Armed Forces Bank

3.4 (226)
27.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dickinson Financial Corporation
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Armed Forces Bank

3.35 out of 5
226 Ratings
2 years ago, mattEli2
I give 3 stars bc it isn’t that user friendly when it comes to the app portion. I’ve had very hard times trying to log in and there was no one to help, that left me waiting until they opened hours later to get help. Also on there online the texting chat room doesn’t answer questions but yet they tell you to ask it questions. All around needs improvement on user friendliness.
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5 months ago, RaidBB
Needs A LOT of improvement
Logging in is more difficult than it needs to be. They added a face recognition feature which was a little more convenient but that’s only when it works. The hours of operation for this bank is pretty inconvenient as well, especially if stationed overseas. Not very user friendly in general. Hard to find what you’re looking for. The messaging portion of the app is the biggest pain. It always claims that it’ll save you time to just message through the app instead of calling but every time I use the messaging part, they wait till last minute to message back. Then I have to wait till the next business to hear back from them. Always feels like no one actually wants to do their job here.
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4 years ago, RaimBaal
Better than before
I’m giving it 4 stars even though I’d say 3.5. The new update makes things way more user friendly. I think some improvements could be made though. Such as if you don’t want to use faceID, being able to quick view your balance again. I use faceID but for those who don’t. Now the biggest thing I’d love to see. When something is pending, have the option to revoke certain things. Not like grocery stores and such. But be able to select revoke on payments to certain companies. Even if it means that the bank has to call to ask why, I’d be happy. I’d give 5 stars at that point.
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2 years ago, Michael Ramage
Worst app/worst bank
I really want to like the Armed Forces Bank app. However, it’s been a constant battle. App logs you out and errors itself making it impossible to log back in unless you restart your phone. They’re really slow at application upgrades to fix bugs. Always behind the power curve of tech.
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6 years ago, Lari25u
App Won't Work
The app finally started working a few months put out another stupid update and guess doesn’t freaking work again! Told me it wasn't compatible with my iPhone 7 and that I had to update. Now I can't log in anymore. Tells me there is a system error and to call for help. It's annoying to have to log in on the web version and enter multiple things instead of being able to log in real quick and see what I need to see. Update: Still doesn't work after update.
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5 years ago, Islalei
Needs An Update
This app is so behind the times compared to other banking apps. There should be a Touch ID option, chat feature option, and card controls. This is important being that you cater to military members in different time zones with different accessibility.
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2 years ago, Tiie z
This app is old and spiteful…like it’s owner
I’ve been with this bank for decade and it’s 2022 it still slow and lags with tons of bugs. It’s nowhere near other major banks or their apps like chase or wells Fargo. This app smells anxiety and stops working as soon as you have to take some urgent actions like checking your account or processing transactions. I’m already angry over having this account when I was young and dumb, this app is adding an another insult to it.
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7 years ago, Zetzmorell
Seems fine now
I can't even check how much money I have. I wasn't using this app for anything else but checking my funds. Now I can't even do that since this stupid update. Update: latest version fixed my issue.
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3 years ago, Happy Customer in Leavenworth.
I love Armed Forces Bank!
I have been with this bank for over 40 years. My parents were customers, my sisters are customers. They have everything I need and more! I know banks have similar account products so the people make the difference.
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4 years ago, Bdicudbtvtrj
Worst bank to date
The customer service is awful still on the phone since 10 am it’s now 11:26 have not been talked to listening to this awful music my card was hacked 3 times the new hard i got had 3 different numbers on it that’s it begged for a new one if i could give zero stars i would they also screwed me in basic training at fort Lennardwood charging me 30$ if i didn’t have enough in each account leave this bank please before it’s to late
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6 years ago, Vdiehn
Proud to Call this Bank my Bank
The upgrade on this app is amazing. We now have access to instant balances is one of my favorites. Also the ability to find a ATM or local branch near you wherever you are is perfect. I use this App almost everyday.
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6 years ago, SabawnMage
Balance review
I like the App and it works great the interface is fine I understand everything the only thing I would change about the ab is putting a balance at time of deposit or withdrawal next to each entry
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5 years ago, Ejgp0127
This app need an immediate update. It doesn’t show full number for transactions such as Western Union Transfers, it doesn’t have face recognition which most banks do, it doesn’t let you add account for transfers on the app, it doesn’t show you your full account number; you have to do that on a desktop, it doesn’t have an option to update your personal information, it doesn’t let you select a specific transaction. This app in general need extreme work.
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3 years ago, RayCJohnson614
Still behind the power curve
New features have been added that allow you to transfer funds to an external account, but this feature still requires you to call the bank (sitting on hold for thirty minutes), talk to a customer service specialist, have your transfer requests reviewed by a panel (up to 72 hours), and then they may not even approve your request… Wait…? Isn’t this your money…?
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3 years ago, megwal808
Great app-user friendly
Helpful app- easy to maneuver through functions- customer service team always attentive and on top of issues-on par with all other bank apps
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4 years ago, Classic4014
Don’t like the new version
I used to like this app, I no longer like the new version. I used to get a text telling me when money was spent, where and how much as spent. Now it’s a notification that I have to log into the app to see where and how much money is spent. I would get a notification everyday at noon telling me recent transactions and balance this is no longer an option. I miss the old features this version is not useful at all to me.
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5 years ago, greypoopon
Problems logging in
I’ve been having problems with this app since the beginning, I always have problems logging in so I either have to wait an hour on hold ( and actual hour until someone talked to me) or had to use they’re slow responding online customer care. I hope they fix these problems soon with a new update with the app and the website.
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4 years ago, cjisfj jen
Please do not bank with Armed Forces
First, the customer service representatives are not trained to respect customers, they have a snarky attitude and callous disposition; it’s quite appalling. Second, their updated software is buggy and prone to error. It does not accurately update your current balance which means you will have to call them every time just to check your balance. I will be switching banks as soon as possible.
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2 months ago, Broncos_________
Mobile banking
Easiest banking application to make mobile deposits. I never have to go to the bank
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3 years ago, Ashleyyy_7
Love it
Recommend anyone with Armed Forces bank account it's very easy to use and keeps you up to date on managing accounts and love receiving my paycheck few days earlier with app.
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1 year ago, corrupt12
😑 unsatisfied
I deposit a check, after multiple attempts due to the poorly automated system that scans and take the picture of your check for you, and the system tells me that my deposit will be delayed until a week later. Like, what? 😒
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5 years ago, AdamTheDJMixer
Getting better!
The app is definitely getting better overtime. I would love to see a Touch ID feature to log in rather than manually typing in your password every time. Keep up the good work!
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4 years ago, iPadquestioneer
Can this app be used on an iPad? I have it on my phone but my phone has a crack and I can’t use the app on it so I thought I would download on my iPad but it’s downloading pretty slow!
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4 months ago, RogueArmy
App needs a redesign looks old like no one takes care of it confusing as well. Not easy to use. And they take too long for deposits external transfers cashing checks when competitors offer quicker turnaround and even instant. Was even on the phone with a customer service rep older lady and she took way to long to look into something
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3 years ago, Chihuahua lover123456
Great New App!! Love Zelle!!
The new application offers much more functionality, including Zelle and TransferNow. Thank you for taking care of your clients and for making it easy to do business with Armed Forces Bank!
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3 years ago, happycustomer2178
Happy Customer!
Great app and bank! User friendly, can transfer money without having to call in, and everything I need is at my fingertips. Thanks AFB
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4 years ago, NightingaleXO
Great job!
The new update is great! I have no issues and so glad they added face recognition. Not sure how or why other people have a hard time. It’s simple for me.
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3 years ago, unhappy army soldier
Worst bank ever please switch banks
Where do I begin! The app opens half the time and half the tie it’s doesn’t do good luck if you’re in a desperate need to check your balance or do anything banking related. Constantly shows the wrong balance. If I could give this bank and app zero stars I would. PLEASEE JOIN A BANK THAT ACTUALLY SUPPORT THE ARMED FORCEs (navy federal, USAA,) literally anything besides this bank!!!!!!! WARNING
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6 years ago, sjtrizzl33t
Love my AFB mobile app!
I have had it several nice it came out and have never had any issues!! Love the alerts and instant balance feature!!
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3 years ago, Another Satisfied Client
Armed Forces Bank
The new digital banking app is so handy with all of its newly added self-service tools. I can bank on the go and with the push of a button. Nice!
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3 years ago, Anynomous_0
New and Improved AFB!
Armed Forces Bank has really improved their digital banking experience. The app is very easy to navigate, and convenient to use!
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7 years ago, RML85
It's good but it needs Touch ID login.
Good app overall, but they don't have Touch ID. It's kind of a pain to keep logging in constantly instead of just using your fingerprint.
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7 months ago, Androex
Improper function
I’m unaware if there are any other major issues, but for over a month now I have not been able to recover my login id despite all my information being inputted correctly. It’s the same “an error occurred, try again later” response every time.
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3 years ago, Jake$711
It’s terrible. I will try to login with but half the time it says my login i.d is incorrect and so when I check it it’s the one I’ve been putting in and when I try to put my password in it says incorrect even tho if I change it it will say the same thing that’s it’s incorrect. Wouldn’t recommend this bank to anyone
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4 years ago, AceThaHooper
Can’t log in
The app was 5/5 for me before this update. I don’t just forget my password but I still gave it the benefit of the doubt and reset my password. After I reset it, everything was fine temporarily. I tried to log back in later and it just won’t let me. I know my password and won’t forget it. Please fix this ASAP
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4 years ago, JTLD2
Updated App Erased all Accounts
Unbelievable that a perfectly good app was replaced with an update that is worthless. NO ACCOUNTS AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME! Phone call to help number resulted in a very courteous and understanding “I feel your pain. Someone will call you in 30 minutes to an hour.” Five hours later and, nothing.
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2 years ago, bobby newww
Don’t Bank with Armed Forces Bank
This is not a military friendly bank, changing to USAA and Navy Federal where they actually have DFAS early pay for Soldiers and Vereran’s. AFBank holds all founds until the following working day. Today is the 28th and my founds wont be available until tonight or tomorrow. Terrible banking experience dont recommended to anyone 👎🏿.
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2 years ago, Tori reads
App has been malfunctioning
When I open the app, I have to close it out twice before I get the actual login screen. and twice now I’ve tried to check my balance and it’s not accurate.
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3 years ago, Gorgerot
Great App
I really like this app. I t quick and easy just like I like apps to be. So far, everything has. Even great. MC
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4 years ago, Simile Judah
Thumbs up!
I take my previous review back, the new app is actually pretty great once navigated a few times!!! 5 Stars
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6 years ago, terrytherealtor
It’s a great thought always a big step behind my other bank
Friendly support staff that is easy to contact and willing to help. I have just needed there help so often over the past few years with this app it’s so frustrating.
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4 years ago, charmaso
Excellent upgrades
Love the new app! So user friendly, facial recognition, all around great upgrades!
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4 years ago, WHAT!?🤪
Still navigating and locating/relearning all of the features that I enjoyed with previous version but it serves the purpose for now😉
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3 years ago, manda1546
Horrible Bank
First they double charged me when I paid a bill, then they cancelled my debit card without telling me and didn’t ship me a new one until I called. 7-10 days later that card hasn’t been received. They have you waiting on the phone for hours. Worst bank ever.
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4 years ago, Hollowbullet
New update Aug 2020
It takes 5 minutes just to load my account now and another 5 minutes to look at statements. This new update and change made everything super slow on phone. Also bring back the one click instant balance check.
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7 years ago, Elz 1981
Armed Forces Bank App
I don't like the updated version of the app. The previous version was spot on. I really liked the fingerprint recognition feature which was not included in the update. This new version is a step backwards. I'm not going to waste my phones memory by keeping the app. I'd rather log in online.
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3 years ago, mrs doni k
So much better
Easy to use I am on this app at least 5 times a day!
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4 years ago, rmlly
New Version
Only thing I like about the new app is the face scan. There’s no easy way to get a contact number to call and speak to someone. The Zelle is also a little funny too. I link the old version better personally.
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4 years ago, PCJ71
Nice updated app
Much better technology. Very sleek look and easy to use.
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3 years ago, JenniReed
Easy to use and super user friendly
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