Arirang Radio

2.6 (17)
26.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Arirang Radio

2.59 out of 5
17 Ratings
7 months ago, ava_avery
it don’t even play the station when i hit the stations like it lags so much it works on siriusxm great tho and i love this station but please fix the app bc i’d use it sm more
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4 years ago, Raantuva
it's been TWO YEARS since the last update. This app malfunctions so much on carplay. I'm not buying SiriusXM just to get it to work all the time Make the app compatible with carplay, update the design and make it stop crashing on iOS14. Get it together. Look at how bad your reviews are!!!! The cellular network notice EVERY TIME I OPEN THE APP is not only disruptive but it slows the music starting. I’m not interested in confirming this every time I want to listen to Arirang. Please remove this irritating alert and make the app more usable. Also what year do you think it is that we still are on 3G? America has sailed beyond that already. If you’re going ti bother with such a useless bit of information, at least make it locally relevant and correct. So irritated. It used to be better and the app looked more clean.
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6 years ago, Blazeprincess
Love it
I love this station listen to it non stop! Love all the segments they provide and I have gotten to meet new people through it! They play the latest music as well as any music one requests and it pretty cool that you get to interact with the djs
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8 years ago, Liquid Trails
Simple and Easy App!!!
This app is simple and easy to use. I love the live video feed option that lets you see the DJs in the studio as well! A+ app. If you are love Kpop and are a fan of Arirang radio then you should download it!
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2 years ago, polkagilr879
Version 4.0.8
Every time I click on the song list the app shuts down. Unable to access the song list on the app. I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling. The issue persists. Same thing goes when I try to send a message in the app
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6 years ago, Znbll
App will not pop up
I had to delete and download the app three times and it still will not pop up I go to support which lead me to online web I can watch video and listen to radio but app still not pop up since update.
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6 years ago, UnknownDarkMag3Drag0nSlayer
Great App, but it needs something fixed
Please update and fix for other devices. Does not work for iOS 11 on iPhone 6 plus.
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2 years ago, CMWIF
Where’s the old episodes from music access?
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14 years ago, .,;';,.
Needs to play audio in background
I want to listen to arirang radio while I use Safari or Facebook, but the current version of this app won't do that: it falls silent if I switch.
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6 years ago, BMcloud
Won’t open
I can’t get the app opened on iPhone X.
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10 years ago, Sawoko
Love the app but.....
Ever since my Ipod updates the new iOS, this app had been buffering every 30 seconds and takes 5 minutes for it to come back on its really annoying. Especially if you're trying to listen the segments or listen to the songs. I hope arirang can fix this soon.
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11 years ago, Aznbaybii94
Awesome :3
My music files take up memory space so I'm glad I can listen to kpop via radio here on Arirang! It's awesome and a lot of their podcasts are really interesting since they cover a wide array of topics~ Even more excited now that Lunafly's Sam, Nu'est's Aron, and ZE:A's Kevin are going to be the new hosts on Arirang! Please make an IPad app for this as well~
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9 years ago, DotPdf
I can't live without Arirang!
This app has really come a long way. The developers have added several features that I have requested over the years. It's amazing to see how polished this app is compared to when it first came out. Well done!
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14 years ago, HeatherMSW
One thing
I wish you could leave the app and still have the music going. Just now while listening to the radio I was looking at the learning section and wanted to write something down from it. That's my only issue. Love you Arirang~
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9 years ago, w00gyu
My favorite part is how you don't have to have the app be directly open to listen to it (like it still plays if you're on your lock screen). So nice when you're doing hw or working out. c:
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11 years ago, IAmTheGreat
Its a great app.. Just that i have iphone 5 and it doesnt fit the screen well. I like how you can listen outside the app but i dont like the fact that the song pauses every time i enter and leave the app. Overall its a great app though.
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10 years ago, tf245yay
Wish I found this app earlier
Okay this is literally the easiest way that you can listen to the latest kpop songs.
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14 years ago, cimplybea_utiful
Pure Awesomeness!
Great quality, no problems with loading and has easy interface.
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13 years ago, Phamina
I will give it a 5 star if you can multitask while listening to the radio. It has everything that I need except I want to leave the app, and still hear the radio play.
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14 years ago, Claudia Martinez
Great app!
I love listening to Mid-day Break and Kpop Zone!! The only reason why I didn't rate it 5 stars is because the signal gets lost sometimes. Other than that, it's a fantastic app!!
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14 years ago, Crayon Shinchan
Great app, because of one problem, 5 stars to 1 star
The very basics of creating a streaming radio app for the iPhone is to have background plyaying capabilities, how can you forget to do this very basic thing? I would have given your app 5 stars if it had that capability. You guys should hire me as the head of your app development.
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11 years ago, Mcruzrocks
Love the app! 😃 👍
Finally found something like it! A must have if you'd like an app where you could listen to Korean radio!!! And in english!!! 😃 ❤️
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13 years ago, 에어이스트
Need MULTI-Tasking function.
It's quite useful radio application that helps me to get used to listen to English. Hope it can operates in background while other appications are executing.
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12 years ago, whattheworld100
What happened?!?
Everything works great but what happened to the study section?? Please bring that back!! It was a helpful section to learn Korean & the sentence structure! Please please please bring I back!!!! Once brought back, 5-star rating!
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14 years ago, Creia
Nice!!! Love it
I just love it!!! Now I can hear arirang radio thru my phone and not use the pc anymore!!
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14 years ago, Clady.R
Doesn't change let's speak Korean much
The radio doesn't always play Korean, let's speak Korean doesn't really change. It's usually the same phrase over and over. I love arirang tv but this doesn't show a big variety of anything!
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13 years ago, Lala51o
Need to play kpop!
I use to like this app to listen to kpop. But now my fav app is KBS world radio and K-pop radio which plays lots of kpop. Need more kpop not american songs! I got other apps for that.
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12 years ago, A12-/
Multitasking!! finally added
finally added multitasking. so i send 5 star this app.
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14 years ago, Saitousan
You guys have an app now. This made my day :)
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14 years ago, nhavensong
Need a bit more
Great app, but i need timer function! Please update this func. at next ver. of this app. Thanks!
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14 years ago, Tinahalfdemon
Its awesome!!
This is a great app! I love it!! They have Kpop and also traditional music!! It's great!! Highly recommended!!!
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14 years ago, carlosoo
Great! but i hope that this app support multitasking
i cannot do anything at all for listening arirang radio.
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14 years ago, Pataco95
YAY!! LOVE IT!! 
FINALLY!!! I have been waiting for this app to come out!!! I can finally listen to a Korean radio & understand!!! THANK YOU!!! I'm SO HAPPY!! AIRAING FIGHTING!! hahaha!!!
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13 years ago, Lem0n_Lem0n
Hey, wake up!!
It't time to update, don't be lazy!
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10 years ago, MrsMinsooBang
Best Kpop radio tells you all updates
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14 years ago, Esme89
Love it!!!
This is an awsooomenesss app! The quality is great!! I recomend every1to get this app!!!!
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10 years ago, gamer1408
Great app...
Wish the video was larger
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14 years ago, Homin Ma
multitasking and study category
i hope this app has multitasking function. dialogue is too boring in study category and i think it has to improve level.
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12 years ago, James Kim
there is one problem. when i play news again after pause i can't hear befor speaking news. it plays first again.
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14 years ago, BosnianBurek_2ne1
Love it
Been waiting for a Arirang app <3
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10 years ago, xwatevaa
Love it
Works great! This is my favorite app!!
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11 years ago, Xellinas
Need for iPad
Need for iPad........and surely good
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13 years ago, Serendipity
Need multitasking!!
We definately need multitasking option!! I cant do anything but this radio. I think this problem should be solved asap. If its done, the rate will be shoot up. Plz work on it .
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14 years ago, SprayMyPerfume
Thanks arirang for this app!
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6 years ago, Annika4
Fix? It can’t even load up
Depressed now because the app was great, then the update screwed it up, now the alleged bug fix doesn’t let it load at all. Crash and burn. I have iOS 11. 6/1/18
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6 years ago, SF sourdoug
05-01-18 update crash
After the May 1st update, I’m unable to open the app. and crashes. Please update a fix. Thank You
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11 years ago, raenxia
아이폰쓰는데 업뎃후에 이제 보라가 되네요!! 예전에 안됐으니까ㅠㅠ 새 레이아웃도 이뻐요! 하얗게~ㅎㅎ
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13 years ago, Djyi33
Pretty good
This app is okay but it's not the greatest, what I like the most is the section where they teach the language
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13 years ago, ConfideGemini
Pretty cool
Being a fan of K-Pop, it's nice to have a decent radio station (with an English-speaking DJ!) that plays popular, recent songs at a reasonable time even with the timezone difference. For me, K-Pop Zone is around 10pm in California. Good app for its purpose.
Show more
14 years ago, seulseul
멀티태스킹이 안되니 너무불편
애청자입니다~ 제발~~~~~
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