Arkansas FCU Mobile Banking

4.8 (14.7K)
108.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Arkansas Federal Credit Union
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Arkansas FCU Mobile Banking

4.83 out of 5
14.7K Ratings
5 years ago, jgdrops
Tough to read and understand
Overall, I do not like the new mobile banking app and will attempt to explain the confusion I have trying to navigate the program. I do muddle my way through and make the most of the program, but it is never easy or without some sort of complication. First, I find the font and format difficult to read and navigate. Thankfully, being able to enlarge the screen helps. Also, the slim blocks of color along the side do little to guide me to a category, but take more space from the field of vision. Second, The menu is ok and fairly straight forward, but trying to access or even find my recurring payments is extremely confusing especially through the transfer funds link. I have set up duplicate recurring payments more than once and had to struggle to find the way to cancel the duplicate without cancelling the initial payment. I have had some difficulty with recurring payments in bill pay too and e-bills are a continuous nightmare. I have constant messages telling me to update or contact payee at their website or it is continuously “in progress”, but never fixed or working properly. Using e-bills is not a viable choice for me. I don’t know what the benefit is or why it is offered. I hope this review explains some of my difficulties and can help you understand my frustrations.
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5 years ago, Judy Willett
My Account
Tellers need to be more mindful when pulling up “family” accounts. In a 5 month period, when I have deposited or withdrew money from my account, they mistakenly added or took the money from my husbands account. Please tell me how this could happen when our account numbers are different? I refuse to argue with the tellers which I almost did one time because I told her she needed to look closer and find MY account number. She insisted that she did the proper research and yet still took the W/D from my husbands account. Short of the computers being down, I can’t accept any excuse. Other than that, I’m happy with the credit union for now.
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5 years ago, phil85xyz
All good except for the check deposit feature.
The app is generally good, functional and dependable except for the glaring failure of the worthless check deposit function. You can attempt to deposit a check, and the app will tell you that it deposited the check successfully. You go on about your business, writing checks as though you have the deposit in there, only to find out it really did not deposit successfully. I have often tried to deposit checks when the app would refuse to deposit the check up to a dozen times, giving a variety of up to four different reasons/excuses; then in a mad fit I try one more time and it deposits successfully whereas nothing had changed— same check, same lighting, etc. this is particularly frustrating when I’ve had multiple checks to deposit. The online deposit function is important since no branches have been opened up near me
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3 years ago, jimmyzwheelz
Nice app but needs a few additions
It's great having mobile access to my AFCU account. Love the convenience. However, we need a few updates for even more convenience. i.e. I see where Bank of America offers mobile check deposit. Simply take a picture of the front & back of the check, then click which account you want it deposited into...very convenient! Please consider this update to you app! Thank you!! **UPDATE** Mobile check deposit request has been implemented and works well! Thank you for adding this functionality.
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7 months ago, DrNotapoolman
Best Bank Ever
I was a victim of identity theft 2 years ago which resulted both my checking and savings accounts being drained completely. They investigated immediately and had all my money back in my account within 48 hours—no police report, no hassle, nothing. They’ve been consistently professional and courteous every time I’ve had an issue with fraudulent charges, unanticipated overdrafts, etc.. Been with them for 5 years and look forward to the next 5. Hands down BEST IN THE BUSINESS!!!
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6 years ago, ajprn
I changed to the large font option. I still cannot read the transaction description, the balance, etc. I can’t distinguish a credit from a debit the colors are so faint. Who thought this was a good idea? A 20-year-old with sharp eyes. That’s not who all of your customers are. I’m 48 years old, i’ve never had to wear glasses to use this app or anything else. I like to use technology and I want to be able to continue to use this app just as I always have and as of now it’s useless to me.
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4 years ago, Lilpiece
Better than the last one
I haven’t had any problems with this new app. I had log in trouble with the old app but this one is easy to use, gives me the simple information I need, allows me to manage all my credit union accounts and I can use fingerprint id to log in, eliminating the problem with logging in. Good app. My only issue is how much the app is down completely, if that isn’t a problem with my phone specifically. Still a good app, better than the old one.
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5 years ago, Mousey Mee
It's easier now, people!
The UI is much cleaner now, love it. After going through some minor (not Olympic-size) hoops and updating to the new security measures, it's now a breeze. After the initial login, you can select to to login using your fingerprint. LOVE IT!!! That's even less work than a PIN. Update: Still love the app! So glad they also have Face Recognition. I’ve been a member since I enlisted and their service and app is a reason I have remained a customer—over 35 years later!
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9 months ago, ljones2007
Mobile Deposit
Need to be able to deposit more than $500 weekly payroll check. If you are a customer is in good standing you should have no problem depositing at weekly payroll check. This check shouldn’t be held for two days. So when I deposit my $930 payroll check they hold 430 until Monday or Tuesday. Prior to the upgrade I could deposit without any problem. Now I have to go to the bank so my funds are not held over the weekend. It has made me think about changing banks . Because it is not convenient to drive to local branch to make a single deposit.
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2 years ago, hydroguy87
25 yr member here
I always use mobile banking for almost all my banking needs. This app does MOST everything I need it it. I wish I could move accounts around the way I want them from my phone. be able to put accounts in the order you want and then LOCK them that way. I keep wanting to scroll up and then it moves that account up. Also, I still haven’t found out how to pay ALL my bills at once. I have to pay one and the go
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4 years ago, toomanyproblemshere
Need a bold font type
The displays are difficult to read because the font is light. I suggest that the font is bold or darker which would make it easier to read and more inviting to use for people who may a less than perfect vision. Other than that, I’m satisfied with the app. Thank you for the opportunity to offer feedback. Beata Lovelace
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3 weeks ago, jeremycollins92
Great Banking App
I really like the mobile app. It’s clean and offers everything I need. My only complaint is the new card control feature. I love that it’s not built into the main app and no longer a standalone app. However, when toggling my card on and off, the toggle doesn’t update which makes it hard to tell the state of my card. If I toggle the card off, it still shows it as being on until I reload the app, and vice versa.
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2 years ago, LALA-LLJ
Mobile banking
The new version of the app should allow us to manage our accounts in the order we want. I have personal accounts, joint accounts and business accounts. I should be able to list the accounts in the order I want like the old app. I use to be able to move an account to the top or bottom of the list. Now I don’t have the option. Now the accounts are listed all out of order.
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5 years ago, BrandiM14
Multiple websites
It’s 2019 and the local credit union can’t figure out how to make it easy to make payments. You have to transfer funds and they can’t exceed a certain amount. If you want to make large payments, you have to create another log in for another website and do it there. However, there is a limit on how large of a payment you do there too. I’ve never had so much trouble trying to pay off a car loan in my life. I will never do business with them again. I tried to go to actual credit union and they don’t do payments there. It’s either go to two different sites or trust the mail service with your money. It’s awful.
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4 years ago, howmanynicknamesaretaken???
Wrong sign in, you’re screwed on the weekend
Lord help you if you’ve forgotten your password and get locked out of the app on the weekend/after hours. AFCU has a broken policy/procedure for overdraft protection, they use up all your “allowed” transfers for transferring money from your savings to checking, for each individual transaction, charging you fees each time. Then the app will send you a notice, after the transfers are used up, so you can’t fix anything online. They also lock you out of the atm, even to transfer money to checking...lord I can’t wait to have enough time to switch banks.
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4 years ago, Sig7686
Broken bill payment
The bill payment function in the app broke recently and I get the following error message: “Your session has expired. Return to internet banking and relaunch bill pay.” When I brought this to the attention of the bank, this was their response: “Unfortunately, our Bill Pay is not compatible with Safari versions 13.0.4 or higher and this is why you will get an error. You will want to use a lower version of Safari or another browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.” So it sounds like the bank has decided they can’t keep their banking app up to date. This doesn’t inspire confidence.
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3 years ago, toughgma
Easy to navigate
Once I had a chronic tech issue that AFCU were incredibly in helping to get fixed, navigating is better than ever. All of my accounts (savings, checking, credit card) are summarized boldly on the first page you see and each account can be opened to fully explore your data. Great app!!!
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5 months ago, Sneaked in
The new my cards button 😝
Why put that where the bill pay has always been? Can you make it to where we can switch out our radio buttons to our own preferences? Or just put that my card crap where you stashed the bill pay. Thank you for your consideration.
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6 years ago, monchichi48
Extremely easy to use
I check balances and transfer money daily and never have any kind of problem. App is super easy to navigate and understand. Really like the layout of information. Have also made deposits of checks by taking a picture of the check-very easy!
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4 years ago, emme10328
User friendly
This is a well designed app that is user friendly and lets me do and see everything in it. It always works, u less they have it down for maintenance. My previous banking app did nothing but aggravate me. It was very limited. AFCU has hit it out of the park with this app, just as they have with their banking services. I am a very happy customer!!
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3 years ago, Duff43077
Mobile banking
I love how easy it was to install and setup the mobile banking app. I love that I can see my balance and transactions on my phone and it’s more secure than I expected and that’s one reason why I haven’t done it before now because I was afraid it wouldn’t be secure enough but I’m very happy with this app
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5 years ago, Chase kid
Great Job!
I’ve been a customer for 10 years AFCU has financed two of my vehicles purchases. Those that work at AFCU are friendly and knowledgeable and take the time to make sure you have been taken care of in all aspects of your banking needs. I recommend AFCU to those who ask where I bank and will continue to do so. Thanks AFCU team for all you do! Curtis Chase
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6 months ago, @Highperforming
I have to say this bank has the best customer service I have been banking with many banks over two decades they've always polite hold time is not long they take care of things for you going above and beyond ... I'm back and forth between 2 states and I will never get rid of them💫💫💫💫✨
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3 years ago, Core130M
This App gives me real time information on all my accounts! Account Transactions are shown immediately, as well as the balances, both available and pending. Priceless!! All AFCU members should download and use this “tool” to manage and track their financial health on a daily, no, actually hourly basis!! I love this App!!
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5 years ago, perpturped
Fix your App when trying to deposit a check
I would give a 5 star if the app did not close every time I complete all steps click deposit then it closes. It has been doing this for months. Please fix, it is so annoying to have to redo my login every time. This is a waste of my time. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Goldmarks R
App review
The app is actually good trust me you don’t have to click and wait for it to load before you do a transaction..! It’s just a fast one It’s just their mail system if you send a message to them nobody is replying back or there do reply late please improve on that
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1 year ago, AR Kathy
Signing out
It is much easier to log out officially. The tiny choices were hard to see. This is a good one. Congratulations to the one that did it. Kathy Please do not make any changes on this. It’s so good now. I like going to the credit Union too. Kayla and Alexa and Riley are good at helping a little old lady.
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3 years ago, Sherdp
Recurring Payments
The app has been great other then the recurring payments options. Other websites/apps you can see and or adjust existing auto payments. You might be able to on this app but I have not been able to find the options. Could be more intuitive and user friendly.
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4 years ago, Anne070947$
I get security alerts constantly on my accounts. Nothing is ever wrong. I was told to change my ID as well as passcode which I did and still get these alerts. I’m so tired of having to deal with these errors as well as all the construction at your Fort Smith Facility. Not happy at this juncture
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5 years ago, Ronb0116
I use the app several times a week. It’s easy to transfer money to my regular bank account on occasion. I did have some issues transferring to another account for some reason but that may have been my lack of understanding.
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5 years ago, R4-IRTM
Use it for Everything
Easy to use right from the gitgo. Quick sign in with a PIN. All accounts quickly displayed and assessable. Easy to transfer funds. I use the mobile check deposit every couple weeks, and have loved the billpay feature for years.
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3 years ago, pilot-4-hire
My Hometown Bank Rocks!
I have had my account for several months now and it’s been Awesome! I have been and continue to be happy with my local credit union. I plan to keep moving more of my business to Arkansas Federal Credit Union in the coming months. Thank you AFCU.
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4 years ago, Comic on a
Great Banker!!
I was recommended to use this bank by my mom a while back and I never have had any problems with this bank! This will be my first and only bank account and bank I will go to (possibly). This app allows my to track my money and transferring money to family easily!!
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6 years ago, Marshall121
Needs more freedom
So far it seems the only power I have is look at how much money I have. They need to let you have more power over your debit/credit cards. You should be able to deactivate a card on here, and order a new card under card management. I shouldn’t have to spend hours trying to call you guys when you have an app where I can potentially do stuff myself. Ask all the security questions you want, just let me manage my own stuff!
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6 years ago, Imanewme
Mostly awesome.
The interface is uncluttered and easy to navigate until you go to the credit card portion. Then the screen is clearly not optimized for a mobile device. It makes paying the credit card difficult.
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3 years ago, Kikipotamus
User friendly
This banking app is intuitive and easy to use, even for this boomer. My mom’s bank’s app is always giving me problems requiring us to call, message, or go there in person. I’m so glad I never have to deal with bugs with AFCU’s app.
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2 years ago, Niqu3479
I like AFCU a lot.
I really enjoy banking here, but I hate that it no longer participates in Shared Branching. However, I have been a member for at least 10 years and it has been smooth sailing. The app features are great and they are constantly adding good features and customer service has been good as well.
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5 years ago, Roslyn's Review
Excellency at its Finest
The app is very convient, you get fast & accurate reply’s from a representative and you are able to make tranfers immediately with accounts. This app is very useful I use it everyday. Thank you AFCU for being such an awesome bank, having the GREATEST service and doing for your community! I highly recommend 🥰
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4 years ago, Mr. Wor
Rating from Gary Worsham
I finally got the app setup and now I’m online working it every day and I really appreciate the user friendly app! I love it 🥰!!! I’m a traumatic brain injury survivor and I’m still very, very please with how user friendly it still is the best I’ve used! The is fantastic!
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5 years ago, shamfers
Mobile app
This mobile app is so difficult. I have an iPhone and I use my fingerprint but if that doesn’t work and you don’t remember your password and lock yourself out you have to call and get them to unlock you account and reset your password. Then on the weekends (this just started happening after the update) the mobile app doesn’t work AT ALL any transactions you make won’t show up til Monday sometimes Tuesday. It doesn’t even show pending.
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3 years ago, my boot
Only problem i have with the app you aren’t able to print out transactions from the app itself. You have to go to a deck top computer to do that. If you could do that I would give this app a 5 star.
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5 years ago, 7dc7
Type face choice too tiny and too narrow light grey
The type face used on on the details of deposits and expenditures is too small and grey making it hard to read easily. It would be better if the chosen type face would be black and a bit bigger.
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5 years ago, If all name take forget it
App features are awesome
I love the features at within this app I wish you had a way to put digital signatures into this app for the IRA are any accounts that need a person to put a signature without having to take off work since the bank close by the time I get off.
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4 years ago, zadfred
App is frequently down for maintenance. The mobile deposit feature often locks up so you’re not sure if the check successfully was deposited or not.
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3 years ago, Shaw9041
I love this Banking App.
I love this It has everything in need. It answers all of my questions. I also keep up with my moms banking. This app is 10 times more user friendly than her bank. Thank you very much.
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5 years ago, blakeconner
This overall appearance of this app looks good, however not a reliable source when wanting to see an accurate account balance. Recently accrued $224 in overdraft fees due to “not having the funds in my account” but after the transaction processed, the app showed me I had the money to cover it. The first fee caused me to have six more fees. Apparently the current balance/account balance in this app is just for show. These numbers are not accurate on weekends.
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12 months ago, Frybake
App doesn’t save bank data
Saved my banking information 3!times on app and every month I have to add it back just to pay my truck payment. Can never get anyone to help me and tell me why it al aye dissappears. If it doesn’t add then I have to call number and pay over phone and get charged a 7.50 service fee.! That is so wrong because it cost me money that pay a loan!!!!
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3 years ago, God_fan1
AFCU is a great choice to bank!
Love the convenience of online banking including instant deposit by taking a pic of the check, because we are a 30 minute drive away from our nearest bank location. My husband and I are very happy customers, thank you AFCU.
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5 years ago, allisonmone'
Easy to use right at your fingertips plus you will be alerted through the app and email when there has been too many failed attempts to log in. I can’t express enough how user friendly this app is
Show more
5 years ago, rickrcajun
App deposits
I have not been able to scan a money order for deposit every time I scan it states unable to read the money order. I just go through the drive thru. Frustrating
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