbalanced and progression takes far too long. To give in example, I am currently on chapter 25 of normal mode. I have spent lots of money trying to get the best equipment possible and to level up my character as much as possible, but I am barely able to complete the first 20/50 floors on this chapter. Also, there are over 40 chapters in total. Who is possibly able to make it that far? With how random the loot is, it takes ages to unlock better gear, and upgrading the gear you currently have barely does anything. You can spend hours getting gold to level yourself up just so you can get +100 health, which does literally nothing as each monster will do ~10k damage per hit at the point I’m at. The game seriously needs some balancing. The monsters themselves need to be less aggressive, and the loot system needs to be SERIOUSLY over hauled. I should not have to spend hours of my time just to get a minoscule +7 per attack when I upgrade my main weapon, and the amount of useless items in game is absurd.
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5 years ago, Obed :D
Good game, but a lot of flaws
Entertaining game and all but sometimes the level design and boss fights can make it hard to enjoy the game. Especially when certain rooms have levels where there isn’t much counter play with the game mechanics. For instance: there are levels which use enemies that shoot around the player, and enemies that shoot at the player, and enemies that charge at the player for melee attack, or they have enemies behind fences that you cannot shoot back at. These certain situations can get annoying because the only things you could do is run and shoot and you are more than likely gonna have to take damage in order to go through the level. Another thing is that the bosses can feel unbalanced and hard to strategize against . Like a good example is the tree and the rock from chapter 4. These two bosses were frustrating to beat because their ai is hard to damage without taking hits, the tree frequently jumps and shoots projectiles when it lands and the rock constantly charges at you and shoots you as you run away. One suggestion would be to test how the game would feel if enemy projectiles could damage another enemy to add another dimension to how enemies can be countered. This will help with runs that you get upgrade options that don’t help with damage per second.
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4 years ago, jayyyyydiiiiii
I’ve been playing this game for about 5 months now, and had no complaints up until about recently. The more the game is updated the more they decrease the drop and rate and up the difficulty, especially for the gear event. I have 6 out 8 gears EPIC and the remaining 2 are RARE bracelet/locket, and can’t make it past level 5-10 now, with a maxed out weapon time and time again. Not only does it take from the joy of the game it’s completely frustrating because in those 10 levels I acquired no gear or just one if I’m lucky....on a GEAR RUN. The ads that are offered for the events crash 85% the time they are offered not only taking my energy but the money and any scrolls and gear I have acquired and since events are only offered 2 times before a gem requirement I lost one of my chances to play. I’ve emailed them various times over various different issues and incidents and have had no response. I would really love to see these things improved and worked on so I could go back to enjoying the game like I once did before. NOW, we have a new season with literally mediocre rewards when once upon a time for a season there would be 3/4 keys through there’s literally just one key at the end after having to kill hundreds of monsters. Just gets less rewarding every time.
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1 year ago, exbi
Becomes a tedious grind
Enjoy the early levels because once you reach stages 14+, it becomes an absolute grind to inch your stats up. You cant beat the higher levels because you get absolutely pummeled by hoards of ranged enemies (thrown rocks, meteors, red balls, SCYTHES, laser beams, homing balls, arrows, etc) all at once. In those harder stages, you start out strong as expected but the enemies quickly become too tank and powerful where you are having to dodge and spam weak attacks for an eternity to kill just one enemy. I’ve got a mix of epic and perfect epic items and weapon at stage 18 on normal but I feel like I’m using common lv1 items with how overpowered the enemies are. When you lose, you are sometimes dangled items you need to advance them to higher rarities for money. When you get to this point in the game, playing really just becomes a chore and I can see how many players have just stopped playing for this reason. All the other events dont mean anything since they dont increase your account level much or allow you to get any stronger to beat more stages since the enemies keep getting just out of reach for your strength anyway. Dumping a bunch of $$$$ into this game would definitely give good loot but for what? Youll quickly reach the next pay wall where your gear is no longer good enough.
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2 years ago, The Roshar
Hopefully they see this
Only leaving one star in order to encourage them to see the review. The bad: hero duel is completely unfair, literally get put up against people with twice or more health and damage because they play more than me and are max level. I simply do not understand why other than it helping with finding matches. By far the worst part of the game. Secondly there is definitely a huge language barrier going on, it wouldn’t be hard to hire translators, but that’s far more forgivable. Third is that, as far as I can tell, the only way to get the paid characters is to use actual money which is really disappointing as I’m not going to spend money on them. Fourth is that it is pretty pay to win which is a very close second in worse feature contest. Fifth is that a lot of the enemies kinda feel the same from design (the many, many recolors) to abilities (the pea shooters and medusas, “zombies” and skeleton soldiers, etc). The good: each equipment (heroes, weapons, ults, pets, etc) pieces all feel very unique and allows for wide variation in playstyle. Secondly the gameplay is mostly fun if at times tedious. Third is the definite sense of progression, even if it can feel very slow. Over all I’d rate this about 3.5 out of five. It could definitely go up if they fix some of the issues but I’m not counting on it (especially the pay to win aspect).
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5 years ago, disgruntled veteran player
Level 9 is busted
I absolutely love the game. It’s actually the only game I have consistently played but this level is going to make me delete the app. Frozen pinnacle is the first level I’ve played that I feel I’m being cheated on. I’ve made it to round 49 over 10 times with no deaths, and still haven’t beaten the boss even after 5-10 minutes of shooting and dodging. There are so many useless power ups in my opinion, but I won’t say that’s a problem...but there have been multiple times where I get 2 choices for HP Boost, and the other is some useless choice. The Ghost boss keeps glitching into the wall and I have to wait for my spirits to kill him. Most of the airborne enemies just hide on top of a wall or keep phasing behind walls and are unable to be hit. I love the game but this level is so frustrating not just because it’s difficult but it’s ridiculously stacked against the user, there are glitches where even if you’re close to an attack it counts as a hit, and the boss is not fairly powered to even fit the level. Also we need to be able to do something with all this wasted loot, because there’s no point in having it, without being able to exchange it for anything. Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk.
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5 years ago, DabAppReview
My favorite game for the past few months
I haven’t been able to put this game down. I’ve actually convinced a few friends to play with me and we are obsessed. The new upgrades are great and the difficulty levels being changed made me keep playing when I thought of giving it up. I can spend weeks trying to get past a certain chapter. I’ve noticed a few bugs have been fixed but one glitch that is still present is in Chapter 7, Barrens of Shadow with the snake boss that shoots fire. If you have any lasting affect on your weapon such as poison or blaze and you get the boss down to the last bit of health right before he goes underground, he may not have any health left in his bar but you still have to fight him until the next time when he would have gone underground. This means that if your character has low health and you get hit one more time, even if you’ve technically depleted the boss’ health bar, you will lose the level. This happens to me more times than not and while the boss is not particularly difficult compared to the others, it still has knocked me out a few times. Thanks for an easy-to-play addicting game!
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4 years ago, Jdiejsvdioqjfb
This has very quickly become one of my favorite games, not only due to its fast paced action packed gameplay, but also just its simplicity. Nothing is too confusing, and the controls are EXTREMELY easy. That said, there are some things I would like to change. First off, I think you should be able to customize which powerups you get when you level up as some of them are CLEARLY better than others and I would prefer them much more. The game is so dependent on which powerups you get and its almost impossible to win without a select few, and it can get frustrating when thats left up to chance. I suggest a screen where you get a limited amout of space to add powerups and the ones you add will be the ones you can pick in game so there arent so many and you have a higher chance of picking a better powerup. Along with that I think you should be able to unlock special abilities through chests. I think this would make the game much more interesting and fun. Also, I think an endless dungeon mode would be a lot of fun to test out new abilities and just play without spending power. These are just some ideas I had, but this is a very solid and fun game and i 10/10 recommend it to anyone
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3 years ago, Jaymanzor
Most abilities are useless
Every update is the same nonsense. They add abilities that are terrible and serve no purpose other than polluting the ability pool further and constantly making it more difficult to roll the very few actually useful abilities. Front arrow plus, ricochet, and multishot are the ONLY useful abilities in the whole game. Damage and critical hit bonuses are ok but the since the enemies get stronger as the level progresses they never seem to make you stronger. You do more damage, but the enemies gain more hp…….wow that’s pointless. The rest of the abilities are whatever. Spinning orbs, swords, elemental damage and everything else only provide minimal assistance at best. Even gaining more HP is silly because as the level continues the enemies do more damage anyway. It makes sense that a new dungeon’s monsters do more damage and have higher hp but not levels within the same dungeon. They already add more monsters with abilities that are harder to dodge as the level progresses. I don’t know why fighting a monster in level 1 does X amount of damage but the same monster in level 30 does 2x more damage and has more hp. All that does is lower the effect of attack and critical hit bonuses.
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3 years ago, Boogie ASOH Hill
Best game I have with OP flaws
I absolutely love this game as I’m lvl 81, and in the top 2% of players. My only issue is regardless of money put into the game, when entering a level, stage by stage the opponents health and power rise pretty significantly to the point you gold and ruby bordered maxed out with everything else to maximum level, you begin to barely put a dent into the health while, they can attack you or corner you with a non stop assault, knowing you’re gonna die in 3-4 hits, or for a specific example the double fly boss on stage 16 can spawn an uncanny amount of flies, on top of leaving the fire trail and shooting the 3 fire balls you’ll find yourself quickly without space to go, or frustrated at the fact you have to constantly be on the run because you’re 100% gonna die if you get stuck in a single place but you have to be stopped to be attacking, it becomes a game of luck rather than skill and gameplan, or purchasing an extremely expensive amounts of in app purchase to keep up with your progress, if this game finds a balance between P2P and casual entertainment it’s easily the best mobile game of all time.
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3 years ago, Mestash32
Unsolved Mystery
Love this game. Been playing it for a while now and their upgrading system makes you want to keep playing. So much fun so why the mediocre rating? I recently chaged my phone from the iphone 8max to the 12 pro max and then it stopped working. It wouldnt even boot to the main screen. I tried everything you can think of (signing off/on..deleting the game..updating the ios..etc) but nothing worked. Emailed them hoping to get an answer and I got a respond but the guy/gal basically suggested to me what I’ve already done. Responded back to it saying I did that and this email was the last resort. The email didnt even provide any other solution. Sounded condescending. This review probably won’t matter and they probably have a few with the same issue but have no solution for it so they won’t even address. Just annoyed that I can’t play the game anymore. Decent customer service is hard to find these days. That and bad says it works for all iphones😑 Update!!!! Still doesnt work when I try to open it. All the developers told me to do is update to the latest IOS. They’re definitely clueless or they just like to disregard the obvious. I’ve seen several users having the same issues. Doesnt seem like they care to fix it
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2 years ago, Trouts or
Progress Plateau
I’ve been playing this game for a while. It has been fun for the most part. What I’ve noticed is there is an issue with progression as you reach higher levels. In general, upgrades become so difficult to purchase, it get impossible to pull high level gear needed to continue to grow. No amount of micro-transactions will even help at this level. *popup* limited time offer: $5.99 for a piece of equipment that is worse than two or three options already in inventory. Gems? Nah, don’t really need them. What would I even spend them on? Chests? High level drops are so rare it’s not worth the time. I’ll just idle mine coins, log in once a day and collect my 100K, so I can make a single upgrade. Change heros? Why? I’ve already spent a fortune on upgrading Arteus. Why would I spend any resources on a hero with lesser stats and the mountain of resources required to get it anywhere close. I’m pretty much at a plateau, there’s more stages, challenges, special events…but why? To earn a novelty currency I can use to spin a prize wheel that drops less coins than just starting a stage getting the level bonus and letting the mobs kill me? It’s not a pay-to-win issue, it’s not a pay wall, it’s just a progress curve. It’s a joke. I think I’m done with Archero. Sorry guys.
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4 years ago, Jordan*Maron
Great game, but......
I love this game, and it offers a new type of strategy to play. The game is balanced when it comes to you vs mobs. But the odds of getting a blue or purple in the obsidian chest seems to be unfair and not balanced at all (imo) I’ve opened a number of them and only gotten uncommons. Please consider this fix in the next update. OR, another suggestion is to make the obsidian chest only drop blue and purple. Since uncommons don’t seem right to be in a chest that cost 300 gems. Maybe add a legendary tier item base with the same items, maybe just with an extra boost added. May that be health, damage, etc. (could be any ability in the upgrade rolls in the dungeons) I hope the devs read this. Really want to see an actual game become popular with the audiences. Also with seasons I think adding gear pieces like blue and purple near the end with an increase in drop rates as you progress through the pass. I also suggest having other ways that you can progress in the pass, and possibly change up the missions each day to make it seem less like a repeat cycle and more of a variation to get people changing gameplay and what they do in the game
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5 years ago, The BDS
Overall fun game
Great game that is overall fun to play and helps pass the time. If you feel bored change the weapon or armor and start over again on the first levels, easy way to rank up. What am Annoyed about and reason for 3 stars and not better, is the “hit boxes” seem to be off. I get “hit” by bombs thrown even though I left the area and am not in the ring of the explosion as displayed on the screen. Also things seem to hit be before they actually touch me, where I still had time to move out of the way, or some things will slide right passed you when they look like they should have touched you. And things like the ricochet skill don’t seem to work unless the enemies are on screen, I’ve watched an enemy go out of view just barely and the arrows stop flying at them. I take a step forward where they’re back in view and they suddenly start flying at the enemy again. But it’s no issue for off screen enemies to throw bombs or shoot projectiles at me, right? Also an issue if an enemy is right in front of you. Your arrows seem to pass through them with no damage. But they’re still damaging you and taking health. Still fun, but you’ll get 5 stars when you fix the hit box issue because it’s sketchy and kills me in moments I should not be killed.
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5 years ago, michaelnixon1691
Keep Losing Progress (Game Glitch)
Let me start by saying I Love this game! The character building, the mechanics, the worlds - all top notch! However, I am writing this review to let you know that I have lost progress numerous times. At first, it wasn’t too big of a deal, I would stop in the middle of a world (usually after just beating a boss) and then would close the game and come back later. Well recently, if I had just gotten an HP boost or something before I closed the game, it would take that away as soon as I opened it back up. At first I thought I was crazy, but then today, I got a vest during a run. I went to my inventory, saw I had three, and then proceeded to try to fuse them (per the red notification icon). As soon as I clicked the fuse button however it DISAPPEARED from my inventory. THEN later something even worse happened, I cleared a world (Hero 2) and then closed the game. When I came back to play just now, my progress was REVERTED to 46/50 and Hero 2 is no longer cleared. I don’t know if anyone else is having these issues but they are very frustrating. Like I said, LOVE the game, but there are clearly some data saving issues at the moment. I can only guess its server side and not client side, because I didn't even close the game in the case of the vest disappearing. That happened right as I was playing the game. Thank you for your attention and keep up the great work.
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5 years ago, sub to ssundee and crainer
Great game but confusing
This game is awesome! The functions are great, the graphics are great, barely any ads and that style of game isn’t normally free. I’m not that far in the game but I believe there needs to be more world building which makes any book, movie or game amazing and the confusing bit is the money system. It said I had 230 something coins and it told me to purchase a 300 coin talent. Now I’m at 740 something coins and I want to buy a new talent for 400 coins but I don’t have enough coins which is slightly confusing. Now I have to also give one tip and that is if you could buy more things and something to make the game last longer besides prestiging but the music is perfect and maybe you could add more or another one for a side quest or something besides the main quests (like another main quest) to potentially increase the play time of the game in both short term (so you could play something when your energy is low) and long term (so when you finish the game you have other things to do). If you also have time can you also include some cutscenes you have watched and can watch again because I think I skipped the opening one. You could also add a multiplayer player duel or collab. -Endle
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2 years ago, Poochy the great
It’s a great game but…
Okay, don’t get me wrong but I absolutely love this game. It is fun when you play with a partner in one of those special matches and even when you play solo. But the thing is when I tried to play the duel against someone fore the first two times it was BAD. Not in the way where I got crushed (which I sort of did) but the game literally glitched. Those two times I chose the clone to shadow over me and help me defeat the person but literally each time the clones turned against me and started shooting me with their arrows. Like, WHAT? They were on my team! Also, one time I pressed “increase heart strength” or something like that because it’s supposed to increase your max health, and it totally didn’t. My health was the same and I got crushed by the other person. Also, each time I spend my gems I worked hard for to play those matches, my opponent get the weapon of a laser and I get arrows. In the regular game when I play solo, I have an axe thing not an arrow. And I’m pretty sure that all my opponents that I battled have not been equipped with arrows. What are the odds that all the times I’ve played they’ve all had lasers? It doesn’t seem like the game is on my side. But besides that I guess the game is fine….
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4 years ago, Mdraudt615
New IOS update...
I just updated my iphone to the new IOS14 and it removed all my progress and asks me to sign in initially as my sons user.. it does not give me an option to X out of that screen. I can only “confirm” so once I confirm I go to the setting and log into my FB account which is what my progress is saved under. It says it’s logged into my account but still only shows my sons progress. I have emailed you guys from the game but never get a response when I email. Can you please fix this? My character was almost level 80 and I have been working hard to get my stats up! Will give 5 star review when this is fixed .... still waiting on a response to either this or email... my game progress has not been restored after my phone update... this is the only game I play on my phone and it’s annoying that it started me from scratch... please fix this issue!! I sent screen shots of my new account ID and my old account ID (luckily I had it from a random screen shot I took of the game... also logging into Facebook does nothing ... it says I’m logged in still and I can log out and back in and nothing changes...
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1 year ago, Gabe Dodrill
Lightning needs to be nerfed in duels.
I’ve been playing this game years and it’s had its up’s and downs but the hero duels have been a mess for forever. I can go into a match against an opponent and have 10,000 more health than him but somehow take way more damage. Furthermore the lightning obviously had to be changed cause in duels there’s no other opponent to arc the lightning off of however there needs to be a radius that it’s effective in. I just played a duel in this exact same scenario where I had much more health than this player but he was playing with Taranis and every single time his shot hit a wall regardless of how close to me it dealt 1,000 damage to me. He killed me in 30 seconds. I’ve not been a fan of duels because of stuff like this because it never seems to be balanced regardless of what it says about balancing. This has been a game I’ve played longer than any thing else on mobile and it has never had a good PVP however the main game is amazing. I also wish the wishes meant more. I’ve had my wishes set to the stalker staff and had to open 50 chests to get one common staff.
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4 years ago, Skyler leetch
Love the game but...
Dudes this game is awesome, addicting, one of the best mobile games I have played in a long time. The only thing is though, is the battle pass having to be rebought every season at 5$ that’s not cheap if maybe even a dollar would be to much per season but if it was a one time purchase of on the “high” side 10$ that would be cool, because I know I have it and I’m already in the spending money on the game club have the battle pass for the rest of my play time. Let’s be honest here no game lasts forever. I will probably move on to a new game and find something annoying in that too. I see how the game is free so buying something to play shouldn’t be a huge inconvenience but your already getting all the ad watches, EVERYONE WATCHES THEM! The price per gem is messed up, the price for everything is. I’m never going to spend more money on the game after buying the battle pass and then losing it a day later. Figure it out or release a paid finished version of the game, a game where I don’t have to wish I could spend the money to make my virtual time passer better. Whatever though I understand, the struggle is real.
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5 years ago, Sir Titan
Prepare to be frustrated beyond compare
As has been said many times in these reviews, the game is fun... extremely fun, until it’s not. When you hit level seven the Barrens of Shadows, it’s 10 levels of bosses that can continually reproduce the mobs. The bosses are all about 10 times harder than they are in gameplay as are the mobs. I managed to squeeze out to level nine one time, but that’s it. The final boss beat me in one hit and I had an extra life and he took that too, in one hit. Games should be fun not frustrating. There is a thin line between challenging and stupid. Habby has crossed it on that level. I have attempted to contact Habby multiple times, but there is no response from developers. All of my equipment is on epic level 40, and I am at level 53, and I still can barely get past the sixth floor. I have been on this dungeon for nearly 15 weeks. The restrictive energy system allowing only four rounds of gameplay at a time is an active failure. The lottery reels that are used for upgrading, more often than not, put off attributes that are nothing that a real gamer would ever choose for themselves. You can not configure your loadout to benefit you in game play. It wouldn’t be so bad if you could at least purchase attributes to help you out (as in, to always start with “Bouncy Wall”, or “Multi-shot”.
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2 years ago, Lightning404
Great game but…
I personally love this game. It has mechanics and gameplay that’s different than most other games. It also is a great way to pass the time. However, as mentioned in other comments, there is just too many layers to the game. It makes it very confusing and most of the time, I’m just clicking things and hoping it actually does something useful because I don’t really understand the point of it. But my main concern is the servers/network. Now I don’t know if it’s the recent updates or if there’s just too much going on, but every time I open the app now, my connection cuts out every time I click on something. Then it takes a minute for it to just load and then I have to wait again when I click out of it or click on another button. I know it’s not my connection or internet because every other app works fine, I have full connection, and I’ve tried every method of trying to restart connection and I get the same result from only this game. It’s been fine in the past, it’s only recently that it has done this, but it makes the game unplayable. Please fix this! Great game though.
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4 years ago, Dac979
Good game, but after stage 10 of the main game there is a serious jump in game difficulty and the there are several bugs in the game. Some of the major ones are the hitboxes that the player has, enemy projectiles get sucked into you (ones that do not track), some enemies will go into objects and walls and become impossible for the player to do damage to BUT they can still do damage to you. That is incredibly unfair. Also there are certain enemies that provide the player with almost no way to get away, like the fire worms in stage 13. They will spawn inside a player and do damage to them but you can’t move around or you will be killed because each hit does about 3k in damage. The drops are also terrible after the recent update, and you never get anything that is worth being needed. Additionally, leaving a review in-game is useless. Not a single person has responded to or emailed me back after 3 emails over months. I recommend the developers find a way to fix this game because it also does not restore purchases made by players and it just takes your money without giving you any rewards or the items you pay for. If you are thinking about downloading this game, don’t. Not until they decide to be responsive and actually fix the game.
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