Arizona Financial Mobile

4.9 (13.4K)
47.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Arizona Financial Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Arizona Financial Mobile

4.85 out of 5
13.4K Ratings
6 years ago, Courtneysvsb
Like the app
This app allows me to view my account with very easy access. It works well and I love that I can transfer funds or see my balances within seconds. I didn’t give 5 stars because the uploading a check to my account doesn’t always take a great picture and makes you retake a few times. My boyfriend has Wells Fargo and their check upload is super easy, I wish Az Feds was more like the Wells Fargo upload. Otherwise this app is awesome, I’ve even found many answers to questions that come, like traveling and making my debt card available.
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1 year ago, LolaGirl101
I do not know what happened to this app but a couple of updates ago ruined the search ability. You can not use the search bar in the accounts section of the app. It is only visible if you drag down the screen - but it immediately goes right back up under the blue title bar. To do any kind of searching I have to find a desktop. Not happy at all.
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5 years ago, Knoxster
Mobile Deposit
The mobile check deposit system is a nightmare. You have to write a paragraph on the back of each check, it rejects pictures and does this cumbersome “3-2-1” countdown thats constantly starting over at 3 in the middle of the countdown when you try and take pictures of the check....needs serious work. If you aren’t 100% still while taking it may countdown 3-4 times until it likes your steadiness. I can only imagine if I had a handicap of some kind how impossible this would be. My other credit union, sign a check, take a pic and done....up to $5,000 p/check. Clears instantly. No countdown, no paragraph, no rejection. Consider revising.
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3 years ago, RogerMarlene9618
Needs to be improved.
The app should have an option to change passwords and update personal information such as address or phone number. I had to get on the website and reset my password, after I received the new password through an automated call I input the password and it says it was incorrect therefore my account was locked. It’s really frustrating when the app limits what you can do. Also for some strange reason my address is completely different to the address I currently live in. I reside in Phoenix Arizona but my monthly statement states I’m residing in el mirage which is very incorrect. I have no clue where they pulled that address from.
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2 years ago, TMrva
Best Local Bank!
I like AFCU because they are responsive and care about my financial well being. The folks at the Deer Valley branch are super helpful, friendly and just plain down to earth. The only thing I don’t like is that it appears that AFCU still seems to be making employees wear masks when many other businesses have figured out that the masks don’t do any good and have abandoned the practice.
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7 years ago, MarcoLoco1
i've been with this bank for over 25 years, this year I deposited two checks from the IRS, and they put the funds on hold for over a week now, and they will be released until the 18th what a joke.... i've worked with the same company for over 30 years, all of a sudden I'm some type of check fraud person. Switching banks as soon as this is over.😠
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5 years ago, Hated not now love it
Ease of use is outstanding
I love my AZFCU app because it puts everything at my fingertips. Touch ID is quick and easy and I enjoy having a quick snapshot of account activity at the ready. This is much more user friendly than my other banking apps and definitely reliable. I’ve never had issues with this app and have used for three years now.
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1 year ago, Doc Crow
The AZ Federal Credit Union is outstanding. User friendly, easy to navigate all the information you need at your fingertips. Really nice being able to see what is happening at any time on my account. The designer was smart to make it so user friendly
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5 years ago, A.Quintana
Need a more inclusive app.
I could not be the only person this effects! I have multiple accounts with AZFCU. But when in the app I can’t see the balances on all of them. Even if the proper forms have been filled out, I can only transfer money to them from the primary account, but cannot see the balance of the account/s that I’m not logged into the app under , even though they are linked and mine !
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4 years ago, AzWeth
No longer seems to work.
I’ve been trying to use the app since last Thursday and its not working. But my biggest pet peeve is that there is not a way to view pending payments, even for Bill Pay payments that were submitted through the app. They disappear from the Bill Pay pending payments screen, but don’t show up until they actually deduct from my account, which is sometimes a full WEEK later. All of my other accounts show cleared amounts and pending amounts. When I asked via chat, they recommended that I keep a check register. Umm, okay 1992...
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2 years ago, Paisley Conspiracy
Check deposit is broken
This used to be the best app ever and it made banking, super easy, but a recent update with the check deposit makes it a nightmare! Now it tells you to rotate your device and you can’t seem to get past that screen!!! There are no options to return to the previous screen and it doesn’t explain what it means by “rotate your device”. I have flipped it every direction, and nothing will get it to work!
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4 years ago, Adbaraj4
New update is not great
Why change something if it’s not broken! I love that there is a payment short cut but the way the app looks now is not that great! Everything is together there is no separation of days. Honesty worse up date they have done.
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5 years ago, phgfghhffyjhvgjjvfhhj
Going out of business
I feel like az federal has gradually gone down hill over the past ten years. Closing every branch I get comfortable with. Approving me on credit cards and loans but the process was to long and ridiculously time consuming that I went through my other bank. I have now been with desert financial credit union and they are100% better.
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6 years ago, Cardfan321
This app for Arizona Federal works great
This app works 10 times better then I ever expected. Little trouble trying to do a check deposit twice but that was the operator (me) not the app. Very easy to complete and monitor account while seeing in real time every account to balance or try new benefits! John
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4 years ago, tricem
I love the app, and it can do everything that I want and/or need, hence no loss of stars, but I do have one teeny tiny complaint. Yes, it’s rather petty, and highly irrelevant, but I absolutely despise the new icon. It’s just fugly...which forced me to put it in a folder so I’m not constantly having to see it on my home screen.
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2 years ago, ilmateo
2022 bugs
Fall 2022 update: After Arizona federal changed their name to Arizona financial, customer service has dropped considerably and now the app is very very buggy, especially when trying to deposit checks. I hope these are just glitches as the new management team is adjusting and not reflective of how this credit union it’s going to be run for the future.
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5 years ago, Ashlei629
App Frustration
I have been a member of AZFCU since 2005. It is safe to say that I have had every single version of the cell phone app, but the most recent versions have been disasters. They won’t load transactions, half the time they don’t allow me to log in, and what is even more frustrating is that any time I am having a difficult time with the app the desktop website works fine. First world problem? Yup. Still infuriating? Definitely.
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5 years ago, Janeqc
Love AZ Fed CU App
This App is so convenient to use. I don’t live in AZ, however, I visit all the time. I won’t switch credit unions either. I love doing my banking w/AZ Fed CU. Y’all have great customer service & provide great service. You make sure you keep me informed about any changes & also include me in voting for any changes that go on. Thank you, Eva Q. Causey
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4 years ago, Nxmb Hxart
Arizona Federal is the safest bank to use when you’re getting started, it’s a very trustworthy company. The app is also perfect especially because you can really secure your information with a fingerprint and a password.
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7 years ago, 513RR4
Simple interface, easy to use
No complaints here. I've been using the app for years & it has never failed me. One update I'd love to see is the ability to toggle between separate accounts within the app. Otherwise, keep up the awesome.
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5 years ago, ItsPat
Needs work
I tried to make a transfer of $1000 but the transfer failed and I received this error message: “The transfer service is temporarily unavailable. If this issue persists, please contact us.” The issue persisted for four days so I contacted AZFCU. The rep I received met my issue with doubt and condescension. Why tell me to contact you if your reps are just going to be rude and dismissive? Ultimately the issue was the $1000 transfer was too much to transfer in one transaction. I lowered the amount to $999 and it went through fine. My feedback would be to provide an error message that is actually helpful, rather than one that makes me sit on my hands for four days thinking your app is broken. One star until you show you actually care about your customers.
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4 years ago, JasperGee
Mobile App is amazing
App is amazing. But AZFCU is going down hill. I can find fee free ATMs. The network CU atm machine by my house replaced old unit for new and now charges 4.00. I will not pay a atm fee. So I drive 4.5 miles to get cash. My point, the app covers 98% of my banking needs.
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2 weeks ago, Pups D
My bank
Always there for you always there to answer questions always polite when you walk into the bank and there to help you all times that’s why I love my bank
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7 years ago, Bettyboop100
Love It!
Using your app is so easy and convenient. I love having my banking info at my fingertips. I also thoroughly enjoy using mobile deposit at home in my recliner, instead of driving to the credit union after work.
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2 years ago, cheese.please
Face ID not working
After the most recent update, Face ID I think was added (didn’t see the option before) but when I use Face ID it just signs me in with no accounts - just a message that says “No Valid Accounts.” Only issue I’ve run into so far.
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5 years ago, Bellaisa1114
Helpful when it works
It is nice and convenient to be able to login with a fingerprint option- IF IT WOULD WORK ALL THE TIME! Update- It appears that when there’s updates it requires to enter password and will work after. I still call to get things done with/via a real person.
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5 years ago, Tisneyland
Mostly convenient and user friendly
Nice that you can manage your accounts, mobile deposit and even add payees to bill pay. A key feature missing is touch id.
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3 years ago, Piglet's Friend
Easy Peasy way to stay up to date
The AFCU app is such an easy to navigate way to make mobile deposits, check my balances, make appointments, and conduct most all of my banking business! Thank you AFCU!
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6 years ago, majid abedi
I try to find how can I turn on my visa platinum and saving account but I couldn’t !!!!! I try long time , I didn’t have Wi-Fi and I only can use from my phone net and Arizona credit union App Led to dizziness!!!!! While I tried to transfer money from my checking to visa credit on time but I couldn’t!!!!!
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4 years ago, Me & Tucker
Banking the best way
I have been with AZFCU for more than 20 years and they have always met my needs and continue to do so. The rate fees they charge are nominal and far less than any bank.
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2 months ago, irving1992
The AZ Federal app is necessary
Since I got the bank application is much easier to check how I have in my account. I do not have to worry about if I have money in my account. Thank you Sincerely Irving Acosta
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5 years ago, KC & Dojo
Login Issues
I generally like the app, but I frequently get an error when signing in that says “Sorry the service is currently unavailable. Please try again later.” Didn’t used to happen that frequently, now it’s about every other time I try to check my account. Painfully irritating now.
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4 years ago, knicknamesarestupid
Expanded Bill Pay features on mobile access.
I would like to be able to see my pending pay outs and checks/BillPay the same way I can in my computer. I’m not always at my computer to get all the information that I need. Regards, M
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6 years ago, thehuntersofaz
Extremely user friendly and is very simple to use whether you’re doing check deposits or viewing your spending history
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6 years ago, Pennyflapjack
New updates
Camera is backwards for deposit. Takes a picture of the person not the check
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4 years ago, Jonester38
The AZ Fed app is wonderful. I appreciate the ease of use and that the information is always current and up to date. Seeing my money in real time is important to me.
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6 years ago, amyjump
None of my deposit that I’m submitting through mobile banking are posting this is ridiculous they all used to post right away
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6 years ago, Kit_Cait89
Doesn’t totally work
The app is very user friendly and easy to navigate but the notifications don’t work at all. I asked the app to remind me when my loan payment is due and when I get a deposit and it has literally never worked. It’s very aggravating that AZFed chooses not to address this for its members
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8 years ago, ForeverAndAlways0519
AZFCU is the BEST!
I am a born and raised Arizonian but recently I moved to Texas. I am still with AZFCU even though I'm in a different state. The representatives are all very kind and I've always been treated with respect and There's no outrageous monthly fees. I love AZFCU and plan to stay with them for a long time.
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4 years ago, #4 Yadi
Very strong very accurate and very dependable I couldn’t ask for any more thank you for always being there.
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2 years ago, PhxJay
Crappy notifications!
Have started getting push notifications for services I have NO interest In like car financing and there is NOT a way to turn those off. And the app just auto-launched Safari into ANOTHER ad page for car loans when I launched the AZFCU app. I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT a banking app to be sending crappy push notifications or auto-launching ads on my device.
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6 years ago, KeshaBruce
Wicked easy & convenient app!
I especially love being able to deposit paper checks (yes, people still use them!) without a trip to the bank. Bravo!
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7 years ago, p fam2
Slight improvement
I would love to be able to access other accounts on the same app or login. That would be great other than that no other issue or suggestion
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6 years ago, MSM3d1na
Great app
This app works great. Love the mobile deposit feature. Using this app along with CardPower, were able to monitor our accounts all the time - anywhere.
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6 years ago, UthBuild
Multiple accounts require log out
I would prefer to be able to switch between accounts after logging in with my fingerprint.
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5 years ago, Yunix7
Update quick pay
Like the app however would be fantastic if they used a quick pay with zelle.
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4 years ago, Gia250
Great app, great credit union
Accurate. Immediate account updates. Easy account management, customer service accessibility, and card service. Friendly, knowledgeable representatives.
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2 years ago, Rowan&Martin
Arizona Credit Union is a wonderful place to bank! The kindness that I have been shown there I will never go back to a chase a Wells Fargo or anything! Thank you
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5 years ago, tbenz42
GREAT app notifications are a little much
I love the app but recently I have noticed every time I log on it gives me a notification. It’s the same one every time I log in. It’s a little redundant wish that would go away.
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4 years ago, Killeraz123
Been a member since 1986, would never change. Have had support for all these years.
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