Arizona Central Mobile Banking

4.8 (2.3K)
46 MB
Age rating
Current version
Arizona Central Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Arizona Central Mobile Banking

4.81 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
4 months ago, rwhitehair34
Actual app review
Unlike other reviews, I'm going to review the actual app. I love this so for my mobile deposits. There was a time where this was not available to me, but now that I'm able to, I almost never have to go to the bank. The app is secure and does what it should do. It gives me my balance and allows me to do dinner additional things. With the adoption of Zelle last year, I'm now able to do everything within the app. If you want a review of the bank, then you're in the wrong place.
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3 years ago, AzBridget
Great Service
I’ve been banking with Az Central Credit Union since 1999 I have enjoyed their service ever since & although my ex husband had several banks he dealt with I never left AZ CU as they give you the small town treatment they would always address me by name when I enter the local branch & that made me feel I mattered to them, I ended up get both my Father & Brother to move to AZ CU & my ex husband eventually also move several of our joint accts as well to this place. I highly recommend thus Credit Union based on their Customer Service
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2 years ago, sweetbaby1023
TERRIFIC service
ACCU website is easy to navigate & use. Even for us that seem real tech savvy. The Customer Service Representative in the financial institution in Show Low, are SO PLEASANT!! They even remember every customers name, for what we’ve witnessed. They don’t make you feel less than when you come to them with financial problems & help resolve them in a PLEASANT, NON JUDGMENTAL fashion. Thanks ladies!!😀
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2 years ago, Pam's Safeway
App is good
This is a good App I just wish they would add being able to deposit a check with a photo of the check.
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9 months ago, Meganxo17
Least favorite banking app
Have to use this for my car payment. Bank is great for giving me the lowest rate, absolutely terrible for not having Face ID in 2023. Absolute pain to login and I seriously despise it. I can’t even pay from my account, I have to pay from my regular bank and mail a check to it takes 2 weeks to finally pull out of my account.
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9 months ago, ulikelosin
Arizona Central credit union seems to have more issues with their app especially their check deposit and it’s been this way for the last 5 to 10 years. I’ve taken most of my money out of this bank and I’m thinking I’m probably going to cancel the account totally it has become a joke and a transit customer service. It’s one of the worst I’ve ever seen.
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2 years ago, Mz Hoy
it’s SOOOOeasy
I am able to use this app regularly without my grandchildren helping me. Thank you.
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6 years ago, JamDallas
Hope this app gets updated
So I have had this app for sometime now and when I look at it compared to my husbands banking app his is way more advanced...wish this app had Apple Pay and especially to see what bills are due...but I hope they get with it...I barely got my debit card 💳 with the chip finally and that was 2 weeks I said wished ACCU was more up to date...
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4 years ago, snfufhrnskdkvujrnd
Limited History
Can’t go more than 6 months in the past for transaction history. Hard to tell where a transaction is coming from. Good for viewing current balances and moving money but that’s it. ACCU is not compatible with google pay or Apple Pay either
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2 years ago, StewCookies77
Fine but new update causes issues
I can’t do a mobile deposit for a check anymore. The screen says rotate phone to continue the deposit and gets stuck on that screen.
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2 years ago, TheSMS
Nice app but you need to clear my check quickly
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2 years ago, lemongtt
Can cross member transfer and bill pay ability isn’t optimal
I have money that needs cross member transfer and not able to,
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6 years ago, GrumpyOldManToo
Does what I want it to
The app is easy to use and does everything I need.
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2 years ago, Kd6tde
Car loan
Very upset I was told I could pay my loan with this app and it turns out I can not and the is very inconvenient for me since I travel for work
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2 years ago, Debhey
Great service!!
Very personable staff, love doing business here!
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4 years ago, vvsssv
Fix it
Fix it!!! it won’t open! It’s been 2 days now. I try to log in and a error pops up, This is inconvenient just trying to log on and check my account.
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2 years ago, kurtypoo312
So hard to make a payment from an external account
Make it easier on the website and on the app to submit a auto loan payment from an external account.
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4 years ago, Lageradams
Would have given 5 stars
Can’t move money or pay loan from an external account on the app
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3 years ago, Aguilar 2345
Getting slower
Slow and not able to dispute
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1 year ago, RobH54
Check Deposit Broke Since iOS 16
The deposit ability has been broken since i upgraded to an iPhone 14 Max Pro and iOS 16. Says “rotate phone” and never worked reliably since.
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3 years ago, Shadowmormon
Feature Poor
I cannot make loan payments on the app, I can only make them on the website. I can view my loan balance on the app. That not enough of a feature for me to keep it on my phone.
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6 years ago, djmason9
Good but needs work
I like the functionality but I have an iPhone X and this app looks like it was made for iPhone 4. Come on guys learn Xcode layouts
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10 years ago, ShineIsFine
So convenient!
Check balances, transfer funds to & from accounts (especially great if you link with kids accounts, with a couple clicks my daughter at college will have spending money for the week and can use her debit card within seconds of my transfer). Great mobile deposit feature considering how few bank locations in the valley, saves me a 30 mile drive with a couple picture and clicks. Thank you!
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1 year ago, jppacapulco
I wish it won’t crash
I try to give them star rate but it crashed
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3 years ago, 8888801
Unable to use facial recognition. Not even an option anymore. What happened??
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3 years ago, sad w bank
App is just ok.
Apparently, you can’t even see what you write. Crappy.
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6 years ago, Exit Wound
Transfers take forever
Never any quick service held for hours and was hung up on
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12 years ago, Bioanthro
Delightful, but one feature missing
I just downloaded and used this app for the first time. As the other reviewers have said, the app is sleek, clean, and easy to use. There is one bill-paying feature that I am disappointed not to find (unless I simply overlooked it): the ability to see the bills that are due. The online version of the bill-paying screen has an "attention" area that alerts the user that "X bills need your attention." Clicking on that area permits the user to see which bills are due, when they are due, and what amounts are due. This app appears to lack these notifications. In order to pay a bill, the user must already know which bills are due, and how much they are. Otherwise, I am impressed with the app.
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8 years ago, JdbbVtnnd68
New Version
I liked earlier versions' font choices and button layout better. The current version has jarringly large fonts for balances and doesn't fit in with iOS look. Also, hiding the logout and other functions behind the "..." button is not very intuitive. And when is AZ Central CU going to get with the times and start offering Apple Pay?
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8 years ago, KyaniteKid
All My Banking is Done with this App
Seriously. I check my balances, transfer funds, pay bills, and deposit checks like a BAMF all with this app. It's intuitive and gets right to the point. Only complaint is that the camera program to take pics of checks doesn't always line up, or the aspect ratio doesn't match the view. All in all, great job y'all
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9 years ago, BG0420
It's "almost" as good as the website. I know there always will be limitations to mobile apps. But this one works great. The only hiccups I have found... ... Balances do NOT update during weekend (rather frustrating) ... Quite often (about 1-4 times a month) I attempt to login and get an error message that says "Application Error: Login invalid. Try again later."
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11 years ago, Switching to ABC
Wont display the overdraft payoff amt
A lot of app is good, but....if I want to payoff my line of credit, it's a pain. It doesn't show the payoff amount (like the credit union website does) so I have to do it payment for the amount borrowed and another, separate payment for the interest. What a waste of time.
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10 years ago, Artwaste
Handy app
I've been using this app for several months now and I love it! I can check my account faster on my phone than on my PC. Not to mention I can check it almost anywhere. I recommend you get this app if you are an ACCU member.
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8 years ago, Kostow
Your debit card isn't activated to work with Apple Pay which means I have to use another card to down load your application which doesn't allow me to make payments to my HELOC. When I call your call center to see what's up with that, a call that requires me to pay international fees, I hear "oh yea that's not working," and hasn't for the last three months. So to make it short your card doesn't work to down load your app that doesn't work! Why should I keep doing business with you?
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10 years ago, HapCrow
Like ability to deposit check
It is nice to be able to deposit check without going to the bank and wait in line. Also like the ease of paying current payees. The one thing that i found difficult is to add a new payee. I had to go to the full web site to add a payee.
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11 years ago, Treefiddylq
Fast and Smooth
I use this to check my balance and transfer money between checking and savings. I also use it to deposit any physical checks I receive.
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10 years ago, Native member
Convenient, easy, time saver
Great app! Quick and easy to check account balances, transfer money and best of all deposit checks. Some issues with deposits, doesn't always accept on first try, occassionally crashes. But overall a good app. No more long waits at a branch.
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9 years ago, germyb0
First time on an Apple product. I believe it is easier on the Apple product that it is on the Microsoft product. Very user-friendly, quick, clean, and safe, I also the love thumb print reader!
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8 years ago, Mano D World
Nicely done
The current version of this app works great! It simply gets out of my way and let's me perform functions quickly. Also I can see what I need to with a low level of 'noise'. Really great design!
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11 years ago, BrAvOiSbAcK
Just saved me a 200 mile trip and a whole week! Az central credit union, even though I live in Missouri you find a way to make my life easier! Thanks for being the best bank in the country!
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12 years ago, iPad for Fun
Great App
Great app! Login works better than on my computer since ACCU doesn't recognize my computer as my "Home Network" at each and every login. This app is easy to log into and does everything I need to accomplish. Nice and easy to navigate within the app.
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9 years ago, JBHMH
Simple and Easy
Very easy to use, not a lot of "fluff", which is perfect when I just want to see transactions and balances. If I want the other services, I use the website version.
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11 years ago, Mizzou Doug
Big recent improvement
Now that I can deposit checks with this app, I am very happy with this. Thank you for using technology to make our lives easier.
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10 years ago, Skriracha
It's a good app.
The app works well and I've never experienced a crash. It's fast too. Only thing is sometimes when I open the app it will continue to load forever. You can fix this by closing the app out and re opening it.
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9 years ago, Evil PinAta
Great banking app
I have several bank accounts, and this is one of the easiest to manage on my smart phone! Love the big buttons and easy to understand links.
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11 years ago, nellphx
Great app!
It's nice to see my transactions from my phone and be able to transfer money whenever and where ever I am. Rather than waiting to get to a computer or calling the MOM system.
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10 years ago, Al's 27th biggest fan...
Keeps crashing
Have been using this app for my banking needs instead of the full blown website. Has always been awesome. Now it's crashing every time I take a picture of a check in trying to deposit. That is one of the main reasons I use this app so much. Please update to get rid of this bug. Then it will be 5 star again.
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8 years ago, Legsfordays
Awesome App
The ACCU app has helped me manage my accounts. It's easy to use and I never have a problem with it. I definitely recommend it to other online bankers!!
Show more
12 years ago, bmpotter13
I have been waiting for ages for this, and it is much more functional than the desktop website. Thank you for your efforts!
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7 years ago, Llm247
Fast and Accurate
This app from Arizona Central Credit Union is so fast to login and accurate with its information! I highly recommend it if you bank with ACCU. :)
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