Arlo Secure: Home Security

4.1 (214.3K)
830.6 MB
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Current version
Arlo Technologies Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Arlo Secure: Home Security

4.06 out of 5
214.3K Ratings
6 months ago, Shawninator
Really, really good but not great… like but don’t love…
App itself is very full featured. In comparison to all the others I’ve tested, Arlo is still at the top. Haven’t tested Nest to be fair tho. Arlo does a lot of smart things in the setups allowing a lot of customization, particularly in setting how one or more cameras behave based on motion on another - that’s really great and also the customization of geo settings and arming specific cameras of choosing based on location, presence. arrival, departure, etc. Also great ability to adjust motion zones, lighting, brightness, duration, etc. My biggest complaint is the time it takes for a camera image to load after receiving an alert. Not the alert image, the actual camera if clicking the alert to open the app. It’s painfully long and seems longer than when just viewing the cameras without an alert. And this is when one has the greatest sense of urgency in wanting/needing to view it! My 2nd biggest complaint is the CVR feature, not awesome or that user friendly compared to all your other features/capabilities… cannot do a quick view “overview” like some competitors offer, or even a 2x or 5x speed view, which would be super helpful! And for the price we’re charged it’s not great, and it’s a per camera fee, at least allow 2-3 cameras for the fee to make up for the lack of CVR features. Still work to do to be the best.
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2 years ago, Rings round
Brings peace of mind
We have had a three camera system up for over 6 months. The cameras have worked amazing, even in negative winter temperatures in northern Wisconsin, (way north). The two outside cameras that are exposed to full weather and temperatures have only had problems when we were -30 degrees and lower. They will shutdown if to cold, but come back on when it warms up. The third camera is protected a little more and it doesn’t get any colder than 35 degrees and has had no problems. Strong wifi is needed to support the system. We are currently using Starlink satellite and have no problems with delay or coverage. The video clarity is very good and the stored video library has been helpful on several occasions. We have a $9.99 monthly membership. We recommend buying the official Arlo power cords to plug-in if your cameras will have a lot of activity. Otherwise you will be changing/charging your battery, (XL battery), every three days. The two cameras that have extensive activity for detection we have hooked up to Arlo outdoor power cords. The one camera that has very little activity, the battery goes several months between charges. Other family members also have Arlo cameras and they are very happy too. Random pros are we have been able to monitor weather conditions while away from home, get great video of wildlife and monitor people that may be up to no good, but see our security cameras. We have no cons.
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3 years ago, BrownPartyof3
Great Video Quality but Beware of Ad Creep
My wife and I use Arlo Baby primary on our smartphones. Pros: We are impressed with the video quality. We use the music and light features to stimulate our baby before he gets out of his crib. This is a part of his morning daily routine which allows him to ease into getting up and give us a few extra minutes to get his bottle ready. Also being able to view the room from anywhere on your smart devices when you are away from the home is a clear advantage from other stand-alone baby monitors. This comes in handy when you have a babysitter for a night out or might be doing work around the house in areas where wifi signal is week or non-existent. Cons: The live feed does take a few seconds to load (10-20 sec) which may not seem like a lot but can sometimes be frustrating when you just want to pop-in to take a quick look at your little one. The most annoying thing about the app is that every 10th time you open the app there is an ad to promote some paid Arlo premium feature like Arlo smart. Before you can view the live feed of the room you have to click past it. I find this to be a major turn off and considering regulate two-way monitors don’t do this, it sets Arlo baby a part, in a negative way. I haven’t found a way to opt out of seeing these Ads but I would suggest to Arlo to at least provide such a way to do so or stop the Ad creep altogether.
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2 years ago, 24578865335689087543356
It’s amazing, the quality it really really clear and so it the audio. It has only started recording a bit late when someone approaches the door like 3 times since I got it 4 months ago and people come and go to my house including package delivery about 20-25 times a day at least, no exaggeration. The only thing holding back from 5 star is that when someone rings the doorbell, it takes it like 45 seconds to connect to my phone before I can start talking to them and there’s a pretty major delay every single time I’ve done it. It could be my Internet though so I don’t wanna fault it too much in that department. I’ve also opted to hardwire it to my existing doorbell but no matter what I’ve tried, I’ve been unable to successfully get it to chime. Even in the app, it’s just gray and I can’t do it. Luckily though my phone rings whenever someone rings the bell, but like I said it takes like 45 seconds to fully connect to interact with whoever is ringing the bell which doesn’t sound like long, but it is when you’re sitting there waiting for it to load. Luckily though, Arlo pairs super easily with my Alexa device so whenever someone rings the doorbell and I’m not home, but others are home who do not have the Arlo app, Alexa announces on all devices that someone is ringing the doorbell and she makes a doorbell sound. It’s great
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1 month ago, mx2er
Not so good
There are a lot of issues starting from customer service and down. You cannot understand a word they are saying to help. All out of country country support. The one time I received a message from an American was rude. I have had numerous issues with the cameras and when they call back they never call in the same number and you don’t know who it is. Because I did not answer the phone the rep left a message “I am calling you back and this is the only call you will get. I am not calling again”. That us f…d up. Billing issues and when questioning why the issue as I knew the reason she gave me was absurd. She said “ well it happens in sone accounts f at you will have to keep calling back”. I was snookered. I ended up paying for a year subscription …, funny never had an issue after that they don’t like monthly subscriptions. I guess they know how bad the support and cameras are one way to keep you is to subscribe for a yearly plan. Cameras. Hmmmm that is another issue. Don’t pick up and notify until after the object or person is gone. You only see the last few seconds. They have issues with the app and you call with all the problems and that is when they inform you about the app issues. Never mind that for hours you cannot see what is going on. They send you a link tat does not work I can go in and in but I am done with their rudeness and poor customer service. Looking at another brand of cameras recommended to me. Adios amigos!!
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1 year ago, da43250
Great So Far
I like the design of the camera and the optional solar cell array has kept the battery charged at 100 percent even when checked during the middle of the night. I like the magnetic cable connector as well. The AI seems to be accurate so far. I have it set to only alert for people, animals, vehicles and package delivery. It ignores all other movement which I need since I have a yard with a lot of tree branches that move from wind. The spot light and siren are good features as well. The camera seems to not lag at all which is important to me. The audio when talking to someone near the door is good. I could go on and on but I’ll stop here. It’s a great camera and I will be buying more of them soon. They definitely beat a competing product I had before though they do cost more. Well worth the money. Update: One thing I don’t like is the delay caused by the video first being uploaded to them for AI analysis before we get to see the video. This causes a delay from a few seconds to, in my experience, up to 20 seconds or more. Further the amount of the delay can vary between cameras making them get out of sync. For example someone can knock on your door and the camera can’t yet show them to you. Other than that my cameras with solar panels are great. I do like the AI.
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1 year ago, TwoDogs2Kids
Almost Perfect
We love the fact that Arlo can be wireless or hard wired. We have an older home and hardwiring for our front door would take an”expert” to do. My husband who is a communications engineer was not able to understand 1940’s wiring. We then opted for the wireless doorbell and it worked immediately. The Arlo App it’s self is good and almost perfect. I’m not sure if we have an earlier generation but the gigahertz for the wireless connection has to be low for “successful” connection. We feel that we don’t get immediate notification when the camera is sending us notifications. Otherwise, the camera itself is displaying really clear images on both wireless door camera and wireless spotlight camera. The app does allow us to see remotely the battery life on both devices and adding devices are pretty easy as long as you follow instructions. We like how we can view and save/download recordings but wish we had the option to mass delete rather then delete individual recordings. We have dogs and they run around our house and it’s a annoying task to save data space on our phone and clean up the dozen videos of our dogs being dogs. Hopefully the tech team are working on the slightly inconveniencing issues- but other then that, pretty great system.
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7 months ago, V . . .
Great cameras, but security system needs improvements
I’ve been an Arlo customer for years and think their cameras are excellent. However, I purchased their security system about a year ago and have had multiple issues with the system, including spontaneous arming of the security system in the middle of the night, and arbitrary disarming of our camera motion detection capabilities ever since installing the security system. After dozens of interactions with their technical customer service team, the issues remain unresolved and it is unclear if the issues are related to to security control pad itself, or the new app installed with the new security pad. My guess is that I have a faulty security pad, or Arlo prematurely launched their security pad and/or new app with multiple bugs (likely also with compatibility issues with their own technology). While the customer support team is friendly, their ability to resolve an issue is very limited, and forces the user to try multiple ways to resolve the problems over an extended period (in my case, over countless hours and without resolution). The response time for their advanced technical team is also unacceptable, often taking several weeks. For these reasons, I rate Arlo as a 2 (5 stars for their cameras alone, and 1 star for their security system). This is unfortunate since there is a lot of potential for a great integrated system if everything worked properly.
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5 months ago, Making strides just not in the app
Takes too long to load or doesn’t at all
The setup of the app is great but it constantly won’t load one of the cameras even though our WiFi is at full connection and working perfectly fine. It happens so frequently I wouldn’t recommend spending the money on the cameras plus the monthly fees per camera. It was faster during our 30 day trial. It’s supposedly 2k but is always grainy and we’ve tested our WiFi speed to see if that’s the issue, but it’s not. My partner and I both have phones that supposedly support the 2k. Edit: The help articles didn’t have any information we haven’t tried as we have read them before to setup a secondary account and make sure we had the right placement for our cameras. My partner and I also are constantly being logged out of the app. I’m assuming because I’m not the person who setup the subscription I don’t have access to many of the features like support. My app says “no devices associated with this Arlo account” but the cameras and videos are on there. The payment is from both of us, my partner was just the one to set it up on her phone first so that’s another frustration to add to the list. You can’t both login to the same account at the same time or it will kick the other person off so we setup mine as a secondary account a while ago that only has limited access. There should be a way for two adults to have access to the full features.
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2 months ago, jaywelch
Good and bad…
Update: Was able to get a hold of Arlo support via the forums and was put in contact with someone who could work directly with the devops team. Issue was resolved in 30 min and while they believed the original bug to have been fixed a while back, they asked for screenshots and steps to reproduce to further troubleshoot and triage the bug. This is exactly how it should be, perhaps with an easier path to escalation without the needless basic “have you turned it off and back on again” questions. Thanks Arlo! UI is clean and most things make sense. Access to what you want is about where it should be… and then there’s the automation and geofencing issue. Whatever you do, don’t delete a geofenced device when trying to troubleshoot why it’s not auto dis/arming. You can’t get it back without either 1. Deleting your entire account and starting from scratch, or 2. Finding the one employee in the threads who knows how to “unhide” it from Arlo’s side. Tier 1 support will waste your time for an hour and a half trying basic troubleshooting and you’ll sit until someone does something. Best part is, this bug has been documented on their community forums for the past couple of years and they haven’t addressed it.
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1 year ago, Tactical one
Good cameras when they work.
The reason I bought this cameras was to see as close as possible to real time alerts. About a year or so the app worked fine and was happy wit it. For some reason the app now give you an alert, not just once but multiple times for same alert that ends up getting annoying but worse is that video takes a long long time to load or does not load at all when tapping on alert. Video works better when you just open up app and select live view. This takes about 5-10 seconds, I have had packages stolen from my front door and all I get to see is the after the thieves walk away with packages. The live speaker with mic works great, but there should be a setting where I can select it to come on for any camera of my choice when ever I press live view. This of course will probably drain battery faster but it would be my choice. This future would come handy when someone is around your property and not just available on the doorbell camera. Over all I would probably buy a system again if the double alerts get fixed with faster loading videos when you tap on alert. Here is a simple fix Arlo engineers, maybe instead of you getting video to load for why you got alert you just get alert and go straight to live view with option to have mic/speaker on.
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9 months ago, TWKMK
Not that great
The cameras are good, but the software to use the is a pain. You can’t just select a camera without going through a bunch of other elements and the process is not easy to follow. Whoever did the programming didn’t dumb it down for the average user. I am sure they thought they had it perfect, but I think it is not user friendly at all. This is my least favorite element of the system.. once you open a camera you also get an annoying microphone feedback which I have not been able to eliminate. The zones are rectal linear which limits the ares of detail that you really need when setting up specific zones without making several smaller squares which is not ideal. Overall I give this a 4 out of 10…maybe…I have ordered solar panels for the cameras, OMG what a pain that was. There are no less than three types of connectors available for the solar panels; micro A mini USB, Type C and a three contact magnetic variety. I know because I have been sent all three. I had to purchase adapters from a third party because the ARLO Customer Service department, who claim that they are in the Philippines, can’t help you because they are only “technicians’ not supply personnel. There are no Americans to call directly or will help you…oh, yeah the “technicians’ will hang up on you. Find another source. These batteries are crap and support is no-existent…Don’t waste your time with these. I can only imagine the monthly fees are going to be in the realm of Highway Robbery.
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1 year ago, Jeff golenski
Hardware is great but the app needs a lot of work
I love Arlo’s hardware. Well built security cams. For the past 5 years they’ve held up well in the elements of New England. However, I can’t justify paying for Arlo secure anymore because the app UX is so bad. With the latest update, every time I arm the system, the app logs me out so I can’t shut the cameras off when I return home because I get SSL or time out errors when trying to log back in. Face ID nor passwords work—we just have to deal with the app sending notifications that the cameras are picking up motion for a while. Sometimes I can’t log back in at all and have to manage the system through their web interface which is equally as bad. I reached out to support and they couldn’t even find my account. Mind you, you have to be logged into the app with your email when you live chat with them, so they know who I am. I had to take a photo of my subscription to prove I pay them. I understand there are a lot of moving parts to the system, but even when sensitivity is all the way up, I can easily walk quickly in front of the cams and they don’t pick me up. Recording notifications can often be delayed for minutes, which is a problem if it’s urgent. The monthly prices just went up a couple bucks a month yet the quality just isn’t there for the system. After 5 years, I think it’s time for a replacement.
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7 months ago, mikeinseattle
Very buggy app
The app leaves a lot to be desired. You cannot control the types of activity that get sent to the feed by individual camera. The settings apply to all cameras unfortunately. So while I might want to see people activity from one camera but not from different cameras, I have to settle for getting people activity from all cameras in my feed. You also cannot mass delete clips from the feed page. You have to delete each one by one. When I want to get a live feed from a camera, it times out trying to connect to the camera about 40% of the time which is unacceptable. I have to shut the app down and try multiple times to reopen it before finally getting a successful live feed. Also when I want to turn off a camera temporarily I will often get the spinning wheel making it look like it is continually trying to shut it off. I have to shut down the app and reopen it to see that the camera actually did turn off. All these issues are happening despite having a strong wifi connection on the cameras and my phone. Regarding the cameras themselves, I have the Pro4’s. The quality of the recordings is good and it is very easy to set the cameras up. The only negative about the hardware is that batteries don’t last that long if you have frequent activity being recorded. I was hoping for better battery life based on other reviews.
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1 year ago, Shaggiinator
Best wireless security
I’ve been with Arlo since 2015 and all five of my original cameras work flawlessly presently. Since then Ive added a couple ultra 2’s and indoor baby monitor. All cameras work as they should. There’s been some app issues along the way but the Arlo team continues to work thru them. I do miss the free web service they once offered that included up to 7 days of video and motion notifications alerts for free. I would have like to seen some sort of kick back for original customers who have been there since beginning, discount on services.??? Even with the minor issues that have popped up over the years. I still wouldn’t choose another wireless security system. I do recommend solar charging to reduce the times you charge batteries or you can purchase wired charging cables for outdoor use. So far my favorite camera is the Essential XL. This camera battery lasts for several months without having to charge it. I got three of them for my parents property and they love them. The app can be odd sometimes for some reason logging you out and won’t let you back in until after many attempts. But latest update seem to fix this unless you have an older phone.
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1 year ago, 5Pittbulls1Husky
Arlo Security System
The system itself is great . The only downside is that there’s no way to take it off of motion activated and set it up on continuous recording . So because of this, if you have outdoor pets . Like two or more dogs . In less than eight hours you’ll have well over 1500 individual videos to watch if you’re looking for something in particular . which can be very time consuming as well as takes up space on your phone .Yes, there is a setting where you can turn off where it will not pick up pants, people, or other things . However, it will still pick up the motion no matter what and you will still have over 1500 videos But instead a bit, let you know if it was an animal, vehicle or person it will just tell you motion .So there is no way to get around that .Also, because of this issue, it drains your battery very quickly . I personally have seven cameras and I have solar panel charger connected to all of them, and it still drains the battery because the solar panels cannot charge the batteries faster than the camera is being activated . so if anybody chooses to buy this Arlo system, you need to keep that in mind . If you do not have any pets, this system would be great and it may even be fine with one being outside, but would be okay with one pet inside . I hope this helps .
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2 years ago, Levy D.
Constant app issues
Using app version 3.6.8 on iPhone 13 with iOS 16. Wife uses iPhone 12 with same app version and iOS version. Neither phone can see live videos from our 3 Arlo Pro 3 cameras. Tapping the play arrow results in one second of a spinning load indicator and then nothing. Not acceptable. Developer responses from reviews today ask users to update to the “new” app update 3.5.1 which was new over 9 months ago and there are more recent updates. Do they even know the new version of their own app? 3.6.8 is from three months ago. Any competent developer would have already tested the app with the beta iOS software to make anticipates updates and no recent updates for iOS 16 released recently. Poor app development and software management. Cameras often have glitches and blank out during recordings just when you need to see the subject in the video. Phantom movements cause recordings of nothing or the recordings start too late. I will not be buying Arlo again because of extremely poor software. The cameras are nicely made with good power management but the software is mediocre at best. We have 3 Arlo Pro 3 Cameras, 3 Arlo Pro cameras, a doorbell camera and an Arlo baby. All have issues constantly. I just deleted and reloaded the app so don’t give me that advice either because it didn’t fix anything. You just need better software developers. I would not recommend anyone purchase these cameras or use this app at this current time.
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1 year ago, Urban life stinks
I’ve had Arlo Pro cameras for a year now and I find them completely unreliable. I live in an urban community but I have the fastest internet available. When watching the cameras alive, I find I have to keep pressing the play button every minute or two. They should stay up all the time as I am watching live, but they don’t. Also when watching live if there is activity happening while I am watching live either the camera will drop and when I press play, it will clock and it will clock until the activity ends which means I’m not getting the benefit of having a camera. There are lots of gaps in the coverage. My cameras are hardwired and I pay for Continuous video recording. How is it that one camera view is recording just fine and at that same time another camera has a gap and is not recording. It can’t be the Internet if one camera is recording just fine. I reboot my Internet several times a week because I find a lot of lag or clocking as I’m trying to watch archived video. Also, the timeline will pick up a motion for a person which is great but then I don’t get the snippet ( my term for the video alert that gets sent to me) of that activity. So I wouldn’t know if someone was in view of my camera, if it weren’t for the timeline. If I had an invested so much in the cameras already, I would trash them and try something new. Very disappointed.
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3 years ago, Bonded & Secured
Slow video load and false alerts. Good tech support
Sooooo we’ve been using ARLO for 2 years. Often, when you go to look at the camera because of some type of alert, you may or may not actually see what caused the alert in time. I.e. The threat has passed before you can actually see what happened. All of my outdoor cameras constantly send Alerts to my phone but when you look at the video nothing is setting it off. Seems dangerous to me but... I don’t even see trees moving. Recently we added 2 Arlo doorbell cameras. We had to disconnect one of the cameras because they won’t both work at the same time. And the same complaint as everyone else, when the subscription ends,there are absolutely no recordings. Not 7 days like my other cameras, not 7 minutes not 7 seconds. The thing that makes me angry is before I spent hundreds of dollars on these cameras,Nowhere did it indicate that this was going to be the case. They are getting just like the greedy competitor Ring. And to spend all this money and then have things not function the way it supposed to, it’s really upsetting. What’s the point to a camera without the recording? It’s a matter of principle. Just include it in the price already! Greedy companies just trying to be in your pocket every month of the year. Do I sound mad??? It just went off again for no reason!!! And my sensitivity is set low.
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4 months ago, Special_Ed....
Do your research!!!
Buyer BRWARE!!! I’m on my 3rd set of arlo pro 4 cameras in about a 14 month time frame. Very VERY buggy, inconsistent and the app isn't that great either. Needed camera’s in a hurry and at a lower price. The ONLY reason I'm on my 3rd set is because the big box store i bought them at, will not give me a refund, they’ll only warranty them as long as I buy the warranty of course. So do your research. Check into a service like ADT, etc. Oh!, they also raised their monthly charge without notice. And their customer service is virtually non existent. No number to call to speak with a live person. You limited to messaging. And getting to deal with 1 representative is impossible! But they all assure you that you are in good hands and they will fully correct the issue(s). If i had it to do over, I would NOT buy arlo. But for now, I’m stuck with them since the warranty price is cheaper then a new set of camera’s in any brand. After a recent update, the audio is HORRIBLE! It sounds like the martians on the kids 2 way radio from the movie SIGNS…. Don't waste your money, time or energy with arlo. My app reverted back to the older and even LESS user friendly app. Not sure how, why. But i cant set the sensitivity settings any lower without just flat out turning off the camera all together. Its killing my batteries in about 4 days max. Audio has intermittent issue. Loud scratchy feedback during live feed and on recorded video.
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2 years ago, Reviewer 1976
Geofencing stopped working. No support from Arlo.
I've had a Arlo for several years, it has always worked great love the geofencing because the cameras would automatically arm once left home, and then disarm once I arrived home. However, Geo feneing has stopped working. I have deleted the app and download it the app, I have made sure I have the most recent update, lam on an iPhone 14. When I go in and look at the Geo fencing settings I have the correct address, the GPS contract me within our knows Geo fencing settings, It shows me on a map when I am not home, and it shows me on the map when I am home, yet the cameras do not automatically arm or disarm any longer. It's very frustrating to have to go in and manually arm and disarm my cameras once I leave the house when this feature was working so great before, I don't know what the problem is. My location services are on, I have a location set to always on for a Arlo, I also have precise location selected just as the instructions say. I checked the support community and the only solution I can find is that I must have the wrong version of the Arlo app, or my Ario app is not updated. But like I said l've deleted the Arlo app and downlosd it again, it says I have the most updated Arlo app available, Yet, Geo fencing does not work... I'm beyond frustrated and I am thinking of getting rid of Arlo and changing to Ring security cameras unless someone from a Arlo can help me with this.
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4 months ago, Mic 1975
Hopefully the IPad App Bugs are Finally Fixed!
Update as of 2/8/24: It seems that the recent App version 4.11.2 may have finally fixed the frustrating IPad bugs below. So far so good. I will use the App daily to see if all functions as it should over time. I’m glad it’s finally fixed but don’t understand why it took over a year. Especially now that Arlo charges for basic video storage, which it never used to! Original review: After repeated calls and emails with Arlo, they still have NOT fixed the IPad app bug. Once you open your “feed” to watch a video, there is no back arrow to return to your dashboard. You have to actually close down the app and reopen it. Come on Arlo! It’s been a year since I brought this to your attention. Just fix it. So I use this app on my IPhone and IPad all the time. However the IPad App has a bug that I’ve reported to Arlo several times with no real solution. When you open a video to watch from your feed to full screen, it will not minimize and take you back to your feed. The little arrows in the upper right corner just change direction when you tap on them but nothing happens. You have to go to your home page, close the Arlo Secure app, then reopen it to get back to your feed list of videos. PLEASE Arlo, fix this bug for IPads!!
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10 months ago, Sgt894
Not as good as I expected
Before making the purchase, I talked to a number of people who said Arlo was one of the better options for wireless security cameras. I made the purchase and installed them. The system and app weren’t very intuitive but I managed. The first thing I noticed was the delay and inconsistency in getting alerts. Then there is a significant delay in accessing the video from the alert. If you’re planning to use this as an “alarm” it will be too late… We went ton vacation two weeks after installing the system and about three days in every camera went offline. I couldn’t get them back on line without physically being at home. At that point they were worthless. Once at home I had to re-sync each camera. What a pain. My system has 2k resolution. I wanted the ability to ID someone or read a license plate. Having 35+ years in law enforcement I understand how critical this is. Every video I’ve checked gives marginal, at best, video clarity. I’m not convinced that in a moment of need it will be enough. Now I will admit I don’t have cable Internet service but my speeds are decent. I don’t think that would make the system function this poorly. Now I’m stuck with either buying a smart hub to eliminate “cloud only” recording and hope for the best, or buy another system.
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3 years ago, Deans account
Not satisfied. Needs improvement.
After my all my time/efforts and my $400+ investment into Arlo i was frustrated to find: The app needs much improvement! I was faced with multiple recent scary situations where someone I didn’t know approached my door after i installed my Arlo pro 3 system and my biggest issue was I couldn’t connect to the cameras to speak to them through the app and question who they were or what they wanted and most times you get notified it’s almost well after the persons been standing at the front door for a few moments. They also need to add to the app a way to allow you to set different notification sounds for the Arlo alerts because It sounds exactly like all my other notifications so there’s no way to distinguish this from my other less important apps. They also need to figure out a different system for how the batteries in the camera are charged and replaced although the batteries do last a decent amount of time between charges having to change the batteries every so often is a large pain and inconvenience especially for people that have placed the cameras in high positions on their homes. Don’t even get me started on how expensive the reoccurring monthly charges are either for it to operate like it should. I’m giving it the two stars because the cameras actually record nice quality videos and the sound is good too, I have mine recording in 2K.
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4 years ago, TnTTichy
Arlo App and needed features
I love my Arlo set up except after a short time one of them stopped alerting or even storing any movements. If I watched it “Live” that’s the only thing that it would work. I found it difficult to get any tech support and I work my way around technology and such typically very well. I took the batteries out and removed the device and then added it as a device again is the only way to make it work. What a pain! I had to get up on a ladder. And there are alert zones you can set but you can only set them while they are plugged in. How do you do that with any accuracy, they are wireless. Also, they need more selections for pausing alerts. How about letting the customer choose an exact amount of hours? If I want 8 hours 2 hours or whatever? Then I bought a pack of two cameras label said Arlo Pro 2 but they were Netgear without rechargeable batteries nor a place to plug in a solar panel or zones to set nor two way voice. False advertising. I had to buy batteries and they are expensive. Two sets of batteries would have paid for the solar panel accessory. I guess I won’t be buying a solar panel which works great! I did buy one for one of my true Arlo cameras. Save your money for the pack that comes with as many cameras as you will need instead of adding more later because the additional “Netgear” cameras won’t have all the features. Besides that, “ I love my Arlo and app.
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4 months ago, MimiTN1
What Good Is It
I have had my Arlo Pro system for several years and have seen it slowly go downhill to the point that it is worthless. What good is a security camera app that requires you to log in EVERY TIME you try to view a notification and then takes FOREVER to connect? By the time it connects to your app and then to the camera, whatever triggered the alert is gone and there is absolutely no history reflected, not even a snapshot (no I do not pay for the subscription service, as I have no need to store videos, just the ability to view the camera alerts, something I used to be able to do). The app used to be fast and connect immediately, but over the past few years, has been converted to useless. My next camera will NOT be an Arlo! ****Arlo support - don’t respond telling me to uninstall/reinstall my app or that my problem is my network or internet. Uninstall/reinstall renders the same effect and my network/internet works just fine with all my other devices, including cameras.**** My advice is to stay away from Arlo and from Netgear, money over customer service seems to be their mantra nowadays. So….really tired of the typical IT “it’s not us, it’s you” response, uninstall/reinstall, restart your device, that doesn’t work (and apparently you didn’t read my review **** ). Spend more time fixing your app and less time responding with responses to reviews you don’t read.
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6 months ago, Anahitalita
Takes too long
Update: still hate this app. Not at all useful if I want to see what is happening in the moment. I need to find another camera and app. I hate using this app and camera. First, it doesn’t alert you of motion until about 5 seconds after, and then when you press on the alert to open the app to see the recorded video, it takes forever. It completely defeats the purpose of having an alert. If I hear the alert on my phone and I am home, it is much faster if I go downstairs and look out the front door than if I tried to view the camera. And even still the person is long gone because the alert didn’t even go off until a few seconds after motion was detected. It’s good if at the end of the day, you want to view activity but I wish that once it detected motion, it would show 5-10 seconds of what was going on before the motion as well. I have had so many things stolen off my porch but I would like to know if they walked by first and saw it from the street. The videos always start with someone already on my porch even though I put the motion zone on the walkway. Anyway, the slowness of this app and camera has just caused me frustration. It should alert you as soon as it detects motion not when the motion is over and going to the live camera should be close to instant to be effective
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2 years ago, kyle1088
Complete disappointment
So I have had this system for a few years now (7 cameras plus a doorbell). From day 1 they miss activity random- it’s never been an issue that I have NEEDED to address. Well last night a vehicle was stolen and I have zero recording of anything- system was armed and motion sensitivity was on max. The vehicle it should have caught takes up about 30% of the cameras field of view and it completely missed it. My neighbors much less costly camera caught activity. Well after talking with support I found out how poor their support system really is- I got the usual IT troubleshooting mumbo jumbo but absolutely no real help in understanding how the system missed a pretty catastrophic even- it had the opportunity to capture a vehicle, a person and general movement and it failed on all counts- not just one camera, but several. It failed to do it’s one job and that is capture an emergency as it’s happening. The support I received was friendly but ultimately unhelpful- it ended with me telling them I have no choice but to scrap this expensive system and go with someone else. Maybe their newer products are better but what would have kept me around would have been adequate support/explanation for the failure. I would have considered upgrading my system with them but not after the lack of support I received. Lots of people have good luck with arlo- I am not one of them.
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2 years ago, QualityDP
Videos take forever to play, no matter how good signal is. Trash.
Even after buying into the pro subscription that every business uses to now grift their way past an honest product, I was hoping to get at least an honest functionality out of this app. For the money I paid, this is close to worthless. I have been looking far and wide for how I can get my videos backed up and recorded to my base station’s hard drive. You get a lot of articles on their site that point you to a non-working solution. The app and desktop platform reject my attempts to get this to happen. When i look up further help for it, I get the same worthless article with no solution. No person and no real support. So what am I left to do? Purchase their stupid subscription plan which backs up my videos to the cloud. At worst, these hurdles of poor support for how I want my Arlo to work are an outright fraud to get me to buy a subscription package and at best it’s an understaffed brand that dismisses customer service for automated “FAQ” sections that in fact lead to nowhere. To make matters worse, it doesnt matter how good my cellphone data or service coverage is, the videos that are recorded and I am alerted to don’t play. They sit with the loading loop over and over. Not only did I buy into a seemingly slimy grift, but I bought a grift for a functionality that is totally useless. I should have gotten a ring. These are terrible.
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4 years ago, Nicholaus26
Arlo Pro 3 won’t connect for two way audio off site using iPhone!
I recently spent over $1K on a six camera Arlo pro 3 system and have not been impressed! The system will NOT allow me to access two way audio using iPhone off site. This is unsatisfactory and I wouldn’t/will not recommend unless the issue is resolved in the next couple days before I return product. The video and audio work very well but it will not allow me to access two way audio off site and when I attempt to access it says connecting until I try to exit at which point it will not allow me to exit so I have to force close the application and then the cameras are froze and say offline! The system then needs reset and that isn’t a quick fix either, at times it’s taken as long as twenty minutes to have cameras back up. I spent countless hours reading/watching reviews on various totally wireless systems and decided I would spend the additional money for what was described as a superior product. I feel I have potentially made a huge mistake and should’ve saved myself a few hundred dollars and purchased a system I know first hand works as advertised. Before the questions, yes, the software for Arlo is latest, my iPhone has the latest update, all permissions in Arlo application are approved, the product simply doesn’t work as advertised. Frustrated is the safest, politically correct way to describe my current position on this product.
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4 years ago, 
App doesn’t always work...
Arlo has a great reputation. However, I don’t know why. It must be because they’re paying off reviewers. I have used ring and nest products in the past, and either are better products. One thing you must consider when purchasing, arlo doesn’t record at all times. Arlo only records based on events. So it’s not armed because you’re home then nothing gets recorded. They app is buggy. The only reason I bought them it’s because of the iOS HomeKit integration. However, only the pro 3 and the pro 2 lines are officially supported. I originally purchased the 4K ultras and they weren’t supported. Also the video doorbell is not supported by HomeKit. It’s a joke. It literally is the worse product you can put up. Their signal is so finicky also. I have a camera stopped working after charging. Their customer support is also a joke. I sent in complaints and they have responded 4 days later with a canned message. Then the following day I get a “it’s been 5 days since you contacted us” email stating they will be closing my case because of inactivity. I spent over $1000 for sub-standard equipment, received a mediocre app that constantly lags (takes about 5-10 seconds for your video feed to go live), and awful customer service. You could literally get that from any other company for a lot less. Not worth the money or the time.
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11 months ago, Eas888
Arlo needs work
App itself is very full featured. In comparison to all the others I've tested, Arlo is still #1. Haven't tested Nest to be fair tho. Arlo does a lot of smart things in the setups allowing a lot of customization, particularly in setting how one or more cameras behave based on motion on another - that's really great and also the customization of geo settings and arming specific cameras of choosing based on location, presence. arrival, departure, etc. Also great ability to adjust motion zones, lighting, brightness, duration, etc. My biggest complaint is the time it takes for a camera image to load after receiving an alert. Not the alert image, the actual camera if clicking the alert to open the app. It's painfully long and seems longer than when just viewing the cameras without an alert. And this is when one has the greatest sense of urgency in wanting/needing to view it! My 2nd biggest complaint is the CVR feature, not awesome or that user friendly compared to all your other features/capabilities... cannot do a quick view type "overview" like some competitors offer, which would be super helpful! And for the price we're charged it's not great, and it's a per camera fee, at least allow 2-3 cameras for the fee to make up for the lack of CVR features. Still a big fan but still could be better too.
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2 years ago, Judy-Rae
Home Security, Sometimes
This product could be great, if they wanted it to be, but there’s just too many issues. I have exhausted all attempts to fix the problems, over the last year and a half. The issues just keep coming back, I’m tried of going online to update, hours of work and it does even last the day. You only get to use 5 cameras without paying for the service, which would be great, if the cameras actually worked. The cameras are grainy, one has turned the video a weird reddish brown color, the microphones on two won’t turn off so when the wind blows it records the noise and wastes the battery. Several of my new cameras broke right away and I replaced them with older used cameras which work better then my brand new cameras. I want to love the system, I really do. We still use it even with all the problems however now I noticed another one of the cameras is not recording correctly, it use to record the front entrance now you only get the person leaving the frame so you get an their lower arm or lower leg. No more seeing them walk down the driveway (no adjustment was done to the camera recording area in the last 1-1/2yr. In the beginning it would have given the system 5 stars but decided to try it out first. If I could get the three cameras working properly, without microphone, discolored video and the frame issue this would be a 5 star review.
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7 months ago, DenK25
Tech support is horrible
Support is horrible. You will not find their tech support phone number. The 2 numbers that can be ungraved on their website and in the app say “cannot be completed as dialed”. Support chat bot is useless and gives blank dropdown menus when you try to connect to a person”. The only way I was able to connect to chat with a person was by clicking that I wanted to make a purchase. I explained to tech rep that I bought a pro 4 camera bundle set that came with an Arlo. After working for 3 weeks, all cameras disconnected from the hub. I’m good with technology and did my own basic troubleshooting of my internet router, potency of all cables, rebooting and resetting the hub and all of the cameras, trying to sync them through the app and manually nothing worked. The was just defective. One tech had me do the same steps I had already done for over an hour and then escalated me to a higher level tech who did the same steps for another hour and then told me that he is going to escalate it to higher tech support 🤣, who will contact me via email. I asked how do I contact tech support directly and he confirmed that they don’t have direct tech support phone number and that you have to go through the chat bot that doesn’t work. It’s hard to trust security system company with with such horrible customer support. Good thing I bough this Arlo bundle at Costco.
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2 years ago, artomlo
ARLO review
I love it! The quality of components; the ingenuity of the functionality and physical design; the flexibility of ways to employ the devices for monitoring, and so far,(1 year), the durability. Perfect product! The “doorbell “ systems are stupid! The first thing they do is tell an intruder that you HAVE a security system, and then, whether or not anyone is actually monitoring that system! All the intruder needs is a can of spray paint or a piece of tape to totally disable the system! I put my ARLO cameras in places that are inconspicuous and unreachable. I want to see what potential intruders are doing when they DON’T think they are being watched! The movement detection feature tells me immediately when anything enters my security perimeters, and then, I can watch them to decide whether they are a threat. My system has detected and recorded, cats, birds and even hornets at my front door! I mounted an ARLO camera high in a tree at the back corner of my backyard; I can’t see or reach it, and I know where it is! This camera displays the entire yard and detects movement when I draw the shades on my back door! I feel COMPLETELY secure and in control with my ARLO products and system. Five stars!
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1 year ago, kfmjfil
Still needs to be fine-tuned ....
Good picture quality BUT takes over 30 seconds to load when notification happens. Doesn’t help when you want to see who or what’s there in order to respond!! In colder weather hubby needs to bring camera inside to recharge, won’t recharge if it gets below 30 degrees...we live in midwest, pain in the neck to constantly bring our 3 cameras in to charge them, luckily they’re easily accessible!!! We have long winters... One camera needs recharging almost every day since it picks up every little movement or noise, you can adjust sensitivity to what they detect, for time period you want detection, subscribe monthly for video storage, etc. Audio is fair to poor when trying to converse with someone on a camera. Hubby being second user, most of the time has difficulty accessing cameras away from home on his iphone. All in all, we purchased a 3 pack camera system....spent additional money on covers and posts to attach 2 of them to since they did not work well on the gutters where we originally had placed them. We purchased 3 additional boosters for better wifi access so they wouldn’t lose their connections. We spent a LOT OF MONEY getting these cameras up and running....would we do it again....probably not.
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2 years ago, Stay-LO
Best security system/app!!
Cheap subscription offers tho offers a couple free features free of charge w/o subscription needed. Easy to set up and even easier to continue to use. I have older cams that don’t have chargeable batteries, but looking to upgrade to them soon and once I do I see how w/ only a couple simple steps it will be to upgrade to new cams &/or hub. Excellent quality + works wonders during weather changing conditions in my experience. Lastly want to add if anyone is looking how to best use the app to set up a tv monitor/television as a solo or shared on any smart tv in your home; if you own or able to purchase Alexia/Alexia app; just download the app on any screen and therefore you can just ask “Alexia show me (front door) cam please”? It’s really a wonderful feature I wish I had learned about sooner bc now while watching tv I can have any Arlo camera either brought up to the small corner of my television OR covered in full screen on my tv!! It’s really cool. Just wish Arlo the app itself could do this feature solo and not have to purchase/own /use Alexia, but that’s the only struggle Ive experience in my 3 yrs of owning & using Arlo/Arlo app!!
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1 year ago, Arlo 4205
Arlo security system
Overall the arlo security system is good, but there are a few areas and operational used that should be improved on! I have two locations with one having a Pro 2 system with 5 cameras. I also have another Arlo security system Pro 3 located in another State with 4 cameras ! The problem I have others have when they have two systems at Different locations is that you can not have both system controlled ( armed and disarmed etc) on one device like a iPhone or iPad ? You need two different accounts on two different devices ? Why ?!! Also if you buy a system say a 3 camera system they only allow one additional camera on the system unless you pay $10 a month fee for any additional cameras ? There also a few minor issues with controlling each device arming and disarming separately On the Pro 3 system as compared to the Pro system ! I am amazed on today technology that the engineers at Arlo cannot solve these basic issues and product a system that is a leading edge in security systems for the buck ! Overall I like Arlo but as stated above the system has its draw backs and issues !
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3 years ago, Justidude
Needs Update
Video 0/5: Pros- The night vision is great and it does well for daytime as well. Cons- Can’t monitor the video feed outside the app. The HomeKit integration is next to worthless and only allows one person to view the video feed at a time, sometimes not even that. 1080p while great for a nanny cam if you can put the camera close enough quickly becomes less adequate once the child is big enough to grab the camera anywhere near the crib and you are forced to move it farther away. Sensors 3/5: Pros- It is very useful to know how warm/cold the room is to appropriately dress the lad and know when to go in and put a blanket on him. Cons- We are not sure how accurate the sensors are since when we both have the monitor up on our phones the temperature and humidity readings are different in real time. Connection 4/5: Pros- Via the internet it is very functional and we enjoy being able to look in on our son from anywhere. Cons- This doesn’t allow a direct connection so when we have to go on a trip where internet or a secure network will be unavailable, this camera/app is worthless. Conclusion: This is a decent app since it has fixed a lot of it’s crashing issues but it needs to fix it’s HomeKit integration, inconsistent sensor readings, and add support for the Picture-in-Picture functionality. If/when those are fixed this is 5/5 as far as I am concerned.
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9 months ago, JIMSSAD
It’s ok.
Arlo its self can be a scam. They promote long battery life and sell you these packages at a decent price. What they don’t tell you is the long batter life comes with the bigger batteries you have to buy at $50 a pop as well as the router which if I remember right is another $100 and then sign up for their monthly services which is another $20 a month. Before it was all done I had close to $1800 plus the monthly service wrapped up in my small system for it to work the way they promised in their advertising. Then the app sometimes works well and sometimes it takes forever for videos to download. This is on the same wifi service as we know they will come back and say it depends on the service you are using. I can be sitting In my living room one day and they will download quickly and be sitting in the very same place doing the very same thing and wait so long for videos to show. I give up!! More trouble with Arlo customer service. It is the worst. My credit card was hacked and when trying to log into arlo to add a new one. My google saved my password but arlo refused it and locked me out. It took two days to get into the system to add another credit card. There is absolutely no way to get ANY help for arlo for issues like this. Arlos chat bit couldn’t be more worthless. Once these cameras wear out I will be glad to be dumping arlo.
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4 years ago, Jack Jack Javk
Anxious and frustrated
Update 1: Ever since the transition from the Legacy app to this new buggy app the performance has been terrible and getting worst with each new updates. The latest update has made me extremely nervous as the camera sometimes stops detecting motion. I know it’s not a connectivity issue or the positioning of the camera. Also, any recording takes a long time to upload and many times I need to exit the app then go back in for it to upload. What is going on with Arlo? It’s becoming unreliable and untrustworthy. Update 2: So frustrating. The new update released few days ago did not fix the motion detection issue. There are now more missed detections than before. All of my cameras don’t detect movements even though I purposely testing them. Getting extremely upset at the amount of money I spent on Arlo products. Will be looking elsewhere and will not recommend this to people. Disappointed that this once great product got butchered with months. Update3: all of sudden I no longer receive any notifications. I have to check the library for recordings so that makes my cameras basically useless. The high stars ratings in the App Store is very deceptive as they were rated before Arlo became an independent company. Since then I’ve only seen mostly negative ratings in the Store. People should sort ratings by Most Recent to get get a sense of Arlo product before purchasing!
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2 years ago, 1956ronny
I like my arlo
I like that Arlo cameras but I will tell you there is to try to get a hold of someone and or you can pay your account to put your cameras back online is terrible I gave you -0 I want to get my cameras back online but I’ve done everything you’ve told me to do I cannot log in my account y’all got a problem with my account I cannot get in there to pay you now I put these things in and recommend you guys when I tell you why this is embarrassing if my friends have to go through what I do I’m trying to get these cameras back where you can record this is plum ridiculousI’ve never seen a place that I’m trying to pay you guys $9.99 a month and you don’t evidently want my money what do I Gotta do to pay you guys wanna put my cameras back online because i have been broken into in the past if I get broken into now I have no poof. So if I have to go get me another system besides Arlo I will be on social media which I have the right to do say what kind of problems that you guys I am about trying to get what you get yourself back online I have been trying for two months two months
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2 years ago, QueenOf❤️❤️❤️
Have had the system Several Years
First off in order to get optimal wifi to the camera base router I installed a wifi extender (in the same room as the base) that is solely used for the cameras. I also have fiber internet that is super fast. Before I did the cameras were slow to begin recording and inconsistent. I originally purchased 2 camera system and about a year later an whole new system with an additional 4. Here is where I take a star away, I can only have 5 cameras connected even though I purchased 6 the base will only allow me to connect 5. If I want to connect additional cameras I have to pay on the app. I am not a fan of paying monthly for something I already paid for outright. Here is where I take the second star. Every time I change the batteries to a camera the settings I had previously programmed are reset. So if I have movement set to 93; after battery change it goes back to 80. Sometimes I am in a hurry and forget. These are all things that could be fixed easily by programming to get your 2 stars back. Other than these 2 things I like the system overall. The set up is super easy. That being said I have had to reprogram a couple cameras after a lightning storms but it’s super easy.
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4 years ago, Pearly Lace
The Good and Bad
The cameras were expensive and, at the time of installation, I could not buy a camera without having to also buy a router with which to sync the camera. So, I wound up with extra routers because I synced all cameras to one router. I’m sure the expense of unnecessary routers was included in the cost of the cameras. So, even though I can find lone cameras now, my initial setup was expensive. Secondly, a camera’s video is always pink. Happened too long ago to talk about returns now. I just put up with it but I don’t like it. One can adjust the length of recordings. I like that. Managing the app is simple. That’s good. I regret buying the cameras that need batteries because the batteries are expensive and troublesome to replace (climbing ladders, etc). When I purchased one that uses electricity, everything worked better. The images were clearer, motion was more easily detected, etc. The battery-operated cameras often have visual glitches where images are broken up into pieces and there is stalling and skipping of movements. The good thing is that I have five cameras and pay nothing to use them and they provide some benefit of recording and retaining information for a limited period of time. So, the fact that they were expensive to purchase is offset by the absence of monthly fees.
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7 months ago, NicholeLayne
The Arlo app
After the free trial you have to pay a high monthly rate for each camera & I have 4 so I can an only see the live view, not even enough time to show the snip-it of the alert itself. I paid over $200 a camera including the 4 solar charging panels, so I would have spent the money more wisely on a unit with its own at home recording system that I could access The camera and app works well and I get live alerts which is really all I need. If I felt I needed more security I would activate one or two in an appropriate place. Does have great instant alerts so using the cameras and app is good. Main complaint is that when you buy 4 cameras then you should only have to pay for the group and not each security camera. Would give 5 stars if they would fix that problem. Otherwise might look into a home hub for all the cameras I have, with a hard drive of a Tara bite. Update:The other 3 lights are set for motion and people, but flood lights won’t come on unless I go into the app and actually turn it on manually. So they aren’t good unless you pay individually for each light. That was misleading and if I had it to do over I would have just ordered some good deterrent lights with out the cameras for much less.
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8 months ago, big rant2
Custom modes
The current app is too restrictive in building custom modes. The previous app allowed build of a custom mode in which the user could decide which cameras were included in the mode, and each camera’s activation could be configured individually. The current app allows inclusion of multiple cameras, but the cameras are activated based on the setting of only one camera in the new custom mode. For instance: In a new mode with 4 cameras, cameras 2,3, and 4 do nothing until camera 1 detracts movement. I have cameras inside and outside of my home. At times, I only want to arm the exterior cameras. I want my backyard camera to activate independently of my front driveway camera. Also, when I’m trying to access the app, and view a camera because it just alerted me to movement, that is NOT the time to try selling me something or ask me to rate your app! I’m heavily invested in your devices. (8 HD cameras and doorbell) I’ve been a monthly subscriber since you first started. In theory your product sounds great. But in reality, you over promise and under deliver. Video quality is poor, huge latency and lag in response, and numerous system errors. If not for the large cost and wasted investment, I would remove Arlo and move to something else. And I’ll stop ranting now. This “review” is long enough already. In summary, please fix the app with true custom mode capability.
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11 months ago, MrAwesome91
Any issues you may experience, you’re on your own.
I have been experiencing issues with my wife’s account that I was added to/shared with. When we first started using it, I was able to change modes and do almost everything an admin can/should be able to do. The owner has more privileges on the app, which should also be adjusted to allow most privileges to be shared with the Admin as well, but I digress. For some reason, over the last month I have lost the ability to switch the modes of our system/app. It shows me what mode is selected but it is dimmed out and will not allow me to select the other modes. I have looked on her account and on her app and everything is fine on hers, as well my “rights” through her account have been unchanged and unhindered… so I do not know what the issue is. But over the last month I have been trying and struggling to get help from Arlo. The app has a section to “ask for help” but it’s all automated and forces the user to stick to specific lines of questions and does not allow deviation. There is no way to reach an actual specialist. And the closest I’ve come to finding “help” was two phone numbers for overseas. Not sure what the issue is… not sure what the disconnect is. But I’m about to start sharing with everyone I know and don’t know how horrible this experience has been.
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3 years ago, watching mama
Not very happy
We have 3 cameras & a doorbell camera. The cameras do have a good quality picture and show clearly even when you zoom in. I do like the doorbell camera so when someone comes to the door & I don’t have to open my door but can talk through it & see them. Now to why I’m not happy with the cameras.... first we are constantly changing the battery in each camera as they don’t hold charge too long. We purchased extra batteries so we have some charged right away. I don’t like how their is a delay when it wants to record & it only records when some kind of movement is in camera view. I thought it was a constant record & not just movement. So on windy days the trees trigger the annoying ding on my phone that there is motion in my cameras. I hate that annoying constant alert on my phone with every motion captured. I just wish these were a constant record rather then when it sees nothin. Also they are off-line constantly. So some times it won’t capture video for days cuz we have to mess with the connection with the internet. Wish I would have done more research before purchasing these. But when they do want to work they are really good cameras & the doorbell camera is a great safety feature.
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3 years ago, Lexycollins
Not a great experience
At first it seemed like this was a great system. My husband did a lot of research before choosing these cameras for our house. After the first charge on one of the cameras, it wouldn’t turn back on or work. My husband contacted support and they said they would send us a new one BUT we paid shipping for it. That was the first irritating thing. We have had to contact support several times over the cameras not turning back on after charging them. We have three total. One camera won’t even connect on my app anymore but it does on my husbands. And this is probably the most important one as it points at our front door. The sensitivity on them doesn’t adjust well. We constantly get notifications for cars on the street passing when we have it on the lowest sensitivity. Some times it takes forever for alerts to load and pop up. Making it so I can’t even check on a motion. It has cool features like being able to talk through the system to whoever is outside or alerting emergency services. But like I said most of the time the videos or live feed won’t load. I constantly have to log back in which defeats the purpose, to me at least, of being able to check our surroundings fast and be aware of what is outside before anything happens. Would not recommend to anyone.
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3 years ago, MECABRERA121482
Hit and Miss
I have a four camera system and each with its own solar panel to keep it charged. Well these cameras keep going offline quite often. Also more often than not they don’t begin to record on time and miss the entire event. Not too happy with the system. It is what it is. Update: even with motion areas on the camera still detects movements where you don’t have it set at and drains the battery. Update 2: after 2 years and still these cameras don’t record the important events. But all the wind it captured perfectly. Moving cars and people, nope! I have stopped using the solar chargers on 2 cameras as they gave out after 1 year and these are now hard wired straight to power. I have also disconnected arlo extended service as it was a waste of money since again the cameras were non-response when most needed. I figured stop flushing money away on extras if they aren’t going to perform as intended. I contacted tech support and was pretty much told that the cameras need to be directly next to the hub in order to work properly. If that’s the case I might as well have left them next to the hub, in the box and on the shelf at the store. Rainy days and they just don’t work. Hot summer days and they don’t work. So pretty much they need to be kept indoors away from the elements.
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