ARK: Survival Evolved

4.4 (103.1K)
1904.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Studio Wildcard
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for ARK: Survival Evolved

4.45 out of 5
103.1K Ratings
4 weeks ago, xXKovooXx
To many Bugs
Ok game but way ti many bugs. Same as PC or console basically however Dino’s glitch through walls and spikes while being randomly teleported on other side of walls or spikes when rendering. Dino’s targeting AI is wonky as all get out. Set to “passive” “Stop” Scaro, Dilo will glitch though walls or battlements to target Dino’s on other side. Flying away and coming back resulting in normally needing to re collect Dino’s from an 2x2 area… not problematic but makes it difficult to keep food stocked on some Dino’s. Gates and door will randomly not shut or open, Have had this problem for months no fix, Fly away door or gate stays open leading to finding Dino’s as-well witch is annoying. Door is set as locked aswell. Random save crashes, Once in an while, game auto saves, game will crash and will lose progress to last save. Game will also randomly crash when using sleeping bags. Have not had an issue with any other sleeping item besides sleeping bags however when going to sleep game will black screen then go to phones Home Screen. Some supply beacons around mountains mostly but has happened crops map, will spawn in the air and not reach the ground at all. I have these same issues both in my IPhone 7 and 8. However these are the problems I’ve noticed, literally everything else is absolutely amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍 I love this game!! Have been playing for years on the Xbox with the bro never gets boring!!
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1 month ago, (RR) deathsquad8
Read before YOU $
So I’m in the military so some areas have no service for a long time or time to play when deployed. So I added it up I spent a little over 3.4k$ on this game an while I was away they shut done the server I was on (you would think they would save an account like that) but when I got home an tried to play my account an server was gone it took me days to try an figure out how to contact support since there is not links in the game itself (grove street games email-btw) I let them no what happened an they told me all I could get back on my account was the blue prints (arketypes) so all the gold chains, griffin crowns ,crafting stations, wall an armor mounts statues an thousands of amber was gone an they would not help get it back! They also said they try really hard to let players no before a server shuts down I ask how do you try hard when I never got an email they said they let players no in-game an on Facebook but yet if your not playing the game your not looking at there site. the game itself is good for mobile game lots of happy memories (just don’t spend unless your ok with losing it) they really need to have disclaimer on the game page so people no about keeping an eye out for when they switch servers or you will be out of luck an they won’t compensate you for anything even if you have the receipt. Gl with the game have fun (I do plan to talk to app store about this)
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4 years ago, DUCKEEZ
Let me start off by saying that ARK is one of the best and most fun mobile games. But OMG how many creatures are just way to OP. The Parasour is just so fast whenever I try to knock one out it just runs away and I can never catch up with it, not to mention that it stops for only like one seconds. There are more but I’m just gonna say my general idea. This game honestly seems more difficult then the PC version. Since you can’t see as clearly because of the graphics and buttons on the screen it makes it even harder to play the game. Not to mention when your in the water and you have fifty Megapirahnas behind you. I play on medium all the time and it’s really stressful which I think shouldn’t happen unless you choose hard mode or above. Now I have been playing this game for like two days but from what I can see there doesn’t seem a way to save your game. By that I mean to save it and like make a new game while still having that game saved. For example, if I finished playing and save my game and the next day I want to make another game I would still want to be able to go back to my original after. The last thing I want to change is to add a different option to holding the bow and arrows. The double tap just doesn’t work chief. 😕 I didn’t expect to write this much 🙂 I hope you can consider these things
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4 years ago, Fiji Island Mermaid Press
Best game EVER!
This game is awesome, even in single player mode, which I always play in! There are so many things to build and so many creatures to discover! Right now I have a city of buildings and a dodo farm in this game! The rewards are great, too, so all of the things that I always wanted in a game are in ARK! Some people say that there are glitches or bugs in the game, but I hardly see them at all, and the ones I do see either don’t affect the game OR can be ignored. Even when you die in the game, you can grab all of your items again, and even when items are lost, all of the resources can be easily collected and are never locked or impossible to get. Here is a list of the bugs/glitches I saw. None of these really matter, but it would slightly improve the game if they were fixed: Compies following me, graphics error on trees when you cut them down, two groups of the same item in different slots, small pet getting stuck in the air after I destroyed the rock it was standing on, dodos stuck standing on each other, animals getting their heads stuck in walls (lol), coloring issues at night, description saying that the cooking pot/campfire has zero fuel when it actually has over one hundred fuel when it is lit, and that’s all. Thank you for the excellent game, but do fix the errors to improve the gameplay of other players and I. Thank you very much.
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2 years ago, meliodasds
Let wimps be wimps
All people on here complain about is that the game is to hard ether you can’t catch something don’t know where to go or get killed at the start of a spawn that is the way the game is ,stop trying to make all the aspects of the game easy so you don’t have to do lazy players it’s a challenge for a reason it’s realistic in real life you are not going to catch a parasaurolophus the whole key to the game is taming that’s why they say tame your way to the top .literally everything about this app is great spot on the only thing I would of liked more is if single player you could have creative mode for free not all stuff make a way you gotta earn it but the amber is not easy to get the prices for the store is nuts cuz people pay for the game but you could make single player just like the console version to where you can use the. GCM or spawn codes make that for single player but maybe leveled so free players,(players who play the game with what they find or earn) can play the game without having to spend 1000s of amber to get the simple things from the store make it where you can earn each part of your creative mode abilities through a pursuit but only make the mission available on offline single play . Thank you for your time and consideration great game I hope it stays popular
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5 years ago, cs511329
Best Game, but some issues
Ark is one of the best games on mobile devices, and I have spent the most time playing it by far. It is much better than a lot of open world survive games with better graphics, and far less limitations. The only problem I have it the crashes. I almost always play on multiplayer servers, and there is quite a bit of lag. One time I was doing the quest to ride around the island on a raft, but if you leave the raft the quest resets. I was two hours in and no less than a kilometer from completing the quest when I crashed. I had crashed before at a standstill and when I logged back on I was fine because I was still on the raft. This time, on the other hand, I was moving as fast as the raft could go, so when I logged back on I was no more than a couple meters off the raft, but that was all it took to make the quest reset. Two hours of progress just down the drain. Better than when I lost two months when I was wiped by the alphas...I play PVE now. I know how I’m making this sound like a horrible game, but it is truly amazing. There is nothing better than finally taming that griffin that you have been waiting for for the past two hours. All I’m saying is make sure you have some time on your hands to get into the higher levels, and don’t be afraid to lose some progress. Overall, it’s one of the best games.
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6 years ago, ivyy 17
Bugs need to be fixed
I have played since beta and let me tell you the game has improved. It is a fun game when it’s working right and when your actually playing consistently online. I am rating the online version (multiplayer). Otherwise if you leave the game for a day, some dinosaurs even the dangerous ones spawn in my land and kill off some of my dinos. Also my Dino’s which you end up bonding with disappear. Another thing that really urks me and upsets me is that all my hard work that my husband and I did vanishes if my husband doesn’t log on for awhile. That needs to be changed because I log on very religiously to prevent anything to break down. I believe the leader should have all the rights of structures and anything else that was built on the land to be reset on my time of logging on, Not the person who built it. It is very frustrating and way too many glitches, just stick to single player so you don’t lose anything or any dinosaurs. Lastly, the limit cap of dinosaurs per each server should be changed to a cap for each player instead. Look I bought the PC version which is full price and yet still love playing on the mobile. If you can’t fix the mobile, I will simply delete it from my mobile device and let my other friends/family all switch to either game console or pc version and play together there. Other than that when I do log on and play with whomever and or single player it is a very fun and addicting game.
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2 years ago, flashoflight22
I used to enjoy playing ark mobile until it simply just got boring and then recently I discovered you can play the real version of ark with Xbox cloud gaming and realized how big of a downgrade ark mobile really is from the real thing. So in ark mobile there’s no point in getting tek armor when all you need is ascended flak armor but in the original game tek armor has advantages in tek armor and gear that revolutionizes the game. Another thing is bosses. I know that dungeons are fun and all but they’re so much easier to fight and there’s a much smaller variety in mobile while in the original game you get really cool bosses such as the titans and the overseer. Then there’s dinosaurs in general. So you do get some of the really cool bosses like the titanosaur and gryphons in ark mobile but there have to be at least 3x as many varieties of Dino’s in the original game some of the top ones being wyverns, yutyrannus, and gasbags. Maps: ark mobile has one map, the island, which is also in the original game on pc, PlayStation, and console but once again improved. There are also many more maps such as aberration, extinction, genesis, crystal isles, etc. the downgrade from the original to the mobile version cannot be counted even with the few improvements such as creature revival and soothing balm plus a few more. Ill give this one a 3 star rating in favor of the time that I once enjoyed it and because the original is so fun
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5 years ago, PleaseJustDoThisPrThat
Great gameplay but needs better connection
This game is overall amazing. It has a great way to tame dinosaurs, a good way to level up and create things. It just doesn’t connect very well with servers. I have to admit I understand why, because you could be connecting to a server with someone across the world and I think that would be hard on the game. I would like to only have a limit on myself for takes and buildings instead of the whole server on multiplayer, but I haven’t had a problem with it so far so it’s okay for right now. There should be a little bit more restriction on the chat (I’m only a kid and there are some things I don’t want to hear.) but the players are usually ok. If someone is acting bad though and generally not being helpful, there should be an option to vote kick them. If all their doing is messing you up and stuff on PVE it gets really annoying. I love the tribe system, and I like how their are ranks you can be. He raptors are a little hard to tame because they zoom around you really fast, but I’m not sure if hat a glitch or it’s supposed to be like that. The engram system is nice and makes sense, because you don’t know how to make everything when you randomly are stranded on an island unless you have super powers or something. Overall, it’s a great game and it really has very good gameplay.
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3 years ago, gizzzzzmmmmooo$$
This is AWSOME
First, I will say the pros about the game it is cool that you can tame More than 80 different kinds of animals. I myself HAD 2 Dodos named Scratch and Snach (They died by dinosaur :(.). Right now I have 1 Female turtle and a Dodo also named Scratch and the new Dodo is in a server. Everything looks really awsome and realistic which is cool I like the fact that there are different modes and difficulties. I like to play in single player but it does have multiplayer which is cool because most games like this don’t have multiplayer. It is a really fun game and there are many achievements to do and lots of places to see and explore and many battles and animals. Here are the cons, you can’t friend anyone only be in their tribe also you can’t make your own servers which I think is depressing. Last, there is no creative mode where you can build and tame and do everything without being killed and you can fly in creative and get everything free. Now is one really weird thing I found out. If you hit a tree with anything part of the leaves that are near where you hit will turn start to look like wood that has been hit and I want this to be fixed because it is annoying otherwise this game is cool and fun and free to download and I hope you do and tell me more things about the game 😊.
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6 years ago, Colin.Gordon82
Just as Expected, Maybe even Better
This has got to be the best game I have ever played! It’s just what you would want from Ark! However, I feel like there should be some changes/things added. For example, sometimes I get stuck on creatures I am taming (after trying to jump over them to get on my mount) and I get stuck on it. However, instead of simply just letting you shift onto solid ground or just teleporting you to the closet tamed creature (if there is no tamed creatures nearby, you will be teleported to wherever the last auto save was) it kills you, I guess it wasn’t too much of a problem, since it was a Ptera and I had multiple mounts, so I could just ride another to the location, but still, I feel like there should be a be a better way, besides being killed and losing all your stuff just because you wanted to tame a creature. I also feel like the rest of the Ark creature should be added, for example the Otter, Equus, Ichthyornis, and Troodon (Along with the rest of the creatures) I also feel like you should be able to create multiple survivor files, and maybe the other versions of Ark can be created, such as Scorched Earth, (I feel like it could be a buyable expansion or just a separate game). But for anyone looking for a fun game with tons to explore and lovers of the Prehistoric World, this game is for you.
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6 years ago, ENeck
Great game but could improve
Overall, Ark on mobile is a very great game especially compared to every other game released on mobile at this time. It has tons of playtime and is the closest thing to a complete game on IOS. The only thing that I would request is to add more of the dinosaurs in the base PC or Console version. It took me a while to realize that some of the normal dinosaurs that are usually in the base game weren’t in the mobile version which led to hours of searching just to realize there wasn’t any so it would be really great if you could make a list of the dinosaurs NOT in the mobile version so new players could find out right off the bat. Besides this it would be really great to add more pursuits because I feel like those really make this game stand out and in my eyes make it almost even better than the console version for that sole reason. Another thing I wish you would add is even one boss such ya Lysrix. I know that the mass spawning or spiders could slow down lower generation devices but I have no doubt that an iPhone X or 8 could handle it and it would really add something to work for into the game. In conclusion it’s an amazing game for the mobile device and the only thing that I feel could improve is adding more of the dinosaurs from the base game, adding more pursuits, and adding bosses such as Lysrix.
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3 years ago, DragonDino782
So yeah, Ark Survival Evolved is a great game. However the graphics could use a touch up and it could use a bit of bug fixing. One of the things I hate about this game is the multiplayer. All the PVE severs are over crowded and there are too many structures and tames. When ever the space clears up, it is immediately taken up again. Even when the new severs came out they were almost instantly full. PVP is pretty bad too. It’s not overcrowded but the people there aren’t always nice. It’s super hard to get started when everyone is out to attack you, kill your tame, and destroy and loot your structures. And even when you get a really good house, eventually people with overpowered stuff come kill ALL of your tame and destroy everything you worked hard for. Also, private severs are just too hard and costly to host. I know single play is an option but many people want very badly to play with their friends. Like I said before, Ark is super good. But PLEASE fix this multiplayer flaws. I haven’t pick up the game since me and my friends hug stone house and powerful tames were all obliterated. I’m sorry but unless the developers fix these multiplayer flaws me and my group of friends are likely to use this game again. DISCLAIMER: If you are good with overcrowded and hostile multiplayer severs, or just prefer to play a really good single player game, then Ark would probably be a fun game for you!
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6 years ago, Dat_Guy21
Great game but has some glitches
ARK: Survival Evolved is one of the best games that I’ve ever played. It is a massive open world where nearly everything but the ground can be destroyed and used. Not only is multiplayer optional, but so is pvp. It has a great leveling system and clever controls. There’s so much to do, but at the same time is not overwhelming. Those were the pros, now for the cons. The biggest and most frustrating glitch I’ve found is with the primal pass. It only works half the time. I will go into multiplayer and the primal pass icon is no longer next to my name. It also wouldn’t let my into the primal pass only servers. I checked my subscription and I still had 28 days left. I tried again and it gave my the option to buy the primal pass again. I tried to do that and then it said I already had primal pass. It eventually worked again. This has happened 3 times so far. If the developers read this, please fix this. Some of the other glitches are that if you walk into an unconscious animal the player can get stuck and starts teleporting back and forth. I’ve gotten nocked out by like 10 spiders at once and I fell through the map. Occasionally all audio except the background noise (plants rustling, wind, water) will cut out. Those are all the bugs that all I’ve encountered so far.
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2 years ago, idk what name isint taken
Full of bugs developers neglect to fix
Look I’ve been playing ark for some time now, the game has brought good and bad memories and played a significant part of my life some times. When I started to play the game was thriving with most of the servers full with a mostly friendly community. As I played the game longer the community began to become mostly toxic and full of hackers and glitchers. There was also a increase of bugs, one of which was the occasional crashes and chat failing. Some of you may say that unofficial servers would fix the hackers and glitchers but most of the ones I found were dead with only a few people playing (like 2-7). Fast forward to the present I just started playing again after a 2-3 month break and most of the official servers once full now have 12-30 players active. Now if this is just a phase idk if they will come back, but I hope they do. I also do get that the developers cannot fix some glitches because they may be working on other games. I don’t want to pressure them or be rude but I’m just saying most of these bugs have been out for a while now. Idk if the devs did fix the hacker problem because I haven’t been seeing them a lot lately. I truly love this game and I hope it can find its footing again.
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6 years ago, Grantster99
One of my Favorite games of all time! But a Question..
So I have played this game before on all kinds of systems, PC, PS4 and now on my tablet, and it is one of my favorite games of all time, and I’ve mostly been playing on my PS4 because my on my computer I have to use crap graphics to be able to not lag and so I was absolutely stoked about it being on mobile devices. However I saw that it isn’t supported for my IPAD mini 2 and despite that I have still played it on said type of tablet and honestly I can deal with the occasional crash, because usually I haven’t been losing too much progress. So for my question. Are you guys planning on trying to get the game optimized for any more systems or is that impossible, because it already works pretty well for my tablet, but I know how it can be on my computer which is actually a pretty beast computer. Even if this game never gets optimized for my device I will still play it and I will deal with the crashing, because I love this game and love playing it wherever I want. Finally I love the Quest system where it teaches you how to play and I also love the addition of how you can actually skip time with sleeping bag/bed. So that’s pretty much it. I really hope you guys read my review and respond. Now I’ll get back to playing this game so have a nice day!
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5 years ago, Sweettail239
I’love it but somethings need to be worked on.
I love this game but the thing is it crashes it happened every ten minute and the meat only stacks to 40 it’s really annoying a just clear and just a waist of time especially when I’m try to preserve it and primes should really stack and not spoil so I can actually have a enough time to put it in the fridge and also there is so much lag and it’s harder than it seems to level up I think you guys should move some stuff around there and my biggest problem so far is he updates omg it take around 12 hours just to get close to finishing the update today I had to updat i it was around 9 ish a lock in the morning not it’s about to be 5 and it’s still not even halfway done I think u guys should make the updates a little smaller and I only ark and 2 other games and like close to no pictures or nothin so yea I know I’m making it seem like a horrible game which it’s not by a long shot but everyone know that each game has some down sides I think also that you guys should stop updating your other games and focus on ark cause that by far is your best game anyway bye PS.I know me and a lot more people keep asking you for stuff and it’s very hard especially with the amounts of people and money and request you guys get anyway good luck
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1 year ago, Kal1159
Great game be needs a detail boost
The details for the smaller creatures are just fine along with some medium sized creatures, but for lager creatures that detail isn’t there, if you were to compare the spino from this version to the PC you can notice a decently big difference; not very smooth and lacking details. The same can be said for the trees, weapons, structures, and saddles. The map/ground also need more details; it’s too smooth and there is no pronounced blades or grass. While this has no effect to the gameplay, it would just be a way better game for the eyes. While I do know there is a heavy restriction of detail mobile devices can handle, and the severe difference of graphics a phone can show compared to a pc, I just feel like it shouldn’t look like a game meant for the Xbox 360. Even if the graphics don’t get an upgrade I will still play. One other thing to bring up is that I feel that the default maximum tames should be more than 40, but again that is my opinion. However other that that, 10/10 would play again and again and again. To add, if at all possible, I would love to be able to play scorched earth, aberration, and any other cannon maps (I can’t remember if there are more).
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3 years ago, hcuwzi
Why can we only build squares what is up with that? Why can’t we have triangle pieces? I mean the game is starving for doing more with building things besides squares what’s it gonna hurt to give us more to work with? I know it’s probably a lot of work to add those pieces but ark is so boring only being able to build with such limitations it’s like y’all neutered the game when all u give us only squares. And tek Dino gates would really make the game more desirable. There comes a point when we say” I give up, this is old . We’re so limited this is all we can build with” and building is the biggest part of the game. Even if you made it so there could be engrams for triangle structures u could at least sell amber that way as long as they aren’t stupidly expensive. And why can’t we have and admin rifle? Why can’t we have cryopods? It’s not game breaking. No one on pc conplains about those lol. Even if mobile player complained so what they won’t quit playing. And the crhonicle system is just stupid. Ok u need element to chronicle and a structure to revive them. It would be less dumb to remove the need for a revive pad . Everyone would be ok with that literally everyone wants cryopods why does mobile have to starve for affection like this. I can’t understand any of these things at all. You want revenue but you refuse to do simple things like that to generate revenue . Please explain some of these things everyone wants to know why ark mobile is neutered compared to pc
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6 years ago, 5tjejegtnd
I like to play and have fun playing the game and I don’t even have we fe I live on a beach and I cannot play the last two weeks and I can’t believe I beat the whole team at the end of a great year so I am going through a tough time and I’m not a fan and the fact is the season is a little better than I thought so I guess you can do a good job and be able to make a decision and let us do a lot of money to do the next thing you do for the kids to win a championship in one day and a half to a week in advance so you might be a bit more competitive if you’re interested in going to be a if you can do a walk and a couple of friends and you can do a one night and be done at the party and you can do the same and you can be at home the house and you can do some stuff and do you in the United States was the second and the first one and you were going out and about to be in a relationship so you can be the best I can be you and I do you and you can be my friend you can do and you can always do the things and I do you and you do you and my baby and I do you and I do everything I can to do and you can do all you can and you can do the same. What I’m saying is the game is the best and I recommend it to anyone wanting a good time playing a game.
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6 years ago, sendheplths
Absolutely horrible
This game is basically you hitting your head on a wall and the further you go the faster you hit your head and atleast hitting your head on a wall is more balanced. in single player the exp gain is slowed so much that hardcore is the only way progress can be gained, I died to an allosaurus on a character that can kill a trex easy easily not to mention that you lose literally everything on hardcore including progress above level 10. I lost upwards of 10+ hours to an allosaurus which should be much weaker than a trex and the allosaurus was only level 15. I can only imagined the horrors of other difficulties, AND THEY COME IN PACKS! If you are going to add something this powerful DO NOT MAKE THEM TRAVEL IN PACKS. And then you have to go back to your body (which is still surrounded by multiple allosaurus) and get your stuff. Losing this much progress is not FUN it is not CHALLENGING it’s just plain unfair. Multiplayer is not any better since Dino’s commonly spawn around level 30 to 50 not to mention the “primal pass” is a buyable win button giving players a whopping 50% more exp gain and more tame slots on a server. I know you are trying to make a profit off of this free game but it is absolutely not what I wanted from a fun game on consoles and computers to be like on a mobile device. In my own words this was disappointing
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6 years ago, Typoerror awesome
Game Breaking Bug
This game is a great game, but it’s extremely buggy. I fell in love with this game because of the dinosaurs and I always make sure to name my tames. I was transferring all my dinos to my new base using the request feature. After they were all transferred I quickly went back and fourth collecting my resources for my new base. As soon as I came back I didn’t see my two trikes, Alan and Athena, my Raptor, Ray, and my parasaur, Jerry. I looked as fast as I could at my tames but I only had one left... and that was my Pteranodon, Robin. I was so heart broken because those Dinosaurs were so close to me, and I was so stupid not grabbing their gem before they died. I looked everywhere to see that there were no dinosaurs strong enough to take out my dinosaurs that were over level 50. I assume they’ve died from height because while I was making my trips back and forth I saw them gradually getting high to the sky each time I’d make a stop, but as soon as I step foot on the ground they would fall to the ground. I honestly have no idea what the heck happened but it wasn’t a dinosaur that killed my tames. It was a game breaking bug that has ruined this game for me. It’s very sad to see my tames die so unfairly after working so hard on them. This game is great, but it’s the bugs that’s killing it.
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3 years ago, Dr£am
Awesome game but needs more creatures
I absolutely love ark ever since my brother showed me it and it’s really great for the most part, but my gripe about it is the amount of creatures that aren’t in the mobile version. I and possibly other mobile players would love it if you would add all the creatures and not just a few, and my reasoning for wanting more creatures like the amount on Xbox and PC is because I’ve noticed that while I was trying to prepare for taming a thylacoleo, I noticed that I didn’t seem to be able to find any of them while searching for one, which got me starting to give up until I looked up if there was any thylacoleo in ark mobile, until I found out that there was none in the mobile version which got me sad and pretty frustrated since I was preparing for most of the day to tame one. Another gripe I have is that you can only tame 40 creatures on mobile which is very annoying since you have to kill a lot of your tamed creatures just to have enough room to get a new creature. And those are my only problems about the game but all in all, I still love this game even though there are some parts that can be quite frustrating, but it won’t stop me from loving it 🥰
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3 years ago, Army Specialist
Devs could care less.
I loved this game. Bought Primal Pass and a few other purchases. Even encouraged my friends to pick it up. However, I’ve made the decision to cease my subscription of Primal Pass and delete the game. If you’re just jumping into the game, you can’t build a base on land because the Alphas and other toxic high-ranked players will destroy everything you’ve built and gathered. So, you decide to build a base on a raft and keep it traveling around the island in the PVE zone (if you’re playing PVX) with hopes of actually building up something beyond a thatch shack. The problem is that, just as you couldn’t build a base on land, you also cannot build a base on water. The “raft trap” glitch is used by high leveled players to destroy weeks of your work in seconds. But that’s only half the problem. In my case, I sent video and photo evidence of a toxic, level 99 player using the glitch to destroy my base (for the third time.) Grove Street Games’ response? I didn’t supply any evidence of abuse and misuse of a glitch. They clearly enjoy getting paid for subscriptions and IAPs but could care less about stopping hackers, cheaters, and glitch abusers. Could be a great game, but the developers won’t get another cent from me and I’d encourage anyone to avoid their products. They certainly aren’t willing to do their jobs and seem content with letting their glitchy game ruin the legitimate players’ experience. Don’t waste your time.
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5 years ago, Brklyn D
This Game Is Amazing!
I love this game and all of its wonders but I have one problem. I use god mode because I don’t really like the grind the game gives you in the beginning as I’m not really a patient person which is my own problem so I got god mode with my own money and started using it for Ark. I loved that now everything was easier and had no problem with crafting everything by hand with free materials at my will, But the ground dinosaur tames can fly if you enable fly while riding them which is kinda cool at first. Till you jump off your ground mount and it starts hovering in the air, slowly going up. This is annoying because I did this with a few of my tames and had no problem with my griffin or argentavis and a the reasons I don’t like this is because 1. When I breed the Dino can just fly out of the gate. 2.I can’t monitor my Dino’s all at one I have to search because they might have flown high up. And 4. They can easily fly out of my base pen (which is just a bunch of metal spikes with two behemoth stone gates) which I made for the dinosaurs to wander and attack the wild carnivores in my base because it’s pretty big and I haven’t built anything in it except for two thatch foundations, a smithy, and a fabricator. Thank you for your time.
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10 months ago, stevenwar/david
Read if u are interested in getting
Ark. A game about taming Dino’s and surviving in your own jurassic park. There are a few points I want to make and I deeply suggest you to read all before getting. 1: Solo Play: Solo player is VERY fun. You don’t have to worry about losing everything, you can chill, and build your base. It is pretty fun and not to stressful. It has pretty good graphics and you can build your empire and army. 2: Multiplayer: Because you can’t invite only 1 friend to your game, you have to play servers. Before unofficial servers were the main thing, hacker polluted everything. Not only that, but people would constantly raid you and you would start all over from scratch. I would pick an empty server to play with friends. It’s very fun to interact and play together. 3: The shop The shop is the main way they get money. There is NO ADDS, but to get some really good items or even just to speed up taming, you need something called ancient amber. You can get this VERY RARELY, OR you can buy it with money. Now this is completely unfair since people can literally buy guns and turrets with UNLIMITED AMMO. So I would say stick to single player and just have fun. 4: Overall It’s a great game! You can ride Dino’s in a big world and make an epic base. It’s very fun and I recommend it to everyone. Play single player and avoid full multiplayer servers. Have fun survivors!
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5 years ago, AngryDude123
My dead hamster runs faster than multiplayer
This game is overall a very fun and addicting game, and I have no problems with singleplayer at all. However, I’m not sure if this is just the issue of the server itself, but for some reason, the game randomly lags and even crashes during multiplayer, and especially at the worst times. For example when I am flying and the game crashes, it means my player would not respawn on the mount, and becomes seriously injured or even dies from falling from a big height. This still happened even at the lowest graphic settings possible, and occurred at least 50 times today. Before you guys say anything, I run this game on a 64GB iPhone XR, and there shouldn’t be a reason why a game that only takes up 1.85GB of storage would abruptly lag and/or crash during multiplayer sessions. However, getting rid of any other running apps on my device seems to reduce the problem, but even that doesn’t do anything to prevent any game crashes. In conclusion, the game is a wonderful game with a lot of potential from its original PC counterpart, and I understand that the devs are working their hardest to solve any issues present in the game. But this review will be staying like this until I stop lagging for no reason in multiplayer and end up dying because the game crashed at the worst timing possible. I already lost two important dinosaurs because of these stupid crashes.
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2 years ago, I.D dragon loved
Ok so I downloaded it thinking it was another one of those money grab mobile games where you have to either pay for everything, or watch adds every two seconds. Nope! This is a REAL game. By ‘real’ I mean not just a cheap imitation of a survival game, which I have played a lot of. Basically you survive on a island of dinos. That’s what it is to most people but to me it is a game of alliances, Skill, strategy, and maybe a little luck. Only thing is that the creatures are alittle too op even for easy and casual mode. Anyways great game but y should def not download for a stress reliever cus it so enjoyably intense 😃 New: still love it I just feel like you should have more options when creating single play worlds like on ps4. Ik u can do it on public servers but not on single. I also think u should add lost island bc it’s so balanced and I feel like it would be a better map for mobile then just the island. Also plez make kibbles better. I like the reg kibble mechanic on ps4 and pc better than the mobile one. It’s just simpler. I also like that u didn’t skimp on the graphics and UI. It’s not as good as console but it’s ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL considering it’s on the mobile platform. Thx for reading!
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6 years ago, Mangle Ke
I’m blind
So... I noticed when I went to a dangerous area with my 5 dinos and a bow and arrow with 25 arrows left, I was being ambushed. I wasn’t sure WHAT I was being attacked by until they started flying 😂😂. Maybe making them a little bit larger and less aggressive against players. They’re spiders and they eat other bugs but don’t bite humans unless they think you’re a threat. Maybe adding a Spiderweb feature so that way, you would know if there are predators nearby. I also notice that there are a lot of the same animals on the map most aren’t carnivores. So far I’ve only seen maybe 2 (dilophosaurus and raptor) carnivores. But please don’t go crazy with the carnivores Maybe around level 30 you can add larger carnivores until they make it to Tyrannosaurus. I understand there need to be some challenges but not too big of a challenge. One last thing maybe adding more dinosaurs? There’s only 40 of them and maybe adding more to give the game more of an experience of when dinosaurs roamed the earth 6.5 Billion years ago. Maybe glance at a few games to get some ideas. I can go on and on of different ideas but maybe when you have the time. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this message.
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4 years ago, ALISONCASTRO25
This game is really great, I’ve played it sense it released!!!
I love playing this with my brother, and have fun while playing with others. The PVP is great, it has its ups and downs by either gaining loot or losing it. I love everything about this game it is perfect and how close it is to the real game. BUT I AM HAVING PROBLEMS SENDING MY CHARACTER ACOUNT TO A DIFFERENT I PHONE WITH A DIFFERENT GAME CENTER!!! I am stumped I was asking because is there a way to send my character account to a different I phone with the conditions I listed above? Overall this game is great I wish it was a little ore like the real game but if it’s not possible don’t worry about it this game is great I love it and I will keep supporting y’all. If you can reach out to me that would be great, I’m on my mother’s Game Center that’s why I’m asking it’s kinda funny if you think about it 😂. I will list my gmail I use for nothing but for matter like this. This game is great I love the progress your team has done to this game. sincerely, MichaelC. You can contact me on my discord name sorry about my profile picture. michaelcastroppu#8316
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5 years ago, MasterOfAGoddess
Good content. Condition needs work.
The game itself is really good. As a survival game it does a good job of making you feel like anything can happen and to be wary of how you manage your resources. It’s got a good progression with the leveling and craft systems. Even on the easiest difficulty you can find plenty of challenges, and caution and skill can help you through most situations. Now the few faults I find with this game is that it will randomly freeze until you reboot it. Before this it usually freezes off and on a few times. Sort of like a lag. Other glitches are not necessarily a down side for me, but worth noting. For instance, sometimes a glitched out dinosaur can just float on by. It’s pretty entertaining to see a deformed creature defy the laws of physics aside from the intentional rag doll effects that killed creatures exhibit. To the developers, I am aware that this game is not new. I’m new to it, but I don’t know how you handle it yet. If you are still actively working on the game and it’s condition please focus on fixing the game crashes, since that is the most game altering flaw in the game, and one of few (as far as I’ve seen). I get that mobile game development is different than console game development, but I still long for the days when the standards match.
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2 years ago, boblulnob
Don’t estimate it
Oh my God I love this game so much the only problem I have is I’m just stupid :/so there’s only that problem that’s why but I’m not gonna lie this is a very fun game it’s just that I don’t know but when I got one of the mini dinosaurs It actually spit to make you walk slow when A creature kept killing me the alligator one my creature demolished it😳 but I was so surprised just to let you know I am the bad one that always plays casual and easy and the animal that kept killing me was a lower level than my mini creature The power source is not that bad all you have to do is get a stuck on some rocks and that’s comes as a problem to why does he always get stuck on it when you call out for him to come so I’m not gonna lie it’s not that bad last time I just kept getting killed by some bugs in the other time was well… I saw one of the most strongest creatures a Rex and a spinal just to let you know there was the rock creatures that was killing the Rex but soon it became night and I guess I was in a spinal spine so the spinal kept killing me just let you know spirals are somehow fatter than the people so I got killed. So this is why I gave it a five star game.
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4 years ago, none akcnx
This is a suggestion for hatching eggs
This game is absolutely amazing I would say it’s the best survival game that involves Ancient creatures and even some creatures that live in this very era. And breeding is awesome one day I didn’t know how to hatch mutated Creatures then I watched syntax and iguana gaming for info on how to breed next thing u know I was a pro. Sorry I’m leading to rabbit trails. Any ways the breeding is great 👍 but I still think one thing should be added and that is the all known famous dodo hatchery nest. The reason for adding this is because most people don’t like waiting around for eggs to drop all day I know I don’t because I get paranoid when I’m raidiing and raising babies all at once it’s so worrying that I don’t know when eggs drop and then they hatch and die one time I had a mutated and it just perished and also it can stop incubating at 1% incubation so u can hatch it any time u want . Again this game is still epic the best of the best survival game ever and I hope Grove Street Gaming reads this and responds to it by sending a text through rating text chain or just by adding it please take the time to think about it as long as u want. Bum budabumbum bumbum that’s wardrum music 🎶 baby
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6 years ago, AcoLegend
This Game is Great Except....
DO NOT GO IN THE CAVES! I REPEAT! DO NOT GO INTO THE CAVE IF YOU VALUE YOUR TIME SPENT! Once you going into the cave and try to leave, your game will crash. You will never get out of the cave. So all that work and grinding you did to get to where you were is now gone because you can’t exit the cave. My Sabertooth died while riding it in the cave because I tried to escape all the dino's inside that were deep in there. So to try and get around the bug that’s on every platform I saved where I was right in front of the cave entrance but no. You will never be able to open that save again. Which should have been taken into account when the devs made it mobile cause the bug happens on PC. I hope it gets fixed so I can leave the cave. I opened ark 5 times and it crashed every time I tried to open that save file. Same problem with the game unexpectedly crashing while you’re running around. The game is too high quality for you to be crashing in open space. Needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY. Idk when I’ll ever be able to ope my save file, and I don’t want to open a new file because I’m a lvl 60 with over 20 Dino’s, resources farmed, and all the extra stuff. Other than the crashes and cave bugs, the game is a 4/5 only cause of the crashing.
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5 years ago, Rexy44
Can you add
I love this game and I recommend this game to my friends, however I have been playing since it came out and I really would appreciate it if you added some things, like dragons you can make up a crazy back story for them like they were corrupted and they moved to the island for a better place to nest and hatch there babies. I would be fine with raising one however I would want it to be like a baby giga instead of a griffin (griffin babies take to long) also it would be cool if you could add the Yutyrannus it is my favorite Dino and I’m sure a lot of people would want it too. It would be really awesome for a Rex TLC as well . And maybe snow owls in the snow area. I would also like if you give otters a use like put them in a river and they collect pearls or fish meat or Amber or black pearls. That would be cool if you could place a music box, like a area or tribal thing and you could play any song you like, maybe you could add something like a unicorn but like legendary and if you tame it, it drops Amber or something, these are just some of my ideas and I would love to share more, but for now I will leave you with some of my best ideas (especially yutyrannus) ,From Rexy (Rexmir on the server Honey)
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6 years ago, Mcpe203
Some of the dinosaurs are really wrong.
My biggest complaint is the dinosaurs. Put simply, it looks like they used the Jurassic Park franchise as reference for the dinosaur models. Put simply, this is pretty unrealistic with some of the better known dinosaurs, so I can’t imagine what they did with the more obscure ones. The pachycephhlosaurus is way too small. It was the size of a grown man, but in game, it’s only about waist high. Dilophosaurus is also extremely wrong. It didn’t spit venom, nor did it have a frill. It was also a lot bigger. Then there’s the spinosaurus. In a 2014 study, scientists found that it walked on its knuckles, not flat on its feet. The sail is also too perfect. Finally, it should be in and near the ocean, since it fed on fish and aquatic creatures. (I bet I could find other dinosaurs they messed up, but you get the point.) This is just three dinosaurs out of all the ones they have so far. It makes me think they chose quantity over quality with the dinosaurs so they could say “Look how many we have!”. If your looking for a game with anatomically correct dinosaurs, move along, because this isn’t nearly as good as it can be. (Or rather, should be. Most of this is stuff you can find by a simple google search and a couple of minutes.)
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2 years ago, Corroded Fossil
For the Worthy
I’ve played ARK for a while, and I gotta say, they did a really good job with it. Sure there are some glitches where you fall out of the map by meshing in the wrong areas, but it’s really fun if you know what you’re doing. Alot of these comments look at some of the early game struggles, but eventually you’ll learn ways to avoid them til you are high enough to deal with them at ease. Dungeon wise, it’s mainly RNG. Having end game equipment isn’t all you need. You need to be prepared with plenty ammunition, food, water, healing, and sometimes parachutes. My recommendation is ascendant high level gear, an ascendent pump shotgun, ascendent sword, ascendent compound bow, at least 2 stacks of cooked meat (preferably cooked normal or prime), 4 canteens, and 3 parachutes. My only real issue with this game, is the fact that many items are pay to win. This is only slightly balanced when you have them as dungeon loot, but buying them as arketypes is expensive. Just getting a frying pan can carry you to the boss in a dungeon. Overall, the community and creators of this game are amazing, and are really chill. Kudos to the makers of ARK that made such an expansive game with their limited crew.
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3 years ago, Jaywood, C.M.K.
Good, but something went wrong…
I love the game, but since it’s so big, I had to offload it for awhile, recently downloaded it again, and was playing for awhile, obviously it needed an update since it was still on the version I offloaded at, which was 2.0.12, as I was playing I enter a crafting menu and the screen enters the saving menu, which usually lasts about a second, but the music stops, and the game froze, it wouldn’t fix itself so I had to leave the game and restart. For awhile I could enter the app only for it to freeze in the main menu, until I finally got back into the single player/multiplayer menu, tapped on single player, and was brought into the starting choose your difficulty menu…so apparently having to restart the game while it was saving deleted or corrupted my save data, I’ve never had this happen before, was it because my app was outdated? I was playing with my wifi on and was able to use ads just fine to get boosts, is there a way I can get my data back? I was a high level, and it’d be such a pain to start from the ground up. I’m updating it now hoping it will help somehow?
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5 years ago, 张大颜
Could use some work
The game is fun and quite addictive, I like the concept of taming wild dinos and leveling up is quite balanced. However, the game has some issues. For example, the game would constantly crash on me, sometimes randomly during my play through, or when i open up the game. Normally i can deal with games crashing, but I’m starting to get annoyed as crashing also resets my progress to the last time the game auto saves. This game is also somewhat pay to play. I can understand why the free gift and amber require ads since this game is out for free, but the prices of some premium items are somewhat expensive. Such as the minor balm, it cost 10 amber and only gives a 3x taming boost, compared to the regular balm that used to be on the store, it costs 15 amber for 10x boost. The prices don’t very proportional. I don’t mind the major balm since it is very useful for griffin tames. The dungeons that were recently added were awesome, the add a new difficulty to the game but not too hard to drive players away. But the dungeons are still a bit of a grind as it doesn’t drop a lot of element per play though. I really like this game but it has many glitches and flaws in it’s system, some of them might be patched in the future and I am excited to see what each update has to bring.
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5 years ago, Omnisicient
A could be 5 star game
This game could easily be a five star game because of the hype and feedback of its pc and console counterparts. However this is not the case, this game is riddled with so many ads, unfair in-app purchases, and overall disappointments. I know this was to be expected of a free game that would cost 50 dollars on a non mobile device, but this game has promise and its success as a great game should be put behind it raking in a massive profit. As almost all mobile games have ads and in app purchases I was not surprised to see that watching an ad would give in-game advantages, but I was disappointed that this is what mattered most to the developers. I have played two different islands up to level 90 before I would realize that there really was no point to sell my soul for more exp. Yes, the thing that bothers me most is that with all of this mess of ads and in-app purchases you would expect the full game experience that so many other platforms have, but no, we are lacking in many items and overall game experience. In conclusion I would rather pay the 40-50 dollars to get the real game on a mobile device. Unfortunately this will most likely never happen because of the lack of backbone in the dev team. (Also maybe because most mobile devices won’t be able to handle it tbh). Please take my concerns into consideration and good day.
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2 years ago, Mastercartso
This is the best game I’ve ever played but get rid of hackers
OMG I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this game is although I leave four stars it would be five if it weren’t for pvp servers and how their are so many Asian hackers going left and right. Then after they wipe the entire server with their lvl 300+ hacked tames. They make these insta kill spawn zones so nobody can respawn at all claiming the server for themselves. Their objective just to be complete dicks everything they do is just for their fun and entertainment and that’s what I hate about this game because you have done literally zero about any of this. How can you watch these servers just get stolen from players who want to enjoy the game like Jesus this game is so much fun but then 20 hackers pop on and everybody eventually bites the dust for about 2 weeks because they wipe the server and set up spawn traps so you can’t live on the server. It’s so f@$&!? annoying I swear to god if you don’t get a grip on this soon I will and it really won’t be pretty for anybody. So please all I ask is you read this and realize their are so many things going wrong in your game because people feel the need to assert dominance because they have hacks to help them do so.
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6 years ago, Blackstar Bushin
Excellent game but one problem.
I’ve been playing the game since it’s release on mobile and I absolutely love it. But there’s a slight problem in being able to use some features. At the bottom of the screen is a dead area where it will not recognize the touch of a finger, allowing us to be unable to level up torpidity and use the items closest to the bottom. I know it’s not my phone that’s the problem as the top of the screen works but when I flip the phone, the bottom will continue to have that dead area. My friend has the exact same problem. To work around it, we’ve been focusing on one stat (me with melee and him with movement speed) so that we don’t need to worry about being hit when we hit them first. But please fix this problem anyways. (New problem found July 3, 2018: if you leave a tamed dino next to a cave before you enter it/exiting the game you have a very high chance of losing it. It won’t be killed or teleport to a different area, it will cease to exist. No item cache, no nothing unless you put its essence somewhere other than on the animal. It is just gone. Please fix this. I lost 2 very good dinos and their mounts. I’ve been testing it with test dinos with different caves and they disappeared too.)
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4 years ago, jocdsiunbjkcsdubsd
Best Fantasy survival game based on dinosaurs
Overall this game is awesome. The builds are endless and there is a variety of creatures to tame, and creatures you’d cannot tame. From laser shooting armor to having special ways to tame things, the Dino’s are awesome. The graphics aren’t as good as Consoles but I’m excited if ARK mobile releases the expansion packs. Ark is hard to survive but that’s the point because if it was easy, there would be no point. Ark mobile has things that consoles and PCs don’t, like eerie creatures and the shop. This is the best dinosaur related(and mythic creatures) game I’ve played. Admin commands would be nice and the expansion packs would make this better. People who say this game is bad probably looked at the graphics or gameplay. I don’t really like the graphics but that’s ok. There are some bugs but they’ll probably be fixed soon. The ark gamepedia is a heck of a lot useful if you are experiencing troubles. If you don’t see a creature you want, like rock golems, karikinos, rock drakes, reapers, bulbdogs, and titans, you should check to see if they are on mobile. You’ll get over dilos and rexes killing you eventually, but after you become good at it, you’ll love this game. Thanks Wildcard.
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4 years ago, hdfjcejc
Pls make the game less pay to win
Like bro u guys are trying to make money with the daily gift and crap yea I’m fine with that. But my concern is that u guys made the game 99% pay to win. Like i have 5 or 6 fertilized rex eggs and I haven’t hatched them. And that cuz I have raised a baby Dino before like in ark on PC u have to wait like an hour plus like 45 minutes to grind the stuff. So like and hour and 45 minutes to get a fully imprinted Dino. On PC!!!! On mobile u wait like 5 days to get an fully imprinted Dino. Especially since it goes up like 10 percent when I got my first imprinted Rex on another save!! It was 52 percent imprinted. So I’m pretty much sure u guys are forcing us to buy cuddle bears and eery candy. Also the dungeons... omg just get rid of them like just have the brood mother and megapithicus and the dragon like u already have 2 of them at the boss room u either get an megapithicus or a broodmother but bro just do the artifact thing at the obelisks and also the dungeons right now are 100% pay to win. Like I have done a lot of them but omg u need to buy the stupid tek packs to get tek cuz the dungeons are impossible. So yea it’s nowhere near the og ark and it’s too pay to win I am nice though and I will rate it 4 stars
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4 years ago, PaleoNews
Love the game but I’m still disappointed
I’ve been playing ever since the release of the game and honestly, I loved it, it had everything I’d missed out on from the other platforms. I was perfectly fine with some of the mobile exclusive additions such as amber and cosmetic structures as it didn't feel pay to win and just added another level of customization. That was until they started straying off and making a completely different game from the source material. They added arketypes, they added dungeons and the game itself became quite unrecognizable. The player base of course was fine with that because the game was still balanced but that’s when the server wipes happened. The Devs would clear out entire servers full of bases and tames that took time to build or tame. The only way to save some of your items and animals was to transfer them off which in most cases you need to pay to do. So in order to keep some of your hard work intact, you need to pay. I understand that developers need money but this is not the right way to get it. Along with that, there hasn’t been a single major update since the dungeons update which was last year. The developers seem to have given up on this project all together. I’m seriously disappointed.
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6 years ago, InformalMrBozzo
I think it’s fun, but...
I think this game is really fun. However, I really do wish that multiplayer could be added. I know that this game has servers, and that you can join up with friends on severs, and that’s multiplayer, but I’m thinking you should allow people to join other people’s single player worlds, if the owner of those worlds allow it. Or you could just make everyone be able to make their own server’s with their own passwords you have to have to go into those servers. Now, this might already be a feature, but if it is, I think you should make it easier. I say this, because I, myself haven’t found out how to make my own server. Now, maybe this feature is just for special people. I’d say that idea also would need some fixing, because a feature like this should be for everyone. Anyways, I just think this game needs a way for friends to join each other easily in a world without other players that the friends don’t exactly want in that world (like other players they wouldn’t know). Besides that, this game has an amazing variety of creatures, well-made graphics, and interesting tools/other items. Cool game!
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6 years ago, CrimsonWolf21
Lost Dino’s
I love ark, it is such a great game. I’ve never been able to play it on pc but when it came out on the App Store I downloaded it instantly. It was laggy of course, but to be fair it just came out and they fixed a lot of it. It is still laggy and I’m afraid to crash when I’m flying and then die because of it. When I logged in today I lost 2 of my best Dino’s that took me forever to find and tame. No death notification or anything so I kept on searching around my base but then I looked in my tribe log and it only showed 12 Dino’s tamed not 14. And I looked at other reviews and they had the same thing. They just disappeared. It’s still a new game on the phone, so it will have bugs. But it is still a great game. I just wish leveling wasn’t as slow and taming rates could be turned up, they can take hours without a boost. I also hope they can make private servers for just you and your friends. But I really appreciate how hard the creators are working and fixing things in this game, in a month or so they have been working so hard to improve and make this game enjoyable for everyone, I wasn’t even expecting ark to come out on iPhone. And they did such a great job transferring it onto the phone.
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6 years ago, shades the cat
Great! Just one problem..
Ok so I’ll get right to the problem, for some reason, and I’ve tried making hide cloths too but I can’t make the fur cloths.. and I need them cause I wanna travel up north and make my camp up there where I can be around other mammals but I can’t do that without the fur cloths, I can’t make the steel hatchet or pick axe either and I wish that u didn’t have to use engrams to learn new stuff, I wish that u could already know it like in Minecraft u don’t need to learn anything u already know it. I love this game but this single problem is just what gets me... But this is still a 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 game! I love the graphics and animal models, oh... that reminds me.. I can’t turn the graphics up, they’re stuck on low Ik that’s cause this game was made for computers but I rlly want to be able to turn the graphics up I know my phone can handle it Other than that, I have no problems! I’d just like those two to be fixed and that’s all cool with me. I love this game and I’m gonna continue to play it, but if I’m doing something wrong with the fur cloths or something are there instructions? I mean, I just don’t get what I’m doing wrong. Anyway, that’s all. Bye!
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4 years ago, sylis bane
I would recommend playing only on single player...
I’ve played ark since the beginning almost and to see a product like this more advanced that it was when it was on pc at one point is astounding. But. It leaves me to the reason I give a one star review. Time after time the community has begged and pleaded for a better system of servers. Instead we get server deletes on both the mobile and console versions for a fact. I gave up on console when the at the time new server switch ability lost my long beloved Lilith. A character that to this day I will never be able to replicate in an official pvp server. Months of my life devoted to ark lost in seconds. Now I move the mobile and find that there are half as many if less servers than when I first tried to play at release. I’m not able to connect to any of them at all... if I do it’s into a highly volatile server where alphas remain more toxic than any thing I’ve ever encountered in a pvp game. Not citadel, rust or ark on pc on console. So I leave this to you. Invest in better servers with the money we give you, and quit releasing dlc when in fact the game is not truly finished. It’s been constantly added to and the real issue we all have is connectivity. Lost tames, inventories or even bases due to this. And while seemingly pointless. These are hours of our lives devoted into your product. With love A long time fan
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6 years ago, sargentgoomba
Please fix the lag
I like the game but can barely play because it starts to lag then lags even worse then it exits the game automatically it may sound far fetched but it keeps kicking me out please fix this issue 1 Star because I can barely even play so why should I give a 5 Star if it keeps kicking me so 1 Star is the most logical answer please fix these glitches. Edit. Now it will not even let me play if I could put a half a star I would I really do not think they read the reviews like I really wanted to play this game yet the developers are just trying to troll people that is exactly how it seems you can’t even play anymore. I will change my review when the developers fix this they made a new update and there is a new bug where it keeps getting stuck on a white screen these developers do not even care about bugs. They still have not fixed any of the bugs I told them about they probably do not listen to the reviews because they do not care I took so much time reporting these bugs asked them nicely and they do not care which makes me mad. All this game does is put you on a white screen then kicks you out these developers do not even care. Developers are supposed to fix these problems they add new stuff but do not even fix the bugs they are not good developers they do not care. I will not take this review down until they fix the bug.
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